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W. M.
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We re
member "
The Welsh Choir is magnificent, they are perfectly
splendid and you may say I said so.Melba, at
Winnipeg, Canada, Nov. 1911
The One Big Musical Event of the Season
The finest, best and most impressive singing I
have ever heard. Rev. J. Whitcomb Brougher,
Los Angeles, Cal
An Entertainment Unique and Wonderful
nlAC I motC I finC nnn I lli;ifTPTTPC- -Thev Understand Their Art Perfectly
u asv.vw7 - -w- The Finest Ladies Chorus in the worm
Prices 50 and 75 Cents
i i i - ;
That Jolly Old Face
That open, hearty, beaming counten
ance of the old "Xmas Angel" and
"General Provider" is the surest sign
of the arrival of the festive season,
and accompanying plethora of good
thinks. You will find our store has
a "Christmassy" look, and that a
Christmassy air pervades every part
of it. We have just as much cheer
to offer you as Old Santa, too, but
in a different line. We are offering
bargains at unheard of prices
The Richmond Climax.
A. ft. Miller, Pres W. G. White. Sec 1 Iran.
DECEMBER 21. 1913
No Paper Next Week.
Folio ing our usual custom, the Cli
max mill not make its appearance next
week, which is the last of the present
year. This is done to give ouremployes
an opportunity to enjoy the holidays.
The ollice will be kept open each day
durinir the week and orders (or job
printing will be executed wiib our usual
Mr. J.C. Hush is visiting Deputy Sher
iff Sant P. Hush.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Phelps spent Mon
day in Lexington.
Mrs. C. B. Ileodren, of Bealtyville,
spent Monday here.-
Miss Annie Mae Walker spent Satur
day in Lexington.
City Attorney D. M. Chenault i
Cincinnati last week.
Mr. Hale Dean lias returned from
business trip to Florida.
Mrs. June Baxter has been very ill
her borne on the Summit.
Mr. William Millard is visiting his
parents in Bristol, Tenn.
Mr. Robert Coll is, of Versailles, was a
visitor her Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Earl Curtis, now of Lebanon, is in
Richmond for a visit with friends.
Mr. Merrill Powell, now of Lexington,
is the guest of Mrs. Hale Dean.
Mr. Mat Cohen, of Lexington, was I
visitor here the first of the week.
Mrs. D. M. Chenault and Miss Jose
phine spent Friday io Lexington.
Miss Rosina Elder, of Paris, was the
guest last week of Miss Mattie Eldor,
Mrs. L.B. Herrington and Mrs. Harvey
Chenault spent W ednesday in Lexington.
Miss Josephine Chenault is visiting
Miss Hazel Grubbs, in Montgomery
Messrs. Thorn psuQ and Logan Burnam
are at borne from college for several
' Mr. Curtis Bennett is at home from
Culver Military Academy or the holi
Mr. William Marstellar it in Rich
mond for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. B. J.
Mr. Henry White, now of Mansfield,
Ohio, is visiting relatives anb friend
Mr. mnd Mrs. Robert Brace, of Stan
ford, were the week end guests of Mrs.
G. B. Turley.
Mrs. Spears, of Lexington, is spending
the holidays with her daughter, Mrs.
U. E. Turley.
Mr. William Burnam is at home from
Kiski College, near Pituburg, Pa., for
the holidays.
Mrs. b. Broaddus, of College Hill, is
able to be out after a serious illness of
several weeks.
Misses Hester Covington and Marianne
CMlins leave the 26ih inst.. to. spend a
week as the guest of Ensign Marshall
Collins, at Annapolis, Md.
Mrs. J. C. Oldham left Monday to
spend several months with relatives in
Hon. J. A. Sullivan returned to Rich
mond the first of the week after several
months absence.
Miss .Norma Oiunchiglianl, who is
studying music in Cincinnati, is at home
lor the holidays.
Mr. M. C. Covington and Miss Jose
phine Covington will spend Christmas
with Mr. and Mrs. Hasbrook Haines, at
Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. R. B. Terrill will leave Saturday
for a month s visit to Mn. Al Kenzer, at
Birmingham, Ala.
Rev. W. M. Williams and wife left
Tuesday for Tollesborro, Ky., to spend
to spend the holidays.
Miss Lillian Nash, of Lexington, will
spend the holiday with the family of
jar. aud Mrs. John JSasn.
