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A (Dsiini ? (CdDfiflcBcB 1Fwb& cdo May 1(D)
In order to celebrate our anniversary, we will on May 10th give ONE. POUND CAN OF PHOENIX HOTEL CUP COFFfLL which sells at 35 cents, with each
purchased on May 10th. There will be no change in the price of the Flour on that day. This can of coffee is merely given to show our appreciation of your helping us to celebrate our anniver
sary. Don't let this opportunity to get a can of delicious coffee escape you. Remember the dateMay 1 Oth. Any merchant in Richmond or Madison county will have the flour and coffee. Get
your can of coffee when you buy the flour : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ': : : . : : : :
Vacum Cleaner
Can Operate It
We guarantee this Vacuin Cleaner
to be free from mechanical defects
and will replace, without charge, any
parts proving defective in material
or workmanship for
year from date of
Bennett and Higgins
Will be paid to any person Laving
any kind of pain or che, if idupp's
Quiclt-lielief Liniment f uiU to five
instant relief and the purchase price
is not refunded. Try it and tee.
"It t tbe most wonderful remedv for re
lieving pain I have evrr usrd. "-Cjpl. An
demon Berry, Lexington. Ky.
"I used this liniment and tbe ra'n and
Korenews disappeared like magic' Jiutr
H. T. ballengcr, Lexiagion, Ky.
"It U the only remedy that has (riven me
any relief since I wai paralyzed four ye:: rs
ago." Mrs. Susan Welburn, Newburg. lud-
"For relieving aches and pains this lint
went beau anvthing I ever saw." J. u
Let ton, Lexington, Ky.
"This liniment pave almost Instant rellel
and has completely cured me of rheuma
tim." S. B. twait. Paris, Ky.
If it Fails to Relieve Any Pain in
Any Part of The Body in Fiftet n
Minutes, Ask For Your Money Back.
50c At All Druggists or
Bourbon Remedy Co, Lexington, K.
Is your house and barn insured? Det
er see Burnam, the insurance man. tf
Come to Owen JJcKee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Others
do and why not you. tf
For a mild, easy ection of the bowels,
try Doan's Uegulets, a modern laxative.
23c at all stores. '
Our line of Groceries are the best you
can buy. All new and fresh. Phone
7J i 144. Covineton Thorpe Co. 57-lf.
R. A. Harlow can furnish you with the
best Fly Screens, either wood or metal
frames. Phone 129. 50-tf
Plenty of Oats and all kinds of field
aeeds at attractive prices. See us
before buying,
tf It. L. Arnold & Co. .
Staple and Fancy Groceries and Field
Seeds. Hay, Corn and Oats. Two phones
l-tf I. B. McKinney.
Let Todd & Son screen your house.
They make a specialty of screen work
for windows, doors, etc. Phone CO; of
fice Irvine street. 58
To Horsemen!
Believing that my horse, Arrington,
bv Highland Denmark, and out of the
dam of Emerald Chief, is the coming
horse of the county, I am going to give
him a chance There is no better bred
horse in America than mine. Now listen"
You all know Ilex Peavine has a na
tional reputation. You know his fee is
(75 00. You would like to breed to Rex
Peavine but the price is higher than you
feel like paying. Well, here is what I
am going Ut do: I will give a season to
Hex Peavine to the owner of the mare
lias the best coll by my horse foaled in
lbl4. to be shown in 1914. Think this
over and bring your best mare and get
the season to Rex Peavine. Will
also give tlO in gold for the best mule
colt by my Jack foaled in 1914. Now
get busy. Call me by Phone at II. P.
Dykes 240 2 rings.
CO-41 W. C. Cobb, Red House, Ky.
Tired? Thirsty?
Drop in at HURST'S and get an invigoralor in the form of a glass of that
Good Soda Water
We make a specialty of Fancy Individual and Plain Ices Ice Creams, Im
poi ted and Domestic Cakes. Let us suggest
Something Dainty and Delicious
for that Dinner or Banquet
We can give you any desired design or carry out any color 'scheme per
fectly. Come to see us. Suggestions or estimates cheerfully furnished.
Phones 408 and 710 . Postoffice Block, Richmond, Ky
The Store That Makes Yoa Want To Eat"
Tobacco Raisers Take Notice.
The best tobacco canvas at the price.
42 tf A. Dobrowsky.
The "Bloomers" Are Coming.
