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! I
is what the average lady of style would call
any one of the fine models we are just now
i showing in our Waist Denartment Thev are
--c, . ,
U all voted to be beauties in appearance, and
the fabrics are of the choicest There are
quite a variety of pleasing designs, and we
have them in all sizes for tall or short, slim or
stout ladies. Popular prices
The Richmond Climax.
A. D. Miller
VT. G. White
E. C. Walton
Pres. and Mpr.
Baar f
FEBRUARY 14. 1913
Talk about the high cost of living,
how doe this, from a Washington pa
per strike you?
Housewives who visited the Center
Market this morr-ing uttered cries o
dismaj on discovering that spring Iamb
of the crop of 1913 was retailing at tl
per pound.
This would make a leg of lamb cost
from f6 to fS, and the price is said to be
the highest ever recorded it this time
of the year.
The trimmin?s" that general' ac
company a succulent spring lamb, mint
and green pea, retailed at ten Cents a
buticli EDd fifteen cents a quart, respec
tively. Frices of nearly all commodities are
advancing and dealers regard the out
look for any decrease in the immediate
future as not encouraging.
Tes Santa Rosa, the first passenger
and freight steamship flying the Ameri
can a? to commence a regular service
between New York and San Francisco
and Seattle ha started on her maiden
trip around the Horn. The opening of
the Panama canal will revolutionize
the American shipping interests, to say
nothing of the world traffic that will
profit by the shorter route. The Straits
of Magellan will soon become one of the
lonesome highways of a great maritime
Tbkks are a round dozen candidates
for assessor down in Lincoln county and
the democratic primary is yet six
months off. The cleverest and best peo
ple under the canopy of high heaven
live in old Lincoln but their love for of
fice is distressing. It may not be true
but it has been told that some of the
children down there learn to say "office"
before they lisp mamma and papv
Th Washington Senate ha passed a
bill prohibiting the intermarriage of
w hites and colored races except where
both are citizens of the United Slates.
The bill is said to have been devised to
prohibit Japanese from marrying white
women. According to this there is no
bar placed on the Cauc&ssian and the
JCeero, both being American born. Most
of the States have passed laws probibit
the marriage of w hile and blacks.
Salooss are running wide open at
Lebanon again after a dryness lasting
nearly eight years. Five bar-rooms and
two quart houses secured licenses and
some of them are already doing busi
ness. Tbey will sell lots of booze, of
course, but if they abide by the rules as
laid down they will have to keep their
eyes open or pay a lot of fines. In the
first place the license has been fixed at
(1,000 a year for saloons and 1300 for
quart houses. Those who procure license
will have to give bond and security to
live up to the spirit as well as the letter
of the existing laws. Tbey are to dis
ylay no immodest oi immoral pictures;
allow no chairs, settees or lounges in the
saloons; permit no gambling of any kind;
they shall have no pool or billiard tables;
music, vocal or instrumental, in the
room or building is prohibited; no fe
male of ill repute shall enter the saloon,
with which there shall be no connection
with any other apartment; no person
under 21 years shall be permitted to en
ter the saloon under penalty of (50, and
a sizn shall always be conspicuously dis
p'ayed rodinc; "Xo minors allowed in
side f 00 fine."
That he hopes to see the deserters
from the standard of the republican
party back in the fold in 1916. was the
declaration of President Taft, who was
the principal speaker at the Lincoln day
dinner at Philadelphia. We believe the
President would really like to see his
party get together but we do not be
lieve that either he or hts children will
see such a thing. The repuolican par
ty is so dead that putrefaction has set
The "money-t-usi" committee, who
followed William D. Rockefeller to his
private apartments on Jekyllslsnd, Ga.,
in the personel of Chairman Pujo and
counsel, Samuel Untermeyer, got little
information for their trouble. Only a
few questions had been answered when
the aged financier suffered a collapse.
The "shoe-last trust". is no longer to
be trusted with regulating prices, says
Uncle Sam's highest court. Wonder if
the pries of shoes will be lower under
the separated interests. Patented and
unpatented articles cannot be longer tied
together so as to control the unpatented
The young Chinaman who died of
acute indigestion in Asbury College at
Kicholasville would probably have been
living today had he kept on eating what
he was raised on. A chance of diet from
rats to Kentucky "grub" might have
been expected to give him trouble.
