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Arlington 3006
Will rrke the Season cf 1913 at my ham
s.t Red House. Ky., at
$10 to lore living Celt
IT .rh land
Ier ib ra TVi
t ack Ei;r Tl
Sv,u:.-ri ' 5k ". " rr
O.Uner" U-l.'.'Ir
SIr Grave
' Ib. of IV-ae'-
bt-ra'a Wi.;p
' I'-ss bt Rmtcc'
- lau. of K"r. CVf
' ;vo cf Ir.i.an "Lf
4vh cam .. ij Wt'.!" Ve'.low Jae'aH
Tf.ia horvp i a nch t. 5S har.ri hrb. w;:L fn mr.
ar.J to:h ci-Tl r-'ui. Lol-il a; lit btdzj: a La'f
b"vir to ti, rrai F.sr.en'.d O.le'. t:. rr-a:l tid't
arvj trone kt;ucr r r-rod iiC?J- XIj to ai
treii t the ux Bias sl.it trJ Eif J He ha
wi'y about 12 cola in Kentucky ar.4 if acy ir.an m'. ki.ow
ae a ic-fr ooc wI f .re L;bj a ajoe to acy tcr ia tr.e
bcjrt.t.-rttoc!. W;:: :a.-id at ur.reav.rVv k-w i.r;c
cf t .j Wl.r bo brJ to a rf -trrexl cr.
Howard Hampton
Better known as the Hy. Reeves jack,
v-ill make the season at my barn, at Red
House, Ky., at
S7 to Insure Living Colt
This is no unknown or untried jack. Ask
anyone in the Doylesville or Union City
neighborhoods about this jack's colts. I
guarantee that if you patronize this jack
you wont have to wait at my barn all day
nor bring a jennet with you.
Money due in all cases when colt is
foaled, mare parted with or bred to an
other horse or jack. Lien retained on colt
until service fee is paid. Care taken to
prevent accidents or escapes, but not re
SDonsible should anv occur.
C . W . COB
1 i
-4 "
' f
"Aj! ,
Race Record 2rll J-l
Bv the World's Greatest Sire, Peter the Great 2:07 3-4, will make the Season
of 1913 at the stable of Robt. Walker, comer Water
and First Streets, at
$25.00 to Insure a Living Colt
Money due in all cases when colt is foaled, mare parted with or bred to an
other horse. Lien retained on colt until service fee is paid
Peter Red 2:11 3-4, is the best bred, the best race horse and best young
sire that has ever stood for service here. Breeders should not overlook this
and get a colt by one of the best young studs on earth. This may be his last
season here, so don't fail to get a colt
Corner First and Water Streets RICHMOND, KY
When You Build With
Ycu Won't Be Eothcrd With
Letcher Ave, South L. & N. Depot, Xear Ice Factory
1 Phone 100 nr 4m ta uJ Richmond, Ky
The Forty Year Test
An article must Lave cicep'iocai mer
it to survive for a period of 40 jear
1 Chamberlain's Courh Remedr was fin
i tiered to the public ia J72. From
small befisning it has prx.n ia favot
aad popularity to til it Las attained
worid-wiJe reputatioa. Yoa will (.an
Boihing belter for a cough cr col j. Try
it arid you wi;l uadentaad hr it Us
favorite after a persoa of more than 41-
tars. It not oo!j fives relief it cures.
or sale by all drueisu.
Tbere are rctber ia yocx pasture
aaJiaeyaresteaAiryooipKji-" "
your shcrp are infesd o""a.
yoa sboold nop tl ks. Worm
wool few lambs, less
weight of rourtra. They iar y ocr
stock. isake tita side aaa anaixy tJ-
IV7I Kill Worms
cli crdr a fsaraatee ta kin arid
tipcl all fr s.oeaach and ii:testiil
vcrns. Will pat she p. bors and a3
stock ia ptia condiuoa. Toaea op
tba systes, eharpens the ar-pente.
h!- to pat on tat quickly. Di3erent
Lci-rx aH other worm lemedies. Safe,
s tue and costs littia 1-11 cert a day
ptr bc or sheep. Use Sal-Vet and
your slack will doctor thetrawlveav
For SjJ lr
r.D. Buckley and Co.
la Real Estate.1
Stock aa4 Crap
Reports ol Spe
cial lalerest
W. C. Carpenter bought ia the Perry-
v !W iion a car-load of boss at Sc to
S 1-2 cfs.
