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The Richmond climax. (Richmond, Ky.) 1897-1914, April 21, 1913, Image 1

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39 Ih YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
eedl -
IL. EL EMaimtoira.
Corner Main and B
Pay Cash and
I - r :
x s
New Tornado Disc HarroW
Ttie same Harrow we have sold and guaranteed for 25 j-ears
It has several new improvements which makes it the most
complete Harrow on the market. We also have the best
Tobacco Fertilizer on the vnaiket. We guarantee it when
used on toeaceo beds to pay 200 per cent on t&e investment.
Notice! Poultry Raisers
4 - 11
Cholera. GaDes. Limberneck,
no cm, HO
M. BrrM. Blow. Kr-. mn: '1 bra ud Redp. 4-11-44 for ran ) thiol it tUb
nouHrr rrmT auic. itcara w aad limUraeck fihoBllil.
Vi ill f Hi,. i.rcWr. Kt..htk "Ok drop oi Run 4-11-44 rrapprd Juw the billf gafuig
ciaUbrWtnnMdMitmalKicliicfciMttatir. ltitthc bat premmrc I ka mr ined.
Mrs. ud GurMtec. by J. Bobt. Crume, Bardstowa, Ky. Price 50c it ill Druistt.
The Climaxl year
ifTm n
85 .
Save Money
K 0
! S
- 44
Roup. Canker,.
ana au Diseases 01 rourny
. n . r w fl .
7 mr 3m T
I f 4 rl tt T of
Day of Contest
A!l Votes Must Be In Before
3 P. M. on April 26.
Improve These Last Few
Hours of the Contest Bet
ter to Hustle Now Than to
Lxpress Jterets Later.
The Hustler Will Surely Win
in This Contest as in
All Others. .
There are now but a few more hour
in which ihe candidates engaged in
the Climax popular voting contest have
to work for the several prizes offered.
The voting comes to an end on Saturday
April 20, at 3 p. m. and Immediately
thereafter the counting will be com
menced, to who shall be the winner of
the splendid Ober'meyer piano and the
other beautiful and useful articles of
fered to those who are making an en
deavor to land the premiums. It is not
believed by those who have given the
matter careful thought that any partio
ular person has the grand prize cinch
ed at the present time, but there are sev
eral in the race who have a good chance
to land it if they hustle.
There are several young ladies who
appear to have the best of the contest,
but none of them have a sure cinch of
being the ultimate owner of the first
prize. If one of these contestants who
is way down the list should take it into
her bead that she was going to win the
big premium, she could do so. She
would have to do some work to mae it
but that was what was expected when
the contest opened. Several bunches of
seven new subscribers or renewals in the
groups tf seven would put the lowest
candidate in the race up among the
For those who wish to vote without
any competitor seeing them, the Climax
desires to slate that cash with your sub
scription, telling where the paper U to
be sent and to whom the votes shall be
given, can be placed in an envelope and
deposited iu the bank. The judges will
open these envelopes as soon as they
start to count and will credit all votes,
including bonus votes. In order to se
cure bonus votes on merchants' coupons
they must be counted at the Climax of
fice before being voted.
Miss Taylor was in the lead at the
last count. Several others are well to
the front and are putting forth every
effort on the homestretch .to win the
coveted prize. Either of these young
ladies can land the prize if they will on
ly take the time to get out and solicit
subscriptiens and renewals.
Every bunch of seven new subscrip.
lions means 9,200 votes .and seven re
newals will bring in 6,500 votes, and the
way to win is to get these new subscrip
tions and renewals, as they count up
rapidly and they carry with them the
big bonus offers which contestants
should be seeking.
From now on until the close of the
contest, which will be on Saturday, the
2Cib of April, we will give the following
bonuses. These will positively be the
last bonuses offered, from now to the
The bonus is from now on as follows
For every 7 new subscribers 8000
extra votes making a total of 12200.
For every seven renewal subscriptions
we will give 6,000 extra votes, making
a total of 9,500 votes.
MiLEtiflfiiniC!j (Csi'slhi SQoipcb
, The same as ever is: The Highest Quality Merchandise for the Lowest
Prices Merchandise That Makes Satisfied Customers .
lust now we are making some interesting prices on heavy weight goods
especially on
Ladies' Suits and Coats, Misses' and Children's
Coats, Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats
You will be well to see what we have in these lines before making your
h S I .. Si vl i 1 x, -s m ' X ; X I M X ! 1 : j X ij- ) r
For every seven back subcriptions
we will give 4, 000 extra votes, making
total of 6,800.
