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MAY 9. 1913
I)b Lyman Ai;iiott. of Xer York, ed
itor of ilie Out look from Oyster Bav. has
been tum manly fired from the job of
vice president of the American Peace
Society. The learned divine rubbed the
Society's I ur the wronir way by signing
the appeal of the Navy League for iarpe
naval appropriations. Apparently the
members of the Society see no relation
existing between a big navy and peace.
Tiik death rate is reoried to be poine
down, but the question is when will it
vanish altogether? Mortality statistics
for I'M I show the death rate to have
been I 4 2 per thousand of population.
Surely if ihe rale can be reduced to 14.2
from 4 in fifty years, it is on'y a matter
of time before we oust the grim old
fellow otf the planet altogether. We
Iiope so, anyway.
I.oKAix, O., lias a a buttermilk saloon
where lar?e. cooling schooners of rich
buttermilk is served at 5 cents each.
Thai beveratre may suit the Huckeyes
all r it'll U but down in Kentucky where
they take a little ice and sugar in
"theru" such an establishment, would
last no longer thau l'at slaved in the
The Lexington Herald is arjruin? it
self unknown by fce:tking of the editor
of the Danville Messenger as "Lewis
Uicliirdson," when everybody knows,
or should know, that it is Louis Lan
tlram. Hut then a fellow is expected to
make such blunders in a town as
wet as the bl ue-jrrass capital is.
' Tiik editor of the Lancaster Record
made a trip to Paint Lick and was tick
led to death with the delightful little
place. Had he come on to Richmond,
ihe best lit lie city in Kentucky, there is
no telling what lie would have "writ"
about the place and her people.
Loniiok has a merry-go-round and Ed
itor Stephenson, ot the Echo, is delight
ed. The great and elevating play, Jesse
James, will be rendered there tonight,
when no doubt the editor's joy will know
no bounds. Takes mighty little to make
borne of the rural roosters glad.
Foi r Thooami and seventy-two bills
were introduced in the New York Leg
islature, which closed a few days ago.
Of these Governor Sul.er lias approved
442 and vetoed 10.
The republicans can best serve their
country at this time by stepping aside
and letting their democratic opponents
gel through with the tariff.
Damagk to property in the British
Isles caused by the militant sutfragettes
during the past three months amounts
to m6re than t3,tKXMH(, according to
official estimate. Think of this, you
who favor permitting the use of the bal
lot by the fair sex
The Seventh District muddle has
been cleared up by the appointment of
lien Marshall, of Frankfort, collector.
Now let Mr. John U. Gibson get the cov
eted plum in the Eighth and all will be
Ma. Bryan, the Secretary of State, has
returned from California, convinced that
the word Pacific may apply to the sea
all right, but not to the strand of the far
Walter Rowleu sold to Mr. Brown, of
London, a tine walking horse for $290.
Stanford Walker Bryan, editor of the
Franklin Favorite, is dead in that city.
J. F. Richardson, of Adair county,
was run over and killed by a train in
New York city owns 5.500 parcels of
real estate valued at tl.3O0,0O0,U00, ac
cording to an appraiser's schedule filed
Pistol toting" was made a felony
when Gov. Cox, of Ohio, signed the Wil
liams Bill recently passed by the Legis
lature. Work ha begun on the clearing of the
site of the old roundhouse at Somerset,
preparatory to the erection of a new sta
tion to cost $35,000.
Twenty-five persons, nine of them po
Iicemen, were wounded in a series of
riots started by striking building work
ers in Syracuse, X. Y.
Democratic candidates in Mercer
county are to be asked to pledge them
selves not to use either money or liquor
in their races.
Ben Marshall, of Frankfort, was nom
inated by t he President to be Collector
of Internal Revenue for the Seventh
Kentucky district.
