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Comedies, Dramas.
Showing to thousands of pleas
ed patrons and ii you are not
one and are not seeing; them,
you are missing- the best pic
ture programme in the world.
TWO SHOWS, 10 cts.
Lost Stick Pia
Round, gold stick pin, engraved "Sih
Hint. Publishers league. Helurn to
t Ii is office for reward. OS) if
Wheat Wanted.
I have made arrangement with one
f the large mills of this section to buy
wheal for them, and I will appreciate it
if you will come to see me or call me by
phone before you sell. Will have plenty
of wicks ou short notice.
C5-lf T. T. Covisutox
Odd Fellows' Memorial Ser
vices. The Odd Fellows here will hold their
memorial services at the Opera House
in Richmond Sunday afternoon week,
June beginning at 2:.'$0 o'clock. Hon.
J. Curtis Ren fro, of Louisville, will de
liver the address.
National Educational Associ
Kentucky is planning to send a large
delegation to the National Educational
Association convention at Salt Lake City
July 8 It. 1513. Dr. J. G. Crabbe, the
president of Eastern Normal School, of
tins city, is Directer for Kentucky and
has arranged for special railway rales.
This meeting w ill be the greatest educa
tional gal tiering in the history of the
Slates. To hear the great leaders in ed
ucation will be the privilege of those
who attend.
Kentucky people can see Yellowstone
Park this year cheaper than ever be
fore. The trip will also afford opportu
nity to visit Bingham the largest cop
ier camp in the world: Ogden Canyon,
"Over the Old Mormon Trail" and nu
merous other wonders of the Golden
Indications are that Kentucky will be
well represented. The cause of educa
tion in Kentucky is gaining ground rap
idly and the educational treat at Salt
Lake City will oe well worth while to
Kentucky educators who attend. Ken
tucky headquarters will be at the Hotel
Utah. Full information regarding the
trip can be obtained from the State Director.
Wheat Wanted
We want to buy your w heat and
will give you the highest market
price. See us before you sell.
We furnish sacks.
Parks & Abrams
Near Stock Yards Richmond, Ky
TT TT a o
Panama Hats arc more popular this season than ever. Light weight, great durability, and fine appearance combine to make
them the most satisfactory summer hats ever produced. V
You are sure of correct quality if you come here; we handle no other kind; and you'll find a shape and style to your mind in
our unusually large assortment. All styles are shown in the same high grade matetials, the finest possible for the price
All that's best in all kinds of Straw Hats for both every day and Sunday, wear.
Er3P3l ? : rial T 1-1 j-n
For Boys and Girls
We sell the Keystone because they are like home
made garments buttons stay on, seams hold fast,
fabrics and colors stand the tub and come out bright and
fresh looking. Try them, you'll buy no other make. A
wide range of patterns to choose from. Most of them are
I5Q Cents
A few extra fine", 75 .cents
Every day brings new customers for Speedwell Shoes. One man buys
them, learns their quality, and tells his neighbors.
They come in all fine leathers, tans, gun metals, vici kids, patents, etc.,
in shapes and last to suit both young and old.
Have just received a car
of finished Monuments,
Headstones, etc. in the
most beautiful designs.
No Agents
Come direct to us and
save agents profits
Iglllf SllgMl
Had a Talk with Secretary
Hon. W. B. Smith is back from Wash
ington where he spent several days very
enjoyably last week. While at the capital
he had the pleasure of a chat with Sec
retary of State William Jennings Bryan,
who gave him a most hearty welcome.
The Secretary remembered very well
Mr. Smith, with whom he has addressed
many democratic crowds in this and oth
er Mates. '"I am (flad to see you again,
Mr. Sn-ith," said the Commoner, as he
pave him a hearty grasp of the hand.
The two had a friendly talk, during
which our distinguished townsman may
or may not have said something about
his applicancy for the collectorship. Any
how, Mr. Smith is back home wearing a
smile and a satisfied air that is calculat
e J to make the other applicants believe
he has heard something good. The trip
was a very interesting and enjoyable
one to Mr. Smith, who had not made it
before in years. The C. &0., over which
route he went, traverses much historic
ground and the scenery for a good por
tion, is more or less picturesque. Asked
if he felt good over his prospects for ap
pointment, he smiled and said he had
no reason to feel otherwise than satis
fied As stated in the Climax last week
there are many democrats all over the
Stale who would be glad to see Mr. Smith
land the coveted plum and who will be
lieve that if he does not do so, it will be
because he did not make known his
wishes in the matter earlier.
For a Short Time Only.
We will sell for a short time only our
own make of lard at 13c a pound in 50
lb. cans. Allman & Pigg, Butchers and
Grocers. Phone 17. 09-tf
Something You Need
A Guaranteed No. 40 "Weareyer"
Hot Water Bottle for $1.50
As an all 'round necessity in everv home, the ordinary hot water bottle is with
out an equal, and as an example of our methods of retailing and of the quality of our
w... . . . - rm TV A ITT J T 1 J 1 A
Kubber Goods, this particular No. 40 "WKAKKVhK" not, water jsoiue is wunoui
an equal.
