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Won the case of
Lourt 01 ippeais, ana savea tile county about $7,000
Won the case of Madison County vs. The Jailer, and saved the
county 1 housands of Dollars. The Jailer claimed and had been paid
$2.00 a day for years for ringing the Court House bell whenever
Court was neia
Blind Tigers were
became County Attorney. They have been
has diminisnea titty per cent since I went in office
My record is open for Public Inspection, and I invite a compar
ison with the work performed by former County Attorneys
I have faithfully performed my duties in the past, and if re
elected, I promise to honorably discharge them in the future
Thanking you for past favors and soliciting your support and
nfluence in the present struggle, I am,
Yours respectfully
... ; n.d to sr.y rrEOs I 'i.-Jct
V : "! l ain i r j.Ie, if &uipp'a
'.-,:-: it i-iIn-.ei.t fails t-i i.e
r..:.t i rl uua tte purchase price
;o: r. ... .uvc. Try ic and tit.
:. r,. -t v-.m-lrrful rerri f'.r ri-.
1 ' rv r i:cu.' (.2;,l as.
: : y. L. x re ion, ky.
l:n;:.:ent and tli rair. and
" -.;? ! J lite magic. '-Jii.tr
... r. Lt'.'.-Slua. Ky.
..., .:-r rem.av that has Flv-n re
I ;'ir-:vzf4 fou.-vc..;i
: -. u-. Q Vt.Itrii, XiWburs luu
v ta'!i and pains this lin !.
: - .i y:..ire I ever m,'W. li
l.t . i.t '...a, Ky.
I ' "i. r t cave almost instant relief
::., :. v cured me of riiemaii
t J.a.u Paris, Ky.
: l'..:N to Hclieve Any Pain in
!'... : of The lloOy in Fiftet o
IVr Vour Money Kack.
5Cc At All Druzgiitser
otrfcon Rerr.etly Co., Lexington, Ky.
in Owen McKee, Richmond
y (.'(juJs and notions. Others
a hy not you. If
' every morning a full line
i .:'Ubles and would be glad
.ur wants. Plione 72 & 111
.. Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
Aos received daily; Marble
I White. They are pood and
i- price. 10c. each. D. U. Mc-70-tf
. i liccj ol lilacksmithini; in
branches. Farming Imple
i .-vies. Carriages, Wagons,
r-N .Vc. tret prices from II. E.
:i( ;(y, Ky. tf
wer asked or oflice and have
' I'uat line to referto. I want
the opportunity of making a
Wi'.l you assist me';
Elmer Deallieraee.
.,. r. 1
Lost atch.
case, gold watch; initials J.
i i- front case. Return to this
-;i'd. 87-2t
hant.tl, 100 Acres of Land
:-'' . to rent 100 acres of land for
'i :. purposes. No improvement
!'t't l.ttiij must be close to town
in -''J state of cultivation. Will
1 .'or a term of five years. Apply at
' io S:,m Hurst, phone 408, Kich--1.
Ky. 81 tf
"f 'inc of Coirees are as fine as you
!': i:i any market. Give them a
int'ton Thorpe Co. 37-tf.
, ,
If you wish to eo awav. or
. m 9
p do so with every feeling of
ness to Our Trust Gompany.
iness for you that you can do
know that everything will be
siently. We are also always
Gome in and let us tell you
NY can do for you.
Make OUR bank YOUR bank
Madison Fiscal Court
flourishing through if-
Opera House Saturday
The greatest of them all, the KAY-
which is the greatest war picture ever
made by them in the great reels of
thrilling and sensational climaxes.
A Careful Shopper.
May spends upon a lavish plan
For gowns or coitars;
She spent to get a coat of tan
Two hundred dollars.
Maud vows that careful shopping pays;
She's rather thrifty.
She got a coat of tan like May
For less than fifty.
Three Hundred At Crab Or
chard Springs.
News comes that there are over 300
guests at delightful old Crab Orchard
Springs and that every train brings in
more. Capt. and Mrs. Willis are said
to be setting the best table in years and
nothing is left undone that would add to
the pleasure of the guests.
