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; Is tlie Worldl of Ctioei
(GM.EEM aunvdtt'
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Let It Go At That
The following i a dramatical sen
tence: A student was criticized by his
teacher for the use of the word "that,"
but it was proved that that "that" that
that that student used was that "that"
that that student should have used.
Cynthiana Democrat.
Judfce Sullivan at Hospital.
Judge Jere A. SullivaiCof Richmond,
is in Louisville for a few weeks under
going treatment at St. Joseph's Infirm
ary. Judge Sullivan has been in bad
health for a year or more, but his condi
tion is showing much improvement, and
bis friends ate hopeful that he will soon
be his former self. Long a leader in the
Democratic politics of the State, Judge
Sullivan still takes an active interest in
things political. lie is an ardent sup
porter of Gov. James B. McCreary, his
fellow-townsman. Louisville Times.
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Call in $1300,000 of State
State Treasurer Thos. S. Rhea has
called in outstanding warrants stamped
as interest-bearing between date of Oct.
1, '12 and May 21, '13, inclusive. The
interest on these warrants will stop on
Dec. 22. The amount included in this
call is approximately $1,500,000. The
Treasurer also will . disburse approxi
mately $1, 000,000 to the public schools
this mon'h.
The first of two - installments of the
December school fund apportionment
was turned over to lbs city and country
schools Thursday by the Treasurer. The
total amount disbursed was $192,440.31,
of which $400,133.62 goes to the rural
and $92,001.69 to the city schools. The
disbursements of the school fund always
runs a month behind during the fall, but
in December when lax receipts come in,
two disbursements are made, bringing tne workings of the legislative bodies
the apportionment up to dale befgre the there and gave him a knowledge, not on-
end of the calendar year. ly of political conditions, but of what
It is expected the sheriffs will cover
into the treasury $3,000,000 during De
cember, three-sevenths of the State's
entire revenue.
Milo Shanks a Prospective
The subjoined article from the Wav-
1 erly, N. Y., Free Pi ess will be of inter
est to the many friends in this, city and
county of Milo Shanks, a native of Rich
mond and formerly editor of the Panta
graph, of this city:
While it is a little early to tell which
way the cat is coins to jump, so far as
nominations for Congress are concerned,
already there is Ulk of a new candidate
in the field in this district. Conditions
in the Republican ranks point strongly
to Milo Shanks, of Elmira, as the next
Mr. Shanks is at present the editor
and owner of the Elmira Advertiser,
of which paper he took charge five years
ago. Mr. Shanks came to Elmira from
Washington. His work in the capital
city made him thoroughly familiar with
;:f,Y :l
i ii ji
Fine Showing. . -
A fine showing is made in Ihe state
ment just issued by the W. T. B. Wil
liams' Bank at Irvine, of which Mrs.
Kate Clark Williams, well known here,
is vice-president and a director. It has
a capital of $15,000 and a surplus of
$4,000, with individual deposits of $200.
000, while its loans and discunts to in
dividuals and other banks aggregate
over $180,000. But few banks in the
State have a more remarkable record of
success an 1 safe management than the
Williams bank. It is thought tojfbe the
only bank in the Stale which has a wo
man vice-pres ident and director.
Gossips Wrecked a Happy
The story of how small town gossip
wrecked a happy home, told on the wit
ness stand at Wauaegan, III., by John
Richardson, crippled husband of the
woman who was ridden on a rail at Vo
ls, near there, last summer, left the au
dience which crowded the small court
room thoughtful and subdued. Six wo
men were the defendants.
There were smiles when the husband,
with his twisted limbs and the assist
ance of a stout slick, hobbled from the
side of his pretty wife to the witness
chair, but there were none when he had
told his story; .
It was a simple story of love and trust
and loyalty; there was neither malice
nor resentment in it.
"I don't know why they gossiped about
my wife, unless it was because she was
pretty," said the witness. "We were
happy together. I thought that if she
went away the gossip would stop, and I
was going to borrow money so she could
make the trip, when the women attack
ed her."
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Who Can Beat This?
Ever since J. Coleman NefT, of Rich
mond, has been in the "chicken game,"
it has been bis aim to breed ai near the
standard requirements as possible, and
being convinced that the White Rocks
are the best all-purpose fowls, he has
for several years been breeding these
birds exclusively. The following pre
miums show that he has not labored in
vain and that his efforts have been re
warded in the way of premiums as few
have been. Following is a list of recent
winners: At the 1913 Richmond Show
of the Kentucky Branch of the American
Poultry Breeders Association, February
last, first cock, 2d cock, 1st hen, 3d hen.
