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9th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
We Treat You White On A
Black Proposition
Wilton Jellico
IL. M. IBlamttora.
Corner Main and B
Union Supply Co.
Telephone 51 . 127 Irvine-st
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes,
Hardware j j
Farming Implements and Supplies
Fresh Butter and Eggs
Livestock Exchange Informat ion Bureau no charge
ask about it
Second Count in Contest Feb. 1 5
Fifteen Dollars in Gold Goes to the Two Candidates Who
Make the Largest Gain in Votes Since First Count
Special Bonus Inducement Offered for New
Subscriptions and Renewals.
For Every Seven New Subscribers 1 0,000 Extra Votes Will
Be Givea With Every Seven Yearly Renewals 8,000
Extra are Offered Contestants.
iOA jUUD TllINli
if an OLIVER
t : ;
H to use tLe
You will be hurt and so will we unleM you decide
Thry are made with a certain definite aim in view
and that is to enable you to do better work, and
more of it. and with greater ease to yourself and your
horses than you have ever done before. Oughtn't a
plow that will do that be worth looking into?
We have diem and want an opportunity to tell you
all about them. ... . . .
4 ney are "tsailt tor Service,'
which means that they are built for you. Q
"WE .
And don't
have to grease
but once a
Made in LcuisviUe by CHAS. C. STOLL OIL CO.
We want to impress it upon contest
ants that every one has an equal chance
to secure the tl5 in gold. If you have
not a single vote now, are might start
in and get the prize of money. It may
be that your territory has not been work
ed very hard, while other contestants
may have previously picked up every
thing in their neighborhood and turned
it in the first count. In that case, you
have a better show than the leaders of
the firSt"CAunL
If you do not land the piano, there are
some prizes in gold and many fine gifts
worth every bit of the effort vou wjll
spend in getting - them. Think of it.
there re prizes to be given! Stand by
it and you will be paid for your efforts
by securing one of the best.
If you give up you will be sorry when
you see your friends with the various
prizes. Some one will get the piano,
will it be you? A little grit and some
earnest work may make you the happy
The time for the next count is fast ap
proaching and with it interest in the re
sult is growing daily more keen with
friendly rivalry among the contestants
for the first place. The remaining days
will witness an active campaign for more
If you are not a subscriber of the Cli
max now is the time to start, or, if you
owe, now is the time to pay. You have,
no doubt, a friend among the contest
ants who would be delighted to get your
vots. The count on February 15 will
be decisive as to the 115, but its import
ance must not be ovei looked, for your
standing on that occasion is a sort of
barometer to your friends, and if you
win it will be the rasult of yourself and
Remember also that many of our
leading merchants are interested in this
contest and give 25 vote coupons with
every dollar cash purchase. Also those
who do not fully understand the rules
and regulations of this contest can call
Attention! Poultry Raisers.
Mr. W.T. Vaughn, grocer, corner Col
lins and Main streets, has installed a
mill for grinding fresh bones. This
makes a most excellent food for all
kinds of fowls. 5 cents a pound. Oall
and see him. Phone 614. 48-tf.
Why Not?
As there is possibly some one in Boyle
county who lias failed to get in with the
other applicants for Collector Wise
man's shoes, why not have a supple
mental application daj? We believe
scarcely any one failed to apply, but in
case there is a man in this immediate
vicinty who has not thrown his hat into
the ring, he should be given a chance to
do so. Danville Messenger.
1 11U LU
Clay Building,
Main Street,
Telephone 52
at this office and we will go over the
proposition with them.
For every seven now yearly subscrip
tions, 10,000 extra, a total of 14,200
For every seven reaewil subscriptions
8,000 extra, a total of 11,500 votes.
For every seven back subscriptions,
0,000 extra, a total of 8,800 votes.
For every 40 merchant's coupons
brought to this office and counted by the
publisher or his assistant, a bonus of 500
extra votes- This will make a total of
of 1,500 votes.
These coupons may be collected from
any and all merchants who are in the
Remmber the $15 in gold goes to the
young lady who makes the GREATEST
GAIN in the number of votes.
The Horace K. Turner Art Exhibit,
which was booked to appear at the Nor
mal School on February 5, 6 and 7, has
been postponed until Feb. 20, 21 and 22.
