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couldn't make a better gift to the
whole family. It's a pleasure
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No Longer "Pysical Culture.'
At ;i rcct nt nu'etin' of the Kentucky
PiiVMc! Education Society the term
'-li ical culiure" was declared "cheap
aini t;nury." and all newspaper men
ahd ubi.e jenkers are earnestly re
ijuoi. ,1 iu li scoiniiiue the use of such
ierin. i:-therefor the correct ex
prt-st;ur. "physical education," "phys
ical triusit.i:." or 'Vj muastics." You
mai ;!i; rt f'ire Cut out your "physical
culture," if v.; Jo not wish to be classed
as "cii'-;i a:i.l tawdry."
The Billion-Dollar Hen.
The Li::- oiJ sinking and unpreten
tious Auier,i-..:i in-ii now pets in the class
;! our li,.w:i-u j::;ir Congress, the bil-Ju'ti-duin.r
c i n c;.n. with its by-pro-duc's
and .;!icr i.; the oulputsand assets
tl.ai have fur America the nickname
oflhe bi!iii :,-,l..;:;ir country of civiliza
tion. V. K. T. I'rieUe, of the National
l'ui.i;ry. llulierand Hgg Association, it
authori y fur the biaiement that eggs to
the ;ilue of llmt prodigious amount are
sold annually in America. That is not
to reckon ihe i:re;it loss by breakage in
transit. Atlanta Constitution.
Croup and Cough Remedy.
. rji:. is a terrible disease. It attacks
chi.dr. so suddenly they are very apt
to choke liTilcss triven the proper remedy
at once. There is not hint; better in the
or,d iuh:i llr. K
Oenis (. i.niiio.-rldin, of Manchester, 6.,
Vvrites aijout h is chilrdren; "Sometimes
J cvere huucks we wore afraid tbey
't n remedy l)r. Kind's New Discovery
. e i.a-.e no fear. We rely on it for
erou.. coujrl.s ;iud coltis." So can you.
oc ami i. . bottle should be in every
ome. At ad druggists. II. E. Bucklen
1 1 o., ruilade;phi and St. Louis.
The Cost of Drunkenness.
A writer tu the New York World says:
Vecuiaie as you may about the high
ot of liviiu', ihe reason is self-evident.
f"e act thai it t? OCO 000 0(10
enr to pour whisky down the throats of
-Hi'le ,u are thereby rendered inefB
em to earn their own living, become a
.-ug on others, caure an immense out-
-Y of funds for nrruiprilt inn et rrimai
J necessitate the building and keep-
oi jaus, pKjrnouses, penitentiaries
prisons; the maintenance of pris
: tlie fees of constables, aldermen,
yers; judges, sherirfs, physicians and
lertakers this fact, I say, is reason
.lUgli for the high cost of living. You
isky-drinking men and advocates,
p up and pay your high prices and
t your grumbling, cut out your li-
ised liquor t radio and lower prices
uld quickly result. That 2,000,000,
) is worse than thrown in the fire, for
'se than producing nothing it does
uuce ten limes that amount of ex-
ise to take care of the resultant crime.
rty. idiocy and suffering. by not
'0 itie remedy?
Cottage For Rent
ive room cottage on West Main street
jsite Judge Burnam's residence. Pos
ion given January 1, 1914. Apply to
Leslie P, Evans,
' fifata linn If Ar Trntl fVi
Farmer 5ays Rabbits Are Foes
of Orchards.
"The rabbit is f o.tdUbilioal ani
mal in ibis country. He's a regular
four-footed English sparrow." daclarei
Slate Farmer Charles Mclntyre, of Ohio,
who is up in arms over the State Game
and Fish Commission's plan to pass laws
this winter limiting the number of
"bunnies" hunters may kill.
"Rabbits are doing more to discourage
orcharding in Ohio than any other, fac
tor. Each year they kill thousands of
young fruit trees. As soon as there is a
little snow on the ground they start in
barking the slioots. Farmers can't head
their trees low because the infernal little
nuisances will hop along, rear right up
on their hind legs and nibble off the
young limbs."
Alclntyre is on the warpath. He says
he'll head farmers in a fight against the
proposed Haws.
"There ought to be a bounty for kill
ing them instead of a restriction on
them," he declared.
"Skunks, smell and all, are a boon to
farmers compared to rabbits. They bore
down and destroy the grub worms that
kill out our crops. The only thing that
a rabbit is fit for is to lay Easier eggs."
Profit In Raising Sunflower
Lee Philips, a farmer residing in the
vicinity of Three States, ten miles below
Hickman, Ky., has found much profit
in raising sunflowers for their seed. Mr.
Philips tried the crop more as an exper
iment, the flood having covered his en
lire farm, and ruined his large corn crop,
which he had gotten planted early, and
when finally theaater had subsided and
his ground was dry enough to plant
again, the season was entirely too late
to plant another of corn, so be planted
the sunflower sed as an experiment.
one which has proven quite remunera
tive and also established the fact that
in this territory sunflowers can be profi
tably raised. The sunflower seed which
be planted cost him $1.30 per acre, and
he did not succeed in getting a good
stand, but the yield when harvested
amounted to 00.000 pounds of seed.
which be sold at 3 oents a pound, bring
ing him 1,800.
