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Pittsburgh Ferffect" Fesice
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Don't forget, when you buy fence,
that price is not cost. Price is only what
you pay when you buy. Cost is all you
have had to pay up to the time you must
replace the old fence with new.
The low cost to you of
Perfect'' Fence is because it is made
of special Open Hearth wire, electrically
M D.rrt styu-for field. farm. ranch. lawn. Fverv Rod Guaranteed
Ask your dealer for "Pittsburgh Perfect" and insist on his furnishing it. Do not .How him to persu.de
... c mjt If l JnMn't it- write us direct.
you inmi some oicci
Tkf.Wli Perfect" BruJi o parked W
Brick. AmmM C-Kait" Wires
C.bW Were: Kara Seen Cotl Wn; Feace
Stasias Poultry Nattmt Staaieei RaavUr Wire
NuLis CaWaaise Wira Naibj Lars Haaa
Raafiac Site Lao Bei. Tie. I Pitta-
bli Perfect" Faacjac AM aaU at Opoa
Hearth aaateriel.
Bowman Bros.
Contractors and
All work guaranteed lo le first-class in every
particular. Plans and specifications furnished
on application
Telephones 28 and 179
Sell Me Your Wool
I am paying the highest cash market price for wool. Plenty
of sacks. See me before you sell. Phone me if you are yet
in the market.
Jewel and Save Fuel
AW oiler you in a Jewel Uane more quality,
more exclusive features and more conveni
once for the money than auy other ranpe man
ufactured. We show 3ou many patterns,
styles and sizes. Everv inner part of a Jewel
is made removable, earily cleaned and con
venient. Is much less expensive than others
not as ood. Tiuy a J E WEL this week
Gasoline Stoves
We carry a complete line of Gasoline Stoves
in two and three burner st3"les. Remember
the warm days are coming when you may need
one of these. Ever one is a real value
Oil Cook
We offer Sew Perfection Cil Cook Stove with
two, three and four burners, the only oil stove
manufactured that does not have an odor
Richmond Heating and Plumbing Co.
Telephone 270 Clay Building. Main Street
Every year thousands upon thousands of farmers
lose their hogs with cholera. You can save your hogs
from this dread disease if you will begin at once and
give them -
Use it in the food and drink and your hogs will
never have the cholera. Don't wait until they get sick.
Begin giving your hogs this medicine now. It is the
only remedy in the world sold under a Guarantee Bond
to prevent and cure hog cholera.
Lexington, Ky.
"Enclosed hod photo of a hog that wai cured of cholera with your Bourbon Hog
Cholera Remedy. The bog wa almost dead before using this medicine and then
wai entirely cured except the lost of can, tail, etc. The hog it owned by Mr. Skilea
Earing, Baling Green, Kjr. He will be glad to gie you a tcetimooial and wc
can get aercral more if you want them."
Bowling Green, Ky.
i T1ia wonderful remedy if alio guaranteed to prereni worms, chump, tcoura
and all liver ditorden. It regulates the bowel, aid digestion and cause bog to
fartca quickly. Use it nd get your money back if you don't find it the beat bog
remedy made.
NOTICE TbU la the roaaad jr tkejr aura ail trytmi to laallaia. Bawsr
f lasUatloaa! Aak your dralllat for Botarboa Bo Cholera laaaaa'
accept mm bat BOURAON. . . , .
Perry's Dru Store
welded at every joint, which gives it
greatest strength and longest life, and
reduces maintenance cost to the lowest
In "Pittsburgh Perfect" you get mort
quality and genuine fence service for
less money than any other fence affords.
That's the point to remember.
iciicv i jui mm -
If roa arc interested hi Wire Feaelnc. writ
for FREJL copy i or ALMANAC 11J-
Pittsburgh Steel Co.
PitUburgh, Pennsylvania
Most Children Have Worms
M ny mothers think their children
are suffering from indigestion, headache,
nervousness, weakness, costiveness,
when ihev are victims of that, most com
mon or all hildren's ailments worms.
