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Right and Half the Journey
is Made
o n
Unusual weather conditions have compelled a sacrifice of every Suit and Overcoat in stock. ' The
loss is terrific, but to carry this merchandise over is positively out of the question. Not a Suit or Coat
reserved all go. Here are the prices the lowest ever made:
ON j
si lis
19 13
Is Knocking at Your Door
Phone 73
for your wants in Furniture, etc., and
the door will be opened to you
Will be paid to any person haTing
any kind of pain or ache, if Shipp'a
Quick-llelief Liniment fails to (live
instant relief and the purchase price
is not refunded. Try it and see.
It U the most wonderful remcdr for re
lieving pain I bare ever used." Capu Au
derkun Berry, Lexington. K j.
"I oaed tbis liniment and the pain and
poreneKs disappeared like magic. Jailer
W. T. Ballenger. Lexington. Ky.
It la tbe only remedy tbat baa plven me
any relief jm e I a paralysed f.urye::rt
ago." lira. Suaan Wclborn, Kewburg. lutl-
'Forrelierinparhea and paint this linl
ment beau anytning I evtr uw." J. Li
lyriion, Lexington, Ky.
This liniment pare almopt Instant rellrf
and baa completely cured me of rbeuma
tim."-S . B. t wait, Paris, Ky.
If it Fails to Relieve Any Pa!n In
Any Tart of The Body ia Fifte d
Minutes, Ask For Your Money Eack.
50c At All DrcgisU or
Bourbon Remedy Co., Lexington. K
Is your bouse and barn insured? Bet
er see liurnam, the insurance man. tf
All kinds of chicken feeds and grits;
Turena chicken feeders and chowder.
D. H. McKinny. 44-tf
Come to Owen McKee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Others
do and why not you. tf
Vote for Ii. Ii. Terrill for re-election
to ihe office of County Court Clerk. lie
w ill appreciate an endorsement of his
present administration. tf
When in need oi rflacksmilhini; in
iny of its branches, Farming Imple
ments, Buggies, Carriages, Wagons,
Rubber tires fcc, get prices from Ii. E.
Miller, Union City, Ky. tf
It has long been a Democratic custom
in Madison county to give a 6econd term
to those officials who perform their duty
wellduring the first term of office, and you
can make no mistake by deciding to cast
your vote for It. b. Terrill for re-elec-
t ion to the office of Co unly Court Clerk
His record is open for the closest inspec
tion. tf
Cevvare cf GLitxents for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
m orrery will orel.v dtroj tbe wnt of imo!
mini ooj,..-t i. driie tu ttbok stut beq
t.iiit it tiarvur.ti tue u.mxj urtMix. &u-b
:ti-ti'in should i.f-r l vc.i tu pmcrtp
ii ii. fr m r.'pu table i L.vu iau. a (be Uinag
t y 11 do i U'U flU to tti potsd you can pM
n :.ly dt-rive trim tbf m. I la. Kb Catarrli Cnr,
c.n-:f;irturrd br F. J. Chny Co.. T-1kJo. O..
en tuiut r mercury, cod t Ukci Internally,
ti:g dlrw-tly o-vm th bl"w1 end tnuroas Bur
f;iw of It ytem. In txirinr Hall's Catarrh
('i-e U ur j an jet tb fnuln. It H tkea
1' r TTihlty nd tnti In T"bdrt. Ohio, bj F. J.
t li i:ry 4 Co. Testimonials fr.
P id by Prorplsta. PrW, 75c per bottle.
T-k Hall's Family Pill for const lm.tloa.
There are robbers in your pastures
and they are stealing your profits. If
your sheep are infested with worms,
you should stop the loss. Worms
make poor wool, few lambs, less
weight of mutton. They s larva joar
stock, make them sick and finally kill.
A Caaraatee4 Medicate Salt
Will Kill Worms
Sold under a guarantee to kill and
expel all free stomach and intestinal
worms. Will put sheep, bogs and all
stock in prime condition. Tones up
the system, sharpens the appetite,
helps to put on fat quickly. Different
from all other worm remedies. Safe,
sure and costs little 1-1J cent a day
ptr hog or sheep. Use fcal-Vt and
your stock will doctor thentelvea.
for Sate fry
W. D. Buckley & Co
Are You Constipated?