Mr. Hamilton's Sale of Lots.
Mr. T. K. Hamilton has had this of
fice get out a large number of bills tell
ing about the sale of IS beautiful build
ing lota lie will have on Saturday
week, 9th. These lots are located in
Burnam Heights and being very desira
ble, should go like hot cakes.
Winchester Hospital Fair.
In sending us a complimentary to the
Winchester Hospital Fair to be held next
week, beginning Wednesdny, Secretary
G. Lee Wainscolt says "come." He al
so says that Thursday is Madison and
Montgomery county day and that the
program for that day is one of the most
attractive of the meeting.
Have just received a car
of finished Monuments,
Headstones, etc. in the
most beautiful designs.
No Agents
Come direct to us and
save agents profits
take a loner business rest, you
w '
security if you trust your
We can do all kinds of
for YOURSELF, and you
attended to promptly and
in tcfuch with profitable
WW 1
vs. The Sheriff, in the
driven out and crime
House Wanted.
A small house or rooms for light
housekeeping in good neighborhood.
Address U this office. 88-It
Notice of Election.
An election of two trustees of the
Richmond Cemetery Co. will be held on
Tuesday next, August 5th, 1913, in the
office of the Madison National Bank, be
tween the hours of 9 a. m. and 4 p. m.
By order of the board.
J. W. Ckooek, Sec'y. 89-lt
The Berea Fair.
All roads have led to Berea this week,
the fair commencing there Wednesday
and continuing over today. The attend
ance each day has been larire and . the
show of stock and races unusually good.
The candidates have been in attendance
each day and have made it interesting
for all who would give them their time.
Many Richmond people have attended
the fair and all have come back feeling
that it was eood to be there.
Indicted For Murder of Todd.
Maude Tipton, aged 22, was indicted
by the Estill county grand jury for the
murder of Reuben Todd, the well-known
Irvine merchant, in his store last Satur
day night. It is claimed that Todd
tried to break relations with the woman,
who became incensed at his actions,
and concealing herself in hie store, shot
him to death. Todd was a man of
means and leaves a wife and two chil
dren. Great Sweep-Out Sale.
Rice & Arnold, the West Main street
shoe and hat men, will begin tomorrow
their great sweep-out sale, and if you
want to see some sure enough low prices
let your peepers rest a minute on the
big advertisement which appears on our
second or editorial page. No shoddy,
shop-worn goods are offered, but their
sale is for the purpose of a general clean
ing up and to make room for the im
mense fall and winter stock they will
soon get in. If you need shoes or hats,
or anything else Rice & Arnold carry, it
will be to your interest to call on them
before you supply yourself. They "sure
can" save you money.
Horse Convention at Daytoa
Automobiles and motorcycles will
pass into disuse and be forced to the
background in Dayton from August 12
to 10 when a convention is held here de
voted exclusively to the horse.
Between 9,000 and 10,000 horse lovers
will gather to study the nature and
habiu of the animal and apply them
selves to methods for the subjugation
of wild traits, and training for domestic
service. Jesse Beery, of Pleasant Hill,
Ohio, will be in charge of the demon
strations. Chamber of Commerce offi
cials and heads of large industrial cor
porations will take an active part tn the
sessions and demonstrations.
Motion pictures will be taken of the
training processes . Addresses by Mayor
Edward Phillips and other prominent
citizens will open the convention.
A word, a (.nought, a deed or a vote
will be appreciated by me in my race
for the Democratic nomination, for Sher
iff of Madison county.
84 5t Elmer Deatberage.
Deserve Medals For Bravery.
Judge J. J. Greenleaf and Ambrose
Wagers are deseving of medals for brav
ery. Had it not been for their intrepid
ity it is more than probable that Stock
ton & Son's drug store and buildings ad
joining it would now be in ashes. A
can containing gasoline caught fire in
the basement of Stockton's store and re
alizing that something must be done
and done quickly. Mr. Wagers, who was
in that department, started to lug it up
the steps, the blaze flying in every di
rection. Judge Greenleaf 's attention
was attracced and seeing At. Wagers in
trouble, be went to his aid and the ig
nited gasoline can was burled into the
street. The fire alarm was given and
the fire department came in a hurry.
