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T A R. T
Right and Half the Journey
is Made
minus snnidl Ocbipcdcosius I
1 9 13
Is Knocking at Your Door
Phone 73 '
for your wants in Furniture, etc., and
the door will be opened to you
Unusual weather conditions have compelled a sacrifice of every Suit and Overcoat in stock. The
loss is terrific, but to carry this merchandise over is positively out of the question. Not a Suit or Coat
reserved all go. Here are the prices the lowest ever made:
It your house and barn insured? Bet
er see Burnam, the insurance man. tf
Let ui make you prices on field seeds.
We handle the best. D. B. McKinney.
3" tf .
We buy all kinds of country produce
and pay the highest market prices. D.
B. McKinney. 37 tf
I am prepared to do plain sewing.
Call Mrs. Martin Gentry, 210 Second
street, telephone 471. 38 7t
Come to Owen McKee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Others
do and why not you. tf
Plenty of Oats and all kinds of field
seeds at attractive prices. See us
before buying,
tf R. L. Arnold & Co.
All kinds of grits, oyster shells, chow
der, beef scrap, 'charcoal and chicken
feeds to make the hens lay D. B. Mc
Kinney. 37 tf
"Sergeant Klooque," in "Creatures of
Impulse," says: "A soldier of the King's
buzzars, although a gallant son of Mars,
to no one may he be gallant except his
mother and bis aunt !" But he is gal
lant, and his "red coat' drives the la
dies mad with admiration. 42 3t
Cooked Food 5a!e.
The Ladies' Aid of the Christian
church will have a sale of cooked food
the Saturday before Easter.
Tobacco Raisers Take Notice.
The best tobacco canvas at the price.
42 tf A. Dobrowsky. "
On Breck avenue, at street crossing,
near residence of Mr. John Duerson, a
gold ring with three diamonds. Call at
Climaa office. 40-tf
Jersey Cow and Calf For Sale
I have for sale a good three-year-old
Jersey cow with heifer calf two months
old. Charles Jett, Richmohd, phone 473.
42 tf
Listen, Ladies !
Keep your eye on our show window,
We will, in a few days, have on exhi
lion of the celebrated "Kabo" corsets.
Give us a look for they will please you.
John R. Gibson &. Co. 39 4t
For Rent
Three beautiful down stairs rooms for
light housekeeping, with bath. Only
desirable tenants need apply.
Prof. Jno. G. Koch.
304 Woodland ave. 42- 3t
Notice To Claimants.
Notice is hereby given that the ikone
Lumber Company is closing up its bus
iness. All persons bavins claims against
said company are hereby notified to pre
sent the same on or before March 15(h,
1913, at the office of the Louisville Point
Lumber Company in Louisville, Ken
tucky. 38 4 t F. .
All kinds of staple and fancy grocer
ies, field seeds, hay, corn and oats. D.
B. McKinney. 37 tf
Too Good to Last
One of the candidates for jailer of
Mercer thus speaks of his democracy in
his published card:
"I am a Democrat bred,
I am a Democrat born.
And when I am dead
There will be a Democrat gone."
This reminds us of a "red hot" demo
crat down in Lincoln county who ran for
a certain office some twenty years ago.
This gentleman was the hottest member
of the democratic fold and in fact was so
hot that uneasiness was felt lest he melt
and spill himself The primary came
and he got less than 200 votes of a total
of 1,800. This made him sore and like
many other disappointed office-seekers
he went to the nemy, the republican
party, and died the worse republican
good old Lincoln ever had.
James L. White, treasurer of a trust
company at Dallas, Tex,, was shot and
killed in his office and A. Silvers, vice
president of the concern, badly wound
ed: A third man in the room is held by
the police.
Another Contract
The Richmond Heating & P'.umbing
Co. landed the contract for installing
the heating plant for ' The Colonial," as
the old Alhambra will be called.
Splendid Lecture.
A rood crowd heard Mr. George R.
