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39th YEAR
Tuesday and Triday
IL . JR. Blaimtoia
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of Ail Kinds
Corner Main and B
The I. H. C. Hay Press
The Toggle Joint, the Pull Power Plunger, the
Front Side Delivery makes this press the best,
lightest on your team and less men to oper
ate it. We have just received our shipment
of Bale Ties and can give you an extremely
low price as long as they last Now is the
time to place your order ,
D. B. Shackelford & Company
For Every
In sickness or accident the
proper drug will relieve pain
and aid nature in restoring
good health. We carry a large
assortment of pure drugs, as
well as the most popular mer
itorious "Patent" remedies.
We solicit your drug business,
assuring you of good goods,
good values and good service.
iiilirmary Benefit Concert.
The ladies of the Pattie A. Clay In.
firmary Association who have made
possible several musical treats in the
past, announce another concert for
August 5th at the Normal Chapel for
the benefit of the Infirmary. In this
concert they will present Mr. J. A
Panther, Tenor, and Mrs. Panther,
Pianist, tor a classic and modern pro
gram of song and piano music. Mr
and Mrs. Panther are spending their
vacation with Mrs. Panther's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Giunchiglani, and
we are very fortunate in having an op
portunity of hearing these two talent
ed young musicians. Mrs. Panther
who is well known to all of us as Edna
Giunchigliana has been looked upon
as one of the best musicians Richmond
has ever developed. She spent four
years at the College of Music in Cin
cinnati and finished her work there
with high honors, being awarded the
Springer Gold Medal, an honor be
stowed only upon the most talented.
We regret her loss from Richmond's
musical colony but are glad to give
her the opportunity of working in a
larger field. Mr. Panther, tenor appear
ed here two years ago with the .Lyric
Quartet and made quite a favorable
impression. He has been concerting
izing for the past four years through,
out Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio and
is regarded as one of the .best tenors in
the middle west.
We predict a warm reception for
these young people in their first joint
recital before a Richmond audience.
It is possible that a local sjnger of
great ability will assist. Members of
the Association will soon offer tickets
for sale.
In Dmml fctmt
Stock and Crop
Wcports of Spe-
I J I I (
Stockton's Drug Store I
I buy all kin Js of Roots, Ginseng, Yellow Roots,
- etc. Also pay market price for Aides, Tallow,
Feathers, old and new, Scrap Iron, Rags, Rope,
Rubber and all kinds metals. Call
Phone 363
Is your house and barn insured? Bet
ter see Burnam, the insurance man. tf
Puzzled to Know.
Today we are printing ballots for the
good ladies to vote in the Boyle county
school election. We have been quite
puzzled to know if they should be print
ed on the bias, hemstitched, whipped
over or made with slit-skirt effect
Louis LanJram in Danville M essenger.
President Evans Dead.
The Climax is in receipt of the an
nouncement of the death of Mr. Edward
F. Evans, president of the Cincinnati
Cordage & Paper Co. Mr. Evans was
one of the oldest men in the paper and
cordage business in the Queen City and
one of the best. This office has been a
patron of his house for many years and
has always found it a most satisfactory
one to deal with.
Deaton Got Life Sentence.
D. Fletch Deaton, tried at Winchester
for conspiracy in the murder of Ed Cal
lahan in Breathitt county, was given a
life sentence. A Madison jury, whose
names were given in the last issue of the
Climax, tried the case and rendered the
verdict. This is the second life sentence
that has been given the , men who
brought about the death of the former
sheriff of Breathitt.
f particularly need the pre-
digetted nourishment in SCOTT'S
EMULSION. It create strength
and rich, actire blood. It insure
I abundant nourishment and keeps
baby growing.
Scott & Bowtm, BSoomfleli N. J. O-H
Monticello will hold no fair this year
Nine cents per pound for stock hog
for delivery Aug. 20 prevails in Nicholas
Harry Clay, of Bourbon, bought from
Carl Trimble, of Montgomery county,
138 ewes at $3.05.
Charles Clark, of Bourbon, bought 22
5."0-Dound cattle from Cant. Hurst, of
Montgomery, at $7.
