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1 JnLiL
39th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
nrvw irir
O - O
IL IKL. Mamitom
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Corner Main and B
?t b H
New Tornado Disc HarroW
The same Harrow we have sold and guaranteed for 25 3ears
It has several new improvements which makes it the most
complete Harrow on the market. "We also have the best
Tobacco Fertilizer on the vnaiket. We guarantee it when
used on tocacco beds to pay 200 per cent on t&e investment.
oiemTen or
wih-mom creteme miu
coa-ca-ui scesce tore
Compounded according: to the Original & Ex
clusive Formula & Recipes of Charlie White
Moon, The Cow-boy Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailments. Endorsed in the Bible.
Thousands of Testimonials. COM-CEL-SAK, the
Great Eody-Tonic SCIENCE SOFE, for the Hu
man Skin Only. Ask your druggist, or write
3731 West Broadway Louisville, Kentucky
What Christians Hold in Com
mon. Instead of our usual sermon this week
we pive an extract from a sermon by
Dr. James Mariineau, one of the great
est Hunkers of the past century:
' For the greatest triumphs of our
faith, we must go where it is. matched
witD the passions or the heart, the im
pulses of unregulated nature, and see
how it prunes their exuberance, enrich
es their sterility, purifies their polu lions.
expands their littleness, refines their
rugiredness. Now these influences are
common to every form of christianty; its
appeals to the affections are uttered not
in the vocablary of sectarianism, but in
the universal language of the human
heart. Some may prefer to deck the
form in the gorgeous colors of an impos
ins ritual; some may throw round it the
ample folds of mystery; others may love
the (rrace of its primitive simplicity;
but beneath all these varieties, the same
living figure breathes, the same radiant
features smile. Where is the system of
Christianity that does present to our af
fections ail Infinite iieing, who has shad
owed forth Ilia invisible glories in the
splendors of the universe, who rolls the
silent wheels of time, whose presence,
felt in other worlds, is secretly shed
around each human home, who traces
the tear of grief and lights up the smile
of peace, who has an eye on every heart,
and carries on His parental discipline in
scenes beyond our vision and without an
end? Where is the system of Christian
ity which does not lead us to the Savior
as the image of lheinvisible)od, as the
bright reflection of His character, and
the noblest assurance of 11 is love which
does not trace to Jesus innumerable
moral blessings, and call us to reverence
him for guidance amid the intricacies
of duty, for light in the chamber of
grief, fur power of endurance amid the
struggles or suffering nature, and pros
peels of attractive grandeur beyond the
grave? Where is the system of Chris
tianity which does not cast upon this
stale the shadow of an etornal tribunal
which does not associate with sin the
horrors of an outer darkness, and impart
an infinite value to every pure tendency
of the sou', by inviting virtue
to a never-ending progression replete
with ineffable joy? What christian has
not enshrined in his memory and his im
agination the most beautiful and touch
ing portions of the volume of our faith?
Is there a christian parent that can read
the invitation of the benevolent Jesu,
buffer utile children to come unlo me.
and forbid them not?' without a heart of
love to the Heavenly Teacher, without
a purified conception of that kingdom
which in l ant docility alone can enter,
without an uplifting of prayer that no
rude world may brush from the mind of
his child the morning dews of his inno
cence? Is there a christian sister. that
has not blessed the Divine Teacher, who,
himself, touched by the sorrows that
he quelled, restored the lost Lazarus to
his weeping an i defenseless home? Is
there a christian moiher who has not
lingered with the bereaved Mary around
the cross, wondered at her awful sor
rows and thought bow in the watches of
the night memory would bring back up
on her ear that last appeal, 'Woman be
hold thy soo?' The tears which flow at
passages lue these, the admiration with
which they burden the heart, the ima
ges of moral loveliness with which they
till the imagination, are not the exclu
sive possession of any sect; they are the
unrestricted boon of God to the human
soul. In private, then, we all ponder
the same book, gather from it the same
refreshing influence, the same impres
sions of duty, the same impulses to pray
er. AndonourChristian Sabbath, while
we tread the threshold of differing tem
ples, are they not all dedicated to. Him?
'who dwelleih not in temples mads with
hands,' and rt gardeth not their trivial
distinctions? While the worshipping
multit udes utter a various language and
ill-harmonizing thoughts, are they not
addressing a Being to whom language is
but a breath, and human thought but
like an infant's dream, and who looks
only to that heart of love that animates
both? It is an exhilarating thought,
that though on that sacred day Chris
tians may be separated by land and
seas, gathered around myriads of sane
tuaries, and speaking in a thousand
tongues, their praises blend like kindled
fires as they rise, and burst into the
courts of God, one brilliant flame of in
cense from the universal shrine of the
human heart."
Last Lynne Tonight
That time-honored drama. East Lynne,
which has delighted, inspired and taught
its great moral lesson to thousands, will
receive a fitting revival at the Grand
Opera House tonight by Munlhe's Mod
ern Drama Players.
