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0r Window' Attractions
show only a small part of what we have to
offer in the line of
Dry Goods
Underwear and
inside the store. We make the claim that for
variety, quality and reasonable prices we can
not be excelled by any store in this section
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The Richmond Climax.
Hki Iry l.nili mm IrMar AtteraMa
A. I). Miller
W. G. While
K. C. Walton
Pres. and Mgr.
MAHCII '.. 1913
'A Shift Of The Burden.
We hear talk of panic attending the
changing of tariff rales, but you can bet
your boots there will be no panic. A
Dan ic would result from unscrupulous i
men taking advantage of weakness at
Washington, but we are glad to say that ;
there is no weakness there, but on the
contrary ill ere is a hrmness bred by a
confidence of ri'ht: And in that firmness
and strength the couuiry has confidence
and where confidence exists there can
be no panic.
A few men are poiwr to howl those
that are hit hardest. We can determine
just how hard they are hit by the mag
nitude of their protest. When their un
just earnings are curtailed they are go
ing to scream that the country is
ruined, that business is paralyzed, l'-ui
the paralyMs w ill be confined to their
own liUie minds.
The countrv is at least prepared to
throw off the incubus of an inflated tar
iff. First, because 'sufficient confidence
exists in those who will do the work
that they will lio it wisely and weli: and
o ndly because the loss of revenue
w ill be made up by an income tax. The
virtue of the income lax in this light
has largely been lost sight of. Its deep
est significance is. that the poor peop'e
can be relieved of the burden of exces
sive taxation, and the difference be
made up from taxation of the fortunes
of the rich.
Indeed, as pessimistic as some of u
have been with relation to the welfare
of the poor man, it looks as though he
coming slowly into his opportunity.
Got. Blkase. of South Carolina, was
in Washington on the day of the inau
guaration but refused to take part in the
parade because negro militiamen from
Maryland were in line. ISy this Ideate
sought to attract attention and he suc
ceeded. Strange lie ha 1 not wanted to
bead the sutfrairetie parade, or occupy
a seat on the cupaloof the Capitol build
ing or done some other "damphool"
thine. How long, oh how ionj, has the
Palmetto State pot to be humiliated by
having such a complete ass for its gov
ernor, as Blease proves himself on each
and every occasion to 'be? The South
Carolina people have been patient and
lonif-sufferine but we are constrained to
the belief that the worm will not wait
nuch longer to turn. Il can't.
Wk don't like the new Indian-buffalo I
nickel a little bit. First place, like the
other denominations of wampum, they
are miciity hard to gel your fiucers on.
And seconiy, the thought of Indians and
buffaloes always makes cold chills run
down our spinal column
SLrf Keep DRY
It is a good thing to be prepared for a rainy
day. Why not buy a good Umbrella and keep
dry? Come to the store vhefe you don't get
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You will have comfort and look good if you
let us supply the things you need.
T - ?
s -.1
Capt. Scott, who perished a year ago
in the Antarctic, recorded in hist diary
that one of the parly of five, while on
the return march from the South Pole,
had his feet and hands so severely frost
bitten that it was impossible for him
to proceed. Already the party had lost
one man, and were suffering untold
hardships as the result of cold and the
lack of food.
This disabled member realized that il
I would be impossible for Scott and his
men to carry him. and he likewise knew
I that they would not leave him. So,
! while a blizzard raged without thectmp
this man announced that he was going
I to taki a walk, remarking as he left: i
; may be gone some time "
j while the great world went on with
i's multifarious activities' and men with
plenty to eat and wear, and fires to
warm them, racked their petty souls
with imagined worries, this man laid
down in the biting blast and died.
His name was Captain Gates.
Tiiih from the Cynthiana Democrat is
appalling. Can il be true that in this
civilized land life is as cheap as it ap
pears to be iu Harrison county? If it is.
something should be done to cause the
poople to su.p and think, even if il be
necessary to abolish the county: "For a
defendant 13 ask a change of venue from
Harrison county seems tine irony in view
of the fact that nine murders have been
committed in the county within the past
two years, and the sum total of convic
lions amounts to a sentence of 200 davs
in jail and a fine of 1(H)."
marios county c uzens pay lax on
ibeir dogs amounting to $0d0 and the
dogs killed sheep to the amount of
Ij05 50 t'M 50 profit. Making money
right along. Some of those who were so
anxious to secure license to sell whisky
at Lebanon and were turned down might
turn their attention to dog raising and
sheep killing and come out a head of
the financial game.
