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39lh YLAR
Tuesday and Friday
O " a
1L o IKL IBlainifoiHL
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Gamer Main and B
The Best Lawn Mower
for the least money. Call and let us show you
the different styles. Cuts tall, short, thick and
thin grass all altee. We have some special bar
gain prices on these mowers
D, B. Shackelford & Company
Put in Your
Vacation Grip
an outfit of our toilet aids.
You are not likely to get as
good where you are going.
We auggest shaving soap, pow
der, a bottle of toilet water,
with the necessary brushes,
etc. Don't put olf gelling
them. Come buy them now.
Then you'll not have that to
think of again.
Stockton's Drug Store
Tlx CtWr Bcf Valid
omciN.TOK or
Boots & Herbs
Compounded according: to the Original & Ex
clusive Formulas A Recipes of Charlie White
Moon, The Cow-boy Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailments. Endorsed in the Bible.
Thousands of Testimonials. COM-CEL-SAR, the
Great Body-Tonic SCIENCE SOPE, for the Hu
man Skin Only. Aslc your drug-gist, or write
3731 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky
Notice To Candidates
There will be a public drawing in the
oflice of the County Court Clerk on
Tuesday, July Sth, 1013, at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon, standard time, for posi
tions on the oflicial primary ballot at
the primary election to be held on Sat
urday, A'!2. 2. 1913.
II. 1!. Tkkiiim., County Court Clerk,
Mr. Herrington Here.
Hon. Louis Herrington, of Richmond,
was here Saturday in the interest of the
big dam proposed on Dix river. Asked
how the proposition was progressing, he
said everything was highly satisfactory,
and the dam would be made beyond any
shadow of doubt. Mr. Herrington, who
is a natural-born promoter, is a fine gen
tleman and quite popular Danville
A Chance to Buy a Lot
The Jessamine Uealty Company will
afford our people and others a good op
portunity to buy a lot or so on July 9th.
On that day some 20 or more choice ones
n . IJurnamwood, the prettiest part of
the city, will be disposed of at public
auction' The sale will begin at two
o'clock in the afternoon, Kentucky's fat
boy auctioneer will do the "crying" act
and a brass band will make the music
for the auspicious occasion. Hotter be
on hand that afternoon, or you might
miss a "srood thing."
We have a full line of Cow Teas, pure
German Millet, Sorghum Seed, Etc.
Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
Two More Left at Least
An Associated Press telegram from
Atlanta. Ga., published in the daily pa
pers the lirst of the week, slated that
the last member of the Confederate Con
gress had died in that state. The state
ment was incorrect. Judge II. J. Breck
inridge, of this city, was a member of
the Confederate Congress as was also
Judge Theodore Burnett, of Louisville.
Judge Breckinridge was one of the
youngest members. , It is probable that
Judge Breckinridge and Judge Burnett
are the only survivors in the United
States Danville Advocate.
Coal, Coal, Coal!
W. II. Douglas fc Son have the exclu
sive sale of Monarch, Va., Ued Ash Coal,
an especially good cooking coal. Try a
oad today. 72-tf
New Milking Device.
Thomas Jackson, the Shakertown road
dairyman, lias adopted a device for milk
ing his many cows, which is a success
in every way. It is the Sharplese Va
cuum Milker and with the device thirty
cows can be milked in one hour. A
splendid feature is that the milk is held
in the vacuum until deositcd in the re
ceptacles in the milk house, and it is ab
solutely impossible for it to come in con
tact with the atmosphere about the
barn. Mr. Jackson has one of the most
modern barns in Kentucky, yet, to be
more certain that the milk be kept away
from the atmosphere, he adopted the
new machine. He says he has given it
a thorough trial and the cows have im
proved in health. There is not the
slightest injury to the cow, but, as slat
ed above, the animals improve and give
more milk. Danville Messenger.
For Sale.
1913 Model, Motor Cycles and Motor
Boats at bargain prices, all makes,
brand new machines, on easy monthly
payment plan. Get our proposition
before buying or you will reSret it, also
bargains in used Motor Cycles. Write
us today. Enclose stamp for reply.
Address Lock Box 11, Trenton, Mich.
For tobacco hail insurance see J. W.
Crooke. 77 St
Marriage Promotes Longevity
It has often been slated on what ap
peared to ba competent authority, that
married peop'e live longer than single
ones, even though as the minstrel claims
it only seems longer. That married life
tends to greater circumspection in liv
ing can not be gainsaid. Generally men
slow down in the pace that kills, and a
happily married woman finds more ease
and comfort in the company of her hus
band and children than in the racking
conditions that society compels.
Apropos of this question the New
Yoik Herald has been making some'in
vestigations on its own hook, and finds
that the death rate of married men be
tween thirty and forty is less than half
of that of single men of the same age.
