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The Richmond Climax.
PaMnbctf Enary lwir aaa friaWr Mmw
k. . MItor. Pre W. S. Mite. Sac Iraaa.
E. C. Wilton ) .
li. D. Gordon , Lssee
JULY 22. 1913
Obey That Impulse!
Instead of enduring the daily torment
of weak back, backache, sore kidneys,
swollen joint and rheumatism, obey
that impulse to lake Foley Kidney Pills.
They co-operate with nature, which ac
counts for their success in all kidney
and bladder disorders. They are heal
in?, strengthening and tonic. Obey that
impulse today and give them a chance
to help you. For sale by all druggists.
Wont Rush Tariff and Curren
cy Bills.
Although President Wilson has let it
be known that he expects Congress to
put on more steam and rush both the
Tariff and Currency Bills, there are
siirns that the democratic members of
the House Banking and Currency Com
mittee will not be hurried. Another
week of conferences these committee
men have not yet agreed on a si ngle sec
tion of the 40-page Giass-Owen Curren
cy liili. They have merely had "test"
votes on several comparatively unim
portant provisions.
A situation has developed in the com
mittee which is of particular interest to
agricultural States like Kentucky.
Representative Willard Ragsdale, of
South Carolina, one of the democratic
members, announced positively that the
bill would not be ready for presentation
to the democratic caucus for at least
two weeks, and perhaps for a 'much
longer time. This was in the face of
the hope expressed by Chairman Glass,
ot Virginia, that the bill would be com.
pleu-d by the committed by the end of
the week. Mr. Ilagsdale has many pet
ideas of his own which he is going to
make a hard fight to have included in
the bill. Chief among these is a plan
to have cotton, tobacco and other agri
cultural products considered as ample
bt-CLirity for the issuing of the propos
ed new currency.
Cheapest accident insurance Dr.
Thomas' Eclectic Oil. For burns.
bcaMs. cuts and emergencies. ' All
druggist sell it. 23c and 50c.
$1.00 PER
YOU work too bard on your farm if yon haven't an engine.
You can make more money, with much less labor, by
using an I H C oil and gas engine. Think what it means
to you and your family to have the cream separator, churn,
pump, feed grinder, fanning mill, thresher, wood saw, grind
stone, washing machine, and many other machines, run by an
Think how much more pleasant, how mnch mora attractive
your farm and home will become when the 1 H C engine does
so much of the hard work.
I H C gasoline engines are reliable, d arable and run smooth
ly, year in and year out. We have whatever style and size
engine you want in the I H C line, which includes: Vertical
type 2, 3, 4, 6,25, and 35-horse power; horizontal 1 to 50-horse
power; mounted on skids 1 to 10-horse power; portable 1 to
25-horse power; traction 12 to 60-horse power; sawing, pump
ing, spraying, hoisting, and grinding outfits, etc Built to
operate on gas, gasoline, kerosene, distillate, or alcohoL Coma
in and get a copy of our new catalogue.
Richmond Heating &
For Farm
see our line. NEW STOCK, all set up and ready for
if :. . . . j Drills. Harrows. Cultivators. Plows.
Mowers and Rakes, car loads
Presses, Manure Spreaders, Gasoline Engines and dtfo Fillers.
Big stock all kinds of Machine Repairs. Get our prices.
Richmond Heating & Plumbing Co.
Day Phone 270 Night Phone 658 Clay Building
100 in the Shade Days
Are you ready to enjoy them, or will you
Swelter and Suffer? When you get home
from a hard day's grind at the store, of
fice or factory, you don't feel like working
a palm leaf fan to keep cool, neither do
you want to swelter. Then how many
nights have you gone to bed but NOT to
sleep, so hot you couldn't sleep. An
electric fan at about one cent per hour
going at slow speed will keep you cool
before going to sleep and then make sleep
possible. If comfort and sound sleep are
worth anything to you, they surely are
worth the price of the small amount of
electric current that an electric fan will
use. Of course an electric fan won't
work in a house that isn't wired, socallon
us or anybody who does wiring and get
ready to REALLY ENJOY the hot days
and nights that are here. Investigate our
prices on fans. The manufacturers'
stock is getting low, so get busy
tllL? z mm on our SuMMEr:
Leon Bryant Drowned.