R. E. Hughes, of Louisville, bought
173 acres of the Beazley Bros.' farm,
near Lancaster, at a fancy price.
. W. F. Brooks, of Bourbon, bought of
W. P. Tread way, of Montgomery coun
ty, 20 head of 050-pound heifers at SO.
May Goff, near North Middletown,
bought from Samuel Cole, of Montgom
ery county, 34 400-pound cattle at 6 1 2
John Woodford, near Paris, sold 47
fat cattle to II. 8. Caywood, of Bour
bon, at 8c. The cattle were delivered
last week.
Bean & Hutchings, of Boyle, bought of
Col. R. G. Evans 5G head of 135-lb. hogs
at 8 3 5o and of C. P. Cecil, Sr., 44 180
pound hogs at same price.
Martin & Walden bought of Isaac
Shelby 11 lambs, of S. S Cook 0, all at
(ic; a 900-pound heifer of E. R. Galbreath
at C; 5 butcher cattle of Mitchell Taylor
at 5c and sold 3 sows to C. O. Wotard ay
$14 each Danville Messenger.
At the recent Miles City, Mont., horse
sales 3,500 head sold. Big-boned draft
mares and geldings weighing 1,350 sold
in car lots from $05 to $90. Mares and
geldings weighing 1,000 to 1,200 brought
$10 to $75 per head. Good boned year
lings brought $20 to $35. Two-year-olds
$30 to $ 10. Lighter ones brought $15 to
$30; 1,000 single horses brought $15 to
The largest cattle sale of the season in
Bourbon county was completed on last
Wednesday, when J. Hal. Woodford sold
to II. S. Caywood for Swift & Co., 80
head of fat cattle, averaging 1,430 lbs.,
at 8c, for immediate delivery. Jonn
Woodford also sold to the same buyer
for Swift & Co. 57 head of fat cattle at
same price.
The U. S. army is now short at least
1,000 horses a greater shortage than
has ever existed. The War Department
has already expended $100,000 allowed
by Congress March 4 last, and while an
other appropriation of $175,000 wasavail
able July 1, at present prices not nearly
enough horses can be had to meet the
demand. . -
One of the greatest saddle ring shows
ever made in Kentucky was that at the
Mt. Sterling Fair Friday. Horsemen
were there from everywhere and excite
ment ran high. Following were the
winners: First, W. J. Shropshire, with
Hazle Daune; second. Mat Cohen, with
Mary Yandell Fox; third, Allie Jones;
fourth, Pres Wray, with Whirlwind,
The largest steer ever handled by the
Independent Packing Co., of St. Louis,
was slaughtered there for John Caffara
ta, proprietor of a restaurant. The an
imal weighad 2,900 pounds on foot, and
dressed out more than 2,000 pounds.
The steer was raised by Caffarata on his
farm in St. Louis county. It was three
years old and at the market price it
would have brought $2G9 on the hoof.
I extend an invitation to every person
who takes part in the Democratic pri
mary to be held Saturday, August 2, to
vote for me for the nomination for Sher
iff. If I have not asked your support,
consider this an invitation to vote for
me. Elmer Deatherage. 84 5i
Public Speaking.
The Hon. A. L. Furgerson, of George
town, Scott county, vice-president and a
member of the executive board of the
Burley Tobacco Society and Company,
will deliver an address to the members
of the 190C-07-'09 Pool on August 4th,
Monday, county court day, at 1:30 p. m.,
at the court house in Richmond.
Mr. Furgerson will explain In detail
the present financial condition of the so
ciety and company. This will be of vi-
taj interest to every tobacco grower, and
especially to the poolers of 1909, who
own the 10 per cent, stock in the Burley
Tobacco Co. On this date your certifv
cate of stock will be issued, provided
you are at this meeting, and have with
you your warehouse receipt; so do not
fail to be at the meeting, bringing your
receipt with you. There will also be a
meeting of the Madison County Board of
Control on the same date at 10 a. tn., at
the court house, in the grand jury
Please tell all the members of the pool
and urge them to be present. The pub
lic is also cordially invited to be present
to hear Mr. Furgerson. He is a brainy
and logical speaker and a practical farm
er. Every tobacco grower in the county
should be interested in this meeting, as
the future success of the Burley Tobac
co Society and Company will to a great
extent determine the price of your to
bacco in the future.
