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L v. hut lii3 cvcrae tedy of style Would call
c:.y cr.o cf the fine models we are just now
showing in our Waist Department They are
all voted to be beauties in appearance, and
h the fabrics are of the
quite a variety of pleasing designs, and we
have them in all sizes for tall or short, slim or
The Richmond Climax.
eliane mtt IniT ami Iraiav affnw
A. D. Miller
W. G. Whit
E. C. Walton
Pres. and Mgr.
$1.00 PES
FEBRUARY 4, 1913
The Social LviL.
Jonx D. RocKKrELLKa, Jb , Is report
ed to have said that man, not -woman, is
responsible for Uie organised commer
cial social evil in this country. ' It is
a man's business," said Mr. Rockefel
ler, runs for profit, and the profit is
We suppose that there are compara
tively few people who will dissent
from this view. It ban been said that
men are born vicious and that women
are made vicious. However much truth
that thought expresses, men themselves
are pretty generally agreed that women
do not go wrong until they are driven
wrong; and that they will not engage in
vicious practice u alii Chey have been de
graded in life by ifien.
It is not a wonderful thing that Mr.
Rockefeller comprehends tbs moral stat
us with relation to the social evil, of
wen and women, but it is a very hope
ful sign for the eradication of the great
est evil of the age, when men of such
vast wealth and power are willing to
engage in such a work,
i Mr. Rockefeller ie identified in fight
ing this scot; pre with the bureau of so
cial hygiene, which the millionaire says
was the outgrowth of his service of six
months as foreman of the social evil
prevention board of New York.
The country owes the young man a
debt of gratitude for the great work he
is doing for society, and the fact that
be is giving the best years of his life to
the good cause, when most men are
fighting for "more of the root of evil"
iamps him a man in all the word means
and generations yet to come will, we be
lieve, rise up and call him rreat.
Tbb Douse of Representatives bas
Joined in the appropriation of (2 000,000
for a Lincoln memorial, the monument
to be paced to Potomac Park, North of
the While House, and to be housed by a
Greek Temple. The monumental road
way proved a monumental failure in the
balls of the dying republican Congress.
It now remains for the President - to
complete the job.
In Ohio lobbyists hive to register and
pay a fee of S3 If such a law were
in force in Kentucky the State treasury
might Dot be in the depleted condition
the know in e say it now is.
Taa plan to subsidize American ves
sels by cutting ont the loll of coastwise
trading ships pas&ing through the Pana
ma Canal is finding strong opposition in
America as well in England.
I V- ' "s ' i I
cr- aw I
Just take a look at yourself and see It you
don't need some neu clothes. Then come take a
lock at the clothes ve sell. Ve shall do business
vith you If you do. Our upright goods speak
for themselves veil when you see them and
better vhen you vear them.
The goods a store sells reflects the character
of the store. You rr.av fcnov that vhen a store
Is hcnesOnough to buy honest merchandise
thctithey are henestjenough to ask only hon
est prices.
choicest There are
Hfkakixg on 'Tarty Leadership" at
the annual dinner of the Virginians of
New York City. Richard Evelyn Byrd,
speaker of the Virginia House of Dele
gates, declared that the hope of democ
racy and of the country depends upon
uovernor nson assumption or su
preme party leadership. "We must re
flect," he said, "that opposition parties
are bound together by negative as well
as affirmative purposes, and that the
negations cease to be a source of strength
when the party in opposition becomes
the party in power." The speaker cit
ed the determination of the question of
competition to be vital to the welfare of
the country whether or not it is "a per
manent law applicable in all times to
all conditions of society. If competi
tion requires statutes to keep it alive it
may be seriously considered," be add
ed, "whether some natural law born of
a new relation of industrial forces does
not threaten iu continued existence as
an economic force." There is consid
erable logic in Mr. Byrd's argument.
Because Lester Bryant was the cham
pion boy corn grower of Kentucky, Rep
resentative Thomas introduced a bill for
a monument over Bryant's grave. The
orn grower died in Washington recent
ly of asphyxiation, having blown the gas
out. Seems to oa it would be belter to
spend the money necessary for the erec
tion of a monument in advertising the
fact that it is dangerous to put out
gas light otherwise
than by turning it
At Loraine, Ohio. Rev. T. Douglas,
McDuflSe, a Methodist divine, bas
brought suit against 31 members of his
congregation for 1155.25 he declares due
him on salary. The minister said he
quit his job when the collections de
creased to such an extent that his pay
averaged only 111.75 per week. He said
be could not keep body and soul togeth
er on that amount.
