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We Aim
most of all, by the high quality of our goods.
But we do not overlook your desire to save
on price either. Neither do we neglect any
thing in the way of service which will make
your visit here . comfortable and pleasant.
We please plenty of others who come here
regularly for their Dry Goods, etc Isn't it
likely we can please you too ?
id lit
The Richmond Climax.
tmUwkai rwy 1 mm4 Fritter AftWMM
' (Incorporated.)
A. D. Miller
W. O. Whit
E. a Walion
Pres. and Mgr.
11.00 PER
JANUARY 28. 1913
Some of tlie newspapers throughout
the Eighth District persist in making
the statement that the Climax will op
pose the candidacy of Governor ilc
Creary in the event of Lis announce
ment for the U. 6. Senate. This idea is
erroneous, as the Climax has, hereto
fore, and always will under the present
Kianagementt support a Madison county
ta&a against outsiders There lias nev
er been any cause why this paper should
have been classed against a home man
for any office.
Uosors are coming to Coi. W. P.
Walton, of Lexington, thick and fast.
Only a few weeks since he was a hot
tip for postmaster of his city and cow
comes tlx oews that he is to serve on
the reception committee at the inaug
uration of President Wilson. The ap
pointment came from Thomas Nelson
I'age. the author, who has been a life
lone t rieod-of CoL Walton. They were
born in the same Virginia county and
courted together in the long ago.
Hon. Jerre A Sullivan Stricken
With Paralysis.
Hon. Jerre A.' Sullivan was stricken
with paralysis while iu his office in the
State Bank and Trust Co. building Mon
day morning. The disease attacked Mr
Sullivan about 11 o'clock a. m. rather
suddenly. He had been engaged at his
desk and complained of feeling indis
posed, lie arose to walk to a couch
in the room and was lying down when he
discovered a peculiar sensation in his
left arm. Attempting to move the limb
revealed the fact that he was paralyzed
in that member. A physician was sum
moned and attended the stricken man.
Mr. Sullivan's extreme aversion to noto
riety was responsible for the news of
bis illness being suppressed until late in
the afternoon, lie protested against be
ing taken to his room in the Ho elGlyn
doa until after darkness had fallen,
when the sad intelligence of his illness
spread with rapidity and eager friends
flocked to the hotel to ascertain the se
riousness of hit condition and offer their
services and sympathy. A reporter for
the Climax called at his apartments at
the Glyndon this morning and was in
formed by Mr. Sullivan's physician that
bis condition was considered" alarming,
and that the disease had spread over the
entire left side. No one save li is attend
ants axe permitted to eee Mr. Sullivan,
although he is rational and retains his
power of speech. Friends of this excel
lent gentleman have feared for the past
two years that Mr. Sullivan has been en
urely too active in his business affairs
to remain in perfect health, as he has
bten constantly entraeed with many du
ties and responsibilities that would tax
the strongest to rstitution. His services
have always been at the disposal of his
friends, and especially has he been ac
tive in political matters, both State and
county, and educational affairs. To him
must be given credit for the advance
made ia educational matters in this
Slate and his services in behalf of better
educaticn will be a monument to his
memory. Uis illness will cause wide
spread sorrow and all will eagerly await
encouraging uews from his bedside.
Mr. and Mrs. Ii. J. Clay are visiting
in Cincinnati.
Miss Carey Rice spent Sunday with
friends in Lexington.
M iss L-je Soper has been quite ill at
her home on ltroadway.
Mr. Willie llenriren, of Cttonburg, is
attending lierea College.
Mr. Reed Jones spent Sunday with his
home folks in the country.
Mr. Samuel Bennett, of Lexington, is
visiting relatives in the city.
Judge J. C. Chenault left Sunday for a
business trip to Pittsburg, Pa.
Mr. and Mis. Waller Griggs have re
turned from a visit to relatives in Mt.
Mr. TUos Hock man. of Louisville,
was the guest of Miss Mary 11am mons
last week.
Miss Elsie Smith, of Frankfort, is vis
iting Misses Mary and Carrie Allman, on
Collins street.
If you have a visitor, or contemplate
a visit out of town, phone the Climax
so we can make mention of it.
Judge and Mrs. X, B. Turpin left last
week for Jacksonville, Florida, where
they will spend the winter.
