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Vacum Cleaner
Can Operate It
We guarantee this
to be tree from
and will replace,
parts proving defective in material
or workmanship for a period of one
year from date of purchase
Bennett and Higgins
, Will be paid to any person having
any kind of pain or ache, if fchip's
Quick-Relief Liniment fails to pive
instant relief and the purchase price
is not refunded. Try it aud see.
"It t the moKt wonderful rtmrtT for rr
1, rung pain 1 have evrr used." Capl. An
ticrMin Berry, Lexington. Kj.
"I UKd this liniment and the rain and
Mrenrs disappeared like migic. ' Jailer
W . T. UalicDgcr, Lexington, Ky.
Iti the only remedy that has riven me
any relief ginre I wan paralyzed four years
ao." Mr. Su&an Welborn, Mewbuxg. lnU-
-For relieving aches and pains this lint,
fnent beai anything 1 ever saw.'1 J. II
Lc-iion. Leiingion, Ky.
'This liniment grave almost Instant relief
and ban completely cured me of rneuma
um.' S.U. iwait, Paris, Ky.
If it Fails to RelieTe Any Pain In
Any Part of The Body in Fifteen
Minutes, Ask For Your Money Back.
50c At All Drag-gist or
Bovboa Remedy Co Lexington, Ky.
Is your house and barn insured? Bet-
er see Burnam, the insurance man. tf
Come to Owen McEee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Olhers
do and why not you. tf
11. A. Barlow can furnish you with the
best Ply Screens, either wood or metal
frames. Phone 129. 50-lf
Plenty of Oats and all kinds of field
seeds at attractive prices. Sea us
before buying,
tf R. L. Absold & Co.
Let Todd & Son screen your house.
They make a specialty of screen work
for windows, doors, etc. Phone 373; of
fice Irvine street. 53
M. M. Hamilton, at Vaughn's old
stand on East Main street, is a butcher
ot loog experience. lie knows good meat
and you will surely gel it if you deal
with him. Groceries, to; he keeps the
best. Phone CU. 57 -4 1
New Orleans Molasses, 00c per gallon.
1). B. McKinney. 53 tf 1
a. m 0:40 a. in 6:00
" 7:55 " " 7:15
. " 9:10 " 8:30
" 10:25 " 9:45
" 11:10 " 11:00
p. m. 12:55 p. m 12:15
" 2:10 " 1:30
" 3:25 " 2:45
" 4:40 " 4:00
" 0:00 " 5:15
" 7:20 " 6:40
" 9:10 " 8:35
" 11:00 '"" 10:25
Car Lv. Lexington 10:25 a. m.', connects
with the L. & A. for Richmond at
11:11 a. m.
Car Lv. Lexington 4.40 p. m., connects
with the L & A. for Lticliinood at
5:42 p. m.
t ar Lv. Nicholasville at 8:30 a. m., con
nects with ibeLJtA. from Rich
mond a. m.
Car Lv. Nicholasville at 2:45 p. m., con
nects with the L. & A. from Rich
mond 2:3d p. m.
As executor of the estate of Henry
Kanatzar, deceased, 1 will, on
Saturday, April 19, 1913
at his lata residence, near Whitlock, Ky.
sell the following described property:
1 mare with mule colt; 4 rood Short
horn cows, three of them with calves at
side and one due to calve last of May; 1
sow and 7 shoals, Poland China; 1 two
horse wagon; 1 cider mill: 1 eorgbum
mill; 1 wtieat fan; 10 or 12 barrels of
corn in crib; 800 or 1,000 bundles of oats;
meat and lard from two hop; farming
implements; household and kitchen fur
niture, and other thiogs too numerous
to mention.
Terms mde known on day of sale.
W". H. Kanatzar, Executor
50 3t ofUenry Kanatzar
To Excursionists
The Gasoline Boat and Barge, Bertha M.
Is at the service of the public.
Excursion parties served on short
notice and at very reasonable rates.
W.ll meet parties anywhere on the
Kentucky river and take them whe-e
they wish to go. Prompt attention
lo correspondence and phone mes
sages. Good order guarinteed.
Abundant room for duncitig. Re
freshments served.