. Frith Schbff, the opera singer,
has secured a divorce from John W.
r ox. the novelist. As this is divorce
No. 2 for Friul and she is yet in her
youth, it would seem that she is trying
to out divorce that di force fiend, Kal
Goodwin, or the queen of them all, Lil
lian Russell.
A bill has been introduced in the Ar
kansas Legislature which if it becomes
a law will put booze out of the ques
tion. It proposes prohibition, except
where a majority of the inhabitants of a
town or city petition the county judge
to issue license.
A WasHrKGTox dispatch says that the
size of paper money is to be reduced at
least a third. A. step in the wrong di
rection. If we are compelled to get
along with only a few dollars, there is
some consolation in the thought that
they feel good and big in our pocket.
Da. Makt Walkkr was arrested
Chicago because she was dressed
male clothing. Looks like it ought not
to be any more of an infraction of the
law for woman to don pants than to
wear hobble skirts.
jha.lrxa.b- ukokbwooo stands pat on
the proposition to lower the tariff, as
serting that it will not be reduced
enough along competitive lines to butt
any of the industries.
Listen! YouwilT
be PROUD of
yourself if you
buy your Clothes
iron, us.
ton, of Arkansas, to the U. 8. Ben
lion. WiHiam K. Oldham, ipeakei
the Senate, becomes governor. Anoih
er case of an ei-Msdison county man
coming to the front. Mr. Oldham hai
two sisters and many relatives in this
city ami county.
Bcll-headed Biease, South Carolina's
misfit governor, says that God approves
his record in office. Certainly man does
Mrs. Emma Hubbard is spending
Winter at Coronado, Fia.
Judge W. II Lilly, of Irvine, was
the city Monday on business.
Misses Sallie and Betty Shearer have
been visiting in Winchester.
Mr. Waller Ben neit left today for a
business trip to Kansas City.
Miss Lyles Cooper, of Stanford, arriv
ed today to visit Miss Lucy Lee Walton
in Burnamwood.
la Mrs. John C. Chenault and niece, Miss
Nettie Oldham, spent a day in Leiing
ton last week.
Mr. Walter LeRoy Jordon, of Cleve
land, Ohio, is here the guest of Miss
Caroline Farley.
Mr. T. E. Baldwin, Jr., is confined to
his room in the country with a severe
case of grip.
Mr. W. B. Burton, Lancaster's most
extensive horse and mule buyer, was
here at court yesterday.
Mrs. Lucy E. Batterton. of Armstrong,
Mo., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary
F. Burgin, at White Hall.
The younger set are looking forward
to a dance at Masonic Temple on the
evening of Feb. 19ih.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Long, of Grinnel,
Iowa, have been guests of Secretary and
Mrs. J. P. Culbertson on Oak street.
Mrs. Jo Arnold spent the latter part
of last week in Lancaster, the guest of
Mrs. Stephen Walker and Miss Georget-
ta Walker.
The faculty of Caldwell High School
will be entertained Wednesday evening
by lliss Mary Allman at her borne on
Collins tlreet.
Misses Keith Allen, Lillian Edger,
E izabeth Robinson and Myrtle Jones,
of Mercer county, are students at the
Normal School.
Mrs. J. H. Dunn and son, James, of
Jeffersonville, Ind., who have been the
guests of Mrs. Clyde Pulltna, cave re
turned to their home.
Mr. J. S. Tudor, who was reported by
this paper to have suffered a stroke of
paralysis some time ago, is able to
come to town every day or so.
Mrs. B. L. Banks, who has been ill
long time, is not considered in the least
better. In fact, her condition yesterday
was more alarming than it bas been,
Mrs. L G. Ballard and pretty little
daughter, Miss Frances Morton Ballard,
have returned from a visit to friends in
Louisville, Lexington and Winchester.
Miss Annie Mae Walker is visiting
friends in Nicholas vale. She will go
from that little city to Danville, where
she will be with friends for a brief per
iod. .
Miss Bessie Tribble, of Richmond,
visiting relatives aad friends here. Mr.
and Mrs. T. C Adams, of Richmond,
have come to Lexington to make their
home Lexington Herald.
Mrs. Mary B. Dean, of Richmond,
spent the first of the week with rela
tives here. Miss Mollie Evans left the
first of the week for Richmond, where
she will take a special course at the
State Normal School. Jessamine News.
Mr. L. Thomas Stewart, a we il-to-do
farmer and lumber man of Rockcastle
county, attended county court here yes
terday. He is a brother of Mr. A. W,
Stewart, of the Silver Creek section, and
like him is a splendid citizen.
Mrs. Mollie Nunnelley, who has been
ill with grip, is vej-y much improved.
Stanford Interior Journal. This splen
did Old mother has many friends and
relatives in this county who will be
glad to hear of her improvement.