If so, get a box of Dr. King's New
Life Pills, take them regularly and your
trouble will quickly disappear. Tbey
win stimulate the liver, improve your
digestion and rid all the poisons from
your system. Tbey will surely get you
well again. 25c a, all dealers.
Tobacco Raisers Take Notice.
The best tobacco canvas at the price.
42 tf A. Dobrowsky.
Pneumonia Follows a Cold
But never follows the use of Foley's
Iloney and Tar Compound. It stops the
cough, heals the sore and inflamed air
passage, and strengthens the lungs.
The genuine is a yellow packege with
beehive on carton. Refuse substitutes
For sale by all druggists.
A perfect flour, produced and patent
ed for people, prone to praise ferfec
lion. 43 tf
A Message To Railroad "Mea
E. S. Bacon, 11 Bast St.. Bath, Me.,
sends out this warning to railroaders ev
erywhere: "My work as conductor caus
ed a chronic inflammation of the kid
neys and 1 was miserable and all play
ed out. From the day I began taking
Foley Kidney Pills I began to regain my
strenth, and I am belter now than 1
have been for twenty years." Try them.
For sale all druggists.
On Breck avenue, at street crossing,
near residence of Mr. John Duerson, a
gold ring with three diamonds. Call at
Climax office. 40-tf
The Forty Year Test
An article must have excepiional mer
it to survive for a period of 40 years.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was first
offered to the public in 1S72. From a
small beginning it has grown in favor
and popularity until it has attained a
world-wide reputation. You will find
nothing better for a cough or cold. Try
it and you will understand why it is a
favorite after a person of more than 4u
years. It not only gives relief it cures.
For sale by all druggists.
For Rent
Dwelling with garden and necessary
outbuildings at Speedwell, Ky. Mrs
B. Q. Powell, Richmond, Ky. Phone
239. 24 tf
Foley Kidney Pills will reach your in
dividual case if you have any form of
kidney or bladder trouble, any backache
rheumatism, uric acid poiscniiut or ir
regular and painful kidney action. They
are strengthening, tonic and curative,
and contain no habit-forming drugs
For sale by all druggists.
Rooms For Rent :
Rooms for rent in Collins building.
Modern improvements. Lady
preferred. Apply to N. B.
To Cattle Dealers.
I make an -exclusive business of buying
stockers and feeders on orders. The
best quality of cattle come to this mar
ket. Your patronage, will be appreciat
ed. Market quotations promptly fur
nished on application.
Rooms 601-603 Live Stock , Exchange,
Kansas City Stock Yards. . 39 Cm
""Suffered day and night the torment
of itching piles. Nothing helped me
until I used Doan's Ointment. The re
sult was lasting." John R. Garrett,
Mayor, Girard, Ala.
Maiden Ridge Nursery.
I have for sale this Spring a lot of fine
one and two-year ol J whole-root grafted
trees and varieties of stock. Tbe Mai
den Ridge trees are giving satisfation ev
ery where. Save half by cutting out the
agent's profit. Send for price list. The
fine Aroma strawberry a specialty. G. D
Smith, E. K. S. N., Richmond, Ky,44 8t
We have a few sets of pure aluminum
ware left. It is free. - D. B. McKinney
29 tf
Your Home Reflects
Then be sure to possess articles of
excellent taste
We assist you by carrying solid silver,
the best makes of cut-glass, attrac
tive china and art ware
LANE'S oi courte
Richmond, Ky j;
The Mother's Favorite.
A cough medicine for children should
be harmless. It should be mild and
pleasant to take. It should be effectual.
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy is all of
this, and is the mothers' favorite every
where, ror sale by all druggist.
See John R. Gibson for tobacco can
vas. 43tf
$25.00 and $22.50 Suits and O'coats now
$20.00 and $18.00 Suits and O'coats now
$17.00 and $15.00 Suits and O'coats now
$12.50 and $10.00 Suits and O'coats now
Get out your pencil and paper and try to figure out a better way to make and save money.