Mr. Arnold Hanger arrived Monday to
spend the holidays with bis parents, Mr,
and Mrs. 11. IS. Uanger.
Miss Mary liarrelt Smith is visiune
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pnelps during the
unusimas vacatiou.
Mr. Hart Perry returned Friday to
spend the holidays with bis parents,
Mr. and Mrs. 11. Li. 1'erry.
Mr. Percy Johnson, cashier of the Cit
izens National rsank, Iuisvule, was
here on busiuess Friday.
Mr. and Mrs D. M. Chenault left yes
terday for Ml Sterling, where they will
spend the Christmas holidays.
Miss caihe Miller Shackelford gave
an fermal dance at her home on Lancas
ter avenue, Monday evening.
Miss Diana Yager, of Georgetown,
will be the guest of Mrs. Waller Bennett
for the Cotillion Friday evening.
Mr. Gaines Jasper arrived home Sun
day to spend the holidays with his par
enis, Dr. and Mrs. 11. U. Jasper.
Mr. Sam Park, of Kansas City, is the
euesl of Mr. George Park, of Speedwell,
for the Christmas holidays.
Miss Anne Mae Walker, of Richmond,
will arrive today for a vist to ber aunt,
Mrs. J T. Cox Danville Messenger.
Mr. W. B. Nash, of Dayton, Ohio, is
expected to join his wife and children
and spend the holidays with them here.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker McKinney, .of
Georgetown, were in Richmond, Wednes
day, for the funeral of Mrs. Baumstark
Miss Sue Scrivner will reach home to
morrow from Winchester, to spend the
holidays with her father and sisters
In consequence of the death of Mr.
George Voorhiea, Mr. and Mrs. Camden
have recalled the invitations issued by
them to a caace on the evening of Deo.
25, 1913.
Mrs. . S. Broaddus was called to
Middlesboro, Monday, on account of the
serious illness of ber mother, Mrs. Walter
Miss Hattie Lee Million will spend
Christmas week with Miss Florence
in Lowrenceburg, and attend a dance
Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scrivner and two
sons leave tomorrow for isemaotown
to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs.
Sim Hamilton.
Miss Elizabeth Blanton. Messrs. Edwin
Powell, Thompson Burnam and Chas.
Yaugbt are at home from Danville for
the holidays.
Miss Sarah Marshall, bas returned to
her home in Chicago, after spending sev
eral months with her aunt, Mrs. J. 8.
Messrs. Edwin Cobb and Harry Han
ger, who are attending school at the
University of Missouri, are at home for
the holidays.
Miss Elizabeth Farley and Mr. John
William Farley are spending the holi
days with their grandmother, Mrs.
Llizabeth March.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jett were hosts
at an elegant six o clock dinner last
Wednesday evening in honor of Mr.
Jepiha Jett and bride.
Miss Ada Parke, who has been visit
ing the family ot Mr. and Mrs. 11 l"
Carr, in Lexington, ha returned tJ her
home near Red House.
Mrs. G. W. Duley, of Hoopeston, 111 ,
came 1 uesdav to be al the bedside or
her mother, Mrs. Wilson Tate, wbo has
been ill for month.
Mrs. Mary Roark and daughter, Miss
Kathleen, are spending the holidays with
Mr. and Mrs. Creagan Roark, in Wash
ington City.
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Broaddus gave a
lovely supper to the immediate family
Thursday evening, in honor of Mr. Chas.
Broaddus and bride.
Messrs. Wm. Collins, David Phelps,
James and Curtis Park, Howard Xeale
Thompson, Thos. Mc(kwan and Merritt
Powell, of Slate University, Lexington,
are at home for Christmas.
Mrs. E. II. By bee had as guests last
week Rev. W. S. Grinstead and wife,
Mr. Ralph Scott and wife and Miss El-
ma Singleton.
Miss Geneva Nash, stenographer for
the Long Bell Lumber Co., of Philadel
phia, is spending the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. -Sasli.
Miss May Am merman will return from
Richmond, Friday, to spend the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.N.
Ammermao. Cvnthiana Democrat.
Mr. Tracy Green was the promoter of
a dance given at the Masonio lemple,
Wednesday evening, which was greatlv
enjoved by a number of young people.