Our line of Coffees are as fine as .you
can get in any market. Give them a
trial. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
Distinguished Surgeon Com.
Dr. J. W. Kenneday,' a distinguished
surgeon of Philadelphia, Pa., who will
read a paper at the Louisville meeting
of the Kentucky Slate Associatiou Rail
way Surgeons, May 13-15, on "The Sur
gicical Treatment of the Acute Abdom
inal Lesions," will come over to Rich
mond for a day or so as the house guest
of Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Vaught. It is hop
ed that a clinic can be arranged at the
Paine A. (Jlay Inlirmary for the distin
guished visitor, to which the profession
of the county will be invited. Dr. Ken
neday is the successor of the late Dr.
Joseph Price and one of his most devot
ed pupils, following as closely as it is
possible for him to do in the very foot
steps of this great master.
Important Meeting Called.
On Tuesday morning. May 13, at 10
o'clock, in the chapel of the Eastern
Kentucky State is or ma I, there will be a
meeting of representative county super
intendents, supervisors, county teach
ers, county ministers, bankers, business
men and heads of mountain schools.
This conference has been called to meet
Dr. A. P. Bourland, the Executive Sec
retary for the Conference for Education
in the South, to consider the possibility
of making a study of the mountain
problem a part of the program for the
next conference. The subject of the
next conference will possibly be deter
mined upon and also the next place of
meeting. Persons interested in this
work should be in attendance at this
meeting, for it means much to Kentucky
Cassius M. Park Dead.
On April 24th, Cassius M. Park, well
and favorably known in Madison county,
departed this life in Washington City.
He was a native of Estill county and at
the beginning of the Civil war joined
the 8th Kentucky volunteers, infantry,
which at that time was organized by
Col. S. M. Barnes, of Estill county, un
der Capl-John Wilson, who won great
laurels at the capture of Lookout Moun
tain, placing the Union flagon the sum
mit Of that mountain. As a lieutenant
he served for a lime in that regiment,
but for valorous service was promoted
to a first lietenancy. For 33 years he
had been a resident of Washington and
during that time held positions of trust
and importance in the Auditor's office.
He married a Clark county lady and to
them was born a beautiful girl, Joy May,
now 13 years of age. Mr. Park bought
a handsome home in Washington City,
and there always was found a welcome
for any and all of his old friends and
comrades from his old Kentucky home.
Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches,
braids, transformations and other hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Braids colored
and re-woven at moderate price. Mrs.
Maud Mackey Walker, 207 W. Main St.
Phone 545. Residence 202. 52-tf
Dan Breck, fire, lightning, cyclone
and live stock Insurance.
Carnival Opens Monday Night
At Ball Park. .
Thomas P. Littlejobn. who comes
here with his carnival as abfnefit to the
Richmond base ball club, a carnival
that is clean all the way through. His
said. He is the only Southern manager
of carnivals, being a native of Alabama,
and Dever takes his show beyound the
Ohio river. Restricting his territory in
this manner, he seeks to earn a reputa
tion that will put him "in good" with
the people of the South, and that kind
of a reputation he has won. He comes
to Richmond from Ijancaster, where the
leading citizens, formerly opposed to
carnivals, speak in highest terms of his
Manager Litllejohn carries no gamb
ling or other objectionable devices or at
tractions. There is nothing to offend
the cultured and refined.
Ladies and children can attend any of
th attractions without seeirg or hear
ing anything to offend
Special free attractions which this
carnival carries are Captain Kendall,
the high diver, and a sensational bal
loon ascension and parachute leap.
Manager Litllejohn has e'ght pay at
tractions in his aggregat ion, all of a high
order of merit, as follows: Dolletta, the
smallest mother in the workl; Country
Circus, Memo, Wild West, Maolis, Old
Plantation, a merry-go round and a Fer
ris wheel.
Is your house and barn insured? Bet
er see Burnam, the insurance man. tf
In Real Estate. 1
Stock and Crop
Reports ol Spe
cial Interest
At Paris court Monday McClinlock &
Cay wood sold Charles Thompson a pair
of mules for $430, to Asa Jewell 1 mule
for 2 jO and bought a mule for $177.50
About 200 cattle were sold during the
day. Yearling cattle brought 17.50,
OOO-pound heifers $:J0, short yearlings
-a to vZi and cows and calves $19 to
Isaac Brown, representing the New
York Butchers' Dressed Beer Co., pur
chased from Mcnte Fox 500 cattle which
are being slopped at' a Marion county
distillery. He paid 17.85 per 100 for 450
head, $7 25 for 25 head and JO.Wfor the
remaining 25 head. The average weight
of the cattle was 1,125 pounds and the
deal aggregated something over 1 40,000.
They were shipped to New York city in
27 cars. Danville Advocate.