After rescuing his wife from the Ken
tucky river at the mouth of Turkey Run,
where they were camping, nine mihs
above Frankfort, Leon Bryant, travel
ing salesman for Hughes Sl Co., of Lou
isville, was drowned. Mr. Bryant lived
in Richmond for a short time and is re
membered by a number of our people.
If a substitute is offered you for Foley
Kidney Pills, it means a cheaper medi
cine ic pressed upon you for the dealer's
profit, not for yours. Foley Kidney
Pills may cost the dealer more than a
cheap substitute, but they give belter
results than any other kidney and blad
der medicine. Ask for Foley Kidney
Pills. For sale by all druggists.
It has long been a Democratic custom
in Madison county to give a second term
to those officials who perform their duty
wellduring the first term of office, and you
can make no mistake by deciding to cast
tour vote for R. b. Terrill for re-elec
tion to the office of County Court Clerk
His record is open for the closest inspec
tian. I f
Plumbing Company
of Wagons. Power Hay
IN OUR .Store mow, j
"Who Wish to StV
money savers for
Careful buyers.
How a Poughkeepsle, N. Y., Man
Found Relief in Our Reliable Skin
Remedy, Saxo Salve.
7, had been troubled with weeping
eczema for months and used many
preparations for skin troubles -without
relief. The first application of Saxo
Salve allayed the dreadful itching im
mediately and after further use my
Skin trouble entirely disappeared.
Saxo Salve was just what I needed,
W. H, Glynn, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
In eczema the little vesicles or pim
ples are filled with a fluid that burns
and tortures the skin the moment
they are torn open by scratching,
this causes it to spread.
In such vases we can conscientious
ly recommend our new skin remedy,
Eaxo Salve, for its action on the skin
in all forms of eczema and other dis
tressing ekin troubles is indeed mar
velous. If it does not help you we will re
turn your money.
B. L. Middelton. Drusgist, ItichmonuJ
P. S. If you are weak and run
downno strength no appetite, you
need VinoL Try it on our guarantee.
The Summer Resort
I'm going to spend the summer
Bight where I did last year,
The place lacked no convenience,
Conducive to good cheer.
I had there every comfort
I did not lack for food.
The cooking was a marvel,
And everything was good.
The beds were soft and downy,
I did not lie awake.
The coffee was delicious.
Like mother used to make.
Nobody tried to sting me
On prices for my board;
Mosquitoes didn't bite me,
No irate boarders roared.
I motored out quite often
At very slight expense,
I was quite close to tennis
And golfing was immense.
Yes, I'll spend the summer,
With no desire to roam, '
Right where I spent it last year,
I'm going to stay at home!
Value of Rheuma
From The Court
Judge Barhorst was Relieved
. of Rheumatism After
Doctors Failed.
If you have tried. many other remedies
and doctors' treatments for Rheuma
tism and found they failed, do not be
skeptical about trying RHEUMA. Read
the testimony of Judge John Karliorsl
of Fort Loramie, O.:
"After treatment by three doctors
without result, I have been cured of a
very bad case of Rheumatism bv using
two bottles of RHEUMA. It is now
two years since I used the remedy, and
I am still as well as ever. Previously.
I was a cripple, walking with crntches."
Such testimony should be convincing.
50 cents of B. h. Middelton guaranteed.
Secretary Bryan's policy of lecturirg
in his vacation time involved the Senate
in a bitter controversy. It began when
Senator Bristow, ignoring the defeat of
his resolution directed at Mr. Bryan's
action, insisted upon being heard in
severe criticism of the Cabinet officer.