Democrats of the Senate sustained the
Administration in its removal of Collec
tor of Customs Hill of Philadelphia,
thus paving the way for action in Ken
tucky. Jim Deaton, one of the defendants in
the Callahan murder conspiracy and in
jail at Winchester, was stricken with
appendicitis and taken to a Lexingten
Seven persons are under arrest at
Pikeville in connection with the killing
of two deputy marshals an I the wound
ing of a third marshal at Bluehead last
Mr. Longstreet, wife of the Con fed
erate General, lost her fight for reap
pointment as postmaster at Gainesville,
Ga, Mrs. H. W. J. Hamm wa: appoint
ed instead.
Samuel Harris, an elevator runner.
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was sentenced to serve not less than two
nor more than ten years in Sing Sing for
the abduction of 17 year-old Ethel Angel
of Louisville.
J. II. Linnville, aged 55, died sud
denly of heart disease at his home r.iiar
Dave Lillard sold to M. Phelps t'rs
week a suckling mare mule col: for
$132. 00 Harrodsburg Herald.
It is stated that Postmaster General
Burleson has decided to ask for the re
signation of Postmastei John G. White
at Winchester.
Rep:esentative Carter Glass, of Vir
ginia, yesterday denied that he would
introduce a bill providing for Govern
ment manufacture of tobacco.
Republican House Leader Mann block
ed a caucus effort to reorganize the
parly's Congiess'onal Campaign Com
mittee in Washington last night.
Japanese to the number of 400 in the
State of Sonora offered to join the Mex
ican rebel forces, but their advances
were spurned by insurgent leaders.
Ambassador Chinda will visitSecretary
Bryan to-day and make known formally
Japan's objections to the Anti-alien
Ind Bill passed by the California Legis
lature. Two hundred and fifty-four suits have
be n brought against the Adams and the
American Express Companies in Har
din county for the all-ged violation of
the Webb law.
Children of striking silk mill work
er, whose sole food for three days is
said to have been bread and water, were
taken to New York and adopted by va
rious families.
4,D n the log cabin," was the the
tart answer of the "Bull Moose" of Han
cock county to the overtures of the re
publicans for a fusion ticket down in
that county.
The winter wheat crop condition for
May 1 was 91.9 per cent, of normal,
with a prospective crop of 513,571,000
bushels, or more than 100,000,000 larger
than last year.
New Hampshire, for years republican,
probably will erect a statue to her only
President, Franklin Pierce, the demo
cratic State Senate having passed an ap
propriation bill.
When the assemblies of the three
branches of the Presbyterian church
meet in Atlanta next week a proposal
will be made that they unite in an ex
pression of common beliefs.
Approximately 91,000 acres of moun
tain land in Virginia, Tennessee North
Carolina and West Virginia were ap
proved for purchase by the National
Forest Reservation Commission.
Twenty-five murders committed with
an ax in the last three years in Missouri,
Kansas, Colorado, Iowa and Illinois
are ascribed to Henry Lee Moore, now
serving a life term in the Missouri peni
tentiary. Former President Roosevelt, in ad
dressing the peace conference at Oyster
Bav. declared in favor of a binding
agreement to enforce arbitration of all
disputes between Great Britain and the
United States.
A proposal to divide the State of Cal
ifornia into two parts, naming the nor
thern half "California" and the remain
der "South Cafeteria," was made in a
resolution introduced into the Golden
Gate Senate.
Secretary of Slate Bryan probably will
ask that the Japanese Ambassador post
pone his call and presentation of formal
protest upon the Secretary's return un
til the Cabinet minister can confer with
President Wilson.
The revival services at the Methodist
church is increasing in attendance and
interest. Rev. Jonei, who is doing the
preaching, is a strong and forceful
speaker. The meetings will continue
next week.
After a Conference with President Wil
s n Paymaster General Burleson an
nounced that all fourth-class postmas
ters now in office, or candidates for ap
pointment to those offices, will be sub
jected to a competitive examination.
The Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill,
carrying 117,000,000, was passed by the
Senate after the Gallinger amendment
to strike out the clause exempting labor
and farmers' organizations from anti
trust prosecutions had been defeated.
