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39th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
1L IHL. IBlamitoini
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and AH Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Corner Main and B
The I. H. C. Hay Press
I he Tole Joint, the Pull Power Plunger, the
Front 5ide Delivery makes this press the best,
lightest on your team and less men to oper
ate it. We have just received our shipment
of Iale Ties and can give you an extremely
low price as long as they last. Now is the
lime to place your order
D. B. Shackelford & Company
JfeJ- iVA k c if!?. J
! Stockton's
lit Cowboj Hotilist
-Tf-rao s cme'eme iisiii
e fcmtaits
t - Mil
.'.-" warn
For Every
In sickness or accident the
proper drug will relieve pain
and aid nature in restoring
good health. We carry a large
assortment of pure drugs, as
well as the most popular mer
itorious "Patent" remedies.
We solicit your drug business,
assuring you of good goods,
good values and good service.
Drug Store
oois & Herbs
Compounded acc rrding' to the Original & Ex
clusive Formulas & Recipes of Charlie White
Moon, The Cow-tx ty Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailmen ts. Endorsed, in the Bible.
Thousands of Testi znonials. COM-CEL-8AB., the
Great Body-Tonic SCIENCE SOPE, for the Hu
man Skin Only. Ask your druggist, or write
3731 West Broadway Louisville, Kentucky
Union Sunday School Con
To be held at Flat Woods Christian
Church on Saturday, Aug. 0th, 1913.
Exercises begin promptly at 10 a. in.
Son by choir.
Prayer, Bro. Geo. Tiibble.
Song by school.
Welcome address, Bro. W. M. Benton,
Response, Dr. Coomer.
Song by choir.
Annual address by president,
Reading of secretary'! report for last
year. N. G. Todd.
Results of Suuday School. Bro. Oli
ver Brock.
Address. "Our Boys." C. B. Combs.
Quartette by Pine Grove S. S.
The Superintendent, Luther Todd.
Appointment of different committees
by president.
Convene at 1 o'clock.
Song by school.
Report of committees.
Power of prayer, Bro. Geo. McKinney.
Parents' duly to children, M. M.
Address, G. B. Moores.
Union S. 8., Prof. J. I. Robinson.
Home Work. Bro. R. P. Bush.
Address, Charley Tribble.
Address, Bro. Geo. Tribble.
Song by choir.
Christian progress, Bro. J. W. Dalton.
Address, Hubert Bonny.
Short address by Bro. J. B. Adams.
Song, Dreyfus choir.
Recitations by Misses
Maud Moberly, Gertrude Todd,
Carrie Bush, Cornelia Wilson,
Mary A. Tribble, Mildred Tribble,
Lura Oldham, Mary Tharp,
ue Ogg, Ella Portwood,
Hazel Moore.
Song by Ida Elizabeth and Joseph
Reverence in church, Elizabeth Cor
Tommie's prayfir, Willie Winkler.
Song, "God be With You Till We
Meet Again."
Benediction, by President Clark Rice.
N. G. Todd, Secretary.
n X
Call T. C. Vaughn and he will do the
rest. Phone 110. Richmond Coal &
Supply Co. 88 2t
Minister Praises this Laxative.
Rev. II. Stubenvoll, of- Allison, la , in
praising Dr. King's New Life Pills for
constipation, writes: "Dr. King's New
Life Pills are such perfect pills no home
should be without them." No better
regulator for i.he liver and bowels.
Kvery pill guaranteed. Try them.
Price 35c. at all druggist.
Lost Fine Work Horse.
L. R. Blanton, the E. Main street coal
man, lost by death Wednesday a splen
did work, horse, which cost the firm $250
not very long ago. The animal became
overheated and died in a short while.
Freak Tomato With a Heart.
Mr. Setb M. Todd, of the Rogersville
section of the county, left at this office
this week a ripe tomato with a perfect
heart on it. In fact, the tomato bad
more heart than than many people we
meet with in the journey through life.
Kicked by a Mule.
David Munday, of the Kingston sec
tion, had the misfortune to feel the
weight of a mule's heel the other day.
While working with the hybrid he got
too close to his business and and his
muleship landed good and strong in Mr.
Munday's mouth, knocking out several
teeth and fearfully cutting his lips.
We buy all kinds of country produce,
pay the highest market price. Give us
a call. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
- j . . . , i i
We are making very low Prices on all Spring and Summer, Goods. You can
secure Bargains by paying us a visit. Everything in .
