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Section 2
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40th YEAR
NO. 18
Our Skylights Have Arrived
We Are Ready For
After a delay of some two week, waiting on our sky
lights which have been lost in transit, we are glad to
be able to announce that they are now here and are be
ing put in our building.
Bring your Tobacco to the ''Big House"
Home Tobacco Warehouse Co.
The Home of
Dependable Furniture
71 Ghristmas Hint
Really such things should be kept secret, rather than publicly
discussed, bat so long as we promise not to divulge the identi
ty of our Xmas purchasers or the fortuate recipients of those
gifts, no harm can be done; but we digress
Could anything be rrore appropriate, more useful,
more enduring or more highly appreciated than some
article chosen from our large stock of Dependable "
Furniture ? Think it over
Bennett and Higgins
Hurrah! They're Here From
Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Gentle, blissful, wonderful workers,
Ht Springs Liver Buttons surely are;
take one to night and free the bowels
from poisonous waste and gas. You'll
feel bright and happy tomorrow. All
druggists, 25c.
lie sure and get some, for besides be
ing a wonderful laxative they are a great
sj stem tonic. They give you a keen ap
petite and rid the blood of impurities
Hot Springs Liver Buttons, Hot Springs
Rheumatism Remedy and Hot Springs
Klood Remedy ore sold in Richmond by
the Richmond Drug Company.
New records for upper air research
have been made by the Government in
experiments at Catalina Island, Cali
forma. A number of baloons, each
equipped with instruments, were sent
up, and one of them reached a night of
twenty miles. At eleven miles the ther-
moniter registered a temperature of 85
degrees below zero; at twenty miles,
s ranee to say. the temperature was
slightly higher 18 degrees below.
We have everything new andjresh for
making your Thankgiving cakes.
D. B. McKinney. 16 tf
Caldwell High School Notes.
An entertainment, consisting of a play
and drills, was given last week at the
High School under the management of
Miss Crich field, of Indiana. The pro-
ceeds are to be used for the benefit of
the needy children.
The soup that the good women of the
city served at the school last winter was
of great benefit, We earnestly hope
that they will take the matter up again
this winter
The faculty met with Miss Phelps at
her home, Tuesday evening. Poe was
the subject for the meeting Able pa
pers were read by Misses Hendren and
Smith. Prof. Stackhouse read one of
Poe's poems.
Manual training for boys and girls is
being encouraged and developed Mr.
Kunkel'8 classes are making fine prog
ress. Two sewing classes are being conducted.
We note with pleasure that a number
of High School pupils are taking advan
tage of the concert course at the Eastern
Both the 6oys' and girls' basket ball
teams, under the management of Prof.
Stackhouse, promises to give us some
good games during the season.
Affirmed The Lower Court
If a tract of land is sold and the deed
recites that there's so many acres "more
or less" in it and the purchaser settles
on that basis, there is no come back af
terwards by either the seller or the buy-
er, should the land be surveyed later.
John B. Burton fcc, purchased a farm
on the Burks Branch pike from Mrs. J.
P. Cowles, adm'x. It was settled for as
containing so many acres, more or less.
Later, when Burton sold the farm and it
surveyed several acres less, suit was
brought for the value of the shortage.
The lower court decided in favor of the
defendant and the case was taken to the
Court of Appeals and Tuesday the ver
diet of the lower court was affirmed
Shelby Record.
"Doan's Ointment cured me of eczema
that had annoyed me for a long time,
The result was lasting." Hon. 8 W.
Matthews, Commissioner, Labor Statis-
listics, Augusta, Maine.
J. C. Stone, President
Morgan Gentry, Vice Pres. Luther Stivers, Sales Mgr.
R. L. Baker, Sec'y and Treasurer
Lexington Tobacco Warehouse
Luther Stivers in-a class by himself in boosting
your tobacco in the following houses
Stivers House
Lexington House
Shelburne House
Growers House
Central Kj. House
Luther Stivers and Gayle Coleman
John and Clyde Buckley
J. C. Stone and J. Leslie Knight
Morgan Gentry
Dan Scott, Henry Walker, R4 L. Baler
Can Save You Both Time And Money
only - v
Unload Your Tobacco the Day You Get It There
and EXPORTER in the country HAS a BUYER in OUR MARKET is
why we get you the BEST PRICES. .