Chemicals were used, but it was a quar
ter of an hour before the gasoline had
all burned. Water seemed only to add
fuel to the flames. Mr. Wagers unin
tentionally dropped a lighted match in
to the leaking gasoline.
. . , Hair Goods,
I make your combings into switches.
braids, transformations and other hair
goods at a small price. I also remodel
hair goods, add hair to your old braids
and transformations. Braids colored
and re-woven at moderate price. Mrs,!
Maud Mackey Walker, 207 W. Main St,
Phone 545. Residence 202. 52-tf
Traveling Men
Find that our service spares them ma
ny an hour. It is sometimes inconveni
ent to wait for a late train and a big
sale may be lost on account of it. For
that reason we have a machine always
on hand to do your bidding and get you
to your next town in short order. Give
us a trial. Azbill's Livery Stable. 60-tf
For Sale.
1913 Model, Motor Cycles and Motor
Boats at bargain prices, all makes;
brand new machines, on easy monthly
payment plan. Get our proposition
before buying or you will reSret it, also
bargains in used Motor Cycles. Write
us today. Enclose stamp for reply.
Address Lock Box 11, Trenton, Mich.
P.. A. C Infirmary Benefit
Our people are looking forward to the
rich musical treat that will be given by
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Panther at Normal
Chapel on Tuesday evening next, 5th.
They will be assisted by Miss Mariam
Noland, whose sweet voice has been
heard here on numerous occasions. The
proceeds of the entertainment will go to
Pattie A. Clay Infirmary, and for this
reason, if for no other, it should be lib
erally patronized. The program to be
rendered is a very attractive one and
will appeal to all lovers of music.
Misses Gott Entertain.
Misses Myrtle and Hallie Gott enter
tained Wednesday evening in honor of
their guest, Miss Margaret Tipton, of
Georgetown. Some thirty-five or forty
young people were present and the oc
casion was a most enjoyable one. Danc
ing was indulged in and it was close on
to the wee sma' hours before the happy
young folks could get their consent to
leave the happy scene. A splendid meat-
course lunch was served during the
evening. The color scheme, with yel
low and black predominating, was car
ried out in every detail.
I T f ?
www v .
William Ilargraves, of Alcorn, this
State, a widower of 67. and Mrs. Abbie
Menton, widow of 50. whose home is
at Pennington Gap, Va., were married
in this city Thursday, by Squire J. D.
Miss Caroline Farley's engagement to
Mr. Jordan, of Pawtucket. Rhode Island,
was announced at a breakfast this morn
ing, given by her sister. Miss Elizabeth
Farley. The decorations were rainbow
effect in tissue paper, extended from
one end of the table to the other. At
each plate was a pot of gold, containing
crocheted bag in which was a Lincoln
penny for a luck piece. The engage
ment was announced with little pink
hearts, on which was the following:
Best wishes and congratulations to
Caroline and Mr. Jordan, from Dan Cu
pid, August 19th, 1913." Covers were
laid for nine and a very elaborate menu
of six courses was served. The guests
were Misses Elizabeth Wagers, Ray and
Hattie Lee Million, Marianne Collins,
Hester Covington, Elizabeth Farley,
Tommie Cole Covington and Elath Buch
anan, j
l Church Notes
Rev. E. ('. McDougle is in Ohio on a
visit to his parents.
All the ministers of the city will be in
their pulpits Sabbath morning.
Rev. W. J. Garretson, of Catlettsburg,
has been called to the Second Presbyte
rian church of Birmingham, Ala.
Presiding Elder Arnold, of Danville,
will preach at the Union Service which
will be held at the Baptist church Sun
day night.
Rev. Warren, assisted by Rev. Lacy,
of Lexington, will begin a series of
meetings at Antioch church, in Garrard
county, Tuesday night.
Rev. Anton Ver Ilulst, of Louisville,
who recently accepted a unanimous call
to become the pastor of the Presbyte
rian church of Carlisle, will arrive Sept.
1st to take charge of the work.