Phone 173.
Irvine. Ky.
Vacum Cleaner
mechanical defects
without charge, any
Kanatzar Sale Tomorrow.
Attend the sale of the effects of the
late Henry Kanatzar in the Whitlock
section tomorrow. See advertisement
elsewhere what will be disposed of.
Camp Opens May 1st
The Y. M. C. A. camp at Yallew View
will be opened May 1st, when a num
ber of Louisville people and others will
gather there to spend some lime fish
ing, eto.
Sott Shell Lgg Resembles A
Mr. Thomas J. Tribble brought to this
office yesterday a soft-shell egg which
very much resembles a young chicken.
It is about the size of one and a hard
substance at one end reminds one very
much of a chick's bead.
Good Street Work Being
Mr. Wash Dearinger. the street over
seer, is doing some good work on West
Main street, however, it was not begun
a minute sooner than needed. lie has
a large force of men and all the machin
ery necessary, and the work being done
is highly satisfactory.
Sold Residence Privately.
The pretty residence of Mr. J. W.
Newberry, on the South side of Wood
land avenue, offered at public auction
Thursday afternoon, was taken down at
$2,900, but was sold later to Mr. James
Deatherage. The price, which was pri
vate, is said to be considerably over the
highest bid.
Right Man For The Place.
Hugh Dargavell, janitor of the court
house, is truly the right man for the
place. He keeps everything spick and
span from basement to dome in the big
Temple of Justice and in order to do so
frequently works' late into the night. He
now has the yard in the very pink of
condition and proposes to keep it so as
long as he is in charge. His wife assists
him a good deal in his work. It's a
"spring cleaning" every morning with
Mr. Dargavell.
Birthday Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Cotton, Jr.,
sat il splendid dinner Thursday of last
week in honor of the 80th birthday of
the former's father, Mr. Thomas Cot
ton, at their home near Kirksville. A
large number of friends were present
and several hours were most enjoyably
spent. Mr. and Mrs. Cotton are probably
the oldest married couple in the county,
having some time ago celebrated the
63rd anniversary of their wedding Mr.
Cotton is in very feeble health but his
wife, who is a year older than himself,
is hale and hearty and gels about much
better than her husband.
Children in Need of Homes.
The Kentucky Children's Home Soci
ety has a number of little children in
need of good homes. They hnve more
boys than girls, but have children of
both sexes from three to nine years of
age. These children are to be placed in
the Stale of Kentucky in goad, clirisian
homes, where they will derive the ad
vantages of education and religious
training. No one w ho lives a long dis
tance from school need apply, as our
children must attend school regularly;
nor do we place children where they
will not be sent li Sunday school and
If any of the readers of ihis paper can
give such a home to a child, we hope
they w'll wrile to the Kentucky Chil
dren's Home Society, 10SC Baxter Ave.,
Louisville, Ky., and gel particulars.
A Fine Turn Out
and a pleasant companion is an. enjoy
ment which has no equal on a pleasant
day and in a fine country like this.
Nature will provide the day and
We Have the Turn-Out
which we will furnish to you at a very
reasonable'cost. Rigs of all kinds and
for a!! occasions may be found here.
J. R. Azbill's
Phone f3 Richmond. Ky
S"1 , ,.. ..--r i ,,,- m- ' imWT
A Utile.
A little work, a little plav,
lo keep us jroins and
So, good day:
A litile warmth, a little light
Of love's bestowing and
So, good-night!
A little trust that when we die
e reap our sowing and
So, good-bve!
Tilford Clark Dead.
Tilford Clark, aged 40. is dead in Lex
ington. He was a son of Major John S.
Clark and a cousin of Col. E. C. Park.
of this office.
Reduced Rates To Races.
The L. & X. otTers a round trip rate of
one and one-third fare plus 25 cents for
the Lexington running races April 20 to
May 8, hnal limit May 12.
Wait For The Curtain.
"The sho t at the opera house is never
over until the curtain falls," said Mans
ger Baxter to us. "Some times we have
more than three reels and those who
leave before the curtain is lower, d may
miss something," he said. Any way it
is a good idea not to be in too big a hur
ry lo leave his play house, he thinks.