The liloomer Base Ball team, said to
be one of the best aggregations of its
kind on the road, will play the Rich
mond team here Tuesday afternoon and
a large crowd will likely witness the
game. The females will have to play
some fast ball to defeat our boys.
! Good Flour Good Coffee.
On Saturday, May 10th, which is the
anniversary of Zaring's Flour Mill, you
can get a pound package of Phoenix Ho
tel Cup Coffee free with each 100 pound
of Zaring's Pa'ent Flour you buy. Good
bargain, it seems to us. Read the ad
vertisement which appears on our third
page. Cl-4t
If you want Cotfee of the finest cup
flavor, try our Maxwell House Blend. It
will please you.
61-lf I). B. McKinney.
Base Ball.
Eastern Normal's team of invincibles
will go to Millersburg Monday and cross
bats with the M. M. I. boys. A hot
game is expected, but the odds are on
the Normal boys. Western Normal will
play Eastern Normal three games here
May 15, 10 and 17. This will be an in
teresting series.
Mr. Stone Gets Contract
Mr. Jeff Stone, the contractor and
builder, got the contract to erect the
handsome home that Mr. R. J. McKee
will build this spring on tbe site of his
present residence on West Main stree'.
There were a number of bidders and
Mr. Stone's bid was $90 the lowest. The
building will be a brick and will cost in
the neighborhood of 87,000. It will be
one of the pretty homes of Richmond
and will materially help the appearance
of that portion of tbe city in which it
will be located.
We want your wool.
Plenty of sacks for
you. Don't sell until
we see you or you
see us
A. L. Gott
Richmond, Ky
a period of one
Cut His Arm.
While trimming his grape vines, the
knife Mr John A. Iliggins was using,
slipped and cut an ugly gash In one of
his arms.. He called a doctor to dress
the wouad.
Will Sell Building Lots.
Messrs. Elmer Deatherage and. Joe P
Itoggs will sell 18 splendid building lots
in this city on Saturday week, May 10h.
See advertisement.
Pound of Coffee Free.
Buy 100 pounds of Zaring's Patent
Flour on Saturday, May 10th, anniver
sary of the mill'sesiablishment, and gel
free a pound of Phoenix Hotel Cud Cof
fee. Any merchant in the county will
wait on you.
Excursion to "Cincy."
The L. & X. will run another excur
sion to Cincinnati Sunday, the fare for
the round-trip being only $1 75. The
train passes Richmond at 0:40 a. m. and
returning leaves Cincinnati at 7 p. m.
Reds and Pittsburgs will cross bats
there that afternoon.
Kirksville vs. Paint Lick.
Kirksville High School and Paint Lick
High School base ball teams will cross
bats at Paint Lick Saturday afternoon.
Both teams are said to play good ball
and an interesting game may be ex
pected. The Alhambra Opens Tomor
The pretty Alhambra picture house
will ope-i its doors at 10 o'clock tomor
row, Saturday. A great, deal of work
has been done on both the interior and
exterior of the place and it is now one of
the prettist houses in this part of the
Morning Train For Cincinnati
Leaves Larlier.
The morning train to Cincinnati,
which has been arriving here at 6:20
and departing at 6:25. beginning onday
will arrive at 6:05, or 15 minutes earlier.
Remember this and have your break
fast a little earlier if you want to go off
on that train. If you gel left, don t say
the Climax didn't warn you.
Dr. Hillis Delights His Hearers.
Dr. Newell Pwigbt Ilil'is, the great
author, preacher and lecturer, and pastor
of Plymoth church in Brooklyn, de-
Tghted a large audience with his lecture
at Normal Chapel Wednesday night.
Many people say it was the best lecture
ever delivered tn this city. His subject
was "America Today and Tomorrow.
Where's "Tramp?"
Much speculation is rife as to what
has become of."nobody's dog," the in
telligent, friendly seller whom evertone
knows and has a word for; and he has a
wag of the tail for every woman, man
and child in the city. He ha been
missing for several days and no one can
give any information as to his w herea
bouts. "Tonv," his most trusted friend,
is especially anxious for news of him.
To Show the Hinata Races.
The races given by Mr. and Mrs. Cla
rence Lelius at their beautiful Fayette
county home, "Hinata," ten days ago,
have been put in motion pictures and
Manager Raxter will show them in the
next few nights, possibly Saturday night.
