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Strengthen Your System.
to Resist
Cold Weather Diseases
Put yourself in shape, now, to successfully com
bat and keep from having colds, grippe, bronchitis,
pneumonia, catarrh, typhoid fever, rheumatism, eta
Get well and strong. See to it that your blood and
nerves ycur entire system are in perfect condition.
Barbourville, Ky. To abate to torn
extent the ravages of a drove of hogs
la the Turkey Creek country of Knox
county a big hunt has been planned,
in which a number of local sportsmen
will take part. Several years ago a
farmer on Turkey Creek, a mountain
ous and sparsely settled district,
turned a drove of hogs out to exist on
the beech mast, which is plentiful in
the Turkey Creek region. He was
never able to round up his .drove,
which has multiplied to such an extent
that there are now believed to be over
100 of the animals, which have grown
ferocious with the years of liberty.
Examine Them Early
The few farms in that section have
been scenes of depredations of the
hogs, cornfields being devasted and
fences torn down. Several dogs have
been torn to pieces, according to re
ports, while attacking the brutes. Sev
eral of the wild hogs have been killed
but no concentrated effort has ever
been made before to rid the commun
ity of them.
A. mm
Richmond's Quality Shop
WAk. j with bypophosphites rill
iliJi? I U'
j HtinvImwIiIim I
" "22XSn. I iHr I
Means "King oi All"
Leaves Falling "Down."
If the public could see some of the
foul siutr brought and sent to newspaper
I'Mices, many would not wonder tint an
editor sees the ridiculous side (all to
liimself) and gels a little silent fun
tlierefrom. Editor Sam Stairs, of the
l)uver News, prints the following:
We have received a beautiful poem
that is, we imagine it is beautiful the
first line of which reads:
"The Autumn leaves are falling
We didn't read any further, for in all
our years of experience, boy or man, we
have never seen the leaves fall up. So,
tneretore, ii ttie balance of the poem is
as truthful as the first line.there is sort
of well, it contains "more truth than
poetry " A poem containing all truth
and no poetry has no business in this
office. Danville Advocate.
Cottage For Rent
Five room cottage on West Main street
opposite Judge Burnam's residence. Pos
session given January 1, 1914. Apply to
Leslie P. Evass,
10-tf. State Bank & Trnst Co.
For Rent
Furnishod collage on Ureck avenue
for a number of months. For further
information apply to Mrs. A. B. Faris,
Iireck avenue. V if
cake ingredients.
Ltckey &
An Autobiography.
We know a man in our neighborhood
that we call a good citizen. He has
never set ttie world on fire and has trav
eled about but little, and ishardlvknown
outside the confines of his own district.
His name does not often appear in print
and he has never stood forth and bowed
to the applause of a crowd of admirers.
But when a neighbor is ill this man
drops around to ask if there is anything
he can do. When a friend is laid away
to the dreamless sleep, he always goes
to drop a final tear on the bier, and as
he walks slowly home after the last riles
he always manages to say a good word
about I he departed.
He is fair and decent and honest in
his business relations. lie knows that
he is simply a private and he does not
try to wear the gold buttons of a colonel
and shout himself hoarse giving orders.
We say such a citizen is worth a thous'
and of the four-flushers who wear a red
sash and howl while the crowd is about,
and then slink away when the shadows
begin to lengthen aud the people have
Proprietors of more than 3,300 saloons
in Ohio closed their doors last week, in
accordance with the provisions of the
State liquor license law, which limits
the number of saloons in "wet' territo
ry to one to each 500 inhabitants. The
majority of the saloons which will not
be permitted to reopen are located in
Cleveland, Cincinnati) Columbus and
Toledo. .
Ko. 24 Fountain Syringe
No. 2 size; finest grade rubr
ber, smooth finish, Notice
the large, full mouth that per
mits easy and quick filling.
Full length, extra large tub
ing and three rapid flow screw
pipes. . A guaranteed outfit
and only .
Richmond Drug Co.
