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i Kentucky Carriage Works
1 W. Arthur Todd,
Successor to R
Columbus, Moyer and
j besides many
V Cor. Second and Water sts
V .
Cattle, Sheep, Hogs and
Calves to
C. A. Carter 6 Co.
Union Stock Yards
Cincinnati, Ohio
and receive the highest market price
and a square deal
R. Emmett Million
ttaccesmr to Burin Denny
Harry M Blanton,
trOmo in BenaAi Ha: cioir.
ijluly itL.-P jONE lie
Dr. Robt. C. Boggs
Teleplion i 511
Office ,in Oldham buuawg
Dr. J. W. Scudder
Physician and Surgeon
1H6 Second Street, Opposite Jail
Ollice Plione 43 1 llome Phone CO
Umce over fctate Bank A. Trust Co., op
posite Court House, on Main Street.
Long Tom Cbenault
Sales Conducted In This and
Adjoining Counties at
Seasonable Bates
Pbone 771
Klcbraond, Ky
I Am In The
Furs : of :
Hides, Feathers, 5crap Iron, Etc
Don't sell until you see me. I always pay
the highest market prices
Go where fair skies, ideal weather, and outdoor enjoyment dispel all
thought of winier's discomfort.
For details consult any Ticket Agent or write
C. KING. Passenger and Ticket Agent 101 East Main St, Lexington; Ky.
Stomach Out of Order? Belching Gas
dndSour Food? Want to Relieve It?
Trjinp to think what upset your stomach or what it was you ate that caused
the trouble? Listen! If your stomach is giving you trouble, if sour, gassy and
upset, and what you just ale has fermented inio stubborn lamps, your head dizzy
and aches, belch gases, heartburn, breath foul, tongue coated then take a
PEPSIXAID Tablet and in a few minutes the trouble will disappear. It's need
less to have a bad stomach a PEPSIN AID Tablet taken occasionally keeps this
delicate organ regulated try it, and eat your favorite food Trith relish and with
out fear.
Cures Intflgestloa, Dyspepsia. Soar
Other Disorders Arising From
M. Lackey
o 3
gent for
Houghton Buggies
other brands
Richmond, Ky
D. R. Freeman
Automobile Insurance
Real Estate Agent
Oldham Building
Richmond, Kv
General Auctioneering.
Services Reasonable.
PHONE. 83, or 481.
Office in Douglas & Simmons' new
Building on Second Street
opp. Court House
Dr. M. Dunn
In Diseases of EYE. EAR, NOSE
Oldham Bldg. Richmond, Ky
Dr. H.J. Patrick
Will buy or sell your bouse,
farm town lots or any thing
else in the Real Estate line.
Any business intrusted to
him will be promptly and
carefully attended to. See
him if his services areqneed-
"We represent iron bound
Insurance Com names re
member this.
Market For
All : Kinds
Stomach, Gas, Heartburn aad
a Faulty Digestive System
Present Unsatisfactory Laws
Responsible for Small
. Returns jg
Retard Development and Lower Stand
ard of Integrity Efforts To secure
a Better System of Taxation Has
Been Persistent for Fifteen Year.
Frankfort. Ky. (Special) The ef
forts to secure a better system of taxa
tion for Kentucky have been per
sistent for fifteen years but owing to
the ironclad restrictions in the state
constitution it la exceedingly difficult
to secure any change.
Tax commissions have repeatedly
been appointed by authority of the
legislatures and these commissions
have unanimously condemned the gen
eral property tax which was adopted
by the last constitutional convention
and as the law Is constitutional it has
been Impossible for the legislature
alone to repeal It
However, the last general assembly
undertook to amend the constitution
as provided by law and this amend
ment will have to be ratified by the
people at the November election and
if It fails to carry it cannot be voted
on again for another five years.
The effect of the present law is to
drive people and money from the state
and to prevent other people and money
from coming In and building up our
This is how the general property
tax is regarded by outsiders as indi
cated in a report of a commission ap
pointed in another state and it ap
plies in all respects to our present
tax system.