Stuart's lecture at Normal- Chapel and
greatly enjoyed his superb effort. The
next lecture of the course is by Edmund
Vance Cooke on the evening of March 1.
"Martha," the thrifty landlady of the
"Three Pigeons" will greet you at the
senior play that is coming soon. 42-3 1
Nearly Completed.
. The addition to Sullivan Hall is so
nearly completed that moving into the
first floor of it will begin Monday next.
The dormitories are crowded now and
the addition will prove a great help .c
relieve the congestion.
Graded School for Union
Th rwmlA nt I Via ITnion Cilv section
ftlC II J Ig l,Vr COlOUIiau aw aiauvu wwuws
and have raised tl.COO to - do so. They
are expecting assistance from the Coun
ty Board, which or course it win renaer.
Banks Will Close Tomorrow.
All of the banks of this city will be
closed tomorrow) Saturday, in observ
ance of the anniversary of the birth of
"The Father of His Country." If you
need money to pay your servant, your
grocer, your meat man; or even your
bill at the Climax office, rush . to your
bank as soon as soon as you read the e
lines and get the "dough."
New Music House For
The Montenegro-Riehm Music Co.;
headquaters in Louisvile but has houses
in nearly every important city in Ken
tucky, has rented the store-room of A.
Dobrowsky on First Street, two doors
above the Climax office, and is already
moving musical instruments into it. It
will open Monday and in next Tuesday's
issue of the Climax that enterprising
concern will have something to say to
our readers.
Good Sale ot Lots.
The sale of the 40 acre tract of Neville
Mo berley across from the old L. & A.
depot was made Saturday by Long
Tom Chenault. Seven' 5 acres tracts
were sold to Messrs Waller Bennett,
Elmer Deatherage and Hanson Thomas
for a total of $8,750. Twenty seven town
lots were sold to various parties pricea
raneine from $25 to :sG9, totaling aooui
$2,900. the entire tract brought $11,050,
nearly $300 per acre.
If you want to make a study of the
character of a real miser, go to the play,
"Creatures of Impulse," and study one
"Bramblehardt." 42 3t
Good Play Cleverly Present
ed. The Lady of The Lake, presented at
the Grand Opera House Thursday night
by the Freshman Class ot the Caldwell
Higb School, won for the membertTn
unmitigated abundance of credit. It is
imissibla to assign success for its
splendid production to any one of the
members who took part, because credit
is due to each and all. The characters
were well arranged each one seeming
to be j ustly apportioned. The chorus of
little girls was especially attractive and
successf uL The opera house was one
dense mass of people, and we are glad
to say that not one of them was disap-
iniit bv iu presentation me cram
atization of the poetic story was by Miss
r.iiz&beth Ternll. the talentea aaugnier
of County Clerk Terrill, and it was an
exceedingly clever piece of woric.
If you love the quaint, romantic days
of the strolling troubadours, aee me
play, "King Rene s Daughter. 4-s oi
Seeds Seeds Seeds
We have a quantity of fine re-cleaned
Clover and Timothy
5eed. We make a special effort to handle"
the very best quality of seed .
Prices Reasonable
and no one will give you a better guarantee
than we will ' '
Sewell & McKinney
15 Telephones 223
$25.00 and $22.50 Suits and O'coats now
$20.00 and $18.00 Suits and O'coats now
$17.00 and $15.00 Suits and O'coats now
. $12.50 and $10.00 Suits and O'coats now
Get out your pencil arid paper and try to figure out a . better way to make and save money.
Every man needs clothes either now or a little later.
Warm Winter
Coats for Boys
Out of style coats but splendid values, for boys from 14 to 19 years old, worth four and five
times the price, but they must be sold only $1.00 for choice. Vest to match 25 cents if you want
it. Small men can be fitted.
Heavy Shoes, Heavy Gloves. Underwear, Etc., at sacrifice prices. Nothing Charged.
