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19th YLAR
Tuesday and Friday
IL . M. Maim torn
Wholesale and Retail ,
Goal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and AH Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Corner Main and B
"Silver Creek Church.
Service every Sunday as follows: Sua
J day-school at 2:30 in the afternoon, fol
lowed by preaching at 3:3t). The hour
for the night service has been changed
from 7:H0 to 8 o'clock. A cordial invi
tation is extended the public generally.
W. C. Dolive, acting pastor.
Opera House.
Friday and Saturday nights Powers
and Rnolday, the musical comedian
and the dancing soubrette, in their com
edy sketch entitled "A Musical Visitor."
introducing singing-, acrobatic dancing
and musical novelties, in connection
with the regular program of excellent
pictures, such as you can always see at
the Opera House. You will hear the
best musical program you ever heard in
a picture house.
I Cleanliness Reigns
We like to meet you face to face,
That 'would be our choice;
Hut when this can't be the case,
We hope, to hear your voice.
Use Telephones 223 and 16 Tor
Choice Groceries, Garden Seed
of all kinds, Pumpkin Seed, Best
German Millet
We guarantee them all to be best quality
Sewell & McKinney
Groceries, China and Field 5eeds
I Important Notice
We Offer
Fans and Mazda
at greatly reduced prices. It will pay you to
investigate our large stock of
Electric Appliances
23 Watt 20 c. p. Mazda Lamps 31c cash 34c charge
a v
CO "
100 "
37c "
49c "
71c "
Fans Fans
12 inch
JO it
10 "
Fixed Tyr?
Fixed Type
$12.00 to$12..r)0
14.50 to 15.00
13.50 to 14.00
17.00 to 17.50
Editor Shelton M. Saufiey.
The above likeness of Editor Shelton
II. Saufiey, of the Interior Journal, is
not as good as our artist usually makes,
but it was the best he could do under
the circumstances. Saufiey is such a
busy fellow, getting out his splendid pa
per, running for Representative and at
the same time keeping his weather e;. e
on the Colleclorship, that he couldn't
be induced to sit still long enough to
"catch his shadow" as it should have
been caught Mr. Saufiey is probably
the best all 'round newspaper man in
the State. lie knows every phase of the
game and has served time in eirery de
partment, lie learned the practical part
in the Interior Journal office and the
writer started him in the ''art preserva
tive;" t'jat is introduced him to the
"case." The pupil soon became more
proficient than the instructor and the
latter was compelled to take a "back
seat." As a reporter for the Lexington
Democrat he won the soubriquet of
"Scoopy" Saufiey, and as managing
editor of that paper and the State Jour
nal at Frankfort he more than made
good: A success at whatever he turns
his attentions to and as fine a gentle
man as lives, we are not surprised at
the prominence he has achieved but on
the other hand we will be both surpris
ed and disappointed if he does not reach
the topmost rung of the ladder of fame
Lady's Dress Found.
I found in the city near the postoflice
some days ago a lady's dress, which the
owner can have by describing and pay
ing the expense incurred in advertising
it. V. D. Thompson, 117 Estill avenue,
Richmond. 09 2t
Nice Room For Rent
Nice front room, furnished; brg yard;
only two in family. Apply at 814 Wen
Main, or Phone 769. - C5-tf
Closing Exercises Caldwell
. High School.
The Baccalaureate sermon for Cald
well High School will be preached by
Dr. II. N (juisenberry Sunday at 8 p. m.
June 1, at the First Presbyteri in church.
On Monday at 8 p. m. the annual Sen
ior Play will be presented in the High
School Auditorium. The play thisyear
is "The Sweet Girl Graduates."
Tuesday is to be Exhibition Day. At
10 a. m. exercises will be held in which
several pupils will describe the process
of construction of the various kinds of
articles on exhibition. There will be
'displays of work in manual training,
basketry, rug-weaving, paper-cutting,
etc., as well as a display of products
grown in the school garden.
Wednesday at 8 p. m. some 150 of the
music classes, under Miss James' direc
iion, will eive the operetta, Little Boy
Thursday, 8 p. m , the High School
entertainment, the operetta. A Nautical
Stunt, will be presented, under direction
of Miss Rogers.
Friday, at 8 p. m., the address fo the
graduating class will be given by Mr. T.