"The personal property tax is a
farce. It falls Inevitably upon the
comparatively few who are caught.
The burden It Imposes upon produc
tion is out of all proportion to the
revenue it produces.
"Year after year state and local as
sessing boards have denounced it as
impracticable, in its workings and un
just in Its results. These recom
mendations have for the most part
passed unheeded or have led to in
effectual attempts to bolster up the
law. It is time the situation was
faced squarely, and the tax in its
present form abolished.
"So far as the personal property
tax attempts to reach Intangible forms
of wealth, its administration is so
comical as to have become a byword.
"Such a method of collecting
revenue would be a serious menace
to democratic Institutions were it not
so generally recognized as a howling
"But it is not a farce to those who
are fully assessed. These are chiefly
the widows and orphans who are
caught when their property is listed
ni the probate court farmers, retail
merchants and others, incorporated or
unincorporated, with stocks of goods,
and the small investors who are not
skillful enough to make non-taxable
The state referred to has changed
its tax system and already the receipt;
from taxation have Increased enor
uously and the peculiar effect of it
has been to lower the taxes on land
und improvements by securing a great
er revenue from personal property
hich had formerly produced little or
no returns.
Kentucky must Increase Its revenues
to keep up its schools and public in
stitutions and it would be manifestly
unfair to make the property at present
paying taxes sustain this added bur
den, but under the present law there
is no other recourse.
If the amendment carries and the
legislature is empowered to. classify
property so as to bring under the as
sessor's scrutiny the vast amount of
personal property now escaping taxa
tion the revenues can be increased
and taxes on lands and bouses dimin
ished and what is more Important than
all we will be able to develop our re
sources, maintain our population and
attract capital and people who will
help to build up the state.
- Ohio has recently changed its tax
laws and has already been benefited
and Tennessee is about to renounce
the general property tax. Other
states have either long since abolished
it or are preparing to do so.
The present system in Kentucky was
popular when the country was young
and wealth largely confined to real
estate which could not be hidden.
Wealth is now largely in persona)
securities which the assessor can not
locate and In consequence this class of
property escapes almost entirely.
Can we afford to neglect this great
question and yet hope to compete with
neighboring states which are less fa
vored than ours naturally but have
the advantage of cheap money and low
If the amendment falls to carry the
next census will show that Kentucky
has moved down another peg or so in
its standing among the states and
those at present paying taxes will in
evitably have to pay more on the
same property while others will es
cape by hiding their personal property
from the assessors.
30,000 Persons Publicly Rec
ommend Our Remedy
Some are Richmond
Over one hundred thousand have rec
ommended Doan't Kidney Pills, for
backache, kidney, urinary ills. Thirty
thousand signed testimonials are now
appearing in publio print. Some of
them are Richmond people.l Some are
published in Richmond. No other rem
edy shows such proof. Follow this
Richmond man's example.
John Abner, carpenter and cabinet
maker, 1011 Race St., Richmond, Ky.,
says: "I suffered from pains in my back
and my kidneys were irregular in aotion
I used Doan's Kidney Pills, procured at
Middelton's Drag Store, and they re
lieved me at once. My kidneys became
normal and the other troubles ceased."
For sale by all dealers. Price 60c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agents for the United States. -
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Lexington, Ky.
Enclosed find photo of hog that was cured 01
cholera with your Bourboa Hoc Cholera Rem
edy. This hog was almost dead before usini
the medicine, and then was entirely cored, ex
cept loss of ears, tail, etc. The hoe is owned b
Mr. Sklles Ewinar. of Bowlinar Green. Ky. He
will be siad to eiva yon a testimonial, and we
can gat several mora if yon want tbem.
Bowline Green. Ky
Ask Your Druggist for It.
As Bad in Atlanta.
Under dale of October 21, Mr. T. R.
Walton, writing from Atlanta, says :
"We had snow yesterday and frost this
morning. Can you beat it?" Well, not
so as you can notice it. Atlanta seems to
be getting as bad in climate as this. It
wasn't always thus, according to an old
residenter, who told us on our first visit
to the Chicago of the South 20 or more
years ago, that snow was so unusual
there that when the great Patli was
singing there one night it got noised
around in the theatre that it was snow
ing, when almost with one accord the
audience rushed out to see it. Since
then we have read of many snows there,
and the citizens are almost as much used
to them as we are.
