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40th YEAR
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
. Hauling of All Kinds , ' . "
Comer Main and B
The new tariff bill reduces the duty
on automobiles from 45 to 30 per cent.,
which will help some, if you feel that
tou are just bound to have machine o
foreign make.
"I believe the men selected to serve
the people, elective or appointive, should
be clean, honest and sober men, and to
that end I submit my claims to the peo
ple." That's the way a candidate for
commissioner at Lexington announces.
He is evidently a good man and, knows
it. or thinks he does, and expresses it
even at the risk of an exhibition of egotism.
Gov. Hooper has called the Tennessee
Legislature into extra session again, ap
parently not convinced that it has dis
graced the State past redemption. Ei
ther he is a fool or crazy to tempt fate
After less than a month of married
life, the bride of Former Kin? Manuel.
of Portugal, has become estranged from
ber husband and she will return to her
father. Prince William. We could have
told you that a sensible girl would not
live Ion ir with a man who smoked a ci
garette during his wedding march, as
tbe pictures of it disclose, even if she
was foolish enough to marry him after
his escapade with the variety actress.
A dispatch from Pikeville says a wo
man was arrested there for bootlegging.
Where did she carry it !
Drill made that has the Four Feed, which all others
claim. If you want a drill for the longest life with
the most satisfactory results buy The Kentucky
D Be Shackelford & Company
That Box of -WHITMAN'S'
It's a treat to give it Such a perfect thing.
So pleasing to the taste.
Beautiful, without being loud.
Trig ane trim with no loose ends.
And full of mouthf uls of pure pleasure.
Any size of box.
Any price you care to pay.
Stockton Prog-.Store
Hair Goods,
1 maVe your combings into twitches.
Irsiids, transformations and other hair
P'xnli at a small price. I also remodel
l.air goods, add hair to your old braids
u.J transformations. Braids colored
knl re-woven at moderate price. Mrs.
ilaud Mackey Walker, 207 W. Main St
I 'bone 545. Residence 202. 52-tf
-Distributing Agents Wanted.
Either sex, earn $12.50 per hundred.
Giving away free packages. Blumer's
Perfumed Laundry Starch. All or spare
time. 701 Blumer Bldg, Lincoln ave.,
Chichago. 111. 103-tf
Our line of Groceries are the best you
can buy. All new and fresh. Phone
72 & 144. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
News and Comment
A "cop is on trial in Cincinnati for
calling tbe mayor a "pinbead." The
mayor is playing in luck not to have a
worse epethet applied. We have heard
much worse things said of such officials
Irishman who will not submit to that
sort of criticism. He is the veritable
bad man from bitter creek, and Brer.
Vreeland had, best not deaden over his
Chairman Underwood says it is the
lowest tariff for years. Good. When it
is gotten entirely to a revenue only bas
is, tbe lime won't be long before that
much-desired hope of free trade and
sailors' rights will be ushered in.
A Fleming ' county man settled the
question of what to do with mother-in-laws
by cutting a hole in his when she
tried to separate him and his wife.
The crop of fools grow apace. An or
ganization, which does'nt give its name,
has petitioned the PostmasterGeneralto
exclude the Bible from the mails, be
cause it contains obscene and immoral
matter. Usually when the suggestion
is made to bar books from the mails for
that reason, the result is increased sales
and greater reading gf them. If that is
the case in this contention, good may
come out of evil intention.
When the ocean going tugGatun made
the initial trip through the Gatun chain
of locks in the Panama Canal last Fri
day, the cost to that time had been $295,
587,558.. Concurrent with the announce
ment comes one from tbe President of
Peru that when the canal is finally
opened, beef from that country will sell
here at 10 cents a pound. If that is true
then the ditch will be worth all and
more that it has cost.
EditorGraham Vreeland, of the Frank
fort State Journal, accuses us of writing
an article in the Lexington Herald in
which anger jras exhibited against the
intelligent type setter for the emascula
tion of copy, in "puerile words." Never
desiring credit for anything, good or
bad, that we are not entitled to; we will
say for tbe benefit of the Frankfort man
that our side partner, Mr. Enoch Gre-
han, is the author of those "puerile
words" and that he is tbe kind of an
Mrs. Nicholas Longworth is going to
make a trip around the world and leave
Mr. Nicholas Longworth alone in Cin
cinnati, giving as a reason that Nick is
not acquainted with the same crowd
that she is. As Mrs Nick is said to
drink high balls and smoke cigarettes,
Nick should be glad he is not.
