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frl TM A Y
V J 11 J 1 V 11 An
39 th YEAR
Tuesday and Triday
1L. EL. IBlaumtoim
Corner Main and B
Pay Cash and
New Tornado Disc HarroW
The same Harrow we have sold and guaranteed for 25 years
It has several new improvements which makes it the most
complete Harrow on the market. We also have the best
Tobacco Fertilizer on the narket. We guarantee it when
used on tocacco beds to pay 200 per cent on ttie investment.
Big Prices
We have enlarged our warehouse and can han
dle all the Tallow, Wool, Rags, Bones, Gin
seng and Feathers that you bring. Remem
ber we pay the highest prices. We buy Hides
Rubber and all kinds of metals and scrap iron.
Bring what you have
Best Braces for fences, Water Tanks, etc.,and any kind
Repairs for all kinds of Machinery.
tmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmimmmmmmm mwswWsmmmws1msmmsssmmsMswmsssmmmsWM
Save Money
P. 3
For Hides
purchases '
Drifted Apart
"Drifted Apart" a society problem
play will be presented in a capable mar.
ner by Munthe's Dramatic Players at
Grand Cpera House during the week of
May 5th. The story of the play was
taken from life and the characters are
of the type that everyone knows and
understands. The play hinges on the
adventures which befall Lola Sterling, a
bef.utiful girl, who thinking her sweet
heart guilty of murder marries another
man, thinking her lover has deserted
her and broken his vows. On her first
wedding anniversary she discovers that
her lover was innocent of the crime
charged against him, that he was wrong
fully imprisoned and the man whom she
married was the cause of it all. This a is
problem up to the young wife and she
solves' it in a way that is very satisfac
tory to the office. Miss Lesse handles
the dillicult part of Lola Sterling in an
admirable manner. Edward LaRenz
does well as Ned Way land, the wronged
lover, while Edward Vail is convincing
as Will Reeves, the schemer.
New Tax Receipt
County Clerk R. B. Terrill showed us
the other day the new tax receipts which
be is making out. Some 10,000 of them
are to be made and as theyt are in
duplicate form, it will keep the clerk
and his deputies pretty busy for the next
month or so. ft is lather unfortunate
for Mr. Terrill that this work comes at
the lime it does, as it will keen him
closely confined at the very time he
would like to be mingling with the vot
ers. However, he says it is business
first with him and that he intends to
attend to every duty of his office, if it
costs him his re-election. The tax re
ceipts are very complete and about four
limes as large as formerly. It would be
very hard to graft with them, even if
any sheriff in the Slate was disposed to
do so. " This new form of receipt is One
of the results of the silling of the last
Legislature. .
When the World Will Lnd.
When lawyers fail to lake a fee,
And juries never disagree;
When the politicians are content.
And landlords don't collect their rent;
When parties smash all machines.
And Boston. folks give up their beans;
When naughty children all die young.
And girls are born without a tongue; ,
hen ladies don t take time to shop, .
And officeholders never flop;
When preachers cut their sermons short,
And all folks to the church resort;
When back subscribers have all paid,
And the editors have fortunes made;
Such happiness will sure portend,
This world must sure come to an end.
"CM Oh! That Itching!"
Stopped Instant I.
Tkt ZEilO. Skin Troubles Vanish.
Buy a 25c Bottle Today and Prove It.
Glory! A remedy for skin tortures
that makes everybody smile and say.
"Hooray!" If you have that terrible,
fierv, unreachable ' itching, scorching,
raw eczema, prickly heat, rash, tetter,
irritated or inflamed skin, blotches, pirn
pies or blackheads, you will marvel at
the results or Z.hJlO.
ZEMO is a clean, antiseptic solution.
not a grease or ointment. - Itching van-
is lies at uie nrst application. This is
absolutely guaranteed or money refund'
ed. Use it on the baby, too; ii gives im
mediate relief in all skin tortures. Dan
druff and scalp itching vanish at the first
application. '
'Suffered 23 years with eczema. Fin
ally tried ZEMO. It cured me sound and
well. That was 15 months ago. Zemo
is a blessing." Mrs. S. Eason, of Hope,
ZEMO is sold in 25c sealed I'otllesand
guaranteed by II. L. Perry, Richmond,
Ky. .
Is your house and barn insured? Bett
er see Burnam, the insurance man.