Prom forty to fifty there is even a great
er diiference in the death rate of the
two classes. The Chicago City Health
Department figures from stastistics, just
made public, that the death rate of
Chicago bachelors is291 4 percent high
er than that of married men. The mor
tality rate of unmarried women is 40
per cent higher than that of married wo
men, he says.
The bachelor rate of death in Chica
go is 19.8 per 1,000, while the rate for
married men is 15.2. The late of single
women is 14.3, while that of those who
marry is only 10.3.
That there is a distinct gain in the
health as a result of matrimony, the
New York Herald comes to the unequi
vocal conclusion. Married life is the
natural life for men and women, and
when it is fully accepted that it pro
moles longevity as well as happiness, it
will become more popular than ever and
people will more readily accept the ad
vice of the prominent minister who ex
horted a few days ago that man should
not wait to be sure of his ability to sup
port a family, but marry and proceed at
once to make the proper effort to do so,
and they will generally be successful.
W. P. W. in Lexington Herald.
Help Wanted.
Live solicitors and agents, male and
female wanted; to sell Combination Pad
locks and Strong Boxes. 100 per cent,
profit. Agents now in field making big
money. For particclars, address E. L.
Claxton, 4323 Tacony street, Philadel
phia. Pa. 79 2t
Pitches No-hit Game; Only
27 Batters Up.
Loom is, of the Adrian South Michi
gan League team, pitched a no-hit
came against Bay City at Adrian, Mich.
Only twenty-seven men faced Loom is,
and of these nine struck out. In the
ninth inning the first man up reached
first on an error, but the next batter hit
into a double play and the third man
In Real EslatcA
Stock and Crop I
Wcports ol Spe- I
clal Interest : : J
Rheuma Is Free From Narcot
ics. Believes rheumatism by Cleansing the
Whole System of all Impurities.
Do not try to relieve Rheumatism by
dosine the system with dangerous drugs.
UIIEUMA is free from all opiates and
narcotics and cleanses the system in a
natural but scientific manner. The dan
gerous "waste" is eradicated from the
kidneys, bowels, liver and skin. UIIEU
MA costs only 50 cents of B. L. Middel
ton. "I was a great sufferer from Rheuma
tism for ten years. After two days' use
of UIIEUMA I laid down my crutches
and have since given them away. I am a
well man." J. U. Crocker, 014 Sumter
St., Columbia. S. C. 79 21
Wheat Wanted.
I have made arrangements with one
of the large mills of this section to buy
wheat for them, and I will appreciate it
if you will come to see me or call me by
phone before you sell. Will have plenty
of sacks on short notice.
. ...
G5-tf T. T. Covington
Twemy-eigkt colts and fillies from
the Elmendorf Farm, in Fayette coun
ty, sold at auction at Sheephead Bay
at an average of $901. A colt by Water
Boy brought 11,000, and another $3,000.
Orville Arnold and Martin Ritchie, of
Bardstown, sold to Philadelphia parties
recently, ninety-two 1,209 pound cattle
at 7 12 cents. Cummins, Brown and
Arnold, of same place sold 300 head to
Louisville parties at 97.40.
T. B. Ripy; of Anderson county, has
eleven acres of alfalfa off which he has
cut twenty-seven tons. It was planted
the seventh day of last August and cut
June 7. Mr. Ripy will cut the second
crop before long.
Six hundred cattle have just been pur
chased in Montgomery county by C. C.
McDonald, buyer for the S. & S. Com
pany, for July delivery. The cattle will
weigh about 1,500 pounds. The price
paid was 8 cents. The cattln are silo
and grass fed and are fat and ready.
The purchase involves about $70,000.
Ike Shelby, the biggest cattle buyer
in this section, has just finished taking
up about 800 or 900 head of feeders,
which he has had engaged for some
time. He got 300 of them in the West
End of Lincoln mostly from Jim Yowell,
and they cost him from 0 1-4 to 7 cents.
He got about 210 in Garrard last week.
Mr. Shelby sold to Jerry Caldwell, of
Boyle, a bunch of ICO at 0 1-2 cents.
They averaged about 1,100 pounds
Danville Messenger.
Greeley Lutes delivered an extra fine
bunch of exporters to Jerry Caldwell in
Danville. There were 15 in the herd
and they will average close to ltltitt
pounds, and bought $7 CO a hundred.
..Cowan and McCornack, the big
West End buyers, have jost returned
from a buying trip to Casey and Pulaski
counties, where they rounded up a
total of about 1.0(H) lambs for the Louis
ville market. The young sheep cost
them from 3 1-2 to 5 1-2 cents a pound.
Squire Gann. the popular West End
Farmer, sold to Jim Yowell, of IIus
toville a bunch of 34 shoals at 7 3 4
cents last week. They will average HO
pounds. He sold the same buyer a
black cow and calf for $84 Interior-Journal.
ED) (0 LTD 9 L
Get That Royal Tailored Look?
