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Tuesday and Friday
L IKL Maimtoini
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Corner Main and B
85 .
Cleanliness Reigns
We like to meet you face to face,
That would be our choice;
But when this can't be the case,
We hope to hear your voice.
Use Telephones 223 and 16 For
Choice Groceries, Garden Seed
of all kinds, Pumpkin Seed, Best
German Millet
We guarantee them all to be best quality
Sewell & McKinney
Groceries, China and Field Seeds
I Important Notice
We Offer :
Fans and Mazda
at greatly reduced prices. It will pay you to
investigate our large stock of
Electric Appliances
2j Watt 20 c. p. MazJa Lamps 31c cash 34c charge
40 "
(50 "
100 "
12 inch
12 '
1G "
Fixed Type
Fixed Type
Fans Fans
12.00 to $12.50
14.50 to 15.00
13.50 to 14.00
17.00 to- 17.50
The Bankers' Meet at Stan
ford. The Bankers of Groups 8 and 11,
which means those of the Eighth and
Eleventh districts, met in business ses
sion at Stanford Friday, some 125 or
more strong, and spent the entire day in
threshing over matters concerning the
banking business. It was a most repre
sentative body of men and nearly every
bank in the districts was represented.
Speeches were made by many of the gen
tlemen, including several of the Rich
mond bankers, who also took a promi
nent part in the deliberations of that
body. The ladies of the Christian church
agreed to furnish dinner and refresh
ments and royally did they do so. The
noon meal was a most elaborate one,
while the refreshments at the smoker
were very delightful and were elegantly
served. It was the intention of the en
tertainment committee to lake the visit
ors on an automobile ride through the
count)', but the inclemency of the wea
er knocked out this part of the program.
The smoker at the Opera House at
night was a very enjoyable feature of
the meeting. Mr. Kindrick Alcorn, a
prominent young attorney, acted as the
t oust master and magnificently filled the
bill. There were a number who res
ponded to toasts, including our own Mr.
U. E. Turley, who covered himself with
glory. Other Richmond bankers present
were Messrs. Waller Bennett, Samuel P.
Deaiheragn and G. B. Turley.
The committee on resolutions, which
was composed of Mr. Waller Bennett, of
the Madison National Bank, this city.
Joseph Bertram, of the Monlicello Bank
ing Co., Monlicello, S. B. Lynd, Citizens
National Bank, Louisville, Samuel II.
Nichols, Boyle Bank & Trust Co., Dan
ville, and W. P. Walton, of the Phoenix
Third National, Lexington, presented
the following resolution, which was
unanimously adopted:
We recognize the need of immediate
changes in our banking and currency
systems and call upon our law matters
to enact a law which will red nee the
danger of panics to the minimum and
put the currency system on a sounder
and safer basis.
Other resolutions thanking the bankers
of Stanford for their courteous treat
ment and delightful entertainment of
them, the ladies of the Christian church
who had charge of dinner and banquet,
and Stanford people generally for doing
so much for their delectation, were passed
They also declare for a closer union
between the mountains and the Blue
grass section and suggest that the 8th
and the Uth groups meet together next
time and select some central point, easy
of access to the bankers of both of the
Mr. J. A. Quisenberry, cashier of the
Citizens' National Bank, of Danville,
was elected president for the ensuing
Seeks Assistant Attorneyship
Judge J. J. Greenleaf, of Richmond,
is another applicant for the place of As
sistant United States Attorney for the
Eastern district of Kentucky, and, it is
said, he has a mighty good chance of
landing the appointment, being strongly
backed by influential friends. Judge
Greenleaf, who presides over the police
court of Richmond, isona of the best-
known democrats in the Eighth district,
lie is well known in military circles,
having been at one lime a Major in the
Kentucky State Guard. Louisville
I Want Your Wool.
See me before you sell your wool. I
am paying uiguwai vjvii uiai iv fi,v.
Plenty of sacks. Call at skating rink.
Elmer Deatherage. 00 4t.
Mr. Phelps Bought the Land
Master Commissioner H. (J. Rice sold
at public auction Saturday last 30 1-2
acres of land lying on Muddy Creek, be
longing to Robert Phelps for tl 231.
Lady's Dress Found.
I found in the city near the postoffice
some days ago a lady's dress, which the
owner can have by describing' and pay
ing the expense incurred in advertising
it. W. D. Thompson, 117 Estill avenue,
Richmond. 09 2t
Three Small Farms at Auction
If you want to buy a nice, small farm
the opportunity will be given you to
morrow, Wednesday, when the splendid
farm of Tevis Rayburn, on the Lan
caster pike, seven miles from the city,
will be sold. See advertisement for
further particulars.
