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what Hio r.vcrae lady of style would call
.y o:ic cf the fine rv.odels we are just now
showing in our Waist Department. They are
all voted to be beauties in appearance, and
the fabrics are of the choicest There are
quite a variety of pleasing designs, and we
have them in all sizes for tall or short, slim or
stout ladies. Popular prices
The Richmond Climax.
ln varv ImaJar mmt frMar AftaraMa
A. D. Miller
VY. G. White
E. C. Walton
Pres. and Mgr.
tl-00 PER
FEBRUARY 7. 1913
"Is th sweat of thy face khalt thou
eat bread," may be six thousand years
old, but it applies to the present wilh
all the force that it did on the day it
was tillered. Not to the amalgamation
of manufacturing and corporate inter
ests or to the concentration of money in
buying and selling, is altogethercharge
able the high cost of living. The de
sire to evade the decree, or nod an eas
ier way, has led vast numbers of indi
viduals to become non-producers and
peculators m the products of the gar
den, farm and factory, creating an as
eending icaie of prices from producer
to consumer. This class of middlemen
has so lessened production la proportion
to increased population, and made such
a breach in prices between producer
and consumer, that the commodities
and necessities of life have advanced
from yar to year, while producer's and
wage earner's compensation remain
practically the same. The high-cost-of-living
problem will be well nigh solved
when producer and consumer are again
brought together, the farmer realizing
good prices for bis products, while the
latter is permitted lo live within the
limits of his income.
The very latest thing in strikes has
taken place in Trenion, N. J., where
the choir of St. Michael Episcopal
church bas gone on a strike, as they
said the Rector was interfering too
much with them and with their organ
ist. The organist also walked out wiib
the singers, and in a frantic condition
from a morning and evening service
pending and no singers or organist to
help them, the vestryman of the church
telegraphed to Princeton, and had eigh
teen of the Glee Club brjupht lo Tren
ton to take the place of the ab
sconding singers and organist. The
musical strikers emulated example of
the other sort of strikers, and picketed
outside the church with such effect that
the students dared not enter, but as
there was scarcely any congregation ei
ther, the absence of singers and organ
ist did not much matter.
The noted veteran of the Civil war.
General Dan E Sickles, will in all prob
ability be relieved of the disgrace of go
ing to jail by Mrs. Helen D. Longstreet,
wife of the general, who was his foe on
the battlefield of Gettysburg, where it is
claimed that Generals Sicules and Long
street almost came face lo face in what
the latter termed the "peach orchard
Just take a look at yourself and see It you
don't need some nev clothes. Then come take a
look at the clothes ve sell. Ve shall do business
vlth you If you do. Our upright goods speak
for themselves veil when you see them and
better vhen you vear them.
The goods a store sells reflects the character
cf the store. You may kne v that vhen a store
is honest enough to tuy honest merchandise
that they are honest enough to ask only hon
est prices.
v v T
"Womak suffrage is one thing that a
North Carolinian doesn't bother about
UDtil his lady friends tell bim what be
has to do. A North Carolinian can face
any emergency when he has to do it,"
says an exchange. Suppose you had to
be a South Carolinian and you had to
face the fact that Blatherskite Blease
was the chief executive of your State?
The editor of the Climax ackowledges
with thanks his appointment as a dele
gate to the Southern National Highway
Association by Gov. McCreary. This
important convention will be held at
Asheville, N. C , beginning Feb. 12th
If he can get off he will likely attend.
Judte Weed S. Chelf is dead at Eliz
abeth town.
Dr. T. O. Meredith, the well-known
Burgin physician, is dead.
A futile attempt was made to assas
sinate President Araujo of Salvador.
New ork State will not appropriate
money to send troops to the Wilson in
The United Slates Steel Corporation
have raised the waes of all of Us
A city commission is to be appointed
to plan a street system for all sub-
divsions of Louisville.
The ton boat. Monarch, sank in Teh u-
la Lake. Miss.. Monday night and five
persons were drowned.
A bomb thrown in an unuccessful
attempt lo kill the Governor Foo Chow,
China, killed twenty bystaiders.
At Lebanon, Mo., Mrs. Guy Reicht
myer killed two of her children and
herself on her daughter's wedding day.
The House Judiciary Committee re
ported favorably the Webb Bill, which
would prohibit the shipment of liquors
into "dry" Stales.
Owners of 753 loads of tobacco deliv
ered under contract at Greenville with
drew it because of dissatisfaction wilh
the manner of grading.