Light Weight Clothing for Men, Ladies', Misses
and Children Have Been Reduced
- -
Low Shoes and Slippers at especially Low Prices
Corner First and Main Streets Richmond, Kentucky
Death of Little Child
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Mays were call
ed upon to give up their little baby of
only a few days the other day. The lit
tle oue was buried in Richmond Ceme
John Bates, Colored, Dead
John Rates, a well-known darkey,
died at his home on Seventh street Wed'
nesday and bis body was interred at
Brassfield. John was an industrious,
clever darkey and be had many white
friends who regret his death.
Need More Like Them.
Two juries from Madison county have
sent Breathitt county feudists to the
penitentiary for life, the trials taking
place at Winchester. If more such ju
ries could be found in Kentucky, kill
ings would become less frequent Dan-
ville Messenger.
Bully For McDermott!
It cost the State of Kentucky $13.70 to
settle the street car strike at Lexington
If acting Gov. E. J. McDermott had not
been a man of judgment, sense and dis
cretion, he would have called out the
militia and the cost to the State would
have run into the thousands of dollars.
Bully for McDermott! The Shelbyville
Model School
The Model School and Eastern Prep
aratory School of the Eastern Kentucky
State Normal School, opens September
8th. Books are opened at the Presi
dent's office for enrollment. Only a lim
ited number of pupils can be accommo
dated. First come, first served.
Write or telephone at once.
J. G. Cbabbb. President.
Opera House Wednesday,
August Sixth.
The stupendous spectacle of terrify
ing vividness, faithfully protrayed with
all historical accuracy, "Quo Vadis,"
"whither goest thou," a perfect presen
tation of the sensational, dramatic, his
torical, biblical and spectacular values
of this master piece in three great reels,
from the crucifixion of Christ to the
death of Nero. There will be no ad
vance in price of admission, the regular
price of ten cents will be charged.
Bi Show Coming to Rich
mond. One of America's oldest, richest tent
ed shows, a modernized, great combi
nation of the very greatest trained wild
animals, the most superb horses and po
nies, the gteatest American and Euro
pean artists, the latest "thrillers" that
mankind can devise, and in fact the
newest novelties of the present day, all
in one union, will be found with Sun
Brothers' World's Progressive Shows,
now on their 22d annual tour, and will
give two complete exhibitions at Rich
mond, August 27th. This stupendous
aggregation is under the personal direc
tion of the Sun Brothers, and the assur
ance is given that the program for the
present season is newer and richer than
To add to the variety, a complete Jap
anese Circus Company will exhibit the
very cleverest Oriental acts ever impor
ted to this country and now teen in
America for the first time.
Over 100 great artists appear with this
big show. Dean and his matchless band
appear at every performance and they
are a delight to all who hear their great
conoeru. The menagerie and the wild
beast exhibition is complete and an ed
ucative diversity.
This great exhibition will appear in
its completeness, rain or shine, at Rich
mond, August 27th,
Public Speaking.
The Hon. A. L. Furgerson, of George
town, Scott county, vice-president and a
member of the eiecutive board of the
Burley Tobacco Society and Company,
will deliver an address to the members
of the 1900-'07-'09 Pool on August 4th,
Monday, county court day, at 1:30 p. m.,
at the court house in Richmond.
Mr. Furgerson will explain in detail
the present financial condition of the so
ciety and company. This will be of vi
tal interest to every tobacco grower, and
especially to the. poolers of 1909, who
own the 10 per cent, stock in the Burley
Tobacco Co. On this date your certifi
cate of stock will be issued, provided
you are at this meeting, and have with
you your warehouse receipt; so do not
fail to be at the meeting, bringing your
receipt with you. There wiU also be
meeting of the Madison County Board of
Control on the same date at 10 a. m., at
the court house, in the grand jury
Please tell all the members of the pool
and urge them to be present. The pub
lic is also cordially invited to be present
to hear Mr. Furgerson. He is a brainy
and logical speaker and a practical farm-
Every tobacco grower in the county
should be interested in this meeting, as
the future success of the Burley Tobac
co Society and Company will to a great
extent determine the price of your to
bacco in the future.
Jesse Cobb,
Member Dist. B'd for Madison Co.
I extend an invitation to every person
ho takes part in the Democratic pri
mary to be held Saturday, August 2, to
vote for me for the nomination for Sher-
ff. If I have not asked your support.
consider this an invitation to vote for
me. Elmer Deatherage. 8-1 5t
The Turkey Trot, etc
The writer used to be somewhat of a
terpsichorist, or words to that effect,
before his thigh was broken, and he still
takes great interest in the amusement
for its own sake and that of his chil-
ren, who have inherited a father's
foodness for trying to put body and feet
to the time of pleasing music. We,
therefore, take little stock in the tirades
against the turkey trot, the tango and
other new dances, satisfied that those
who rave against them have very little
knowledge of whereof they affirm. That
they can be danced indecently, and they
sometimes are, cannot be gainsaid. But
decent people do not dance that way,
and properly performed they are as
pleasing and as proper as any other of
the dances.