Your business battle is plenty hard enough as it is. Why
make it any harder? Why handicap yourself?
These days it is mighty hard for. a man to
play the part of success w hen dressed in the
arb of failure
A clever man will not work against needless
He wears the ood clothes always
prices on white suits
" Full Dress
White Trousers
The Royal Tailors costume the successful man and we measure you for
the Royal Tailors. There is some little something that marks our clothes
as the different kind and they are in a class by themselves.
Stand For Absolute Perfection
We pay YOU one dollar a day for eacli and every day your suit is
delayed OVER time we promised to deliver
Who Tailor Best In Richmond
For 5ale
A very handsome refrigerator at a
great bargain: call on Sam Hurst, Clay
Bldg., Richmond, Ky., Phone 408, 11
Methodist Get $140,000 And
500 Acres of Land.
One hundred and forty thousand dol
lars and 500 acres of land were sub
scribed for religious and additional
missionary work at the second General
Missionary Conference of the Methodist !
Episcopal Church, South, at Waynes
ville, X. C.
Announcement also waa made that a
Methodist layman iu Mississippi had
given 500 acres of land for the erection
of an educational institution for negroes.
The property is valued at more than
No meeting place for the next con
ference was selected, it being decided
to leave the matter until a later lime.
A ten-days' Bible and evangelistic con
ference is now in session at Waynes-ville.
For a Short Time Only.
We will sell for a short time only our
own make of lard at 13c a pound in 50
1b. cans. Allman & Pigg, Butchers and
Grocers. Phone 17. C9-tf
The manage
ment desires
to announce
the Hotel is
Now Open
For Guests
Special atten
tion to auto
parties. Meals
prepared o n
short notice
Notice to Creditors.
Those who have claims against the
estate of Joe Bush, deed., will please
send them to me at my address, Colum
bia, Ky., satined and properly proved,
on or before August 1st, 1S13. Those
who know themselves to be indebted to
said estate will please settle with me on
or before the above mentioned date.
O. P. BUSH, Admr.
SO 4t F of the estate of Joe Bush.
Is your house and barn insured? Bet-
er see Burnam, the insurance man. If
arc the
Would tlity be a nicktl more t-ath year
u increased your output uoe-lhird ?
IF WE SHOW YOU that on a'n-.od.-ra' jnveMm. r,; r
will earn you e n h yt-.ir at tSi h-.i--t ht ct-.iC
outside of th iavmi; ( i.ibr. v it bout ti'irimr t: -added
sie of yuur manure p.l-. W'ilM ! !-,'; 1 tin I
proposition herr!y we tiirni-ii lV.e aitnle and it -t..i.l
C3rn every cent ol it.-, dt t u U f-. re oU pay it .
$100.00 sr Acre Firm Shut! J Ptotlote tie P:ptr Ev'.nrM.
How to do it ? Ask
i TAVl' Vllli:l'l('lllll
......... i 1 II 1.1,'
f COMl'.tN Jiiil
Sale Age at.
Come in and Talk Sib With Us
Blanton Lumber Co.
Yard and Mill at Hurre! Factory
Richmond Druggist Deserves
B. L. Midde'iton deserves praise from
Richmond people for introducing here
the symple buckthorn bark and glycerine
mixture, known as Adler-i-ka. This
simple German remedy first became
famous by curing appendicitis and it has
now been discoved that a SlNl.LK ImsK
removes sourstoinach, gason thestoniach
and constipation INSTANTLY. Nol-tf
Just roct'iu'd
shipment of
Vein IIouUmVs
Rona Dutch
1 0 and 25c
D. B.
fjf 77T T TT TT 1
i r u r
: y j ii n n
See Our
Ladies' Suits, Coats,
Skirts and Waists
5ee Our
Mens and Boys Suits for Spring
See Our
Wash Goods in All the Netf
: Take A
B Look Through Our Carpet
Has the Hustling Cash Store sold so many more goods so iar this season than ever before?
Why have Hamilton Bros, at such an early date, had to search the markets for an almost new stock of spring merchandise?
Why do we buy these goods always atbottom prices?
Remember We Always Have the
Newest Things in Notions
Our Mens Furnishing Department .this spring
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Fancy Socks, Shirts, Ties, Etc
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Just a look will assure you
Because we sell for cash and can, of course, pay cash. And by paying spot cash we can get the lowest possible market price
'Because we are satisfied with a reasonable profit and MAKE GOOD what we say about every article sold
Because we buy often and keep our stock fresh and new, and extend a courteous invitation and cordial welcome to each
and every patron. Therefore
People Looking For Good Quality Materials
at reasonable prices make their purchases at our store and always with the understanding that if goods are not as represent
ed, we want them and will make them satisfactory. Having just returned from the markets our stock is right now up to
full standard and we have never shown more beautiful assortments- Respectfully
iHiAjMiniLnrop-:j rBMO
1 1

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