Three After The Place.
Representative Lewis B. Ilerringlon,
of Madison county, is in Louisville to
day on business. lie stopped over in
Frankfort yesterday to attend a meeting
of the State Geographical Survey, of
which he is a member. Mr. Ilerringlon,
although solicited by friends, declined
to stand for re-election to the Legisla
ture because he could not devote the
time from his business. He says there
is plenty of politics in Madison county
now, and three mighty good democrats
in the race to succeed him as Represen
tative Louisville Times.
Strawberry Supper at ML Zion
The ladies of Mt. Zion church will
ve a strawberry supper at the church
next Thursday night, 29th, and the pub
lie is cordially invited to come out and
help in the good cause of raising money
for the church.
Made a Big Purchase.
Mr. Ben P. Hurst, of the Richmond
Heating &. Plumbing Co , went over to
Winchester one day last week and pur
chased the stock of pipes and fillings
carried by the Eagle Casting Co , which
concern will handle that class of goods
no longer. He sent part of it to Pine
ville, where he has the heating and the
plumbing contract on the big Continen
tal Hotel, which is under construction.
The rest he shipped to his place of bus
iness here. The Continental Hotel,
which will cost $05,000, is to be one of
the handsomest in the mountains and
Mr. Hurst had a large bunch to bid
against for the work he got.
If you want Coffee of the finest cup
flavor, try our Maxwell House Blend. It
will please you.
Gl-lf D. B. McKinney.
-Rich" on Hon. W. B. Smith
Hon. William B. Smith, of Richmond,
one of the multitude who is seeking the
Danville Collectorship, has a rather un
ique record. He has voted for the Hon
orable Secretary of State William Jen
nings Bryan five times for President and
stated this morning that he hoped to
vole for him again. He is a great ad
mirer of the Secretary of State. He
asked if it would be possible to have an
audience with the Secretary and he was
told that wiih the record he had it would
hardly be any trouble to get to see him.
His record is as follows: He voted three
times at the general polls and twice he
was elector and cast his vote for the
Secretary in the Electoral College. He
was the only man who won out in the
Slale of Kentucky during the stormy
times of 1890, and he is very proud of
this fact. Though he is eighty-one years
of age, he is hale and hearty and looks
like he will easily live to cast that sixth
vote for Mr. Bryan. "Rich" in Danville
Another Bumper Crop Year
It is rare that we have two bumper
crops in years immediately succeeding
each other, but if the government May
report is to be relied uptm even last
year's high record will be broken. The
report just issued by the Department of
Agriculture shows the largest winter
wheat acreage ever known in this coun
try to be in fine condition, with an es
timated excess over last year's crop of
more than one hundred million bushels.
The rye crop is estimated at five million
bushels in excess and the new high re
cord for hay, which was established last
year, will be beaten this year, with a
stock on hand at this time double as
large as it was a year ago.
Nature seems to be smiling its broad
est smile upon us, and unless something
untorseen happens prosperity will con
tinue and increase. The Republicans
have all along been claiming the credit
for the good crops. It seems that they
are to continue even under Democratic
rule. To move this bumper crop will
take more money than can be supplied
under present conditions. The strain
last Fall was almost greater than the
country could bear. Thus forewarned
Congress should get busy and give the
country a banking and currency system
that can withstand such strains, and not
permit the basic wealth of the country
to become a menace, as it does under
the present system. W. P. Walton in
Lexington Herald.
Antionette Stockton Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Hamilton have
been called upon to give up their baby
nine months old Antionette Stockton,
Saturday. The end came suddenly and
without warning. Little Antionette had
never been strong, but was not consider
ed dangerously ill when her father left
the home for his store that morning. A
short while after his arrival he was
phoned that she was breathing her last.
The shock was a terrific one to Mr. and
Mrs. Hamilton and in their great grief
they have the unbounded sympathy of
every heart in Richmond. May He Who
tempers the wind to the shorn lamb
comfort them in their distress and give
them strength in this dark hour. At
2:30 Sunday afternoon the little body
was laid to rest in Richmond Cemetery.
Dr. G. W. Crutch field made timely re
marks at the grave and an appropriate
song was sung by Messrs. W. L. Arnold
and Curtis Adams and Mrs. I.C. Ballard
and Willie Traynor. The grave was
hidden underneath beautiful flowers
brought by loving friends.
Your Chance to Buy a Small
On tomorrow, Wednesday, on the
premises, seven miles from this city on
the Lancaster pike, Harris & Speakes,
the Paris real estate men aud auction
eers, will sell the farm of Tevis Ray-
burn, which can be divided into three
small and very desirable farms. On an
other page a drawing of the farm is
printed and a description of the land is
given. If this does not explain the
matter clearly to you, call on either L.