Every man needs clothes either now or a little later.
Warm Winter
Coats for Boys
Out of style coats but splendid values, for boys from 14 to 19 years old, worth four and five
times the price, but they must be sold only $1.00 for choice. Vest to match 25 cents if you want
it. Small men can be fitted.
Heavy Shoes. Heavy Gloves. Underwear, Etc., at sacrifice prices. Nothing Charged.
For House Painting
Call H. M. Thurman, Phone 277. lie
is an experienced painter and thorough
ly reliable in every way. Reference
any one for whom he has ever done any
work. 45 tf
Have you tried our Maxwell House
Coffee and Ladies' Club Tea? D. B. Mc
Kinney, 44-tf
Opera House.
Madison Institute Sonior plays Monday
March 10th, at 8 p. m. "King Rene's
Daughter" a Danish lyrical drama.
and "Creatures of Impulse," a musical
fairy tale. Sweedish folk dancing and
monologue specialty. Tickets 35c and
50c, uow on sale at Wines' drug store.
Lots of Money.
"Who said hard times? And what boots
it if good living does come high? We've-
got money and lots of it- ' Got it to loan,.
too. The four Banks of Richmond haver
nearly $1,400,000 on deposit -the largest i
amount in a long t: me. And we mights
add, without stretching the blank d. .
that Richmond has four of the strongest
banks in the country, and they are offi
cered by the safest and cleverest mea to
be found anywhere.
Death of Promising Boy.
Mr. Jeff Stone received Saturday the
sad intelligence of the death of his young
grandson, Vogel Stone, in Kansas Ciiy.
He was the only son of Mrs. Julie Stone,
who left Madison county only a few
years ago. Vogel was 17 years old and
a very bright, promising boy Tbe wire
did not state the cause of his death.
Mrs. Rufus Stone left on the afternooa
train Saturday to be with her sister ia
her trouble. Mrs. Stone's illness pre
vented Mrs. Jeff Stone's going.
One Thousand Bottles Beer
In Berea. Think Of It!
Deputy Marshall W. M. Mays and
Deputy Collector W. T. Short ran into a
blind tiger operator at Berea Saturday
night who was well equipped for busi
ness. He was Clinton Scott, whom they
arrested and brought to Richmond and
placed in jail. Ue will have bis exam
ining trial Friday. Ia his place were
found over 1,000 boulea of beer, which
were taken in band. Saturday night was
a pretty chilly one for the malt extract.
Sut Scott was said to be doing a good
business when Uncle Sam's representa
tives raided bia "soft drink" establishment.
Mr. Herrington Declines to
Make The Race.
' I desire to announce that I will not be
a candidate for re election to the Legis
lature. My f ri nds are very kind in ex
pressing their willingness to vote for me
agiiin, and I have been very greatly
tempted to run, but I have decided that
it 's entirely impossible for me to do so.
I thank the democrats of Madison
county for twice honoring me with this
responsible position and I wish my suc
cessor every success.
L. B. Hkrrixgton.
Lecture to Farmers.
Prof. G. D. Smith, of the Kastern
Kentucky Normal School, will deliver a
lecture on Tree Planting and Grafting
before the Farmers' Union at its month
ly salting on Saturday, Mirch 8. Tbe
lecture will .be delivered in the court
house at 1:30 p. m. and will be open to
the public. Practical demonstration of
grafting will be part of instructive lec
ture. Prof. Smith having a large num
ber of specimens of his handiwork.
Coining at this opportune time, the
lee are will oe of interest and benefit to
farmers and others, interested in fruit
and shade trees. The lecture will be
free to the public.
War Declared.
Catarrah Germs Must Be
Conquered or Health Will
Be Destroyed.
If you have Catarrh you must van
quish an army of persistent, destructive
micorbes before you can be healthy.
