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' 7
39th YEAR'
Tuesday and Friday
We Treat You White On A
Black Proposition
Wilton Jellico
IL. IKL Maumtoim
Corner Main and B
' Street '
Union Supply Co.
Telephone. 5.1 . 127 Irvine-st
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes,
Hardware sP
Farming Implemenls and Supplies :
Fresh Butter and Eggs
Live Stock Exchange Information Bureau no charge
ask about it
I ! !! v lfl,)l."l"lM"!l")lMfiMilii.
Who Will Get
The $15 In Gold
The Second Count io the Climax Piano Contest Will be Held
Saturday, February 16, at 4:30 P. M. Special Prizes
Have No Bearing On Who Who Will Be
the Winner at the Final Count
You will be hurt and so will we unless you decide
to use the
They are made with a certain definite aim in view
and that is to enahle you to do better work, and
more of it, and with greater ease to yourself and your '
bones than you have ever done before. Oughtn't a
plow that will do that be worth looking into?
We Lave them and want an opportunity to tell yon
all about them.
They are "Built for Service' too.
which means that they are built for yoa.
Bracelets That
tbe refined woman are those whose
workmanship it fine, designs new and
unique, precious stones set. in the latest
fashions, diamonds of pure water, full
of fire and brilliancy, rubbies of pigeon
blood color, and sapphires, opals and all
kinds of gems that are the finest that
can be secured. These you will find at
Interest in tbe Climax popular voting
contest is now at fever heat, and the
contestants and their friends are hust
ling for new subscribers and renewals in
a manner that is very interesting. They
realize that the one who wins tbe beau
tiful piano will get a prize worthy of
their efforts and they are doing all they
can to see that their favorite candidate
comes home ahead.
That capital prize is certainly worth
a lot of hustling goes without saying.
You will have to hurry to get your
votes in as the second count in this great
contest comes off Sa'urday.February 15,
the bonus votes hold good only until
Don't wait. Keep right on hustling,
because, while you are laying off, some
one else may be working and getting the
new subscribers that you might have
had if you bad kept going. Ten dollars
in gold to the contestant making the
greatest gain since the first count; $5.00
in gold to the contestant making second
greatest gain. Th ballot box closes at
4 o'clock and the count will be made at
At the same time don't forget the
merchants' coupons. Every time you
get forty of them you get an extra bonus
of 500. It does not make any difference
whether the coupons all come from one
merchant or not as long as you bring
them in, in bunches of forty.
It never pays to stop even to get your
breath. Just keep on going. Your
friends will see that you are doing your
best to win and will all turn in and help
you. Nothing comes to him who waits
and the ones who do the hustling are re
warded in the end.
The second count will be made on
Saturday afternoon, February 15, by the
Do not forget the prizes the mer
chants are giving. If not fortunate
enough to secure the piano you may re
ceive one of the merchants' prizes and
they are well worth working for.
Bear in mind that tbe ballot box is
closed for the second count at 4:00 p.Jm.
on Saturday, February 15ih. Be sure
and have your votes all in by that time
so that you will have a fair chance to
show what your standing is.
For the next few days the following
bouuses will be given and may be with
drawn at any time. Remember, 'these
are positively the largest bonuses that
will be given for these subscriptions
during the contest, so ,'et busy and get
subscriptions while th bonuses are big
and your work will count for the most.
Here are the bonuses:
Makes the heart grow fonder,
we're told, but a good portrait of
the absent one will keep the re
collection of the absent one more
vivid and comfort many a lanely
hour of separation. .
"We make a specialty of portrait
uie and ourstudio is exceptionally
equipped for fine portrait work.
Clav Building,
Main Street.
Telephone 52
Don't forget that a special feature of
the show are the educational features,
arranged for your benefit. Come and
take advantage of the opportunities of
fered. 34-4t
For every seven new subscribers we
will give 10,000 extra votes, making a
total of 14,200
For every seven renewal subscrip
tions we will give 8.000 extra votes,
making a total of 11,500.
For every seven back subscriptions
we will give 6,000 extra votes, making
a total of 8,800.
Subscriptions turned in for the first
count will not count for these bonuses.
They will count just the same for the
piano at the final count, but these bo
nuses are good only on subscriptions
brought in from now until the offer is
For every 40 merchants' coupons
brought to this office and counted by
the publisher or his assistants, a bonus
of 500 extra vol3s will be giv.n, a total
of 1.500 in all. .
