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This Paper is in Two Sections, 4 pages'each. News and advertising afe equaiiy distributed between the two. Set that you get both Sections
Section I
40th YEAR
L, R. Blanutom
Wholesale and Retail
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
and All Kinds of Plaster Material
Hauling of All Kinds
Corner Main and B
Cole's Original Hot Blast Heaters and Highoven Ranges that
burns anvthinp from corn cobs and slack to hard coal. The
fire never goes out from fall to spring the most wonderful
Utnvs made. Call and see the ditterencc in this stove and all
D. B. Shackelford & Company
I Am In The Market For
Furs : of : AH : Kinds
Hides, Feathers, Scrap Iron, Etc
Don't sell until you see me. I always pay
the highest market prices
RICHMOND Phone 363 KhN I ULfvY
Is all right.
Is the place to trade.
Is the farmer's town.
Is everybody's town.
Is an every day town.
And a dress-up town.
Is the workman's town.
Is the stockman's town
Is the tradesman's town.
Treats you on the square.
Is the business man's town.
Offers unheard-of-bargains.
Is the professional man's town.
lias more politics than any town it's
size in the United State.
Has more uncalled for gossip about
men, women ana wnisxy man me an
cient city of Rome.
Is a good place to court, marry and
Will stock you up with supplies and
satisfy you.
Sells more goods for a dollar than any
place around.
Has as good school facilities as can be
found anywhere.
Is a place in which you can do well,
be good and dwell happily.
Has society that is social, good natured,
intelligent and glad to see you.
Is a good place to establish your home,
rear your family and school you children.
Is a good place to market your pro
duce, drive in your butter and roll in
your eggs.
Has prosperous churches, good socie
ties, beautiful and accomplished women.
Postmaster Lxaminatioa
The United Slates Civil Service Com
mission announces mat on aaiuraay.
Jan. 10, 1911, an examination will be
held at Waco, this county, as a result of
which it is expected to make certiflca
tion to fill a contemplated vacancy in the
position of fourth-class postmaster at
that place. The compensation of the
postmaster at Waco was 1243 for the last
fiscal year.
Whole Flock Killed. .
A whole flock of 192 sheep belonging
to Albert C. Behling, near Albion, Mich.,
were destroyed by dogs recently. The
sheep were in a small fenced held and
the dogs, after stampeding them, run
them around and around the field until
one after another dropped dead from ex
haustion. The appraisers awarded a to
ut or tO 18 for the flock. Mr. Behling
had just received the sheep from Okla
homa the day before they were killed.
A YvTiistler.
Tne happiest man in the world is the
poor fellow who earns just enough mon
ey to pay his debts. Such a man is pos
sessed of the happiness which causes
him to whistle and sing as he goes about
his work, and when he meets you on the
street a pleasant smile, speaking louder
than words, convinces you of bis sincer
ity. The rich man, with a mortgage on
every other house in town and with a
bank account, may be happy, but his
happiness is not of the heart; neither
does it manifest itself as does the true
happiness that radiates from the coun
tenance of an honest working man.
We handle all kinds of chicken feeds,
grits and poultry supplies. D. B. Mc
Kinney. 16-tf
Uncle 5am As a Horse Trader.
Unsle Sam, who does nothing by halves
has recently gone into the horse business
on an extensive scale. At Front Royal,
in the blaegrass part of Virginia, he has
started what ia probably the largest
horse farm ia the woild a farm of
5,500 acres, located only a few hours
ride from the nation's capital. He in
tends this to be obly one of a series of
such farms, and to turn out thorough
breds by the tens of thousands. This
farm is already supplying practically
the entire United States with cavalry
mounts, and Capt. X H., Conrad expecu
to make the government farms the sup
ply depots for the army mounts of most
of the civilised nations of the world.
To stock this farm August Belmont
made Uncle Sam a gift ofhis six best
staliWs, known the racing world over.
The six of them, when two years old.
cost Belmont f 100,000. When Johnson
Camden, millionaire horseman of Ken
tucky, heard of this gift he added to it
two of his famous stallions, Boola-Boola
and Wheelwright, worth about 125,500.
With these eight the farm was started.
The government has now more than
Uncle Sam's scheme for securing
mounts out of these stallions is unique.
He takes all the farmers of his country
into partnership. Hit fine stallions are
being taken all over the country, wher
ever there are farmers witn mares, it
used to be that Belmont's and Camden's
stallions could be had only by the very
rich, Henry of Navarre, for instance, got
$1,200 for a service. Today the breeding
is free, provided only that the mare be
of good breeding herself and free from
blemish, the Interest being 'to put the
commonplace horse out of existence and
replace him with a raoe of noble stock.
