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The Richmond Climax.
fMitmn lriy I.miw mm Irimm AttaraMa
A. D. Killer
W. 6. Whit
E. C. Walion
Pre, and Mgr.
wmmmm ) -
MARCH M. 1913
-Premier Bryan.
The President ha selected a very
strong body of men as advisors. His
Cabinet is made up of the party's great
est men and chosen for each man's fit
ness for ttin portfolio he is to handle.
Geographically considered it is also well
selected, every part of the country be
ing represented. Taken together the
Cabinet will compare more than favora
bly with any other for many years, and
nothing but good is prophesied for it.
In choosing a man for the first posi
tion in his Cabinet, Mr. Wilson would
have shown ingratitude unworthy of
him if he had not tendered the place of
Secretary of Slate to Hon. William Jen
nings Bryan, without whose efforts at
the critical time he would probably not
have been nominated for the presidency.
Speaker Clark had double as many voles
as Mr. Wilson, till the Xebraskan, with
a powerful effort directed at the Speak
er's New York support, turned the tide
and won the prize for the New Jerseyan.
Besides, Mr. Bryan is well equipped for
the place and being the most popular
democrat in the country, appointment
pleases millions of those who have stood
by him since his spectacular entry into
National politics sixteen or eighteen
years ago and was nominated for the
There may be those who think Mr.
Bryan is a dangerous man for public po
sition. He might have been at one
time, but with age has come wisdom
and conservatism and no fears need be
felt on that score.
We do not believe, however, that Mr.
Bryan will remain long in the Cabinet.
He can't afford it. lie e n make five
times as much a year as his salary of
tl2.000, with his longe 'and ren, and
like the rest of us, Mr. Bryan is not
averse to filthy lucre.
His appointment was a natural one
and he did not care to cast aside the
treat honor. But mark the p eviction:
lie will resign in less than six months
or by the time the Chautauqua season
eels busy, when he will be a greater
drawing card than ever.
Rocks That Wrecked The
Whatever niche of fame history will
allot to William Howard Taft, it is pop
ular today to call him a failure. The '
jjew Vord World in a brief summary of .
the good and ill of his administration,
says his failure to veto - the Payne
Aldricb tariff law was the initial error
that caused most of his party's troub
les. Also his refusal to co operate with
democrats and republicans in Congress
to revise the tariff downward, as he had
promised, was a blunder.
"Reduced to the fewest terms," says
the World, "the fale of the republican
party may be attributed to privilege,
plutocracy and personal government.
These are the rocks on which it went to
pieces. Mr. Taft contributed greatly
to the result by his inability to perceive
that ihe lime had come to cut off mon
opolistic taxation. Mr. Roosevelt and
bis associates must accept whatever re
sponsibility attaches to the deliberate
wrecking of a party for revengeful and
selfish ends.
"Democrats may study this record
with profit. They will find much to
emulate and not a little to avoid. They
also have their stand-patters and pluto
crats. They also have their turbulent
leaders, eager for power and crazy
for violence. The forces that have hu
miliated the republicans in spite of
much good service will unfailingly undo
the democrats, if given the upper hand.".
Editor Alverson, of Hie Anderson
News, comes back at us with a broad
side that paralyzes us. In fact, we have
been helpless since we read his scath
ing, vitriolic, bombastic effort. It was
terrible; it was philippic; it was burn
ing. We stirred up a hornets' nest and
as a result we were "stung." Experi
ence is a great though harsh teache-,
and we have profitted by ours. No
more shall we tickle the hind heels of a
mule nor hold to our cheek a deadly
rattler. The burnt child dreads the fire
and we are compelled to admit that we
were badly scorched. Forgive our egre
gious error, "Senator," and we promise
never again to moles' you, but, on the
contrary, our '"fluence" will be used in
getting you more pie. We are sure that
nothing would please you better. Au
re voir and scat !
Clothing to Measut
This Wtek
Thursday and Friday
We will have with us an experi
enced tailor and titter. Don't fail
to see the 500 Samples of the
Season's Latest Suitings
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sure to see thie man, who certain
ly can please you
a no
Listen f
will soon be
Aerry Easter will soon demand Merry attire.
Bloom out In a nev Easter outfit--we've got
the goods--and you will be happy.
The first principle of our business Is to please
our customers, not only vhen they buy our
goods, but vhen they vcar them.
Ve vant to urge our friends to urge their
friends to come to our store. Then our upgrade
goods ani 0 jr lov prices will urge them to buy
and become, for a life-time, our business friends
We are very glad to learn that Judge
Wilkes II. Morgan and County Attorney
Frank llipy, of Anderson, have with
drawn their damage suits agaiust Edit
or J. M. Alverson, of the Anderson
News. The latter published a card
showing that he had been misinformed
as to the article he published and to
which the gentlemen objected, and now
the doe of peace hovers over (he three.