Every can of h ax well House Coffee
.nd Ladies Club Tea guaranteed to give
:atisfaclion. D. B. McKfnnev. Sllf
Makes It Three-Handed.
The formal entry of former County
Clerk John P. White, of Madison coun
ty, into the race for the democratic nom
ination for Representative in the Legis
lature makes a pretty triangular contest.
The other candidates are Editor A. D.
Miller and Green Clay. All are active
party men and well "conditioned" for a
gruelling race. Louisville Times.
A little son arrived at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Reed, of the Kavanaugh
section, on the lltli Silas Reed.
Eliza Pauline is the name given a little
girl which came into the home of Mr.
and Mrs. William II. Lewis-.
A beautiful daughter arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Weaver
Wednesday, weight 12 pounds, and she
has been named Dorothy Brown, in com
plement to the mother's sister, Mrs. An
nice Brown.
Ninety-Fourth Anniversary To
Be Observed.
Secretary W. S. Broad dug, of Madison
Lodge, I O. O. F., is addressing the fol
lowing letter lo his brother members:
t The 94lh Anniversary of Odd Fellow
ship will be observed in our Lodge room
on Saturday evening, April 20, 1913, at
7:39 o'clock. It is our desire lo make
this one of ihe largest meetings in the
history of our Order. We especially urge
that you be present and see thai your
neighbor Odd Fellow comes. The oc
casion will be observed by the explica
tion of the Initiatory and First Degrees,
concluded with refreshments.
Found The Boy.
There was sorrow and anxiely in Ihe
home of Mr. and Mrs Lee Cong le ton for
a while last night, but later on joy made
up for it all. Their little son was missed
about six o'clock and a search was made
for him; The house was ransacked
from celler to garret and then a visit to
the neighbors was made, but all in vain.
No irace of the 'boy could be found.
Finally about 10:30, when the family had
almost lost hope, some memby opened
the foalding bed and there lo the joy of
the household lay the little fellow fast
asleep It was a scene that the family
will not soon forget.
To My Friends.
It is with a feeling of regret and
reluctance that I withdraw from the
race for the democratic nomination for
jailer of Madison county. Many of my
friends and other democrats pledged me
their support, and for which I am very
thankful, but I have been 'compelled to
remain al home so much with my aged
and feeble father, Mr. Thomas Cotton,
that I have not been permitted to give
the race the attention needed. I thank
each and every one who has promised
to aid me by vote or voice in the race
and retire with good feeling for all can
didates and every democrat in Madison
counly. Again thanking them, and with
best wishes lo them all, I am very truly,
N. Cotton, Jb.
5S-U Kirksville, Ky.
As Their Names Will Appear.
Under the State primary law the can
didates for county and city offices will
draw lots for the position of iheir names
on the ballot, but the arrangement isen
t rely different for State offices. Under
the law they wil) be placed in alphabet
ical order for the First . Congressional
district and each succeeding dislrict the
top name in the preceding dislrict will
be placed on the bottom and the others
moved up a name. For instance, if
Beckham, McCreary and Stanley were
starters in the Senatorial race the ar
rangement of their names on the ballots
would be as follows: Becklutni, McCrea
ry, Stanley, in the First, Fourth, Sev
enth and Tenth districts; McCreary,
Stanley, Beckham, in the Second, Fifth,
Eighth and Eleventh districts; Stanley,
Beckham, McCreary, in the Third.Sixlh
and Ninth districts.
We buy all kinds of'country produce,
piy the highest market price. Give us
a call. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
Church Notes
At the Court House Sunday morning
Dr. E. B Barnes will preach on "Tne
Newspaper",. At night "The Power of
Woman's Work in the World."
Rev. C. W. Marshall will fill his regular
appointment at the Kavanaugh School
House Sunday afternoon. Preaching at
2:30 o'clock.
Bishop Lewis W. Burton will hold
services at Christ Episcopal Church
Sunday morning at 10:43, and will ad
minstrator the Rite of Confirmation.
Rev. Mr. Morgan, of Louisville, has
been called to the Baptist church at
Rev. E. G. B. Mann, of this city, and
Rev. W. Y. Yates, of Marion, hf.ve just
closed a successful revival service at
Franklin, which lasted two weeks
Over 100 were addeJ to the church.