A loving cup was presented to Chair
man McCtinbs, of the Democratic Na
tional Committee by his associates in
the recent campaign.
Miss Gertrude Hassler was awarded
150,000 for breach of promise from Carl
G. Fisher, millionaire automobile man,
in an Indianapolis court.
More than tG,000,000 will be distribu
ted among the stockholders of the Amer
ican Tobacco Co., from a 15 per cent,
dividend just declared.
Suffragists here asked President Taft
to order soldiers and sailors out as
guards for the suffragist parade at
Washington March 3.
Whi'e crossing the Queen & Crescent
in Lexington Ilary Temple, of Danville
was struck by a switch engine .and as a
result lost both of bis feet.
Millions of dollars are involved in the
definition of beer by the Government in
a case before the Supreme Court, brew
ers at large being affected.
A strirgent rule abso'utely prohibit
ing "wash sales" on the New York
Stock Exchange was adopted by the
Exchange's lward of Governors.
County Clerk J. W. Hamilton re
ports the taxable property of Garrard
Listen! You vilT
be PROUD of
yourself if you
buy your Clothes
from us.
L-r O
County for the earlG13 to be G,5G0, I
li5, as against fli, 4S3.328 in 19t2.
Telephone rates in and about Lex
ington were raised 25 per cect, yes
terday by the Home Company, which
recently absorbed the Cumberland of
that city.
Judge Allie W. Young, in the Breath
itt circuit court, discharged the peiit
jury for the term, charging it w 1 1 ois
criminating in the verdicts between the
rich and the poor.
Represeuative Den Johnson knocked
out J'JOO.OOI interest on w asinngton
city bonds and about $:i,500,000 for oth
er thing?, on the District of Columbia
Appropriations Hill.
One girl striker was killed a.id two
women and and one man wounded when
Valentine Sauter, a clothing manufac
turer, fired into a crowd of 700 striking
garment workers at Rochester, X. Y.
Miss Carrie Gooch, the sixteen year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Wm.Goocb,
drank four ounces of car wlio aiil and
died a short while later in her home at
Danville. No reason is assigned.
President-elect Wilson has declared
in favor of radical changes in the New
Jersey primary laws. He urges dis
patch in consideration of of seven ami
trust measures before the Legislature.
Garrard County tobacco to the extent
of 4,000,000 pounds of the 1912 crop has
already been marketed, leaving some
thing over a third of the crop to be de
livered in the next few weeks, says a
Lancaster dispatch.
In an effort to relieve the congestion
in the docket of the Eastern District of
Kentucky Federal Court, Senator Brad
ley stated that he would welcome the
aid of attorneys and bar associations in
drawing an equitable plan for the for
mation of a third Federal Judical dis
If you have any corn for sale, see
Zaring. He has advanced his bid. 37 4t
Oldest Structure in Berks County,
Pennsylvania, Was Built by Swed
ish Settlers at That Time.
Douglasville, Pa. Of much Interest
to automobilista passing through the
Schuylkill valley Is theld Swede
bouse here. The historic ' structure
the oldest building in Berks county,
marks the northernmost settlement in
the state of the Swedes, who were
the first white settlers of Pennsylva
nla. The building was erected in 1716
and with the exception of slight al
terations stands as it did nearly two
centuries ago.
The Swedes who penetrated the un
known wilderness were a part of the
colony which effected the first settle
ment on the Delaware in 1638. At
that time this section of Pennsylva
nla was known as New Sweden. The
question of encouraging the settle
ment of this region by the Swedes
Oldest House In Berks County.
bad been considered by the king of
Sweden a decade prior to that, but
his war with the Germans and bis
subsequent sudden death delayed and
nearly ended the project
A part of the congregation of the
old Swedes' (Gloria Del) church,
which is now embraced in Philadel
phia, under the leadership of Andrew
Rudman, made an exploration of the
Schuylkill in 1701 for the purpose of
establishing an inland trading post
with the Indians. They found suit
able land several miles north of the
Manatawney creek, where William
Penn, the new proprietor of Pennsyl
vania, granted them 10,000 acres.
The settlement was named Moriat
ton and the Swedes lived in harmony
with the Indians and thrived there
long before the advent into the region
of the English and German settlers.
Their descendants are found in the
locality to this day. Some of them,
whose names are still perpetuated.
Were Andrew Bankson, Benjamin Bur
den, Peter Boon, Benjamin Boon, 'Jus
tin Justason, Mounce Jastlce, John
Cock, Peter Cock, Otto Ernest Cock.