The Gotham police investigation goes
on with unabated vigor. There seems
to be a determined effort to complete
the job in detail. Games of chance pro
moters are to be given an opportunity to
tell all tbey know.
It is no use to steal wire unless you
steal something to string it on, so
thought the parties who stole eighteen
miles of copper wire at Tom Reed, Ariz
even getting away with some of the
Absolutely Furo
Economizes Butter, Hour,
Efjgs ; makes the food more
cppcllzinrj and wholesome
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
The auto bandits who robbed a New
York store of five hundred pairs of shoes
are evidently proceeding on the basis
that it is cheaper to steal a stock than it
is to buy one.
Capital punishment will be abolished
and tipping will be a finable offense in
Indiana if bills introduced are passed by
the Legislature. It is possible that both
bills will become laws.
Pnsbyterians 2.600.i0
Lutherans 2 350,000
Disciples 1,350,000
Episcopal 980 000
Mr. Joseph Thurman is at Swango
Mr. Russell Brown, of Slantord, at
tended the Poultry Show. .
Mrs. M. C. Kellegg is spending a few
days with Cincinnati friends.
Mr. Waller Bennett is home again.
after a week's visit to Kansas City.
Miss Marv Castle, of Middlesboro, is
the guest of Miss Margaret Turner.
Mrs. Ed Hume, of Louisville, rpent
several days with Richmond friends.
Miss Lucy Francis, of Paint Lick, has
been the guest of Miss Jennie Parkes.
Mrs. R. E. Quisenberry has returned
home, after a visit to relatives in Winchester.
Miss Poliy Duane Traylor, of this city,
ii the guest of Mrs. A. S. Robinson, in
Mr. Robert Garrett, ex-sheriff of Estill
county, and a candidate for re-election,
was in Richmond yesterday and paid this
paper a call.
Mr. E. P. Miller, of Lexington, is the
guest of his brothers, Messrs. A. D. and
C D. Miller.
Geo. D. Florence,
attorney of Stanford,
business this week.
the bright young
was here on legal
firsi (Chnsfiiut 'titntt S'xxticf g
ci Qhhmonit, JLtatarkg
cordially invites you and your friends to attend a free
lecture on Christian Science ly
Member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship
of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in
Boston, Mass., to he given at
Tuesday Evening, February 18th
at Eight o" clock.'
w . 1
! OP-
of yours, is it as neat and as
thoroughly furnished as you
would like? If not, no
the time and her i the op
portunity for you to supply
any deficiency. We are now
showing, for instance, some
splendid Oak Dining Tables
, in a variety of s zes; good
solid, substantial tables, that will last a life time. We should like to
have you make a visit of inspection, and thick you will find a few things
here that are better than you expected. Your credit is good, a dollar or
two a week will do. Pay monthly if desired. Ask fur terms
Your Baby Carriage Retired While Yon Walt
fcv fc-
1 i-2ilzlsllsl2j
rurrf'.urc, Corpcts, Stoves end Ranges
Glyndon Richmond, Ky
Miss Minnie Woods, of Stanford, has
been the guest of Mrs. William Boggs,
in the lied House section.
Mr. James C. Willson, of Louisville,
is here wish her parents, Mr. and Mrs
T. S. Burnam, in Burnamwood.
Mrs. Frank Reynolds and daughter, of
Mt. Sterling, are the guests of her sister.
Miss Kathleen royntz. at Hotel Glyndon
Air. and Mrs. Henry White have re
turned to their home in Atlanta, after
short visit to Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Halt.
Mr. W. F. Martin, of Cincinnati,
here selling a valuxble combination
Frank Leslie and Judge, lie will call
on you in a day or so.
Air. W. J. Aewson left this morning
for Chicago to attend the meeting of
the board of directors of the Modem
Brotherhood of America.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Farris, who have
been visiting the family of Mr. and Mrs
R. P. McCord in the Red House section,
have returned tc their home in Washing'
too this week.
