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1 r
This is not a
Monthly Sale.
We only have a
sale once a year;
seldom twice
for $5.00
Shoes on
Ladies', Men's, Boys' and Children's Shos Must Be Sold We Have Too Much Stock
1 liil
This is your chance
for Bargains
Value $550, $5
Were $?50
Were $3.00
Were $3.50
. Now
Were $5.00
My loss is your gain
Must Have Money
Tween Hats
Sale Price
$1.00 Hats now$ .79
1 .50 " "1 .00
2.00 " " 1.25
250 " " 1.50
3.00 " " 2.00
Sffc 1 I A VOU get solid comfort
J fi 1 U f) as well as custom style
u 1 nil ,w; X in the new Crossetts. This
I 1 rt I B tl H v ;V ' '' snappy&model is one of the
W Q W ; -'A season's "hits." Short f "
'H,V0;;t' 'A ' ' vamp, military heel, seven 1- w
Q Pnr vv l. A- buttons (four of them close u
15 lur , ' ,; together to insure perfect fit O
tf f V 'L3k ovcr the instep). See efi " .
CJ $6.00 li 1 C V5gw ncw Crossett models. 13 O
$1.00 Silk Sox for $.79
.75 Silk Sox for .65
.50 Silk Sox for .39
.25 Lisle Sox for .19
.15 Sox for .11
.10 Sox for .08
$2.00 Union Wright's $1.79
2.00 Union Cooper's 1.79
1.00 Garment 44 .79
1.00 " Wright's .79
.50 " Rib .39
1.00 Union Rib .79
season give
feet a rest
Bull Dog Suspenders for the
Man Who Cares
$ 50 now $ 39
1.00 now .79
150 now 1.19
2.00 now 1.49
EVERY detail of design
and workmanship has
been passed upon by
an expert before a shirt can
bear a
These goods will be sold at these prices for only 15
DAYS. Come if you want bargains
I $4.00 Felt Boots
p 8 High Top '
g Boots
g Were
I $2-98 $3.00
You can find what you want here. Holeproof Sox
and Arrow Brand Collars not included in this sale
label. That leaves nothing
for you to see to but the
libel. $1.50 and more.
209 West Main
Phone 126
Richmond, Ky
THE new Crossett models
arc ready.
Style shown here Is a
happy thought
Shiny Russian colt on
Marathon last
Soft glove top
the perfection of
- snappy style.
Many more new Cros
sett models.
See them.
$4 to $5 erery where.
Lewis A. Crc.ett, Inc, Maker,
North Abmvtoa. Mu.
! '
MOLES and WARTS i pals
Removed wilh Molesoff. without pain or danger, no matter how large, or
how far raised above the surface of the skin. And they will never return,
and no trace or scar will be left where the the Mole or Wart was seated.
Uolefcoff is applied directly to the Mole or Wart, which entirely disappears
in about 6 days, killing the germ, leaving the skin smooth and natural.
Letters from personages we all know, together whh much valuable
information, are contained in an attractive booklet which m ill be mailed
you free upon reques.
Molesoff is put up only in one dollar bottles. Orders are filled imme
diately upon receipt of price and mailed in a plain case, accompanied by
full direct ion. and contains enoueh remedy to remov six to ten ordinary
Moles or Wans. We sell MolesofT under positive guarantee, if it fails lo
remove your Mole or Wart, we will promptly refund your dollar.
Florida Distributing Company
Pensacola, Florida
fStmm Mfti This Paaa
In Real Estate.
Slock and Crop
Reports ol Spe
cial Interest : :
Bowman Bros.
Contractors and
AH work guaranteed to be first-class in every
particular. Plans and specifications furnished
on application
Telephones 28 and 179
No Need To 5top Work
When the doctor orders you to atop
it .iin vou. I can't- vou sav.
You know you are weak, run down and
failing in h-alih day by day. but you
m ust work as Jong as you can si.na.
W hat you ned is Electric Buters to
give tone, strength and vigor to your
svstem. to prevent break down and
build you up Ion't t.e wek. sickly or
aiung when Electric Bitters will benefit
jou from the first dose. Thousands
bless them for their glorious health and
sirenth. Try them. Every bottle is
guaranteed lo satisfy. Only 0o at all
See Bur-H-
Fire and tornado insurance,
cam's Insurance Agency-
R. R. Men Take Notice.
Conductor S. L. Miller, Norfolk,
Nebr , on Bonesteel Division of C. & N.