As head of the law department of
Yale, Ei-Presiden', Tafl is to receive
salary of $5,000 while the foot ball coacb
of the same innituiion will pel 11,000.
And, considering the great amount of
interest the colleges take in athletics.
the wonder is that 'lie salaries had not
been reversed.
Toe Daytona, Fla , Gazelle sajs that
John I). Rockefeller and party are now
stopping at Seabreeze, enjoying the lux
ury of a suite of fourteen rooms. To I
reputed to be worth &00,000,000 this
would cut much less figure financially
ilian a nimbi's lodging at Hotel Glyndon
would to us small fry.
1)k. John W. Kcsskll, supenuten
dem of Matlea wan Slate Hospital, where
Harry K. Thaw is confined, didn't set a
part of the f 20,000 offered for the Jai
ler's release, but he did get one on Gov.
Miizer by resigning oeiore he was
"kicked out"' by the executive.
Whkx you are thinking of entering a
protest against the many k inds of wea
ther we are having now bear in mind
Hint March is upon us and save your
worry for still greater troubles.
Poi.iTirs, says Senator Koot, is a mod
ifid form of war. And of course you re
member what Sherman said war was.
All kinds of field seeds, hay, corn and
oats anp frncy groceries. I). 15. Mclvin
ney. 44-tf
Speaker Champ Clark celebrates his
C2d birthday anniversary to-day.
The ?1 0,000 home of Judge S. A. Bass,
at Uussellville, was destroyed by tire.
J. W. Chaney, aged C3, and a promi
inent merchant of Valley View, is dead.
Rev. H. H. Burroughs, of Bristol,
Tenn.. has just married his j.OOOlh cou
Jesse kstes, who killed Win. Ander
son, in Knox county, was denied bail at
his examining trial.
Daniel Burdette, aged 75, died at his J
hime in Garrard county of a complica
tion of diseases.
W. D. Gooch and John U. Read, res
pected citizens of Lincoln county, have
died in the past week.
Charles Dewey Ililles, secretary to
President Tafl, upon retirement will en
ter business in New York.
The assessment of railroad property
in Kentucky for 1912 is fOS.141.4S3, as
compared with t'37,1 13,931 in 1911.
Senator John W. Kern, of Indiana,
was selected democratic loader at the
Senate caucus without opposition.
Alfried S. Brandies, general solicitor
of ibe L. & X. railroad, died suddenly
of heart failure at bis home in Louis
Yegemen blew open the safe of an
Evansville jewelry firm and secured di
amonds and watches valued at about $5,-
Clarence S. Darrow, charged wilh at
tempting to bribe McXamara jurors, ar
gued, that he is the victim of a gigantic
pi 31.
Secretary of War Garrison has order
ed Major Gen. Leonard Wood toconlinue
as chief of staff of the army until fur
ther orders.
Mrs. E. E. Mudd, widow of the late
warden, was appointed matron of the
Frankfort Reformatory by the Slate Pri-
so.i Commission.
President Taft signed the Public Build
ing Bill, carrying i'.ems for Kenliicky
aggregating $518,000, shortly before he
retired from office.
Gv. Mann, of Virginia, has respite 1
until March 23 the Aliens, sentenced to
die to-day for their pari in the llillsvl le
court-house murders.
T. C. and I). F. HanKin, of Garrard,
won in the courts of Chattanooga, when
they were awarded f 4,510 for 19 head of
mules which were killed in a wreck.
That Henry M. Flagler, 82 years old,
virtually owner of the Florida East Coast
railroad, is recovering from injuries re
ceived in a fall, was reported at his win
ter home near Palm Beach.
At J. J. Allen's sale at Husionville, in
Lincoln county, 40 head of 1,000-pound
cattle brought 7 l-2c; a lot of hogs 17. SO
per rwt.; a ten-year-old family horse
1 177.50; pair horse mules $335.
Thompson V Ballard, of Boyle coun
ty, are reversing the usual order of
things. They have bought several car
loads of cattle in Cincinnati and are now
feeding them on their several farms.
Police women as an aid in stamping
out vice in New York city were vdvoca
led by Mrs. O. II. P. Belmont in a speech
before the Legislative committee inves
tigating conditions in New York.
Mrs. Cynlhia Dudderar, iiged 75, is
dead at Rowland, Lincoln county. Some
seven years ago she and her husband cel
ebrated the 50ih anniversary of their
marriage. Her husband died some six
weeks ago.
