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The Richmond Climax.
A.. D. Miller
W. G. Wbit
E. C. Wi.lun
Pre, and Mgr.
fTICK - fl-00 PER TEAS
JANUARY 24, 1813
Thoi wh arru ihU "any man bat a
Jight to dritik," will rind food for
thought in the report of the New York
Public Servic Commucioa that the
Lackawana wreck on July 4, last, when
forty person were'kilied kod- aeventy
fir other were injured, .vas due to the
engineer' "love' of fcisk. Recently
(here wa quit a brj dicnion a to
whether a corporation bad arighito for
Tid iu employe to drink under pay 61
dismissal. The line may be drawn be
tween the man wboae drinking would
ordinarily injure himself and the man
who U entrusted with hundreds of live.
Sometimes it may be nobody' business
if a man takes a drink, but if that maa
be an rginear and the drink shake hi
nerve and make bim unfit in the least
to handle the t bottle, then it beoume
the public' business, and be has do
right in the cab of an engine.
The bigb cost of living and one of the
reasons therefor is brought out in a re-,
port of the Bureau of Labor in iu in
vestigation of the coal strike last spring.
Operators raised the price of coal 12.25,
2. 19 of wbicb went to operators, rail
roads and dealers, while the miner got
only six cent per ton. The railroads
pay about two cent more on the ton
and the consumer is forced to pay twen
ty-Cv cent to one dollar. The report
will say that operators, railroads and big
dealers have all worked together. The
same could well apply to other com
modities and the necessaries of life.
'Tu prohibition party has received all
the support at the polk it ha deserved
from the position it has taken," declar
ed Eugene W. Chapin, of Tuscan, Ariz.,
presidential candidate of that party last
year, in addressing a mas meeting call
ed by the National Prohibition Commit
tee, which bas been in session at Indi
anapolis, lie asserted'' that the party
bad embraced toe many other question
than that of fighting tbe liquor traffic
and tbe defeat it had received had been
merited repremand.' By tbe way, tbe
Prohibition party received 47.5G5 less
vote in 191! than ttdid in 1908.
Got. ODoxauo. the newly installed
executive of New ltexico, in his message
to the Legislature recommends "cash
value" assessment of all property, the
small owner and the large corporation
alike. Should the recommendation be
come a law, the mileage would proba
bly be reduced from thirteen to two; and
lb assessed value of the 6tate's prop
erty would be increased from 173,000 to
to tOOO. 000,000.
Ve are going to keep at the head of the pa
rade with cur good merchandise. Ve long
since determined to lead, by never putting a
poor piece jf goods In our store, and by selling
the best obtainable In medium-and high grade
merchandise r.X rcsccnsUf, just prices.
to cr.e err. :vc r Isd u:, bscauft: our methods
Sekmi to u that the members of the
Christian county chapter. Daughters of
tbe Confederacy, who protested against
"Marching Through Georgia" being in
cluded in music taught in schools, are
going a step too far. They should re
member that the war closed nearly fifty
years ago and that it is generous and
sweet to forgive and forget.
As Oklahoma woman reformer urges
tbe women of tbe country to "strike'
matrimonially until the men of the na
tion gwe them adequate laws for the
protection of childhood and mother
hood. It Is a desperate remedy and
might work well if the cost of living
were reduced.
A Lo Akgelk man made a will, the
provision of -which left ITS, 000 to
church, "with the restriction that the
amount was to be forfeited if the church
accepts any money from John D. Rock
efeller. Looks like John D. may have
to die rich yet.
Seveh bills designed to curb trusts
and monopolies, making the most sweep
ing change ever attempted in New Jtr
sey, were introduced in the State Sen
ate. The bill were drawn at the direc
tion of President-elect Wilson.
A m embes of the Utah Legislature has
proposed a bill whereby a condemned
criminal will be permitted to commit
suicide. The trouble with this is that
some of the condemned men might for
get to shuffle off.
Txe about absent-mindedness, a St
Louis railroad clerk forgot that he was
sole heir to 1100,000 and failed to keep
an appointment with tbe lawyer who
was settling the estate. The poor fel
low needs a wife,
Speakikg of thrilling moments, open
ing a parcel post package and finding a
good, big mesa of spar rib from moth
er's larder furnishes about as tingly a
a moment as one can conceive.
FaoM all reports from the "seat of
war," it appears that the Chicago auto
bandit need about 2,500 volts of elec
tricity each.