Members of the Democratic Congress
ional Committee are anxious to meet
and elect Representative Ben Johnson
chairman, but Chairman Lloyd has been
asked by President Wilson to postpone
the gathering indefinitely.
The Navy Department announced that
of six Kentucky boys who passed the
mental examinations for entrance to
Annapolis Naval Academy, R. G. James
of Louisville, and F. 8. Wash, of Mid
way, had failed on the physical tests.
Land stipulated to be forth 130,000,
000, and estimated by experts to have a
value of $40,000,000 to $00,000,000, was
ordered taken from the Southern Pacific
Railroad and returned to the Federal
Government by Judge C. E. Wolverton,
in the U. S. District Court.
In an opinion of far-reaching effect
the Court of Appeals holds that State
Treasurer Rhea must indorse as interest-bearing
State warrants to the amount
of $25,000 issued by Commissioner of
Agriculture Newman to pay the debts
of the State Fair.
The Underwood Tariff Bill, proclaim
ed by the democratic party as the an
swer to its platform pledge to revise the
tariff downward, was passed by the
House late Thursday, 281 to 139. Five
democrats voted against the bill; two re
publicans voted for it; four progressives
supported it and 14 voted against it.
In an address to trust company offi
cials Col George Harvey related in New
York for the first time a story of how J.
P. Morgan, on the eve of sailing on what
was destined to be his last trip abroad,
had pledged all his resources to aid
President Wilson, his political adversa
ry, in case the Government's exigencies
ever should have need of them.
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Many R'chmond people have chronic
appendicitis (which is not very painfu )
and think it is just bowel or stomach
trouble. Some have doctored for years
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L. & N. Time Table
South Bound.
No. 31. Cincinnati to Atlanta. Arrives
and Departs 12:10 a. m. Mid-night.
No. 71. Richmond to Stanford. De
parts 6:45 a. m. - -
No. 1. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 12:10 p. m. Departs 12:15
No. 37. Cincinnati to Knoxville. Ar
rives 11:20 a.m. Departs 12:12 p. m
No. 33. Cincinnati to Jacksonville.
Arrives and Departs 11:31 a. m.
No. 27. Richmond to Louisville via
Rowland. Departs 1:00 p. m.
No. 3. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 6:45 p. m. Departs 7:35 p.m
No. 9. Cincinnati Sc. Maysville to Stan
ford. Arrives 7:27 p. m. Departs
7:32 p. m.
North Bound
No. 34. Atlanta to Cincinnati. Arrives
and Departs 4.11 a. m.
No. 10. Stanford to Cincinnati and
Maysville. Arrives 6:05 a. m.
Departs 6:10 a. m.
No. 2. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives 7: 15 a. m. Departs 7:20 a- m
No. 28. Louisville to Richmond via
Rowland. Arrives 12:05 p. m.
No. 33. Knoxville to Cincinnati. Ar
rives 1:35 p. m. Departs 2:00 p. m.
No. 70. Stanford to Richmond. Arrive
2:30 p. m. -
No. 4. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives l:35p: m. Departs 1:40 p.m
No. 32. Jacksonville to Cincinnati. Ar-
rives and Departs 5:07 p. m.
No's 2, 3, 31. 37, 33, 27. 34. 28. 38. 32 are
Daily trains. No's 71, 1, 9, 10, 70
daily Except Sunday.
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wnn me u. a, a. lor iticnmond at
U:lla. m.
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with the L. & A. for Richmond at
5:43 p. m. .
Car Lv. Nicholasville at 8:30 a. m., con-
nects with the L. A. A. from Rich-
mond 8:22 a. m.
Car Lv. Nicholasville at 2:45 p. m , con
nects with the L. & A. from Rich
mond 2:38 p. m.
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The largest factor contributing to a
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Commissioner's Sale.