What are believed to be the fi st war
rants for the seizure of contraband liq
uor under the "Webb liquor law," were
issued in Oklahoma, and the stations of
three railroads at Oklahoma City were
President Taft signed the bill creating
a Department of Labor with a Cabinet
portfolio. He said, however, that the
department is not really needed. Heal
so suggested a complete reorganization
of government 1 bureaus.
Olaf A. Tveiimore and Eugene A.
Clancy, of San Francisco, convicted of
participation in the so-called dynamite
conspiracy, were released from the Fed
eral prison at Leavenworth, Kas , on
bonds of $00,000 each.
The Internationa Good Roads Con
gress at Chicago adopted a resolution
urging employment of convicts upon the
public highways on the Colorado plan of
allowing ten days' com mutation for every
:W of labor.
Becoming suddenly insane, Dempsv
ilellon, a farmer of Knox county, shot
his wife through the head with a shot
gun, cut his throat from ear to ear wilh
a knife and then set tire to tne huse.
Neighbors extinguished the flames in
lime lo save the bodies.
rormer President Jail was given a
a hearty welcome on his arrival at Au
gusta, Ga., by 1,0K) school children and
many citizens who assembled to meet
his train. He spent the diy playing
golf and riding about the city, and at
night attended the theatre.
The heads of the county schools of
this Slate will meet at Frankfort with
Superintendent of Public Instruclicn
Barksdale Hamlell, on Api il 2nd for a
several days' convocation. Rev. E. C.
McDougal, of ill is city, is president of
the superintendents' organization.
County Subt. John Noland is on the pro
gram for an address.
Democrats of the new House have se
lected o (filer and members of the Ways
and Means Committee. Representative
Stanley succeeds James as a member of
ih is committee. Souih Tr imble was re
nominated for clerk. Champ Clark had
no opposition for Speaker, and Oscar W.
Underwood was again chosen the floor
Tiie Democratic National Committee
tnstru -led Chairman McCombs lo lake
steps to insure the election of iwo dem
ocratic Senators from Illiuois and one
democrat from New Hams!) ire. It also
elected Kolla Wells, of Missouri, treas
urer; Homer S. Cumming, of Connecti
cut, vice chairman, and voted to estab
lish Washington headquarters.
Gov. MtCreary yesterday exiended to
President Wilson an invitation to speak
in Louisville C-tober 5 the closing day
oflhe Perry Victory Centennial celo
bra ion. He also urged ihe President
to visil ihe city for the week if pos
sible. President Wilson asked for lime
to consider.
President Wilson yesterday saw most
of the phases of Ins new position. He
met Ins Cabinet for ihe first official
session, received and answered con- J
gratwlalory messages from some of tliei
Kings and Emperors of the world, talk
ed with several diplomatic possibilities,
shook hands with 930 persons, was con
sulted about liie legislative programme
aiid refused loimerest himself directly
in pa! ronajje mutters. He saw Wiilia m
F. JlcCotnbs regarding miners of p--t-tronage
M nitht.
Hairing Powder
is the greatest of modern
time helps to perfect cake
and biscuit making. Makes
home baking pleasant and
profitable. It renders the
food more digestible and
guarantees it safe from
alum and all adulterants.
Gone To "ISich."
The girls' basket ball team of Cald
well High School left this afiernaon for
Nicholas v i 1 1 e, where they will
try conclusions wilh the high school
learn of that city. Quiie a number of
the student friends of team members
accompanied them.
Wilson and Marshall Inaug
urated. Wood row Wilson was on Tuesday In
augurated 2Sth President of the nation,
Chief Justice While administering the
oath in the presence of the retiring Pres
ident, members of the Supreme Court,
prospective Cabinet members, high gov
ernment officials, diplomats and count
less numbers of American citizens.
Thomas R. Marshall look the oalh of
ollice as Vice President in the' Senate
chamber, administered by President Gal
lingar. Former President Taft express
ed thedesirethal President Wilson might
realize his aims in government and have
a successful administration. The Presi
dent's inaugural speech was heard with
enthusiasm. Mr. Wilson stood for hours
reviewing the inaurural parade, which
was five hours passing the Court of Hon
or. Stirring scenes, unusual even at in
augural events, marked the day and con
tinued far into the night. The President
attended a Princeton smoker at night.