Jesse Cobb,
Member Dist. B'd for Madison Co.
A Girl's Education.
A girl's education is most incomplete
unless she has learned:
To sew.
To cook.
To mend.
To be gentle.
To value time.
To dress neatly.
To keep a secret.
To avoid idleness.
To be self-reliant.
To darn stockings.
To respect old age.
To make good bread.
To keep a house tidy.
To be above gossiping.
To make home happy.
To control her temper.
To take care of the sick.
To take care of the baby.
To sweep down cobwebs.
To marry a man for his worth.
To read the very best of books.
To be a helpmeet to her husband.
To keep clear of trashy literature.
To take plenty of active exercise.
To be light-hearted and fleet-footed.
To be a womenly woman under all cir
Stock of Goods For Sale
I desire to sell my nice, clean stock of
groceries, notions, etc., located on First
street. Good cash stand and am doing
nice business, but want to make a
change. Will sell at a bargain if taken
at once. James B. Parke, First street,
Richmond, Ky. . 82-8t
Faulkner Kennedy Gets
Faulkner Kennedy, of Lincoln coun
ty, who was out on parole, has been
pardoned by Gov. McCreary. He was
sentenced to the penitentiary for ten
years for the part he took in the killing
of man named Shupes, he' and his
brother having killed him some six or
seven years ago. Since he was granted
parole Kennedy has been living a use
ful life. He is in very bad health and
it is doubtful if he could have withstood
much longer the confinement of the
Special' Mattress Sale
" ' -i 1 - j T '''"'' j " " "i ill
On the
Come See
them in our
We have arranged for a Special Sale
On the celebrated Stearns & Foster Mattress and are offering this most Comfortable.
Durable and Sanitary of all Mattresses, in selected patterns of the best qualities of Satin
finish. Dust-proof Tickings WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.
Beware of so-called "Special Sales" on "Cotton-felt" or "Felt" Mattresses said to be
the "genuine kind" and offered at such ridiculously low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do not know WHAT sort of material has been hastily STUFFED into the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it may be vile; unfit for any person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort and Durability, such Mattresses are utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses have a laced opening (Pat. applied for) through which
you can see and examine the inside of the Mattress you GET. That's the safe way to buy
a Mattress. You know what you are getting.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses are made of Clean, Sanitary Cotton; felted into hundreds
of little webs forming; many Springy, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
layers are then LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
and encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Firm,
half yielding to your figure, but supporting it in perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I never Knew a Mattress could be so Comfortable." '
That's just what satisfied users of Stearns & Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself to get one and enjoy rest that is Refreshing Comfortable
Healthful. You don't have to be put to the expense and Inconvenience of sending a Stearns or
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated?. They never require it. An
occasional Sun Bath keeps them fresh and clean.
Don't Fail to attend this Sale. Come today.
the Mattress you want NOW. Don't put up longer with that 'old
fortable Mattress.
A Comfortable Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster,
Costs too Little.
We'll give you a POSITIVE GUARANTEE on every Mattress bearing the Steams
u t'oster name.
Undertaking a Specialty Sgfe." , 229
W. S. O. R. O. L.
For a Short Time Only.
We will sell for a short time only our
own make of lard at 13c a pound in 50
lb. cans. Allman & Pigg, Butchers and
Grocers. Phone 17. CD-tf
DUTCH- , .
'ij i
Just received
shipment of
Van Houten's
Rona Dutch
10 and 25c
D. B.
Watch Our
and you'll find them keeping time la
the second. They are like all our jew
elryreliable. And they are also lik.
3 Rings, Brooches
ir and other ornaments in being as m
ate in price as good quality will permit.
nen you want JEWELRY we are the
people to remember.
TU)(B(onaiIl IPipficisces
We are making very low Prices on all Spring and Summer Goods. You can
secure Bargains by paying us a visit; Everything in
Light Weight Clothing for Men, Ladies', Misses
and Children Have Been Reduced
Low Shoes and Slippers at especially Low Prices
Corner First and Main Streets
Richmond, Kentucky
, 1

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