Jacob Culln, Matthls Hulston, Morton
Murtls, Peter Yocum snd Mounce
The old house above mentioned
was built by Mounce Jones, who had
one of the largest tracts under cul
tivation. It stands on the east bank
of the Schuylkill, hidden on all sides
by large trees. A road connecting
the two highways on either side of the
river now passes directly in front of
it, from which the old date stone in
its upper walls, bearing the date 1716,
is easily decipherable. The building
is sow used as the headquarters of a
boat club.
Kaiser Declares He Solves All Ques
tions, Even of Political Na
ture, by the Scriptures.
Paris, France. Rene Puaux. the
military expert of the Temps, who
was .in close contact with the German
emporer during the recent maneuvers
of the Swiss army, quotes the emperor
as summing up his satisfaction with
the work of the troops in a conversa
tion with President Forrer In the
"Your army saves me six army
The emperor In conversation con
stantly insisted upon the necessity of
understandings as the best means of
dissipating suspicion, and declared his
personal desire to maintain peace. On
one occasion, in emphasizing this in
conversation with President Forrer,
the emperor ictlmated to the president
that he acquired, much of his Inspira
tion from the bible.
"I don't care much for priests and
clergymen," said the emperor. 'They
dilute the gospel with too much of
their own dogma. I hold to the bible,
which I constantly read and reread.
In it one find the solution of every
difficulty, of every problem, even of a
political description."
It is known that the emperor's main
object in attending the maneuvers
was to convince himself of the ability
of the Swiss army to make the neu
trality of the country respected in
case of wur. and his remark Is inter
preted to nean that by the Swiss army
forming a screen to prevent the
French f.-orn . invading Germany
through Switzerland, the Germans
couid release six army corps In south
Germany for service in Alsace-Lorraine
or along the Belgian frontier.
Let us make you prices on field seeds.
We handle the best. D. B. McSIanej.
i 4 t.
lilil ,mt ir. J I
inggiiig FAIR" BIG EVENT
llUoCAftU. ntm BIU UCI1I
Really the Ceremony of the Year
Quaint Belgian Village ef
Brussels, Belgium. The teeth an
Dual "husband7 fair" of the cuaint ut
ile village of Eceusslnes. situated a
tew miles from the Belgian capital,
was held recently.
Just about a decade ago the maid
ens of the town resolved to take ac
tive steps to remedy the serious fall
ing off in the number of eligible
young bachelors. Believing in the
well-known "feed the wretch" prin-
iple, they organized a breakfast, con
sisting chiefly of those dainty ntue
cakes for which the Belgians are not
ed, washed down with delicious cof
fee and fresh cream. All the girls of
the town club together to pay the cost
Df the breakfast, the excursions, and
Street of Eceusslnes.
the ball which terminates the event
ful day's proceedings.
At nine o'clock In the morning
sprightly young bachelors arrive
from all parts of the kingdom by train
and proceed direct to the town hall.
where they sign their names In the
'Golden Book" of the "Girls' Marriage
Society." Half an hour later they are
served with breakfast by the young la
dles, who are headed by their own
elected "presldente." The ice now
being to some extent broken, the
young men and maidens set off to
visit the quarries and the fine old
church of which the Inhabitants are
justly proud.
Naturally the young ladles lead the
vay. but they often cast furtive
glances at the crowds of young men
who follow with great docility. At
half-past eleven a visit is made to the
old fifteenth century castle, which af-
iords excellent opportunities for bring
ing the young people a little closer to
At noon everybody goes to lunch
the men to restaurants and the girls
to their homes. The latter tell their
anxious parents about the morning's
Lunch must be finished by half-
past one, as this is the time fixed for
the official reception of the bachelors
by the young ladies. The "presidente"
makes a speech in which she offers a
hearty welcome to the young men, and
extols the charms of married life with
the wife of one's choice. A blare of
trumpets signals the end of her dis
course, and dancing now begins In
every available open space, or In the
town hall if the weather is unfavor
able. The young couples sort them
selves out, and a number of engage
ments, followed by happy marriages,
forms a fitting conclusion to the pic-
turesaue "Husband Fair" of Ecaus-
Big Ben
is coming,
atch for this announce
The best of everything for the black
cake, all fresh and new.
25 tf Main Street Hrocer.
Homes For Sale.
' Several beautiful and desirable homes
in Winchester, Ky., at reasonable pr
ces, also blue grass farms, large and
srr all ones. Call aud see us. Loom is
& Oldham, 25 North Main St., Win
Chester, Ky. 38 3t
Architect's Notice.
