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40th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
1 1
1L IKL. IBlaimtoini
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Comer Main and B
i ?
- i :
With the turkey crop 15 per cent.
short, a snow storm injuring the cran
berry crop in Massachusetts, the pros
pect for Thanksgiving is gloomy. No
turkey, no thanks.
Drill made that has the Four Feed, which all others
claim. If you want a drill for the longest life with
the most satisfactory results buy The Kentucky
D. B. Shackelford & Company
1 1 1 1 - i ; ii . 1 1 1 1 1 mm m
"SALT-EM" with
If they con t make better gams on
feed come in and get, your
money back ! ,
Stock will show improved appear'
ance and make more milk or butter
fat. Saves waste of feed and danger
from indieestioa. Save loss from
Worms and Ditease. Not a food but a
medicated stock salt saves trouble of
saltine and "doctorinz " as the animals
take their own medicine.
Test doesn't Satisfy.
Book o "SALT-EM" Fn
Money, back i f
Stockton & Son
News and Comment
A masher collapsed when he was sent
to jail for tea days by a New York jus
tice. He wasn't such a man after all as
ne imagined.
Editor Graham Vreeland, of the Frank
fort Slate Journal, says that the editor
of the Climax should have taken otf some
of the time he used in studying Scrip
ture and learned to write so folks can
read it. There it is again, and coming
from a man who neither knows Scrip
ture nor can write, it is a little too much.
Patience may cease to be a virtue.
A New York woman has been sent to
jail for whipping her husband. When
the worm turns in that kind of war. it
ought to be permitted to stay turned and
given a chromo.
Senator Ashurst will endeavor to se
cure consideration of the equal suffrage
bill on January 29, 1914. An exchanee
which opposes votes for vmen offers an
amendment to defer the date to Feb. 39.
same year, and we rise to second iu
Congress very properly refused to ap
propriate money to buy the Vice Presi
dent an automobile. If that worthy
wants to go somewhere he can get a motorcycle.
butter. A judge interdicted the saloon
keepers at Nashville from selling liquor
to be drunk on the premises, and there
upon they resorted to little bottles con
taining a drink and the traffic went on.
The Kentucky Horse Breeders Associ
ation made so much money at the Lex
ington trots that they made today a free
one and invited every lover of the sport
to be their guest. The meeting closing
this evening has been a most success
ful one.
William Cullen Bryant in a pessimis
tic moment wrote of this season of the
year: ,
The melancholy days have come.
The saddest of the year,
With weeping skies and wailing winds
And meadows brown and sere.
If he had lived to this good time and
had gotton over his grouch, this glorious
weather would hare changed his tune to
The melancholy days are gone,
And the sweetest of the year
Come with this bright Autumnal time
And fill our hearts with cheer.
Ohio and Pennsylvania require hunt
ers to wear badges as large as dinner
plates, possibly to prevent them for mis
taking one another for game.
A -Long Island youth cleaned his
breeches wiih gasolene and when next
he Uruck a match on them there was a
conflagration and a smell of roasting
flesh. Experience is a good but often a
dear teacher.
A New York skyscraper is to be 901
feel high. The extra foot is doubtless
to give the people a chance to ask a fool
In Richmond, where whisky is only
known of by legend, it may not be inter
esting to state that E. H Taylor &Co.'s
warning in regard to the overproduction
of whisky, is creating much discussion
among distillers of ihe better quality of
liquor, while the manufacturers of rot-
gut assert that the move is fostered by
the manufacturers of higher grade goods
for the purpose of increasing their own
sales in the event of a shortage in the
cheaper grades.
Editor Breckinridge, of the Lexington
Herald, has discovered that Abraham
Lincoln was in faver of female suffrage.
If he keeps up his research he may rind
that old St. Paul alone of all those men
tioned in sacred or profane history op
posed votes for women.
Enoch Grehaa has discovered that
some women paint monkeys on their
stockings near the knees and then dis
play them through slit skirts. Greban's
vision is such as to require glasses, but
if anything of that kind is to be seen, he
gets there all the same.
Lawyers .
Office in Douglas & Simmons' new
Building on Second Street
opp. Court House
General -Auctioneering.