W. G. Gooch engaged to Law son &
Brown, Garrard buyers. 27 hog to gi
the last of May at $7.75. They will weigh
about 225. Also engaged to same buy
ers 16 steers to go the last of Juno. For
14 of them he got $7 per cwt. In the
West End T. Carpenter delivered 20 silage-fed
cattle to Monte Fox, of Danville
The bunch averaged 1,153 pounds and
the price' was $8.50 per cwt. The caul
were extra quality and the price was the
highest ever paid in that locality. M
Peavyhouse fc Son delivered to Myers A
Tucker 43 head of ISO pound hogs
at 8c. B. F. Leigh sold a good milk cow
to Wm. Nave for $05. Richard and
Phelps Cobb sold to James Bales, of Jes
samine, for the S. & S. Co., Chicago. 94
cattle weighing 1,300 pounds at 8 3-4c
B. D. Holtzclaw delivered to John Gog
gin, of the Hubble section, a bunch ol
25 feeding shoats at So. They weighed
about 85 pounds each. Interior Jour
nal. Lost, Lady's Gold Watch.
Engraved "Alex to Grace."
return to Climax office.
Constipation Cured.
Dr. King's New Life Pills will relieve
constipation promptly and get your bow
els in healthy condition again. John
Supsic, of Sanbury, Pa., says: "They
are the best pills 1 ever used, and I ad
vise everyone to use them for constipa
tion, indigestion and liver complaint."
Will help you. Price 25c. Recommend
ed by all druggists.
Miss Sacray, Photographer, jnSE
dav and Saturday.
orders for pictures
May 8,
9 -an A 10 to make negatives and take
dno K) Come Early. Stylish Work.
Don't fail to be in our store Saturday Night promptly at
We want you you will be glad to come
Richmond's Greatest Store for Over a Quarter of a Century
Application For Pardon
Notice is hereby given that I will at
the next meeting or the State Prison
Commission, Tuesday, June 3d. 1913,
make application lor the pardon or Wil
lie Isaacs, convicted of house-breaking
some 11 months ago. W. S. Isaacs,
Richmond, Ky.
May 8, 1913. Ct-41
To Cattle Dealers.
I make an exclusive business of buying
itockcrs and feeders on orders. The
best quality of cattle come to this mar
ket. Your patronage will be appreciat
ed. Market quotations promptly fur
nished on application.
Rooms 001-003 Live Stock Exctiange,
Kansas City Stock Yards. 39 Cm
We want your wool.
Plenty of sacks for
you. Don't sell until
we see you or you
see us
A. L. Gott
Richmond, Ky
Monday May 12th
at 2 P. M.
We will sell at public auction Four Nice New
tages, in Richmond. Three o them have four rooms
and one has five. The lots are all 50 x ISO feet each.
They are located on East Main street, in front of Wil
liam Devore's residence. These cottages are renting at
$10 per month and the investment is a splendid one.
Dry cellars, front and back porches, and splendid con
crete walks. These cottages are going to be sold, as
the owner is disposing of them that he may buy a farm.
No by-bidding and absolutely no reserves. They will
be sold rain or shine. Remember the date, Monday,
May 12. Terms easy and made known on day of sale.
For further information call on address
8 or Scrivner & James, who will take pleasure in show
ing tne property u. peaes, aucnuum
Opportunity to Get a Home.
Harris &. Speak es, the well-known
Paris real estate men, will sell four nice
cottages in the East End on Monday,
May 1-ih. A splendid chance to buy a
nice little home on easy terms 61-lt.
Experienced Delivery man
An experienced delivery man is warned
at Hurst's Store of Quality in tha Clay
building. Phone or call at once. 00 tf
See Our
Ladies' Suits, Coats,
Skirts and Waists
5ee Our
Mens and Boys Suits for Spring
5ee Our -
Wash Goods in All the New
Take A
Has the Hustling Cash Store sold so many more goods so tar this season than ever before?
Why have Hamilton Bros, at such an early date, had to search the markets for an almost new stock of spring merchandise?
Why do we buy these goods always at bottom prices?
tup TT-i
Look Through Our Carpet
i Remember We Always Have the
Newest Things in Notions
Our Mens Furnishing Department this spring
is all that we could wish it to be
Fancy Socks, Shirts, Ties, Etc
See our PANAMA HAT5 for men at $2.00
Just a look will assure you
Because we sell for cash and can, of course, pay cash. And by paying spot cash we can get the lowest possible market price
Because we are satisfied with a reasonable profit and MAKE GOOD what we say about every article sold
Because we buy often and keep our stock fresh and new, and extend a courteous invitation and cordial welcome to each
and every patron. Therefore
People Looking For Good Quality Materials
at reasonable prices make their purchases at our store and always with the understanding that if goods are not as represent
ed, we want them and will make them satisfactory. Having just returned from the markets our stock is right now up to
full standard and we have never jshown more beautiful assortments Respectfully .

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