These coupons may be collected from
any and all merchants who are in the
Remember and have your friends
trade with the merchants who are giv
ing the coupons. They are reliable
Laura Taylor 9.500
Etta Turner 9,225
Georgie Walton 8,875
Mrs. Minnie Terrill 8,025
Myrtle Ballard i 8,000
Charlotte Azbill .8,000
Willie Parke 0,775
Maude Yaughan ' 6,750
Grace Hammonds 6,500
Mattie Tyree . 0,300
Bertha Carrier 6,175
Bernice Robertson 6,025
Pauline Jones ..-.4,675
Sallie Wood 4,575
Bessie Haydon 4,350
Willie Burton. 4,300
Elizabeth Marshall ..4.1U0
Ethel Whorton 2,50o
Maude Moberley .... 2,10
Lizzie Jones . 2,075
Carrie West 2,050
Minnie Zettle 1,825
Lydia Young 1,775
Elizabeth Blake 1,000
Lucy Jones ....1,000
EffieRice 1,000
Grace Hardin 1,000
Annie Oliver 1,000
Mabel Tudor. 1,000
The following merchants are offering '
prizes in the voting contest and giving
coupons with every cash purchase. Get
your friends to trade with them and give
you the coupons.
Hamilton Bros.
L. E. Lane
The McGaughey Studio
Engle & Company
Perry's Drug Siore
D. B. Shackelford & Co.
John R. Gibson & Co.
Rice & Arnold '
Stockton & Son
W. F. Higgins'
The Popular Vote.-
The common belief that the presiden
I tial vote in 1312 was less than the presi
dential vole in 1908 is incorrect. Ac
cording to the ollioial figures compiled
for the World almanac the total vote
this year was 15.033,600, as against
14,883,412 four years ago, an increase
of 145,227.
But only the socialists profited from
this larger vote. They alone made
gains, and very significant gains. Debs
vote in 1908 was 420,793; id 1912 it was
900,672, an increase of more than 100
per cent.
As fu the Democrats, Wilson polled
a total of 6,293,454, as against Bryan's
total of, 6, 499, 101 in 1908, a decrease of
115,650. Straner still, the total vote
cast for Taft and Roosevelt was less
than the total Republican vote in 1903.
Taft's 1912 vo'e was 3,434,930 and
Roosevelt's was 4,119.533. Together
they polled 7,504,518, which falls 71,390
under Taft's total of 7,678,903 four
years ago.
Even the Prohibitionists suffered from
apathy. Their vote in November was
only 200,275 compared with 253,800.
This loss of 47,505 is nearly one-fifth of
the total
It is a curious fact that with the ex
ception of New Hampshire all the New
England states cast more votes in 1912
than in 1903. The middle states of
New York, New Jersey and Pennsyl
vania cast fewer votes in 1912 than in
1903. Ohio, Indiana Illinois, Wiscon
sin, Nebraska and Iowa also took less
interest in the 1912 campaign than in
the 1903 campaign. The same is true
of the border slates, Kentucky, Tennes
see and Missouri.
There's no uniform rule applying to
the south. Alabama, for example, cast
more votes tban in 1903 and Georgia
cast fewer votes. Texas showed a large
increase, while South Carolina a large
decrease, while Virginia's slump was
exactly 70 voles and Oklahoma's vas
The mountain sta'es showed an in
crease. Colorado, (J tali. Wyoming.
Montana and Idaho cast more votes
than they did in 1908. By reason of
woman's suffrage, California's vote
should have doubled, but her 1912 vote
was only 673,527, as against 336,597 in
1903. Apparently nearly 100,000 quali
fied citizens of California remained
away from the polls.
The most significaLt fact in all these
returns is the increase and distribution
of tbe socialist vote. It is not a sec
tional voles, for tbe banner socialist
states in this election were Ohio, Penn
sylvania, Illinois, California, New York,
Oklahoma, Washington, Indiana, Wis
consin and Missouri in the order named.
bile in Idaho more than 10 per cent, of
the total vote was socialist. This is
something for Democrats and Republi
cans alike to think about serionsly.
''Mr. Bob" will be at the Opera House,
this city. Dates given later. tf
Attention! Poultry Raisers.