An amusing scene of the day of festivi
ties is the dance in which fifty or more
of tbe party are doing the turkey trot
to perfection.
Sunday Train on L & A.
Beginning Sunday, the L. & A. will
run a train oetween ueattyviiie ;na
Frankfort, leaving Richmond at 7;20 in
the morning and reaching Frankfort at
9:40. Returning, it will leave Frank foot
at 4:30 in the afternoon, reaching Ric b-
mond at 6:35 and leaving this city f or
Beattyville at 7:35 p. m. A reduce J
round-trip rale will be given each Sun -
Mr. Sewell to Retire; Mr. Mc--
Kinney Will go it Alona
The well-known grocery firm of Sew
ell & McKinney will dissolve partner
ship June 1st, when Mr. Sewell will re
tire. Mr. McKinney will continue the
business at the old stand and he will be
glad to wait on the old customers and as
many new ones as may come. He has
been selling groceries all his life, seven
years of which have been in tbiscity.and
he naturally feels that be has pretty
good knowledge of the business. Before
coming here he was with Mr. C. L.
Searcy at Waco. Ed Warford, the pop
ular salesman, who has-been with the
house for a long time, will remain with
Mr. McKinney. Mr. Sewell, we are sor
ry to say, will leave Richmond. lie hat
bought an interest in the big dry goods
firm of McKinney, Baumstock & Co., at
Cynthiana, and will take charge of that
business on July 1st. He and bit fami
ly will be missed by their many friends
here, all of whom wish them well in
their prospective home. i
Benefits Local People.'
Richmond pegple have discovered that
A SINGLE DOSE of simple bocklluorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as com.poviidfl in
Adler-i-ka, the German append ieiLls
remedy, remove gas on the stomach
and constipation AT ONCE. B. L. Hid
dellon, druggist. ' no 4 ly
Citizens of Lexington, dissatisfied with
tbe action of the majority f tbe eity
commissioners in granting an electric
light franchise, are prpjjaring for a rf-
takes Hens Baking Easy
Absolutely Pure
Tho only baking powdor
ntada front Royal Grapo
Cream of Tartar
All The Time.
Keep your house clean every day of
the year. D meslic Vacuum Cleaners.
Ask our patrons. Sold only by W. F.
Iliggins. 61 2t
Fined for Having Whiskey.
Rollie Harrison, a white man, 'was
fined 950 and given ten days in jail by a
jury in Judge Greenleaf's court Thurs
day for having in his possession 18
quarts of whisky.
Good Investment
Four nice, new cottages in the East
End are to be sold Monday, May 12th.
Harris & Speak es, the Paris real eslate
men. will sell them at auction. See
particulars in advertisement in another
column. 61-H
No Skating on the Pave
ments. Section No. 14 of the City Ordinances
prohibits roller skating on the sidewalks
and Chief of Police Allman says he is
going to enforce the law to the letter.
The fine is from $2 to $10 for each of
fense, which will make the fun come
pretty high.
Mrs. Thomas Rayburn Dead.
Mrs. Thomas, Rayburn. aged 19, died
ml her late home, near Silver Creek, and
was buried in Richmond Cemetery on
Thursday afternoon, after funeral servi
ces at the home by Dr. G. W. Crutt h
field, of tbe Methodist church, this city.
Deceased had been ill for some time of
tuberculosis. She is survived by her
husband, for whom great sympathy is
Good Show Coming.
From what we can learn, the show
coming to the Opera House all of next
week, ia a "crackerjack." Munthe's
Modern Players are well known and gel
good press notices wherever they ap
appear. They were in Lima, Ohio, 26
weeks arnThaJ a big house each night.
They go from here to Charleston, S. C.
Besides 15 actors and actresses, the com
pany carries a car-load of scenery. Pop
ular prices.
Very Grateful to Those Who
The ladies who have been serving the
lunches to a number of the pupils of
Caldwell High School ask us to thank
those who have generously furnished
edibles or in any way helped the less for
tunate children of that school. It was
only last week that these ladies quit
furnishing lunches, having kept up the
good work for months. Marked im
provement was shown in many of tbe
pupils after this service was begun and
those who have contributed by word,
act or deed can feel that they have done
a service for iheir fellow beings that has
redounded to much good.
We receive every morning a full line
ef green vegetables and would be glad
to supply your wants. - Phone 72 & 144.