Before the debate ended, charges and
counter-charges between Senators on
the two sides of the chamber had
brought the Senate to a pitch of ex
citement. The aeonizin g discomfort and sense
suffocation that accompany hay fever
and asthma may be greatly alleviated
by the use of Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound. It has a soothing effect on
the mucus linings, and relieves the gasp
ing and tickling sensation in the throat
and bronchial tubes. For sale by all
Holding that the railroads favored
Minneapolis and St. Paul over Duluth,
the Interstate Commerce Commission
ordered a reduction of lake-and-rail
rates from the East, but denied the
petition of Duluth that its wharves be
made the dividing line.
Architect's Notice.
I am prepared to draw plans for
buildings and remodeling of all kinds
Will also furnish estimates or superin
tend construction of such work. Phone
101. Orders left for me at Tax Climax
office will receive prompt attention.
31-tf N. B. Tubfik.
L)eafness Cannot Be Cured
I-1 apfillt-atiwia. aa they cannot wrh tha
-M-d '..rti.u of thr nr. Tlim to only 011.
r t -un uVafiifaa, .lid tlit to by cooatltuttna--uie-il1
. In-afitvw. 1. tHUMfd br h Inauaied
pilhiuu f tbf mu'txi. lininir of lb Kaatai-biaa
air-. Wbeu tbi tube la inltamrd 70s hare
;lubllnjr aouud or tDilrf-rfect bearing, and vhca
: U entirely elivrd lvalue 1 tbe result, and
Ui-m tlx titflamaiatlaa ean be taken out and
ita tnbe featured to It. normal condition, near-
".ill be deMroj-ed forceer; nine caaea out nf
ra arc eauaed be Catarrh, which la nothing but
11 l..fljroed condition of tbe muroaa aurfacea.
We rill (Ire One Hundred Dollar, tor any raaa
f Detfueaa (canard l.r catarrh) that eaiin.it ba
-nred by Hair Catarrh Care. Send for circu
lar trae. j CHEXEY CO., Toledo, a
fold by Drafgtata,'T5e.
Tak UaU tamilr Plus for cusatlpatlon.
School Trustees' Election.
The following named sub-districts will
elect school trustees on the first Satur
day in August August 2nd, 1913 be
tween the hours of 1 and 5 o'clock. The
election will be held at the school- house
in said subdivision.
division so. 1.
Subdisdrict No. 1 Boggs, Alex Tur
pin. Subdistrict No. 2 Brookstown, Ralph
Subdistrict No. 0 Bend, Howard Hill.
Subdistrict No 7 College Hill, A. E.
Waco Consolidated School G; S. Mc
Kinney. DIVISION JiO. 2.
Subdistrict No. 2Green Hill, M. M.
Subdistrict No. a Cedar ClifT, II. Gy
Subdistrict No. C Bear Wallow, Geo.
Subdistrict No. 9 Kingston, Douglas
Subdistrict No. 10 Rogersville, Win
O. Mays.
Subdistrict No. 11 Pumpkin Run,
Willis Hislo.
Subdisdrict No. 1 Beech Grove, Ledo
Subdistrict No. 5 Big Hill, R. L. Am
brose. Subdistrict No. 0 Narrow Gap, Thos
Subdistrict No 9 Johnson, Jas W.
Subdistrict No. 10 Scaffold Cane-
John Hawkins.
Subdistrict No. 11 Berea, U. S. Mov
ers. DIVISION no. 4.
Subdistrict No. 2 Walnut Meadow,
Loujs Botkins.
Subdistrict No. 3 Wallacetown, D. S.
Subdistrict No. 5 High Point, W. A.
Subdivision No. C Glade, James W.
Subdivision No. 8 Peytontown, W. W.
division no. 5.
Subdistrict No. 3 Ilendren, W. K.
Subdistrict No. C Sallee, RobcrtTea
ter. Subdistrict No. 7 Backwoods. N. B.
Subdistrict No. 9 Ruthton, Pendle
ton Wh'utaker.
Subdistrict No. 12 Bent, Price Ben
ton. division no. C.