Peevish, ill-tempered, fretful children.
who toss and grind their teeth, with bad
breath and colii ky pains, have all the
symptoms of havin? worms, and should
be given Kickanoo Worm Killer, a pleas
ant cattily lo.enge, which expels worms.
regu ales the bowels, tones up the sys
lm. and makes children well and hap
py. Kickapoo Worm Killer is guaran
teed. All druggists, or by mail. Price
-o Kickapoo Indian Medicine Co.
Philadelphia and St. Ixniis.
Architect's Notice.
I am prepared to draw plans for
buildings and remodeling ol all kinds
Will also furnish estimates r superin
te d construction of such work. 1'hone
101. Orders left for me at Tub Ci.imai
ollice will receive prompt attention.
31-tf N. B. Tl-hpix.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
F.very family without exception should
keep this preparation at hand during the
hot weather or the summer months
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy is worth many times its
cost when needed and is almost certain
to be needed before the summer is over.
It has no superior for the purposes for
w hich it is intended. Buy it now. For
sale by all dealers.
It has long been a Democratic custom
in Madison county to give a second term
to those oflicials who perform their duty
wellduring the first term of oflice.and you
can make no mistake by deciding to cast
your vote for II. B. Terrill for re-elec
tion to the ollice of County Court Clerk
lliii record is open for the closest inspec
tion. tf
Guaranteed Lczema Remedy
The constant itching, burning, red
ness, rash and disagreeable effects of
eczema, tetter, salt rheum, itch, piles
and irritating skin eruptions can be
readily cured and the skin made clear
and smooth with Dr. Hobson's Eczema
Ointment. Mr. J. C. Eveland, of Bath,
III., says: "I had eczema twenty-five
years and had tried everything. All
failed. When I found Dr. Hobson's
Eczema Ointment I found a cure." This
ointment is the formula of a physician
and has been in use for years not an
experiment. That is why we can guaran
tee it. All druggists, or by mail. Price
jOc Pfeitfer Chemical Co., Philadelphia
at. Louis.
When in need ol iSlacksmilhini; in
iny of its branches, Farming Imple
ments. Buggies, Carriages, Wagons,
Rubber tires &c, get prices from K. E.
Miller, Union City. Ky. tf
Take Plenty of Time to Eat
There is a saying that "rapid eating
is slow suicide. If you have formed the
habit of eating too.rapidly you are most
likely suffering from indigestion or con
stipation, which will result eventually
in serious illness unless corrected. Di
gestion begins in the mouth. Food should
be thoroughly masticated and insalivat
ed. Then when you have a fullness of
the stomach or feel Jul! and stupid after
eating, take one of Chamberlain s Tab
lets. Many severe cases of stomach
trouble and constipation have beeu cur
ed by the use of these tablets. They are
easy to take and most egreeable in ef
fect, bold by all dealers.
Rubber Tires.
I desire to cay to the good people of
Madison and adjoining counties that I
am 'prepared to do all kinds of rubber
tiring. I put 7-8 Kelly Springrie'd rubber
tires on wheels of any height for $14 per
set, 7-8 steel tires for $1 50 per set Bug
gy tires set 40 cts. each. . These are cash
prices. See me before ordering any work
of this kind.
50-Gmo-f E. Walden, Red House, Ky.
Dyspepsia is America's curse. To
restore digestion, normal weight, good
health and purify the blood, use Bur
dock I Hood Hirers. Sold at all drug
stores. Price tl 00.
No trouble about getting your money
if you burn out. Talk to Ilurnam, the
insurance man. 14-tf
' Can't Keep it Secret
The splendid work of Chamberlain's
Tablets is daily becoming more widely
known. Ko such grand remedy for stom
ach and liver troubles has ever been
known. For sale by all dealers.
