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39th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
JL o 1R. IBlainitoini
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Corner Main and B
The I. H. C. Hay Press
The Toggle Joint, the Pull Power Plunger, the
Front 5ide Delivery makes this press the best,
lightest on your team and less men to oper
ate it. We have just received our shipment
of Bale Ties and can give you an extremely
low price as long as they last Now is the
lime to place your order
D. B. Shackelford & Company
Put in Vour
Vacation Grip
an outfit of our toilet aids.
You are not likely to get as
pood where you are going.
We suggest shaving soap, pow
der, a bottle of toilet water,
with the necessary brushes,
etc. Don't put off getting
them. Come buy them now.
Then you'll not have that to
think of again.
Completed Big Contract
Mr. B. F. Hurst, of the Richmond
' Heating & Plumbing Co., returned a few
days ago from Jackson, this Slate, and
reports the work completed on the Ewen
Hotel, which contract has been under
headway for several weeks. The Ewen
Hotel Co. has recently installed in each
bed room a stationary wash stand with
running hot and cold water and a splen
am not water heating plant. Tins is
the only hotel in Jackson that has such
modern conveniences. The last con
tract, which is just completed, is the
electric equipment, which furnishes ad
equate lights for all the rooms, halls,
porches and the commodious dining
Stockton's Drug Store
jL loots Herbs
VS.-- -
The Cowboy Eetilist
Compounded according: to the Original & Ex
clusive Formulas & Recipes of Charlie White
X&oon, The Cow-boy Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailments. Endorsed in the Bible.
Thousands of Testimonials. COJff-CEI-SAK, the
Great Body-Tonic SCIENCE EOPE, for the Hu
man Skin Only. Ask your druggist, or write
3731 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky
Miss White Entertains.
Miss Mary Jake White was hostess to
a few friends at her pretty and attract
ive home on the Jack's Creek pike Sat
urday evening and Sunday. Music,
games and refreshments, such as sher
bet, ice cream, candies and cakes, were
served and enjoyed by those present,
Saturday evening. Sunday morning the
young people attended church. The
guests were. Misses Clara Gibson, Mar-
garite Jett, Bertha and Eva Haden, Ma
ry Oldham, Willie May Deatherage, and
Messrs. John Doty, Jack Phelps Embry,
Cecil and Carl Haden, Lodell DeJarnett,
John Parke and Perry Deatherage. X.
Prospects Flattering.
Prof. W. E. G wynne, who spent several
days with his father at Georgetown, tells
us that the elder G wynne. Rev. AV. B.,
is making a strong race for the Demo
cratic nomination for State Senator,
and that the knowing ones are not only
saying he will win, but are betting odds
on it. We had the pleasure of meeting
Rev. Gwynne when he visited his son
here some months ago and were very
much impressed with the splendid old
gentleman. He is one of the few
preachers who have been consistent
Democrats and he is truly one of the
old school. We are told that Superin
tendent of Public Instruction Barks-
dale Uamlett, who is not an admirer of
Dr. Gwynne because of an imaginary
grievance, is stumping the district for
Mr. Ford, his opponent, but that be
is fighting a waning cause. Seems to
us that Mr. Hamlett had better remain
at Frankfort and attend to the duties
for which he was elected. It is not his
fight, to say the least.
I extend an invitation to every person
who lakes part in the Democratic pri
mary to be held Saturday, August 2, to
vote for me for the nomination for Sher
iff. If I have not asked your support,
consider this an invitation to vote for
me. Elmer Deatherage. 84 5t
Summer Concert
It has been announced by the ladies
of the Infirmary Association that a con
cert will be given for the benefit of the
Pattie A. Clay Infirmary on the evening
of August 5th at the Normal Chapel,
The concert will be given by Mr. J. A.
Panther, tenor, and Mrs. Panther, pian
ist, of Terre Haute, Ind., who are spend
ing the summer here. Mrs. Panther,
who was formerly Miss Edna Giunchig
liani, is well known for her musical
ability by all music lovers of Richmond,
her home town, but it has been some
time since she has been heard here in
concert. Since leaving Richmond Mrs.