W. Ky. Co., resom mends Foley Kidney
Pills and aavs: "I have used Foley
Kidney Pills with very satisfactory re
sults and endorse their use for any one
aftiicted with kidney trouble. They are
all right." All railroad men are prone
to kidney and bladder troubles, due to
the constant vibration of the car i
Foley Kidney Pills are a bracing and
stret.gthening kidney medicine that will
always help. No habit forming drus.
For sale by all druggists. adv lm
We handle Maxwell House coffee and
dies' Club Tea. D. B. Mc&ianey 11 tf
At the sale of W. C. Gaines, in Clark
county, 7 draft mares, 4 in 9 years old.
sold at tlC5 to 1225; one 7-year-old J
Clydesdale stallion tlOO; one 4-year-old
jack $500; one yearling Percheron
colt, S0; one Clydesdale rilly. 120; six
yearling mules, S0 to 1103; two horse
mules, 8 years old, 1300; 2 horse mulef,
3 years old, $312; one mare mule, 3 years
old, $140; one 3-year-old horse mule,
tl35; 0 pairs -year-old mare mules,
f300 to t335 a pair; one 2-year-old. pony.
$70; 25 long yearling steers, $49 50; 23
short yearling steers, $31.30; five cows,
$35 to $SS; 135 ewes $3 30 to $7 20; 12
sows with pigs, $21.50 to $11.50: ten
stock hogs, $15.50; 250 barrels of corn
in crib at $2.S5 and a lot of baled hay at
$12 10 per ton.
J. A. Robinson, of Boyle, bought of
Shelby Jett, cf this county, yesterday
a pair of extra eood mules, mare and
horse, for $333. Mr RoDinson will ship
them to Atlanta with a splendid bunch
of hybrids he has collected.
One hundred and fifty head of sheep
have been killed by dogs in the vicinity
of Rose Hill, in Mercer county. Farm
ers have orgauized to keep a watch and
propose to do some dog slaughtering.
J. M. Rankin, of Lincoln, sold a bunch
of 22 coming 3-year-old cotton mules to
Bean &. For, of Boyle, to go to the South
em market. lie got $1.50.
Make Us Prove It
We dare not exaggerate to you. We are dependent upoa
your patronagre. To ret It we mut hava your trust and confi
dence. We make the following: statement with full under
standing: of what they mean to us. You are safe when you
believe in these statements.
Old Age.
Old age as it comes in the orderly pro
cess of nature is a beautiful and majes
tic thing. It stands lor experience,
knowledge, wisdom, counsel. That if
old age as it should be, but old age as it
often is means poor digestion, torpid
bowels, a sluggish liver and a general
feeling of ill health, despondency and
misery. This in almost every instance
is wholly unnecessary. One of Cham
berlain's Tablets taken immediately
after supper will improve the digestion,
tone up the liver and regulate the bow
els. That feeling of despondency will
rive way lo one of hope and eood cheer.
For sale by all dealers. adv lm
For The New Year
Let us aguin look forward to the pleasure
of pleasiDg you many, many times. The
rays of pood cheer enter homes where our
eatables are. For Quality and Cleanliness
our prices are unsurpassed. Trf our
Cbase and Sanbon's Coffees -we guarantee
the in to please. Price 23 and 35 cents . .
ewell : McKinney
IG Tcfef-hcnes 223
A Hoax.
It turns out that it is all a hoax about
a New York company with a capitaliza
tion of $4,000,000 being formed for dam
ing Dix river and harnessing the power
! Mr C. P. Kennedy, who owns the laud
on which the proposed dam was to have
been erected, says the statement, which
appeared in many papers, including the
Climax, was erroneous and misleading,
and asks that a correction be made.
If yo'J raise chickens you want feed to
make tbem lay. We handle everything
in that line. D. B. McKinney.. 37 tf
f '7 '
t i
f i -. j ; t . i ; - v
For the Bowels
If tou only knew aa much aa we
and those who hsv used them know
bout Rex&U Orderlies, you would
be as enthusiastic about recommend
ing them as we are. They taste just
Lke candy. They act so easily and .
so pleasantly that the taking of then
is a pleasure.
Even, children like Rexatl Order
lies; and you know that if medi
cine appeals to a child, it will appeal
to gjrewn-ups.
lelp chaee gloom, dispel blues and
make you feel happy by their splea
did tunio, cleansing and atrangthasr.
ing effect upon the bowels. They
act to free the system and keep it
lrw from the distress and ill feeling
that naturally results from irregula
and inactive bowels. .
RezaQ Orderlies do this quietly;
without griping or causing nausea,
purging or excessive looseness. They
act to overcome and remove the cause
of Vowel Ills aa4 la a short time
usually aaake uaaeeeasary the een
tiaasd as ef peysise and puraatir
thus tending te step suck ashesitay
kabtte ae soar aare bee ferated.