W. B. McKinney was in Richmond
Friday on business... Mr. and Mrs. Clay
Brown and children went to Richmond.
Thurday, to make their home Stan
ford Journal,
Messrs. Fred Gumbert, of Huntington,
W. Va , and Chas. Gumbert, of State
College, Lexington',' are with their par
rents. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gumbert,
for the holidays.
Miss Ada Young, who has been teach
ing, at Baldwin, closed her school Dec
13th, with a large attendance. A Xmas
tree was enjoyed by the children and
Mrs. William I. Goodwin and son have
gone to Richmond for a visit. ..Mrs.
Oldham Green and Miss Mary E. Turner,
of Richmond, were guests here this
week Lexington Uerald.
Rev. P.F. Adams and family, of Law
renceburg, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Gentry
and Miss Grace Hall, of Lexington, are
here to spend Christmas with the fami
lies or A. D. and C. D. Miller.
Mrs. D. M. Chenault entertained at
bridge on Saturday of last week. Christ
mas decorations added charm to the
occasion. Miss Madge Burnam won first
prize, and Mrs. Waller Bennett second.
Mr. Joseph Arnold, of Ricemond, spent
Sunday with friends in this city. .Mrs.
K. M. Robertson bas returned from
visit to friends and relatives in Rich
mond and Lancaster. Danville Advo
Mrs. W.J.Xewsom has returned from
Harriman, Tenn., where she has been
visiting rolatives in company with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs W. P. Looper, of
Enid, Oklahoma. Her parents left for
Enid, Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Sullivan and Miss Kathleen
Sullivan, of Lexington, are here and will
spend the holidays with relatives at
White Hall. Miss Sullivan is a student
at Stale University and is one of Rich
mond s most popular girls.
Mr. Harry Morgan has been confined
to his home for the week as a result of
ptomaine poisoning. He was taken sud
denly ill a week ago and for a time his
condition was quite serious, but he is
now able to be out.
Rev. Ashford Reeves, of Winder. Ga .
was in Richmond, Thursday, en route
to Ashland to attend the dedication of
the Christian chnrch at that place. The
initial steps to erect the -building were
taken during Rev. Reeves pastorate of
that church.
The Mary Pattia Music Club met with
Miss Fannie Willging Saturday after
noon Wagner's "Die Meistersinirer"
was the subject of the meeting and a
most enjoyable program was rendered
Miss Hurst. Miss Mauie Russell White
and Miss Cynthia Davison were guests
lor me aiiernoon.
Mr. William Mellon and sister, Miss
Belle liucker Mellon, left here last Mon
day for Oklahoma, to visit their sick
sister. Miss Addie Mellon, who is very
sick and whose prospects for improve
ment are slight. . They are children of
Mr. 11. K. Mellon, of this place.
Quite a number of Richmond peoplo
attended the dedication of Knapp Hall
and the performance of the "Messiah.'
at Berea, Tuesday. Among the number
were: Pror. J U. Crabbe, Mrs R. E.
Turley, Mrs. Bessie Chenault. Rev and
Mrs. K. a. Karnes, Prof, and Mrs. Koch,
Miss Mary Tray nor and Mr. Spears Tur
Mr. Rufus Oldham, of Blooming ton,
111., was a caller al the Climax office las
week. . Mr. Oldham is a native of Estill
county, but resided in Madison manv
years, ana went to uioomington fourteen
years ago, where he and bis family have
prospered. He says there are a number
of ex-Madisonians in and around' Bloom-
ington, all doing well. Mr. Oldham is a
cousin of Mr. Jeff Stone and related to
the Oldham family . throughout lb
Miss Elizabeth Kobuison, of Louis
ville, was in this city last week to call
on Madison s Representatives in the
Legislature and Senate in the interest of
a bill to be introduced io the General
Assembly this winter requiring trained
nurses to be registered. Miss Robinson
is herself a trained nurse. - She bas vis
ited a number of counties and has met
To the Xmas Shoppers
it has always been, to supply your vraats
Practical Gifts for Men, Women and Children
Shoes, Fur-Felt House Slippers for men,
women and children. Neckwear and Socks
to match in Xmas boxes. Neckwear and
Handkerchiefs in Xmas boxes. Gloves,
Hosiery, Men's Jewelry and Mufflers.
Many other wears of the more practical
kinds too numerous to mention.