Hair Doesn't Die-It Has
To Be Killed.
Hair often continues to live and srrow
long after the death of the body. But it
is often killed through neglect osunisuse.
Almost always the woman or man whose
hair is falling out, or is stringy, lifeless
and dull-looking, is entirely to blame, be
cause of not giving it the proper care. It
is easy to take care or tne nair easy to
make it more beautiful. Use Uaronony
Hair Beautifier, to make it glossy, soft
md silky, and Harmony Sham poo to keep
hair and scalp thoroughly clean.
Harmony Hair Beautifier, delightfully
perfumed with true rose, is very easy to
apply simply sprinkles little on your
hair each time before brushing it. It con
tains no oil, and will not change the color
or the hair, nor darken gray hair.
To keep your hair and scalp dandruff
free and clean, use Harmony Shampoo.
This pure liquid shampoo is most con
venient to use, giving an instantaneous
rich, foaming lather, that immediately
penetrates to every part of the hair and
calp, insuring a quick and thorough
cleansing. It is washed off just as quick
ly, the entire operation taking only a few
moments. Contains nothing that can
harm the hair, and leaves no harshness
or stickiness just a sweet cleanliness.
Both preparations come in odd-shaped,
very ornamental bottles, with sprinkler
tops. Harmony Hair Beautifier, $1.00.
Harmony Shampoo, 50c. Both guaran
teed to satisfy you in every way. or your
money back. Sold in this community
only at our store The Rexall Store one
of the more than 7,000 leading drug
stores of the United Stales, Canada and
Great Britain, which own the Big Har
mony laboratories in Boston, where the
many celebrated Harmony Perfumes and
Toilet Preparations are made. H. L.
Perry's Rexall Store, Richmond, Ky.
Greek Immigration. -
In 1843 arrived in New York 91,061
Irishmen, 51,973 Germans, 1 Greek. In
1891 the number of Greek immigrants
first passed three figures. In 1907 there
ere 48,283, including Greeks from Tur
kish dominions. Oreeks are the most
widely distributed of all recent immi
grants. They are in every state, hardly
a large town is without two or three.
The largest colonies are in California,
17,000; Florida, 4,000; Illinois, 30,000
i 1,000 in Chic 'go; Massachusetts, 30,000
8,000 in Lowell; Missouri, 8,000; New
York, 32,00020,000 in the metropolis
Ohio, 10,300; Oregon, 6,000; Pennsylvania
17,900; Texas, Utah and Wyoming 4,000
each; Washington, 6,000; Wisconsin,
All the Greeks are educated; many
who work in hotels are university men.
Greek lawyers are beginning to get a
foothold; 50 Greek doctors are doing
good work
Two Greek daily newspapers in New
York circulate all over the country; 14
weeklies are scattered from Boston to
San Francisco. There are Greek schools,
societies, militia companies.
The Greek Church needs an American
bishop. It is under the rule of the Met
ropolitan in Athens, the Patriarch in
Constantinople having relinquished in
his favor charge over Greeks from Turk
ish parts. There are 16 new churches
in the Greek architectual form, of which
one in Lowell cost $80,000, or tlO for
each Greek in the town; 12 churches
bought from other bodies, of which the
one in New York cost $05,000, and ser
vices in hired halls.
Greek candy men are familiar every
where. Greeks themselves do not like
candy, though Turks do. In the West
Greeks work as railroad hands and on
farms. In Massachusetts they have
gone into the mills in great numbers in
towns where they are miserably housed
A Gentle and Effective Lax
ative. A mild, gentle and effective laxative
is what people demand when suffering
from constipation. Thousands swear by
Dr. King s New life Pills. Hueh Tall
man, of San Antonio, Texas, writes
"They are, beyond question, the best
pill my w-.fe and I have ever taken
They never cause pain. Price 25c at
druggists or by mail H. E. Buckleo &
Co., Philadelphia or St. Louis. ,
Sentences With AH of The
Here are some short sentences con
taining all the letters of the alphabet;
Quick, now, fox, jump over the lazy
brown dog.