The varying amounts of damages ask
ed by the wives of the Titanic disaster
would indicate that the value of hus
band is not standard but relative.
CoL Jack Chinn Wins Suit
Col. Jack Chinn, the well-known turf
man-politician, ha at last won his suit
again s a medicine company that pub
lished in an advertisement a picture of
the Colonel and a ''testimonial" from
him that be bad been cured by the pills
of kidney trouble, which CoL Cbinn de
clared a forgery. - The case has been
tried four times and the New York Fed
eral Circuit Court of Appeal ha just
affirmed judgment for t2,300, the full
amount sued for, in favor of CoL Chinn
He set up the tbe allegation thot be bad
never been troubled with a kidney ail
ment in bis life and bad never heard of
the "kidney pills," much less taken any
of them.
Dr. E. B. Barnes, of the Christian
church, delivered a highly interesting
illustrated lecture in the Crab Orchard
Christian church, Wednesday night.
Listen! ye are at
the head of the
Peor&de with our
Good Goods.
7Tr Qor.T rn
Lnaemcnt Extraordinary at
the Normal.
Professor Crabbe lias arranged a most
unus'al recital to be held at the Eastern
Normal School rfext Tuesday Eveninj?
Jules Falk, the disiirvuished violinibt,
and Ariliur Rsclier.'.ihe eminent pianisi,
will be the i arrkiiiants. These two
artists throu.'U mere chance hapi en to
be in this locality and Professor t'rabbe
did not hesitate to make immediate ar
rangement for their appearence here.
i )
- . V
, I 1
: - :
Ji les Falk. Yiomxist
Falk is known as one of the foremost
exponents of the violinistic art in Amer
ica this season. His appearances
abroad and in this country during the
present season have aroused the great
est enthusiasm and Richmond will have
the only opportunity on Tuesday even-
ins of hcarine this great artist. In
Europe his success has been unbounded
and no less a personage than the late
King Edward demanded seven encores
at a musical niven in the King's honor
by Mrs. Potter-Palmer, at Marienbad,
Fischer plays the piano as one born (o
the art. His public performances have
placed him in an enviable position as
one of the ablest artists of the younger
generation now before the public. In
his playins of the 8th Hungarian
Rh.ipsodie by Liszt one of the Eastern
dailies did not hesitate to say "he had
enough temperament to satisly any
Hungarian gipsy band leader." His
program on Tuesday evening will in
clude this very same Rhapsodie in ad
dition to numbers by Chopin and Schu
mann. A bthcr Fischer, Pianist
1. Sonate in F major Grieg
Mr. Falk and Mr. Fischer
1. Concerto E minor, for violin
. Mendelsson
andante, finale allegro moke vivace
Mr. Falk
3. Impromptu F sh'p major Chopin
Mazur'ca A flat major. Chopin
Etude on black keys Chopin
Mr. Fischer
i. Albumblatt Richard, Wagner
Scherze ..Ditteradorf
Souvenir Drdla
The Zephyr... Uubay
Mr. Falk
5. Caprice Paganini-Schumann
Etude de Concert Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 8 Liszt
Mr. Fischer
0. Ave Maria Schubert-'Yilhelmj
Melodie Tachaikewsky
Russian Carnival (Theme and va
riation Charact'resque..'Veiniawski
Mr. Falk
Malcolm Matviek, Accompanist.
Admission, 50 ct s.
Confederate Pensions.
State Pension Comm'ssioner V. J.
Stone is busy sending out pens'on cer
tificates to the Confederate soldiers and
widows to whont pensions have been
granted. The certificates must be re
tained by the recipients, but the vouch
ers are being properly executed before a
notary or some officer authorized to ad
minister of oaths, must be returned to
tbe Commissioner who will turn same
over to the Auditor who will issue war
rants on same payable by the Treasurer
on February 5th.
Warning to Hunters.
The Slate and county game and fish
wardens have been instructed by J. Q.
Ward, Executive Agent, to be on the
lookout for violators of the game and
fish laws, and arrest and prosecu'e any
one found hunting without first procur
ing a license for the current year. All
license issued last year expired Decem
ber 31, and licenses for this year are now
in the hands of County Clerk R. IJ. Ter
rill and are good from date of issue to
January 1, 1911. Hunters are allowed
to hunt on their own land or adjoining
land with consent of owners without
license. ' v-.