I am prepared to draw plans for
buildings and remodeling of all kinds.
Will also furnish estimates or superin
tend construciion of such work. Phone
101. Orders left for me at The Climax
office will receive prompt attention.
31-tf N. B. Turpih
Sheriff's Sale
For Taxes 1912 of Land
And Town Lots
D. A. McCord, sheriff of Madison
county, Ky., will offer at public sale in
front of the court house door in Rich
mond on
Monday, March 3, 1913,
(com t day), between the hou's of 10
a. m. and 6 p. m., the following proper
ty to pay the taxes assessed against the
same for the year 1912.
D. A. McCobd, Sheriff.
Armer, D P heirs 1 town lot f 3 50
Baker J W (NR) 1 town lot 2 90
BronsLon John's trustee 88 acland 33 60
Bush Joe 2 town lots 17 40
Citizens Motor Car Co 1 town lot. 9 05
Cunningham Joe (XU) town lot... 2 75
Hooten Babe town lot 5 C5
Jones Mrs Annie town lot..,, 10 3J
Million Amanda D town lot... 21 75
Pullins Mrs Clyde 3 acres land.. 7 50
Templetown Mrs Bettie town lot. 7 85
Terrill Mrs Minnie town lot . 12 55
White Mrs Elsie B town Jot 24 05
Coats Amos town lot 0 05
Colder Mrs Axie 200 acres land.. 107 90
Duncan & Wells 3 town lots 2 25
Foster Emma L 2 town lots 3 35
Fowler John M town lot 9 60
Fritz John town lot 5 55
Garrison, Mrs Lucy 2 town lots 10 25
Hancock S E (XR) town lot 9 65
Hughes Elizabeth town lot ... S 75
Miller Geo P. (NR) town lot 2 75
Peters Mike town lot 20 15
Rayburn Wm 133 acres land.. 84 05
Reeves Jas L town lot 7 85
Rice Lottie & Docie (XK) l'n lot. 75
Riley Francis M town lot..i 6 10
Sm'.th C. P town lot 5 00
Trowers Thos IJ heirs town lot... 3 30
Wells Thos M 2 town lots 13 75
Wilcox Thos tewn lot ..'. 3 85
Barnes James 15 acres land.. . 3 75
Barnes Mrs Annie 71 acres land.. 8 70
Bolin James 4 acres land .. 3 65
Davis Wm 10 acrei land C 15
Embry H Clay 40 acres land 13 15
Forbi-s Henry D. 4!) acres land 15 10
Gruhbs Mari.th (XR) 25 acres land 9 65
GuessJSj eeJ 15 acres land 4 90
ShiIet Mrs Ida 0 seres land.... 4 60
it m " V.-' f? " ' ' " "I
r 5 -v- :
! ;
f '. .;
, . . ..
Jv '" n'""".4 : j
.- .,- ' " , 1
TT N , 1
L 1 , . I
Stevens J A CO acres land -- 43 f-5
Warner Jas II 1 acre land
Williams Wm (XII) 16 acres land
Woodman Lodge town lot
Bybee Jas L (XR) 1 acre land""!
Hall Jeff D 8 acr s land ....
Lee Elizabeth (XR) 15 acres land.
Lovett Hugh 1 aore land . 3 JO
Rowell Wm G (X R) 120 acres... 23 70
Sexton Wallace (NR) 30 acres... 4 85
Skinner H C (NR) 92 acres land. 20 00
Abner J T 2 acres land 3 20
Alcorn Marv (NR) 40 acres land.. 2 25
Baker Jesse 39 acres land..
8 40
Burns Geo 50 acres land ...
12 70
4 20
Cox Bros 5 acres
Gabbard Wm 47 acres land .
Grinstead Dora 1 acre land
6 25
2 05
Hall John W 30 acres land
Hall Pattie 22 acres land
Harris Clark's heirs 5 acres
Hill Goe (NR) 70 acres land
Hunt Joe (NR) 2 lo's :
Hunter Mrs Nannie 21 scree land.