You might as well choose your weapons,
declare war and destroy this army of
Cattarrh germs right now. Booth's
II YOU EI, a plesent germ destroying
air breathed over the entire membrane
will kil Catarrh germs. Booth's HYO
MEI (pronounce it High-o me ) is guar
anteed by B. L. Middelton to end Ca
tarrh or money back . It surley is fine
for Coughs. Colds and Croup. If you
own a little muiifc.1 bard rubber
pocket inhaler get a seperate bottle of
HYOMEI for jonly 50 cents. If you
haven't an inhaler secure a complete
outfit for only ,11.00. Just breath
it no stomach dosing. 2 t.
Special prices on first-class seed oats
this week. Ask for prices. D. B. Mo
Kinney. 44 tf
Robert Webb and Miss Polly David
son, both of the Duluth section, were
married at the bride's home today
Thomas Hicks and Miss Tommie
Lamb, of the Moberly section of this
county, were joined in wedlock's holy
bond at the home ef her parents yester
At an elegant four course dinner giv
en at noon Saturday by Misses Mary and
Jane Doty at their home in Lancaste
announcement of the engagement
of Miss Katie Lee Denny to Mr.
Robert Walker, of Fayeitesvil e, Tenn.,
was made. The happy event will take
place April 0th. Miss Denny, who is a
sister of Mr. A. R. Denny, of this city,
is a daughter of Mr. J. M. Denny, of
Garrard, and is one of that county's fair
est daughters She is a frequent visitor
to this city and has a wide circle of
friends here. She is a charming girl,
highly accomplished and very popu
double wedding took place at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Turpia
on E. Tenth street, Wednesday evening,
when Mr. Leslie Snapp, an employe of
Ratcliff & Iteef), the restaurant men. on
Tenth street, and Miss Annie Webb, of
Paris, were united in marriage by Rev.
J. S. Sims, of the Methodist church. The
other couple getting married was Chas.
Wiggins, of Cynthiana, and Mrs. Susan
Watkins, of Paris, an employe of the
telephone company. Rev. Simms per
formed the ceremony. During the past
eleven years there have been 21 couples
married at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Jurpin, in Paris.-
Mrs Frances Nelson, relict of Robert
Nelson, died at her home in the East
End last night, aged 87. A year ago she
suffered a paralytio stroke and since
then hat been on the decline. She is
survived by two sons and two daughter
Robert and General Nelson, Mrs. John
Edwards and Mrs. Alex Davis. She was a
good, christian woman and will be miss
ed by those among whom she lived so
long. The burial will take place in the
Richmond cemetery tomorrow, the hour
not yet having been decided on.
Borrowed Dress Suit and Pat
ent Leather Shoes.
Col. W. P. Walton, the brilliant and
'scrappy" dean of the newspaper fra
ternity in Kentucky, who leaves today
with a borrowed dress suit, tile and pat
ent leather shoes for the inauguration of
President Wilson, is disconsolate and
refuseth to be comforted, because after
three months of hard practice with the
bunny hug," the very dance into
which he says he put the "bunny" and
especially the "hug," Mr. Wilson has
cut out the inaugural ball. Enoch Gre
han in Lexington Herald.
How's This For An Egg Story ?
Miss Mary Stewart, the pretty sixteeu-
year-old daughter of Mr. A. W. Stew
art, of the Silver Creek section, hands
in the following concerning her good
work with her chickens: In eight
months recently ended, after using a
great many for the table and setting
a large number, sold over 1,000 dozen
eggs. Getting seven or eight dozen per
day at present. Miss Stewart raises the
Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns. She
attends to ht r chickens herself and finds
not only a good deal of ' profit in them
but a great deal of pleasure as well.
Hookworm More Plentiful
Than fishing Worms
in Berea.
The following dispatch is sent from
Barbourville, which If correct, shows a
terrible state of affairs in Berea: Dr. J.
S. Lock, of this city, who is investigat
ing the hookworm parasite in Kentucky
under the direction of the Rockefeller
Commission and the State Board of
Health, has just concluded a tweoty-four-day
investigation at Berea, Madison
county, and reports the crusade for the
eradication of the disease the most suc
cessful yet conducted. A total of 2,147
examinations were made in Berea, rep
resenting 75 per cent of tbe citizenship
and school attendance of that city. Of
this number, 425 were found to be af
flicted with hookworm disease in various
stages, 457 with roundworm, 223 with
whipworm and 37 with dwarf tapeworm.