Olive Oil
Is designed to prevent as well as to relieve disease, whether
caused by cold weather, overwork or worry. Vaccination
prevents smallpox; inoculation with antitoxin prevents
diphtheria. Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion strengthens the
body to resist the growth of disease germs in the blood, and
thus fortifies the system and puts it into a proper healthy
condition to resist disease
Every person not in perfect health has incipient germs
of some distressing ailment in his or her system.
You who are weak and run-down, from whatever
You who are apparently well now, but whom past
experience has taught are liable to catch cold easily and
suffer from the various other effects of cold weather
Take home a bottle of Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion
today and use it as a means to get veil and fcep well
It Is an Ideal Nerve Food Tonic
The Hypophosphites it contains are recommended by leading physi
cians everywhere as extremely valuable in all cases of debility and
weakness. The pure Olive Oil is one of the most nutritious and most-
easily-digested foods known to science. It helps to rebuild wasting '
tissues and restore health and strength in convalescence and
in all conditions of feebleness, debility, wasting, emaciation,
malnutrition, and particularly in throat and lung affections.
It is equally suitable for the child, the adult and the aged. It
contain no alcohol or dangerous or habit-forming drugs.
It is very pleasant to take.
Enough for full two weeks treatment, $1.00.
Sold only at The Rexall Stores the World's Greatest Drug
Stores and always with a full guarantee of satisfaction,
or your money back,
Sold In this community only t
72ie ReXGlMLi Store
Henry L. Perry
Phone 75 Richmond, Ky
To Make Your Hair More
To eive vour hair that gloss and lustre
and wavy, silky softy ness, use Harmony
Hair Beautiher. It takes away ine dull.
dead look of the hair, and makes it bright
turns the sinnginess into numness
overcomes the oily odors and leaves a
sweet, true-rose fragrance makes the
hair easier to put up and easier to keep
in place. It is just exactly what it is
named a hair beauuher, and whether
your hair is ugly or now beautiful, it
will improve its appearance, louilbe
proud pf and delighted with the results.
or your money oacic. ery easy to ap
ply simply sprinkle a nine on your
hair each lime before brushing iu Con
tains no oil; will not change ihe color of
hair, nor darken gray hair.
To keep your hair and scalp dandruff
free and clean, use Harmony Shampoo.
This pure, liquid shampoo is most con
venient to use, because it gives an in
stanianeous rich, foaming laiher that
immediately penetrates to every part of
she hair and scalp, insuring a quick,
thorough cleansingN Washed off just as
quickly, the entire operation takes only
a few moments. Contains nothing that
can hirm the hair; leaves no harsbnesss
or stickiness just sweet smelling clean- j
liness !
Both preparations come in ( dd-shaped,
very ornamental bottles, with sprinkler
tops. Harmony Hair Beautifier f 1.00.
Harmony Shampoo, 50c. Both guaran
teed to satisfy you in every way, or your
money back- sold in tins community
only at our store The Rexall Store one
of the more thau 7,000 leading drug
stores of the United States, Canada aud
Great Britain, which own the bis Har
mony laboratories in Boston, where the
many celebrated Harmouy Perfumes
and Toilet Preparations are made 11.
L. Perry's Rexall Store, Richmond, Ky.
A Blood-stained State.
Mr. O'SuIlivan's interview concerning
the stain of blood on the name of the
State should receive the attention of the
people at home and of those men, who
are to represent these people next winter
at Frankfort, says the Louisville Evening
Murder is the crime which it it safest
to commit. Whether it is symyaihy or
a fellow feeling with the murderer, we
can not telL but here men are slain and
murderers suffer no more than a slight
It should all be changed. The laws
should be simplified; the provisions olear
ly described and the process of indict
ment and trial made so clear that no
Commonwealth's attorney, no judge, no
jury, could err therein.