. Don't forget to meet me at the Poul
try Show at McKee's Hal!, the 5, C, 7
and 8 of Februarv. 4t
la Real Estate
Slock and Crop
Reports of Spe
cial Interest : :
A farmer living nearGreensburg, Iiid ,
has a hog weighing 900 pounds.'
In R. M. Newland's tobacoo show at
Stanford, Glass & Mullins. of Garrard,
won first prize; J. I. Grubbs, of Lincoln,
second, and .R. II. Bronauyh, also of
Lincoln, third.
About 1,5)0 cattle on t tie market on
Monday, medium quality Iiest 1,000
pound steers brooelit tO.73 to $7.10; Ore
year-olds 0c to In, heifers 5 l-2c to 6c;
oxen J13," to i 1 1j a pair. The prices
were higner than forye;irg. The mule
n ark ct was very active at, d sales were
r-adly ma.le from ?!25io 3-23 pi-rhead
,!'. S,trln:g Advocnte.
We pay the highest n.atki't price for
all kii.'U cf country i ;.-l .ce. I). I;.
i -' f
i " :
I t
Mra. Hale Dean is entertaining ber
llridge Club this afternoon.
Mrs. W. H. Grider has returned from
a visit to Lancaster friends.
Mr. J. M. Sanders is spending a few
days at Dig Hill, ou a business trip.
Mrs. J A Johnson was hostess of tbe
Ceciiiou Club on Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. R. E. Tipton, of Mt. Sterling, is
visiting her sis'.er, Mrs. James Hamil
ton. Miss Judeth Tudor, of Irvine, is a
guest of Miss Catherine White, on Oak
Mrs. W. U. Grider entertained the
High Street Bridge Club last Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, cf Paris,
have been spending several days at the
Glyndon Hold.
Mrs. Mary Smooth of Mason county,
is visiting ber son, Dr. C. E. Smoot and
Mrs. Nannie Embry left Wednesday
for an extended visit to friend in Kan
City and Dallas, Texas.
Mr. Edgar B anion left Thursday for
Carlsbad Sprinirs where he will be
treated for rheumatism. '
Mrs. John R. Pates entertained the
Aid Society of the Christian Church
Wednesday afternoon.
.Miss Jeanelte Pates will entertain the
Sherwood Club tomorrow afternoon.
Miss Dorothy Perry ill lead the pro
Mr. Geo. II. Myers, Jr., left last week
for Jacksonville, Fla. The young man
will probably make his home there.
Capt. Ben McGrw, the clever conduc
tor on the Blue Grass Special of the Q.
& C. is very ill with inflammatory rheu
matism. Miss Bessie Tribble spent several days
with Paint Lick friends. She left this
afternoon to visit Lexington friends and
Mr. Dan Terrill Maupin ha returned
to his home in this county after a pleas
ant visit to his sister, Mrs Hendrick.
in Lexiiigtou.
Mrs. Hugh Bates and Mrs. Emmerson
Gwynn entertained on Tuesday with a
lovely bridge party at the home of Mrs.
Gwynn, on North Street.
Mrs. W. T. Sutton, of Lancaster,
spent Tuesday with her father and
brother. Messrs. H. G. and C. M. Mar
tin, of East Irvine Street.
Mr. David O'Neil is at home from
Cincinnati, where he was operated
upon. His complete recovery is but
a matter of a short period.
Mrs. Cecil Thorpe, who has been
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qui'e ill, is considerably improved and J
will soon be restored to health, much lo
the gratification of many friends. j
The many friends of Mr. and Mr.
B. II. Luxon will be glad lo know that
their little son, B. H., Jr. is recovering
from a serious attack of auto poison.
Col. S. T. Harris' many friends regret
to know that he has been quite ill at
his country home with ''shingle."
Stanford Interior-Journal.
Mrs. Ella Park is quite ill at home of
her sister, Mrs.. A'.beri Do.ier, on Jacks
Creek pike. She is suffering from a
complication of diseases and is in a
very critical condition.
Misses Olevia Baldwin and Mae
Phelps have gone lo Washington.' D. C.
Miss Baldwin will spend the remainder
of the winter with ber sitter, Mrs. C. B.
Mr. and Mrs. George Phelps, of Madi
son county, were the guests of Mr. and
Mr. J. M. Benton Sunday Mr. and
Mr. John Wilson, of Madison county.
were the guests of relat!ves here Satur
day. Winchester Democrat.