Good Roads Days.
Gov. McCreary has issued a proclam
ation calling upon the people in every
county in the State of Kentucky to work
on the roads in their respective counties
on Friday and Saturday, October 24 and
25, commencing at 8 o'clock in the morn
ing each and continue until 5 o'clock in
the afternoon.
"The county judge and engineer of
each county are directed to aid the peo
pie in complying with this request, and
they are authorized to select such per
sons as may be needed to assist.
"In every county where there is no
engineer or where they fail to act, the
tbe sheriff or other persons are author
ized to organize and comply with this
If everybody will respond,, there will
be much more pleasure and profit in
traveling over roads this winter.
What The New Tariff Will
For the year ending July 31, 1914:
Receipts $1,029,000,000, expenditures
$l,013,000,000fsurplus $10,000,000.
For the year ending July 1, 1915:
ReceipU $1,020,000,000, expenditures
$1,008,000,000: surplus $18,000,000.
The estimated receipts under the cus
toms tariff, the income tax and the cor
poration tax, embraced in the new tariff
are given as follows:
For 1914:
Customs revenue $270,000,000, income
tax(ten months) $06,000,000; corporation
tax, $38,000,000.
For 1915;
Customs revenue $219,000,000; income
tax $83,000,000; corporation tax H9.000,-
Berkshire Association.
The Kentucky Red Berkshire Associ
ation was organized at Lancaster coun
ty court day. J. G. Burnside, of Upper
Garrard, was chosen president; Samuel
H. Harris, of Lincoln county, vice-presi
dent and W. O. Walker, of Stanford,
secretary and treasurer.
Watts Wins.
The Appellate Court affirmed the de
cision of the lower court, which upheld
the action of the Jessamine countyeleo-
tion commissioners in giving the certifi
cate of nomination for county attorney
of Jessamine to W. M. Watts, who de
feated ' W. J. Baxter. Baxter's contest
was thrown out.
Offers a Big Temptatioa
A negro, arrested for selling liquor in
this city, told the arresting officer. Dep
uty U. 8. Marshal Coleman, that he had
averaged about $7 profit on every gallon
sold. He stated, however, that a white
man had a "take out." With such an
enormous profit, it's no wonder so ma
ny are tempted to engage in the nefari
ous practice. Danville Messenger.
October 3 and 4.
Moore's Air Tight Heater is construct
ed especially to burn all the Gas, the
Smoke and the Soot of soft coal. Dem
onstration October 3 and 4. Come and
see at W. F. Higgins' Furniture Store,
opposite Ulyndon.
Blame The Hens.
"Do you furnish affidavits with your
eggs, showing exactly the minuielhey
were laid?" asked the fussy lady.
"No, ma'am, we do not." replied the
marketman, politely. "We tried to fur
nish such affidavits, but the hens posi
tively refused to sign them."
Don't Fail to Register.
The Climax wishes to impress upon
every lover of his county and State to
register next Tuesday. October 7. With
out doing so you cannot vote at the No
vember election, when county officers
are to be chosen. Democrats especially
are urged to attend to this important
matter. The voting places will be open
from 6 a. m. to 9 p. m. in order to ac
commodate every class of voters.
Lancaster to "Keep Open
Tomorrow, Oct. 4, the merchan's and
citizens generally of Lancaster will open
wide their doors and extend true Ken
tucky hospitality to both townsmen and
others in the county, as well as visitors
from other counties. A splendid brass
band will render music throughout the
day and burgoo will be served in the
Mrs. E. O. Fan is is visiting her son,
Mr. Wm. Farris, at St. Matthews.
Mrs. Anna B. Roop is visiting in Lan
Mr. and Mrs. II.-C. White left last
week for Lair, where they will make
their future home.
Mr. N. Gilbert, of Richmond, spent
Sunday here with friends.
Mrs. J. B Nantz is in Louisville, the
guest of her mother, Mrs. J. P. Collins.
A new bridge is being erected across
Silver Creek, to Jiake the place of the
one washed away by the flood of last
spring. The work is being superintend
ed by E. R. Mills, of Covington.