Mr. John W. Rout, of Stanford, was
caller at this oflice this week Mr. Rout
was postmaster at Stanford during
Cleveland s last administration.
j. l. remeii, tne real estate man,
leaves Tuesday with a party of six gen
tlemen from this city and Winchester
for Monroe, La . to show them the bar
gain he has in northern Louisiana lands
Mrs. Douglas arrived from Belleflo
er, 111., at noon today to attend the bur
ial of her brother, Mr. Green Million,
who met such a tragic end. Mr. S. W
Parsons, another sister, who lives in
Texas, is expected tomorrow.
Mrs. May McClure Currey, of Har
rodsburg. is visiting Mrs. Scanlon at th
Manse. Mrs. Currey is one of Harrods
burg most charming women and
very active '.a all philanthropic work of
mat cay.
Mrs. Chester Green entertained last
Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. Ed Gol
den, of California. Mr. Golden left n
Wednesday for bis western home, after
sever! wee'ts spent in Kentucky with
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Scott, of Gtrard,
were the guests of their relatives. Mr.
ana Airs. ll. isyoee. Airs, bcotl was
Miss Bessie Singleton and the two were
marrl-d in Stanford Tuesday. They
went from here to Millersburg to visit
the bride's mother.
The Cecil Man Club had a very delight
ful, interesting and profitable meeting
wun Mist uiauvs ferry at her home in
burnamwood Wednesday afternoon
ikote wno took part in the program o
the evening were: Mesdames A. R.
Burnam, L. P. Evans, G. W. Pickels, A.
R. Denov. S. J. McGaughey and Misses
Pickels, White and Rogers. The next
meeting will be held with Mrs. G. W
Pickels on the 26th.
Jason William and Miss Rose Addie
Phillips, both of the Berea section, were
joined in wedlock's holy bond Thursday.
At Paoli, Ind., Robert Harris, aged 80,
was married to Miss Susie Brown, 73.
The two had been sweetheart for near
ly 50 years.
Buster Keaton and Mrs. Kate Hisle
were made one after God's holy ordin
ance on the 11 h. lbe marriage oc
curred in this city.
Church Notes
"It's all right to stand by a fellow that's
To call him your friend and be proud,
But, oh, the poor fellow with errors to
Who has won the distrust of the crowd
The poor, craven wretch, with his heart
in his mouth.
His eyes on the ground in the throng
I tell you, it takes the best courage there
10 stana oy tne man mat s gone
The Second Presbyterian church of
Danville w ill install a (4,000 pipe organ.
Rev. P. L. Bruce, pastor of the Pres-
by:erian church at Stanford, ha declin
ed the call extended to him from his
old congregation at Spring Hill, Tenn.
Dr. II. K. Carroll, who was in charge
of the Government census in 1890, has
compiled the religious statistics for the
New York Christian Advocate for 1912
rid in round numbers they are as fol
lows, tor the United Suites:
Reman Catholics .... 12. 900.000
::.: e.soO'.'OO
Bartley Cox, aged 65, dropped dead of
apoplexy at his home near Danville.
By a new alignment of commissioners
at Lexington, it is expected to reduce the
tax rate to (1.57.
The Seattle Times building and an
adjoining structure at Seattle, Wash.,
were damaged (250,000 by fire yesterday
Charles Major, author of "When
Knighthood Was in Flower" and other
well-known books, died at Shelbyville,
Theodore Roosevelt again reiterated
his declaration that the Progressives
should not compromise with Republi
U. S. Senator-elect John K. Shields,
of Tennessee, resigned his position
chief justice of the Tennessee Supreme
Gov. Brewer, of Mississippi, was noti
fied that a Dart of the 1912 flood fund is
available to relieve the Buelah flood sufferers.
Representative Cantrill introduced in
Congress a bill regulating the speed of
railroad trains and devising other safe
guards for travelers.
Primary elections for the (election of
fourth-class postmasters are provided
for in an amendment to the postoffice
appropriation bill. -
The bill to provide (2,000.000 for gov-
ernment participation in the Panama
Pacific Exposition was killed for this
session by the House.
Col. William Seymour Edwards, can
didate for United States Senator from
West Virginia, yesterday was arrested
on the charge of offering bribes.
Hartwell Linney, son of Postmaster
E. II. Linney. of Danville, was chosen
Speaker of the lower house of the Gen
eral Assembly of Arizona, at Phoenix
Robert Barnes, convicted of man
slaughter in connection with the killing
of Vernon McKmzie in Pulaski county.
and was given two years.