Mr. W.T. Vaughn, grocer, corner Col
lins and Main streets, has installed a
mill for grinding fresh -bones. - This
makes a most excel ent food for all
kinds of fowls. 5 cents a pound- Call
and see him. Phone 614. 43-tf.
For Sale.
Having purchased a farm, we offer
for sale, our residence on Woodland
Avenue, containing 7 rooms, hot and
cold baths on 2 floors, electric light,
gas, hot and cold water in kitchen,
sewer system, modern conveniences
throughout This is new property, and
one of the very best homes in Richmond.
On splendid street.
T 33-4t L. P. and Curtis Adams.
is probably due to uric
acid in the system the
blood must be purified
the poisonous acid driven
out and general health
must be improved.
Thousands testify that
Scott's Emulsion rids the
system of poisonous acid
by enriching the impover
ished blood, and its con
centrated nourishment is
converted into red blood
corpuscles which drive
out rheumatism.
It is especially valuable
to aged people.
Ask for and insist on
SCOTT & Bowicb, Bloomfield. K. J. 12-60
Tom Logsden and wife visited Berea
Sunday last.
Miss Lilly Henry, of Kirksville, visit
ed Miss Emma Burchill.
Mrs. Minnie Williams and son, Chas.,
are visiting the family of I. C. Rucker.
Mrs. E. H. Walker nd her son. Woods
Walker, have sold about 30,000 pounds
of tobacco at 13 to 17 cents.
Miss Lucrelia Skinner, one of our lo
cal teachers, visited friends at her home
at Buena Vista Saturday.
Our school has 136 pupils enrolled to
date and has added Miss Minnie John
son, of Lancaster, (o the corps of teach
ers. Mr. John Mowland and Mr. Vincent
visited our school and were much pleas
ed; so much so, a photo was taken of the
buildings. .
I. C. Rucker, who has been so long in
tbe mill business, has gone out of the
firm of Burnam & Rucker and has sold
his interest to Henry Riddleberger. the
present miller Mr. Rucker will look
after the coal and lumber yard.
Our school building and grounds Deed
to be beautified and improved. We need
a library and other school equipment, so
the lady teachers with the help of Prof.
U. L. Waterbury will have the advanc
ed pupils to give an entereainment in
the Dear future to help out in the much
needed improvements.
Best Cough Medicine For
"I am very glad to say a few words in
praise of Chamberlain's Cough Remeny"
writes Mrs. Lida Dewey, Milwaukee,
Wis. "I have used it for years both for
my children and myself and it never
fails to relieve and cure a cough or cold.
No family with children should be with
out it as it gives almost immediate re
lief in cases of croup." Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is pleasant and safe to
lake, whicn is of great importance when
a medicine must be given to young chil
dren. For sale by all dealers. ad lm
la Real Estate,
Stock and Crop
Reports ol Spe
cial Interest : :
Col. Jack Chinn sold his crop of to
bacco in Danville last week at an aver
age of 25 cents. His best' brought 13
An item from Danville says: Cattle
in the west end of tbe county are af
flicted with a strange disease which re
duces them to skin and bones, after
which death occurs.
Mr. George Wilcox purchased last
wek from Mr. M. B. Arbuckle, of Sil
ver Creek, Madison county, a yearling
bull, paying 235 for same. The animal
which is shorthorn stock, is a fine spe
cimen, and Sir. Wilcox is to be com-
mended for the interest he takes in
breeding good stock. Estill Tribune.
' No more cases of "forage fever" huve
been reported in this county since tbe
death from this trouble of 27 head of
horses and mules belonging to Charles
Thomas, of near Midway, whose loss was
abeut $5,000. Every animal affected
died. The trouble was identically the
same as ptomaine poisoning in a human
being. It was caused, velernarians say,
by mouldy ensilage from re-filled silos.
Woodford Sun.
Commissioner of Agriculture J. W.
Newman believes Kentucky butter can
be made as famous and distinctive as
Kentucky whiskey. He intends sending
a lecturer to county institutes urging
farmers to create a market in New York,
Chicago and other cities for Kentucky
butter and send it direct to the consum
er by parcel post. "This can be done by
proper advertising," he said. "The
country between Mt. Sterling and Louis
ville is tbe finest dairy land in the
United Slates on account of the pasture
and the climate. Tbe pasture gives the
butter a natural flavor and oolorthat can
not be equaled anywhere else. The cli
mate permits of pasturing for an unusually-
long period. I am convinced
that a reputation can be established for
'Kentucky butler' that will increase im
mensely the revenue of the farmers and
the wealth of the Slate."