To) r rn n
7 (F H
Of Kentucky Arc Invited ti Take
Part in Washington Parade
March 3.
Mrs. Desha Breckfnridge, of Lex
ington, President of the Kentucky
Equal Rights Association, asks that
every Kentucky woman who can go
to Washington and march in the big
parade of women to be given March
3, communicate at once with the head
quarters of the procession Committee,
1420 F stieet, N. V., Washington, D.
C. Mrs. Genevieve Stone, wife of Con
gressman Stone, ot Illinois, organizer
of delegations from the States, writes
to Mrs. Breckinridge that she hopes
for a large delegation from Kentucky.
'There Is a fair prospect," says Mrs.
Breckinridge, "that the women's
parade will be more interesting to the
throngs of visitors In Washington
than the inaugural parade of the next
day. Long lines of men in silk hats
may show the solid strength of Demo
cracy, but they won't please the esthe
tic sense as will women clad as heralds,
mounted on white charges and blow
ing golden trumpets and In many
picturesque and varying costumes."
What! Why two perfectly delightful
little plays "King Rene's Daughter"
and "Creatures of Impulse."
Where? At Richmond Opera House,
by Madison Institute seniors.
When? Very soon. Tell everybody
about it, please. 42-3t
Raymond Ross and Mrs. Etta Powell
were joined heart and hand in this city
on the 17th.
Dillard Brock and Miss Annie May
Powell, both of the Combs section of the
county, were made husband and wife
George Trowers and Miss Nannie
Fielder were married at James Ray's at
6:30 Thursday evening. Elder A. J.
Tribble -performed the ceremony in his
usually impressive way. Mr. Trowers
is a valued employee of the Cumberland
Telephone and Telfpraph Co., and his
bride is both pretty and popular. The
Climax joins their many friends in wish
ing them great haypiness on their jour
ney through life.
Dr. and Mrs. S. P. Grant'bf Danville,
have announced the engagement of their
daughter. Miss Lelia Grant, to Dr. Jos.
Cowherd, of Kansas City, Mo. The
wedding will take place in April.
Miss Tarkington, of Danville, a niece
of James A. Shuttleworth, of Louisville.
aud Mr. Fox Caldwell are soon to be
married. It is reported that the wealthy
uncle has presented the bride-to-be with
a check for $50,000 as a wedding gift.
A gay old Lothario of eighty address
ed his deir as "my fawn." Now he's
paying 15,014.80 for breach of promise.
Probably, too, he sings the old song be
ginning "I never love a dear gazelle."
liopkinsville New Era.
Shot A Negro.
Frank Ward, of the Kingston section,
shot a negro named James Francis yes
terday inflicting a serious but not nec
essarily fatal wound. lie used a shot
gun and only fired once lie claims
that Francis had several times threat
ened his life. Ward came n ;adgave
himself up.. He was alloweij ia.i.' n
$3iK), which he readily gave.
Miss Katherine White is with Irvine
Mr. Pleas. Parks is threatened with
Miss Bessie Tribble is with friends in
New York City.
Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Smoot were in Lex
ington and Georgetown Monday.
Mrs. J.- J. Greenleaf has as her guest
Miss Virginia Chinn, of Frankfort.
Mrs. J. D. Dykes is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. G. H. Nippert, in Cincinnati.
Judge J. J. Greenleaf and Supt. Bo
gard were in Boyle county this week.
Mr. J. Hunter Matthews, of the Tele
phone Exchange, is in Nicholasville to
Mr. George Blanton left this week for
Corbin. where he will do some electric
al work.
Mr. J. T. Ferriell, Alex Parrish and
Mr. and Mrs. Congelton left for Louisi
ana Tuesday.
Mrs. J. W. Zaring went to Carlisle on
Monday to attend the burial of Miss Lii
tie Cay wood.
Harv Perry was at Nicholasville the
first of the week to attend the burial of
his friend, Isaac Barkley.