Mr. W. r. Kincaid, ol btanrord, was
here at court yesterday and paid this
office an appreciated call Mr. Kincaid
is one of Stanford's best and cleverest
citizens and the "bustlingest" man in
Lincoln county. We might also add
thatheistbe most ehthusiastic Bull
Mooser extant.
Judge H. C. Rice was in Frankfort
Friday on legal business. While there
he called on the governor socially and
received the cordial welcome that all
Madisonians get when tbey enter tut
office of Kentucky's model chief execu
Hon. J. A. Sullivan, who suffered
stroke of paralysis last week, was taken
to the St. Joseph Hospital, Louisville,
Sunday, and word came yesterday that
be was doing splendidly. This will be
rood news to his many friends and ad
mirers in this section of the State.
Ex-Editor Green Clay Walker, of Lan
caster, was a court day visitor yester
day. He edited the Lancaster Record
for a number of years and made that
paper most readable at all times but
sold out some lime ago and is now de
voting bis time to the practice of law and
his race for county attorney of Garrard,
and by the war reports come from that
oounty that he has smooth sailing be
fore the sturdy democracy of his excel
lent county.
The Jacksonville, Florida, Metropolis
tells of a box party given to a charming
Richmond debutante as follows: "Mrs.
Robert L. Harris entertained several
girls at a box party this afternoon at the
Duval Theatre complimenting Miss Ja
nie Caperton, of Richmond. Ky., the at
traction being 'Madame X.' After the
performance Mrs. Harris and her guests
repaired to her pretty home on E. Mon
roe street where dainty refreshments
were served. Miss Caperton has been
much feted during her visit to her aunt,
Mrs. Frank E. Jennings, and the party
this afternoon was one of the most en
joyable of the many affairs given in her
For Rent
Two nioe office rooms on Main street
for rent. Apply to
31-tf C. C. CULTOX.
For Sale.
A rew residence in Burnanwood, con
taining 8 rooms; all improvements; wa
ter beating system. Joe Giunchiglani.
Gold bandied umbrella, engraved
"Amy." Probably left in some store
and taken by misiake. Reward if re
turned to Mrs. Betty Parribh cn Sum
mit. J5-2t
Bt the election of Gov. Joseph Robin
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Mice sS:
Dr. Thomas Kyle, aged 72, is dead of
paralysis ai Harrodsburg.
The Danville Light, Power & Traction
Co. has been sold to the Light and De
velopment Co. of St. Louis.
Mrs. Magdalen Ilerrodo was killed in
stantly in New York while unwrapping
a package containing a bomb.
Churches of Vincennes, Ind., raised a
fund to prosecute managers who refuse
to close theatres on Sunday.
John Hurst, a stock trader of Clintoa
county, dropped dead of heart disease
in the Central Hotel at Albany.
llosea B. Clark, a former member of
the Kentucky Legislature from Chris
tian county, died at his home near Gra-
Advance in the price of crude oil, now
quoted at $1.32, have given impetus and
wider scope to operations in Kentucky
petroleum fields.
While handling a 22 caliber rifle,
eight year-old James Stephens, Ml. Ster
ling, shot and killed his sister, two
years younger.
Four persons met death and another
is dying from burns received in a Sacra
mento. Cal.. apartment house fire, and
ten are in hospitals.
Major Ilarris, bis wife and two chil
dren and his mother were burned to
death near Richland. Ia.. when their
farm home was destroyed by fire.
A boy s cry of "fire " when a moving
picture film exploded in a New York
theatre started a panio in which two
women were killed and eleven serious
ly injured.
At Savannah, Ga , wharves of the
Merchants' & Miner' Transportation
Company and the Planters' Rice Mill
were destroyed, entailing a loss estima
ted at 11,500,000.
The baby daughter bora to the wife
Lieut. Charles Becker, condemned to
death in New York for conspiracy in
murder of Herman Rosenthal, the gam
bler, lived but a tew hours.
Before he quits office Presid enl Taft
expects to send the Senate the nomina
tion of five more Fedeial judges, mak
ing a total of 111 during his administra
tioa, a record unequaled.
Park-in- the-Pines, the famous tourist
hotel at Aiken, S. C, was destroyed by
fire. There iras no loss of life, but m
ny of the guests bad narrow escapes and
nearly all of them lost their wearing ap-
Approximately 250 delegates to the
Baptist Laymen's Convention bad arriv
ed in Chattanooga last night and nearly
3,000 were expected for the opening set
sion this afternoon.