J. Coates, Slate Supervisor of Rural
Schools, at which time diplomas will be
awarded to the graduates.
The Senior Class this year is the larg
est in the history of the school, consist
ing of twelve young women and five
young men: G. C. Bradley, Hugh Gib
son Culton, Jamie Samuel Dailey, Ed
gar Shirley Gunn, Reuben Pearlman,
Elizabeth Miller Iilanton, Josephine
Riel Clienault, Rosa Dobrownky, Harry
Wood Huguely, Sarah Julia Jones, Mary
Lewis Martin, Anna Geneva McCarthy,!
Jane Vivian Rice, Stella Burnam Tay
lor, Mary Josephine Terrell, Ellen Wal
ker, Ruby Powell Willoughby.
Seventh Annual Commence
Following is the program of the sev
enth annual commencement of Eastern
Normal, which will be of interest to our
people as well as to all others who are
interested in this splendid institution of
Commencement Sermon On Sunday
evening, June 8th, at 7 o'clock, Dr. II.
N. Quisenberry, campus.
Class and Field Day Monday morn
ing, June 9th, 8 o'clock, campus.
High School Junior and Senior Recep
tion Monday evening, June 9lh, 8 to
10. (By card only )
Presentation of Elementary Certifi
cates Tuesday morning, June. 10th at
9:13 o'clock. Auditorium.
Commencement Play Tuesday even
ing, June 10th, 8:00. Auditorium.
Presentation of Intermediate Certifi
cates Wednesday morning, June 11th,
9:15 o'clock. Auditorium.
High School Commencement Wed
nosday evening, June 11th, 8 o'clock;
'Address by Prof. A. S. MacKenzie, State
University, Auditorium.
Last Chapel Exercises Conducted by
the Senior Class, Thursday morning,
June 12th, at 9:15 o'clock. Auditorium.
President's Reception and Promenade
Concert Thursday evening, June 12th,
8 to 11 o'clock. Campus,
Annual Commencement Exercises
Friday morning, June 13th, 10 o'clock;
Address by Hon. P. P. Claxton, U. 8.
Com'missioner of Education, Washing
ton, D. C, Campus.
Annual Alumni Business Meeting
Friday afternoon, June 13th, 4 o'clock,
Alumni Reception and Banquet Fri
day evening, June 13th, 8 o'clock, Sulli
van Hall. (By card only.)
The Board of Regents and the Presi
dent and Faculty cordially invite you to
be present at these exercises.
To The Voters of Madison
I have announced myself ai a candi
date for the Superintendency of schools,
subject to the choice of the Democratic
party. I desire to make no boast of my
competency for that office, but wish on
ly to solicit your support upon a solid
and reasonable foundation. A new era
has dawned upon Kentucky education
within the past few years, an encour
agement to those who desire to wipe out
the blot of illiteracy from the fair fame
of our Commonwealth. New plans of
teaching, new methods of finance, new
surroundings have been provided, allmost
suggestive of a marked advance along
the line. I have spent some of the best
years of my life in teaching in the pub
lic schools; have deplored the many lack
ing elements of success in the past and
know with a practical knowledge gain
ed from a long experience just what
they need.
I wish to give the tax-payers full val
ue received for their money in the prac
tical results attained in the schools; to
abolish incompetent teaching, out-of-date
methods, and forever banish from
our schools teachers whose hearts are
not in the work. I desire to be just to
the teaching element, fair and impartial
to the patrons of the schools and above
all ever watchful of the best infrests of
the boys and girls, the hope of our na
tive State. I shall apply the best econ
omic methods in the financial manage
ment of the schools, and endeavor to be
perfectly just to everybody and partial
to none.
Your support will be most highly and
gratefully appreciated, and should I be
your choice in the election, I promise
you a fair, clean, zealous and honest ad
ministration of the ofTice.
B. F. Edwards.
Children's Day Services.
At the Christian church next Sunday
morning at the Bible school hour, Chil
dren's Day will be remembered. We
hope all will bear this in mind. The
day, we hope, will be one of great inter
est throughout.
Meeting in the basement of the new
church at 9:30.
eJust - In -
Season - Now
Ederheimer, Stein & Co.