Services Reasonable.
PHONE 83. or 481.
Nashville began the experiment of the
commission form of government this
week. So far as we have been able to
discover in Lexington, the only noticea
ble thing has been the increase of taxes
and expenses under such a farm.
There are many other ways of killing
a dog besides choking him to death with
In Real Estate
Stock and Crop
keports of Spe
cial Interest : t
W. F. Pittman sold to W. T. Robin
son a fine jack colt for $325. The colt
is five months old, splendidly bred and
sired by Rex Napoleon, Ham Lady Pitt
man, a registered jennet. Danville Mes
senger. R. L. Elder delivered to Cooper &
Pawley 37 cattle which averaged 913
pounds, at 10.30. The lot brought $2,
139 80. Elizabeth town News.
J. M. Sallee sold his farm, located
near town on the Shakertown pine, to
W. H. Sallee and sister. Miss Edna Sal
lee, the consideration being 112,250, or
$105 50 per acre. Mr. Sallee bought
this farm five or six years ago for tlOO
per acre Danville Advocate.
Sales of mule colts at $75.70 to $90,
120 pound hogs at 7, 800 pound cattle at
6, 101 mixed steers and heifers at 6 to
to 6 1-2, feeding cattle at Cc and corn
delivered at tl a barrel are reported in
the Stanford Interior Journal
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received by the undersigned
at the Business Office of Slate Normal
School, until 12:00, noon, October 27,
1913, for the construction of a farm barn
in accordance wiih plans and specifica
tions now in said office. The successful
bidder will be required to give bond for
the satisfactory completion of work.
Right is reserved to reject any or all bids.
Easterh Et. State Normal School.
Women Who Get Dizzy.
Every woman who is troubled with
fainting and dizzy spells, backache,
headache, weakness, debility, constipa
tion or kidney troubles should use Elec
tric Bitters. They give relief when
nothing else will, improve the health,
adding strength and vigor from the first
dose. Mrs. Laura Gainee, of Avoca, La.,
says: "Four doctors bad given me up
and my children and all my friends wen;
looking for me to din, when my son in
sisted that I use Electric Bitters. I did
so and they did me a world of good."
Just try them, 50c and $1.00 at all
druggists or by mail. U. E. Bucklen &
Co , Philadelphia or St. Louis.
Come to Owen McEee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Others
do and why not you. tf
Five Billions For Farmers.
With a total quantity of agricultural
products twenty-lwo cents loss than in
1812, the year's gross revenue for the
farmers will be six per cent, more than
last year, according to a bulletin issued
bp the Orange Judd Company, which
publishes several agricultural papers.
Total value will be $5,000,000,000, or
$269,000,000 more than a year ago.
Te reason for this extraordinary con
dition is, of course, the high prices per
unit for several of the large cereal crops.
Corn, for example, will show a total vol
ume of 20 percent under that of 1912,
but with a value of -of 42 per cent better
will produce for ihe farmere $100,000,000
more than a year ago.
"The wealth th farmers will receive
for their decreased tonnage," says the
report, "also has these two decide! ad
vantages: Less labor and expense will
be required for harvesting and market
ing the crops this year, at a time when
farm help is scarce and high,
"Only the decrease of about 50,000
tons in the weight of these staples will
enable American railways to move the
crops of 1913 without a veritable break
down of the transportation system, i i
view of the heavy tonnage of other
freight and of passenger traffic caused
by the resumption of good times.
"The outcome of the agricultural sea
son, therefore, is profoundly beneficial
to industry, commerce an finance, taking
the country as a whole, although certain
individuals and limited sections have
been hard bit by the drought.
'The shortage in new corn is not a
disaster. It is a blesaing in disguise.
For with over 10,000,000 or old corn on
hand October 1. the aggregate supply of
maise this autumn - will bs some 2,750,-
000,000 bushels. This just about equals
the corn supply following the harvest of
1911 only two years ago, when the yield
was 2,C50,090,000, and the supply of old
corn was then only about one-fourth as
large as now." "
The wheat output will be the greatest
in quantity and value in the country's
history, and the value for potatoes, $-'24,-000,000,
or $40,000,000 more than last
Boxes For Sale.