The congregation of Uunn's Chapel
will dedicate their new building, which
is on tho site of the old church a short
istance below Buckeye, Garrard coun
ty, next Sunday, August 3d. A basket
inner will be given on the ground.
Heat Causes Loss of Life.
Ileal caused the rails to swell and
'buckle" on the L. & N. railroad three
miles North of Livingston yesterday
and a wreck, in which two persons lost
their lives, was the result. No. 23 was
derailed and John Davis, engineer,
whose home was in Louisville, and
F. Carey, fireman, also of Louisville,
were killed instantly and Express Mes
senger Bridges, of Louisville, had three
ribs broken. The train was running at
a 40-mile per hour rate and the wonder
is that the loss of life was not much
greater. The engine was completely
Arnica Gduo
Burns, '
Colli. Cuts, Pilci.
Eczema, Skin Eruption,
Ulcers. fever-Sores. Pimples,
Itch, Felons, Wounii. Cruises,
Chi&lalns, Ringworm,
Sore Lips and Ksnis,
Cold -Sores,
A wind storm visited Cynthiana and
did considerable damage.
Mrs. Mary Artis, widow of Parker Ar-
tis, is dead at Winchester.
J. P. Duvall sold a pair of mules to
Elkin Hunt for 1425. Winchester Sun.
B. F. Jennings, an aged and respect
ed citizen or Uarrard, is dead, after a
long illness!
U. S. G. Pepper, postmaster at Mil-
lersburg,. has tendered his resignation,
take effect Sept. 1
Charley Massey, a Q. & C. brakemar.
whose home was at Danville, was killed
in a wreck at Glenn Mary, Tenn.
Mrs. Julia Wickltffe Beckham, the
aged mother of Gov. Beckham, is very
ill at her home in Raxdstown.
More than 5,000 people attended the I
Harrodsburg fair yesterday. The exhi
bition was a pronounced success.
Chester Gardner, aged 17, fell on a
saw in the mill in which he worked,
nearMunfordsville, and was decapitated.
Eight persons are dead and others are
likely to die cs a result of the motor
cycle accident on the Ludlow motor
The need of a big volunteer force to
back up the regular army was expressed
by Secretary of War Garrison in a speech
at San Francisco.
Newspapers have the right to refuse
advertising deemed objectionable by
them even though submitted on a con
tract, a Minneapolis court held.
A woman probation officer is to be
added to the force of assistants of Coun
ty Judge J. Perry Soott, who is also the
judge of the juvenile court, at Lexing
Robert Harrisoif, of Greenville, will
be appointed Assistant Attorney Gener
al in charge of Indian land claims, it
has been announced by Attorney Gener'l
An amendment providing for an ad
visory board of twelve bankers to con
fer with members of the Federal Re
serve Board, was added to the Currency
Bill by the House Committee.
At Red Hill, three miles from Living
ston, lightning struck four men while
sitting on the porch. Bob Robinson was
killed outright. Harry Robinson and
two others are in a critical condition.
Gov. Ferris, of Michigan, will ask
copper mine operators to conier with,
representatives of the striking miners.
Two men were fatally hurt and others
bruised and cut in a series of fights on
the range.
A machinist testified to finding blood-
spots and also strands of hair on
a lathe and broom in an Atlanta pencil
factory at the trial of Leo M. Frauk,
charged with killing Mary Phagan, a
factory girl.
Democrats of the Senate, who stand
pledged to vole for the Underwood-Simmons
Tariff Bill, listened to a Democrat.
Senator Thornton, of Louisiana, repudi
ate the measure because of the free su
gar paragraph.
Red pepper, hot water and household
furniture were used in a battle between
strikers and deputy sheriffs at Calumet,
Mich., in which men and women attack
ed the sheriffs, who were rescued by mi
litiamen with bayonets.
James A. Fowler, official "trust bust
er, and t rank Cole, secretary to Attor
ney General McReynolds, retired from
the Department of Justice, and James
Curtis, Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury, resigned.
President Wilson has made it clear
that he has not been swayed by the ar
guments of Ambassador Henry Lane
Wilson regarding recognition of the
Huerta government. He is formulating
a policy that will be entirely friendly to
ward Mexico.