There ere oo!y about 1 cattle in
Le iKnviiie pens il&ndy. but they sok)
iiie hot cifces at i.i.rh prices.
John vljum, of Parksv;il. vjld a
-unch of I5p3U.Td bos to C P. Cecil,
the la-..'.ie mere! an', at t-r2j.
Ie Tucker, of Danviiie, bouhtacar-:o-vl
of slock .trr frcm lioyX count
farxers a pr.ee raziin from 17.50 t
i. FraikliTi tiu'.Lrie sold his 416 acr
"arm nearfie'.Djvii:e; to I). T. Fiers. o
Mi'iioa. Trixible county for about j0
MX Tiie sa'e arera?ed 11 15 an acre.
T;iere were 3.0(0 cattle on the Mi.
SlerU.' ; rrnrke; MoaJay and satiafacto
y prices were realized; !M to 1.000-lb
eers vld at 7 l-2c: yearlings 1 to 1-!
::s.: heifer 5 1-Jc to 0:. A few hoo
-old at 5C to IOc.
M;s Jm.e O. Yancey, school super
ctudeiit of soa couniy, sold T.
t s'.els of teed corn raised by the Masoe
ouL'.y Fios' Corn Growing Club foi
sr.e sr-i-J some pretn:uai seed cor
aied by tLeii at 1-1 per bushel.
J. L. Whilehoue sold to 6. M Druerj
ea ares of unimproved lait at ti 0 ai
ere. Tiie land l:es oa the Stanford sih
ancas' er pike an J is a strip of the faro
f Mr. T'h::ehous bought of I. T. Lan
.er the old Coh O-est place. Danvi!l
Granville Cecil sold six head of 6a
iorss at tte combinaiion sale held ii
Cam'jride City. lad . for a total priet
f J.1. Ward l.l.o3 brought th.
:.iv.et price fX John lleRoberv
o:i a number of head at splendid prices
':o. iaavi;'.e Advocate.
liaron Wilkes. J.IS, the last soa o'
Georre Wilkes. 2.22. and now fece"ailj
or.sidered his best s:d sirinr son. te
Jad. havicf passed avay a few days
izo at the firm cf his owner. EL E
Uais'.G.-t. at Emporia, Kas.. from th
welfl;i of years, at the ripe ae of 31.
Qe was the bel bred son of Geo. WUke.
bei:. out of Belle PaCchen. 2:liJ 3-4. ooi
of li is beat trolir. daughters.
President V. II. Shanks, of the Lin
coln County National Back, who ha-
been in Columbus. Ja. most of the win
ter, tandlir.; horses and males, is back
home look in? heavier than his friend
have seen him before. He says that the
horse market has been exceptionally
ood in the South durin the past win-
ier. Stanford Interior Journal.
f A Training
School for Teachers
I mini aiii - T 4. m w
a. 4 ta r-v
ml K.sMaK-k r. fwns
tic -:
saal Vsasiif k
s j Accider.u will happen, but the best
j resulaied families keep Dr. Thomas"
Cf CC I Electric Oil for such emergences. Two
Vv'v' sizes, 25 ai
;ies, 2j ar.d i c t a'l stores.
Easiest to Erect, looks Best, lasts Longest
the Most Satisfactory Fence in the World
TTkere yoa have it in a nutshell.
The heav-Iy gavanizd cpecial Open
Hearth Wire is unequalled in toughness,
strength arxl d urability.
It is sderrtifkaTy constructed and de-6igr)e-i
to meet -our needs without wste,
and thereby saves you money.
""P.trsbur.h Perfea" eliminates end
less repairs, and eflectuaTy stops this
drain on -our time, enerf y nd purse.