Brent Altsheler, Louisville banker,
will spend a year or more in the Afri
can iungles collecting birds and beast
for the Field Museum, Chicago.
Threats to kill Gov. Glasscock and all
of the military officials now in the West
Virginia coal fields are reported to have
been made at a meeting of the beliger-
ent miners.
The stockholders of the F. 0. & St.
railroad voted to increase the capital
slock of the road (G.OuO.OOO. to be used
in retiriag (0,300,000 7 per cent, bonds,
due July 7.
A measure prohibiting the raising of
prices at hotels in Washington during
the inauguration yesterday was intro
duced in the House by Representative
Nine children were slightly injured
and 1.000 narrowly escaped, when fire
yesterday afternoon destroyed the lab
oratory of the Asheville, N. C, graded
Democratic leader who have been at
tempting to keep down appropriation
concluded that they couldn's reduce
them below the republican mark of II,
It was charged before a committee of
the Wisconsin Legislature that the
brewers of the country are in a trust to
acquire ownership of all the saloons.
The West Virginia Legislature decid
ed to investigate the charge of bribery
against the five Legislators arrested on
Tuesday in connection with the ballot
ling for U. 8. Senalsr.
Guilty as charged in all three indict
ments was the verdict rendered by the
jury trying the case of John M. Patter
son and 2$ other officials of the National
Cash Register company at Cincinnati.
The miners of the West Virginia coal
fields yesterday invaded Charleston and
threatened to take the State Capitol,
A riot call and the use of the entire
Charleston police force quelled the dem
All through yesterday the Mexican
rebel batteries of heavy gans were
throwing schrapnel around the National
Palace, and Federal officers were com
pel led to keep under cover. The Amer
ican Club was shel.ed, exploding bombs
tearing up the furniture, and the occu
pants, mostly Americans, miraculously
escaped death. At 5 p. m. it was re
ported that Diaz h d demanded the sur
render of the National Palace. .
Hookworm Campaign Open
ed in Madison.
Dr. J 8 Lock, of the Rockefeller Com
mission, with a corps of assistants, has
been in Berea making examinations for
hookworm. More than 1,000 persons
were listed for inspection, 2S6 of which
have been examined with the following
results; 52 cases of hookworm, 55 in
fected with round worm, 34 with stom
ach worm, and eight with dwarf tape
worm. It should be explained that many
individuals often not only have hook
worm, but two or three other kinds as
Good Tobacco Sales
Both the Farmers and Madison To
bacco Warehouses are having satisfac
tory sales and the growers are realizing
good prices for their tobacco. The Pin-
ooker has about played out and only
warehouse sales are new being made.
There is a good de.i! of tobacco in the
coutity yet and the sales will continue
several weeks longer.
X 9
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e a
S. X
M '
c a
vr ,
r 9
s- -
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m jd
& a
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T Z-
c a
. X
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- b
C 9
t X-
C 2
J. I, vJL.
(&g 3en
You've been wondering why we call
this a Big Ben Sale. Surely, you know
Big Ben, the alarm clock that wakes you
every morning or that you have seen
advertised in all the magazines. Well,
he's the fellow that's running this sale,
and this ia how be does it: Every day
of this sale the Big Ben Alarm Clock
goes off at 10 and 10:30 a. m. and be
tween these two alarms you or anyone
elso can buy some one line of goods at a
price even below regular wholesale cost.
See the big square below for full particulars
$25,000.00 Stock of Men's and Boys'
ti Ifo D DMfl
Shoes and Furnishings
Your Railroad
Fare Paid
If you come within 30JmiIes
and trade $15 or more
No one who lives near enough
to make the trip in one day
can afford to miss this money
saving chance
aittoiP(rlai9 IFcelb
At Least $15,000.00 Worth of Goods Must Be Sold
in 15 Days
Store Closed
Friday, February 14
to enable a large force
of cferks to mark the
goods down to Big Ben
1 bargain prices and re
arrange the stock so
that the
Crowds can be promptly
and carefully served
The Time is 5hort, Hence the Prices Will Be
Extremely Low
You have the word of J. S. Stanifer that thin is something more than an ordinary sale.