Covington Thorpe Co. 57-lf.
Building & Loan Association
Richmond has, or rather will have on
Stiiy 1st, a building and loan association
uana it will be known as the Madison
Sottaty Building A Loan Association. It
va .organized Thursday afternoon, the
following directors having been elected
Iw ihe stockholders at the meeting in
aihe Aladison National Bank: John W
Crook e, R. R. Burnam, T. K. Hamilton,
M. tC. Kellogg, O. D. Simmons, R. J.
MoKee, G. W. Pickets, H. B. Cosby,
aaW Jl. J. Greenleaf. These gentlemen
'm tawn. elected Mr. Crooke president,
! (r. fiurnam vice-president, Mr. Cosby
s acretay and treasurer and Mr. Green-
lef alletaev. About 600 shards have
atoready beau disposed of and it is be
lteved tht;l900 will be placed by July
1st. ThipwHilf M.OOO to begin oper
ations with. -These enterprises have
been helpful to many people and towns
and there is no reason why Richmond
and her people should not be benefitted
v. the one iust launched. Messrs.
Knight. Wilds and Smith, . of Nicholas
ville, were the promoters of the sobeme
here and thev are confident that it will
lo big things for us.
'"Had dyspepsia or iudigeslion for ma
sty years; No appetite and what I did
ai distressed me terribly. Burdock
Blood Bitters reached the cause. "
H. Walker, Sunbury, Ohio,
Federal Court
Federal Court did not last long, but it
did business wbilf it was in session.
Among the cases disposed of were: Jno.
Perrlgen, Middlesboro. a year and aday
in the Moundsville, W. Vs., prison atd
a fine of 11,000 for tranferring whisky
from his distillery to his saloon without
paying the lax. Tom Taylor, six ironihs
and $200 for illicit distilling. Wesley
Clark, $100 and 30 days for selling whis
ky. Craig Lynch, same. Abe Win
chester, $100 and 30 days for same, and
Bill Tucker same for same. Harlan
Miller $100 and 90 daysfor selling booze.
Elisha Austin, $100 and 30 days for sell
ing whisky. II. B. Gabbard and James
Smith were convicted for illicit distill
ing, but the ludge did not sentence
them and will not do so until the Nov
ember term of court. He told them they
might go home and raise a crop. H. C.
Chumbley, illicit sale of whisky, $100
and 30 days. Steve Gill, Leach Brons,
ton, Bill Turpin, Robert Garland, Milton
Rose and Willie Royton each got a $100
fine and 30 days for selling whisky. G.
G Gilbert was sentenced to six months
in the Covington jail for stealing books
from the government. He is an exceed
ingly fine looking man, well dressed and
of excellent address. He is said to be
an expert book thief, selling a book in a
home and stealing one or more before
he would depart. Charlie Baughman, a
Stanford negro, was fined $10J and giv
en 30 days for whisky selling. To the
surprise of the Judge and the other
officials, he drew out a hundred dollar
bill and paid his fine. The iail sentence
was set aside. Baughman attracted
much attention in court by his flashy
Free Demonstration.
Let us demonstrate the Domestic Va
cuum Cleaner along side any other ma
chine you wish. W. F. Iliggins.
Whose Whisky Is Itf
Sheriff McCord and Chief of Police
Allman have 40 quarts of good old booze
in their possession but nobody will claim
it. Strange, isn't it? They got wind
the other night that parties were bring
ing a lot or "red eye" and tried to meet
them on the train and accompany them
in7 but the fellows also sol some wind
and hunted greener fields in which to
ply Iheir trade. They have it at the
disposal of any one who claims it. Is it
yours? If so call on those gentlemen.
City Council Doings.
When the roll was called at the city
council meeting last night, "absent"
was placed after the name of Council
man Vaughn, but before any work was
done he arrived and "present" was sub
stituted. Tbe meeting hour is changed
from 7;30 to 8 p m. on May 1st and a
good many of the members and onlook
ers forgetting this, were on hand prompt
ly at 7:30 and they had a little wail of
30 minutes.
Reading ef the minutes and the adop
tion of them as read was the first work.
Collector Wilson reported $99.47 collect
ed on taxes, etc. The committee ap
pointed to buy oil for the streets report
ed that it had done its wori promptly
and that it was no fault of theirs thai
the oil was not here. It is believed that
it will arrive by tomorrow at the out
side. It will be placed on the business
streets first and then in those portions of
tbe resident section of the city where
appropriations have been made.