With a smile for everyone, a hand
shake for his Cabinet members and a
courtly bow to the women, who gather
ed at Union station in Washington,
William Howard Tafl Tuesday retired
from public life, after serving the Unit
ed States in various capacities since he
was 21. With his family the former
President departed for Augusta. Georgia,
where he will spend three weeks as the
guesi of the ciiy, after which he will go
to New Haven to lake up his duties as a
a professor of law al Yale University.
Plenty of Oats and all kinds of field
seeds at attractive prices. See us
before buying,
if R. L. Arnold & Co.
.iabtsmt Institute junior pilaus
King Rene, of Provcuce
Count Tristan, of Vaudemont
Sir Geoffrey, of Orange
St Almerik .
Kbn Jaiiia, a Moorish physiciau
Bertrai d
Martha, Bertram!' s wife .1
Iolanthe, King Rene's daughier
Miss Bess Wagers
' Physical Culture Class
Creatures of Impulse
A Musical Fairy Tale
Sergeant Klooque
Boombiehardt, a miser
Peter, a younir farmer .
Jacques, a villager
A il lager
Martha, landlady of the Three Pigeons
Vipetle. her niece ,t
A Strange Old Lady
Why Not Select
Clothes Today
Of course jou will want to be
correctly and distinctly attired on
llireh 23rd
Then you'd bettei seo the wool
ens just received from
Ed. V. Price Co.
Merchant Tailors Chicago
and let us send them
your accurate meas
urements:. TODAY!
You have our guar
antee that the clothes
will please you be
yond any custom
tailored clothes you
ever wore at any
$13.75 to $50
E. V. E
Fined For Violating Local Op
tion Law.
Shell Tribble was fined f 50 and cos's
for obtaining whisky for another. . Har
ry Saunders caught a $75 fine for selling
booze. He was also given 30 days in
jail. Babe Nelson was mulcted to the
tune of $100 and 30 days for furthering
the booze traffic
John Bowmau, convicted at Lebanon
of criminally assaulting Minnie Lamb,
must die on April 11, says Acting Gov
ernor McDermott.
City Council Meets. But Does
Little Business.
Councilmen Covington, Golden, Stone
Todd, Bybee and Vaughn were all pres
ent at the council meeting last night, as
were Mayor Rice, Clerk Edgar Blanton,
Chief of Police Allman and Policeman
Jesse Dykes. They were all ready to
op business but there was very little" to
do and the session lasted less than an
Collector L T. Wilson reported col
lection since last meeting as follows: To
general fund. $121.03: scho .1 fund, $19.-
70; sinking fund, $i.2t.
Chief Allman reported fines of $04
and bonds colle -led, $5'J.
It was moved, seconded and decided
by a unanimous vote that the Terrill
land, recently discovered to be in the
city limits, be exempted from taxation
up to the present year. Those ownine
the lands had been deprived of the ad
vantages of schools,- lihts and other
improvements the city has and the city
lathers did notlhik it just for those citi
zens lo pay city taxes under thecircum
A committee was appointed composed
of Councilmen Todd, Stone and Bybee
lo act wilh Mayor Rice in examining the
Alhambra and seeing that there are
abundant exits lo mak it safe under any
and all circumstances
An order was made for the purchase
of 50 more rods of rock for use on the
A number of bills were ordered piid
aid some other routine business was at
tended to.
Miss Eva Whillock
Miss Mabel Ray burn
.Miss Cora lie Dun
. Miss Nora Gripes
Miss Jennie Rankin
...Miss Roberta BiftrerslatT
Miss KaiU'Griegs
Miss Jeanelte Pales
Miss Eva Whillock
Miss Roberta Biguerstaff
Miss Mabel Raburn
...Miss Coralie Duff
Miss Nora Griggs
Miss Jennie Rankin
Miss Katie Gripes
Miss Jeanette Pates
IB 1, ici CD.
How Date Of Taking Office;
By President Was Fixed.
The dale of tak inif i.tT!c bv a new Pres
ident was fixed by the United States in
Congress assembled-, he Continental Con
gress. Saturday, September 13, 17
when this resoluii' n was adopted
Resolved, Thai the first Wednesday
in January next be the day for appoint
ing electors in the several State, which
before the said day, shall have rat ilied
I the sai 1 Constitution; thai ihe first Wed
nesday in February next be the day for
Uhe doctors to asemble in their respec
tive Stales: and vo e for a President;
and that ihe firs. Wednesday in March
next be Ihe lime, and the present seat
of Congress (New York) the place, for
commencing the proceedings under the
said Constitutions."