I'antner lias made remarkable progress
as a concert pianist and has concertized
with her husband in many towns in In
diana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, and
has met with great success. The lan
time she played before a Richmond aud
ience was .more than two years ago,
when she appeared as soloist and accom
panist with the Lyric Quartet, a well
known Cincinnati organization. Mr. Pan
ther also sang in this concert as tenor
soloist. He is the head of the voice de
partment of the Terre Haute Conserva
tory of Music and is well known as a so
loist throughout Indiana. While at the
College of Music in Cincinnari be was
the soloist in two prominent churches
and his services were always in great de
mand. The program will be arranged
so that it can be enjoyed by everyone,
and will consist of classic and modern
compositions. It is possible that a local
singer will assist, but this cannot be def
initely said at this time. Music-lovers
should turn out in full force to hear
these young people. Tickets will be on
sale in a few days.
Is your house and barn insured?
ter see Burnam, the insurance man.
Box Supper a Success.
The box supper at Concord school
house on Saturday night was a saccess.
A large crowd was present and every
body had a good time. The boxes sold
for $20. 05, due very probably to the good
work of "Coz." Pleas Broaddus, who
outdid himself as auctioneer. A portion
of the money taken in was applied to the
organ fund, which liquidated the debt
that has been standing for some time.
After any Sickness
or Operation
doctors prescribe SCOTT'S
EMULSION it contains the
vital elements nature craves
to repair waste, create Dure
blood and build physical strength.
No Alcohol or Opiata
Scott ft TVvime, BlnrmfipM, N. J. IMS
Strong For County Unit.
Mr. A. D. Miller, who is making a
strong and aggressive race for the
nomination for Representative, asks
us to state to the voters that he is an
ardent advocate of the County Unit
Bill, and if elected, will do anything
in his power to see that no effort to
repeal this bill is successful. He is an
ardent temperance man from convic
tion, and during his editorial control
of the Climax, was always found on
the right side fighting for the good of
his community and his state on this
important question. If elected he will
be found on the right side at Frankfort,
and there is little doubt that men of
his caliber will be needed, as the
whisky forces will do everything possi
ble to enact new legislation favorable
to their cause. A vote for Miller Is a
vote against saloons. Remember this
when you come to the polls. Further
more he is a capable man along all
other lines, and would in every way
make a member of whom his consti
tuents may be proud. 2t. adv.
Berea Fair Next Week.
In our advertising columns will be
found the announcement of the Berea
Fair, which begins next Wednesday and
continues over Friday. There will be
three big days and, as the advertise
ment stales, each day will be candidates'
day. There is a ring for almost all
classes of stock and interesting races are
carded for each afternoon. The Madi
son county colt futurity, premium $500.
will be one of the big drawing cards.
There are many entries and the fight for
supremacy will be a hot one. Mr. A. R.
Gibbs is president of the Association and
E. T. Fish is the efficient secretary
Write to the latter for catalogues or on
business concerning the Fair.
Feel languid, weak, run down? Head
ache? Stomach "off?" A good remedy
is Burdock Blood Bitters Ask your
druggist. Price 11.00.
Helping The Consumer Helps
The business philosophy of downward
tariff revision is summed by the Kansas
City Times in a single sentence; "What
ever helps the consumer helps those who
supply the consumer."
If the prosperity of the United States
were dependent upon any one group of
men or interests, what particular wel
fare would be a guarantee of the com
mon good, then the special favors which
the high tariff has granted might be de
fensible, if no!i praiseworthy. But the
fact is that the prosperity of this coun
try depends upon the welfare of the av
erase citizen the average laborer, the
average farmer and merchant and busi
ness man. whatever his pursuit may be,
It is from those unknown and innumer
able little streams that the great tides of
commerce gather volume and flow free
ly onward with enriching power. And
so any system that burdens or hinders
their course is inexpedient as well as
The high protective tariff has been
maintained on the fallacious theory that
the way to mane the nation prosperous
is to' tax the rank and file of the con
sumer for the benefit of a comparatively
few special interests. The result has
been prosperity of a kind, no doubt; but
not the kind of prosperi.y that counts
for national strength and progress. The
important thing is, as President Wilson
has so aptly said, not that the major
ity of the people shall be permitted to
share in the prosperity of a few, but
that they shall be free to originate pros
perity of their own.
This is the great heritage of business
liberty which a thorough downward re
vision of the tariff will vouchsafe. By
overthrowing monopoly, it will open the
way for individual enterprise and initi
ative. By lifting a tax from the income
of the average man and the average fam-
ly, it will clear and quicken the com
mon channels ol trade. The country
awaits the effect of the pending tariff
bill, which now seems assured of an ear
ly passage, not only with confidence and
equanamity, but also with hope, for bet
ter times. "Speculative business of
Wall Street," as the Times says, "may
be as fearful now as it always is when
any change is coming. But you cannot
make merchants afraid of a condition
that means there will be mere money to
spend and more people that have it to
spend it. Whatever helps the consumer,
helps those who supply the consumers.
