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39th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
1 5 .
IL . IKL IBlaimtoini
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Corner Main and B
. .aa m in inM m.
X g
The I. H. C. Hay Press
The Toggle Joint, the Pull Power Plunger, the
Front Side Delivery makes this press the best,
lightest on your team and less men to oper
ate it. We have just received our shipment
of Bale Ties and can give you an extremely
low price as long as they last Now is the
time to place your order
D.-B. Shackelford & Company
Penslar Asthma Remedy
is not offered as, or claimed to be, a cure. No one could compound a cure
iliHt would fit many cases for asthma is due to many different conditions
and usually it takes a most expert physician to determine the cause.
Hut we do claim that it will give you quick and harmless relief and
render your breathing easy and normal again. It ought to be worth a
t-'ood deal to you to know that you have such a remedy at hand. A 50
cent box contains enough for many treatments. The formular is on the
package of course. That is the Penslar way of doing things no secrecy
no exaggerated claims but on the contrary, you can read on the label
just what each remedy contains, and a frank and truthful statement of
what may be expected from its use.
Mrs. Cora Williams was elected presi
dent of the Florida and Alabama rail
road. The women seem to be getting
anything they want even without the
An Indiana man, who claimsi have
voted for Andrew Jackson for President,
is stni living at the age or 107. It is
hoped he will be given another chance
to vote for another Democrat in 1910.
A Western jury has found the man
who killed an umpire guilty of murder.
In most cases, however, a verdict of
justifiable homicide would be more ap
A more or less competent authority
once said that Lexington, Ky., was the
second city in wickedness in the United
Slates, Norfolk, Va , being given first
place. The statement is recalled by the
news that there were some fifty ar
rests in Lexington for the 24 hours
ending at midnight Sunday. The charg
es ran from drunkenness to bigamy. Is
our sister city training for first place In
A Cincinnati woman cut on her nose,
not to spite her face, but by falling
against a piece of glass which complete
ly amputated it.
7 r r s
tor I 3
4f I
Senator Beck is credited with the re
mark that he had seen fifty pictures of
a certain man, all different, but each
looking like those of Judas Iscariat. We
have seen as many of Kvelyn Thaw, no
two alike and none of them showing
that she is pretty enough to have caus
ed all this trouble.
The so-called meloncholy days, the
sweetest of the year, we're reminded by
the bracing air will soon be with us
here. It's been as hot as Hades for very
long, but shortly we'll have to change
the burden of our song. The coal man
will take the ice man's job and then he
too will show us how to rob.
Stockton's Drug Store
I Am In The Market For
Hides : of : All : Kinds
Don't sell until you see me. I always pay
the highest market prices
Phone 363
Japan is preparing to erect a monu
ment to the man who introduced sweet
potatoes in that country, which shows
that appreciation has a place in the lit
tle yellow yankees' hearts.
, The public will be rejoiced to know
that Winchester's lone street car, which
has been out of commission, has re
sumed it runs. The report that the mo-torman-conductor
was on a strike was
slightly exaggerated.
A New York man, who had a horror
of of being buried alive, cut his throat.
His fears were groundless. The under
taker said there was no doubt that he
was as dead as a mackerel.
Female Help Wanted.
Wanted, a good cook. Good wages
paid to the right person. Koone Tav
ern, II. E. Taylor, Pror., Berea. 93 4t
rapidly reduce human strength
and illness is easily contracted,
but Scott t Emulsion will
promptly relieve tie cold and
upbuild your strength to
prevent sickness. v
Scott Si Bowni v
loomfield. n. j. 1s-
Llephant Ball Game.
Of the many stunts performed by the
Sparks Circus herd of elephants the one
that probably gets the most appreciation
is the game of base ball played by these
mighty and unwieldy pachaderms. Ev
ery play is gone through with in the
most ludicrous manner, an the laughs
furnished by this number will remain
as a pleasant reniembronce of the cir
cus. All the accessories pitcher, batter,
catcher, umpire, fielders and their gloves
masks, bats and uniforms are present,
and "Big Mary" in the role of batter
seldom misses a home-run swat, and has
thus established a 400 mark batting rec
ord for herself. Running the bases and
the slide to home plate never fail to
bring forth rounds of applause and
laughter from the audience. Another
funny situation is when the pitcher has
two strikes on "Big Mary," he and the
catcher get into an animated argument
over the next ball to be served by the
pitcher and trumpet into each other's
ears. This little piece of by-play al
ways meets with the instant approval of
the audience and adds greatly to the
already funny number. This act was
presented to New York, City's delighted
millions last winter and came in for
more favorable newspaper comments
than any animal act seen there in re
cent years. This feature is positively
on the program of the Sparks World Fa
mous Shows, which are billed to exhibit
here Saturday, September 0th.
Church Notes
The first religious body to endorse wo
man suffrage was the Baptist Associa
tion held at Newport.
Dr. C. V. Cook, or Danville, held a
meeting at Jackson, with the re
sult that he baptized over forty and re
ceived many others into the church.
The Baptist Year Book shows an in
crease in membership of 75,375. The
number of baptisms was 284,195, which
is 0,577 less than the previous year. The
total membership is 5,529,573.