Blacksmith Work
in town and the quickest. I will guar
antee you the
Best Horseshoeing in Town
If your horse has sore feet bring him to
me and I will give him ease. Prices rea
sonable. We can Paint and Rubber Tire
your buggies and repair them with new
tops, wheels and shafts. We make the
Best Wagon Frames and Beds in
town for the money. We repair Bin
dera, Mowers and all kinds of farm tools
and guarantee satisfaction. Call on us
for prices
17. T. Uansfleld 6 Co.
East Main Street, Near L. Sc. N Oepot
Richmond, Ky
- .
hi - - i
entertainments see program.
Season tickets are non-transferable except within the own
er's family.
CHILDREN'S TICKETS admit children aged sjx to four
teen years inclusive. Only child's tickets will admit children
to the children's work.
Mrs. Grcvt Writes to Those Who 8u.
fer from Eczema.
1 want others who suffer from
skin troubles to know that there is
no other remedy equal to Saxo Salve,
I had s serious trouble with my
hands. It was like s burn In appear
ance hut it Itched and smarted dread
fully. My doctor called It eczema.
The first application of Saxo Salve
relieved them and soon cured them
entirely and for cracks in the fingers
Saxo Salve does wonders." Mrs. W.
C. Greve, Binghamton, N. T.
Letters like the above are contin
ually coming in proving that the pen
etratine antiseptic and healing pow
er of Saxo Salve Is remarkable In all
kinds of eczema, salt-rheum, tetter,
barber's itch or any skin affection.
Try Saxo Salve on our guarantee to
give back your money It it does not
help you. 11. L. Middelton, Druggist,
Richmond, Ky.
P. S. Eczema and other Skin Af
fections result from poor, thin. Impov
erished blood. Try Vinol on our guar
antee to purify and enrich the blood.
Newspaper Publicity Law
Declared Valid.
The validity of the "newspaper pub
licity law" enacted in 1912 as a provision
of the postal appropriation act was up
held by unanimous decision of the
Supreme Court of the United States.
Chief Justice White announced the
court's conclusions.
This law requires every newspaper,
magazine or other publication to file
semi-annually with tbe Postmaster
General and the local postmaster sworn
statements of names of editors, man
agers, owners, stockholders and bond
holders and, in case of daily newspapers,
of the average daily circulation.
Publication of the statement is re
quired and for failure to comply with
any of tbe provisions the publication
shall be denied the "privileges" of the
mails. A second paragraph provides
that paid-for editorials or reading mat
ter of any "such" publication shall be
marked "advertisements" under penal
ty of a fine or imprisonment.
The Lewis Publishing Company and
the Journal of Commerce and Commer
cial Bulletin, of New York led the at
tack upon the statute, bringing suit for
injunction in the Federal District Court
of Southern New York and, when the
law was upheld there, appealing to the
higher court. They claimed that the
law sought to "regulate journalism" and
to enforce a "censorship of the press."
Shake Off Your Rheumatism.
Now is the time to get rid of your
rheumatism. Try a twenty-five cent
bottle of Chamberlain's Liniment and
see how quickly your rheumatic pains
disappear. Sold by all dealers.
Doan's Regulets are recommended by
many who say they operate easily, with
out griping and without bad after ef
fects. 25c. at all drug stores.
Traveling Men
Find that our service spares them ma
ny an hour. It is sometimes inconveni
ent to wait for a late train and a big
sale may be lost on account of it. For
that reason we have a machine always
on hand to do your bidding snd get you
to your next town in short order. Give
us a trial. Azbill's Livery Stable. CO-tf
For any pain, burn, scald or bruise,
apply Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil the
household remedy. Two sizes 25c. and
50c. at all drug stores.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or blind
piles have yielded to Doan's Ointment.
50c, at all stores,
Kidney Troubles Attack Men
and Women, Old and
Kidney ills seize young and old.
Often come with little warning.
Children suffer in their early years
Can't control the kidney secretions.
Girls are languid,. nervou, suffer pain.
Women worry, can't do daily work.
Men have lame and aching backs.