OUR STORE IS FULL Practical gifts
are always, appreciated, because they last.
We want to see you before you buy.
with much encouragement in her work.
Thirty seven Slates already have such a
The Bible Class of the Christian
church, with Mi. R.E. Turley as teacher,
entertained with a delightful banquet on
Thursday evening at sevin o'clock. The
menu consisted of Oyster soup, pickles,
crackers, celery, old bam, hot rolls, po
tato chips,- fruit salai, coffee, bisque
cream and assorted cakes, after which
the officers were elected for the coming
year and the class was taken in a body
uj Alhambra. with Mr. Elmer Deather
age as host.
The following friends of the deceased
attended from out of the city the burial
last Wednesday of Mrs. Baumstark:
Rev. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Walker
McKinney, Mrs. Robb, Mr. V. Bybee. of
Georgetown: Rev. W. S. Grinstead and
wife, London; Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Old
ham, Mrs. John Tyler. Mt. Sterling;
Mrs. A. B. Singleton, Millersburg; Dr.
Richard Allen and children, Ruckerville,
Clark county: Robert Scott and wife,
Buena Vista, Garrard county; Jos. 8ew
ell, Leslie Bybee and wife, Cynthiana.
Funeral of Mr. lo. .
The funeral services of Mr. G. C. Igo,
who died at bis home on the Lexington
pike Monday night at 11 o'clock, will be
conduced at the grave in the Richmond
Cemetery today at 11 o'clock. Elder E.
B. Barnes officiating. Mr. Igo's death
was not unexpected, his family and
friends having some days ago given up
all hope of recovery. He was one of the
besl known farmers in the county and
will be missed by a large number of
friends. He is survived by one sister,
Mrs. G. G. Perry, of Stanford, and two
brothers. Messrs. B. M. and Alexander
Igo, both of this county.
The Elks will have charge of the re
mains and all Elks are requested to meet
at the lodge room al 10:30 this morning,
preparatory to accompanying the body
to the cemetery. '
''Peg O' My Heart
A notable attraction is promised Lex
ington and vicinity at the Ben Ali The
atre Jan. 1, 2 and 3, with matinees on
the 1st and 3d. in "Peg O My Heart,"
produced by Oliver Morosco with a not
able cast, including Isabel Vernon, Col
in Campbell, Maude Allan, David Proc
tor, May Horan, Pell Trenton. Reginald
Carringlon, Earle Craddock and other
well known theatrical lights.
Peg O'Connell is the daughter of an
Irish-American father, who sent her to
England to visit her uncle. The uncle
dies while she is on the way and leaves
a will thai is a guide-post to her future
From the moment thai Pes, with di
lapidated bag under one arm and still
more dilapidated mongrel under the oth
er arm enters into the presence of her
aristocratio aunt, th real play besrins.
If you waot seats for this most inter
esling play, don't delay, but write right
away to the management of the Ben Ali
for your reserved seats.
Mrs. Louis Robbins left last Tuesay
for Florida.
Misses Nancy and Jane Terry are vis
iting Mrs. Leonard Minter.
Mr. Robert Minter will moye to the
Mrs. Jane Hackett property.
Rev. Boyd, of Louisville, filled his reg
ular appointment at Republican church,
Mr. Willam Bowman and family, of
Island City, have rented a house and
blacksmith shop from Mr. T. II. Parke.
The many friends of Mrs. Mary Bur
gin will reeret to learn of her illness.
She is suffering from a stroke of pa
ralysis. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Burgin are spend
ing a couple of weeks in Missouri. While
there they will attend the wedding of Mr.
Battlelon, a nephew of Mr. Burgin's
Seven farmers of this community have
purchased a tine black Percheroh stal
lion. Bartelso is his name. He will be
kept at the T. H. Parke farm.
There has been quite a smallpox scare
in this community for the past few days.
The coloredschool has clot ed on account
of it. The entertainment was postponed
on account or the scare.
Isaac H. Long, teacher in one the pub
lic schools in the couniy, and Miss Es
telle Jones were united in marriage
l tiursday.
E C. Million, Pres.
T. J. Curtis, Vice Pres.
E. Deatherage, Treasurer
Dr. C. H. Vaught, Sec.