The same as ever is: The Highest Quality Merchandise for the Lowest
Prices Merchandise That Makes Satisfied Customers
Just now we are making some interesting prices on heavy weight goods
.especially on
Ladies' Suits and Coats, Misses' and Children's
Coats, Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats
You will be well to see what we have in these lines before making your
Stanley Speaks But Doesn't
Congressman -A. O. Stanley, of the
Second district, rilled his appointment at
Nicholasville, his former home, Monday,
but did not open his campaign for the
Democratic nomination for United
Stales Senator. He made a brief ad
dress, Dut did not refer to the Senator
ial contest. In an interview, however,
Mr. Slanley stated that he would surely
be a candidate and it made no difference
to him whether the race was this year
or'in 1914. Mr. Stanley defended his vote
on the Webb bill and said that he had
good reason to expect that the act would
be declared unconstitutional by the
Supreme Court. Mr. Stanley is expect
ed Louisville today.
Salaries of Rulers.
The King of England is paid $2,350,-
000 and has a private revenue of $350,
000 besides. The Prince of Wales is paid
$500,000 a year. Denmark and Greece
are very poor. Each pays her ruler but
$202,000 a year and its crown prince
$32,000, Spain is also poor and pays Its
king ouly $1,340,000 a year for himself
and $000,000 for his family. Sweeden
pays its king $33,000 and his family $250,-
000. The German Emperor receives $4-,
000,000 a year.which is about half of bis
income. The Sulian of Turkey receiv
ed all along a yearly salary of $7,000,000
and the Czar of Russia receives each
year more than $10,000,000. The sim
ple republic of France pays its Presi
dent f 1 20,000 a year and allows him $120,
000 a year for expenses.
His Phone Number is 26.
In the professional card of Dr. E. W.
Youngblood, Veterinary Surgeon, which
appears in this paper, we gave his phone
number as 206, when it shou'd have
been 20, as the advert-Jeonenl now has
it. By the way, Dr. Youngblood tells ns
that he is doing nicely and that busi
ness is starling off good and strong with
him. He likes Richmond very much.
A Liberal Offer.
The Climax has made arrangements
whereby it can furnish the Weekly Cin
cinnati Enquirer, the Farmers News, a
48-page monthly agricultural paper, and
the Climax twice a week for the small
sum of $1.35. This offer will dot last
long and you had betler take advantage
of it now.
- Base Ball Saturda'y.
The team from the Lexington High
School will c -me over Saturday, ' 2Gih,
and cross bats with the Eastern Normal
ciub. The game starts at 2:15 in the
afternoon and the price of admission
will be 25 cents. A fast game may be
expected and you should witness it.
Miss Shearer Entertains.
Miss Aettie bhearen entertained a
a number of her young friends at her
home near Caleast a few days sines. It
was her 15th birthday and she received
some beautiful presents and a delight
ful evening was spent. Tber are hop
ing that her birthday may come again
real soon. X
Shoe Store For Sale.
Only exclusive Shoe Store in Cynthi
ana, Ky.; good business, prominent lo
cation; cheap. Immediate possession,
Reason for selling, death of proprietor.
Address Arcade Shoe Store, Cynthiana,
Ky. C0-2t
Experienced Deliveryman
An experienced delivery man is wanted
at Hurst's Store of Quality in the Clay
building. Phone or call at once. , 00-ti
la Real EstalcA
Slock and Crop j
Reports ol Spe- I
elal Interest ill
Joe Irvine, of Boyle, lost by death the
17-hand jack. Rex Napoleon. He had
recently changed hands at $1,250.
Col. C. F. Clay, of Bourbon, who is
now in Florida, has sold his brood mare,
Breakwater, to John Sanford, of Hurri
cane Stud, New York, for $3,500.
J. R. Magowan, of ML Sterling, has
sold to Gen. Brighton Ives, of New York,
the mare Alma Forbes, by J. Malcom
Forbes, for $5,000. He also sold to the
same party the yearling filly Bertha For
bes for $1,000.
J. L. Hutchins bought five 1.000-lb.
steers from Chas. P. Cecil, Jr., at 7 l-2c
J. 8. Sharp, of Junction City, sold four
grazing cows to W. C. Carpenter for
$130 and bought a nice Jersey cow from
John Silcox for $00. Danville Messen
A very large crowd attended court in
ML Sterling on circuit, county and horse
show day, Monday, and much business
was transacted. There were about 2,-
000 head of cattle on the market, of
good quality?' A good crowd of buyers
were at the pens and sales were quite
brisk, with prices very high. The best
1,000. cattle sold at 7 l-2c; yearling steers
at 7 to 7 l-2c; heifers at G 1-2 to 7c; old
cows from 5 1 2 to (J l-2c.