Mrs. Mary McKee and Mrs. II J. Mc
Kee and son, U. J., Jr.. left Sunday for
a visit to relatives in Lexington.
Mr. Ed Goldftn, of California, where
he has made his home for nearly twenty
years, is back in Madison couuty on a
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson, of
Louisvi le, have been visi ins? the lat
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson
liurnam, in Burnamwo d.
Miss Velma Gullev, of Lexington,
who is to matriculate at Eastern Normal
School, is spend ng a few days with her
aunt, Mrs. George Hale, at Gypsy
Mrs. Frank Trevitt. Miss Hattie Stev
ens and Mrs. K. I. W. Hampton, nieces
of Mrs. Henry Hargis, of Winchester,
attended the funeral and burial of their
relative in this city Saturday.
Mr. J. T. Ferriell returned last night
from Louisiana, where lie went a week
ago in company with Messrs. Lee Con
glelon and James Church prospecting.
Messrs. Congleton and Church went on
for a visit t Texas.
Prof. C. I). Smith, of the Eastern Nor
mal, left today for Hardin couuly, where
he will meet Commissioner of Agricul
ture J. W. Newman, and do some
work alont'li lie line of organizing that
couuty into a fruit growing one.
Mr. Embry Deatherage's manyfriends
will be glad to know that lie has made
good with Mason k Hanger Co , with
whom he has been for about two y- ars
He has been olfered and has accepted a
a splendid posit ion w ith a firm of con
tractors at Columbia, S, C. which he ob
tained through the rec""mmeuilHlion of
his former employers, Hans:eri.Co. A
recommendation from this firm, know
ing them as we do, speaks volumes for
Kmbry's ability and faithfulness in the
discharge of his du ies.
Narrow Escape.
Lewis Baldwin, of this county, had
a narrow esctpe from instant death in
Lexington Saturday evening He was
standing on a platform in the Union
Mai ion and in some way lost his bal
ance and tell in front of an incoming
train. The train was running slowly
when Baldwin fell from the platform
and the engineer was able to bring the
engine to a slop within about two feet
of the man, while a lart!e number of
spectator stood behind the railing sep
arating the tracks from the waiting
rooms, expect ing every moment to see
Baldwin crushed beneath the wheels of
the eneine. However the presence of
mind of the engineer in manipulating
his brakes saved his life. Baldwin was
assisted off the track by a number of
by. si and e s.
Opera House.
For Friday night, the fea'ture two
reel picture "Fur the Cause," a story in
pictures of the late war Don't miss it.
Don't fail to see "Mr. Bob" at Opera
House. tf
$100 mm's S110ES $1.00
After taking stock, we find that we have a few
broken lots in WOMEN'S shoes that we will
close at $1.00 the pair
These shoes consist of the best factory makes;
and if you are fortunate enough to get fitted in
these shoes, you will enjoy a BARGAIN
$1.00 RICE and ARN0LD $1.00
At The Opera House
Saturday niirh; will be shown the
KAY-BEE three reel picture, entitled
The Tow of The West." Three thous
and feet of the best picture made.
C inline at an early dale ' The Battle of
Genysbuij" and several others. You
will always get the best, of everything at
the Opera House.
. 120 laughs in 120 minutes at "Mr.
Bob's" on Tuesday night. Greek dance
and a lot of other things to laugh at. 2t
At Normal Tonight
Levers of the best in musio will have
the opportunity of hearing at the Nor
mal Tuesday evening, January 23, two
artists who occupy a high position
among the ablest living- virtuosi. . Mr
Jules Fa Ik, violinist, and Mr. Arthur
Fischer, pianist, his co-partner oq the
program. Press notices from the lead-
inir papers of the various large cities of
this country and of Europe bear testi
mony of the superlative attainments of
these two young artists, and the school
considers itself most furlunaie in being
able to present them to the Richmond
public. This number is not included
in the regular lecture course. Admis
sion 50c. The concert will begin at
eight o clock.
Tobacco Market Still Booming
The receipts of tobacco on the local
market is as slron? as ever and both
the Madison and Farmers Warehouses
are selling to capacity floors daily. The
offerings are in better pondiiign than
during week or ten days ago and as a
result advance in prices. The trouble
during the rainy spell was that tobacco
was either wet or in two high case and
the buvers wera afraid to take on too
much while it was in this condition.