Hurley Alfred 42 acres land
8 40
4 80
Jackson Perry Sr 30 acres land
Jenkins Morgan 1 acre 3 95
Kid well Marion 40 acres 6 25
Lakes Ida 5 acres land 2 35
Lakes Wm 50 acres land 9 70
Lakes Dan 23 acres land .... 4 50
Lamb Lincoln 1 acre land 6 85
Lewis E B 72 acres land 11 45
Lamb John 38 acres land 5 15
Laibhart S D (NR) 115 acres.... 41 35
Lakes Mrs Delia 65 acres 9 80
MiracleT M 93 acres 15 15
Moore Joe Jr 35 acres land 5 15
Phelps Geo's h'rs 20 acres land.. 3 55
Port wood Greenup 4 acres . 4 00
Potts Ollie W 15 acres land 5 85
Reece Rayburn 2 acres land 27 15
Searcy Brick & Tile Co 15 acres.. 81 80
Settle Mary (NR) 1 town lot 2 25
Simpson Wm 4 acres land 4 70
Taylor Hiram (NR) 3 arres 2 35
Truitt Mrs Rebecca 260 acres 18 2 )
Webb Mrs Mahala 230 acres.....
Winkler Mrs Susan town lot
Young Mrs Margaret 7 acres land
34 90
2 35
2 95
Abrams Grant 57 acres land t 14 20
Anderson Jacob 1 acre land 5 15
Baker Wm T 1 town lot 8 30
Baker J. K 100 acres, 20 lots 250 00
Baker Wm 2 acres land . 7 70
Banks John K 48 acres land 5 70
Barrett Wm 50 acres land 10 20
Benge Jas A 15 acres land 1 18 95
Bowman Chas 2 town lots 5 8
Browning Jake 25 acres land 10 10
Burnell Jasper 14 acres land " 5 80
Baker Iby 1 town lot . 5 15
Cornelius P 9 acres of land 105 95
Cade John S 48 acres 15 20
Clark Mrs Emma 1 town lot 4
Coldiron Wm 1 acre 7 70
Cornelius Dr N F 1 acre 8 t5
Cjrwin Euphrasia K 6 lots 8 60
Coyle Jas W. Jr 6 acres land 4 80
Coyle T I 35 acres land 12 50
Coyle Thos H 45 acres land 17 75
Crawford Geo W 170 acres land.. 9 20
Creech Heury 1 acre . 9 20
Creech J C 60 acres land 24 95
Croucher Sidney 5 acres land 12 75
Collins John 4 acres land 0 45
Damrell Jos 16 acres land 3 HO
Durham Jas W 53 acres land 4 50
Davidson Sam 100 acres land 33 85
Farmer J N 33 acres land 15 20
Fawler David town lot 13 15
French J R town lot 5 15
Gabbard Maggio 1 acre land 3 20
Golden Hardin 1 town lot 12
Haden Geo 10 acres land 15 50
Hall Jos W 1 town lot 15 20
Handy Eben (NR) 1 acre land 4 20
Harris Thos 25 acres land 3 05
Harrison Sa'lie 74 acres land 6 10
Havs Green 1 town lot ...... 17 75
Hill Wm G town lot ..... 8 75
Huff John 2 acres land . 5 45
Huff Thos 1 acre land . 7 70
Hart Mrs Lizzie town lot 13 60
Holtzclaw D P (NR) town lot.... 7 30
Isaacs Granville 6 acres land 4 60
Johnson John 119 acres land..... 18 30
Johnson Schuyler 16 acres 6 05
Lain Jas' h'rs 70 acres land . 12 50
Laws Polly 50 acres land 3 55
Lester L O town lot 8 90
Logsden C C 23 acres lane 7 65
Logsden Lydia town lot . 7 30
Low en Jas W 32 acres land 19 30
McGuiro J E town lot 9 20
Merritt Thomas town lot . 5 15
Pigg Hiram 8 acres land 9 85
Porter Wm H town lot 24 95
Porter G E town lot 21 50
Powell Wm 50 acres land 5 15
Powell & Baker 10 acres land 4 85
Preston D A 2 town lots . 10 20
Ramsey Ellen town lot 7 10
ReeneJno 2 acres land . . 5 15
Reynolds Emma 1 acre land . 3 05
Reynolds Jno C 26 acres 8 60
Reynolds Clifton 100 acres land and
2 town lots 28 05
Ritter Thos V 6 acres land 7 35
Robinsen Cordelia one acre 2 35
Rose Jack 77 acres land ... 6 05
Rowlett Jas Jr 13 acres 16 50
Rowlett C F 1 town lot 28 70
Stout Mrs Wm town lot 6 05