Dry goods boxes of all sizes for sale
cheap at E. V. Elderr's. 4-4t
Tobacco Sold.
The first sale of tobacco this season
was made at Mt. Sterling, when W. R.
Tipton bought from G. T. Fox, about
12,000 pounds at lCc straight. The crop
is an excellent one, with plenty of color.
Climax Free One Year.
It is all the fad now in some quarters
to form a 20-lelter sentence containing
all the letters of the alphabet. Tub
Climax will give a year's subscription
to the person furnishing the best original
sentence of the kind.
Wants Sentence Commuted.
Dr. H. C. Jasper, of Richmond, pre
sented to Governor McCre'ary a petition
asking him to commute to life imprison
ment the death sentence imposed on
Jesse Williams, of Lexington, a negro,
who killed Ike Fish in that city about a
year ago.
Quick Help to Backache and
The man or woman who wants quick
help from backache and rheumatism,
will find it in Foley's Kidney Pills. They
act so quickly and with such good effect
that weak, inactive kidneys thaC do not
keep the blood clean and free of impur
ities, are toned up and strengthened to
healthy vigorous action. Good results
follow their use promptly. For sale by
all dealers. ad-oct
Get That Royal Tailored Look?
Your business battle is plenty hard enough as it is. Why
make it any harder? VVhy handicap yourself?
These days it is mighty hard for a man to
play the part of success when dressed in the
garb of failure
A clever man will not work against needless
He wears the good clothes always
prices on white suits
Full Dress
White Trousers
The Royal Tailors costume the successful man and we measure you for
the Royal Tailors. There is some little something that marks our clothes
as the different kind and they are in a class by themselves
Stand For Absolute Perfection
We pay YOU one dollar a day for each and every day your suit is
delayed OVER time we promised to deliver
Who Tailor Best In Richmond
John B. McFerraa
We have had it on our heart for some
time to write something about John B.
McFerran, of Louisville, who was born
in old Warren and who never forgot it.
We do not believe it has ever been our
pleasure to meet him personally. But
of his benefactions to his old county.
none can forget, except that Mr. McFer
ran does not himself proclaim it.
Four meetings were held throughout
the various sections of the county during
the summer and autumn, the object of
which was to bring the farmers into
closer touch with each other in order
that their educational, social and com
mercial life might be brought into belter
It was only after some reluctance that
it was drawn from Dr. Cherry that Mr.
McFer. an had agreed to stand behiodhim
for a reasonable sum in carrying out his
plans. This had to be told in a modest
way to the people, because everybody is
suspicious of anything he is gelling for
But we were speaking of Mr. McFer
ran. There is no marble slab erected to
him, but down in the hearts of the peo
ple of Warren county his name and bis
good deeds will be enshrined while life
shall last. After all, is this not the most
enduring monument? Bowling Green
Our line of Groceries are the best you
can buy. All new and fresh. Phone
724,144. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
A Correction.
In our issue of Tuesday, Oct. 1 1, w
mantioned that T. J. Curtis and Son had
delivered to Monte Fox, of Danville. 100
head of cattle, averaging 1,476 pounds.
By an error we said the price was 7c
We should have said So.
U Tobacco Sticks Now
Sticks are scarce and the-price will surely ;ul
vance. We have three cars which we purehued
early and will give our customers the bench' t of
the low price
$4.00 per Thousand
BER. An order is a contract with us and we
will furnish it regardless of price or conditions
Blanton Lumber Co.
Yard and Mill at Barrel Factory
TW CiwWt HoUkt
OftlttlMATO 09
cca-ca-su 4 sciekcc son
Boots & Herbs
Compounded according to th Orig-inal St Ex
clusive Formula St Recipes of Charlie 'White
Moon, The Cow-boy Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailments. Endorsed in the Bible.
Thousands of Testimonials. COM-CELr-SAR. tba
Great Body-Tonic SCIENCE SOPE, for the Hu
man Shin, Only. Ask your druggist, or write
3731 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky
We Sell
May Manton
Ten Cents
We Sell
May Manton
Ten Cents
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are without an e
monfc" 1 life rr1
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a '

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