J. C STONE, the President of the company, is an OLD MADISON
COUNTY BOY who will see PERSONALLY that you are WELL
Bring Us A Load and Vou Will Come Back
Lexington Tobacco Warehouse Co., Incorporated
Interesting Session of The
City Council.
The regular monthly meeting of the
City Council was held Thursday night
with Mayor Rice and members of the
old Council present. After auditing
claims against the city, two members,
Messrs. Bybee and Stone,- who have
served the city for the past two years in
the capacity of councilmen, gave way to
their successors, Messrs. Emil Lorisch
and S. P. Deatherage.
Following the induction into office of
the new members of the Council, Mayor
Rice, who has made a most enviable
record as chief executive of the city.
made a short talk to the officials, which
left no doubt in the minds of the splen
did audience present that Richmond has
mayor who proposes to see that every
servant of the city shall do his duty as an
official. Mayor Rice in addressing the
Council said:
We are entering upon two years of
official life, representing the citizens of
Richmond. We are friends and I trust
that our deliberations will be mutual
and for the best interests of the taxpay
ers and all the people. I shall strive for
an economical and progressive adminis
tration, and I trust that each of you will
adopt a policy of civic pride, and that
we will work together to make Rich
mond a clean healthful city to live in; a
city we should all be proud of. Every
official under this administration will be
required to do his whole duly, and if he
fails to do so, he will be discharged and
another selected to Gil the vacancy. 1
trust this warning will be sufficient and
that it may not become necessary for
me to enforce the ordinance regarding
this matter."
The first business before the new
Council was the election of officers for
the next two years. The following were
elected: Edgar Blanton, Clerk: L. P.
Evans, Treasurer; T. C. O'Neil. City
Collector; Wm. Maupin, Claud Devore
and James Potts, Policemen: Dr. J. G.
Bosley, City Physician; Ben Daugherty,
Chief Fire Department; General Nelson
and Joe Mitchell, Drivers Fire Depart
ment; Mrs. Sid Winkler, Keeper Pest
House; G. W. Deeringer, Street Com
missioner, hj.u. Bybee was elected City
Assessor, and his salary was raised to
$300 per annum, with a fine of 25 per
cent on all taxes not assessed.
The following gentlemen were select
ed as members of the Health Board:
Roy C. White, T. A. Campbell and E.
The Council, in conjunction with the
churches of the city, appointed Mrs. T.
. Taylor a special nurse for city charity
A committee composed of Mayor Rice,
Councilnien Todd and Lorisch, was ap
pointed to purchase and install city
scales. An order was made for the pur
chase of additional hose for the Fire De
partment. Mayor Rice was instructed
to advertise for dids on metal to be used
on the streets during the next two
When babv suffers with croup, apply
and give Dr. Thomas' Electrio Oil at
once, bate for children. A little goes
a long way. 25 and50o. At all drug
lecial Malt tfress S
GUARANTEEDonly whsn Mattris bears the STEARNS JFOSTtSiU.: . D-
On the
Come See
ihem in our
We have arranged for a Special Sale
On the celebrated Stearns & Foster Mattress and are offering this most Comfortable,
Durable and Sanitary of all Mattresses, in selected patterns of the best qualities of Satin
finish, Dust-proof Tickings-WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.
Beware of so-called "Special Sales" on "Cotton-felt" or "Felt" Mattresses said to be
the "genuine kind ' and offered at such ridiculously low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do not know WHAT sort of material has been hastily STUFFED into the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it may be vile; unfit for any. person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort and Durability, such Mattresses are utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses have a laced opening (Pat. applied for) through which
you can see and examine the inside of the Mattress you GET. That's the safe way to buy
a Mattress. You know what you are getting.
Stearns & Foster Mattresses are made of Clean, Sanitary Cotton; felted into hundreds
cf little webs forming many Springy, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
layers are then LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
end encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Firm,
half yielding to your figure, but supporting it in perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I never Knew a Mattress could be so Comfortable."
That's just what satisfied users of Stearns & Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself to get one and enjoy rest that is Refreshing Comfortable
You don't have to be put to the expense and inconvenience of sending a Stearns &
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated." They never require it An
occasional Sun Bath keeps them fresh and clean.
Dcn't Fail to attend this Sale. Come today.
Select the Mattress you want NOW. Don't put up longer with that old uncom
fortable Mattress.