Pack my box with five dozen liquor
Jump down quick over the bogs,' lazy
See if you can make one as short for
a year's subscription to' the Climax.
The changeable weather of early fall
brings on coughs and colds that have a
weakening effect on the system, and
may become chrooio. Use Foley's Hon
ey and Tar Compound. It has a very
soothing and healiog effect on the irri
tated vand inflamed air passages, and
ill help very quickly. It is a well
known family medicine that gives re
sults. For sale by all dealers. . ad-oct
"No," said the girl at the museum,
"let's not go In there. I just hate
heirlooms!" she frowned with disfavor
on the exhibition and turned away.
"I've been brought up among heir
looms since I can remember, and I
loathe and despise them!" she said,
"When I was a baby they began.
My best dress all through my baby
hood was the dress my mother and
grandmother had been baptized in.
Of course. If they'd been noble blood
ed, or something, so the dress could
have been delicate lace, or something,
I could have stood it but I know my
Infant flesh protested against wearing
for best a yellow old unstylish piece
of heavy muslin that looked like a
bath robe!
"But it was an heirloom, and in
every picture I have of my babyhood
I'm inclosed in that thing! I'm
ashamed to show my baby pictures for
people will think I'm three times my
natural age, from the style of my
"Then I had a lot of great aunts,
with garrets, and when they saw that
picture of the dress of ancient vintage
nothing would do but they should turn
over their rubbish and send me boxes
of things almost perishing with age!
Of course, mother had to fix them up,
and she usually just did as little as
possible, so I could wear them a little
while and then throw them away.
She felt that as much as that was
needful, to keep in with the relatives.
But there I went around, in my girl
hood, with hoopskirts minus the hoops,
and with moth-eaten sleeves, skin
tight when all the girls were wearing
big puffs. And to appease me mother
always told me that I should be proud
to have heirlooms!
. "I tell you, If you want to look at
heirlooms, look at me! Here I stand,
a perfect museum! . Look at this skirt
"I Just Hate Heirlooms.'
It was handed down from Mrs. Noah
or very nearly! Aunt Jane wrote
that she bad a good tailored skirt
she didn't mention that the tailor died
in his dotage long since and wouldn't
I like It? It was hardly used a bit
she said, and she did hope that I'd
appreciate It. She had kept it for
years, expecting to make some use of
it, but It was always too good to cut
"So I accepted it as gracefully as I
could, for Aunt Jane bears grudges
forever if she gets them. Now she
writes every week to ask how it's
wearing and she's coming down this
summer, so I've got to give It a little
use or shell suspect something. She's
dreadfully observing!
"And see this trimming on my col
lar! Well, my Great Uncle John found
that In Venice once upon a time, I sus
pect In some former Incarnation! The
gold is all tarnished, and the colors
are so blended with age that it looks
like a piece of leather. But you ask
grandmother about it! She can see it
gleaming In its pristine splendor, and
she beams on me whenever I come
near In this suit! As she lives with
us, I have to wear it on every occa
sion. I can leave it at home when I
go to the store, on the plea of pre
serving it but if I'm dressed up
grandmother is right there to see that
this collar Is in Its proper place.
"Why, they've grown so used to see
ing me in heirlooms that my younger
aunts send on their old shoes! And
mother, being economical and desir
ing to be grateful for all favors, writes
back to say how delighted I am and
then we get more! And each aunt
brags to the others how generous she
is, and their generosity grows!
"Our house Is so full of heirlooms
all moth-eaten and rickety that we
haven't room for a decent chair, and
our pictures are all enlarged photo
graphs! But they're heirlooms ask
the people who gave them to us and
see If they're not!
"Now mother's growing stout to
she's bestowing all her outgrown
things on me!
"Actually. I think when I take things
off 111 just burn them up to save some
one else the agony of possession!