While the tobacco houses are both busy
the rush of ten days ago is about over
and tobacco wagons do not hnd it ne
cessary to remain outside the sheds for
any length of time.
The Only Way.
Editor Jim Allen, of the Cynthiana
Democrat, gives the following valuable
lip to postmasters in his "pert and per
tinent columne:"
''Under the parcel post rules, the only
way apparently that a postmaster can
dispose of a bottle of wuiskv found in
the mails is to drink it. He is forbid
den to deliver i, destroy it or keep it in
the office, as intoxicating liqnors cannot
be sent through the post, be cannot for
ward it to t he dead letter office."
Our Sentiments !
Buy at home and try at home
To give the town a show;
Live at home and give at home
And help the town to grow.
Make your cot the nicest spot
That's under heaven's dome;
Just buy a bit to brighten it
And be sure to buy at home I
Church Notes
Many friends of Father O'Dwyer will
regret to learn that he is to leave Rich
mond, having been transferred from the
Catholic church, this city, to Independ
ence, Kenton county, and Florence,
Boone county, this stale. Father
O'Dwyer has been pastor of the Catholic
church, tbit city, for a number of years
and has made many friends among the
membership of other churches as well
as becoming a great favorite with his
parishiners, all of whom will regret his
departure. He will be succeeded here
by Father Yoner, who has been assist
ant pastor of St Patrick's, Covington,
and who comes to this church highly
recommended as a phristian and min
ister. The Rev, Mr. Eldredge will be in
stalled pastor of the Presbyterian
churchs at Kirksville and Paint Lick
on the second Sabbath of February.
The Commission appointed by Transyl
vania Presbytery to d this is as fol-
laws: At II a. m., Lr D. II. Scanlon,
of Richmond, will preach the sermon
and propound the coi sutulional ques
tions at Kirksville; Rev. Cary R. Blain,
of Houstonville, will charge the pastor;
Prof. C G. Crooks, of Danville, will
charge the people At 2:30 p. tn. Mr.
Blain will preach the serman at Paint
Lick, Dr. Scanlon will charge the peo
ple and Prof. Crooks will charge the
pastor and preside.
2.000 Presbyterian Laymen are to
meet in Memphis on February 19-21, in
a great Home Mission Convention.
They are to come from all the Southern
states and prominent speakers of na
tional fame will address the Convention.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
February 3, 4 and 5, head cutter from
the greatest makers of men's fine
clothes in this county will be with us
to size you and get you up and get your
measurement for a new spring suit.
Clothes don't make the man, but Schloss
Bros, clothes make you look like one.
Don't wait for us to look you up but
be here early to fight for yourself.
Richmond's Greatest Store for a Quarter
of a Century. It
Attracting Attentioa
Prof. A. L. Morrell, the word's cham
pion whittler. who has been demonstra
ting in the show window of Oldham &
Harber yesterday and today, is attract
ing considerable attention. Morrell us
es Keen Cutler Knives in his demonstra
tions and great crowds have gathered in
front of the show window to witness the
remarkable performance of the man
who has whittled his way around ihe
world. If you have not seen his work it
will be w rth your lime to visit the
above hardware establishment today or
tomorrow, as this will be the last oppor.
tunity to witness this expert ia wood
Excellent Show at,Opera
- House.
' Hoey's Musical Confedy Co.", greet
ed by a crowded house last night, pre
sented the melodious farce entitled
' The Military Girls," a rollicking mu
sical comedy with lots of life and plenty
of catchy music. The company was
headed by two exceptional comedians,
Ed. Smalley and Dave Meyers and
backed by a bevy of pretty chorus girls,
the play made good from the start,
these two comedians with there gro
tesque actions started the ball rolling
and kept the audience in a laughing
mood ail the time, their dialects are
perfect, their sayings are witty and
parody singing received many enoores.
The chorus is one of the best dancing
choruses seen here in many day and one
that is worthy of a big production. The
costumes are very pretty, many songs
are introduced during the action of the
piece and the fool work of the chorus
found especial favor with the audience,
leaving the chorus Tittle to kick about
in the matter of applause. Tonight
they will present "A Day at The Races"
with an entire change of musical num
bers and dance.
For Sale.
Jersey cow, bees,an.l empty bee his
23 tf Mrs. J. L. Schlegel.