This contemDt for life casts a shadow
over the whole State, warps the judg
meitt of men, lowers our moral standard,
and greatly retards our natural growth
as well. It is the pestilenoe that stalketh
at noonday, and which haunts the shad
ows of the night. -
Man comes into the world without his
oonsent and leaves it against his will
During his stay on earth his time is
spent in one continuous round of con
traries and misunderstandings. In his
infancy he is an angel; in his boyhood he
is a devil; in his manhood he is every
thing from a lizard up; in his duties he
is a fool; if he has no family he is com
mitting race suicide; if he raises a check
he is a thief and the law raises Cain with
mm; u ne is a poor man, ne is a poor
manager and has no sense; if he is rich
he is dishonest, but considered Smart;
if he is in politics he is a a grafter and
a crook; if he is out of politics you can't
place him as he is an undesirable citizen;
if he goes to church he is a hypocrite;
it he slays away from church ha is a
sinner; if be donates to foreign missions
he does it for show; if he doesn't he is
stingy and a "tight wad." When he
first comes into the world everybody
wants to kiss him before he goes out
they want to kick him. If be dies young
there was a great future before him; if
he lives to a ripe old age be is in the
way, and only living to save funeral ex-
benses. Life is a funny proposition after
alL . V
Goodbye Dandruff
If you have dandruff it is because the
scalp is too dry and flakes off. Freshen
up the scalp lubricate it and dandruff
Surely try a 90c bottle of Parisian Sure.
It cleanses the hair, nourishes it, "stops
iaiung nair ana itcning scalp, it is just
what you need to make the scalp healthy
ana immeaiaieiy removes dandruff.
JaCKSOn QT nU&neS.nay Run.
In the Kentucky political oolumn of
the Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday, appear-
ed this dopei "Henry Jackson, of Dan
ville, appears to be most likely to make
the race against Representative Harvey
Helm, of Stanford, for the Democratic
nomination in the Eighth District, and
it la ifin hnlnv whin rut iwt fehnnt Lhttfc
Judge John W. Hughes, of Harrodsburg,
who has Just been appointed Collector
nuointed Collector
of Internal Revenue at Danville, may I
conclude to out in for Congress."
For Sale,
Residence on Smith-Ballard street.
Eight rooms; lot 60x200; electrio light,
water and gas; stable, buggy-house, etc.
For further information address J. P.
Rourke, Paris, Ky., or call on J. J. Mc-
Carty, Smith-Ballard St., city. 10-tf
Owensboro, Ky. The teachers of
the First and Third congressional dis
tricts closed a two-day conference
here. A number of prominent educa
tors were on the program, among
whom are McHenry Rhoades, Lexing
ton, state supervisor of schools; N. C.
Hammack, president of the Kentucky
Educational association; Prof. R. P.I
Halleck, Louisville; Dr. William F.
Bock, supervisor of the Indiana
schools, and Dr. Ora Samuel Gray, Bos
ton. Dr. Ward King, of Split-log drag
fame, addressed the teachers on good
road 3. Mr. King gave a demonstration
of the use of the split-log drag on one
of the country roads under the
auspices of the Owensboro Chamber of
Hazard, Ky. An alarm of fire stop
ped the argument of Senator Hogg,
one of the half dozen attorneys in the
case of the commonwealth against
Emma Eversole, who shot and killed
her husband, Mac Eversole, former
sheriff of Perry county, last Septem
ber. The fire was discovered in room
io at the combs Hotel and was ex
tinguished with but slight damage.
There was a large gathering of
women to hear the arguments and the
stampede with a probable loss of life
stopped by prompt action of Sheriff
Horn and his deputies who held the
crowd back long enough to give the
people time to collect their wits and
act with prudence.
Louisville, Ky. Champ Clark,
Speaker of the House of Representa
tives, and Henry Watterson will be
aaked to deliver addresses at the un
veiling of the statue of George D.
Prentice, which was presented to the
board of trustees of the Louisville
public library by the Louisville
Courier Journal and The Times. The
committee appointed to decide where
the statue shall stand has announced
that it will be placed in front of the
main entrance to the library. The
base of the statue will be of Bowling
Green stone. Including the base the
total height will be about eleven feet
The date for the unveiling has not yet
been announced.