Phone 100
E. C. Million
Capital Stock $33,000
T. J. Curtis Dr. C. n. taught -T. J. Smith
Marion Coy J. M. Haden M. E. Ross
We have sold over our floors thus farover three-quarters of a million
pounds of the new crop Burley tobacco and while we have not reached the
extreme top notch price for separate baskets, we have had a better general
average than we had last year. We have every reason to believe that after
the holidays an active market with strong to increasing prices may be
looked for.
The following are some of our best prices; Coy & Curtis, general av.
erage $13 00; Coy and Prewitt, average 118.00; Ellswick fc Curtis, average
$20 23, one basket brought $10; Forrest Calico, average $17.73; Jerry
Noland, average $18 00.
We have never made statements to misIeadLanycne, make no claims
but those founded on facts. We wish again to repeat:
First, that we give every seller an absolutely square deal whether
he sells thousands of pounds or hundreds of pounds.
SeconJ, that we can, and do, get Just as much fcr your tobacco as
any house in the world for same grades.
Third, that we have plenty of room for you and your teams.
Fourth, that we have an up to date commodious warehouse with
every known facility for handling tobacco.
' Our two houses are connected by a viaduct, the old house being
used as a prizing plant where several of the largest buyers prize all tobac
co purchased in this market. We have had four years experience in the
loose leaf tobacco business which is worth a good deal to you but costs
you not a penny. We urge you if you have neve never sold with us to ask
any one who has, if our treatment does not warrant every claim we make
and we ask you to compare our prices with those of any other house in
the country. If our claims are true, just get in line with the crowd and
bring your tobacco to us. . December 19, will be our last sale before the
holidays but tobacco will be received at any time and sales will be re
sumed December 29. ' -
Thanking yon for your confidence and yorfr business, we are
Very truly yours,
i vn rr?
lilb.Mi'i.'-'- 'w' ;
,M : ( TOiV.
A. sVv , - . V kJ . , kfi J
5 ' - , f K
E ' V J
At The ALHAMBRA nopnni 90
monday - . - ueteiii. L)
Rollie Rose and Miss Ella Hensley,
both of Duluth, this county, were mar
ried Wednesday at the home of the
J. W. Fowler and Miss Nora McCor
mick, Wm. Roberts and Miss Mag?ie
Lamb, of Berea, came to this city Fri
day anc secured marriage licenses for a
double wedding, which took place on
that date at Berea.
Isaac Todd and Miss Ella Baker, of
Ashburry, Ky., were united in the ho)y
bonds of wedlock Thursday at the of
fice of Squire J. D. Dykes, that gentlo
man per forming the ceremony.
Benjamin Abner and Miss Mary Haz
el wood were united in marri:ii:e a' '
couniy clerk's ttlice Tliursiiay. Y.y.
A. J. Tribble perlormini; the cer-Tci
Charles Broaddus ami !; Na:,
Portwood were united in ni.irr .wzt
Thursday at the resilience of K..ier
J. Tribble, that minister perform -u"
ceremony. The bride is a U.iuiiuu i
Mr. Charles Portwood, of 1! beeto :.
ibis county, and is a very a'trm :.
young lady. The uroom is an a !. ;
son of "Cousin" P. 15. Uro.uliius a:i i
a splendid younjr man, worthy in e..
way of the youns woman wlio w '.
through life hand in hand with him
large circle of friends extend hearty c
gratulations to the happy cuupie.
An unequaled assortment of Gift Things that
are useful, appropriate and sure to please
By far the largest assortment of patterns and
styles in Richmond. Imperial, French Folds,
Knits and Reversible Four-in-Hands f)f
put up in Holiday boxes JUI
Any kind of a Shirt that a man could want in the
finest fabrics, choicest colorings and in all sizes
and styles. Biggest value that mon- CI fA
ey can buy. Better ones at $1.50, $2 s u
Tie, fiose arid Silk Handkerchief, perfectly
matched in shade, neatly put up in appropriate
Xmas boxes. They make T1 tl RC
ideal gifts 4t 4u
Suspenders, and Garters beautifully matched in
shade, neatly put up in Xmas boxes. They
make ideal gifts 5QC; $X.5Q
For Men
Black and all colors; 4 pair guar
anteed 3 months $2 00. We have
large assortments in Xmas boxes
50c to $1.50
For Women
Blacks and all colors. 4 pairs
Corner Second and. Main
;s i

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