Shockley Mrs Pauline town lot... 6 05
Shockley G W (NR) 1 lot. 19 85
Skinner Dan M 30 acres . 8 75
Smith Layf 2 acres land 3 65
Spence Mrs Lau a (X R) 2 acres.. 6 25
Stephens Mrs Pattie 60 acres 6 10
Sexton E P (N R) 5 acres 4 85
Short J S (N R) 40 acres ; 8 05
Sowder J J one town lot 9 20
Tice Herbert 2 acres land 6 15
Tisdale Geo 3 acres land .7 65
Todd Chas W 10 acres land 6 65
YanWinkle Mrs Bettie 5 acres 10 45
YanWinkle Mrs Bettie Agt JAP
Vaughn 57 acres . 10 45
Wilson Eb town lot . 17 75
World Jno Jr 11 acres land 9 75
Wyatt U S 17 acres land & 2 lots.. 21 35
Waddell W T heirs 75 acres 1 lot. 9 60
Wren G L 14 acres land 7 30
Barnes W T W L Crutcher Ex. 114
acres land .... ..I 51 30
Jennings Jas 40 acres land ... 20 05
Lamb James 6 acres. 6 80
Long 8am 18 acres land 10 00
Patton A H 15 acres 6 45
Renfro Jarres 1 acre land r ' 3 90
Rhodus Jas 7 acres land 5 15
Richardson Eliasand Jonah 1 acre 2 wO
Ross Alex Sr 30 acres 1 1 50
Simpson E L town lot 7 70
Stocker Josiah 30 acres 17 75
Shepherd J J (NR) 15 acres 11 10
Tat urn Win's heirs 8 aores 13 60
Vaughn David 13 acres 4 50
Agee Stephen & Woolford 37 acres 9 85
Brock Mrs Elizabeth town lot 2 35
Burgess Oscar town lot . 3 90
Burton Mrs Elizabeth 5 acres 2 35
Burton Woodson's heirs 20 acres.. 3 55
Collins Jno A 25 acres 7 70
Comley Smiley 2 acros 3 00
Curry F M (X R) 15 acres land 3 55
Devenny F A (X Ii) town lot 3 55
Fain Mrs Sallie's heirs 8 acres.. 4 20
Floyd Mrs Dora 15 acres 2 35
Foster Rebert 1 acre 3 95
Hill Geo T 15 acres.. 8 25
Howard J J town lot 4 65
King Mrs Annie (X R) 40 acres.. 4 83
Ky River Fopbir Co 5 acres 41 13
Lowery Pauline's heirs 10 acres.. 6 05
LoweryWsa 1 acre 3 : 0
6 15 Iff
2 25 l
4 85
0 OK
Some of
Miller C M C 4 acres 22 0j
Million Shelby 10 acres 10 25
Morris J B 24 acres 7 55
Newby J. C 4 acres . 8 70
Newby Anderson J 30 acres 2 85
Newby Jas T 12 acres 5 00
Reeves MO 10 acres. 23 70
Sanders Mrs Alice 30 acres 2 95
Sowers Jas L town lot '.. 4 50
Tudor Mrs P A 1 acre 2 05
Underwood Phillip town lot 3 95
Walker Printis (N R) 67 acres. 23 20
Warner D Boone 4 acres 4 95
Warren Mrs Sarah 70 acres 17 40
Whitlaker Miss Mary 24 acres.. 4 85
Biggerstaff Alice 2 town lots $ 8 90
BIytbe Mariah's hrs 2 lots 5 65
Brooks Charleston town lot 4 95
Burgin Martha's hrs 1 lot 2 75
Cobb Malinda town lot... 6 05
Crutcher Lizzie town lot 3 35
Embry Julia town lot . 3 35
Fife Sarah town lot 2 25
Frost Malinda town lot 4 75
Hoizan Jas town lot 6 65
Irvine Joe Sr town lot 5 45
Mason Millie town lot 2 25
Maupin Mitch town lot 8 35
Miller Thomas B 2 lots 5 75
Miller Emma's heirs town lot 3 35
Nuncy Sallietown lot 2 25
Smith Ella (N R) town lot 2 25
Stone Lena J 2 town lots 7 35
Stone Chas town lot .... 5 55
TevisCassie town lot 5 05
Ballard Squire's hrs town lot 5 60
Banks Joe town lot 8 30
Bates Buford (N R) town lot 4 50
Black Sallie town lot 5 65
Cobb Wm town lot 3 85
Cobb Jane's heirs town lot 2 75
Colder Edna tewa lot 6 75
Fox Mary 3 acres land and 1 town
lot. 4 50
Gibbs Mary 2 town lots 3 40
Hampton Jennie town lot 7 30
Jarman Ann is town lot z la
Lonu Fannie (X R) town lot 5 10
Madison Mutual Industrial Co 5