Harrodsburg, Ky. The Farmers In
stitute held four days' session last
week. The teachers performed their
work admirably, but the farmers failed
to attend as they should have, and as
a rule manifested little interest. Only
twenty-five to thirty-five attended each
day. Those who attended are extrava
gant in their praises of the institution.
Sixty high school boys and girls at
tended the afternoon sessions. The
girls were specially interested in Miss
Aubin Chlnn's talks and experiments.
Miss Chinn was the official instructor
in home economics.
Whitesburg, Ky. A party of revenue
officers, led by United States Marshal
W. B. Adington, raided five large
moonshine stills along the headwaters
of Pound river, in Wise county, Va.
Three alleged moonshiners. Creed
Wells, Daug Wampler and Hugh El
liott were arrested. This was the
most important moonshine raid made
along the border in several weeks.
Moonshining seems to be on the in
crease along the mountain border.
Hickman, Ky. The Erie Basket Co.
is installing the machinery for its new
It began operations with han-
maenmes. This company manu-l
facturea handles of all kinds, berry
baskets, strawberry boxes, etc. Its
headquarters are in Canada. It is the
only concern of this kind In Western
Hickman, Ky. The expert sent out
from the department of agriculture at
Washington to study the adaptability
of this section to fruit growing baa
made Tery favorable report of the
country from Paducah to Reelfoot lake,
below Hickman, saying that this part
of western Kentucky as .well as the
Osark belt of Missouri may be called
'The Land of the Big Red Appple."
very little fruit is now grown in this
section, the attention of farmers being
given to cotton.
I 11 ATTT C I hlC P
W offer On Hundred Dollar Reward tor an
iae of Catarrh Uiat caunt b cured bj Hail's
Catarrh Core.
F. 1 CHENEY CO.. Toledo. O.
Wa. the mderalmed. han known F. I.
Chener for tba laat IS Team, and bellev him
perfectly honorable ! all bualneea transaction
ana ananciaiiy aot to carry oat nnj oougauoas
aud by hi nrm.
nat. bank of commerce.
Tutaio, Ohio.
Hall' Catarrh Cor I taken internally, acttni
dlrattir motm the blood and mncona aurfaeea ot
tho inttm. Teetlmooiala aent tree. Price IS
eats per bottle. Sold by all Drucsut.
Jaae Hall' ruaUy PUla for ccoaUpatiao.
Hon. Cassius M. Clay's Will
The last will and testament of the
Hon. Cassius M. Clay was presented at
the office of County Clerk Pearce, at
Paris, Wednesday last, for probate. The
document, which is entirely in the hand
writing of Mr. Clay, bears the date of
April 4, 1903, with several codicils added
thereto. The testator first bequeaths to
his wife, Mary Harris Clay, the sanie
rights and personal property that she
would have possess unper the law had
he died intestate, and the balance of his
estate of every description with such ex
ceptions as are later mentioned, is to be
divided equally among his four living
children, Annio B. Shackelford, Sue E.
Goodman, Cassius M , and John Harris
lie directs that his daughter, Mrs.
Shackelford, is to have the silver ser
vice and other personal property belong
ing to his mother, and that Mrs. Good
man, is to have the personal property
belonging to her mother.
To his son, Cassius M., he leaves his
watch, scientific instruments and books
on scieniihc subjects, auu his latner s
portrait; and to his other son, John
Harris, his fishing and hunting tackle
and appliance.
In the last codicil, which bears the
date of November 5, 1913, Mr. Clay di
rects his executors to pay the expense)
of his two sons in getting a college edu
cation, and that $0,000 each of such
amount shall not be charged against
them in the division; that they shall
have from his estate $9,000 each free
from any limitations; and that Mrs.
Goodman shall be given $4,000 to equal
ize hersharing with the other children.