For Rent
Two nice office rooms on Main street
for rent. Apply to
31-tf C. C. CULTON.
For Sale.
A row residence in Burnanwood, con
taining 8 rooms; all improvements; wa
ter heating system. Joe GiunchiglanL
Public Sale
Saturday, February 15th
at 11 o'clock, sell 40 acres of land on
the west side of county road or exten
sion of Third st. Said land Will be sold
as a whole and in five acre lots the
way it produces most mnuey will be
accepted. However, from the lot near
est the L & A. depot and tack will be
cut 15 feel to make the st eet wider
which runs back west to Wafer Beu
jeil's farm.
The r mainder of this 5 acres will be
divided into town lots 50 feet wide by
136 feet deep.
This land is very rich and raises good
crops of an thing. Will easily make
3.000 pounds of tobacco to the acre.
Now is the chance to buy a small farm
only one-half mile from the court
house. The sale will be to the h'ghest
and best bidder and ihere will be no by
bidding. TERMS OF SALE One half cash
and balance payable in sis months se
cured by negotiable, notes bearing 6 per
cent, interest from date of sale.
S. Neville Moberley
.35 0t
Take No Chances
when you board your horses, and you
take none when you board them with
us. We are so particular that every
thing should be just right and that your
horse shall have the best of care and
food, we cannot fail to please you.
yhen You Want to Drive.
you want the best rig obtainable, we
also furnish you with that. Anything
you want in the line of Livery or board
ing you can find right here at
J. R. AzMll's
Phone 99 Richmond. Ky
Lady to clerk in Art Department, oa
who has had experience in stamping.
Apply either in person or letter to
A. M. Caden, 210 West Main St., Lex
ington. Ky. 31-3t
. Lstray.
i'rom my place on Jack's Creek pike,
about a week ago, a red Duroc gilt,
weight about 75 pounds, and has slit on
lower part of right ear. .
27 tf W. Q. PARK.
Gold handled umbrella, engraved
"Amy." Probably left in some store
and taken by mistake. Reward if re
turned to Mrs. Betty Parrish on Sum
mit. 35-3.
. Soda Fountain For Sale.
Soda fountain now in use and ia per
ect condition. Will sell cheap.
Stockton & Son,
23-tf Richmond, Ky.
If you burn out,you will wish you had
insured. See Burnaro's Insurance
Agency. " 14-tf
For Sale.
As administrator of B. M. Lackey, I
offer at private sale the Kentucky Car
riage Works consisting of vehicles of all
rtinds. Blacksmith shop attached.
This is one of the oldest and best stand
n Central Kentucky and has an esta
Olished trade. BOIAN LACKEY,
14-tf Richmond, Ky
Just received a new
New Orleans molasses.
send you a gallon.'
barrel of pure
Better let us
25 tf
D. B. McKinney.
For Rent
The elegant suite of two or three
front office rooms with lavatory, etc.
John G. Taylor building, over Yeager's
je elry store, opposite Madison Nat
ijj.l Bank. Most desirable location in
the city. COLBY TAYLOR.
11-lf. Telephone 292.
Fodder For Sale.
I have six to fight hundred shocks of
fodder at d a splendid place to feed it
and can haul same and do the feeding at
a reasonable price. I am also prepared
to deliver any where in town on short
notice any quantity of fodder at reason
able price. J. R. Azbill, Main street
liveryman, Phone 99. 35-tf
Don't fail to attend the poultry instil
lute at the Poultry Show at McKee's
Hall Feb. 5. 6, 7, and 8. You will hear
the best authorities in the U. S. discuss
the poultry industry from every point of
view. Don't forget that this is the State
show of the A. P, A., Kentucky branch,
and that all rhe regular gold and silver
medals will be won for the year of 1913.
Be sure to enter your birds and win the
coveted prizes. 4t
To make your entire plant bed grow
even all over and no waste plants, use
the best high-grade tobacco fertilizer
Sold and guaranteed by D. B. Shackel
ford & Co. 34-41
Easter Day Comes Earlier
This Year-March 23 rd
Easter Clothes
The chief function of your Easter
Suit is to have correct fit and satis
factory service; harmony ia style
and color.
If you select your pattern here and have the clcthes
made by
. Ed. V. Price & Co.