For every (2) twenty years, a total of
135,000 votes will be given.
For every three 5year, new or renewal
subscriptions 23,000 extra votes making
a total of 40,000 votes.
For every forty merchant's cupons
1000 extra votes
By studying out the above bonus off
ers any contestant will be able to win as
each and all have this right.
These merchants' coupons may be
collected from any and all merchant
who are giving coupons, and must be
brought to the Climax office in bunches
of 40 tickets, to be counted by the pub
lisher or one of his assistants before th
coupons will be issued.
Saturday, April 26, the voting will
cease and the final count will be made
that evening. This is but a short time
ahead and it is worth the while of the
candidates to get out among the people
and work like Trojans from now until
the ballot box is closed at 3 p. m. of the
day mentioned. No ballots will be re
ceived after 3 o'clock under any cir
cumstances, no matter who may have
them or what excuse they may present
for not getting them in at the proper
The contest is on the square and there
is to be a fair, field and no favorites.
All bonus votes that are to be cast
must be accompanied by the number
of coupons stated on the bonus or the
bonus votes will not be counted nor al
lowed to be given to contestants.
Merchants need not be afraid of buy
ing an over supply of coupons, since we
will redeem at what you paid for them
all you have left over at the close of the
The following merchants give a cupon
with every one dollar cash purchase
to those who ask for them. Gel your
ticket when you by your goods. No
tickets given on accounts.
L. E. Lane
The McGaiighey Studio
Engle & Company
Perry' Drug Store
D. B. Shackelford & Co.
John It. Gibson & Co.
Rice & Arnold
Stockton & Son
W. F. Higgins
The following is the standing of the
contestants at the count of March 15th:
Laura Taylor 144,250
Etta Turner 138,525
Lternice Robertson 115,525
Georgie Walton 114,225
Charlotte Azbill 51,575
Mrs. Minnie Terrill . 41,250
Lizzie Jones 48,125
Willie Parks '. 40,000
Grace Hammonds 42,850
Myrtle Ballard .....38,025
Maude Vaughan 30,650
Mattie Tyree 28,625
Bertl.a Carrier 20,150
Sallie Wood 20,225
Pauline Jones .... 4,675
Bessie Ilaydon 4,350
Willie Burton 4.300
Elixabeth Marshall 4,100
Ethel Wharton 2,50n
Maude Moberley 2,lt'0
Carrie West 2,050
Minnie Zettle 1,825
l.ydia Young 1,775
Elizabeth Blake 1,000
Lucy Jones 1,000
Effie Rice 1,000
Grace Hardin 1,000
Mabel Tudor 1,000
Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches,
braids, transformations and other hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Braids colored
and re-woven at moderate price.. Mrs.
Maud Mackey Walker, 207 W. Main St.
Phone 545. Residence 202. 52-tf
o O'
Prominent Richmond People
Dr. C. E. Smoot and Mr. Dan II. Breck.
two of Richmond's most progressive and
popular citizens were in Danville yester
day. Dr. Smoot met with a serious ac
cident recently. When working on his
automobile his hand became entangled
with the mechanism and two fingers
were crushed off. He is one of Rich
mond's leading physicians and surgeons,
and the accident caused deep regret
Danville Messenger.
A Family of Doctors.
A family "reunion of the Pennington
brothers was held in London this week,
hen four of the brothers all gathered
nere. Tbey were Dr. E. B. Pennington,
of Nashville, Tenn.; Dr. J. R. Penning
ton, of Richmond, Ky.; and Drs. H. V.
and M. K. Pennington, of this place.
Dr. P. A. Pennington, of Louisville,
could not be present. The brothers are
all either physicians or dentists, and all
stand high in their profession. We doubt
if a family can be found in this or an
other State which contains five doctors.
All are splendid, good men who have
honored their profession and who are
yet young enough to make a greater
mark in their chosen fields. London
All kinds of garden and flower seeds
and bulbs . D. B. McKinney. 53 tf
Newspaper Advertising Can
Help Move Food Products
Many millions of dollars are spent an
nually for food products. Many millions
more would be spent for specific brands
if the manufacturers of those brands
brought them to the attention of the
housewives of the land through persis
tent newspaper advertising.