You can buy the present-day ""Pittsburgh
Perfect" Fence, put it up, and then for
get it for years. This is true fence
economy. YouU speed much less money
for your fencing if you always buy
"Pittsburgh Perfect,"
fcUd, t- rxTrrMrf ?"rW f HELD. FARM. RANCH. LA X
o tcii-v poult rr
Every Rod Guaranteed
Aik drs'.rr ( "Pirabcrp: Perfcct" and insist on t i furr.it hire it. Do not aT,ow hiia to peTsiaade
If rM r iwiitcj m TrMr, writ
f c-t W mar ALMANAC. 111-
Pittsburgh Steel Co.
Clears Face of
Pimples, Blackheads
Wonderful ZLMO Also Stops
Terrible itching At Once;
Cures All Skin
Get a cent bottle of ZEMO today.
'.t las:! At last! One application
of ZEMO, the wonderfjl new t eat men I
quickly put an end to those awful hu-
miiiatinf pimple and blackheads. For
the rt time ta months I htTen't been
ashamed to go out ia public. A trial
of ZEMO will convince you of its as ton
ishice resuiu in clearing the complex
ion. ZEMO is a clean, amUepiic solution,
not a greasy paste or ointment. You
simply apply tt oa the affi C.eJ part
your pimdlea, bitches and blackheads.
ail eczema sores and pains, prickly
hea', rash, tetter iiiCamed or rrddened
skin. aH disappear. It also cures dan
druJ, wh;ch is scalp eciema. ZEMO is
euaraateed to stop itching immediately.
It rives instant relief.
"I have had wonderful benefit from
your famous ZEMO for the skin. It has
cured my face completely." Mis E
N.. Rue-by Place, St. Louis. Mo
ZEMO is sold in. 21a; sealed bottle and
guaranteed by II. L. Perry, druggist.
7,093 ChHdren.
There were ?.$ chiJUren of school
ge in the last census of Madison coun
ty. It is of vital importance to each
one of these as to who will be County
Superintendent for the next four years.
Prof. Ilarvey II. Brocr, who is a candi
date fur this office, has had years of ei
periece in both county and high sthool
work. Ills experience is ripe to take
hold of atiy phase of the work. 50-2t
Surprise Dinner.
The many frierxis of Mrs. Martin Gen
try, of tiie Moberhr section, surprised
her on Saturday, the ljth. ia honor or
her tlr.d birthday. An elegant dinner
was served. Those present were: Mrs.
I'. K. Moberly. Mrs. II. O. Moberir, Mrs.
Eb RroaJJiis, Mr. and Mr?. Wes'ey Mc
Kincey, Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Turj ia.
Mr. an J Mrs. GiUeon Tv!or. Mr. and
Mrs. Georre Taykr and children. Mr.
and Mrs. E H. Ksjers, Mr. and Mrs
Hecry Cuisick-, Mr. and Mrs. PLiI:p
Gee -ry. Mr. sni Mrs. Ei Atln:s. AH
t & pleiv3t 1av a'.d It't wis Lin?
:-'.e h.:es n-.i.:y hs;r-y r".rr.s of her
LzA cf CQ-c;;ra!icn D;d2re3
13 E3 t!.3 C22S8.
Proftr Coulter cf Censua Bureaa
Haa Complied Sn Start ira Statis
tics i Annual Loaa Sustain! fay
Southern Farmer Co-operation at
VorMilloo For Past Year a Success.
Profeasor John Lee Coulter. exrrt
pedal agent in the census bureau at
Washington, has complied some star-
tl'.n tat!stlc la re sard to the annual
losa sustained by the southern farmers
beraose f lack of co-operation. -The
crop of the southern farmers
are worth each year in round numbers
j500,C.(X)L Most of ttU ids is
srot for farm applieo. fo.id. clothing.
IE -Br 3 S ft
etc, and f 1A.U ". 0 of thU amonnt
Sods Its way Into the pockets of the
erer present middietneo.
It is estimated that the southern
farmers secure credit by paying $103.
000,0.0 In ext-essive Interest each
twelve months.