Merchant Tailors Chicago
you will be sure of p'easing results. " .
We are taking the measures of the most particular
men in town, and if you; do not care to pay the high
prices necessarily asked by small tailors, you will be wise
to let us have your measure for your Easter Suit today.
E. V. Elder"
Main Street Richmond, Ky
3iep iu liie riiuiie
And Say It
Whether your wants may be for drugs, medicines,
toilet articles, drug store sundries, stationery, candy or
cigars. Whether you need a necessity or luxury ycu
can depend upon cur phone service and our prompt
delivery. Telephone to us for all you drug store wants
and you will soon have cultivated a worth while habit,
one that will save you unnecessary worry, time and
trouble. We are proud of our very prompt delivery
service. Nothing extra is charged for this accommo
dation It's for your use so use it.
The rWafg Store
Registered Swine For Sale.
I have for sale 13 registered Duroc
Jersey boars, weight about 100 pounds,
subject to registration. Also a number
of gills. This stock is olTsoring of Prince
of Colonel that sold for $000. My
lock is as highly bred as any Duroc
Jersey hogs and if vou desire high-class
hogs for breeding it will pay you to inves
igate my stock before making purchases.
W. II Park & Sons, tL i D. No. 4.
Richmon I. Ky. 39 0k
"Mr. Bob" is coming to Richmond, tf
The Choice of a Husband
Is too important a matter for a won vi
to be handicapped by weakness, b.-ij
blood or foul breath. Avoid these kill
hopes by taking Dr. King's Life P ..!$.
New strength, fine complexion, pure
breath, cheerful spirits things that :a
men follow their use. -Easy, sa'e. sjr
35c at all druggists. ad? la
We handle Lexington Cream Fluiir.
It costs no more. D. B. McKinney. tiro
ceries. W. Main street. :f
This is not a
Monthly Sale.
We only have a
sale once a year;
seldom twice
Ladies', Men's, Boys' and Children's SIws Must Be Sold "We Have Too Much Stock
eIfa)o H
This is your chance
for Bargains
Value 5550, $5
jn ...
- it . -
English '
Tween Hats
Sale Price
31.00 Hats now 3 .79
150 " " 1.00
2.00 " " 1.25
2.50 " " 1.50
3.00 " " 2.00
1 50c
Shoes Shoes t3
Now Ties Now 3
Were $250 39c WereS.OO
i " The
was -caa ,cr ,i mm
Were $3.50
Were $5X)0
My loss is your gain
Must Have Money
i $6.oo i
High Top 1 2g
1 ... HlWS; i-.
$1.00 Silk Sox for $ .79
.75 Silk Sox for .65
.50 Silk Sox for .39
.25 Lisle Sox for .19
.15 Sox for .11
.10 Sox for .08
$2.00 Union Wright's $1.79
2.00 Union Cooper s
1.00 Garment "
1.00 - Wright's
.50 " Rib
1.00 Union Rib
This season give
your feet a rest
.79 W.,
.79 .
.79 W4
VOU get solid comfort
as well as custom style
in the new Crossetts. This
enappy&model is one of the
season's "hits." Short
vamp, military heel, seven
buttons (four of them close
together to insure perfect fit
over the instep). See aS
the new Crossett models.
$4 to SSgeYerjrwnere.
Lewis A. Crossett, Inc, Maker,
North Abanstrm. Mut.
Bull Dog Suspenders for the
Man Who Cares
EVER? detail of design
and workmanship has
been passed upon by
an expert before a ihirt can
bear a
These goods will be sold at these prices for only i F w ,
ta:t r .r L . TERMS CASH
DAYS. Come it you want bargains AJL
$ 50 now$ 39
1.00 now .79
150 now 1.19
2.00 now 1.49
4j I H00 F'tBoots
$s High Top
-cc boots
2 I $2.98 $300
THE new Crossett models
are ready.
Style shown here is a
happy thought
Shiny Russian colt on
Marathon last
Soft glovs top
. Quiet
Yet th; perfection cf
snappy style.
Many mere new Cros
sett models.
See them.
You can find what you want here. Holeproof Sox
and Arrow Brand Collars not included in this sale
UL That 1.
uJZ 209 West Main
Phone I2o
ichmond, Kv - u
LwU A. Crr.att, .-., XlJLIT,

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