If manufacturers of all food products
specialized in daily newspaper talks to
their various publics, if they told the
public something that was actually
newsv, informative something worth
while, they would not only bespreading
valuable knowledge, but they would be
creating a steady and definite demand
for their products.
Cereals, breads, cakes, tea, coffee,
cocoa, chocolate, meats, hams, saugager,
salt, pepper, and spices all are full of
advertising possibilities.
How long will it take some of the food
concerns to awaken to the truth of this?
Quite a number of the "wiser ones are
wise" on the subject and their business
gros accordingly.
You can aid materially in stiring up
the "late sleepers," Mr. Local Merchant.
For House Painting
Call H. M. Thurman, Phone 277. He
is an experienced painter and thorough
ly reliable in every way. Reference
iny one for whom he ha ever done any
work. " .. 45 tf
Nipping the Buds.
. April showers,
Run the song,
Bring May Flowers
Right along.
April frosts
Day by day
Don't bring any-
Thing in May.
Fire and tornado insurance,
nam's Insurance Agency.
See Bur-14-
To Cattle Dealers.
I make an exclusive business of buying
stocker nd feeders on orders. The
best quality of cattle come to this mar
ket. Your patronage will be appreciat
ed. Market quotations promptly fur
nished on application.
Rooms 601-603 Live Stock Exchange,
Kansas City Stock Yards. ' 39 Cm
On the
Come See
them in our
We have arranged for a Special Sale
' On the celebrated Stearns & Foster Mattress and are offering this most Comfortable,
Durable and Sanitary of all Mattresses, in selected patterns of the best qualities of Satin
finish. Dust-proof Tickings-vlTHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.
Beware of so-called "Special Sales" on "Cotton-felt" or "Felt" Mattresses said to be
the "genuine kind" and offered at such ridiculously low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do not know WHAT sort of material has been hastily STUFFED into the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it may be vile; unfit for any person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort and Durability, such Mattresses are utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses have a laced opening (Pat. applied for) through which
you can see and examine the inside of the Mattress you GET. That's the safe way to buy
a Mattress. You know what you are getting.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses are made of Clean, Sanitary Cotton; felted into hundreds
of little webs forming many Springy, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
layers are then LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
and encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Finn,
half yielding to your figure, but supporting it in perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I never Knew a Mattress could be so Comfortable."
That's just what satisfied users of Stearns it Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself.to get one and enjoy rest that is Refreshing Comfortable
Healthful. .
You don't have to be put to the expense and inconvenience of sending a Steams &
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated." They never require it. An
occasional Sun Bath keeps them fresh and clean.
Don't Fail to attend this Sale. Come today.
Select the Mattress you want NOW. Don't put up longer with that old uncom
fortable Mattress.
A Comfortable Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster,
Costs too Little.
Well give you a POSITIVE GUARANTEE cn every Mattress bearing the Stearns
4c Foster name.
OMIhiaiinni & ILsicIkey
Undertaking a Specialty ftrfc" m 229
W. S. O. R. O. L.
To Excursionists
The GasoliLe Boat and Barge, Bertha M.
Is at the service of the public.
Excursion parties served on short
notice and at very reasonable rates.
Will meet parties anywhere on the
Kentucky river and take them where
tbey wish to go. Prompt attention
- to correspondence and phone mes
sages. Good order guaranteed.
Abundant room for dancing. Re
freshment served.
Phone 175. Irvine, Ky.
J, t
4 : . s 'rr
J::;:; IV T-v fl J rz "i -
;i T'l'Hl ,,",""'".if,!r,w..,",'vW
?. IJ?.'T.?.:?r.,?!t!,.f1T7"ts e'S STRNS'4F0iTEi
- - r irr- 5 . - - -r-"; V
Bracelets That
the refined woman are those whose
workmanship is fine, designs new and
unique, precious stones set in the late;
fashions, diamonds of pure water, fu!I
of fire and brilliancy, rubbies of pigeon
blood color, and sapphires, opals and ail
kinds. of gems that are the finest that
can be secured. These you will find at

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