The number of those afflicted, according
to Dr. Lock, is lighter proportionately
than investigations have shown in many
other sections of the State. The infeo
tion among students of Berea College
College was found to be 22 per cent.
Pure Sugar-house New Orleans Molas
ses, 65o per gallon, at D. B. McKinney's.
t Church Nntes I
e- "
Prayer meeting at the Baptist church
will be resumed and held each Wednes
day evening beginning tomorrow even
There will be quarterly meeting at
College Hill March 8 and 9. Dp. Peer
ing will be present. Tbe pastor, Elder
W. M. Williams, extends a cordial invi
tation to every one to come and bear
him and enjoy the meeting
Elder A. I. Tribble will preach at
Kavanaugh school house Sunday March
9, at 2.30 p. m. Subject "The Prodi
gal Son."
The Mission Circle 'of the Christian
church will meet with Mrs. W, S.
Broaddus in Burnamwood, on Thursday
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Rev. W. C Dolive, cf Louisville, will
preach at Silver Creek chapel Sunday
morning March 9, at 11 a. tn. and at 7
p. m.
A full attendance of the membership
is urged.
Coming Attractions at The
Grand Opera House.
The offering at the Grand Opers
House Tuesday, March 11th, will be the
musical comedy success, "Three Twins"
which had a run of five months at the
Whitney Opera House, Chicogo, ten
months at the Herald Square Theatre,
New York.
"Three Twins" received universal
press endorsements on its opening in
New York, which immediately stamp
ed it as a high-class attraiion. Ashton
Stevens, of the New York Journal, said:
"Three Twins is a credit to Broadway."
There are more novelties in "Three
Twins" than in a dozen musical come
dies combined.
No expense has been spared in cos
tuming the attraction and the gowns
are said to be the handsomest in Ameri
ca. The music is the most fascinating
ever written, and the musical numbers
are elaborately staged. The "Cuddle
Up a Little Closer Lovey Miae" show-
in; the seven ages of cuddling is one of
the most pathetic stage pictures ever
When Is vaudeville not vaudeville!
This conundrum is definitely nailed to a
standstill by the reply: When it ts
a French vaudeville. An evening of
farce studded with musical numbers
which do not hinder, but are genuine
stepping stones to the plot this is the
pocket definition of a French Vaudeville.
"Madame Sherry," the comedy with
music, wbicti is to be at the Grand Op
era House Thursday. March 13th7is de
scribed as the first "French Vaudeville'
to vault to American snores. It is pro
duced by Woods, Fr.zee and Lederer,
the arrangements of the production be
ing in the hands of Lederer. who made
the "revue" style of entertainment fa
mous and planted tbe seeds of "musical
comedy as now established on this
bustling continent.
The cast of plajers and the nowejty
that makes "Madame Sherry" a vaude
ville is said to be the absence of a regu
lation eleutrotyed chorus. Substituting
the usual throngs of masculine and fem
inine poseurs and d ance acrobats will be
an assembly of young actresses, whose
duties, although m inor, will none the
less be legitimately connected with the
staged topic
Zealous housewives all confess.
That All labor should grow less:
That the Rush of making bread
Never should Ins' ill great dread;
To poor flour they Never cling.
They've joined the Zaring rinG.
43 4t
Mrs. Amos Willis is on the sick list.
Mr. James Coy and family motored
to Lexington last Saturday.
3iiss Hallie Coy accompanied ber
grandmother to San Antonio forastayof
a month. She will return by the way of
Oklahoma and spend a month with her
aunt before coming back to Kentucky,
Mrs. Dr. Judy, who moved to Lexing
ton last year has returned to Kirksville
to make her home, much to the del ght
of her many friends.
Mrs. Florence Thorpe is spending the
winter with her sister, Mrs. 3. P. Ross.
Mrs. W- C. Blakeman continues very
All kinds of field seeds, hay. corn and
oats anp frncy groceries. D. B. McKin
ney. 44-lf
The Kentucky Slate Board of Health,
in its recent reports, estimated there are
in Kentucky 20,000 cases of tuberculosis.