The first Wednesday of March 173!)
fell on the fourth day of thai month and
iliusthe term of Washington and his
successors elected to the odlce of Pres
ident begins on that day. The date fell
on a Sunday in 1321, 1319, 1377, and
will fall on a Sunday in 1917, 1915, 1973,
2o2!, 2029. 2057, 20S5,. 2125 and 2153.
Washingthn was inaugurated for the
first time Thursday, April 30, 178D, and
for his second term Monday, March 4,
like good people, are the kind with
which to associate.
Our "Life and Limb"
so often depend the characteristics of
the horses we drive, lhal the first and
most important question ingoing for a
drive should be: Is the horse vicious?
At our stable you can find kind, intelli
zenl animals. It is a pleasure to drive
t lem. Phone us your orders 09.
J, R. Azbill's
Phone U! Richmond. Ky
Public Sale of Land And
As reprevn aiive of the estate of the
late J. J. Todd, 1 will on
At 10 a. m , sell at public outcry to the
highest and bet bidder, the following
land and personal!: 'J'tio farm of 204
1-2 acres of land, lying one mile from
Terrill, and adjoining ihe lands of T. K.
Baldwin and Georye iiallew, hi id on g od
country road It is almost all in blue
grass aud in splendid shape. Has on il
a good dwelling house and all necessary
outbuildings. Well watered wilh wells,
spring and pond. About 2n acres in fine
walnut, oak and ash; good orchard on
place. Prospective buyers are invited to
look before ihe day of sale. Mr. Hugh
Murray.who lives on the place, will take
pleasure in showing it. Alto the follow
ing stock and household goods, imple
mints, etc: a spaa of aged mules, one
bugy horse, good and gentle; a brood
mare: one 2-year-old filly; 3 head of heif
ers: 3 fat hoirs; one Jersey cow, giving
milk: one calf; IS ewes ready to lamb,
and 4 bucks: a good buggy and two sets
uf harness; 2 farm wagons and a lot ol
harness; :i bee hives and a lot of empty
hives; a mowing macli ne; 1 self dump
rake; 1 turning plow; i double-shovel
plow; a 1-horse turning plow; a harrow;
I scraper; 1 hg box; 1 cider mill one
crosscut saw: 1 ban J saw; 1 post augur
and posl hole digxer; 1 corn scoop; au
gurs and tools of all kinds; 40 locust
posts; lot of loose lumber, such as wag
on tongues, coupling poles and gale
slats; 3 large kettles; 1 man's saddle and
a siue saddle; lot of good fodder; lot of
good baled hay; about GO barrels of corn
in crib: lot of blue grass seed and other
things too numerous lo mention. House
hold and kitchen furniture -4 dressers;
i wnrurooe; i nail tree; 1 couch: 9 stand
tables; 0 rocking chairs; 6 bedsteads; 1
set walnul parlor chairs; 1 set of dininji
cuairs; 101 oi ouu cnairs; 1 side board: J
safe; 1 sugar chest; an extension laole
1 breakfast table; a heiling stove; 7 car
pets and a lot of rugs; a Selinia Ranee.
ifood as new ; kitchen cabine ; lot of cook
tables; 4 tubs; 2 washboards; tin boiler;
a casi Doner; a snotgun.
Terms m: de known on day of sale.
Representing heirs of J J. Todd.
Jesse Cobb. Auctioneer.
Commissioner's Sale !
Josiah Slocker's Heirs, &c.. Plffs. v
Josiah stocker's Heirs, ifcc, Dfis.
Under and by virtue of a judgment
rendered at the February, 1913, Term of
ihe Madison Circuit Court in the above
styled action, the undersigned Master
Loo missioiier of said court, will on
THURSDAY, MARCH 27th 1913,
On the premises at 11 a. til. sell at pub-
iiu auction 10 me ninesi and best bid
der ihe following described property,
beginning at a point in the center of
the Barn s Mill and Silver Creek pi seat
two stone po uu ers, one on each side of
pike; (hence wilh ihe center ot Dike X
J K y OS chains, N' IS 14 E 4.33 chains.
. 2t 3 4 K 3 24 chains; thence leaving
ohe pike S lit E 2 89 chains to a siako-
ihence up a hollow S GS.5 E 10 71 chains
io ihe coiner of the drain: ihence ud a
ridge S 43 K 7.G chains to a locus!;
ihence S 5 1-2 W 10 15 chains to aone:
ihence N 77 W 21.51 chains lo the be
winning, containing 30 1-4 acres and
being the same land conveyed to Josiali
jlocker by Curd Limb by deed reoorJ
ed in Madison count v clerk's ollice iu
Jeed book Gi, page 478.