Make Uf Prove This
We 4e st eak yew te take eo
.wore fer thia. We waat yen te make
us preve it, aad at ae east to you.
Buy a fcex ef Rexall Orderlies at
ear store. Use thesa estee, e use up
the whale box. Tkea, if you are
sot thoroughly setutad. just come
back empty banged aa tall us.
Without ebligattag yea er qosstiee
lng yea we will return the meaey
you paid na for them.
Doesn't that Indicate that Rexatl
Orderlies are at least wertky ef trial?
Deaaa't it preve eu faith la tkeaT
Deesa't it merit yeas eealdeaeeT
Cawld any effst We mare fair te yeaf
We para'sularly reeemmeal RsxaQ
Orderlies fer ehlldrea, delicate aad
aged persona. Raxall Orderlies eeme
ia eeaveaieat Teet-peeket else tie
betas. 11 tablets, 16; tebletej
Me; tO tebleta. Me.
CAUTION: Please bear ia mind that Reran Ore'erHea are set eoM ty all
giate. You can buy Rexsll Orderlies ealy at The Raxall I teres.
You can buy Rexall Orderlies ia this eommvaity ealy at ear store:
The Jsgatt Store
There hi a BenH Store ia marir erery tewa aa aMr as the Valef !. Caaada aa4
Great Britain. There is a different Recall lUaaeay fer aearlr rrwy erdnery smsms iU
eaak -n"-""T it lor tlas partieular iU for wkiak it is I
The RexaO Store are America's Greatest Drug SteTM
27 Children in 24 Years.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilenry Wilson, of Stokes
county, whose postofBce address is Pe
ter Creek, Va., have been married 24
During this time Mrs. Wilson has pre
sented her husband with 27 children
Among these are one set of triplets and
six sets of twins. Mrs. Wilson is only
41 years of Age.
Methodist Minister Recom
mends Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy
He v. James A. Lewis, Milaca, Minn.,
writes: "Chambe; Iain's Couch Remedy
has been a needed and welcome guest
in our home for a number of years. I
highly recommend it to my fellows as
being a medicine worthy oT trial id cases
of colds, cough and croup. uive
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a trial
and we are confident you will find it
very effectual and contiue to use it as
occasion requires for years to come, at
many others have done, cor sale by
all dealers adv lm
'Nuff Said!
"Why should I tdver lie!" "Well.
here is an example: America wasn't
named after Columbus, who discovered
it, but Amerigo Vespueci who Grst ad
vertised it."
Health Warning.
Make every effort to avoid having
damp chilled or wet feet. Chilling the
feet results in congesting the internal
organs, and luiiammnlion of the kid
neys and bladder, with rheumallo
twinges and pain in back, generally fol
low. Use Foly Kidney Pills, They are
the best medicine made for all disorders
of the kidneys, for bladder irregulari
ties, and for backache and rheumatism
They do not contain habit forming
ilrus. Tonic in action, quick in re
sult.. Fur sale by all druggists, advlm
We handle all kinds of chicken feeds
anJ grits. D. B. McKinney. 37 tf
Dr. King's New Discovery
ooths irriuiied throat and lungs, steps
chronic Hiid hacking coush, relieves
I'cklins throat, tastes nice. Tate r:o
Ler; onte iicd, aiwajs usea. r-oy
Kt a.i uear.fjs .
Mothers Can Safely Buy
Dr. King's New Discovery and give it to
the little onee when ailing and suffering
with colds, coughs, throat or lung trou
bles, tastes nice, harmless, once urd
always used. Mrs. Bruce Crawford,
Nagra, Mo., writes: "Dr. King's New
Discovery changed our boy f:on t pi
weak sick boy to the picture of hoalin."
Always helps. Buy it at all druggists.
Seljs Cold Coffee for Whisky
A number of farmers who were ia the
city county court day are keeping a
watchout for a young man who separa
ted them from a dollar each without
giving them anything of value in return,
siysa press dispatch from Maj field.
The boy it is said, began early in the
day to mingle with the crowd at the
wagon yarJs and other gathering places
and when he found a prospect be would
ask him if he would like to buy a pint
of whisky.
Many of the men thus approached
were glad of the opportunity and paid a
dollar right on the spot for the pint. The
boy then scampered away and when the
farmer gathered a friend or two around
to assist in enjoying a "nip," he would
almost collapse when be found that he
had bought a pint of coffee instead of
whisky. It is stated that the young
man took in about $10 on his cold collee
Are You a Cold Sufferer?
Take Dr. King's News Discovery.