Work on East Main street from Sop-
er's Mill to Hal lie Irvine street was or
dered. An ordinance was passed making the
conviction for selling whisky, of the pro
prietor, clerk or porter of a billiard or
pool-room, sufficient evidence against
the holder of billiard or pool license to
ustify the council in riso nding ich li
cense and that no rebate shall be given
in such eases.
It was ordered that the pavement in
front of the homes of James B. Walker,
Judge W. R. Shackelford. Dr. C. H.
Vaught and Mr. J. M. Hayden on West
Main street be raised to the height of the
pavements east and west of it.
Il was moved, seconded and voted
that the expenses of Chief of Police J.
H. Allman be paid to the convention of
Chiefs at Washington CHy on June 9 to
A fire plug was ordered placed on
Short street.
The committee appointed to revise
tbe fees for licenses of various kinds,
reported as follows: Accidental insur
ance, $10 per year. Bill posters, S25
per year. Billiard and pool tables, $50
for first and $25 for each additional one
Bonding companies, $10. Ball and baby
game, $10. Bowling alley, $25 per year.
Broker and bucket shop, $1,000 a year.
Carnival companies, $10 per day. Cir
cus or tent shows charging 50c or more.
$50 per day. Those charging 25c or
less, $25 per day. Each additional show.
$5. Circus, if only parade in the city.
$50. Cigarettes and cigarette material.
$25. Coal oil and gasoline agencies, $75
per year. Merry-go-round, $2. Fire in
surance companies, $15. Life insur
ance companies, $25. Casualty insur
ance, $10. Motion picture shows, $25.
Opera House, $50. , Shooting gallery, $2
a day or $30 a year. Auto for hire, $10.
Skating rink, $25. This was voted and
ordinance ordered published.
Permit was given to , Normal City
Laundry to drill a well on the city
property near the laundry plant.
It was ordered that the roller be used
on Lancaster street and that some re
pairs be made.
A number of bill were ordered paid
and the meeting ad joured.
Cotton Sale Saturday
Attend the sale of the effects of the
late Nathaniel Cotton near Kirksville,
tomorrow, Saturday. See elsewhere
what will be disposed of.
Save Them.
Don't let your children play on the
carpel unless you have used a Domestic
Vacuum Cleaner. Il gets the dust and
germs at the same time. We'll demon
strate along side your favorite machine if
you'll phone us. W. F. Iliggins.
Seniors and Juniors Meet
The Senior and Junior Societies of
Caldwell High School had an enjoyable
and profitable meeting last night. This
was the second meeting held so far and
at, interesting program, including a
dialogue, was given.
B. ELJBelue & Co. Enlarge.
B, E. Belue & Co. are enlarging their
millinery store, cornor East Main and
Collins streets, now using the entire
Soper building. The store-room for
merly used by the Star Piano Co. is now
a part of their millinery house.
W. W. Broaddus&CaSell Out
The well known coal firm of W. W.
Broaddus & Co. sold their business to
the Richmond Coal & Supply Co., com
posed of Messrs. W. A. Lang ford, John
W. Crooke, Miller Davison and T. C.
Vaughn, the latter general manager,
the business to be turned over Mon
day morning. The retiring gentlemen
are undecided as to what business they
will engage in but it is generally hoped
that they will not leave Richmond,
We have a full line of Cow Peas, pure
German Millet, Sorghum Seed, Etc.
Covington Thorpe Co. " 57-tf.
Church Notes
Do not forget the revival services to
be held at the Methodist church next
week, as announced in our last issue.
Rev. A. P. Jones, who will preach, is a
strong and forceful preacher.
The general boards of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, South, are in annual
session in Dallas, Texas. Tbe Bishops
of the Church also meet at this time,
and are appointed to hold the several
annual conferences. The Kentucky con
ference will hold its annual session at
Somerset some time in September.
Cure for Stomach Disorders.
Disorders of the stomach may be avoid
ed by the use of Chamberlain's Tablets.
Many very remarkable cures have been
effected by these tablets. Sold by all
Water Bottles
The ordinary hot water bottle soon
becomes leaky and unfit for use. The
"Kantleek" will not become leaky
it is always ready for use.