The Ballots.
The Climax has been and is yet busy
getting out the ballots to be used in the
primary of August 2. For Madison coun
ty 75 books are required and those to be
used in the four Richmond precincts are
pretty large ones. There are 25 pre
cincts in this good county and as three
parties are asking nominations, there
will be three books to each precinct
one for the Democrats, one for the Re
publicans and one for the Progressives.
Each ballot has to be printed on both
sides, perforated in two places, number
ed in two and then bound, trimmed.
labeled, etc, etc. So it will be seen that
there is some work about the job. Some
500 or more pounds of paper were re
quired to print them. We are glad to
state that the Climax, which takes sqme
pride in doing the big jobs, was able to
turn out this order and many other
heavy ones, including a book, without
engaging extra workmen, those of the
force doing double duty some days and
nights. It is a pleasure to have such a
force, but then it is good to have such a
business proposition as the Climax is.
m o)irD9fi Vmo
Get That Royal Tailored Look?
Your business battle is plenty hard enough as it is. Why
make it any harder? Why handicap yourself?
These days it is mighty hard for a man to
play the part of success when dressed in the
garb of failure
A clever man will not work against needless
He wears the ood clothes always
prices on white suits
Full Dress
White Trousers
The Royal Tailors costume the successful man and we measure you for
the Royal Tailors. There is some little something that marks our clothes
as the different kind and they are in a class by themselves.
Stand For Absolute Perfection
We pay YOU one dollar a day for each and every day your suit is
delayed OVER time we promised to deliver
Who Tailor Best In Richmond
Ladies' Coat Lost
Lost, a ladv's blue coat; between Mc-
"Kee's store and the Farmers Warehouse.
Size 30. Leave at McKee's store and
get reward. 8J 3t
For a Short Time Only.
We will sell for a short time only our
own make of lard at 13c a pound in 50-
lb. cans. Allman & Pigg, Butchers and
Grocers. Phone 17. t9-tf
Our line of Coffees are as fine as you
can eet in any market, uive tnem a
Covington Thorpe Co.
Wheat Wanted.
I have made arrangements with one
of the large mills of this section to buy
wheal for them, and I will appreciate it
if you will come to see me or call me by
phone before you sell. Will have plenty
of sacks on short notice.
65-tf T. T. Covingtoh
5tock of Goods For Sale
1 desire to sell my nice, clean stock of
groceries, notions, etc., located on First
street. Good cash stand and am doing
nice business, but want to make a
change. Will sell at a bargain if taken
at once. James B. Parke, First street,
Richmond, Ky. 82-8t
."-VAfi.MO&TEH'S ' V '
Just received
shipment of
Van Houten's
Rona Dutch
10 and 25c
D. B.
are the
Would they be a nickel more each year
if you increased your,ouipuc one-third t
IF WE SHOW YOU tbaton'a moderate rmrestment ie
will .am vmi . i.-K ...r iK. Ic rL wmw M.
outside of the saving of labor, and virbuut figuring the)
added size of your manure pile, wo eld yoa entertain a
proposition whereby we furnish the article and it shall
earn every cent of its cost to you before you pay for it 1
$100.00 tr Acre Fam SmM rredacs.tk tnr- Mans.
How to do it ? Ask
Sole Age at.
Come in and Talk 5iIo With Us
Blanton Lumber Co.
Yard and Mill at Barrel Factory
The King of All Laxativ es.
For constipation, headaches, indiges
tion and dyspepsia, use Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Paul Mathulka, of Buffalo,
N. Y., says they are the "King of all
laxatives. They are a blessing to all
my family and I always keep a box at
home." Get a box and get well. Price
25c. Recommended by all dealers.
Notice to Creditors.
Those who have claims against the
estate of Joe Bush, deed., will please
send them to me at my address, Colum
bia, Ky., sat i lied and properly proved,
on or before August 1st, 1813. Those
who knew themselves to be indebted to
said estate will please settle with neon
or before the above mentioned data.
O. P. BUSH, Admr.
80 -It F of the estate of Joe Bush.
s. - '
We are making very low Prices on all Spring and Summer Goods. You can
secure Bargains by paying us a visit. Everything in
Light Weight Clothing for Men, Ladies', Misses
and Children Have Been Reduced
Low Shoes and Slippers at especially Low Prices r
THTsiinniaMcDini IBipo:
v '
Comer First and Main Streets ; Richmond, Kentucky

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