Why don't they use Smith's Lung Tonic?
Price $7.00 per gallon. Listen to this
My daughter was ill for about five
years with consumption, we were told
she wouldn't live three months. When
we cocDBteoced the use of Smith s Lung
Tonic be began immediately to lm
prove. She used one gallon and was en
tirely -cured. We had used a number
of other things without a success.
cheerfully recommend this medicine as
one of the best medicines I ever used in
any family.
Feb. 13, 1908. Jackson, Ky
Philip Bainhard, New Philadelphia,
Ohio, states:
"I had three specialists to treat my
ife: they told me she had tuberculosis
or consumption and could not gel well.
I had used numerous remedies before l
sent for the specialists; finally as a last
resort, 1 sent for a gallon of Smith's
Lung Tonic. She is now -well and has
been since December 1911."
Smith's Lung Tonic is just like
Smith's Liniment. 40 years test has
Droven this liniment the best. Who
doubts it? Tbe man who has never tried
Manufactured by T. B. Smith Medi
cine Co., Lexington, Ky.
In the reach of everybody at li.oo a
gaJijn. Advertisement. 2J-lf
1 r rTJOT
! illlS
THURSDAY NIGHT : Kay-Bee 2-ReeI Feature
The Little Tom Co
There is a character in "The Shep
herd of The Hilts," the dramatization
of Harold liell Wright's novel, which
comes to the Grand Opera House Mon
day, March 17th, Called "Preachm'
Bill." Despite the loutrhneas of bis
character, be has a brand of philosophy
that in its way is quite equal to that o
David liarum. Soma of his sayings
"Soma fellers can do mighty big
things in a duraed little way."
"Every hound has his strong points.
but soma has more of 'era."
"There is a bond of fellowship in sor
row that "knows no conventionalities."
"God Mmighty fixed it somehow so
lb.' bird s and varmints don't maee no
mistake, but loft hit plumb easy for
men ar id women to make darned fools
of h mselves." '
S it's good for a feller t' t down in
thb ack onct in a while, if it warn
fofft'hat we'd git to stand in' so durned
PC id and straight we'd go ilatnb over
baa kwards."
"In his face was the look of one who
had dene fought his fight to h finish
aad war too dead beat t even.-, vish
war over."
Master Bazar.
BeneBt of Pattie A. Clay In' Irmary, on
March 15; h, at the Sch!eg.e1 Studio.
Everything good to eat, to. wear and
Zt F.its'.er cards to ser.J to your , -friouds. 3i,
Solid People
A Solid Man
wants to feel safe when he
sits or lie down ilim't
want to take any char.ee
on landing on the floor -:th
a broken back arid a broken
Commandment. We carry
line of
Chairs, Sofas and 3edsteads
that would sustain three men if they could get on. I'.'s pariiv
teiial, more in the mak'ng. This line is right in both respects.
Your Baby Carnage 0c tired While You Wall
the ma-
Furniture, Carpets, Stoves and Ranges
Opposite Hotel Glyndon Richmond, Ky
We Have on Display
Spring Fashions
i -piece Dresses, 2-piece Suits
and the latest novelties in
Tailored Suifs, Wash Dresses,
Ladies Waists, Etc
in the latest fashions. Please call and see
our large assortment and get our very
low prices
B. E. Belue & Co
East Main Street Richmond
Your Gas Meter Will I
T T J T?,MTr B
irove its xLuuuuinjr
After you have used the
Lindsay Model
Home Arc
(Track Mark Res-)
for a month, you will find that while
vou have been eniovinsr better ilium-
j j -
ThaijdnaYiaiapai was W
& iuncsten
Gas Mantle
Slrur--. Mo Sritliaar, Mort
Sauiuctory at HI G IkUaim
ination, you have been using less gas.
Let Our Man Show You
the advantages of this perfect gas light
It i3 handsome finished in white enamel and S0
is guaranteed for three months against breakage. Rubbed
with a damp cloth it can be made to shine like new.
Our man will call shortly. Let him show you. If when
you have seen the light, you want it, pay in easy monthly
Richmond Water & Light Company
East Main Street, Richmond,

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