Lexington Herald.
Ladies Silk Hose 50 Cents
An excellent silk hose in tans,
whites and blacks; lisle foot and top;
sizes 8 to 10
To Ladies Seeking Stylish Spring Garments
We say this, that you cannot help but admire the collection now on display. This store s reputation for showing out-of-the-ordmary
styles will be more readily understood by inspecting this immense assemblage of "Watson Quality" apparel
greater than will be found anywhere '
Womens' and Misses Outer Apparel
Stylish Tailored Suits
Just opened for inspection many new models in tailored suits
Composing all the very latest styles and materials, Bedford cords,
eponges, serges, poplins and many others. Styles and quality lo
fit all pockeibooks at $15. $20. $25. $30 and up.
Among the speciul values in suits we have one model in
blue and black men-wear serge, which we have priced especially
low al $27.50.
Dress Values That Are Values
No matter what kind of dress you may want, we can supply
you with the best dress for the least "money to be found any
where. House dresses of ginghams and percales at $1 and $1.50.
Street wash dresses consisting of ginghams, linens, piques,
near linens and eponges in many different colors, especially the
blues, pinks, lavenders, tans, browns, blacks, whiles, all appro
priately trimmed ai $L50 lo $15.
Stylish spring wool dresses made of French and storm serges
eponges, chailies and Bedford cords. All handsomely trimmed
and in the new shades at $5 (o $20.
Beautiful creations in silk dresses, made of charmeuse, peau
de cyne, crepe de chine, crepe meteor, messalines, foulards ahd
poplins. Moderately priced at $10 to $25.
Beautiful White Waist at $ 1 .05
Twelve different models of white lingerie waists. These
waists were bought lo sell for much more and are very cheap at
this low price. High or low necks with either long or short
sleeves. All beautifully trimmed.
Miss Jeanie Barrow Hurst, Professor
of Expression of Eastern Kentucky State
Normal School, will present Israel Zsng
will's famous drama, "The Melting
Pot," at Normal Chapel on Wednesday
evening, April 23, at 8 o'clock. Miss
Hurst's rendition of this powerful play
will be one of the rare treats offered to
the Richmond public during the year.
The cast of characters is as follows:
Mendal Quixano An elderly music mas
ter. David Quixano His nephew. -
Kathleen An Irih serving maid.
Vera Revendal Doing settlement work
in New York.
Quincy Davenport An American Aris
tocrat. '
Herr Pappelmeister Davenport's or
chestra conductor.
Baron Revendal A Russian nobleman.
Baroness Revendal His wife.
Scenes or the Plat.
Act I The living room of the Quixano
home in New York.
Act II The same. 1
Act III Vera Revendal's sitting room
in the Settlement House.
Act IV Tne roof garden of the Set
tlement House.
A notice in the Minnesota State Nor
mal says in part concerning Miss Hurst's
presentation of the play:
"The characters, both humorous and
heroic, were skilfully handled, while the
appear of pathos, which distinguishes
the play, was voiced with convincing
sympathy. ' The atmosphere of the dra
ma was made very clear and forceful to
the audience, while the message of the
play was carried over with unfailing
truth. The whole was achieved with
no apparent striving for effect, yet it was
artistic in the extreme."
We have a full line of Cow Peas, rure
German Millet, Sorghum Seed, Etc.
Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
The Kentucky Traction &
Terminal Co.
Elsewhere in this paper will be found
the schedule of the Kentucky Traction
& Terminal Co. This immense concern
has lines all over the blue-grass section
and running a large number of cars
daily, it is a most convenient and quick
mode of travel. In going from here to
Lexington direct connection is made at
Nicholasville, leaving Richmond either
morning or afternoon. Reluming, the
connection is just as good. The fare
from Nicholasville to Lexington is 25c.
Back From A Successful
Ben F. Hurst, of the Richmond Heal
ing & Plumbing Co., is back from Cov
ington, where he attended the gathering
of the Master Plumbers of the State.