The Best Cough, Cold, Throat and
Lung medicine made. Money refunded
if it fails to cure you. Do not hesitate
take it at our risk. First dose helps.
J. K.. Wells. Floydada, Texas, writes:
"Dr. King's New Discovery cured my
terrible cough and cold. I gained 15
pounds." Buy it all dealers.
For Rent
Good busin ss house on First Street,
adjoining me, now occupied by MikePe
tirs, for rent. Apply to
2l-tf A. Dobrowskt.
The Besl Cough Medicine.
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy ever since I have been keeping
b use," says L. C. Hames, of Marbury,
Ala. "I consider it one of the!. best
remedies I ever used. My children
have all taken it and it works like a
cnarm. For colds and whooping cough
it is excellent." For sale by all deal
ers, advlm
Vote for B, B. Terrill for re-election
to the office of County Court Clerk. lie
will appreciate an endorsement of his
present administration. tf
When Burton Holmes recently gave
his celebrated travelogue on "Panama"'
at Orchestra Hall. Chicago, he was se
riously interrupted by continual cough
ing of the audience. Many a good ser
mon, lecture or concert, is spoiled in
the same way. No one annoys willing
ly and if people with coughs, colds,
hoarseness and tickling in throat would
use Foley's Honey & Tar Compound,
they could quickly cure their coughs
and colds and avoid this annoyance.
It is a splendid household medicine and
contains no opiates. For sale by all
druggists. adv lm
For Rent
Dwelling with garden and necessary
outbuildings at Speedwell, Ky. Mrs
B. Q. Powell, Richmond, Ky. Phone
239. 24 tf
Mrs. S. 8. 8 , Van Buren St., Kings
ton, N. Y., (full name furnished on ap
plication) had such decided benefit from
using Foley's Honey & Tar Compound
that she shares her good fortune with
others. She writes: "Foley's Honey
& Tar Compound brought my voice
back to me during a severe case of
bronchitis and laryngitis. Oh, how
many poople I have recommended it
to. ' Remember the came roiey s
Honey & Tar Compound, and refuse
substitutes. Contains no opiates. For
sale by all druggists. adv lm
Percheron Mares For Sale.
Both registered and high grade; two
to Gve years oht. II. T. Brown & Co.
Lexington, Ky. Otllce phoue 41: rei-
dence 21C3. 29 itn
Have you seen Uie Greek dncef It is
rich. ',Vir- BoV at Optra IIuu- uuxt
Rooms For Rent
Rooms for rent in Collins building.
Modern improvements. Lady tenants,
preferred. Apply to N. B. Deather
age. 29 tf
Stove For Sale.
Large healing stove for sa'e. Used
only one season. Good as new. Call at
Harvey's Douglas' and see it. Mrs
Clara Doty Traylor.244 Collins St. 30tf
We are exclusive agents for Maxwell
House coflees. D B. McKinney. 37 tf
Cot Strong and Well Again at
Small Cost
Miss Alta AbeL of West Baden, Ind,
Bays: "I was a complete wreck, al
ways tired, wornout and nervous. I
had to spend about one-third of my
time la bed and my life waa not worth,
living. Vlnol, your delicious cod liver
and Iron tonic, was recommended, and
It has done me more good than all the
medicine I ever took In ry life. That
nervous and tired feeling Is all gone.
I have gained In health, flesh, and
strength, cntll I feel like another per
son." Vinol Is the most efficient strength
creator "for such women. It la the
medicinal elements of the cods' livers
contained in Vlnol, aided by the blood
making and strengthening properties
of tonic Iron, which makes it so far
superior to all other tonics te build
rp health and strength, for weaS,
tired, Rllicg womii. It contains no
oil and has a dellclom taste.
We plve tack your money If Vinci
do-n tot 3 all that e cUiia.
U. L. M Siideliou, 1 iruL'.iit,
ilijSimuL.i, Ky.
E. C. Million, President T. J. Curtis, Vice President Dr. C. H. Vaught, Secty. E. Deaiherage, Treasurer
Madison Tobacco Warehouse Co
Near L. & A. DeDot Capital 533.000.00 TpIpnhonR 66
v c r;n;n t t r-,i;. n. n il v. ,.. t t - n , !
"""'-" " " 6u. a. j omua .Marion coy J. 31. uauen
Our new steel warehouse is ready. The best lighted and equipped warehouse
in Kentucky. Capacity 300,000 pounds daily, stable room for 200 horses, shed room
for 150 loads of tobacco. No danger of damage. Financial responsibily
Guarantee Sales Every IDay
Best experienced tobacco men to advise you about tobacco. Full competition of the
buying trade
House Open Day and Night
Telephone us 60- we are glad to have you use our phone. Tobacco insured FREE.