All of this tremendous waste of mon
ey Is made pos-M through lack of
co-operation on the part of the garden
era and farmers, while at the sazse
time it makes the city man pay a much
higher price for the produce than he
Among the men in big business en
terprises co-operation has tn recog
nized as the fro' den key to success in
the twentieth century. Co-opratkD
and clooe otranixatioo. however, are
products of education, and education
Is the weak point in most of oar ru
rml communities. Co-orrtion iinoc;
farmers and growers has failed largely
betwuse the mass of our rural popuU
tlon has t-een poorly educated and at
the same time srattered over a wide
territory. In the future our success in
organization and co-operation anions
farmers, gardeoers and fruit growers
will tie In better schools, in better
teachers, wide awake ministers and a
closer community life.
Versailles is finishing a suvtessfu:
year in co-operative work with its Far
triers' Union Supply comtany. Last
summer 119 farmers and stockmen
took stovk in the company and it
success was almost immediate As the
stockholders In this company are large
ly growers of Burley tobacco and rais
era of bliel stock It will t seen
that the union ran do very little as a
selling agent- The main work of the
past year has been as a buying asent:
and in this partk-c!ar line it has been
a great success.
The Erst year's burin? bosiness wii!
amount to about Jtj. ". Large
amounts of wire fencing, field seeds
farm machinery, faint and coal have
been bought both from Jvtbers and
wholesale men. The first year's basi
Dess hi ten good enough for the
members of the union to receive 6 per
r ., vyrs.
wt a.
t " ' 1
--iff k--f
omn rios brrpLT cojtpasrr.
cent on their stock and also obtain a
rebate of S per cent npon all purchases
made through the nnion.
A 'near mill has Just been completed
and will soon be in operation. This
will take care of the grain grown by
the members of the anion and enable
them to bur their mill feed at quite
reasonable figures.
EdacaUon In co-operation wCl mean
better roads, better schools, better
trustees, better tax laws, better men
and women everywhere in the high
ways and byways at our rural Ken
If nover thora, you ought to go.
If evor there, you'll want to go.
During the Kentucky Educational as
soclatlon meeting. April 30, May L. 2
and 3, Louisville will be overflowing
with teachers, trustees and friends of
the schools. The people of the big cities
are watching the rural school problem
with great interest. Louisville was
among the first to strire to help in its
First Vacation Schools.
The first real Vacation Schools in this
section will be inaugurated br the Stale
Normal, Richmond, Ky. The openire
day is June K: this special session clos
es July 25. Daily sessicn (except Mon
day from 9 a. m. to 12 m. The present
critic teachers of the Model School will
be the rerular instructors: First and
Socood Grades. Miss Hansen; Third and
Fourth Grades. Miss Diliire: Fifth and
Sixth Grades, Misa Ulrich; Seventh and
Eighth Grades, Miss Green.
The la'est approved methods of vaca
tion schools in the great cities will be
used. Regular work of the fundamen
tals in the Model School will be contin
ued, and as special features the follow
ing-. Dramatization, play and games,
music, manual trainicz, domestic science
picnic and school lunches, school gar
dens, live Nature Study, public speak
ing, physical culture and gymnasium.
Oeiy a limited number of pupils can
t? accommodated in these schools. Pat
rons interested should see the critic
teachers at once or wri.e the President
F:rt come, first served." is tl.e rule.
There be no tuition, no fes of any
on. J. C. OitAfcLt, Pres'dL
Advertised Letters.
List cf !e;:ers remaiir ia the Rich
mond. Ky.. pwoSice for the week ead
iar Mar. lih:
Allen, A A.
l: ck. T. C.
Hlantoo. M-s I). G.
B:izer!arT. Mm
t raw ford. i Lu"a
O.er.auls. V.'a. ace
Farmer. Mr. John
Fwer. E-zer.e
Harney. Mr. Xarnie E.
iiaatpiofl. ii-wNeute
Hb ey. Mrs Ei a E.
Hie. Urv Serrend
llLtccist n. J. F.
Lrir.ay. Std
ens. Mrs Ili'.t'.e
Nicked. Rufus
Scott. Mis Mary
Tckerier. Eshei
Traptieil. Alex M.
Vax'fhn. Mrv Fsnr.ie
Wicford. Mr. Aaaoda
Ia calling for the above letters, please
sxv "advertised."