town lots . 17 85
Martin Ben town lot 3 85
Moss Millie's hrs town lot 4 60
Munday Wm two town lots 6 25
Phelps Nancy towo lot 3 95
Phelps Sophia two town lots 3 35
Parks Shelton (X R) 2 lots 7 95
Rhodes David's hrs town lot.... 4 55
Schooler Fannie town lot 3 35
Shepherd Chs Sr town lot 5 55
Shepherd Lena (N R) town lot 2 25
Todd Jas C(NR) town lot 4 00
Turner Matt town lot 5 55
Turner Dan (N R) town lot 2 25
Turner Mattie (N R) town lot 2 25
Turley Mary town lot 2 85
Walker Betsy A town lot 2 85
While Dave town lot 5 00
White Alex town lot 6 70
White Kosa town lot 2 25
While Narcis town lot 4 50
William Luke s hrs town lot 5 65
fates Hatlie town lot 2 75
Yates Shelby town lot 3 25
Yates Wm Buster 3 lots 4 95
Chenaull Chas (NR) 7 acres land $ 3 CO
Chenaull Cy 15 acres land 7 55
Chenault Dean 93 acres 71 10
Chenault Dean's hrs 3 acres 3 65
Chenaull Lemuel 5 acres.".. 4 35
Chenault Letcher 6 acres 0 25
Chenault Tiff one acre...." . 3 95
Chenault Wyatt one acre 3 95
Collins Dan one acre 5 20
Langford Green's hrs 40 acres.... ' 6 70
MatheHy Mrs Geo 6 acres 6 05
Taylor Susan 3 acres .. ... 2 10
Walker Caroline (N R) Vz acres.. 2 55
White Birtha town lot . 3 05
Black Arch town lot $ 4 90
Chenault Geo's hrs 15 acres 2 55
Hill Nancy 6 acres land 5 00
Jones Green 41 cres land 10 10
Jones Ricli'dX R) one acre 3 60
Lain Wash (X R) 8 acres 2 90
2 35 - , "! (
i 1 1 1 1 a. t - -
One lady Admitted Free
the New Ijl Spring Styles
X i lt-
U Ml
We guarantee R. & G. Corsets in every particular. If any R. & G. Corset
fails to give the purchaser satisfactory wear, a new corset will be given in
exchange without charge :::::: : : : :
E. V.EL O -E 1R.
Pinkstone's hrs 14 acres 3 60
Reed Abe one acre land 6 25
White Mary 4 acres land 2 35
Bates Jno one sere land I 5 05
Covington Jno 5 acres land 6 55
Ellison Andy 24 acres land 4 05
Embry Wm (NR) 4 acres 2 35
Estill Susan's hrs 12 acres 3 60
Hocker Coleman J C Oldham admr.
6 acres land 2 35
Irvine Kit 4 acres land 4 30
Lewis Jno 4 acres land 5 00
Oldham Jno 8 acres land 4 00
Oldham Mary 16 acres land 3 45
Todd Amanda 40 acres land 7 35
Bal'ew Matthew Jr 12 acres
Ballew Matthew Sr 62 acres
Ballew Sam (N R) 6 acres
Boggs Arch 3 acres land
Burnam Chas 6 acres land
Benne'.l Grant 10 acres land
Blythe Thos one acre...... ..
Blythe Chas 4 acres
Campbell, Alonza one acre
Campbell Bert 4 acres
Chenault Alice 3 acres land
Carl Henry 5 acres land
Clark Ed town lot
Easley Eliza 8 acres land
Elmore hrs 27 acres land
Fife Alex 2 acres land
Francis Sam 1 acre..
Gentry Sam 15 acres .
Gentry Joe 20 acres land
Harris Sarah 2 acres..
Jenkins Ed 34 acres
Martin Ben 3 acres
Martin Abna 3 acres
Maupin Robt's hrs 14 acres
Miller Smith 5 acres
Miller Ike one acre
Miller Marian 2 acres :
Miller David one town lot
Mo ran Alley 2 town lots
Moran Ann 3 acres
Martin James 6 acres
Newman Henry 2 acres... .,
Pettiford Willis one acre
Peyton Frank one acre .
Riche Mary J's hrs 7 acres
Ross Anderson one acre . ...
Rodes Perry's hrs 30 acres .
Saddler Mrs John one acre
Shearer Sam 13 acres .
Shearer John 5 acres
Rhearer Jno's hrs one acre
Simpson Isaac 3 acres. .