The revivival which. was in progress
at Benton Baptist church for 13 days
days closed Friday night with 52 addi
tions to the church. The pastor. Rev.
Moore Gash, was assisted by Rev. Walk
er, of Wilmore. The revival was one
of the best the church ever held and a
treat deal of good was accomplished.
Harrodsburg Herald.
The meeting at the Second Christian
church will continue through this week.
There have been about 12 confessions to
Sunday night. Large congregations are
in attendance nightly and great interest
is being manifested. Rev. Banks was
fortunate in securing the services of so
able an evangelist as Rev. Finnell, who
is also a singer of marked ability. lie
and his sister, Miss Nellie Finnell, are
singers worth going a long distance to
Boys Alleged Post Office
John Qultlman Ponder and Charles
Mullen, the two 13-y'r-old boys charged
with having been implicated in the rob
bery of the postoflice at White's Station,
near Berea, were held to the November
Federal court at Richmond, by Com
missioner Yantis, of Lexington, who
held the preliminary hearing. Ponder
was charged with postoflice robbery and
and Mullen with knowingly receiving
stolen stamps.
Rooms For Rent
Over Madisonian office on Second
street. Water, light, etc. Apply to
C. T. Fox, Phone 460. 89-tf
Miss Rayburn Buys Harris
The farm of 108 acres, near Speedwell,
known as the Dr. Giles Harris place,
was sold at public auction by Attorney
C. C. Wallace Friday. Miss Maggie
Rayburn was the buyer and she paid
Destroy a Still.
Revenue Officers W. T. Short and
Wm. Mays were up in Estill county last
week and while there destroyed an illi
cit still near Miller's Creek postoffice.
It was a brandy still and the operators
had recently been at work.- The latter
officer was over in Jessamine last week
and arrested Fred Jenkins, colored, who
was charged with bootlegging, on the
day of the election. He was brought
here before Commissioner Bennett and
held over. Unable to give bond, he is
in jail.
Madisonians in Irvine.
Mr. Ed Blanton, of the Blanton Lum
ber Co., Richmond, was here yesterday
on business.
Mr. George Taylor, of Richmond, vis
ited his sister, Mrs. J. R. White, from
Friday till Monday.
Miss Myrtis Tudor and Miss Heath
man, of Madison county, are the guests
of Mrs. Jas. B. Ashcraft.
Misses Lucille and Lillian Broaddus,
of Richmond, have been 'the guests of
their uncle, Mr. A. D. Powell.
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Montgomery, ot
Richmond, are visiting the latter's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Chaney. Es
till Tribune.
Have just received a car
of finished Monuments,
Headstones, etc. in the
most beautiful designs.
No Agents
Come direct to us and
save agents profits
7 i . a r us it if nam
SpecDsifl Matftfiress Sale
On the
Pol dKvo f n1
Come See
them in our
We have arranged for a Special Sale
On the celebrated Stearns & Foster Mattress and are offering this most Comfortable.
Durable and Sanitary of all Mattresses, in selected patterns of the best qualities of Satin
finish. Dust-proof Tickings WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.
Beware of so-called "Special Sales" on "Cotton-felt" or "Felt" Mattresses said to be
the "genuine kind" and offered at such ridiculously low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do not know WHAT sort of material has been hastily STUFFED into the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it may be vile; unfit for any person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort and Durability, such Mattresses are utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses have a laced opening (Pat. applied for) through which
you can see and examine the inside of the Mattress you GET. That's the safe way to buy
a Mattress. You know what you are getting.
Steams & Foster Mattresses are made of Clean. Sanitary Cotton: felted into hundreds
of litde webs forming many Springy, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
layers are then LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
and encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Firm,
half yielding to your figure, but supporting it in perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I never Knew a Mattress could be so Comfortable."
That's just what satisfied users of Stearns & Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself to get one and enjoy rest that is Refreshing Comfortable
You don't have to be put to the expense and inconvenience of sending a Stearns it
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated." They never require it. An
occasional Sun Bath keeps them fresh and clean.
Don't Fail to attend this Sale. Come today. v
Select the Mattress you want NOW. Don't put up longer with that old uncom
fortable Mattress.
A Comfortable Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster,
Costs too Little.
Well give you a POSITIVE GUARANTEE on every Mattress bearing the" Stearns
oc Foster name.
Undertaking a Specialty rfc76 , 22
W. S. O. R. O. L.
We receive every morning a full line
of green vegetables and would be glad
to supply your wants. Phone 72 & Hi
Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
4 C r'A
Just received
shipment of
Van Houten's
Rona Dutch
10 and 25c
D. B.
Watch Our
and you'll find them keei-in time to
the second. They are like all our jewelry-reliable.
And they are also lika
Rings, Brooches
and other ornaments io bein as moder
ate in price as good iu;thty will permit.
When you want JEW KLRY wo ar Um
people to remember.
We are making very low Prices on all Spring and Summer Goods. You can
secure Bargains by paying us a visit. Everything in
Light Weight Clothing for Men, Ladies', Misses
and Children Have Been Reduced
Low Shoes and Slippers at especially Low Prices . ,
' ' ' r '
Corner First and Main Streets
Richmond, Kentucky

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