All of the gentlemen did the right thing.
If Editor Alverson had good reason to
believe that what he published was true;
he should not be censured for giving it
to the public. Finding he was wrong,
he did the amende honorable by admit
ting his error. When he did this. Judge
Morgan and Attorney Ripy showed
themselves to be men of the right sort
by withdrawing their suits and "accept
ing his apology.
Wk are asked by the Anderson News
if we are for Gov. McCreary for Senator.
I5et your boots, Mr. Alverson, we are.
I The Climax always supports Madison
couuty men, when she offers good ones,
and that she always does. We have not
asked the governor to run, however, be
lieving that he needs no advice from
this paper. And, too, the editor of the
Climax would not under ary circum
stances be a father to the crime of ad
vising any person to either get in or stay
in politics. Re has seen too many good
men ruined by the political game.
The Interior Journal has this to say
about the candidacy of Mr. A. 1) Mil
ler, the president of Jie Climak Print
ing Co., for Representative of Madison
"Representative L. 15. Herrington has
declined to make the race for re-elect ion.
Now if the democrats of Madison coun
ty will get beli i:id A. D. M liler and elect
him Ly accUm mat ion, they will have a
representative who will reflect honor on
that good county in every way."
John Upton, of Bryantsvilie, was held
in 12,000 on the charge of killing Wui.
Gill in Mercer.
Suit will be filed at Frankfort today
to test the constitutionality of the Con
federate pension act.
Chairman McCombs, of the National
Democratic Committee, is lipped for
the Ambasadorbhip to France.
A party of young people from Stan
ford are expecting to attend Madame
Sherry's entertainment here Thursday
General trade " conditions are goop
with all lines in demand, say Dun's
and Rradstrcet's weekly reports of
In a formal statement Acting Gov.
McOermot; declared tie opposed at this
time to calling an extra session of the
James W. Emmons, chief of police at
Owingsville, committed suicide in the
oflice of the county clerk while court
was in session.
Col. Nicholas McDowell, 73, is dead
at Danville. He was Commissioner of
Agriculture under the late Gov. John
Young Brown.
Marsha Burdett, of Burgin, was ac
quitted of the killing of John Elkin. He
aitemp'ed to arrest the man when the
latter interferred.
Wood Ax ton and Dr. J. N. Sebastian,
two of Louisville Bull Moose leaders,
blacked each other's eyes in a fight at a
committee meeting.
The New York State Senate last night
passed the bill designed to prohibit the
employment of womeu in factories after
10 p. m. or before 6 a. m.
The suffragists are after the police of
Washington because.they claim, they
were not given adequate protection dur
ing their parade in that city.
Richard Olney, who held two Cabinti
positions under President Cleveland,
has been offered the Ambassadorship to
Great Britain by the President.
The Department of Agriculture's re
port for March 1 shows 150.4S3.0OO bush
els of wheat still on farms and 1,289,
Gjj.OOO of corn still unmarketed.
Every available vessel in Key West
harbor is steaming to aid of the steam
er,, Lugano, stranded on Ajax Reef,
which is rep )rted in great danger.
Formal charges alleging that she was
not born in the S lull) wore filed agiinst
Mrs. Thomas White, president of the
Southern Woman's Club of Chicago
Deputy Sheriff Cam Mullins was
awarded damages for $2, COO against one
Graybiel, who stabbed him at London
some tiiiu ago while making an ar
rest. Senator Clarke, of Arkansas, was
elected President Pro Tern, of the Sen
ate over Senator Bacon, of Georgia who
has been alternating the duties with
Senator Gallingcr.
Seventy Indians representee every
tribe in the country and including
twenty seven chiefs, called on Secre
tary Lane, of the Interior Department,
to pay their respects.
When he learned that Thomas Moi
ris Jr., who has been his enemy, would
dia unless healthy blood were trans
fused into his veins, Jamos J. Lynch, a
contractor at Yonkers. N. Y., volun
teered. His offer was accepted.
President Wilson has notified Demo
cratic leaders, it is slated, that he is
opposed to exemption of farmers' or
ganizalions and labor organizations from
prosecutions for viola ions of the Sher
man anti-trust law as interpreted by ttie
cour s.
Dr. Friedmann. the Berlin specialist,
inoculated 17 patients with his new vac
ine for tuberculosis in a New York hos
pital Saturday. He believes he has a
cure for the white plague.