Secretary Bryan appointed W. B.
Fleming, of Louisville, as a former trade
adviser of the State Department to sue
ceed Charles M. Pepper, resigned. Mr.
Fleming will serve with Robert Rese, of
Helena. Mont.
Shippers who file informal complaints
with the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion must prosecute them on the formal
docket, and if dropped they cannot
revive the complaints after five years.
according to a ruling made yesterday.
Democrats and Republicans in the
Senate clashed in debate on the Tariff
Bill when Senator Stone charged that
Republicans were "deliberately attempt
ing to bring on a panic" in their speech
es attacking the pending measure.
John Tribble sold a fine harness mare
to Bascom and Lige Ford for $250. W.
H. Brown sold a bunch of of 70 sheep to
John Tatum for $3.50 each. J. P. Ma
li an & Co , of Williamsburg, a nice har
ness horse- fot $500. Virgil Gastineau
sold 85 bogs to V. A. Lear that averag
ed 250 pounds for $3.15 Lancaster Rec
ord. From $25,000,000 to $50,000,000 of
Government funds will be deposited in
the national banks of the South and
West at once by Secretary McAdoo to
facilitate the movement of crops. Fed
eraL State and municipal bonds and
prime commercial paper will be accept
ed as security .for the money, upon
which the banks will pay 2 per cent, in
terest. .
I do not claim to be a better Democrat
nor a belter man man my opponents,
but I claim that I will try as hard, if not
harder than any of tbem to give a good,
clean, sober administration as Sheriff of
Madison couDty 'if you will honor me
with the nomination and election.
84 5t Elmer Deatherage.
Accused of Trafficking in Ex
amination Papers.
A Lawrenceburg dispatch says; Fol
lowing the efforts of Barksdale Ham
lett, State Superintendent of Public In
struction, to break up trafficking in ex
amination questions, warrants were is
sued in the Anderson County Court
against W. G. Cheatham, of Springfield;
J. M. Williams, of Willisburg, and E.
G. Burton, of Anderson county. They
are charged with unlawfully and felon
iously selling, bartering, giving and
furnishing to another person question,
prepared and sent out by the Stat
Board of Examiners for the examina
tion of persons applying for a certifies
to teach in the publio schools of Ufcej
You CaxY Aitord To ftAaYoiit.
ductiox Is The Thing SiNvafoiw
toLtoJnAX The Quiet Elecaxce
Tljf Climax printing Compairg
Do It This Way.
Don't make such a blunder as stamp
ing under the device Saturday, whether
you vote Democratic, Republican or
Bull Moose ticket This will spoil your
ballot. Your vote will only count if it
is stamped after one name in each race
in the square provided for the cross
mark, thus "X."
Court Day Monday.
Monday next is county court day and
all of the country people will come to
town and talk about the primary. As
business is a little more important than
politics, we hope that some of them will
turn their attention to the former for a
while at least. And by the way. if you
are behind with your subscription to
the Climax, you can get a receipt at this
office any time during the day. Try it.
Give The Grass a Chance.
May be after the primary the grass in
the court house-yard will be given a
chance to grow. During these hot,
political days it has suffered much from
the continual tramp and lounge of the
loafer and floater. In many places in
the pretty yard the grass looks as if it
has almost been put out of commission.
This hurts both the looks and comfort
of Uiings and it hurts Custodian Dar
gavell to the quick. He takes great
pride in keeping the court house and
yard spick and span, but it has been
impossible for him to do himself justice
during the parlous political times,
which praise the Lord will come to an
end with the setting of tomorrow's sun.
The Vacation Idea.
I want to go to the mountains
And breathe that fresh, keen air,
And I'd like to take a motor
And try the roads up there!
Then I'd not dispise a fortnight
Or a month down by the sea.
With the salt-wave tonic proving
And bringing health to me.
Then, of course, a yachting party
Would pleasure much increase
While on a well fixed cottage
I wouldn't mind a lease;
Or a hotel suite up northward
In Canada's cool clime,
Would help to make life pleasant
And vary my rest time.