If you have any form of kidney ills.
You must reach the cause the kid
neys. Doan's Kidney Pills are for week kid
neys Have brought lelief to Richmond peo
ple. Richmond testimony proves it.
Mrs. E. Roberts, 405 Laurel St., Rich
mond. Ky , says: "Doan's Kidney Pills
have been used Jn my family with very
good results and we recommend them
strongly. One of us had pains in the
back and the action of the kidneys was
irregular. Doan's Kidney Pills were
used being procured at Middelton' Drug
Store, and they gave great relief."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cent.
Foster-Milburn Co., buffalo, New York,
sole agents for tbe United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
All kinds or Chicken Feeds and Grits.
We handle Corno and Purina feeds. Ws
make special prices in largs quantities.
D. 11 McKinney. 70 tf
In arranging to inaugurate this
chautauqua this year the local com
mittee bought 1.000 $2.50 season tick
ets, which will be sold while they last
by them for $2.00 each.
When these tickets are exhausted
no season tickets thereafter can be
had for less than $2.50. Also, the
price of season tickets will not be re
duced from the first day to the close
of the chautauqua.
The single admissions to the differ
ent sessions of this chautauqua aggre
gate more than $5.00, so it will pay
you to buy a season ticket even after
the program is half completed. For
the single admissions to the respective
Day Trip to 5t Louis.
By leaving Richmond on L & N.
train 6:10 a. m., dirtct connection it
made with the B. &. O. 8. W. fast train
leaving Cincinnati at 12 o'clock m. daily
arriving at St. Iouis at H o'clock. This
train carries elegant high-bauk seat
coaches, parlor cars, electric lighted
dining car and makes direct connection
in Si. Louis Union Station with all Wes
tern, Northwestern and Southwestern
Lines. Other B. & O. S. W. St. Louis
fast trains leave Cincinnati daily 2:15 a.
m., 9 a. m. and 9:15 p. m. Night trains
have electric lighted sleeping cars with
individual berth lights. For informa
tion as to fares and other particulars,
consult your local ticket ageut, or ad
dress S. T. Seeley, T. P. A. B. & O. S. W.
R. R., 513 Traction BI'dg, Cincinnati,
Ohio. ' T4t
Ulcers and Skin Troubles
If you are suffering with any old, run
ning or fever sores, ulcers, boils, eczema
or other skin troubles, get a box of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve and you will get
relief promptly. Mrs. Bruce Jones, of
Birmingham, Ala., suffered from an ugly
ulcer for nine months and Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve cured her in two weeks. Will
help you. Only 25c. Recommended by
all dealers.
Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches,
braids, transformations and other hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Braids colored
and re-woven at moderate price. Mrs.
Maud Mackey Walker. 207 W. Main St.
Phone 545. Residence 202. 52-tf
Mr. Grifcs Sells Residence.
Assistant Postmaster Robt. C. Griggs
has sold to Mrs. Surles and Mrs. R. P.
Phelps his residence on Fourth street
and possession has already been given.
The ladies bought the property for an
investment and have rented it.
We handle the best Teas and Coffees
in town. Give us a trial. D. B. Mc
Kinney. 70-tf
Best Laxative for the Aged.
Old men and women feel the need of
a laxative more than young folks, but it
must be safeand harmless and one which
will not cause pain. Dr. King's New
Life P. lis are especially good for the
aged, for they act promptly and easily.
Price 25c. Recommended by all dealers.
To Cattle Dealers.
I make an exclusive business of buying
stockers and feeders on orders. The
best quality of cattle come to this mar
ket. Your patronage will be appreciat
ed. Market quotations promptly fur
nished on application.
Rooms 601-603 Live Stock Exchange,
Kansas City Stock Yards. '39 6m
Miss Ouldgirl Now, if I should find a
man under my bed, I'd simply tell him to
msrry me or I'd shoot.
Miss Pettie Then you would simply
be arrested for murder. Judge.