" Mr. John M. Price, of Kansas City,
formerly of this county, sends In check
for renewal of her subscription to the
Climax. Mrs. Price is well remem
bered by many friends in this city and
county and lo keep posted as to the
movements of these acquaintance has
read this paper for past twenty year. '
Mr. Jame Burnside and Mrs. Jas.
Walker were io Nicholasville Thursday
to visit Mr. Baker Walker, who has
been in very poor health for many
months. Mr. Walker will go to Florida
at an early date, where it ia hoped he
will be greatly benefitted by the warm
Quite a number of Madison friends
attended the golden wedding of Mr
and Mrs. J. W. Glass, at BryanUville,
Garrard county, last week. About
eighty guest responded to invitations
to this celebrationwhich was pro
nounced by those who attend from this
county to have been beautiful. '
Mr. E. C. Walton, editor of the Cli
max, left Tuesday, for Indianapolis,
Ind , where he will euter Mt. Jackson
Sanitarium for treatment of rheuma
tism. Mr. Walton ha suffered consid
erably during the past three weeks with
this disease which continued to grow
worse, and on advice of his friends de
cided to spend a few day at this fa
mous resort. It is hoped that he will
be at his desk in this office inside of
week or ten days at latest.
Mrs. L. B. Wisenburg entertained at
bridge at her home on the Summit on
Thursday afternoon. Among those
present were; Mesdames John Gibson,
Bert Stockton J. H. Dean, Warfield
Bennett, J. J. Greenleaf, W. H. Grider,
21, 1913
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Incorporated . -
J. W. Bridges, D M. Chenault, Brutus
Clay, Clark Kellogg. J. 0. Bosley, Wal
ler Bennett, Eugene Walker, Alex
Denny, II. II. Bates, B. L. Middelton,
Irvin Cobb, Tom Chenault, II . B. Han
ger and T. II. Pickets, Misses Helen
Bennett, Margaret Parrish, MoIIie rife,
Bessie Miller, Mary Aon Collins, Julia
Higgins, Madge Buroam, Julia White,
Alice Hanson, Mary D. Pickels, Jane D.
Stockton and her guest Miss Burke and
Miss Jennie Parks. The first prize wa
awarded to Miss Mollie wife, second to
Miss Burke and third to Miss Madge
Burnam. Cards were succeeded by
luncheon, after which souvenirs of the
occasion were distributed, being carna
tions. The house decorations were
ferns and cut flowers.
Mr. Huguely Shearer has been visit
ing in Lancaster,
Mr. B. F. Hudson, of Lano-ister, w;
in the city this week. ,
Mrs. Harry Blanton will entertain at
six o'clock dinner today in honor of
Mrs. Emerson Gwynn and Mrs. Tbos.
Chenault, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. Ashford Resves passed
throi'gh Richmond Tuesday en route
to Winder, Ga., wbeae Mr. Reeve has
accepted the pastorate of the Christian
Church of that city.
The Courier-Journal contained the
following notice concerning the mar
riage of Miss Elizabeth Taylor, daugh
ter of Dr. T. J. Taylor, of this city.
which takes place tomorrow: "The
wedding of Miss Elizabeth Taylor and
Mr. Ellis Pettit Cox, of Owensboro, will
be quietly solemnized next Saturday
afternoon at 1;30 o'clock at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Headley, . 1121
Garvin Place. The Rev. Dr. W. Fran
ois Irwin, pastor of the Fourth-avenue
Presbyterian church, will be the offi
ciating clergyman, and only the mem
bers of the two immediate families will
be present. Dr. Thompson James Tay
lor the bride's father. Mis Thompson
Tailor and Mr. 3. Quinn Taylor, "of
Richmond, and Mr. and Mrs. George H.
Cox, of Owensboro, the groom' pr-J
entsj will arrive Friday to attend the
wedding. The couple will leave im
mediately after the ceremony for the
South, and later will be at home in
Owensboro. A number of entertain
ments will be given in .honor of Miss
Taylor prior to her wedding. Mrs.
Julian Proctor Van Winkle will enter
tain informally at bridge Tuesday af
ternoon in her honor. Mrs. Robert E.
Brandei will entertain at bridge next
Wednesday afternoon at her borne in
Garvin Place in honor of Miss Taylor,
also, the invitation limited to the
friend of Miss Taylor Mrs. J. Van
Dyke Norman will give an informal
luncheon Thursday in honor of Miss
Taylor." '
Tou should find out about "Mr. Bob."