The reason is the necessity for reducing the stock a great deal quick in order that we can
carry out some contemplated changes in our business without delay. The time is short
quick action is what we want and must have hence prices will be extremely low probably
the lowest you have known in years. Don't doubt investigate the truth of this statement.
Don't hesitate come quick and find out that this is the
Greatest Honey-Saving Opportunity oi the Times
The store will be closed all day Friday, February 14, to enable us to get the goods all
marked down to Big Ben Bare in prices and rearrange the stock. When the sale open at
9 a. m. Saturday, February 15, everything that could be done to make the prompt and satis
fadtory handling of the crowds possible will be done. We will have plenty of good comp
tent trustworthy clerks who will take pains in seeing that you are satisfactorily served.
Everything will bear a ticket with the salf price marked in plain figure, and this will be
the lowest price ever quoted on an article of equal worth. $15,000.00 worth of goods must
We know there is only one way to do it make the prices so rediculously low that people
will come from far and near and supply not only their immediate needs, but future needs
for many months to come as well
At 9 a. m. Saturday
February 15,
we will
Give Cash
$1.00 cash will be paid to
the first ten persons above
the age of 1 8 who enter our
store when the doors are
opened at 9 a. m. All we
ask is that you spend the $1
here before you leave. You
actually receive $1 worth of
anything you want
These Big Ben Bargain Specials Offer
Saturday, February J 5
5 doxen Men's Shirts, regular tl.OO
values; half-hour special sale price
10 to 10:30 a, m. only
Monday, February 17
10 dozen men's extra bi? value tl
Overalls, most durable made, high
grade, serviceable bluedenum; half
hour special sale price
10 to 10:30 a, m. only
Tuesday, February 18
10 dozen Phoenix Mufflers, big 50c
values, all wool; for gentlemen or
ladies, in all colors; half-hour spe
cial sale price
10 to 10:30 a. m. only
Wednesday, February 19
Good Flannel Shirts
5 dozens men's extra good Flannel
Shirts, high collar, button down;big
value at tl.30, blue, gray and tan;
half-hour special sale price
10 to 10:30 a. m. only
Goods Almost Given Ayay For One-half Hour Every Day
Commencing at 10 a. m. every morning when you hear Big Ben's loud clarion ring, we will sell one line of goods
during the next halt hour at a rediculously low price a price so low that you'll scarcely believe your own eyes.
These prices will be in effect only until Big Sen announces that it's 1 030. Every day its something different for
the half hour Big Ben Bargain Special
Thursday, February 20
10 doxen extra fine quality Hose, for
men, women and children, good 25c
grade in all colors; half-hour special
sale price
10 to 10:40 a. m. only
Friday, February 21
Cluett's Fancy Shirts
5 dozen Cluett's Fancy Shirts in
pleats and negligee, all sizes, $1.50
values; half-hour special sale price
10 to 10.30 a. m. only
Saturday, February 22
5 dozen men's heavy fleeced lined
leather Gloves, tl values; half-hour
special sale price
10 to 10:30 a. m. only
Monday, February 24
10 dozen men's 50c Work Shirts,
extra large roomy cut. well made,
solid blue shirting; half-hour special
sale price
10 to 10:30 a. m. only
Watch Future Advertisements for HALF-HOUR SPECIALS AFTER FEBRUARY 25th
GES &en
Remember that these are extraordinarily low
prices. Many lots will be closed out quick.
Others will last for several days because the
stock of them is so big, but the very thing
you want most may be the first to go, so
come as soon as you can. Be sure and be
here at 9 a. m. Saturday, February 1 5, and
get some of the FREE CA5H, too
Is the most important thing of all to Stanifer, so we
emphasize again the chief rule of this store "Brin
back anything not entirely satistactory and get .
your money back without question"
1000 Suits and Overcoats
to be sold in tnh sale, all of the newest styles and colors,
blacks and bIueindudednone reserved direct from
the best manufaMures such as Adler s "Collegian, B.
Kuppenheimer anct many other well known makes
25.00 and 2250 " " "
20.00 and 18.00 V
15.00 and 1250 ' "
10.00 " "
8.00 " "
6.00 - " "
5.00 " ' " 44
f '
s s
4; "2

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