This collection of pictures includes over
200 reproductions from the greatest
paintings done by the greatest artists of
the world's history. It is a rare treat
for the art-loving people of Richmond,
as well as the students of the Normal
School, and it is to be hoped that every
one may find it possible to come and vis
it the exhibit.
The dramatic entertainments which
are being planned for the different even
ings during the exhibition promise to be
of a high order and extremely interest
ing. The Model School, the fligh School
and the Normal will each have an even
ing end each will give a play. Besides
the play, there will be music by the
best performers of Richmond, both vo
cal and instrumental, with a chorus
from the Normal Glee Club.
A full account of program and price
of tickets will be puoished next week.
In the meantime the public may be as
sured that some delightful numbers are
in store for the patrons of the Art Ex
hibit. What's
Bi Ben
Going to do?
Wait and see.
Attention Hunters and Trap
pers. You cannot lawfully kill squirrels un
til June 15th, doves until August 1st,
woodcock until June 20th; the season
for killing these having closed Feb. 1st.
You cannot kill quail, partridge 'or
pheasant until Nov. 15th, or have any
bird or animal in your possession when
so killed during the period when by law
the killing of them is prohibited. You
can kill wild geese, teal or wild duck
until April 1st and rabbits until Septem
ber 15th. You can fish with trot line,
kook and line, s podge hook, gig and dip
net. You can use a minnow seine less
than ten feet long and four feet wide
catch to minnows for bait only.
Notice To Claimants.
Notice is hereby given that the Be one
Lumber Company is closing up its bus
iness. All persons having claims against
said company are hereby notified to pre
sent the same on or before March 15th,
1913, at the office of the Louisville Point
Lumber Company in Louisville, Ken
lucky. 33 4 t F.
The best of everything for the black
cake, all fresh and new.
25 it- Main Street Grocer.
If you have any corn for sale, see
Zaring. He has advanced his bid. 37 4t
Merrington Kirk, Apart From Its An
tlqutty, la Interesting to the Tour
1st Through a Peculiarly
Gruesome Happening.
London, England. One of the old
and Interesting churches of England,
dating back to Saxon times, la Kirk
Merrington, a strong structure, which
crowns a hill in the Tillage of Mer
rington in Durham county. The few
old, straight-backed oak pews, which
it contains, as well as the gargoyles
and elves, carved upon the ends of the
root beams, ust nnder the eaves,
which look down upon the teholder,
soma with protruding tongues, others
with a hideous grimace, the quaint
windows and the general air of an
tiquity, an tend to throw around the
structure that curtain of mystery
which infallibly encircles these land
marks of bygone England.
Merrington Kirk la also famous In
another respect, for Ita earea shelter
the tomb of the victims of the last
man gibbeted and hanged in chains In
the County of Durham. It la Inscribed
as follows:
Hera lies th bodies of
John, Jan and Elisabeth, children of
John and Margaret Brass,
wtoo wre murdered the 28th day of
Jan. 16S3.
Br Andrew Mills, their Father's servant.
For which he was executed and hung In
Header, remember, sleeping
We were slain
And sleep till we must
Rise again
"Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man
Shall his blood be shed."
Thou shalt do no murder."
Restored bj subscription In 1798.
As sample of English as It was writ
tea toward the close of the seven
teenth century and of the involved and
confusing method of composition then
employed we reprint the following ac
count of the tragedy as set down at
the time of the murder, in 1863:
"A sad, cruel murther was commit
tetd by a boy about 18 or 19 years of
age, nere Ferryhlll nere Durham be
ing Thursday night The manner is
by report, when the parents waa oat
of dores a young man, being sone to
the house, and two daughters was
kll'd by this boy with an axe having
knock'd yln In ye head, afterwards cut
their throats, one yln being asleep in
ye bed about 10 or 11 years of age, the
other daughter was to be married at
Candlemas. After he kll'd the eldest
daughter, being about 20 years of age,
a little lafs, her slBter, about the age
of 11 years, being In bed alone, he
drag'd her out of bed, and kll'd her
alsoe. This same Andrew Millus alias
Miles, was hanged in Irons upon a gy
bett nere Ferry hill upon the lEth day
. M i t
Merrington Church.
of August, being Wednesday, this
yeare, 1683."