Recognizing the popularity of the two
dances, Baden Baden has decided to
hold an international tournament during
the last ten days in August, with prizes
aggregating 82,500, part of which will.
ith a trophy, be awarded to the best
dancer, which will carry with it the
world's championship. It is a long dis
tance to Germany and it costs consider
able to get there, so the number of
merican couples will doubtless be lim
ited, but those who can go will likely
show the Germans and others a thing or
two in dancing the turkey trot and the
tango. We have couples right here in
Lexington who could win the champion
hip if they were disposed to spend so
much money in getting that which would
not be worth much after it was obtained.
There have been those ever since we
could recollect who seemed to regard
dancing as the unpardonable sin. But
hile doubtless honest in their views,
they belong to the old fogy class, who
pparently do do not believe the Bible
hen it says "there is a time to dance."
These people miss a great deal of the
pleasures of life and keep others from
enjoying them. W. P. Walton in Lex
ington Herald.
Get That
Your business battle is plenty hard enough as it is. Why
make it any harder? Why handicap yourself?
These days it is mighty hard for a man to
play the part of success when dressed in the
garb of failure
A clever man will not
He wears the good clothes always
The Royal Tailors costume the successful man
the Royal Tailors. There is some little something
as the different kind and they are in a class by
We pay YOU one dollar a day for each and every day your suit is
delayed OVER time we promised to deliver
Who Tailor Best In Richmond
Mothers! Have Your Children
Are they feverish, restless, nervous,
irritable, dizzy or constipated? Dothey
continually pick their nose or grind
their teeth? Have they cramping pains,
irregular and ravenous appetites? These
are all signs of worms. Worms not
only cause your child suffering, but
stunt its mind and growth. Give
"Kickapoo Worm Killer" at once. It
kills and removes the worms, improves
your child's appetite, regulates stom
ach, liver and bowels. The symptoms
disappear and your child is made happy
and healthy, as nature intended. All
druggists or by mail, 25c. Kickapoo
Indian Medicine Company. Philadel
pbia. Pa., St. Louis, Mo.
For a Short Time Only.
We will sell for a short time only our
own make of lard at 13c a pound in 50
lb. cans. Allman &, Pigg, Butchers and
Grocers. Phone 17. t9-tf
Postmaster Antoine Deloria, Gardner,
Mich., speaks for the guidance of those
troubled with kidney and bladder irreg
ularis, and says "From my own ex
perience I can recommend Foley Kidney
Pills. My father also was cured of kid
dey disease, and many neighbors were
cured by Foley Kidney Pills. For sale
at all druggists.
Just received
shipment of
Van Houten's
Rona Dutch
10 and 25c
D. B.
2-D.UT.CH 2
7 .'.'.
Royal Tailored Look?
work against needless
For Absolute Perfection
JL What
are the
Come in and Talk Silo With Us
Blanton Lumber Co
Yard and Mill at Barrel Factory
Stock of Goods For Sale
1 desire to sell my nice, clean stock of
groceries, notions, etc., located on First
street. Good cash stand and am doing
nice business, but want to make a
change. Will sell at a bargain if taken
at once. James B. Parke, First street,
Richmond, Ky. H'J-St
Is your house and barn insured? Bet
ter see Burnam, the insurance man. tf
prices on white suite
Full Dress
White Trousers
and we measure vou for
that marks our clothes
Would they be a 'nickel more each year
if you increased your output one-third X
IF WE SHOW YOU that on'af moderate' investment it
will earn you each year at the least 50 per cent
outside of the saving of labor, and without figuring the
added size of your manure pile, would you entertain a
proposition whereby we furnish the article and it seals'
cam every cent of its cost to yout before you pay for it
$100.00 tr Acre Firms SawM tkt FMr Irfin.
How to do it? Ask
Aycou l
Notice to Creditors.
Those who have claims against the
estate of Joe Bush, deed., will pleas
send them to me at my address, Colum
bia, Ky., satified and pro parly proved,
on or before August 1st, 1313. Thos
who know themselves to be indebted to
said estate will please settle with meoa
or before the above mentioned data.
O. P. BUSH, Admr.
80 It F of the estate of Jo Bush.

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