Terms Said property will be sol I on
credu of G moiiltis' lime, ihe pun:ins-
er being required to execute bond paya-
oie lo llie Com ru isiioner, bsnring o per
cent interest irom dale until paid, with
uen reiainnu io secure the purchase
money. Purchaser will be permitted to
pay cash if desired.
II C. RICK. M. C. L. C. C.
Commissioner's 5ale.
Frank Phelps, plaintiff, versus Sarah
Chambers, in;. Defendants.
Under and by virtue of a judgment
rendered al the February, lid a, te m of
the Madison circuit court in the above
styled action, the undersigned Master
Commissioner of said court will, on
Al 11 o'olocH a. m. sell to the highest
and best bidder at public auction, in
from of the court house door in Rich
mond, Ky., the following described
property, or so much thereof as wi I
produce the sum t f 41M) 10, the amount
o ordered to Le made. A certain l.ji or
parcel of ground, oa llie east side of
Sleep sireei, in Richmond, Ky , and be
itw one half of Lot o. 4 in liiock 17. in
ihe Richmond Investment Co.'s addition
to the city of Richmond, ICy , mid bei.iir
the nonh liaif of said lot deeded to Jit
ry Chambers, Deed Rook fid, Paee H I.
TERMS: Said properly will be soid
on a credit of six months' time, the pui
chaser InMiij.' rc'i'iirvd to execute bonil
pa v able to lis Com m ivsi jnc-', bearing
percent, iritertst from d:ns until paid,
uh lien retained to f-eciiiV two piy
n.ehi of the purrhr.oe moi'cj. I'urcMi
er wiii-bt' pt ni!t'fil i. i.-iv t-!i if tii-ir..-.l.
II. c KKb',, C LLC. C
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W. T. Mansfield 6 Co.
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Real Estate Aent
Oldham Building
Richmond, Kv
Office in Douglas & Simmons' new
Building on Second Street
opp. Court House
Attor!Yat-La, '
tbee over State Eank A Trust Co., op
oeite Coort House, on Main Street.
4arry M Blantcn,
nly ill. I .ONE 19
Dr. Robt. C. Boggs
Tnlonhnn i 2"7
Office in Oldham Bulletins'
Dr. M. Dunn
In Diseases of EYE. EAR, NOSE
Oldham Bldg,
Richmond, Ky
General Auctioneering.
oervices Keasonable.
R. Emmett Million
isticceasor to Hurgia ltenny
T. R. Pennington
Office next door to Government build
ng Richmond, Ky.
Paint Lick, Kentucky
Crown, Bridge and Inlay work a
Office in Dank Building.
Will buy or sell your bouse.
farm town lots or any thin
else in the Real Estate line.
Any business intrusted to
him will be promptly and
carefully attended to. Soe
him if his services are nr d
ed. Vv'e repre r.t ir;n bound
Insurance Co:-: t. l- re-ra-pj
bfi- tl.is.
For Rent
Dwelling with garden and necessary
outbuildings at Speedwell. Ky. Mrs
B. G. Powell, Richmond, Ky. Phone
230. 21 tf
! i i
Stockton's Drug Stor
J :M mi V:', M v i
m mi m Hu :
Occasionally you have observed some article of wear that
has led you to the mental conclusion "that's my style
that's me. Well, somewhere in the Adler line we helieve
you can pick out just such a suit one that will reflect
your personality that is just your sty le.
represent the best style ideas of the season, to which is aJJeJ s
choice of fine fabrics of the newest and most popular shades
and the kind of hand tailoring that makes the garments shapely
and lasting. Now is the time to pick out your suit
Cut TMg 0ut
And Post Where You Can
5ee It
The Cost of Living Goes Up
The Cost of Mazda Lamps Goes Down
2.) watt MazJa soM for 40c now .'',1c cash, r.4e cLa
100 " ' " jHV- " ki Tie 4
Kentucky Utilities Company
Rooms For Rent.
Rooms for rent in
Modern improvemn'. I
preferred. Apply to X. i
Wide Awake
Look for ha'trains in -Store
with the s.m ..
that they would in :i . ,
line. We sell
Drugs. Medicir.es
Toilet Articles
at very moderate t r;iv.
will find our stoc' fr--v. r i
fine quality. Stan l i- l i.-,
Cigars. Refreiun ' . i
Rivh:r.or,J F.N cirL P. .. .-. cr Co;rt a-.y

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