Sjpscaal Mathhress Sale
0a the SlSlSifepSR
Come See
them in cur
We have arranged for a Special Sale
On the celebrated Stearns li Foster Ma'area and arc offeri3 Ous most Comfortable.
Durable and Sanitary of til Mattresses, in selected patterns cf the best realities cf Safin
finish. Dust-proof Tilings -WITHOUT EXTRA CHARCE.
Beware cf so-called "Special Sales" cn "Cctton-fcit" cr Tc'.t" Mattresses said to be
tne "genuine kind" and o.1ercd at such ridiculouc! low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do not knov WHAT sort cf natcri-1 has been hastily STUFFED izlo the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it may be vile; ur.f.t for any person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort and Durability, such Mattresses crs utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns t Fc
you can see and
a Mattress. leu
of little webs forming; many Spring, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
. layers are thca LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
and encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Firm,
half yielding to your figure, bet supporting it b perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I n87er Kccv; a HilJrccs coald be so Comfortable."
That's just what satisfied users of Stearns & Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself to get one and enioy rest that is Refreshing Comfortable:
You don't have to be put to the expense and inconvenience of sending a Steams &
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated." They never require it. Aa
occasional Sun Bath keep 3 them fresh and dean.
Don't Fail to attend this Sale. Come today.
Select the Mattress you want NOW. Don't put up longer with that old uncom
fortable Mattress.
. A Comfortable Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster,
Costs too Little.
Well give you a POSITIVE GUARANTEE on every Mattress bearing the Stearns
6c Foster name.
Foster Pk!a.trccsc3 have a laced opciur.g (Pat. applied for) through which
examine the inside cf the Mattress you GET. That's the safe way to buy
3ii know whet ycu arc getting.
Undertaking a Specialty
Dav Telephone 76
Night Telephone 136 229
TV. S O. R. O. L
Under orders of the Fiscal Court, tbe
undersigned will, up to 3 P. M., Feb. 3,
1913, receive sealed bids for work on the
various sections of turnpike in Madison
county for the year 1913. Contracts to
be fully completed Nov. 1, 1913, anil
those to whom contracts awarded to
enter into written contract with the
county on or before March 3, 1913, with
approved security. Bids to state so
much per CUBIC YARD for crushed or
Dapped stone.bard slate or gravel, quality
and size of same to be approved by
County Road Engineer, sp'ead on road
at places aad times indicated.
From this date all measurements of
stone, gravel, slate or other material
used in repairing tbe pikes of this coun
ty will be computed by the CUBIC
YARD of 27 cubic feet, instead of the
perch and rod heretofore used as the
unit of measurement. Ditching, here
tofore measured br lineal rod, will in
the future be computed and paid for bj
the cubic yard of 27 cubic feet for ac
tual quantity of earth, etc., removed
from ditches. The rod heretofore used
contains 8 1-3 cubio yards.
30-4t Judge.
The best thing you can do for your hair is tokeep it free from Jan-
druff. It is now positively known that most eases of baldness can I
be traced directly to the formation of JandruJ and to nesrVct of f
tho scalp. The powerful, yet harmless, antiseptic properties of J
make it supreme in this respect. Its effect can be noticed af:er
' the first two or thre applications, and. if care is taken to avoid
re-infection of the scalp by unclean comb or brush, the occiunal
use of this tonic will keep the scalp in the prime of hf.il hy con
dition. Penslar Hair Tonic makes a delightful hair drevsiru'. too.
It contains no sediment, is not sticky or greasy, and does not
color the hair. Try a fifty cent bottle to convince yourself bo
good it is and you will buy the dollar size neit time
StOCktOn'S Dr"g Store
The Climaxl year $1
o u
The same as ever is: The Highest Quality Merchandise for the Lowest
Prices Merchandise ThaMakes Satisfied Customers
Just now we are making some interesting prices on heavy weight goods
especially on
Ladies' Suits and Coats, Misses' and Children's
Coats, Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats ,
You will be well to see what we have in these lines before ' making your
h ! '
t- m fc - K I
1 IL.
f I
t 1
i ; f : !
' vv k' ; 1 i
.. J 'fc

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