All that is required is that the farmer
shall agree to sell the colt to Uncle Sam
when it is two years old for $300. If,
however, a man prefers to keep his colt,
be must pay a service fee of not more
than 123. If the colt has single blem.
Uh, he may keep it and pay, no fee at
all. Twice a year from now on, or every
spring and fall, these stalliins will be
shipped about the country. A letter to
the War Department will bring one
within easy reach of any farmer who
will live up to the light conditions.
A Gentleman.
A man that's clean inside and out;
wno neitner looks up to tne ricn nor
down to the poor; who can lose without
squealing and who can win without
bragging; who is considerate of women,
children and old people; who is too brave
to lie, too generous to cheat, and who
takes his share of the world and lets
other people have theirs New York
Miss Elizabeth Elridge was at home
Thanksgiving and had Miss Julia Eas
tin, of Lexington, as her guest.
Burton Farris was down to examine,
recently, the Peoples Bank.
The Baptist church at Mt. Tabor is
making an effort to secure Rev. Ellis, of
Latonia, as its pastor.
II. L. Wallace taught three days for
Miss Minnie Johnson, in the Consoli
dated school here.
John White and wife spent Thanks
giving with R. (1. Woods and family.
Misses Emma Estridge and Sallie
Woods made a flying trip to Lexington
last week.
Levi Davis, of Livingston, made the
home folks a visit and took back with
him a box of rabbits. "Uise" is a great
fisherman and hunter.
There are quite a number of young
lads and lasses in and about our village,
and Dan Cupid has been throwing his
arrows in among them !
Robt. Brown sold to Sam Hunt about
50 acres of land for $2,200.
Billy Wilcox bought a house and lot
here from John Gordon for about $1,-
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Todd held their
annual reunion last Thursday and St of
the family and relatives were present.
There was an abundance of good things
to eat and a most enjoyable day was
spent by all present.
Mr. George Todd, a most estimable
and honorable youDg man, won the af
fections of Miss Nettie Treadway, a
young lady of most pleasing address and
an excellent specimen of womanhood,
and they joined hands and hearts and
hied away to Lexington, where the mat
rimonial knot was tied, last Wednesday.
The writer and their many friends wish
them aH the happiness this old world
can give. Rumor has it that more wed
ding bells are soon to be jingling in the
Bronze Turkeys For 5ale.
Prize-winning stock. Address Mrs.
Shelby Jett, Richmond, R F. D. 1., or
Pbone 15-2 ring. Kirksville. 10--Ix
Come tq, Owen McKee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Others
do and why not you. tf
A Christmas Message.
Christmas comes but once a year!
Christmas has never come to him who
I has never discovered that it is better to
give than to receive. But when we dis
cover that giving is getting that serv
ing is ruling that helping is being help
ed that loving is being loved that the
pure in heart see God today that our
life gives our language its power that
we have no enemies if we hate nobody
that overcoming temptation is more
joyous than yielding to it that the king
dom of heaven is entered by right living,
not by right dying that there are no
bad people, but some of our brothers
and sister have lost the way then Christ
mas comes to all the year.
Each day becomes a merrier Christ-,
mas, each day brings a clearer vision of
the Christ Child, each day grows
largar in peace and good will to men.
each day we come nearer our kingship
of the earth and the fullness (hereof
and thus do the kingsdoms of this world
become the kingdoms of our God'. May
Christmas come all the year to every
one in the world! Kalph Parlette.
We have everything new and tresh for
making your Thankeivinir cakes.
D. B. McKinney. 16-tf
An Unusual Offer.
All the latest novels and a full line
50c ones on sale in my book section.
Books from my Circulating Library
cost but 3c a day. By enrolling in this
library you can keep up on eurrent lit
erature and enjoy the best writers at a
very small cost to a year. Subscrip
tions taken for any magazine or news
paper. - Fannie E. Culton,
17 3t Clay B'ldg, W. Main.
Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
Carpets, Matings
W. D. Oldham & Company
IPipikecks i
The continued mild weather has left us with too many Ready-to-wear Garments and if price will be
an inducement we will close them out
Ladies' Suits and Coats
Misses' and Children's Coats will be
offered .at much below their regular
prices j .&
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Boys' Suits and Overcoats better for
money than was ever shown in this
city J
We do not want to carry-these goods over. You can secure a bargain
by paying us a visit
C r?i.. i mr . ' r.
v-omer rirst ana main streets
Richmond, Kentucky
one 23

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