"Don't show me any heirlooms. I'd
rather go to here and see the way gold
and silver Is made into money, to boy
new things to wear!" Chicago Daily
Plenty of Books.
"Compulsory education is a great
thing." exclaimed the little man.
"Yes," replied the big man. "but I
notice that people continue to call np
Avon 184 and ask for Mr. Wolf and
Mr. Campbell."
Can't Afford to Have Kidney
No man with a family to support can
afford to have kidney trouble, nor need
he fear it with such a remedy at band
as Foley's Ki dney Pills. An honest med
icine, safe and reliable, costing little but
doing much good. Foley Kidney Pills
eliminate backache and rheumatism,
tone up the system and restore normal
action of kidneys and bladder. -
A Good Thing to
Remember is that
carries a full line of Embroidery
Materials and special attention is
paid to
Patterns new and attractive
Prices reasonable
11 Zf BtrSf i ilHl! rJ U
The Family Cough Medicine.
In every home there slould be a bot
tie of Dr. King's New Discovery, ready
for immediate use when and member of
the family contracts a cold or a cough.
Prompt use will stop the spread of sick
ness. S. A. Slid, of Mason, Mich.,
writes: "My whole family depends upon
Dr. King's New Discovery as the best
cough n-l cold medicine in the world.
Two 50c bottles cured me of phneu-
monia." Thousands of other families
have been equally benefitted and depend
entirely upon Dr. King's New Discovery
to cure their coughs, colds, throat and
luna troubles. Every dose helps. Price
50c and 81.00. All druggists. H. E.
Bucklen & Co , Philadelphia or St.
Louis. ad oct
Rubber Tires.
I desire to say to the good people of
Madison and adjoining counties that I
am prepared to do all kinds of rubber
tiring. I put 7-8 Kelly Springfie'd rubber
tires on wheels of any height for il l per
set, 7-8 steel tires for $1 50 per set. Bug
gy tires set 40 cts. each. These are cash
prices. See me before ordering any work
of this kind.
58-6mo-f E. Walden, Red House, Ky.
Women Who Get Dizzy.
Every woman who is troubled with
fainting and dizy spells, backache,
headache weakness, debility, constipa
tion or kidney troubles should use Elec
trie Bitters. -They give relief when
nothing else will, improve the health,
adding strength and vigor from the first
dose. Mrs. Laura Gainee, of Avoca, La.,
says: "Four doctors had given me up
and my children and all my friends weir
looking for me to din, when my son in
sisted that I use Electric Bitters. I did
so and luey did me a world of good."
Just try them, 50c and $1 00 at all
druggists or by mail. U. E. Bucklen &
When in need ol lilacksmithim; in
my of its branches. Farming Imple-
nents. Buggies, Carriages, Wagons,
clubber tires &c, get prices from It. E
Miller, Lnion City, Ky. ti
Eczema and Itching Cured.
The soothing, healing medication in
Or. Hobson's Eczema Ointment pene
trates every liny pore of the skin, clears
it of all impurities stops itching in
stantly. Dr. Ilabson's Eczema Oint
ment is guaranteed to speedily heal ec
zema, rashes, ringworm, letter and
ilher unsightly eruptions. -Eczema
Ointment is a doctor's prescription, not
an experiment. All druggists or bj
mail, 50c. Pfeifer Chemical Co , Phila
delphia and St. Louis.
Our line of Coffees are as fine as you
can get in any market. Give them a
rial. Covington Thorpe Co. 57-tf.
Quick Help to Backache and
The man or woman who wants quick
help from backache and rheumatism
will find it in Foley's Kidney Pills. They
act so quickly and with such good effect
that weak, inactive kidneys that do not
keep the blood clean and free of impur
ilias. are toned up and strengthened to
healthy vigorous action. Good results
fol'ow iheir use promptly. For sale by
all dealers. ad-oct
Butcher Outfit
For Sale
Large refrigerator, butcher tools, block
etc., for sale cheap. I carry a nice
Fresh Stock of Groceries,
Dried Meats
and ithe like and sell at the lowest
prices. Give me a trial
A. J. Broaddus
Third and Broadway Richmond, Ky
L. & Ne Time Table
South Bound.