Subdistrict No. 2 Miller, B. C Har
vey. Subdistrict No. 3 Forest Hill, A. H.
SubdistrictNo. 4 Buffalo, W. R. Hay
den. Subdistrict No 0 Boonesboro, Wm.
Subdistrict No. 7 Pleasant Hill.Thos.
Subdistrict No. 9 Dozier, G. R. Spur
lin. The Supervisors, Robinson and Kirk,
have posted notices of said election in
each subdistrict where an election is to
be held. The instructions to voters and
poll sheets have been placed at the
school houses. Officers for said election
will be selected by the voters at the
opening of the polls. Two judges and a
clerk should be 'selected. Said officers
should fill out certificates of election for
persons elected and return same to the
County Superintendent within five days
after said election. 85-2t
For insurance againtst loss or damage
by hail to growing tobacco call on J. W.
Crook e, Agent. Office at Citizens Na
tional Bank. 77-8t
Debate on the Tariff Bill began in
earnest in the Senate with Chairman
Simmons, of the Finance Committee,
proclaiming tbe new bill a satisfactory
answer to the demand for downward
revision, and Senator Cummins, speak
ing from a Progressive-Republican
standpoint, predicting that it would
carry the party to defeat.
A large number of nominations for
consular offices, including many turned
down which were presented by President
Tafw will be sent to the Senate in the
course of few days by President Wilson
The Best Medicine in The
"My little girl had dysentery very
bad. I thought she would die. Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy cured her, and I can truthfully
say that I think it is the best medicine
In the world," writes Mrs. William
Orvis, Clare, Mich. For sale by all
Oiir Entire Stock of Summer Goods
including everything in our Ready-to-wear Department Hand
Embroidered Underwear, Fine Bed Spread Sets, Counterpanes,
Hamburgs, Ribbons, Laces, Laces and other thing too numerous
to mention
John IR. Gibson and Company
Unsightly matted colorless scraggy
hair made fluffy soft abundant and
radiant with life at once. Use Parisian
Sage. It comes in 50a "bottles.
The first application removes dandruff,
stops itching scalp, cleanses the hair, takes
away the dryness and brittleness, increases
the beauty of the hair, making it wavy
and lustrous.
Everyone needs Parisian Sage.
' Didn't Understand.
"What is the object of your society?"
"To prevent gambling among wo
men." - "Nonsense. It can't be done."
"Certainly gambling can be stopped."
"Gambling? 1 thought you said gab
bling." The Kentucky State Board of Health,
in its recent reports, estimated there are
in Kentucky 20,000 cases of tuberculosis.
Why don't they use Smith's Lung Tonic?
Price $7.00 per gallon. Listen to this
This statement I take great pleasure
in making: Dr. T. B. Smith cured my
sister, Mildred Richards, of consump
tion 43 years ago, after being given up
by physicians and after being thought
dead once or twice. It was a marvelous
cure. W. P. Richards, Nicholasville,
Philip Bainhard, New Philadelphia,
Ohio, states:
"I had three specialists to treat my
wife; they told me she had tuberculosis
or consumption and could not get well.
I had used numerous remedies before I
sent for the specialists; finally as a last
resort, I sent for a gallon of Smith's
Lung Tonic. She is now well and has
been since December 1911."
Smith's Lung Tonic is just like
Smith's Liniment. 40 years test has
proven this liniment the best. Who
doubts it? The man who has never tried
Manufactured by T. B. Smith Medi
cine Co., Lexington, Ey.
In the reach of everybody at $7.00 a
gallon. Advertisement. 23-if
The Right-of-Way
Must be accorded to the automobile
for business and pleasure. We have the
ideal automobile for rent. If you will
call on us when in need of a machine,
we will fit you out aud as reasonably as
can be expected. Azbill's Livery Sta
ble. 60-If
Rubber Tires.
I desire to say to the good people of
Madison and adjoining counties that I
am prepared to do all kinds of rubber
tiring. I put 7-8 Kelly Springfield rubber
tires on wheels of any height for S14 per
set, 7-8 steel tires for $4.50 per set. Bug
gy tires set 40 cts. each. These are cash
prices. See me before ordering any work
of this kind.