M. Scrivner or II. C James, who will
take pleasure in giving yon further de
Brindle Cow Lstray.
A brindle cow, weighing 800 to 850
pounds, heavy with calf, left my place
Tuesday, 13th. Liberal reward for her
recovery or information thereto. Chas
M. Martin, Richmond, phone 733. 03 3t
Nice Room For Rent
Nice front room, furnished; big yard
only two in family. Apply at 814 West
Main, or Phone 789. C5-tf
Special Matttiress Salle
On the
Come See
them in our
I GUARANTEED only whe'n MArrViss bVrj the TEARNS ( FOSTER Sm!
We have arranged for a Special Sale
On the celebrated Steams & Foster Mattress and are offering this most Comfortable.
Durable and Sanitary of all Mattresses, in selected patterns of the best qualities of Satin
nnhh, Dust-proof Tickings-WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.
Beware of so-called "Special Sales" on "Cotton-felt" or "Felt" Mattresses said to be
the "genuine kind" and offered at such ridiculously low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do not know WHAT sort of material has been hastily STUFFED into the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it may be vile; unfit for any person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort and Durability, such Mattresses are utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses have a laced opening (Pat. applied for) through which
you can see and examine the inside of the Mattress you GET. That's the safe way to buy
a Mattress. -You know what you are getting.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses are made of Clean, Sanitary Cotton; felted into hundreds
of little webs forming many Springy, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
layers are then LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
and encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Firm,
half yielding to your figure, but supporting it in perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I never Knew a Mattress could be so Comfortable."
That's just what satisfied users of Stearns & Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself to get one and enjoy rest that is Refreshing Comfortable
You don't have to be put to the expense and inconvenience of sending a Steams &
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated." They never require it. An
occasional Sun Bath keeps them fresh and clean.
Don't Fail to attend this Sale. Come today.
Select the Mattress you want NOW. Don't put up longer with that old uncom
fortable Mattress.
A Comfortable Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster, v
Costs too Little.
We'll give you a POSITIVE GUARANTEE on every Mattress bearing the Steams
&t Foster name.
ldllhiaiinnik L-iSLClkey
Undertaking a Specialty
Dav Telephone 76
Night Telephone 136 229
W. S. O. R. O. L
Bowmar Mammoth Cave Trip.
Personally conducted, three-days' trip
to Mammoth Cave, leaving Richmond
Thursday, June 5. $13.75 pays all ex
penses. Different from ordinary excur
sions. Party limited. Also all-expense
tours to the Seashore, the Lakes and
Yellowstone Park in luly and August.
Write Dow mar's Tours, Versailles, Ky.,
for folders and booklets, or see the L. &
N. It. R. Agent. CJ-7t
Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches,
braids, transformations and other hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Itraids colored
and re-woven at modernte price. Mrs.
Maud Mackey Walker. 207 W. Main St.
Phone 545. Residence 'J02. 5J-tf
m k si
Watch Our
and you'll find them ki-epiiu- time to
the second. They are like all our jewelry-reliable.
And they are .alto like
Rings, Brooches
and other ornaments in bcimr as moder
ate in price as irooil nu:i!ity will eriiiit.
When you want JEWELRY e are the
people to remember.
t " 1 ' - Y 7T 7" TT TT F
I L I i I I V
I : J J JUL 11 11 1
See Our
Ladies' Suits, Coats,
Skirts and Waists
5ee Our
Mens and Boys Suits for Spring
: 5ee Our 1
Wash Goods in All the New
Take A ;
Has the Hustling Cash Store sold so many more goods so tar this season than ever before?
Why have Hamilton Bros, at such an early date, had to search the markets for an almost new stock of spring merchandise?
r4n w htiv these roods ahvavs at bottom nrtos? fi
Look Through Our Carpet
-IRemember Ytfe Always Have the
Newest Things in Notions
Our Mens Furnishing Department this spring
is all that we could wish if to be
Fancy Socks Shirts, Ties, Etc
See our PANAMA HAT5 for men at $2.00
Just a look will assure you
Because we sell for cash and can, of course, pay cash. And by paying spot cash we can get the lowest possible market price
Because we are satisfied with a reasonable profit and MAKE GOOD what we say about every article sold
Because we buy often and keep our stock fresh and new, and extend a courteous invitation and cordial welcome to each
and every patron. Therefore
People Looking For Good Quality Materials
at reasonable prices make their purchases at our store and always with the understanding that if goods are not as represent
ed, we want them and will make them satisfactory. Having just returned from the markets our stock is right now up to
full standard and we have never shown more beautiful assortments Respectfully

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