No. 31. Cincinnati to Atlanta. Arrives
and Departs 12:10 a. m. Mid-night.
No. 71. Richmond to Stanford. De
parts 6:45 a. m.
No. 1. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 12:10 p. m. Departs 12:15
No. 37. Cincinnati to Enoxville. Ar
rives 11:20 a. m. Departs 12:12 p. m
No. 33. Cincinnati to Jacksonville.
Arrives and Departs 11:31 a. m.
No. 27. Richmond to Louisville via
Rowland. Departs 1:00 p. m.
No. 3. Louisville to Beattyville
Arrives 6:45 p. m. Departs 7:35 p. m
No. 9. Cincinnati & Maysville to Stan
ford. Arrives 7:27 p. m. Departs
7:32 p. m.
North Bound
No. 34. Atlanta to Cincinnati. Arrives
and Departs 4.11 a. m.
No. 10. Stanford to Cincinnati and
Maysville. Arrives 6:05 a. m.
Departs 6:10 a. m.
No. 2. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives 7: 15 a. m. Departs 7:20 a- m
No. 28. Louisville to Richmond via
Rowland. Arrives 12:05 p. m.
No. 38. Enoxville to Cincinnati. Ar
rives 1:35 p. m. Departs 2:00 p. m.
No. 70. Stanford to Richmond. Arrive
2:30 p. m.
No. 4. Beattyville to Louisville
Arrives l:35p. m. Departs 1:40 p, m
No. 32. Jacksonville to Cincinnati. Ar
rives and Departs 5:07 p. m.
No's 2, 3, 31, 37, 33, 27, 34, 28, 38, 32 are
Daily trains. No's 71, 1, 9, 10, 70
daily Except Sunday.
Arnica Solve
theworld-faf;.ous healer
Colli, Cuts, Piles,
Eczema, Skin Eruptions,
Ulcers, fever-Sores, Pimples,
Itch, Felons, Wounds, Bruises,
. Chilblains, Ringworm,
Sore Lips and Hands,
Cold Sores,
The Spreader Sensation of the Ycir.
We Have the Agency For It. It Is the
Low Spread Manure Spr
Have you ever seen any spreader with more cr ir.n:
pood features? Waist high box easy to load; rr.nkcs i..
s'.iortest turns and spreads evenly at corners; spreads v. i.
turning cither way; positive force feed no rolling furv:.rl
the load when the manure is moved toward the beater; e .
spreailing until the last forkful is spread; made in seven s!.-.
v.ide and narrow boxes; special attachments for drilling r.:.
fpriading lime.
Ask us also about pur new wide spread attachment v.l !
scatters manure over an area eight feet wide a very L:.
and convenient device for top dressing growing corn.
The next time you are in town stop and get a catalog-..
Ak us to show you this machine to show you how u
v. c work and increase profits. Give us a chance to jr..
' t the Low Spread tops them alL
Bowman Bros.
Contractors and
All work guaranteed to be first-classjn'every
particular. Plans and specifications furnished
on application
Telephones 28 and 179
Got Missing Figures
THE General Manager was presenting
plans for an extension of the factory to
the company's directors at Detroit. He
found that he had left an estimate sheet in
his desk at the factory. He called up the
factory on the Bell Long Distance Tele
phone. His assistant read the figures to him
and the directors were able to act without
Annoying delays are avoided by the use
of the Bell Telephone.
Mnwl tell'
It If 7 'JSl. i It mmmMmnrlimrH ?. Wl i..'.L V. .
I'm i W 'jT-,
m sri n ivy i--
iff '
Advertising After Hours
After dark, the best lighted side cf
the street becomes the busiest. The
brightest spot draws the crowd. Illumi
nate your show windows with
Edison Mazda Lamps
and let the people on the street see your
offerings even though "your doors may
be closed for the night.
It is the easiest and cheapest way to
get business from the busy side of the
street. . "
Kentucky Utilities Company, Incorporated
The Climaxl year $1
II. K. r.ouMAN
Ill I' . ? ss. f- s . , i

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