There Is little need of entering fur
ther Into the details of this gruesome
tragedy. Millus, or Miles, who said
that the devil had told him to commit
the crimes, was seized by troopers and
after trial was gibbeted in chains on a
common, by the roadside, near Ferry
rille. A tradition, let us hope untrue,
exists to the effect that he revived aft
er the gibbeting and lived in awful tor
ture for several days, being In the
meantime fed by his sweetheart A
portion of the gibbet on which he was
hanged stood for many years after
ward, until a belief grew up that it
possessed a charm for the toothache,
when the people ate it piecemeal
5tate University News.
(By G. C. Wilson.)
The State University Law Journal
made its initial publication this week.
The Law Journal will be published
Kentucky won first in the' best selec
tion of ten ears of white dent corn at
the National Corn Show held at Colum
bia, S. C. The other varieties of corn
had not been judged when ihe the tele
gram was sent back by Prof. T. F. Bry
ant, who had charge of Kentucky 'scorn.
The corn was grown by T. J. Hender
son, of Shelby.
The class in road engineering, just in
stituted, has 12 members. Due to a recent
law passed in Kentucky, a road engin
eer must pass an examinaton. This
course is open to any in the Slate. There
are men of various ages taking this
course, ranging any where from 25 to
The K. S. Glee Club, which gave its
opening recital Wednesday night in the
University Chapel, had a full house 'and
rendered an excellent program.
The boxing and wrestling classes,
which were started last year, have start
ed up with great enthusiasm again this
year Already 30 men have had the
gloves on. The menwhowon the va
rious championships last year will have
to defend their titles this year.
The Executive Committee of the
Board of Trustees of State University,
which met Wednesday morning at eleven
o'clock and continued in session for sev
eral hours, voted to employ a professor
in the Educational Department Chas.
A. Bohannon, of Wisconsin, was propo
sec to be selected for the place. The
appointment of Prof. Bohannon has not
been decided upon yet, but the confirm
ation of his appointment is expected
within a few da; s. The committee de
eded they had no power to furnish the
money to send the batallioa to Wash
ington for the inauguaration. The mem
bers present at the meeting were R. C.
Stoll, Lexington: Claud B. Terrill, Bed
ford; Hywell Davis, Kensee; Wm. L.
Lafferty, Secretary, Lexington. Hon.
Cassius M. Clay, of Paris, was ilL
Thomas F. Butler, the former State
University student, who confessed to
having helped burn the office of Prof.
Paul Anderson on the night of October
SO, 1912, has been sentenced to the peni
tentiary for a term of from one to six
years. Butler implicated R. S. Webb,
an assistant football coach, whose trial
has been set for April.
Wednesday night the Intersociety de
bate will be held in the University chap
el. Three men will be chosen to debate
against Georgetown later in the year.
The winning team will be presented
with a handsome t50 loving cup. Pat
terson Society team is composed of J. S.
Miller, Lexington; Chas Elmore Blev
ins, Mt. Sterling, and John Estill Wil
son, raint Lick. The Union Society
team is composed of Stonewall Jackson,
Walter Jetton and John Howard Payne,
Cold Harbor, Ky.
Sherman J. Porter, corresponding edi
tor of the Lexington Herald, addressed
the State University Press Association
Thursday afternoon at 3:30. Mr. Porter
told of the difficulties of newspaper
work. He made a brief synopsis of his
life and experience in this and other
states; he was made an honorary mem
ber of the press association. Miss Mc
Laughlin, a reporter of the Herald force
was also made a honorary member of
the organization.
Dry Goods Business For Sale.
Having bought an interest in the dry
goods store of Clifton B. Ross, Lexing
ton, Ky., which store I am to manage,
I will offer for immediate sale my stock,
fixtures, lease and good will. This bus
iness is a well-established, strictly' one
price cash business, of twelve years'
standing, and is second to none in Cyn-
thiana. With the splendid crops raised
in this section last year and the unusu
ally high prices received by the farmers
for their tobacco this year is destined to
be the best business year in the history
of Cyntbiana. Address, H. C. Shipp,
Cynthiana, Ky. 38 2t
All kinds of grits, oyster shells, chow
der, beef scrap, charcoal and chicken
feeds to make the hens lay D. B. Me
lt inney. i 37 tf
5he Is No Suffragette.
Miss Djisy Carleton, one of the clever
Carle ton Sisters, who will appear at the
Grand Opera House ail of next week.
commencing Monday night, has a very
poor opinion of the votes for women
movement which at the present time is
agitating the gentler sex throughout
the country.