Mrs. John E. Sexton has gone to Booner
Iowa, to be at the bedside of her rela
tive, Dr. T. K Hunt.
Mrs. Everett Witt was called to New
Albany, Ind . to attend the bedside of
Mrs. W. B. Miles, her sister.
Meeting of the Sherwood Club will be
with Miss Marie Louise Kellogg, Satur
day afternoon at 3 o'clock. -
Gov. McCreary appointed Judge John
C. Chenault a delegate to the Educa
tional Convention at Richmond, Va., in
Miss Lyles Cooper, who has been the
guest of her cousin, Miss Lucy Lee
Walton, returned today to her home in
Miss "Cinda" Hollins' friends and rel
atiues here regret to know that she had
one of her arms badly hurt in an acci
dentwbile out driving.
Hon. W. B Smith has been selected
by Gov. McCreary as a delegate to the
Educational Association at its meeting
in Richmond, Va., in April
Miss Kate Schmidt has returned from
Cincinnati, where she has been buying
spring millinery. She also secured a
competeut trimmer.
Mr. Frank Allen Smith, who holds a
responsible posi ion with a telephone
com can v in Georgia, is here for a visit
to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smith,
on north Second street.
Prof. J. W. Ireland, head of the Stan
ford Graded School and one of Ken
tucky's foremost educators, is in the
city the guest of Prof. D. W. Bridges
He will judge in the oratorical contest
at Caldwell High School this evening.
Miss Mattie Tribble of this county, is
the recipient of much attention during
her visit to Mrs. A. II. Severance at
Stanford. Entertainments have been
given in her honor by Mesdames Sever
ance, G. G. Perry and Will Severance
and more are to follow.
Mr. R. E. Turley was in Louisville
this week to see Hon. J. A. Sullivan,
who is in St. Joseph's Infirmary for
treatment He tells us that Mr. Sulli
van is getting along nicely and that his
physicians believe he will be permanent
ly cured. It will take considerable time
of course, but they are confident of his
ultimate recovery.
The Interior Journal says that Mr.
W. B. Wearen and his bride, who was
Mrs. Crickelt T. Coyle, of this county,
have gone to Kansas City to make their
home. -
The Mary Paitie Music Club met with
Miss May James on Wednesday. Febru
ary 19. The subject discussed at the
meeting was "National Airs" and the
program was rendered as follows: Roll
Names of National Airs ,
America Club
Story of the Star Spanglod Banner Miss-
National Airs
Germany Mrs. Gaughey
France Miss French.
Ireland Miss Willging
Italy Mrs. Grinstead
Spain Miss Wagers
Russia Miss Rice
Currant Events Mrs. Oldham
Violin and Piano "Dixie" Misses Mil
lion. Will Appear Next Tuesday.
The vote in the Climax popularity
contest will appear in Tuesday's issue.
We had intended printing it to-day, but
circumstances which we could not con
trol prevented it. - ,
The Webb Bill.
The following is a copy of the Webb
Liquor Bill, which recently was passed
by both the House of Representatives
and the Senate. The bill divests liquor
of its interstate character where the
laws of the Stale prohibit the sale of in
toxicants. The measure is now up to
President Taft for signature, and he' is'
said to be carefully considering it from
a constitutional point of view. The bill
reads as follows:
"A Dill divesting intoxicating liquors
of their interstate character in certain
"Be it enacted, that the shipment or
transportation in any manner or by any
means whatever of any spirituous, vin
ous, malted, fermented, or other intoxi
cating liquor - of any kind from one
State, Territory or district of the Unit
ed States or place non-contiguous to but
subject to the jurisdiction thereof into
any other State, Territory or district of
the United States, or place non-contiguous
to but subject to the jurisdiction
thereof or from any foreign country into
any state, territory, or district of the
United States, or place noncontiguous
to but subject to the jurisdiction there
of, which said spirituous, vinous, malt
ed, fermented or other intoxicating li
quor is intended by any person interest
ed therein to be received, possessed, sold
or in any manner used either in the
original package or otherwise in viola
tion of any law of such state, territory,
or district of the United States or place
noncontiguous to but subject to the ju
risdiction thereof, is hereby prohibited.