C. C. Wallsck, P. V.
Public Sale of Land And
As rer-r4r.lative r.f mi-.i f th.
late J. J. Todd, I will on
At 10 a. m., sell at public ouicry to the
highest and bet bioder. the (oi,-oir
land aiid fersonalt: The farm of $M
1-2 acr-s of land, lyiiij one mile frcm
Terr.il. and adjoining the lar-ds of T. E
liaidmmand George iiailew, and on e od
country road ltisa.uosl ail in b.ue-
rrass ai d in splendid shape. Has oa il
a good doe.iin house arvj a.l necessarv
outbuildi.irs. Weil watered with wells.
sprms and pond. About 5 acres in ca
oainut. o. and ash: good orchard or.
p.ace. Pnpect;ve buyers are lav.ted to
Kt ti be.'cre the iy of sale. Mr. Huii
Mcrray.oho lives oa the place. wiiitae
pleasure in ahowicg it. Aito the folioa
iQi stock and household goods, irr. p:e
ments. e;c: asjano.faj-ed mules, one
ou.-jy borse, eoo-i and gen'ie: a broou
mare: one I-j evr-otd tliy: 3 head of heif
eT. 3 fat hecs: oi.e Jerey cow. giving
milk: one ca!: 1? ewes ready lo lamb,
v.d bucks: a food tu;y and too set
of harness: 1 farm wuxis and a lot o:
t.rne: -1 bee hives a:.d a k-l of em pi;
t.ives: a mowir.z mach ce: 1 seif-dumf
rake: 1 turning p.o: 1 doutie-shove.
plow; a l-hore lurrine p'ow; a harrow:
I scraper. 1 teg bos: 1 cider miil on
crosscut saw. 1 hand saw: 1 ris; auaur
ted post hoie diirser: 1 com scoop: a
iur aiid tools of all kinds: locust
lot of loo&e lumber, suc'i as war
u loreues, courinf po es and gate
slats: 3 iarxe ke:t.e: 1 man's saduie an
t si e saicie: Vl of rood odder; lot o!
KC-od taitd hay: abc-ut W barrels of corn
in enh: lot of b.-e ras seed and oU.ei
ihinzs loo numerous lo meclioa. Uuse
hold ai.d kitchen furniture -4 dreeri
1 wardrobe: 1 hail tree: 1 couch: 9 s'ano
tables: 6 rocking chairs: G bedsteads: 1
set wainul parior chairs: 1 set of dinmi
chairs: Ua ol odd chairs: I Side board: 1
sa'e: 1 suiar chest; an extensioo table:
1 brea.i'iji tab e: a hain; siove: 7 car
pets and a KH of ruz-s: a e.:nia Race.
i'Xj as ceo : kitchen cVo.ne ; lot of cook
tabies: 4 tuas: i wasbbo.rds: t.a bo; '.en
a cast boi er: a shotsun.
Terms msde known oa day of sale.
Rer resent in s heirs cf J J. TodJ.
Jesse Cobb. Auciivceer.
Commissioner's 5ale !
Josiah Stocker's Heirs. Ac. Plls. v
Joaisn miocker's He.rs, Ac , Dfis.
Under a;,J by virtue of a judimeni
reoaered at the Feoruary. U13, Term o
the Madison Circuit Court ia is abov
styled action. tt.e unjerslsned Masiei
Cos missioner of said court, wi.l on
On the premises at II a. m. sell a; pjb
ie auction to toe highest and oest b.d
ier tte following desenbed froperty.
Be;inninir at a point in the cen:er ol
the iUrmt Mill and Silver Creek pisea
two none pomiers. one oa ench side o'
pike: thence witn the cecter of pike
9 E t c iains. N Is 1-4 E 4.33 chains.
X 2j S-4 E 3 24 chains: thence leaving
the pike S H'J E 1 ?V chains to a stake:
.hence op a hollow S v3.5 E 10.71 chains
o ihe c?n:er of the drain: thence up a
'ide S 4'! E 7 0 chains to a locust:
.hence S 5 1-2 W 10. 13 chains toas'ene:
thence N 77 W 21.54 chains lo the be
iinuin. containing 'M 1-4 acres and
oeing the same land conveyed to Josiati
Stacker by Curd Lams by deed record
ed in Madison county clerk's ofhee in
deed book 64. pae 47.