A Federal income tax, probably of 1
per sent, and a free sugar tariff sched
ule were agreed upon by Democrats
who a e to compose the majority of the
House Ways and Means Committee.
The first Kentuckians to receive ap
pointmenis at the hands of President
W ilson are Lieut. Col. Daniel L. Tale
and Col. Charles M. Truitt, who have
been assigned to coast artillery service.
It was announced in Mexico City that
152,000 life insurance on former Presi
dent Madero's life and f 10,000 on that
of former Nice Presinent Saurez. would
be paid as soon as proofs of death are
tn a "last day frolic thirty men
last night raided the House and Sen
ate chambers of the Indiana Legisla-
ure and destroyed many valuable
papers. The Legislature adjourned at
Mrs. R. N. Mereditb, formerly Cyn
thiana. was among the many refugees
from Mexico City who arrived in New
lork Friday on the Ward liner, Mexi
co, b rancisco Madcro, Sr., and other
members of the family were aboard.
Gus RuelT, a young chauffeur of Lou
isville, risked his life and that of his
companion to prevent his cafrunning
over a little child, lie ran the auto, in
to a street pump, injuring himself and
badly crippling the other occupant.
airs, uooerc, wooacocn, lor many
years a resident of this city, is very low
witn pneumonia, with no hope of recov
ery at the home of her daughter, Mrs
C. L. Smith, in Winchester. She is eS
years of aga and is well remembered as
one of our old citizens.
From forty to fifty men were killed
and sixty m re injured and more than
100,000 of property was destroyed
wnen joo tons or dyamite on board the
steamer Alum Chine exploded in Balti
m ire harbor annotating the vessel and
a loading scow, me tujr Atlantic was
set on fire and sunk while she was rescu
ing men. The U.S. Collier Jason, two
miles away, was riddled with pieces of
tne Alum Chine and the shock w
fell for a great distance
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Griggs were in
Lexington Monday.
Miss Myrtle Ballard spent several days
with Lexington friends.
Miss Margaret White has returned
from a visit to Irvine relatives.
Miss Pearl Smither, of Cincinnati
Miss Kate ochmut's new trimmer, has
Miss Hallie Vaughn, of Irvine, was
the guest of friends in this city las',
Mrs. Mary Gibson, of Barbourville,
is visiting her niece, Mrs. Martin Gentry,
on Second street,
Mrs. Mary Dykes, of Ford, attended
the burial of the liitle son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ben Hurst.
Mrs. Bettie Craig has returned from
several days' visit iih relatives in
Richmond. Danville N-ws.
Mr. John R. Gibson, whoattended the
inauguration, has our thanks for late
Washington city papers.
Mrs. H. P. Kuhn has returned to Lou
i.ville, after a two weeks' visit to her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lohrich.
Mr. Wm. Severance, of Stanford, and
his youne nephew. Heath Severance,
were here yesterday, en route to Cincin
n-ii to buy (roods.
Mr?. L!esie Muir, of Nxholasville,
passed through here to-day, en route lo
Stanford, where she will visit Mrs. C.
Chatham at that place.
Mrs. Alex Shaw is to give a "Scotch
Tea" at her home on Thursday after
noon from 3 5 o'clock A silver offer
ing for mission debt fund
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Howard, of
Seatle, Wash , are expected today for a
visit to her father and mother, Mr. and
Mrs. R. P. McCord of Red Honse.
Albert, the bright little son of Mrs,
Frank Jennings, of Jacksonville
Flu. has had a servere case of diplh
eria. Latest advices are that he is re
covering nicly.
Friends of Mrs. J. W. Capertoi and
M:ss Jamie are advisrd that they will
return to Richmond from Florida, where
they spent the winter, about the fifteenth
of this month.
W. J. Newsom, State manager of the
Woodmen Brotherhood of America, vis
ited a lodge of the order at Wildie. this
week and reports a large class of new
members there.
Mr. Preston Smith, who has for sever
al years made his home at Portland.
Oregon, is expected the later part of
this week for a visit to his mother, Mrs.
J. XV. Smith on High Street.
The Woman's Missionary Society of
the Presbyterian Church meets with
Mrs Waller Bennett on Friday at 3 p.
m. The annual election of officers will
take place at that time.
Dr. Lucien Treadwav, of Paint Lick,
was a caller at this office this morning,
and left a nice order for stationery. He
was returning from Booneville, where
he had been to see his father-in-law, Mr.
R L. Becknell, who is at the point of
The order of Temple was conferred
on Bourbon Current by Richmond Com
manderv, No. 19. the other night.
Work of a similar kind will be done in
the lodge on the 25, when an inspection
officer will be present. After the work
is completed a banquet will be enjoyed.