Some 150 or more of Ihe leading plumb
ers were tlie-e and the meeting was both
profitable and enjoyable. Considerable
important business was trnnsacted and
every phase of plumbing and healing
was thorougly discussed. Mr. Shardine,
of Louisville, was e'ected president lo
succeed J. J. Fitzgerald, and W. W.
White, of Newport, was re elected sec
retary. After the business as over a
great banquet in Odd Fellows' Hall was
Robt. E. Lre, aged 69, and Mrs. Millie
Ann Walls, 51, both of the Kings Moua
tain 'section of Lincoln county, were
married Monday.
Elijah Moore, a prominent young at
torney of Liberty, and Miss Daiey Gib
bons, a pretty Casey county school teach
er, were married at Moreiand by Elder
W. J. Montgomery.
Mrs. Charlotte Letcher Warren, "of
Stanford, has announced ihe engage
ment of her daughter, Miss Josephine
Paxton Warren, to Richard Abner As
bury, of Rome, Ga., the marriage to take
place during the summer.
La 2
The standard of excel
lence for more than
twenty-five years
Established 1H35
114 -
Fancy Stripe Crepe-like
Htero Cylks
Kindergarten Cloth
Mercerized Batiste
Irish Poplins
Let Gott Buy Your Wool.
See A. L. Gott before you sell your
wool. lie has has plenty of sacks for
you. 57 4t
The Bells A Splendid Picture.
The Bells, shown at the Opera House
Wednesday night, was one of the best
pictures seen in weeks and ihe acting
was probably the cleverst ever shown in
motion pictures here. That Simplex
machine and good pictures make ''mov
ies" worth looking at.
Lnjoys Dr. Barnes' "Sermon
ettes." A Climax reader told us the other day
to by all means continue the good "ser
monettes" that Dr. Barnes is preaching
through these columns. ''They are fine,"
said he "and really are about the only
ones I get, as my work compels me to
put in Sundays at toil." We are glad
that Dr. Barns efforts are being ap
preciated and hope he will continue his
good work. The Latin phrase, mullum
in parvo, is applicable lo these little ser
mons. Contest To Close Tomorrow
The popularity contest being conduct
ed by tho Climax will close tomorrow
week, the 2Cth. There is only one more
week for the contestants to get in their
work and they had better get busy if
they are not already doing their best. A
$400 Obermeyer piano would look mighty
well in any young lady's parlor and that
is what the one having the most voles
is going to get. It's worth your work
and while to make an effort to secure
this beautiful instrument.
The Postmasters Will Have to
Postmaster General Burleson, taking
his cue from the way the President
works, has announced that appointees
to posimaslership in the Presidential
grade must earn their salaries by actual
work. That is to say that they will
hereafter be required, in addition lo the
qualificat'ons with respect to ability,
character and experience, to give assur
ance that his whole business time will
be devoted to the position to which be
is appointed. He further says that if
clerks and carriers are required to serve
eight hours during the day, the post
master, who gets the highest pay of all,
should at least give an equivalent in
lime and effort. Such a proposition
should admit of no question. Il is bas
ed on common sense and reason. The
postofflces should be placed on a busi
ness bases and those applicants who
want lo do, as most republican incum
bents have done, let the subordinates do
all the work, wbil they take their ease
and enjoy the emoluments of office, in
stead of doing what is expected of them,
should seek an office in some olher de
partment whose head is not so unreason
able as Postmaster Burleson.
It was G rover Cleveland who gave the
utterance to the self-evident truths that
"public office is a public trust," and
who lived up to it. The government
official who wants all pay and no work
won't find easy sailing for the next four
years at least. He will have to do some
thing in return for the money paid him,
except lo attend to his own affairs and
log-roll for his party, feeling that he has
done all that is expected of him
One of the reasons that government
offices are so sought after is thai ihe be
lief prevails that they carry big pav and
little work. This may have been the
case heretofore, hut that order of things
is to be changed. The man who accepts
office under President Wilson has to do
like him, render a quid pro quo for bis
salary. The government is to be placed
on a business basis and sinecures abol
ished. If any democrat is seeking office
under the false impression that his heav
iest work will be la draw his salary, he
had better withdraw and save himself
disappointment. There are to be no
drones in the democratic hive and those
who are unwilling to work had belter
stand from under. W. P. Walton in the
Lexington Herald.