Guarantee of bank deposits in some
form, it is stated, will be recommended
to the House as a part of the democrat io
currency plan during t be Wilson ad'
ministration by the Glass Currency
Thomas Butler, of Ilinton, a former
student at the Kentucky State Universl
tr, entered a plea of guilty to burning
Prof. F. Paul Anderson s office and was
s ntenced to the Frankfort penitentiary
for not less than one year nor more than
six years.
The bif-'irest fellowship plum of the
Harvard Divinuy School for the present
ymr has been won by Rupvrt Clh.ton
Fj-.ter, of Lex'Ktou, Ky., who has been
a i H ded the Williams' Fellowship of
Stepe looking toward the elimination
of the lawlessness that has made the
county of Brea hitt notorious, were tak
en by Special Judge Allie W. Young
when he ordered the grand jury to in
estimate -'olind tigers", and negligent
county officials.
Postmaster General Hitchcock's an
nual report suggests reduction of some
parcel post rates and increasing the lim
it of weight beyond 11 pounds; civil pen
sions for postal employes; an increase in
Mies oa secund-clas mail, which may
pave the way for 1-cent letter postage,
and consolidation of the third and fourth-
c'ase and so books and papers may be
forwarded by parcel post.
Good Court Day,
Notwithstanding the btd weather of
yester Jay a good crod attended court
yesterday an J trad in; was brisk. Tl ere
were some 1. COO cattle at the Mai ison
Stock Tens an I they sold to flie last one.
Prices ran te'J from 5 1 2 to 7 l-2c, thl
former for good butcher cows and tl
lat er for yearling steers weighing from
500 to 800 pounds. There was a sp en
did demand for cattle. A lot of hogs
sold at 7 l-4c to 7 1 2o.
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PHONE 83, or 481.
Announces his candidacy for County
Court Clerk of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Democratic arty.
Office In Douglas &, Simmons' new
Building on Second Street
opp. Court House .
Paint Lick, Kentucky
Crown, Bridge and Inlay work a
, Specialty.
Office in Bank Building.
izTxy M Blanton,
-OMaskik Kbd Jit Attn oilir
Dr. Robt. C. Boggs
Telephon j 2b7
Office ia Oldham Building
R. Emmett Million
baecesaor to tturgia Uenny
I. R. Pennington
Office next door to Government buill
ng Richmond, Ky.
Dr, M. Dunn
In Diseases of EYE, EAR, NOSE
Oldham Bldg.
Richmond. Ey
Real Estate Agent
Oldham Building
Richmond, Ky
D. R. Freeman
Fire, Accident and Bend
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L. & N. Time Table
South Bound.
No. 31. Cincinnati to Atlanta. Arrives
and Departs 12:05 a. m. Mid-night.
No. 7L Richmond to Stanford. De
parts 6:45 a. m.
No. 1. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 12:10 p. m. Departs 12:15
87. Cincinnati to Knoxville. Ar
rives 11:40 a. m. Departs 12:12 a. m
No. 33. Cincinnati to Jacksonville.
Arrives and Departs 11:31 a. m.
No. 27. Richmond to Louisville via
Rowland. Departs 1:00 p. m.
No. S. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 6:45 p. m. Departs 7:25 p.m
No. 0. Cincinnati & Maysville to Stan
ford. Arrives 7:21 p. m. Departs
7:25 p. m.
North Bound
No. 34. Atlanta to Cincinnati. Arrives
and Departs 4:16 a. m.
No. 10. Stanford to Cincinnati and
Maysville. Arrives 6:20 a. m.
Departs 6:25 a. m.
No. 8. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives 7:15 a. m. Departs 7:20 a m
No. 28. Louisville to Richmond via
Rowland. Arrives 12:05 p. m.
No. 3d. Knoxville to Cincinnati Ar
rives 1:35 p. m. Departs 2:00 p. m.
No. 70. Stanford to Richmond. Arrive
2:30 p. m.
No. 4. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives l:35p. m. Departs 1:10 p.m
No. 22. Jacksonville to Cincinnati. Ar
rives and Departs 4.54 p. m.
No's 31, 37, 3.1, 27, 34. 2 5.-t. 32 ar
Daily trains. No's 71, 1, 3, 9, 10, 2, 7e
dally Except Sunday.
Architect's Notice. ..,
I am prepared to draw 'plans ! for
buildings and ro-nodeling of all kindi.
Will also furnish estimates or superin
tend construction of such work. Vtioae
101. Orders left for me at Tub Climas
office will receive prompt attention.
31-tf N. B. Tuhfix.
Administratrix Notice.
All persons having claims against - the
estate of Brack Perkins, deceased, will
please present them, verified as required
by law, to the undersigned on or before
March 1st, or same will be barred. Per
sons indebted to the estate will please
come forward and settle at once.
Mrs. Bhack Perk us a. It. D. 4
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