3. J. Underwood is visiting bis par
ents at Williamsburg.
Miss Bessie Kay bourn, who has been
very ill of typhoid fever, is slowly im
K. E. Anderson spent Saturday and
Sunday with Louisville friends.
Recovered From Junk Pile.
The value of "secondary metals"
exclusive of gold, silver, platinum, iron
and aluminum recovered in the United
States in 1912, reached the enormous
total of $77,395,843, compared with $52,-
585,390 in 1911, according to J. P. Dun-
lop, of tho U. S. geological survey, an
increase of $25,000,000, or nearly 50 per
"Secondary metals" are those recov
ered from scrap metal, sweepings, skim
mings, dross, etc., and are so called to
distinguish them from the metals deriv
ed from ore. which are termed "prima
ry metals."
Tbe values given for the secondary
metals are arbitrary and are based upon
tbe approximate average value of the
primary metals for the year. While
junk dealers and collectors frequently
pay low prices for small quantities of
scrap metals, competition results in good
prices for carefully assorted products in
large quantities.
After remelting or refining the metals
are sold at only slightly lower prices
than new metal. These secondary met
als displace an equivalent quantity of
primary metals and must be considered
in any estimate of stocks available for
consumption in any year.
Plenty of Oats and all kinds of field
seeds at attractive prices. See us
before buying,
tf R. L. Aknold & Co.
Get That Royal Tailored Look?
Your business battle is plenty hard enough as it is. Why
make it any harder? VvTiy handicap yourself?
These days it is mighty hard for a man to
play the part of success when dressed in the
garb of failure
A clever man will not work against needless
He wears the good clothes always
prices on white suits
Full Dress
White Trousers
The Royal Tailors costume the successful man and we measure you for
the Royal Tailors. There is some little something that marks our clothes
as the different kind and they are in a class by themselves.
Stand For Absolute Perfection
We pay YOU one dollar a day for each and every day your suit is
delayed OVER time we promised to deliver
Who Tailor Best In Richmond
Home-Keeping Women Need
Health and Strength.
The work of a home-keeping woman
makes a constant call on her strength
and vitality, and sickness comes through
her kidneys and bladder more often than
she knows. Foley's Kidney Pills will
invigorate and restore her, and weak
back, nervousness, aching joints and ir
regular bladder action will all disappear
when Foley's Kidney Pills are used. For
sale by all druggists. ad-oct
Public 5ale of House.
Will sell at auction, on Monday, Oct.
27tb, the house and lot on West Main
street, known as the J. Speed Smith
properly. The place will be sold to the
highest and best bidder. Terms made
known on day of sale.
if Mes. Geo. W. Phelps, Ag't.
Booth's Hyomei.
Has Benefitted Thousands of
Catarrh Sufferers Will Do
The Same for You or
Money Back.
The Hyomei treatment that has ef
fectively benefitted many thousands of
sufferers from catarrh, bronchitis, husky
voice and colds in the head is easy and
pleasant to use. Just pour a few drops
in the inhaler and breathe it in no
stomach dosing. The heal ing, soothing
and antiseptic air will reach every nook
and crevice of the mucous membrane of
the nose and throa'; will surely stop
crusts in the nose, raising of mucus,
hawking and that choked-up feeling.
It will quickly allay the inflamalion and
banish the disease or money refunded
bv B. L. Uiddleton.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including
inhaler and bottle of liquid, costs only
$1.00. and an extra bottle of liquid, it
afterwards needed, is but 50 cents.
la Tobacco Sticks Now
Sticks are scarce and the price will surely ad
vance. We have three cars which we purchased
early and will give our customers the lcncrit f
the low price -
$4.00 per Thousand
BER. An order is a contract with us and we
will furnish it regardless of price or conditions
Blanton Lumber Co.
Yard and Mill at Barrel Factory
eniaiNAToi or
loots & Herbs
Compounded according to the Original & Ex
clusive Formulas A Recipes of Charlie White
Moon, The Cow-boy Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailments. Endorsed in the Bible.
Thousands of Testimonials. COM-CEL-SAR, the
Great Body-Tonic 8CIEJJCE SOPE, for the Hu
man Skin Only. Ask your druggist, or write
3731 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky
if if
We Sell
May Manton
Ten Cents
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May Manton
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