50-Cmo-f ' E. Walokn, Red House, Ey.
Cattle. Sheep, Hogs and
Calves to
C. A. Carter 6 Co.
Union Slock Yards
Cincinnati, Ohio
and receive the highest market price
and a square deal
Better Than Spanking
Spanking will not cure children
of wetting the bed, because it is
not a habit but a dangerous di
sease. The C. H. Rowan Drug
Co., Dept. 2450, Chicago, Illinois,
have discovered a strictly harm
less remedy for this distressing
-disease and to make known its
merits they will send a 50o pack
age securely wrapped and prepaid
Absolutely Free to any reader of
The Climax. This remedy also
cures frequent 'desire to urinate
and inability to control urine dur
ing the night or day in old or
ThsC. H. Rowan Drug
an Old Reliable House,
write to them today for the free
medicine. Curs the afflicted mem
bers of your family, then tell your
neighbors and friends about this
et us give
Bunch of Money
"A penny saved is a
penny earned" and we
will show you how you
caa save twenty thousand
pennies on your feed bills every winter.
VV will send you an
Yon set it np and feed from it next
winter. Pay us out of what the silo saves
(or yon. After that yon will have the silo
and the money it saves every season.
The Indiana Silo is recocnizFd everywhere (J
the atandard by which all other ailoa are judged.
It keeps the silage best, lasts longest, costs least
.'or upkeep and pays the largest dividends for
the money invested.
Call us up or drop us line. Whether yon
want to buy a silo thia aeason or not. wt have
ro position that will interest aruu.
W. P. KINCAID, Agent
Write for Further Particulars
Wall Paper
Interior Decorating
We take pleasure in announcing
to our patrors and friends that
we are better prepared to sup
ply their wants in this line than
ever before. We have a very
complete line of new Wall
Papers consisting of the
Latest Patterns and Designs
which we are otfering at very
low prices. We do our own
work and guarantee same
Paints and Varnishes
We also carry a complete line
the best Floor Paints, Floor
Varnishes Brushes, Pictures,
Picture Frames and Mouldings.
Call 440 and we will be glad to
talk with yon about your work.
and Son
u-iV,1-w i.
Our Clothes Stay Looking Well
li i
L ong on quality
A nxious to please
1 ever out-of-date
E very body's benefactor
S election unrivaled
Saved Girl's Life
"I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re
ceived from the use of Thedford's Black-Draught," writes
Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky.
"It certainly has no equal for la grippe, bad colds,
liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe Black-Draught
saved my little girl's life. When she had the measles,
they went in on her, but one good dose of Thedford's
Black-Draught made them break out, and she has had no
more trouble. I shall never be without
in my home." For constipation, indigestion, headache, dizzi
ness, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar
ailments, Thedford's Black-Draught has proved itself a safe,
reliable, gentle and valuable remedy.
If you suffer from any of these complaints, try Black
Draught It is a medicine of known merit Seventy-five
years of splendid success proves its value. Good for
young and old. For sale everywhere. Price 25 cents.
How many times has it happened that you have
selected a suit, worn it the first day, and then had the
disappointments begin?
It didn't look as well the second day
- -It didn't fit quite so well
It didn't suit your individuality so well as you
first thought.
We don't stand for these clothes disappointments,
that's why we secured the famous
The makers of these famous clothes don't stand
for clothes disappointments either. They stand right
back of us in seeing that you are SATISFIED, GLAD
and PLEASED every day that you wear an Adler Suit.
These clothes MUST stay looking well.
The must It and hold their fit.
They must wear rjoperly.
That's part of the famous Adler Collegian Clothes
We are not satisfied and they are not satisfied un
less you are satisfied.
And yet the prices are no higher than for the in
different kind.
Suits $18.00 to $25.00
Staffer's Clothes Shop
Corner Second and Main
Richmond, Ky

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