"The suffragettes are largely compos
ed of women who have nothing whatso
ever on their minds but their bats," said
Miss Carleton in an interview in Lexing
ton last week. "They are a class who
adopt lap dogs in the place of children,
and interest themselves in the private
affairs of people like Alice Roosevelt
Longworth. If Mrs. Longworth wishes
to smoke a stove pipe it is her own busi
ness, and nobody else's . Women who
do work for a living, and especially in
the theatrical world, have enough to do
in trying to make both ends meet with
out bothering their heads with isms and
There are a number of States in the
West where women vote, and I can't see
that they have cleared the political at
mosphere in the least; in fact there is
not a State that could be more corrupt
than Colorado. And then woman rule
the "roost" any how, so why should
they butt into the political game? And
it is certainly a poor specimen of of the
feminine gender who can't make a man
jump through the political hoop or over
the stick when she wants him to So
why vote?" " j
Miss Carleton is not only a brilliant
and well posted woman but is said to
be a very pleasing and attractive one as
well, and an actrees of a very high order.
Who is
Big Ben ?
You will find out soon if you keep your
eyes open.
Editor Alverson's Predictioa
Editor J. M. Alverson, of the Ander
son News, talking to the Louisville
Times, makes the prediction that if
Gov. HcCreary runs for United States
Senator he will carry every county in
this Congressional district except Boyle.
Editor Alverson calls the governor the
"noblest Roman of them all" and is sup
porting him most vigorously. We will
expect to see Gov. McCreary carry
Boyle also, should he decide to make
the race. Certainly the democracy of
that good county is not forgetful of the
governor's services in behalf of this dis
trict in particular and the State in gen
eral and will not go back on him in
this, his last race before the people who
have always honored themselves by hon
oring him.
Profits in Poultry Productions
That some Garrard citizens make the
poultry business profitable merely as a
deversion and side issue is shown by
the experience of I. C. Ruckir, a miller
of the Paint Lick section. The first of
last year Mr. Rucker had 150 hens in
his barnyard and from that flock in 12
months he sold $153.52 worth of egss.
after reserving a suffiency for home
consumption and supplying his family
ith fried chicken in abundance, His
feed expenditures amounted to $43,
leaving him a net profit of $105.52, be
sides an increase of 30 pullets to his
nock, lie affirms that one-hair gill per
day to the hen of whole corn, oats and
screenings, kept the biddies in fine con
dition the year round and brought about
the satisfactory supply of eggs.
Is Your Watch a Guessins
mac nine?
Two Auto Lines.
Travel between Lancaster and Nicho-
lasville must be exceptionally good. Two
large automobiles are now plying be
tween those little cities and both opera
tors seem to be thoroughly satisfied with
their business.
For Rent
The elegant suite of two or three
front office rooms with lavatory, etc
John G. Taylor bnilding, over Yeager's
je relry store, opposite Madison Nat
iual Bank. Most desirable location in
the city. COLBY TAYLOR,
11-tf. Telephone 292.
J HEN discard it, and at the same
time rid "yourself of the menta
uncertainty and hesitation caused by
continually allowing a watch-may-not-be-right
Purchase One of Our
Elgin Watches
It's a watch you can believe everv
time and ail the time. There's extra
value in the Men's Watches we offer
at $25.00. Other Elgin
3100 to$10
L. E. LANE, Jezveler
2IO Mam Street
The Wrrie . Oliver Improved
Chilled Plow
Also the IMPERIAL Plow and the new
Superior Grass Seed Drill
W e have on hand a full line of Regal Queen
Cast Ranges
f'J ft
m hi kiwi
- R 9
U 'J -t . S 1
i m n n . 7 r.--j si
forrricht 1?W. hr th 9tnliH Kf- v
Yesterday is gone. Today is fleeting. Tomorrow
never comes. You can't bank on the wings of
the future. You MU5T 5TART your bank ac
count TODAY
, Pure Sugar House New Orleans Mo
lases. D. B. McKmney. 37 tf
nnnrA a ism Hmrs
IldDcqjSlini: IFdDIP
The same as ever is: The Highest Quality Merchandise for the Lowest
Prices Merchandise That Makes Satisfied Customers
Just now we are making some interesting prices on heavy weight goods
especially on
Ladies' Suits and Coats, Misses' and Children's
Coats, Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats
You will be well to see what we have in these lines before making your
! i ! i

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