5 25
13 50
2 60
4 80
6 50
6 35
3 65
6 45
7 05
3 15
11 45
4 50
4 00
4 15
3 50
4 15
2 35
6 45
13 60
5 85
5 20
5 35
5 50
2 70
4 25
4 50
2 10
6 90
4 75
2 25
23 05
The Vulcan. Chilled Plow : Long Past
It is considered by users as the BEST CHILLED PLOW manufactured. Superior construction of the best ma
terial by competent mechanics is responsible for its Strength. Durability, Light Draft, and Steady Running.
To ihe four qualities are due its increasing popularity with the farmer and consequent increased sale by the
dealer. It costs less to keep a "Vulcan" in good running order than any other make of Chilled Plow. Why?
Not because Vulcan Points and Repairs e.ost less than others, but because the Durability and Wearing Quali
ties of the Vulcan pans are greater.
Landside, Saddle and Point are interlocked. Prevents straining out of shape.
Moldboard is rib strenehtened, reducing mold breakage to the roinimnm.
Shin Piece, Full Chilled, Always Sharp, Very Durable.
Point is of Charcoal Iron, has patented extension face chill and wide edge chill. It is the strongest, bast wear
ing. most economical chilled point made.
Do not forget the Corrugated Point. Stays sharp longer, wears better, plows hard ground easier, and costs no
more than a plain point. It makes no difference how much a farmer PA Y3 for a plow, provided be gets
bis money's worth.
Second 5treet Telephone 20
with each paid :.o cent ticket moxdvy
r.iTht if secured before 0 P. M.
This drag store has them all from the small quine pill to the gelatine cap
sule of cod liver or castor oil. Just as effective and not tasty at all.
Stockton's Drug Store
Stewart Bollie one acre 3 30
Stone Emily's hrs 6 acres 2 30
Tribble Troy town lot 3 30
Walker Spencer 1 acre land S 5 05
Walker Jack 13 acres land 1 60
Walker St Clair 7 acres 3 95
Walker Henry 5 acres 3 30
Walker Robt 1 acre 4 80
White Robt 19 acres 7 05
White Beda 5 acres. . 3 35
White Richard 7 acres 6 70
Willmore Sallie town lot 5 45
White Peter 9 acres land 4 50
Ballew Frank 7 acres $ 3 30
Burton Wm (X R) one acre 2 35
Denny Rodes 17 aores land & 1 town
lot . 16 50
Haden Lizzie (XR) 12 acres 16 10
Miller Lucinda 4 acres .... 2 90
Miller Mattie 4 acre land 2 35
Million Nancy 2 acres.... 2 35
PrewittJohn (X R) 24 acres 6 10
Sebastian Robt 7 acres . 6 70
Willis Ike 1 acre 3 30
Clay Madison 1 town lot t 5 95
Million David 30 acres... 8 95
Munday Lou's hrs 1 town lot 2 05
Munday Joel 1 town lot 2 90
Munday Allie 1 town lot 3 20
Newby Bud town lot . 2 90
Taylor Twyman lacre land 3 40
Turner Irvine 52 acres land 19 85
Walker, Henry, town lot . . 2 55
One Solid Week
Beginning Monday
The "Carlton Sisters" Co
IS - IPeople - 12
Presenting the Latest Dramatic Successes
A Sensational Comedy Drama in 4 Acts
?5 10, 20 and 30o
5euts on 5a!e Saturday 9 A. M. Vines Dru Store
: 3
The Old
of nasty tasting medi
cine has been succeeded
by tab'eis and capsules
that anybody can take.
Perhaps you don't know
how many remedies are
now prepared that way.
Public Sale
Saturday, February 15th
at 11 o'clock, sell 40 acres of land on
the west side of county road or exten
sion of Third-st. Said land will be sold
as a whole and in five acre lots the
way it produces most mouey will be
accepted. However, from the lot near
est the L. Jfc A. depot and tacks will be
cut 15 feet to make the st eel wider
which runs back west lo Waller Beit
aett's farm.
The remainder of this 5 acres will be
divided into town lots 50 feet wide by
156 feet deep.
This land is very rich and raises good
crops of anj thing. Will easily make
2,000 pounds of tobacco to the acre.
Now is the chance lo buy a small farm
only one-half mile from the court
house. The sale will be to the hiicbesi
and best bidder and there will be no by
bidding. TERMS OF SALE One half cash
and balance payable in six months se
cured by negotiable notes bearing 6 per
cent, interest from date of sale.
S. Neville Moberley
35 61
The Experimental Stage
Feb'y 10

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