H. C. Harman, a Dayton, O, lumber
dealer who lost a number of mules' by
the recent flood, was here this week and
bought of George Hail a pair of 8 year
old mare mules for $150; of Monte Fox a
pair of 8-year-old horse mules for $400
and of Nimrod Buster a nice 3 year-old
mare mule for $287.50. L. P. Thomp
son delivered 44 212-pound hogs to Jer
ry Caldwell, Jr., of Beyle, at 8 l-2c. who
later resold them. M. J. Fan is, Jr., of
Boyle, bought 7 head of grazing cattle
from Sam McConnell at- 6o. They av
eraged about 700 lbs. Phil Nunnelley
has engaged a bunch of 117 hogs to B. D.
Qoltzclaw for June delivery for 7 3-4c.
They will average about 200 pounds at
that time. Mr. Nunnelley has also
eogaged his old ewes to Mr. Holtzclaw,
to be delivered July 1. at $4 a head.
Bowman Owens, of Mc Kinney, sold two
nice 3-year-old fillies to Shade Wilder
for $300. Fox & McDowell, of Danville,
sold to Forestus Reid a bunch of 34 big
cattle for grazing at $00 a head. Tria
ble & Wade sold a pair of 2-year-old
mules to David Lyou for $350. T. W.
Jones sold 70 bead of fat cattle-10 Webb
& Lipps, who took them on to Silver
Creek, where they will be slopped al the
distillery. The local dealers got $7.75
per hundred for the beeves. Stanford
Interior Jourdal.
What do You Know About
Your Clothes?
See that most entertaining and instruc
tive moving picture, "The Clothing In
dustry, from sheep to weaver." Every
body's viewing it. Bring the whole fam
ily. To be exhibited at the Grand Op
era House Tuesday night, April 29th.
J S. Stanifer. " - C0-2t
Our line of Coffees are as fine as you
can get in any market. Give them a
trial. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-if.
To Cattle Dealers.
I make an exclusive business of buying
stockers nd feeders on orders. The
best quality of cattle come to this mar
ket. - Your patronage will be appreciat
ed. Market quotations promptly fur
nished on application.
W. O. PA UK.
Rooms 601-603 Live Stock Exchange,
Kansas City Stock Yards. 39 6m
The Secret of Honest Values
A number of years ajjo, in looting over business conditions, we came to
the conclusion that our greatest asset was "not our stock in trade or cash
in the bank, but our customers' good will, our reputation for good values
and square dealing. We determined to make the came "Cldham" stand
as a synonym for "QUALITY" to stand back of our goods and to see
that the goods we sold were right. In studying our sources of supply,
we found that some makers did business that way too; and some did not.
Hut the ones we could rely on were the ones who put their NAMES in
their goods and said always "These are ours, we made them, they'ie
right and we will stand behind them"
And So We Have Clothes
These are the world's greatest and we have large samples to 3how you
and a variation of models unlimited. Tailor made and made right and we
are behind the fit and absolute satisfaction
8 About
Thi? is a rare opportunity for our patrons and we will be glad to have you
come in and let us tell you about the plan
Respectfully yours
Richmond's Greatest Store for Over a Quarter of a Centuiy
Local people are surprised at the quick
results received from simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adler-
i-ka, the German appendicitis remedy.
B. L. Middellon states that this simple
remedy antiseplicizes the-digestrve sys
tem and draws otf the impurities so
thoroughly that a SINGLE DOSE re
move sour stomach, gas on the stomach
and constipation instantly. 3
Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches,
braids, transformations and oiher hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Braids colored
and re-woven at moderate price. Mrs.
Maud Mackey Walker, 207 W. Main St.
Phone 545. Residence 202. 52-tf
To Excursionists
The Gasoline Boat and Barge, Bertha M.
Is at the service of the public.
Excursion parties served on short
notice and at very reasonable rates.
Will meet parties anywhere on the
Kentucky river and take them where
they wish to go. Prompt attention
to correspondence and phone mes
sages. Good order guaranteed.
Abundant room for dancing. Re
freshments served.
Phone 175.
Irvine, Ky.
Our Suit Club
The Wrru J Oliver Improved
Chilled Plow"
. Also the IMPERIAL Plow and the new
Superior Grass Seed Drill
We have on hand a full line of Regal Queen
Cast Ranges
Heavy, impure blood makes a muddy,
pimply complexion, headaches, nausea,
indigestion. Thin blood makes yoa
weak, pale and sickly. For pure bl :od,
sound digestion, use Burdock Blood Bit
ters $1 at all stores.
Fire and tornado insurance. See Bur
nam's Insurance Agency. - 14-
New York, Boston
For House Painting
Call II . M. Thurman. Phone 277. lie
is an experienced painter and thorough
ly reliable in every way. Reference
any one for whom he has ever dona any
work. 45 if
All kinds of garden and flower seeds
and bulbs . D. B. McKinney. tf

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