Terms Sa d property will be sold on
a credit of 4 u i tis' urn , he pjc i .s
er being r.-tjuired to execute bond paya
nle to tne Comm:siooer, bearing 0 per
cent interest from date until paid, with
iea regained to secure the purciiasr
money. Purchasr will be permitted u
pay cash if desired-
H. C. RICE, M. C. L. C. C
Commissioner's 5ale.
Frank Phelps, plaintiff, versus Sarah
Chambers, Ac Defendants. '
Under and by virtue of a judgment
rendered ai the February, lyiJ, to m o?
the Madison circuit court is the above
styled action, the undersigned Master
Commissioner of said court wi;L ota
At 11 o'clock a. m. sell to the higrhesi
and best bidder at public auction, in
front of the court house door in Rich
mond, Ky., the following described
property, or so much thereof as will
produce the sum of li-y 40, the amount
to ordered to be made. A certain lot or
parcel of ground, on the east side o:
Steep street, in Richmond. Ky . and be
ing one half of Lot No. 4 in lllock 17, in
the Richmond Investment Co-'s addition
to the city of R.chmond. Ky., and beins
the north half of said lot deeded to Jer
ry Chambers, Deed Dook GO, Paje 4S0.
TERMS: Said property will be sold
oa a credit of six months' lime, the pur
chaser being required lo execute bond
payable to lh Commissioner, bearics 6
per cent, interest from date until paid,
with lien retained to secure the pay
wient of the purchase money. I'urct.a's
erwill be peruitte.1 to piv cah if de
sired. U. O RIC E. M. C il. C C
We areaiitheried to announce Green
Clay a candidnse lor Represe!:ivo oi
Mialjon county, subjexl u the aetoa of
tte IfcrmocriliC party.
We are auihonzevi to announce A. D.
M.iier a candidate for Represent a: io of
Mad sen county, sub.ect lo lite ac. Q of
tl.e Democratic party.
We are authorized lo arnouoce John
F. White a cacoidate for Representative
of Ma.!ioo county, subject to the actk-a
of trie IVmocra'.ic party.
TheCiixai is authorized to announce
Elmer leathere as a candidate for
ShenJ of Mad.sot county, sub.ect to
the action of the Democrat ie party.
The Climax is authorized to announce
John F. Bsldwia as a candidate for
SS.enS of Mad.soa county. sub;ct lo
th ac'.ioa of tso Democratic party.
We nr n:hnrixel tn anrMSooce S. B
I i.Es a ramlvlmt luc yheolf ot M1k
owtii)-. vljev-t to the octioo ot the Urmtf
crauc prt;.
We r antlf-iied to announce H. H.
CoLYEtracanttfltefor horrid ol
oo county. :l.tt to tote atrtsoa ot Ut
Democratic (wrtT.
We iihtft'T nthortar4 to nonoc
VAX R bt.TO. acan-iidatr foe ffhe-ii
of J4l:.-io Counts . il-t to Use act k
W the Lrmcratu: party.
We are authorized to announce Jacob
. Coin as a candidate for Sheril of
Mad. soa county, subject lo the aetata of
the Democratic par.y.
The Citmax is authorized to announce
H. C. Rice as a candidate for County
Jude of Mad .son couniy, subject to the
actio a of the Democratic party-
The Climax is authorized to announce
Jude W. R. Shackelford as a eandi
Jaie for re-elect 10a lo the oSce of
County J-Jre of Mad. son couaiy. h
jeci to the acioa of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce Jt'ix, a
i. j. oni.ivLE.tr a candidate for County
Attomey of Madisoo county, sat.ect lo
the action of the Democratic part."'-
We are authorized lo announce S. A.
D Jones as a candidate for County At
torney of Madison county, stb.ect to
l acioo c f the Iiemocratie Irty.
We are au'h'Hini to anm-ance R. H.
CSet k K a cauixlatr lor County Arorney
subiect tn the h.jb ot the Oentucrauc
We are auHorized to announce O. P.