It goes without much saying
That clothes of every style.
For sport and ball and lounging.
To have would be worth whilo,
And plenty of spending money
I say, it seems to me
There's sense in this idea
Of elastic currencee.
Baltimore American.
Saifragettes from all parts of the
United States presented petitions to
snembers of the Senate asking for votes
for wxnen.
L. & N. Time Table
South Bound.
No. 31. Cincinnati to Atlanta. Arrives
and Departs 12:10 a. m. Mid-night.
No. 71. Richmond to Stanford. De
parts 6:45 a. m.
No. 1. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 12:10 p. m. Departs 12:15
3Z. Cincinnati to Knoxville. Ar
rives 11:20 a. m. Departs 12:12 p. m
33. Cincinnati to Jacksonville.
Arrives and Departs 11:31 a. m.
27. Richmond to Louisville via
Rowland. Departs 1:00 p. m.
No. 3. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 6:45 p. m. Departs 7:35 p.m
No. 9. Cincinnati & Maysville to Stan
ford. Arrives 7:37 p. m. Departs
7:32 p. m.
North Bound
No. 31. Atlanta to Cincinnati. Arrives
and Departs 4.11 a. m.
14. Stanford to Cincinnati and
Maysville. Arrives 6:05 a. m
Departs 6:10 a. m.
2. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives 7: 15 a. m. Departs 7:20 a m
tH. Louisville to Richmond via
Rowland. Arrives 12:05 p. m.
38. Knoxville to Cincinnati. Ar
rives 1:35 p. m. Departs 2:00 p. m.
70. Stanford to Richmond. Arrive
2:30 p. m.
4. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives l:35p. m. Departs 1:40 p, m
No. 32. Jacksonville to Cincinnati. Ar
rives and Departs 5:07 p. m.
No's 2. 3, 31. 37, 33, 27, 34, 28, 38, 32 are
Daily trains. No's 71, 1, 9, 10,
daily Except Sunday.
m m 6:40 a. m 6:00
7:55 " T.li
9A0 " 8:30
10:25 " 9:45
' 11:40 " 11:00
P. m. ..li.oa u. hi. i-i u
----- i.oi
z:iu - a..iu
3:25 " 2:45
4:40 " 4:00
" :00 " 5:15
7:20 " 6:40
'" I 9-10 " 8:30
""ll:00 " 10:25
T.v. Lexineton 10:25 a. m., connects
with the L. & A. for Richmond at
Car Lv. Lexington 4:40 p. m., connects
with .the k. & A. for Richmond at
5:43 p. m.
Car Lv. Nicholasville at 8:30 a. m., con
nects with the L. A A. from Rich
mond 8:22 a. tn.
Car Lv. Nicholasville at 2:45 p. m., con
nects wjth the L. Sfc A. from Rich
mond 2:38 p. m.
Mrs, Housekeeper:-
The way to be free
L I j!
have your house so tastefully furnished that
your NEIGHBORS' tattling tongues can find
nothing to CRITICISE. And you will like to
have your friends come to visit you if your
home is well-appointed throughout. A good way
to avoid criticism Is to go to a store you
can depend upon for selling up-to-date furni
ture. And you want to go to a store where you
know that the price is
arranged to suit you.
Furniture, Carpets Stoves and Ranges
Opposite Hotel Glyndon
Pictures Framed to Order
w Shi
IS.! k rrj If
The Pacer
Tarn Mia Ca.
Flat 5Aan. Lam
The Pacer
shown only in
J. S. Stanifer
Sunday, august io
Sale Still On
Big Reductions on Everything.
I Now is
Shoes, Hats, Etc
at almost your own
John E. Sexton
frea from CRITICISM.
from CRITICISM is to
right and terms can be
Richmond, Ky
Watch Our
and you'll find them keeping time to
the second. They are like all our jew
elryreliable. And they are also like
Rings, Brooches
and other ornaments in being as moder
ate in price as good quality will permit.
When you want JEWELRY we are the
people to remember.
mads to supply
the demand
for a neat,
last with
every feature
necessary for
comfort and style
time to

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