Spring - Summer
Our custom department is growing faster every day. Get in line have
Oldham make you a suit and get that well tailored look
Pure White
maybe, perhaps you want a small black pin stipe in it. Do you? Come
see our samples and get our price for which we can make you a white
flannel suit, Lnjoy the coming season
Richmond's Greatest 5tore
None Better Than Mr. Smith.
Just before leaving for his home at
at Richmond, Ky., Hon. William B.
Smith came around to bid some of his
friends good bye and he stated that if
there was a single man in the Eighth In
ternal Revenue District a better demo
crat than he that he was willing for
him to have the ofllce of Collector.- He
enjoyed very much his stay in the capi
tal "Rich" in Danville Advocate.
Brindle Cow Estray.
A brindle cow, weighing 800 to 850
pounds, heavy with calf, left my place
Tuesday, 13th. Liberal reward for her
recovery or information thereto. Chas.
M. Martin, Richmond, phone 732 63 3t
The manage
ment desires
to annou nee
the Hotel is
Now Open
For Guests
Special atten
tion to auto
parties. Meals
prepared o n
short notice
are the
Appendicitis Book Free !
The Adler-i-ka book, telling how you
can EASILY guard against appendicitis,
and how you can relieve constipation or
pas on the stomach INSTANTLY, is of
fered free this week by B. L. Mul tie Item.
Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches,
braids, transformations and other hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, "add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Braids colored
and re-woven at moderate price. Mrs.
Maud Mackey Walker, 207 V. Main St.
Phone 545. Residence L02. 5-tf
X Wat
Would they b a nickel more each year
if you increased your output one-third ?
IF WE SHOW YOU that on" a moderate investment it
will earn you each year at the least 50 per cent
outside of the saving of labor, and without figuring the
added size of your manure pile, would you entertain a
proposition whereby we furnish the article and it shall
earn every cent ot its cost to you before you pay for it i
$100.00 per Acre Farm Sm1 rrwhet tkt rraetr Brians.
How to do it? Ask
Sale Aaca.
Come in and Talk Silo With Us
Blanton Lumber Co.
Yard and Mill at Barrel Factory
Bow mar Mammoth Cave Trip.
Personally conducted, three-days' trip
to Mammoth Cave, leaving Richmond
Thursday, June 5. 912.75 pays all ex
penses. DilTerent from ordinary excur
sions. Tarty limited. Also all-expense
tours to the Seashore, the Lakes and
Yellowstone Park in luly and August.
Write Bowmar's Tours, Versailles, Ky.,
for folders and booklets, or see the L. fc
N. It. Ii. Agent. 63-71
Stop That Itch!
I will iwnatM jmm to rtov tkal itch m tw.
X rmly that I hav. vr nolj for
Eczema. Psoriasis, and all other diwa.4
of the skin has Kiven mora thuroutfb
satisfaction than the
D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema
I futrantM this rmJy.
Dan Breck, lire, lightning, cyclone
and live stock insurance.
m ' - k TT 7TT T TT TT TTv T
, i r x xx
ii ii r
See Our
Ladies' Suits, Coats,
Skirts and Waists
See Our
Mens and Boys Suits for Spring
; See Our
Wash.Goods in AH the New
Te ike A
Look Throu gh Our Carpet
Remember We Always Have the
Has the Hustling Cash Store sold so many more goods so tar this season than ever before?
Why have Hamilton Bros, at such an early date, had to search the markets for an almost new stock of spring merchandise?
Why do we buy these goods always at bottom prices?
Newest 'Things in Notions
Our Mens Furnishing Department this spring
is all that we could wish it to be ;
Fancy Socks, Shirts, Ties, Etc
5ee our PANAMA HATS for men at $2.00
Just a look will assure you
Because we sell for cash and can, of course, pay cash. And by paying spot cash we can get the lowest possible market price
Because we are satisfied with a reasonable profit and MAKE GOOD what we say about every article sold
Because we buy often and keep our stock fresh and new, and extend a courteous invitation ahd cordial welcome to each
and every patron. Therefore - - . .
People Looking For Good Quality Materials
at reasonable prices make their purchases at our store and always with the understanding that if goods are not as represent
ed, we want them and will make them satisfactory. Having just returned from the markets our stock is right now up to
full standard and we have never shown more beautiful assortments Respectfully

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