The Richmond Climax stales that
Dr. L II Rlanton is dangerously ill at
his home in this city. This is news to
his many friends who greet him daily
on our streets and are struck by his
erect bearing and evident vigorous
health for a man of four score. Dan
ville Advocate. The Climax was in
error this time and is glad of it, al
though we considered the news at the
time authentic. We hope the splendid
old gentleman will bo spared for many
more years to walk the ureets of hi
adopted city and that his bearing will
be just as erect and his health just as
vigorous when he reaches the century
mark. '
Union City
The farmers ore busy clearing and
turning the sod and burning brush, pre
paratory to a plentiful harvest.
Mr. Martin Green, who has been sick
for so long, is said to bo rapidly recov
ering. J. M. Risk, who has been ill with
rheumatism for several weeks, is rapid
ly improving.
Miss Lil'ian Dozier entertained Satur
day evening in honor of her sister. Miss
Laura, and her cousin, Mr. Shelby Bur
gin. Mr. Tobe Green, of Lexington, iswith
friends here.
Nathan Nclatid, Jr., sold a nice horse
to Sam Baldwin for $175.
Rev. Moores. of the Baptist church,
will give a lecture hero on the 5th Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dunn and family
attended the burial of Mr. John William
Adams, the father of Mrs. Dunn, who
died in Florida and was brought to Lex
ington Wednesday, where his body was
laid to rest in the cemetery theie. Mr.
Adams was formerly a resident of Mad
son ciunty.
J o n n
Wilm n.
i twir, who wsi
! pi-rs for l!.e Cabinet
a i !. has been at oiiu.
Vj .i 9 l PJ.'CV be to u;
I ih! an.i j.-.'
i -:.ci-s io ?!
Wilson, Secretary of La
ur'Cil by Samuel Gom-
IKJSitiotl 1.0 hn.il
cJ: stairs Mm his
i-mpt to bring c; i-
vn'A.rr through cvifer-
f. (if
zc :..;i! m
A Cas of. Black
in town would probably fright
ed the oldest inhabitant, but
we are prepared for necessary
necessary remedies even fo
that, and are supplied with the
freshest slock of drugs to com
pound any kind o; a doctor's
prescription with the newest
discoveries in medicines or
drugs of any description
Our Smice is Prompt
U Lmki wr L Cv
) There ar robbers in your pastures
,,jt and they are stealing your profits. If
f-A yoursheep are infested wiih worms,
jj you should step the loss. Worms
make poor wool, few lambs, less
weight of mutton. They starve your
EtocK, make them sick and anally kill.
i is-
A Guaranteed Medicated Salt
VJIU tUll Worms
Sold ur.Jer a guarantee to kii! and
expel all free stomach and intestinal
worms. Will put sheep, hops a rid all
stock in prime condition. Toi. up
tha ryEtern, sharpens tha ap'-ptite,
helps to putonfutquiikly. L'.r.urer.t
fcorn 'l f.ther worm reriie.'.U-s. Sufo,
sur and costs lit'.li i-ii co- aj.iy
Ttr li ; or bh ?:. U.Mt K.I-Vet a;,J
r a .j. '.. v . '. i'. . t -.
Last Call
There Is still time
in today or any
For Fine Tailored
EASTER Clothes
500 handsome
Easter and Spring
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the line of
Ed.V. Priced Co
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E. V. Elder
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day this week
Leav e your meas
ure Today and bo
the best dressed man
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E. V. Elder
Organ for 5ale.
Organ and square piano in fine condi
tion. Price so small am ashamed to
mention it. Must be sold by Saturday;
make an offer, anything takes either
one. Also piano boxes very cheap.
Montenegro-Iliehm Music Co ,
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Eggs For 5ale.
S. C. Brown Leghorn eggs for sale, tl
per setting. W. T. Olds, Cnion City.
Phone 355 3. 45-2m e t
Pair Mules for 5a!e.
Pair of aged mules, in good condition,
for sale cheap. I Jam ay Coal Co. 45 tf
For Rent
Dwelling with garden and aecessa.-v
outbuildings at Speedwell, Ky. Mrs
B. G. Powell, Richmond, Ky. PI, ore
239. 21 tf
We have a few sets of pure alum mum
ware left. It is free. U. I. McKit.n '
Ffldfoy l SATURDAY
Mch 14 Ty0 Big DaVS Mdrch 15
We Offer The Most Attractive Specials Of The oeason
No. I Rio Loose Roasted Coffee, Special 1 9c Lb
ir !
ktfd Soaps Dried Fruits
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Per can 3C Ptr can V. for ?.V
Apricots Buckwheat Flour . Corn Flakes
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