The estate of Mr. Clay is said to be
worth about $350,000. Among the exec
utors of the estate appear the names of
Judge W. II. Shackelford and Mr. T. J.
Curtis, of this city and county, respec
tively. Kheuma Will Stoo Uric
Acid Deposit.
Ejiecmatic Complications Checked
Asd Thk "Humas Sewers"
The Kidneys, Bowels and Skin are the
'human sewers" which carry off the
impurities in the blood. When these are
clogged Uric Acid sediment lodges in
the muscles and joints and Rheumatism
follows. KHEUMA, the great remedy
for alt forms of the terrible disease.
checks the deposit of Lrio Acid.
"i suffered from Rheumatism for six
years, lned different doctors, with no
relief. 1 have taken three bottles of
RUEUMA and am entirely free from the
disease." P. W. Miller, Catawissa, Pa.
B. L. Middelion will return your mon
ey if it fails. Fifty cents a bottle.
Smoking Habit Increasing.
Between 1903 and 1913 the number of
cigarettes consumed yearly leaped from
three billions to .twelve billions. Dur
ing the same ten years the increase in
the use of little cigars has been from
640,000,000 to a more than 1,000.000,
000 a year, or about 65 per cent. Cigars
themselves have passed the 7,000,000,-
000 mark. But whereas, ten years ago.
! half as many cigarettes were smoked as
cigars, now half as many cigars are
smoked as cigarettes.
Why not bring your tobacco
to the Farmers House. Exper
ienced men in all departments
to look after your interests
New Buyers
in attendance and will prize with
us. Our Auctioneer has no equal.
Visit our sales and be convinced
Farmers Tobacco Warehouse
COMPANY Incorporated
Smith has a lovely baby girl.
The stork left her with a flutter;
Smith named her Oleomargarine.
For he hadn't any but her. J utlge.
Among the many definitions of gen
ious, that of Thos. A. Edison has the
virtue brevity, not to say wit: '"Genius
is two per cent, inspiration and SW per
cent, perspiration." -
Old Lady Here's a quarter for you,
my poor man.
Tramp Lor' bless ycr Lydy, if there
ever was ever a fallen angel, you're it.
Adam. My dear which system of dress
making do you favor?
Eve Well, they all have their mer
its, but the loose-leaf system if good
enough for me.
Judge How did you get that awful
bump on your head ?
Umpson Family quarrel, your hon
or. Judge Hit by a piece of brie a brae
Umpson Not the brack, your honor;
just the brick Judge.
Mother Johnny, you said you'd been
to Sunday-school.
Johnny (with a far away look Yes,
Mother How does it happen that your
hands smell of Hah?
Johnny I carried home the Sunday
school magazine an' the outside page is
all about Jonah and the whale.
"Wimmen certainly ain't got no con
sistency." "What's the matter, John?"
John "My wife chased me out wid a
roll in' pin this morffing and then cried
because I left home without kissing her
good bye."
Every time you make a friend you put
a dollar or more into your Character
Savings Bank.
When a married man has to
use a
nail to connect his trousers with his sus
penders, he is justified in his belief that
marriage is a failure.
An Irishman out of work applied to
the boss of a large repair shop.
When the Celt had stated his sundry
and divers qualifications for a job. the
superintendent began quizzing him a
bit. Starting quite at random he ask
ed Pal:
"Do you know anything about car
pentry?" "Shure !"
"Do you know how to make a Vene
tian blind ?"
"Shure :"
''How would you do it?"
"Allure, I'd poke me finger in hiseye !
Harper's Magazine.
A Trai.i!nj
5ch?Hl fcr Teacher
r'rei t s 4 lf let
Cmr. TntiMMi Frew -
Bui it.-f. Two ai"tt4il 4us
s--v at.l pv-V 4, h"I trail ic Duil-lin
---- i-Vw-. n- s rrrns -fin
i i i -two c..-f-tMr 1. Third T -rm J-nu:r
f AmUT, iiuw ft'inwl ! Jwt W.
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