Stalls for your teams free. Come see our splendid new house. Haul your tobtcco to
us where you have plenty of room and individual attention to each basket, where you
can better control sale as to time and price
We are getting prices that please the farmer. We expect to continue to get
just as much for your tobacco as could be gotten in any market in the country. A
Madison Tobacco Warehouse Company, Incorporated j
The High Cost of Fihtin.
Much of the high cost'of living is due
to the high cost offighting and of gel
ting ready to fight.
The bonded debt of the principal Pow
ers Of the world is about $97,000,000,000;
with an interest charge of $ 1, 400, 000, 0C0
per year, Nearly all this tremendous
debt is a relic of past wars.
The seven chief nations of the world
spend $1,722,000,000 per year on armies
and navies in preparation for wars to
come. The sums spent in the same
manner by lesser nations have never
been computed, but they must be con
siderable. Add to this the time lost to
productive industry by men serving in
armies and the total war cost of the
world must be well above $4,000,000,000
per year.
Advocate of peace do well to call at
tention lo these figures, and to urge ar
bitration and international agreements
for disarming. But they make a mis
take when they assume that cost alone
should deter nations from maintaining
military forces.
There are disasters more costly than
armies, and such disaster menaces'eyery
nation in the wo ldso long' as a single
armed Power remains hostile to peace.
All Powers must disarm or none can dis
arm; and, so far, it has been impossible
to get universal consent lo such meas
ures. The Parliament of man is still a poet's
dream Chicago Journal.
Surprise You Friejids
For four weeks regularly use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They stimulate
the liver, improve digestion, remove
blood impurities, pimples and eruptions
disappear from your face and body and
you feel better. Begia at ome. iiuy at
all druggists.
Boarders Wanted.
I have taken a fl:it at l.'ii! Second St.,
and am prepared to take boarders; can
furuish meal and loilifin or meais oi.ly
as preferred. My apartments are now
!y t!el up and everything is clean, new
furniture throughout, water works :;.l
oilier Dio0rn Pfu-rovements. Mrs. T.
Couldn't Walk!
"I used to b troubled with a weakness peculiar to
women," writes Mrs. Anna Jones, of Kenny, I1L "For
nearly a year, I could not walk, without holding my sides.
I tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally,
our druggist advised Cardui for my complaint I was so
thin, my weight was 113w Now, I weigh 163 and 1 ani
never sick. I ride horseback as good as ever. I aa ia
fine health at 52 years."
We have thousands of such letters, and more are
arriving daily. Such earnest testimony from those who
have tried it, surely proves tho great value of this vegeta
ble, tonic medicine, for women.
Cardui relieves women's sufferings, and builds weak
women up to health and strength. It you are a woman,
give it a trial It should help you, for it has helped a mil
lion ethers. It Is made from pure, harmless, herb ingredi
ents, which act promptly and surely on the womanly organs.
It Is a good tonic Try it I Your druggist seLs it,
Write to: Ladies' Adviiory Dept. Chstttnoofa Mediciae Ca Chattaaooga. Ttaa.
for Special JnstmcUoiu. and M-pagt book. "Home Treatment tur womta." sent tree, I St
Fodder For Sale.
I have six to right hcndreO shocks of
fodder and a splendid place to feed it
and can haul same and do the feeding at
a reasonable price. I am also prepared
to deliver any where in town on short
notice any quantity of fodder at reason
able price. J. R. Azbill, Main street
liveryman. Phone 90. Sitf
Don't You Believe IL
Some say thnl chronic const 'nation
cannot be cured. iHjii't you believe it.
Chamberlain's TabiK's have cured oth
ers why not you? Give lhna a trial.
They cost only a quarter. 1'or se by
a.l Uea!er- ajv lot
H Jo
.1 street.
I'Hn Brock,
:ij live Sl'.Ck.
1' ;:....: eye'.
Furnished Rooms For Rent
Furnished rroms for rent. Pre'aT
men. Good place for Normal stuJeo1
Mrs. CWra Doty Traylor, 2U t'ollin
street, city. 30 tf
For Sale or Rent
I will sell or rent my residence 'Ve51'
over Terrace" on West Main street.
Richmond. Possession eiven at onr
For terms, apply to Trios. J- ti t1
Frankfort, Ky. --u
Don't for.'et the annual meet In ol
Kentucky branch of the Aanricaa P
try .We:'i.."t. n-1 V or h-ir.J lo
I .r v ,ur mvi as i i-'V.f. U jou "
l a ir.e t. U". . .a us.

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