Everybody needs a Hot Water bottle -and ought to have one so we are are.
going to convince you of the quality of our Rubber Goods by selling you something you
need at a price far below what most stores charge for an article not so good. We
think' this "WEAREVER" Water iiottle represents the ut
most in rubber goods quality. It is
One-piece Construction
No Seams or Joints
to Open and Leak
and is vulcanized over a steel mould the exact size and shape of
the bottle. Only the finest rubber is used, because it is neces
sary to take the'bottle, when completely, shaped, off this mould
by pulling it through the opening in the neck. Of course second
grade rubber won't stand that treatment.
Easily and Quickly Filled
because the neek is large and the funnel so shaped that the
water runs rapidly. Plenty of room to hold the bottle while
filling it and no danger of scalding the hand. The method of construction of the bottle-neck
eliminates all chance of a break or crack there. Convenient screw stopper.
Very neat and trim and when full is pliable and presents a large surface. Handsome
maroon color and absolutely guaranteed against any and all defects by the manufac
turer and we make good on the guarantee.
You could pay perhaps twice the price for a hot water bottle of inferior quality
at some stores. By pricing our Rubber Goods at a' reasonable figure we gain your
confidence and sell more goods. The price of this bottle $1.50 is low for the article
It is not a special price, but a convincing example of how low our regular prices are.
Everything else in our Modern Rubber Goods Department is marked at correspond
ingly reasonable prices. ,
You need a Hot Water bottle.' "Get it here and now. Save money and get a
better article by securing oneof these No. 40 "WEAREVER" hot water bottles at$1.50
40 uses for this Hot Water Bottle are told in'our Home Book on Rubber Goods.
Be sure to ask for a Free Copy.
JIL FoJ A 0$ M H
They Come Here For Every
thing. F. Krueger was in Richmond Monday
to get a crew of brick moulders and he
will commence at once the making and
burning of a large brick kiln. Mt. Ver
non Signal.
To Vote ror Postmaster.
The county committee of Clark has
decided to permit the people of Win
chesler to name their postmaster by pri
mary, that body having been petitioned
by many voters to do so. The appli
cants so far are C. H. McCord, J. Scott
Kenick, W. Taylor Fox and Miss Nanne
Hood Tucker.
Excursion to Cincy Sunday.
The L. & X. will run another axcur
sion to Cincinnati Sunday at 11.75 for
the round-trip. Train leaves Richmond
at 0:40 in the morning and ret urning
leaves Cincinnati at 7 in the evening.
One ot the attractions ottered is a ball
game between the Keels and the New
l orks.
Grip Found.
Found, on the Big Hill pike, a small
grip. Owner can get it by proving prop
erty and paying finder and for this no
tice. Geo. Tevis, Richmond. 09-11
Death of Prominent Negro.
Ben Chenault, 'one of the best and
most progressive negro farmers of the
county, died at his home in the Foxtown
section and was buried Friday. He is
survived by his wife. lie was not only
a thrifty farmer, but a mighty good citizen.
Richmond Drug Company
Main Street
Phelps Case Dismissed.
When the case against George Ph elps.
on the charge of detention was called
this morning. Commonwealth Attorney
Crutcner moved that it be dismissed be
cause of a lack of jurisdiction. The mo-
lon was sustained and the case was dis
missed. It is currently reported that a
compromise was etfected. This we are
not in position to confirm or deny.
Brought Good Prices.
The sale of the effects of the late Dav
id F. Sharp at Panola, Saturday after
noon, by Trustee John C. 'Chenault, was
well attended and satisfactory prices
were realized. The stock of goods was
bought by W. K. Tudor for $500; the lots
in Panola went to Sam Parks for 11,512
and the Estill county farm of 180 acres
was bought oy hd Sexton for 11,755.
Ask, for "MARY.
of patent flour.
Highest quality
Until Death Do Us Part
'Until Death Do Us Part" is a. twe-
reel feature reel that will be shown at
the Opera House tonight. This will be
followed by the Mutual Weekly No. 10
Iconoclast, , the three-reel picture that
was shown last night, was especially I
good and the vaudeville, which will be
seen again tonight, is one of the best
double stunts that has been put on here
for some lime. Change of vaudeville
and pictures tomorrow night, of course.
Some very desirable camp sites for
sale at Valley View, near Lock No. 9.
For information write K. M. Sparkes,
IMCholasville, Ky. 09 4t
Hagan's Chatices Bright
News comes from Washington thai
the prospects of John J. Hagau'i ap
pointment as postmaster at Corbin are
very bright and it is probable that the
appointment Mill be made tin week.
