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391h YEAR
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The Genius of The Restora
tion Movement
An excerpt from a sermon delivered
by Hev. E. B. Barnes at the court-house
April 27ih:
The history of the Disciples of Christ
has been that of an endeavor to find a
common basis of agreement on which
christians of every name could stand.
That has not b en an easy last, nor has
it met, with the success for which
the originators of the idea, men like
Thomss ind Alexander Campbell, hop
ed. But it has been wonderfully suc
cessful in an indirect way in leavening
the faith and practice of almost every
community in" America. For it is evi
dent that since the year 1808, the date
of the publication of Thomas Campbell'
famous "Declaration and Address," a
change has come over the religious
werld which might be called revolu
tionary. It is just to say that the ad
dress introduced the beginnings of the
change, thoogh many other forces con
tributed to it.
The one word it lich makes the Disci
ples a peculiar people, the word which
differentiates them from their religious
neighbors, is the word "union." The
Campbells, father and son, desired to
tee all God's people one. Could there
have been a greater wish in the heart of
a serious-minded christian than this,
knowing as we know today that disun
ion is weakness and confusion? Christ
Himself seemed- to have'anticipated di
vision when He prayed that all His peo
ple might be one, for at that moment
they were one, and the seeds of discord
had not been sown. And the purpose of
union was that the world might believe.
A reading of the 17th chapter of John's
Gospel will help any one to see the
meaning and scope of that prayer anew.
The Disciples gladly recognize the
aids' which have been afforded them
in recent years in their work in such his
toric t'omm unions as the Episcopal, Con
greffational and Presbyterian. The zeal
of oi:e in this cause is as praiseworthy
as the zeal of the other. "Union" is no
longer an exclusive word in any Protest
ant church. In the beginning of the his
tory of the Disciples work,lhese things
could not be said. The religious world
in the beginning of the 19th century was
divided into warring sects and parties;
traditions of men bad tended to make
the Scriptures a dead letter; there seem
ed to be no standards of authority other
than the human declarations of faith and
individual feelings which in those days
ran to violent excesses. Every man was
a law to himself. The . branches of
different churches made war on their
own members. It looked as if tw'eedle
dee and tweedle dum would annihilate
each other. Confusion and chaos, were
in the saddle. As a result, men's hearts
were failing them for fear, the churches
were disorganized, the cultivation of
personal piety languished and deterior
and decay were the result.
It was not believed in the beginning
that Christian union would be the pana
cea for these ills. The beginnings of
the movement were regarded with sus
picion. Tlrere was much distrust, much
controversy, much ill feeling as the prop
aganda was undertaken. But it was of
sufficient power to attract the attention
of the divided hosts from themselves to
it. The age was compelled to take no
tice. Alexander Campbell proved to be
the leader and the organizer of the move
ment. He was powerful in debate, a
genius with a pen and a thinker of high
order. If he turned his powers in oppo
sition at times against those of other
communions, discussing the differences
between them and him, there were other
times in which he made greater contri
butions o the common cause of Christi
anity than any man of his day. When
the skeptic, Robert Dale Owen, had
challenged a representative of the Chris
tian rnligion to meet him in debate,
Mr. Campbell took up the gage of bat
tle and the result of the meeting is now
a matter of history, and we are not aware
that the friends of Mr. Owen have ever
done much to circulate the volume
which contains the report of tha discus
sion. Alexander Campbell examinded
under the search-light the astounding
claims of others who were apparently
hostile to American institutions, and
halted their aggressions. The Protes
tantism of our country is under a great
debt of gratitude to him.
His preaching tours covered a great
scope of country. His public discussions
involved a great amount of labor. He
founded and maintained a college many
years prior to bis death. In all, 50 vol
umes aro the product of his pen. He
lived the strenuous life in the days Of
the stage coach. How he accomplished
so much under hindering circumstances
is still the wonder of all who are famil
iar with his career.
But I wish to speak particularly of
the genius of the work he began. In his
day the issue was between the Divine
and the human standards of authority.
Today that issue is a dead one. The
battle has been fought. New and more
vital issues confront our age. It is now
agreed that if we maintain our devotion
to Christianity at all it must be done
through the medium of the Scriptures
And that leads to another consideration,
viz: " Who shall interpret the Scriptures
for us? The right of private judgment
at once comes to the front as a mighty
principle. It is here that the widest
freedom is given in the deliberations of
the Disciples. Others may give a simi
lar freedom, but they can speak for
themselves. In matters of opinion where
the revelation of certain doctrines was
obscure, it was a fixed principle with
the Campbells that private opinions dif
fering widely with the individuals could
be held, only one man must not impose
bis opinions upon another as a test of
fellowship. As a result of that there
has been much freedom of opinion, and
consequently much misunderstanding.
But the principle is just, though we
may differ as to how far that principle
can be carried. In few words, the Dis
ciples believe that much diversity mar
be allowed in every congregation, while
the great central verities of the Chris
tian faith are adhered to.
We often hear it said that one man's
opinion is as good as another's. That
does very well in theorv, but no one re
spects it in practice. The opinions of
the trained mind must be of more value
than those of the untrained mind. The
views of a scholar who has had every op
portunity to investigate and form just
conclusions must have more value than
those of a man who has nevor had such
opportunity. Consequently, where dif
ference of views prevails, there must be
great tolerance and a warm enthusiasm
for the cause of education. It will be
seen that both are the outgrowth of the
Disciples' particular views. If we want
rational views we must be patient with
irrational views, and we must do all in
our power t. foster such a system of ed
ucation as shall give us the wisdom and
moderation that guarantee the removal
of our mental equipment as far as pos
sible from the ignorant and the fanatical.
We believe thoroughly in the sanity
of cultivated reason, and the hopeful
ness of Christianity. If there are those
-who preach a religion of optimism and
good cheer, we more. If there are those
who make discoveries which seem as
important to them as the discovery of
America, we invite such enthusiasm and
attempt to match it. We try to find a
place for all that is worthy, sound and
healthful. And in addition, we are ever
seeking to convert the sinner and to give
the down-and-out a fair chance in. the
race for life. And we are joining hands
with our brethren of other churches in
evangelistic and missionary campaigns
in the hope of bringing about a union by
practical service which we fear can nev
er be brought about by the arguing of
doctrinal differences.
It is the boast of tome faiths that they
never change. It is our boast that we
grow with a growing world. Growth is
the sign of life. China boasted of her
stability through many centuries, but
the awakening of that vast empire has
been one of the wonders of the age.
Not to change is to invite the compan
ionship of the dead. To know how to
adjust one's self as well as a communion
to the changing conditions about us with
out losing anything of power, is a work
which requires the vision and the skill
of the true prophet. And the churches
which can adjust themselves to the
needs of the age are sure to find them
selves in tune with the most worthy
voices of all time
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