The Right-of-Way
Must be accorded to the automobile
for business and pleasure. We have the
ideal automobile for rent. If you will
call on us when in need of a machine.
we will fit you out aud'as reasonably as
can be expected. Azbill's Livery Sta
ble. CO-tf
Wtall Paper
Interior Decorating
We take pleasure in announcing
to our patrors and friends that
we are better prepared to sup
ply their wants in this line than
ever before. We have a very
complete line of new Wall
Papers consisting of the
Latest Patterns and Designs
which we are offering at very -low
prices. We do our own
work and guarantee same
Paints and Varnishes
We also carry a complete line
the best Floor Paints, Floor
Varnishes, Brushes, Pictures,
Picture Frames and .Mouldings.
. Call 440 and we will be glad to
talk with yon about your work.
J w v 0JX. I
! :
- ' '
He asks the faimers and taxpayers to look to their interest and vote for the
man that will take care of that interest the best. If you don't want your interest
looked after don't vote for me, because I am going to protect myself and in doing
so I have to protect you
Sldn On Fire?
Just the mild, simple wash, the welt
nown D.D.D. Prescription for Eczema,
tad the Itch is gone.
A trial will prove it.
We have sold other remedies for skin
rouble but none that we could guaran
tee as we can the D.P.P. remedy. If
the first regular size $1.00 bottle does
not do exactly as we say, it will not
:ost you a cent
I have several hundred thousand first
class Chestnut Shingles for sale, and
will make shipment promptly on re
ceipt of order. Write me for prices.
II. n. WOOD, Wlldif . Ky.
Long Tom Chenault
Sales Conducted In This and
Adfolnlng Counties at
Reasonable Rates
Phone 774 Richmond. Ky
Let us give
Bunch of Money
"A penny saTed ia a
penny earnea ana we
will show you how you
can save twenty thousand
pennies oa your feed bills erery winter.
We will send you an
You set it up and feed from it next
winter. Fay us out of what the silo saves
tor you. After that 'you will have the silo
ind the money it saves every season.
The Indiana Silo is recog-niied ererywhere as
the standard by which all otner silo, are judired.
t keep the silaae best, kuta longest, costs least
or upkeep and pays the largest dividends for
the money invested.
Call us ap or drop us a line. Whether you.
ro Day a auo mis season or not, we novc a
xopoaitioa that will interest reo.
W. P. KINCAID, Agent
Write for Further Particulars
,c. . el . .
"For many years 1 was troubled, in
spite of all so-called remedies I used.
At last I found quick relief and cure
in those mild, yet thorough and
really wonderful
Adoloh SehinMrk. Rnr?aln u v
Wheat Wanted
We want lo buy your wheat and
will give you the highest market
price. See us before you sell.
We furnish sacks. '
Parks & Abrams
Near Stock Yards Richmond, Ky
I. .1, "-" I"'!!
n ndTana!
sVnt Ml..
1.1 W . -:lr-:&
husker and shredder to shred and husk your corn a
McCormick machine to fill your every need.
They arc bailt right Vc will treat yoa right, and
you will find it to your
interest to buy McCor.'TII
mick machines. ::--'fC
Mr n
When You Build With
. You Won't Be Bothered With
Letcher Ave, South L. & N. Depot, Near Tee Factory
Phone 100 llfeb lu tr Richmond, Ky
J fU I Boots a fabsl
Compounded according to the Original '& Tx-
sTs elusive Formulas Beeipes of Charlie Waite-
I Moon 'rhm Cow-boy Herbalist, for tbe treatment
X 'is" 0f bttmaa ailment. Endoraed ia tbe Bible.
SM5,,J Thousands of Testimonials. COM-CZL-SAK, tia
coa-ca-iu 4 kieki tan 3731 West Broadway Louisville, Kentucky
v v
'' i
for the
haj; a McCor
mick binder for your
grain; a McCormick
corn binder to cut your
corn: a McCormick
& Habrer

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