Mr. llagan is a brother of Mr. T. 8 Ha-
gan, of this city, and his younger days
were spent in Madison county, lie is a
wheel-horse democrat and his work for
the party entitles him to any recogni
tion he may receive. Senator James is
said to be very warm for - him, which
means that he is cock sure io knock the
juicy plum. His legion of friends here
hope he will, many or them having used
their influence in getting for him what
he so greatly desires.
Our line of Coffees are as fine as you
can gel in any martlet, uive inem a
trial. Covington Thorpe Co. 37-tf.
Carnenrer Well & Lillard. of Law-
renceburg, sold to the B. D. Martin
Packing Company., of Philadelphia. 700
cattle at 8 c nts and 200 cattle at $7.35
rur Imnriied. Thev will averaffa 1.200
pounds, and were fed at the Cedar Brook
In a duel with pistols caused by old
grudge at Cow Creek church, Estill
county. Will Collins was killed by
Leander West. West surrendered to the
Mrs. Million Dead.
Mrs. Harriet Newby Million, widowof
Twyman Million, died at her home in
the Million section Thursday and there
mains were laid to rest in the old fami
ly burying-ground at Newby on Friday.
She was 85 years old and most of her
long life had been spent in Madison
county. She is survived by two sons,
John and Shelby Newby, both sturdy
citizens of this county. Mrs. Million
had been a memberof the church over 00
years and was a splendid woman in every
way. She was the surviving memberof
a family of eleven. . Her ten brothers
and sisters each had large families, but
she had only three nephews. They are
Messrs. B. Ii. Million, of this city, Wood
son Newby. of Newby, and Jesse March,
of Woodford. A Godly mother has gone
to join those on the other shore. May
her splendid life be emulated.
Madame Lund To-night
This evening at 8 o'clock, at Normal
Chapel, Madame Edla Lund, Sweedish
mezzo-soprano, will sing and Miss Irma
Knapheide will give a dramatic reading
of Madam Butterfly. These two artists
will be assisted by Miss Kdna uivynne,
pianist and accompanist. Madamme
Lund is a singer of wide renown, having
sung throughout the West and North
during many years. She sings as one
thoroughly possessed of the spirit of
song and with deep emotional power. It
is a rare treat to have with us such an
artist as she. Miss Knapheide portrays
a rare power of in. personation in Madam
Butterfly. During the evening s recital
she will read the entire cutting from
Madam Bntterfly, which must necessa
rily be to the delectatien of those who
hear her. Miss Givynne possesses unu
sual skill as an accompanist and as an
artist she will satisfy every expectation.
ll will be an evening of delight and in
terest to every lover of good music and
Church Notes
Next Sabbath is Foreign Missions day
at the First Presbyterian church.
Ilev. II. M. Quisenberry, D. I)., will
preach the Baccalaureate sermon for
Caldwell High School at the First Pres
byterian church next Sunday evening at
8 o'clock.
Dr. D. II. Scinlon gave a splendid re
port of the Presbyterian Pentecost in
Atlanta to his congregation on last
Sabbath morning. His report, which lie
made in lieu of his regular sermon, was
a very comprehensive and interesting
Filler F. M. Tinder, pastor of tlio
First t lirisi an church at Ijiiicis
ter. has returned lroni Buriisidc, where
In; held a revival tha resu!le. in l,
accessions in the chur.'h, Bible school
ami C. W. II. M.
Rev. C K. Marshall's regular appoint
ments are: At Mt. Pleasant oil morn
ings of the 2 1 ami 1th Sundays of eac'i
month and at Kav.-maugh school-house
on the 1st and Sunday afternoons.
Stndav, next, June 1st, is to ba le
biggest dav in the history of our Bitile
school. We will be in the Sundav
school rooms of the new church for the,
first time. We want every church mem
ber present. Come, bring your fam ly
atiil frieiiils. Next Sunday is children's
day. t 'nine and bring ihein. li. od mu
sic. me a:i. be gl.i.l. .1. V. Arnold,
Mr. Park Buys YaluaLIe Hog.
Mr. William Park, one of our in st in
dustrious and int! ie;it ial farmers, h is
recon' !y bought a hog that, wiil h) j
great beuelit to Mul.viii County Tm
sire of this a:iim il rece i;ly sold for $..
" XI. For good stoc'n, we certainly cite
our farmers to the stock raisers of this
County. It seems tiiat each addition to
the stock of Madison Co unty is an im
provement, upon what thev former y
-Alrighf is Not All Right
Do not write all right alright. If you
do, you will write "all rivhi" all wrong.
There is no such word as "alright."
Cynthiana Democrat.
The Time
Saturday, August 2,
1913. Democratic Pri
mary ,
The Place
Every Precinct in Mad
ison County, Kentucky.
The Man
James B. Walker, of
Richmond, Ky.
The Office
County Clerk of Mad
He asks the farmers and taxpayers to look to their interest and vote for the
man that will take care of that interest the best. If you don't want your interest
looked after don't vote for me, because I am going to protect myself and in doing
so I have to protect you
one OS.)
ison County.

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