A Comfortable Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster,
Costs too Little.
We'll give you a POSITIVE. GUARANTEE on every Mattress bearing the Steams
t-oster name.
Undertaking a Specialty
Dav Telephone 76
Night Telephone 136 229
W. 8. O. R. O. L.
At Richmond.
Headed by "Benny" Bartlett, the fan
ciers of chickens of Clark county will
sojourn at Richmond on Deo. 10-14 ' for
a four days' stay in the Madison capital
to attend the second annual chicken
show of the Madison Country Poultry
Breeders Association. It will be one of
the biggest meetings ever held in Ken
tucky and the Clark county owners are
preparing their chickens so as to secure
some of the valuable prises. Mr. Bart
leu was honored with the vice-presidency
of the Association at a recent meet
ing. Winchester Democrat.
Mr. Smith in Washington.
Clever Thomas J. Smith, Chief Bank
Examiner for Kentucky, has been in
Washington a few days and is stopping
at the New Willard. Until placed at
the bead of the Slate's banking depart
ment, Mr. Smith was secretary to Gov.
McCreary. He is one of the best posted
politicians in Kentucky and is univer
sally liked. If he ever stands for an
elective office it will be demonstrated
that be is one of the State's most popu
lar young men. Washington cor. Dan
ville Advocate.
Mr. Devore Moves to Main 5t
A deal was perfected last week be
tween Wm. Devore and J. S. Collins, in
which the former secures the livery sta
ble on Main street now occupied by J,
W. Martin, in exchange for a stock barn
on W. Irvine street. Mr.. Devore will
move the transfer business to his new
property about Jan. 1. Mr. Martin stat
ed to (be Climax that if not sold private
ly before, be would dispose of his livery
outfit not later than the first of the year.
Will Move to Richmond.
Mrs. Mildred Sanders, of Cottonburg,
this countT. has rented from Mrs. Em-
Hubbard her cottage on Fifth street
and will move thereto about Jan. 1st.
ra. Hubbard, who Will spend the win
in Florida, stated to the Climax that
had many inauiriea regarding the
property, and iu renting was due entire
ly to a local turn in this paper.
For regulation of the bowels, easy,
natural movements, relief of constipa
tion, try Doan's Regulets. 29c at all
stores. ;
t com
The Tortures
of Rheumatism
are aggravated during
climatic changes be
cause the impure blood
is incapable of resistance
and ordinary treatment
seems useless but the
fame of Scott's Emulsion
for relieving rheumatism is
based on logical principles
and scientific facts. This
oil-food promptly makes
active, red. Lie-sustaining
blood corpuscles and its
body-building properties
regulate the functions to
expel poisonous acids.
Scott's Emulsion, with careful
diet for one month, will relieve
the lame muscles anebstiffened
joints and subdue the unbeara
ble sharp pains when other
remedies fail.
Bttoara of alcoholic imitation
end intUt on th purity of SCO I l'S.
Just Be Glad.
O, heart of mine, we shouldn't
Worry so. .
What we have missed of calm, we
Couldn't have you know.
What we have met of stormy pain,
And of sorrow's driving rain,
We can better meet again,
If it blow.
We have erred in that dark hour
We have known;
When the tears fell with the shower,
All alone.
Were not shine and shower blent
As the gracious Master meant?
Let us temper our content
With His own.
For we know not every morrow
Can be sad;
So, forgetting all the sorrow
We have bad,
Let us fold away our tears.
And put by our foolish fears.
And through all the coming years
Just be glad.
James Whilcomb Riley
i) i)
Watch Our
and you'll rind them keeping time to
the second. They are like all our jew
elry reliable. And they are also lik
Rings, Brooches
and other ornaments in being as moUer
ate in price as good quality will permit.
When you want JEWELRY we are the
people to remember.
1 "T i v,
1st Cswior Halilist
WHITE-3Crs CftttE L"-'
esa-ca-ui a k;uce hs
& Ms
Compounded according' to the Original & Ex
clusive Formulas) it Becipest of Charli Wnito
Iloon, The Cow-boy Herbalist, for the treatment
of human ailments. Endorsed in the Bible.
Thousands of Testimonial. CO M-CEI-SAJL, th
Great Body-Tonic. SCTEXC3 SOPS, for th Hu
man Skin Only. Ask your druggist, or writo
3731 West Croadway
louisviile, Kentucky

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