Two Alarms In Less Than An
The fire company was busy Tuesday
afternoon, two alarms having been turn
ed in in less than, an hour. The first was
sent from S m Isaac's home in the East
end and the other from Tobe Lake's, in
the same section. In both cases the
flames were extinguished before much
damage was done.
Although it is Montgomery county's
turn under the old rotation agreement
to furnish the democratic nominee for
State Senator in the Bourbon-Clark-Montgomery
district, aspirants for that
honor seem backward in presenting their
claims and the race is still open.
Opera House
Saturday, Feb. 22
( Two Reel
ir r
A Letter of Ante-Bellum
This letter we gladly commend to the
young ladies of this city for both its dig
nity and its beauty of expression and
composition. When we say young ladies,
let it be remembered that the writer was
still in her 'teens. Editor.
Wigwam. March 31. 1S45.
Your more than welcome note, my
dear Sarah, reached me yesterday and
you cannot imagine for a moment what
an agreeable surprise it proved. Altho'
you h.ad promised faithfully to write to
me, I could not help thinking that you
would forget both the promise and me,
but I assure you that it shall never be
the case again. I will invariably belie .-e
the slightest declaration you may make
in the future, and I am blushing now for
the injustice I did you before your note
reached me.
You must have had a most charming
time in the city of Glasgow and at your
cousin's wedding, where there were so
many rich viands and delicate wines. I
suppose the "feast of reason and flow of
soul" were present with you on that oc
casion, and that you enjoyed yourself
exceedingly. I would that I had been
there, if it were only to see an "ugly
bride," as you call the happily married
one, for I never heard of such a thing
before. I thought it a part of a bride's
duty to look beautiful.
I laughed at your account of the very
wat:hful old maid who had charge of
you during your mother's absence in
Columbia. Do tell me her name, with
all the funny things she did and said.
I hear that you have gone to St. Louis.
How much 1 should liKe to have known
it before, that I might have given you a
letter to my sister, Mrs. S , who
lives in that city, and whom, I think,
you would have liked for my sake.
There's vanity for you! I wish I could
be with you, but alas! for 'this and many
other things. Madame Rumor is quite
as busy with your affairs as with mine.
She accuses you of going all the way to
St. Louis to make preparations for a
very interesting and rapidly approach
ing occasion in which you are to be the
heroine. For my part, I am somewhat
inclined to believe the jade in this par
ticular matter, though I know that she
is not to be trusted always.
Let me beg of you to pay me a visit as
soon as you possibly can after your re
turn to Richland. I shall be so anxious
to see you and to bear all the news.
Gen. Cowan is here this evening and
desires me to present his compliments
to you. He says very pretty things on
your subject, but I will not fatigue you
by repeating them at this time, as I
think my note has attained the size of
quite a great affliction May I trust that
your future may never be darkened by
any influence more leaden than I fear
my note has already become.
','The beautiful F." reached home
some fortnight ago, and is grateful for
your compliment. Mr. Giles thinks it
an evidence of your sweet disposition
that you have said even that. Sister
Epps declares that her "Japonica"
reigns supreme in Mr. G.'s heart.
Both my sisters desire to be present
ed to you most affectionately. Sister E
says that if you are translated to Ken
tucxy, as we all fear you will be, that
her acquantance with you will be a
short pleasure and a long regret.
And now, my dear Sallie, good night.
Most warmly and affectionately yours,
Black Patti Makes Good.
Black Patti and her company of
bronzed artists played to a large house
at the Grand Wednesday and gave a
most creditable entertainment. The
solo and chorus singing were of a high
order and the funny business, which is
usually found in musical make-ups, was
exceptionally good. Black Palti herself,
was fine and her remarkable voice was
greatly enjoyed.