Panoramic Picture ol the Grealest
line iLsiytiojni m iiooo
Reels. Only Authentic Picture
fan.? aiim irrrwi
116 N. Upper Lexington, Ky
An April Sale of Charming 5prin
Wash Goods at 25c
You have never seen before such a large and varied collec
tion of beautiful and dainty wash fabrics as we are showing for
this season. These fabrics at 25 cents comprise a choice lot of
fashionable merchandise that has no equal.
Solid Katines
Striped Ratines
Colored Flaxons
Plain Flaxons
Striped and ch'k Flaxons
COLONIAL RATINES White ground with beautiful
flowered designs in blue, pink, yellow and lavender. A beauti
ful colli and very serviceable
Only, a yard O DC
SILK AND COTTON CREPES-A large assortment
in this very ponular cloth. Can be used for dresses or OfT
underwear. Price, per yard 33C
LINEN PONGEE The biggest hit or the season in linens.
Comes in complete color rvige, including all the new shades.
For this week only, the 3 3 1 3
price per yard is OO OC
LINENS AND RATINES A large and comprehensive
assortment of these very popular fabrics. All colors and quali
ties at 60c a yard and up.
ful and dainty pattern on crepe. Something entirely rr
new for this season's wear. Ask to see them. Per yard DUC
In Real EstaieN
Stock and Crop
Reports of Spe-
eial Interest : ty
Jno. J. Allen, of Hustonville, bought
a bunch of extra nice 500-pound heifers
at 7o.
Tennessee parties sold at Winchester
25 head of Jersey cows and heifers at an
average of $55.
Allen S. Edelin, of Mercer, has sold to
Mississippi parlies a yearlinir son of his
great Bohemian King for $850.
Last year there were 2 5,000 000 acres
of land plowed in the United Slates at
an estimated cost of $450,000,000.
R. R Park, of Hardin county, recent
ly sold his famous 7-year-old trotting
gelding, Sam Park, to I. T. Clements, of
New York, for $1,500.
Joe Morris, of the Stringtown section,
has a hair lipped calf, which is quite a
curiosity, and which some side show
man might make money with.
J. T. McCray, of near North Middle
town, bought during the past week from
J. E. Robinson, of Montgomery county,
a fine team of draft mares at $112.50. m
Z. T. Rice sold two Jersey heifers to
Pt al Bros, for $35 and a Jersey bull to
same party for $40. Mr. Rice also pur
chased 16 100 pound shoats al 8 1 2o.
Lancaster Record.
Stafford Brothers, of Montgomery
county, purchased 111 Citile in Madison
county at 7 to 7 1-2 cents, and sold 70
head to various parlies at a good profit,
says an exchange.
Persistent efforts lo put cattle and
sheep on the free list, to cut the duty
on swine and to alter the Ways and
Means Committee Tariff Revision Bill
otherwise were defeated in the Demo
cratic caucus of the House.
Morris J. Earris, Jr , bought a bunch
of 60 pound shoats from J. L. Hutchins
at 8 1-2 cts., and a lot of 75-pound shoats
of Dr. Harry Moore at 8 12 cts; also a
bunch of 100-pound shoats from Nash
Raum at 8 1 4 cents Danville Messen
Henry S. Cay wood, of North Middle-
leion, Ky., has purchased from S. Eng
lish Anderson, of Montgomery county.
171 head of fancy steers at 8 cents per
pound. 102 of these cattle will go the
first of May, and the balance the first
of ten das in June. The cattle will
weigh about 1400 pounds.
Close to $20,000 was paid in Lexing
ton for six head of trotters that changed
hands at good figures. Gen. Bray ton
Ives, the great breader and horse lover,
of New York, was the purchaser of five.
including the crack two-year-old filly,
Alma Forbes (1) 2:24 3 4 and the year
ling filly. Bertha Forbes, paying $5 000
for the former and $1 000 for the latter.
The good race mare, Lula Arion, was
bought by Senator J. W. Bailey.