2d cockerel, 1st pullet, 4 in pullet, 3d
pen. White Plymouth Rock Club Spe
cial for the best cock, best hen and best
At the Blue Grass Fair, at Lexington:
1st cock, 2d cock, 3d cook, 2d hen, 1st
cockerel, 1st pullet, 2d pullet; silveroup
for highest number of points, all Rocks
competing in the show.
At the Kentucky State Fair, at Louis
ville: 1st cock, Hd cock. 3d hen. 5th hen.
1st cockerel, 2d cockerel, 3d cockerel.
1st pullet, 5th pullet, 1st pen, 110 in gold
for best display.
At the Nicholasville K. of P. Fair;
1st cock, 2d cock 1st hen, 2d hen, 1st
cockerel, 1st pullet, 2d pullet, special
premium for best female at the show.
At the Stanford Fain 1st cock. 2d
cock, 1st ben, 2d hen, 1st cockerel, 1st
pullet, 2d pullet, 1st pen.
At the Tennessee State Fair, at Nash
ville: 4th cock, 1st cockerel, 4th oocke'l,
2d pullet, 5lh pullet, 3d pen. Only made
six entries, and every bird received a
At the Hopkinsville Show: 1st cock,
1st hen, 1st cockerel, 2d cockerel. 1st
pullet, 1st pen. Farmers Home Jour
nal. .:
We bays verYth.log new and tresb for
making your Tbankgiving cakes.
. Dl'B. McKinoey. lftVtf
constitutes a statesman. Under his man
agement the Advertiser, the leading Re
publican paper in thisdistrict, hasgreat
Jy prospered, fully justifying the confi
dence placed in its editor by the leaders
of his party. A short time ago he pur
chased the plant.
While Mr Shanks has always been a
Republican, his leanings are strictly
Progressive. He was the leading spirit
in the Fusion cause in the recent mu
nicipal election in Eimira, and helped to
carry the allied non partisan forces to
victory against almost overwhelming
odds. All parties concede him tn ha
clean, broad-minded and four-square.
It is understood among those on the
inside that neither Dwight nor Fassett
will be in the running al the coming
election. It is said that Dwight will de
vote bimse f to State affairs ar.d confi
dently expects to place a Republican in
the Governor's chair next fall. Repub
lican leaders feel certain that the next
Congressman from this district will be
of their political faith, owing to the im
paachmentof Wm. Sulzerand the con
sequent agitation sgainst Tammanv.
Mr. Shanks seems entiLleil tn ih f...n
of the plum tree, and it is whispered
inal His old Washington friends would
welcome mm in Congressional halls.
Neuritis Follows Crippled
Painful Effects of Chrosic Rheuma
tism Quickly Uoutbd by Rheum a.
If your nerves are all crippled from
attacks of Rheumatism, Neuritis can
eisily get a sironu hold on the nerves.
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hardest known to expel, but KHEUMA
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timony is positive proof:
''Last March 1 was so crinnled with
Neuritis in my left limb I could walk
scarcely al ail. Tried all remedies 1
heard of and had two physicians. Noth
ing did me any good until I used Uhf.u-
ma; also used Ksoi.ln Makiiie and
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cine cured me. 'Mrs. C. E. Hayes,
Russell, Kv.
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a bottle.
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n.tve. 2t.
Cottage For Rent.
Five room cottage on West Main street
opposite Judge Burnam's residence. Pos
session given January 1, 1914. Apply to
- Leslie P. Evass,
10-tf. State Bank & Trust Co.
T .11 ' 1.1 - I
yai jjil I, ,.'
A Training
j School for Teachers
ftMe .n-l 1.1 L( r r
rar o -I w i
" T-Tr l . I io 1 r
ii . .iwinl l.- using
' "sit I . t 'iicu "'re, ft . !l timptM
I -t . fir lT.f,n.
-..r.-i r r i ..v..iir 1- T J iflu-
' "' -utfr!7. 'i.f Sclmwl Ju u
The Great Questions.
The currency bill is before the U. S.
Senate. The American commission on
farm finance will soon report to Con
gress. These two problems will be up
permost this winter.
By spring the United Spates will adopt
a reformed system of credits, banking
and currency that may stand for 50
years. We should all work together to
see thai this reform is carried out in a
way that is just to all the people all the
time; also that it provides means where
by farmers shall enjoy more cash, cred
its and co operation.
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ber, smooth finish. Notice
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When Your Blood is Right,
Your Whole System is Right
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Acne, Malaria, Rheumatism
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Suffering Women
Write us your troubles. AH correspondence strictly private
dec 17 p mr n - g03 i2 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, Ark.
4 I

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