Church Notes
The Bible school attendance last Sun
day at the Christian church was 230 ajd
the offering $12.40.
Thirteen church buildings for Meth
odist -congregations in Chicago are now
in course ot construction.
Rev. J. W. Quisenberry, of Hamilton,
Ohio, will preach at the Baptist church
Sunday morning at 11 and evening at 7
o clock.
Father John O'Dwyer, who is now
stationed at Florence, spent Tuesday and
Tuesday night with friends here, who
were glad to see him. He preached at
the Catholic church at n!ght.
The first Sunday in March is the time
for taking 'he annual offering at the
Christian church for foreign missions.
It is hoped that the church will main
tain its excellent record and do its full
duty to this offering.
The Laymen's Missionary Society of
the Southern Presbyterian CLurch, in
convention at Memphis, seat a message
to President-elect Wilson, praying that
"God may direct his administration."
Next Sunday evening at the court
bouse Rev. E. B. Barnes will preach a
sermon on "Friendship," which will be
of special interest to the young people of
the city. It will be of equal value to
the old. Better is it to have a thousand
friends an J not a dollar than to have not
a friend and a thousand dollars.
March 19, 1913. is the one hundredth
anniversary of the birth of David Liv
ingstone, and it is suggested that
throughout the Christian world this
anniversary be celebrated with special
services in the churches either on Sun
day, March 16, or Sunday J larch 23.
Schools and colleges connected with
the Methodist Episcopal Chnrcb receiv
ed more than 17,500,000 for added equip
ment and endowment during the past
year. The church also contributed over
$500,000 toward current expenses (
these institutions through its Conference
"Pipette," a shy young girl under the
spell of a fairy, does some very uuusual
things in the play, "Creatures of Im
pulse "
of yours, is it asm-.! and is
thoroughly funmheda you
would like? If nor, now is
the time an-l l.ere is the op
portunity for you to sv.i; !y
any deficiency. We are nour
showinir, for irvanc. vm
splendid Oak Dinim; Tvjit-s
in a variety of s.zes ifrnd
solid, substantial tables, that will last a life time. We should . to
have you make a visit of inspection, and thin you will tin. I a fe th - .-s
here that are better than you expected. Your credit is eood, a dollar ur
two a week will do. Pay monthly is desired. Ask for terms.
Your Baby Carnage Retired While You Walt
Furniture, Carpets, Stoves and Ranges
Opposite Hotel Glyndon Richmond, Ky
Step To The Phone
And Say It
Whether your wants may be for drugs, medicines,
toilet articles, drug store sundries, stationery, candy or
cigars. Whether you need a necessity or luxury you
can depend upon our phone service and our prompt
delivery. Telephone to us for all you drug store wants
and you will soon have cultivated a worth while habit,
one that will save you unnecessary worry, time and
trouble. We are proud of our very prompt delivery
service. Nothing extra is charged for this accommodation-
It's for your use so use it.
The tatZ Store
A 1
: 3
1 V!.
f Jin
1 j-
i ,i
Tbla lit Brirf vk lb.
Gas Mantle
tmofnt. Mo SrilHnt, Moa
iBiitociafT ft Hi Cm Mauiet
Your Gas Meter Will
Prove Its Economy
After you have used the
Lindsay Model
Home Arc
(Trad Mark K.)
for a month, you will find that while
you have been enjoying better ilium-
, t - 1 .no rro Q
inauon, you nave dcch usuig
Let Our Man Show You
the advantages of this perfect gas light
It is handsome finished in white enamel and gold- It
is guaranteed for three months against breakage. Rubbed
w;th a damp cloth it can be made to shine like new.
Our man will call shortly. Let him show you. If when
you have seen the lizht, you want it, pay in easy monthly
Rkhmond Water & Light Company
Telephone 82
East Main Street, Richmond, Ky

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