J. B. Foster has engaged 82 heavy
cattle to B. D. Holtzclaw for immediate
delivery, two loads going at 8 cents a
pound and the rest at 7 3-4 cents. There
where about 300 cattle on the market
Monday, the stock market being rather
slow. Few were toppers, most of the
offerings being of a rather medium
grade. The best sold at $8 but few were
good enough for this price. Wils Rogers
ihe Paint Lick horse and stock buyer,
rave Hiatt Burge $105 for a nice walk
ing horse here Monday. He also bought
a black combined horse irom W. f.
Kincaid for $133 and a draft horse from
J. II. Baughman for $125, Mr. Rogers
sold a walking horse to S. II. B ;ugh
maa for $1S5. Interior Journal.
Our line of Coffees are as fine as you
can get in any market. Give them a
trial. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.'
Transylvania "Came Back."
Eastern Normal walloped the"stufling"
out of Ihe Transylvania cine Monday
afternoon on the grounds here, as stated
in these columns Tuesday but the latter
"came back" Tuesday afternoon and
won by a score of 3 to 0. Eastern's next
game scheduled at present is wiih Mil
Iersburg Military Institute thereon May
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Disaster of Modern Times
Ever Made. Watch for Date
This house is distinctive
in iis Style, Service and
its Sensible Prices
Dress Goods
Light weight spring wool dress gixxls for suit, wraps and
dresses. Never have we ever shown such a wonderful array of
materials al $1.50 and i00. Just the goods you have been
looking for.
FRENCH CHALLIES Fifty di:Terent patterns from
which to choose. All the very latest patterns to be had in the
fashionable colors. A 73c quality CO
Special at, a yard DC
Glass Towels at 5 1 39 a Dozen
100 dozen glass towels, size lSr!0, in white with led border
or red si ripe Thiscrash sells ordinarily it 13c a yard. You
can jret these toweis at I . :s a dozen on Monday and Tuesday only
HUCK TOWELS AT $1.19 A DOZEN A irood qual
iry huck with red borders. A regular 1. 91 value. Jl Q
Monday and Tuesday only, this towel al a
quality and usually sells for 60c. Monday and aq
Tuesday only al. per yard T C
Hand Bags at $1.00
Many new and attractive shapes in hand bai;s and mesh
bairs at $1.00. We call your attention to the excellence of- the
quality of materials and workmanship in tliem. Of course vou
will want a new hand bag to add the "finishing touch" with
your spring apparel.
If you have not seen some of Miss lirennan's gown, cos
tumes or suits vou have missed a treat. We urge you to come
in and il will be a pleasure to show to you something entirely
different than you have ever had. All tailor work by men laiior
YOU have a cheerful bedroca TOO.
ft 9 Ct - i : .. t
Home-dwellers :-
If you want to be a happy, cheerful fami
ly, have CHEERFUL bed-rccms. Have your bed
room furniture and rugs new and attractive.
your beds pretty and comfortable. People feel
better and work better In the day-time If they
have restful, pleasant bedrooms. If you come
to us, we can furnish you a bed-room In perfect
taste and comfort, and our PRICES will be
reasonable enough not to disturb vcur slumbers
and we'll arrange the
Furniture, Carpets Stoves and Ranges
Opposite Hotel Glyndon Richmond, Ky
Headquarters lor machine supplies, needles shuttles, bob
bins, belts, etc.
Cleanliness Reigns
We like to meet you face to face,
That would be our choice;
But when this caD't be the case,
We hope to hear your voice.
I'se Telephones 223 and 16 For
Choice Groceries, Garden Seed
of all kinds. Pumpkin Seed, Best
German Millet
We guarantee them all to be best quality
Sewell & McKinney
Groceries, China
For Any Kind
1 'p
( 1 1 I
Zemotonc and
Zcmo Soap
The Store
Agent Saturday Eveninjj Post
and Ladies Home Journal
When you want JOB PRINTING and don't know
how it should be done, consult THE CLIMAX
Embroideries 8 Cents
2,000 yards Swiss, nainsrx.U and
cambric embroideries worth up to
50c. t'hoice al So yard
That Are In Demand
n 6ri,
terms to suit you too.
and Field 5eeds
Of Skin Troubles
1 i
J -
1 i
i :
! i

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