He Is coming lo Richmond. tf
For Rent
The elegant suite of two or three
front office rooms with lavatory, etc
John O. Taylor building, over Teager's
je 7elry store, opposite Madison Nat
ij.ial Bank. Most desirable location in
the city. COLBY TAYLOR,
11-tf. Telephone 292,
The Choice of a Husband.
Is too important a matter for a woman
to be handicapped by weakness, bad
blood or foul breath. Avoid these kill
hope by taking Dr. King' Life Pills.
New strength, fine complexion, pure
breath, cheerful spirits things that win
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Ament Parcel Post Law.
Among the inequalites of the parcel
post law is one excluding book and
printed matter from its u-e they still
have to pay by the ounce almost as
much as more favored articles do by
the pound. Tbe author of the bill re
cognize the injustice and is proffering
an amendment to remedy it. The ex
press companies will cary book as
cheaply as the post department, which
by the discrimination puts a tax on
knowledge. Surely if sausage, brick
and such things can go by mail, books
should-. They are much easier to
handle and ocupy less space for their
Don't forget the annual meeting of the
Kentucky branch of tbe American Poul
try Association, and be on hand to vote
for your man as an officer. If you are
not a member, join us. , 4t
Want Their Share.
A newspaper story, discussing the
per capita circulation of money in tbe
United States in a humorous vein has
flooded the treasury .department at
Washington with applications for the
$34 71, which, if the nation' wealth
were divided equal, would be the pos
session of every man, woman and child.
The story, intended facetiously, ad
vised those who needed the money to
draw upon the government. '
Numerous letters have swamped
George E, Roberts, director of the mint.
One woman wrote;
"Kindly send me by parcel post my
dividend of the 13, 350, 727, 000, which is
$34.72. in one-dollar bills and seventy
two pennies."
Another applicant said he was a mar
ried man with a family, and he hoped
the government would not be offended
by his request for hi own.
Mr. Roberts has drawn a circular let
ter in which he must disappoint the ap
plicant with the information that the
treasury department monthly computes
tbe per capita circulation on a theoretic
al basis, and has no control over its dis
tribution. Deafness Cannot Be Cured
br local application, a they cannot rears th
dlteavd puritos of the nr. There la only oca
War to cure cln(n4, and that 1 br cunatltutlon.
al remedlea. rueim la chumh! br an inflamed
conaiuun or ine mucoue iinine oc tne Kaatacblaii
Tube. When tbla tube 1 lnrUmrd jou hare a
rumbllnr aoond or Imperfect bearing, and when
It la entirely rloaed Urafiieaa 1 the rvault, and
ante toe inflammation can be taken oat and
tbla tube featured to its normal condition, hear
ing will be deatroyed furerer; nine caaea out of
tea are canard by Catarrh, which la aothinc but
an Inflamed condition of tbe mucoae aurface.
We will aire One Hundred Dollar fur anr caae
ef Deafnea traueed by catarrhl that cannot bo
cured br liall'a Catarrh Cure. Bend tor circu
lar, tree.
f. J. CHtNST CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Ihrueg-iate. 75c
Tax Hall's itmllj puis for coDstlpitJoo.
Til u
eH -2
K -
O 5
Tresenting Complete Productions
cf Standard Muaioal Comedies
and Advanced Vaudeville
Estimable Woman Called To
Mr. Henry Hargis died on Thursday
night at her home on North itaeet, after
an illness of many months of paralysis.
Deceased was 71 year of age and had
been an almost constant sufferer for the
past two years. Many operations were
performed and every medical at ten
tions waa given in the hope of prolong
ing ber life, but these attentions only
made the suffering form more comforta
able. and death came peacefully and
without a struggle. Mrs. Hargta was
conscious until Wednesday night when
she apparently dropped into peaceful
slumbers. Thursday morning all ef
forts to arouse her proved futile and sh
continued to sleep uutil death's icy clasp
shut out forever the vision of this life.
Mr. Hargis was, before her marriage.