Jackson at a candiato for re-elec:i to
the oce of County Attomey of Mad
oo county, subject to the action of the
Democraiic party.
We are authorized to announce
IThomas II. Coil. as as a ca::U date for
Jouaty Attomey of Madison coanty, sub
ject lo the action of the Democratic
We are sr-thtixr-i to announce BENJA
F. E!WAkbs. a cantlnlatr tur Su
irnnteiirTit o Putnic Scbtrf 4 sfa-iisu.
.-uonty. sublet to tiie acuua ot toe Lfrnu
rTatsc porty.
Wearetauth.'iriaevl to annonncx Wm. S.
Bnxk a candidate f'-r urTntrtimt oi
Putiic N (v .i- of MadtMjO County, anb
icct to tiie acima of tne XJe-aiocT-atic party
We are authorized to announce Prof,
darvey II. brjck a candidate for Super
ctendenl of Public Schoo s. subject lo
.he action of the Democratic party.
We ae auihoriaed to announce MORGAN
f AVLuk a cn.l i.l-tr f Jaiierf Mlufuo
xountv. 9utKVl u the action of tne Ueino--ratic
We are authorized to announce Ct-TDa
Iatbl rs a cand. date fr Jailer ot Mad
ison couniy. sut-.eel to the act. on of the
!emocral:c party.
We are authorized to announce N
Cotton. Jr.. as a candidate for Ja.ier ot
Madison cour.ty. subject to the action or
he IWmocratic party.
We are authorized to announce W.
Joe Wasers for Jailer of Mauison county,
tub; eel to the aci.oo. of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce R. A.
Babxow. a candidate for Jailer of Mali
son county, subject lo the action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to an noun' A J.
'VuxurdHM. a canddte for Jailer ol
Mad .soa coun-y. subject to ihe action of
the Demcratic party.
We are aothonieJ toannounoetEMRGE
N'OLAXIt a cindi.Utf fur Asuf oi
Ma nun County ultnrt t toe action o!
tne Lxrnsoxrraiic prt .
We are aathortu-d ts annonnce W. F.
IAKM.AN a can li late f.tarrof MjJ
lAmcuuntT. utfrct to tne actiua of Use
Ormocratic nurty
We are antnoriaed to announce Rt'FtS
!E.NK1. a canilnlate ! t Ajmur of
Mluaa county aubtvet to tne action oi tn
Democratic putty.
We are authorized to announce P. S. j
WH1TLOX.K. a candidate for the o:5ce
jf Assessor of Madron county. sub;e-t
to the action of the Democratic party.
The Climax is authorized to announce
R. B. Tem'.l as a carvdidate for the ofSce
of Couniy Clerk of Madison eouniv, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
We are authorized to annou nee J. P.
Walker a candidate for Clerk of Madi
a county, subject lo the action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorial! to announce LaRneC.
Hooe acaiMlkliie for County Clerk fo
Maouwo county aubect to the act Km o
DenH.ratic onrtr
Mark Hanna
Win make the Season of 1913
at my Stable at
S15 to Insure LKing Colt
Money due when colt is foaled, mart
parted with or hred to another horse.
Lien retained on colt for service fee
Cn Jacks Crevrk p': an ear truxpej. j
Fer iforsiaiioa call a; Clic.at c5;e. 47
Stove for L'e.
L i: i - i' ... st-jve f ,r s ve 1
'.:.y o- e sivi.-i. m r;-r. t'a'; ,.: 5
Mark Hanna 2099
. aw. i.. s , 11 j w wuiui
h:?h. his head and tail in the proper
piace. arjnu just as nature made
him. No krife in ha tail, no check bit
on his head he is just as he was foalwi
lie i built for service stroc at every
point, a good round we'.l-cuupled body
on short lejr?; no hurw has a tetter foot
and bone; caa chi as nt'jch as any horse
hying and hs prov-n himf. rr,e cf
the LT?t brwler ia Kentucky. H? is
one of the U-t tr-r.l Lor-t-s Hs'i-g. He
is ty Lynn L'-vt.I 4 J. out of iitlcn N'-.
one of tl.e grT-;sc t-rtx-j nrs -n
p:-trtr:--,:i Slxr litn
na ts t a v. . i f j; , f a.- .v
tf.ar. a .- ' ': -. ;' t- a
We are authorized to announce MUR
RAY SMITH aean.iidata tr.r Cxx-w Au
torner of Richmond, sub ect totheaftioo
oi the Democratic party.