Alex. Phelps, &c - - Plaintiffs
Robert Phelps, &o - Defendants
Under and by virtue of a judgment
and order of sale rendered at the May
lerm or the JUadison Uircuil uouri in
the above styled action, the undersigned
Master Commissioner of said Court will
Saturday, May 24, 1913
on the premises at 11 a. m. sell to the
highest and best bidder at public auc
lion the following described property:
' A Certain Tract of Land
situated in Madison county, Ky., on the
waters of Muddy Creek, bounded as fol
lows: Beginning at a point in center of
dirt road leading from the Irvine pike
to the Kavanaugh lane, a corner to Henry
Estill; thence with the center of said
road N 2 3 4, E -18 47-100 chains to a
point in same, a corner to Alex Phelps;
witn nu line s sv 1-4 m 10 7 lOO to a lo
cust end post, a corner to Elizabeth
Church; thence with her line S 2 3 4 W
ta 15-100 chains to a stone a corner to
said Henry Est II; thence with bis line
N 85 12 W 1G 4-100 chains to the begin
ning, containing 30 2 10 acres. This
property contains a nice residence with
other improvements.
TERMS Said land will be sold on a
credit of six and twelve months time.
The purchaser being required to execute
bonds payable to the Commissioner,
bearing 4 per cent interest from dav of
sale until paid, with lien n-tained on
property until all the purchase money is
II. C. RICE, M. C. M. C. C.
H; He Colyer's Friends Have Something to Say !
This space is developing glorious results by the liberal use of Printers'
Ink:-in behalf of everybody's servant, H. H. Colyer. His
friends are wide-a-wake, numerous and strong.
RECENT encouragements are proving
convincing o! his sweeping victory,
supported by a determined army, com
posed ol all professions. If he was wronged
before, he must be righted now !
His past official record clearly defines
him as one of the most satisfactory com
monwealth representatives known to Ken
tucky courts.
The conditions that resulted in his de
feat four years ago were such as to war
rant his success in the present contest, and
yet he proved to be one of the most effec
tive supporters for all the nominees.
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Fine Building Lois!
The undersigned will offer for sale to
the highest and best bidder on
Saturday, May 10,1913,
at 2 o'clock P. M., on tbe premises the
following selection of nice building lots,
situated in Richmond, and wore par
ticularly described as follows:
18 Splendid Lots
on the north side of the Irvine pike
and constituting the Deatherage Addi
tion to Richmond as shown by plat on
file in the oftlce of the County Clerk.
These lots are 170 feet deep and 4-itocO
feet frontage, with good drainage and
a beautiful location for building pur
poses. A rare chance for a man of
moderate mean to own his own home
in a good location, and a good chance
for the man who has money to invest
in real estate that is sure lo increase in
These lots will be sold exclusively to
white people.
Immediately after the sale of the
above property there will also be offered
Seven Large Lots
on "K" Street and Irvine Street and
adjoining the property of the Louisville
and Nashville Railroad, as shown by
Amended Plat of a part of the Denny
Addition to Richmond on tile in the
oftice of the County Clerk. These lots
run from 260 to 120 feet deep and from
63 to 40 feet frontage, on one is a large
barn, on another is a shed, and on an
other is a nice cottage; all are very
suitable for building purces and
especially so for any classof industry
that needs railroad taciiiUes, attention
is called to the faet that the L. A N.
It. K. Co. has now in tbe course of
construction a new freight dcot just
across the street from this properly,
and when com pled there will be a
strong demand for property in this
vicinity. After both of these blocks
of lots have beeu ottered separately at
lots, tbey will be offered as two whole
IracUof land and the way realizing
tbe most money will be accepted.
Terms will be easy and will be mai'e
known on day ol sue.
Patties desiring information or who
wish to look over the property can ap
ply to either one of the undersigned,
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Long Torn Chenault, Auctioneer.
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. Adjoining Counties at
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You Won't Be Eothered With '
Letcher Ave, South L. & N. Depot, Near Ice Factory
Phone 100 llfeb 4m tu fr Richmond, Ky

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