Miss Hampton, of Booneville, and had
resided in this oity for many year. Her
husband preceded her lotbe grave three
years ago. Only one cnild was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Hargis Mrs Laura Stew
art, wife of Dr. Stewart, formerly of this
city. Mrs. Stewart died about ten years
ago. Mrs. Hargis is survived by two
sisters Mrs. Nannie Benton, of Mississ
ippi, and Mrs. Sam Royce, cf this coun
ty, and one brother, Alex Hampton, of
Clark county. Mrs. Hargis was a mem
ber of the Methodist church, and her fu
neral will be preached at the residence
on North street tomorrow, Saturday,
at 1 o'clock, by her pastor. Rev. O. W.
Crutch field, followed by interment in
Richmond Cemetery.
For Sale.
Jersey cow, bees, and empty bee hives
23 tf Mrs. J. L. Schlegel.
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for rent. Apply to
31-tf C. C. CULTON.
For Sale.
A rew residence in Richmond, con
taining 8 rooms; all improvements; wa
ter heating system. Joe GiuncbiglanL
Lady to clerk in Art Department, on
who has had experience in stamping.
Apply either in person or letter to
A. M. Caden, 210 West Main St., Lex
ington, Ky." 31-3t
rom my place on Jack's Creek pike.
about a week ago, a red Duroc gilt,
weight about 73 pounds, and has slit on
lower part of right ear.
27 tf W. Q. PARK.
Soda Fountain For Sale.
Soda fountain now in use and in per
ect condition. Will sell cheap.
Stocktoh & Sow,
23-tf Richmond, Ky.
If you burn out.you will wish you had
insured. See Burnam's Insurance
Agency. 14-tf
Bowmar's Inauguration Tour.
Write at once to Bowmar's Tours,
Versailles, Ky., for folder with details
of all-expense tour, limited party, to
Washington for Inauguration, New
York and Philadelphia, Monday,
March 3. 3l-4t
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As administrator of B. M. Lackey, I
offer at private sale the Kentucky Car
riage Works consisting of vehicle of all
rinds. Blacksmith shop attached.
This is one of the oldest and best stand
n Central Kentucky and has an esta
olished trade. BOIAN LACKEY,
14-tf Richmond, Ky
Just received a new barrel of pure
New Orleans molasses. Better let us
send you a gallon.
23 tf D. B. McKinney.
Registered Swine For Sale.
I have for sale 12 registered Duroc
Jersey boars, weight about 100 pounds.
subject to registration. Also a number
of gilts. This stock Is offspring of Prince
of Colonel that sold for 1500. My
tock is as highly bred as any Duroc
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hogs for breeding it will pay you to inves
igate my stock before making purchaser
W. H Park & Sons. tt. V. D. No. 4,
Richmond, Ky. 29 6i
We handle Lexington Cream Flour.
It costs no more. D. B. McKinney. Gro
ceries. W. Main street. - 28 tf
On and after .Tanuary 1, 1913, the price of gae will be as follows:
For the first 5,000 cubic feet, $1.50 per 1,000 cubic feet, less discount of 25 cents per
1,000 if paid on or before the fifteenth of the succeeding month.
For all gas used each month above 5,000 cubic feet, $1.00 per 1,0C0 cubic feet.
The reason for this is two-fold:
First, the Company has to furnish, maintain and read a meter for every consunei.
and the absolute cost of doing this is the same whatever the amount of gas used. But the
relative cost is less in proportion as the amount of gas used is greater. The Company can
therefore afford to sell a greater amount of gas at a less rate than a small amount.
Second, the Company hopes that this reduction in pricexwill lead to a greater use of
gas for both domestic and commercial purposes. If it does these, this reduction will pro
bably be followed at some future date by a still further reduction. -
Gas arcs for commercial lighting will be furnished free by the Company and main
tained at cost.
Gas stoues, heaters and fixtures will be sold at cost by the Company, 5.00 down and
1.00 per month. The saving to the consumer by this arrangement may be seen by the fol
lowing comparison.
Detroit Ranges, No. 1 8 1 2, catalog price $25.00 - Our Price 5 1 8.00
Gas Water Heaters, No. 9, catalog price $ 1 5.00 - - Our Price 5 1 0.00
Reflex Gas Inverted Burners, catalog price $2.50 - Our Price $ 150
Bath Room Gas Heaters, catalog price $5.00 - Our Price 5 250
The Company cannot afford to furnish and maintain a gas meter for less than 12.00
a year. Hence consumers must pay this amount for gas per year, whether used or not,
otherwise the gas will be shut off and the meter removed
Richmond Water & Light Company
Telephone 82
SS0t Monday, Jan. 27
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