We are authorize.! tn artnotineo n M
CUENAULTa candidate for City At
torney, subject lothe action of the'Dem
oc ratio party.
We are authorized "to announce J. D.
Dvkes for Po'liee Jn.ia r.f k rhmnn.1
subject to the action of the Iecaocratic
We are authorized to announce W. L.
Leeds for Police Judre of Richmond,
subject to the action of the Democratic
The Climax is authorized to announce
JOHN NO LAND as a can
didate for the oftice of Police Jude of
me city oi Kichsnond, subject lo tiie ac
tion of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Dave
Powers a candidate for Chief of Police
c-.''"Rich mood subject lo the actioa of
the Democratic primary.
We are authorized to ar.nour.ee Jesse
Dykes a candidate for Chief of Police
sub.ect to the action of the Democratic
AS"s are authorized to announce John
A. Mershoa for Ct.ief of Police of R.ch
mond, subject to the action of the demo
cratic primary of Au. 2nd.
x 1 i
' J
n inn - 'im-ffr
The Best of Baiting
will be found in cur stable. If yoa want
to spend a few hours in town drive in
here and e wi.l see that yo-r horse has
and whatever aaaouat cf feed joj sav.
If yea wa.it a r'jf f-.r any r urjoae, a Itli
or -":'.hoiit a driver, tm ; you oat
l:'a tl.e leJ, a; ; rlc-s t:-,t are r.r'.t.
i o ill j'A bill S
Lit f:.:y T.
il I'Ar - , . LA til
NIm' l; il 4, ; . f
Suck an array ti styles a-nd variety cf faLocs are se!i--i
sfjovs-a. Ttey represent
at tieir test. The Dew eat shexjes. weaves anj texrures '.x..
into atyUaa (artneora by naater hands. Come in bow, w : . -.-aeiectioo
is good. Well give yoa th best sf les as J vi!-j In t. - -.
Big Prices For Hides
We have enlanred our warehouse and can
die all the Tallow, Wool, Rasrs, Fiones. G:-.-seno;
and Feathers that you brircr. Kerr-r -ber
we par the highest prices. We bjy Hi--
Rubber and all kinds of metals and scrap ir .
Bring what you have
BSt Braces for fences. Water Tanks, etc.nJ zzy :.s.z
Repairs for all kinds of Machinery.
Phone 363
Vai i.T o . . r,, I K' oa ' . f 1
Rushed the Order
A TRAVELING Salesman, while in
Nashville, Term., took a large order,
promising delivery in ten days. It
would take two days for the order to
reach the Home Office by mail. It took
him only a few minutes to telephone the
order from a pay station of the Bell Tele
phone system.
Time saved by telephoning orders
often means fulfillment of contract.
A; A. m - a f i .1 m i a f -a a a. XXvX'S A
We have the following Gasoline Engines tha r. ..'
just been overhauled and in first clas condition. .
we wish to sell at a bartrain if tak?n at onc-e
1 2-h. p. Ilagan
1 4-h. p. Ilagan
1 C-h. p. Hagun
I 4-h. p. Watkins
1 4-h, p. International
2-h. p. International
1 S-h. p. Two-cycle Marine
And a lot of other machinery for motor bmt
Phone or Address
' mm wm s wm C3.
Day Phone 270 Niht Phono 655
Blanton Lumber Co.
High Grade Interior Finish; Doors, Sash,
Flooring, Ceiling, Weatherboards and
all kinds of Building Material
We carry the largest stx-k ia Kk-arzond and can e-1
prompt shipments. A square deal is what we have gia
hundreds f our i cill.ror.s ar.J we guarant-e y.vj tbes--
V., 1 t " " ' " .... K-
i - ' ..... . . . . : . . . . .j . r . ; . . . . t ' - '
i i -

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