The "Kantleek" Bottle is absolute
ly guaranteed to be perfect in work
manship and materials.
If it shows any imperfections with
in two years from date of purchase,
the manufacturers guarantee to give
you another one without charge.
This written guarantee comes with
every article.
watca sarrui
are made of the finest Para rubber and
are tnply re-enforced at the seams.
They hare a smooth white-satin finish. !
soft sad ptauinf to tb. touch. Yet they 1
ax so touch aod ttrooc that they will aut i.
eraea or weaken.
Every bottle b j
full capacity. Tbe
price is Do aifher ,
thsa ordinary dob- !
guaranteed bottles, j
Com. in and mmm '
them. We are tb i
exclusive at ents.
We have a lull line
of rubber foods
which w. will b
pleased to show
you Fouataia
Syringes. Face
He He Colyer's
This space is developing glorious results by the liberal use of Printers
Ink in behalf of everybody's servant, H. H. Colyer. His
friends are wide-a-wake, numerous and strong. -
ECENT encouragements are proving
convincing of his sweeping victory,
supported by a determined army, com
posed ot all professions. If he was wronged
before, he must be righted now ! .
His past official record clearly defines
him as one of the most satisfactory com
Bright jn "
( your ,) V4y
Mr. and Mrs, Good-appearing:-
Have you never seen
spoiled oy old, worn rugs? New furniture de
mands new rugs. Come
rugs. We can sell you
floors as "beautiful as your walls. We sell
the kind, also that give LONG WEAR and always
keep their bright colors. You know the value
of good rugs, therefore, you will think cur
Furniture, Carpets 5toves and Ranges
Opposite Hotel Glyndon
Baby Carriages
In Real Estate
Stock and Crop
Reports ol Spe
cial Interest : :
J. R. Knox & Co., of Royle, sold Jo
Souvh Carolina State College a five-year-old
jack for 11,000.
A. D. & C. D. Miller bought of Hay
den Estill a 300-pound sow and 0 pigs
for $150
Capt. T. B. Robinson, of Garrard, has
sold his splendid walking mare to Wo.
Gibboney, of West Virginia, for J:$00.
Sam Embry sold to Lexington parlies
10 unbroken ponies for $00. Waiter
McKinney sold to the county judge of
Washington county a 6-year-old gelding
for 1230. C. T. & A. G. Rankin bought
of Fox & McDowell 33 cattle at 7 3-4c.
Granville Lutes sold to James Cash a
bunch of hogs and will buy them back
July 13 at 8c. They will be fed corn
and grass. 'J. D. Eads has bought 50.
000 pounds of wool at 20c. J. K. Baugh
man and W. G. Cowan will try lime on
Correct Styles
Ladies' Suits
Dresses, Skirts, Shirt Waists,
Underwear, Hosiery and
Fancy Notions at
B. E. Belue & Co.
Main and Collins Streets
Friends Have Something to Say!
Reason Right and You Will Agree With Usl
well-furnished hemes
and see cur new stock: cf
rugs that will malce your
Richmond, Ky
Rc-IIrcd While Yoa Wall.
' sold t
soil this season. T. VV. June h;i
to John Cress 'Jl 7 'j-pound stuck-
ers at . I-2c. Interior Journal.
Drowned Himself.
tilenwood Gentry, son of William
Gentry, chose Muberley'v pond in wli;cli
to shuttle oir this mortal coil. He was a
tuberculosis surferer and K-ft his home
Wednesday niglit about Oo'clock. II. s
body was removed from the pond, which
is on Mr. Neville Muberley's place, about
a mile from town, at n xn yr-sterday.
The day before he com mined the ra-.!i
acthe asked about thedephth of the pond
and many other iue.-.iioiiscoiiceniin il.
It is almost certain that he destroyed
himself intentionally. Early yesterday
morning an object was seen floating o:i
the pond, but tlx a.) noticed it
thought it a bundle of clothes or some
thing of the kind. The bxly was broux'lit
to the banks by some men in the em ploy
of the telephone company, who were
working near bv.
We handle all kinds of t.arden
and Plants.
61-lf 1. H. Mw-Kinn.-y
and Prices Right
Richmond. Ky
monwealth representatives known to Ken
tucky courts.
The conditions that resulted in his de
feat four years ago were such as to war
rant his success in the present contest, and
yet he proved to be one of the most effec
tive supporters for all the nominees.

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