He bad no labor or expense cuUivat
ing, as he did dot plow them or do any
thing after planting until the harvesting
lime. As is a well known fact, tha sun.
flower turns its face to the sun, facing
the east in the morning and the west in
the afternoon, and it planting the crop,
it is planted in rowsi xtendiug north and
"WelL well," said the doctor as be
met Green on the street, "lctne con
gratulate you. Got tanned; p, filled
out, and looking like a new man. I
told you what a month in the country
would do for you."
"You have surely gained ten pounds
since I advised you to go."
"Yes, 1 think so."
-And your indigestion is gone?"
"All gone."
"And no more stomach troubles V
"Not a bit"
"GoorL Aren't you glad you took
my advice?"
"But I didn't, doctor. Instead of go
ing to the country I stayed right home
prd worked fourteen hours a day, took
a PEPSINAID Tablet after each meal
and ate everything that was placed be
fore me. Nothing like It for Indiges
tion, Dyspepsia, and other disorders
arising from faulty digestion. Recom
mend them to your other patients
every time." adv.
y we
A Classic From Woodrow
Woodrow Wilson's reply to a body of
suffragists who urged that he recommend
women's - suffrage to Congress, was a
classic, botn in thought and expression
He said:
"Whenever I walk abroad I realize I
am not a free man, I am under arrest.
I am so carefully and admirably guarded
that I have not even the privilege of
walking the streets. That is, as it were,
typical of my present transference from
being an individual, with his mind on
any and every subject to being an official
of a great government, and, incidentally
or so it falls out under our system of
Government, the spokesman of a party.
"I set myself this very strict rule when
I was governor of New Jersey, and have
followed it as president and shall fol.
low it as president that I am not at
liberty to urge upon Congress, in mes
sages, policies which have not had the
organic consideration of those for whom
I am spokesman.
"In other words, I have not yet pre
sented to any legislature my private
views on any subject, and never shall,
because I conceive that to be part of the
whole process of the government, that I
shall be spokesman for somebody, not
for myself. It would be an imperti
nence. hen I speak to myself,. I am
an individual; when lam spokesman of
an organic body, I am a reptesentative.
"For that reason, you see, I am by my
own principal shut out, in the language
of the street, from 'starting anything.'
I have to confine myself to those things
which have been embodied as promises
to the people at an election. This is the
strict rula I set for myself.
"I wanltotay with regard to all other
matters, I am not only glad to be con
suited by my colleogues in the two
houses, but I hope they will often pay
me the compliment of consulting me
when they want to know my opinion on
any subject. One member of the Rules
Committee did come to me and ask me
what I thought about this suggestion of
yours of appointing a special committee
of the House, as tlieSflnate has already
appointed a special committee for the
consideration of woman's suffrage, and
told him that I thought it was the
proper thing to do.
'"So, that so far as my personal advice
has been asked by a single member of
the committee, it has been given to that
effect. I want to tell you that to show
that I am strictly living up to my prin
ciples. When my private opinion is
asked by those co-operating with me, I
am most glad to give it, but ( am not at
liberty until I speak for somebody be
side myself to urge legislation upon the
Animal Should Be Carefully Watched
and Fed on Slop Ration Supply
' Freeh, Dry, Clean Bedding.
A few days before farrowing the
sow should be placed In a clean, roomy
pen In the central hog house or In
special portable house.
When the udder of the sow becomes
distended and milk can be drawn from
the teats she may be expected to far
row In ti hours. She should then be
closely watched and fed a slop ra
tion rather than a dry feed, to keep
her bowels open. She should have
medium supply of fresh, dry, clean,
dustiees bedding. Barley straw or
wood shavings should be avoided.
Little pigs are very sensitive to cold
and it they arrive during cold weather
they must be given special attention.
If a litter Is farrowed In a small port
able house the air may be consider
ably wanned by banging a lantern
from the celling, and doors will add
greatly to the comfort of the animals.
In a large hog house It Is best prac
tice to put the little pigs as soon as
farrowed Into a tight wooden box with
ciean straw and cover the box witn a
blanket The pigs will nestle together
and keep themselves warm. Should
the weather be extremely cold hot
bricks may be put In the bottom of
the box and covered with an old blan
ket with dry straw on top for the pigs
to rest in. Little pigs should be kept
In the box for 24 hours longer, taking
them out for a short time every two
hours to nurse.
A sow should be kept quiet and fed
little, If t all. during the first 24 hours
after farrowing. She may be given a
drink of water, followed by a light
bran mash. The feed Is then gradu
ally Increased np to the tenth day,
when a full ration may be ted. By
thus being careful milk fever In the
ow. and scours In the Digs are nre-
south, which makes
the wagons driving
it easy to gather.
along the way the
flowers are facing an! threshing the seed
off into a wagon. TSie eiDerimem l
wnolly new and nciel in this State.
:-.. .: 1 .. ..
iuu is aiiraciing mucu attention.
We have everything new and tresh for
making your Tbankring cakes.
D. B. M:Kinnev. 16-tf
for Teachers
Li Bui. Ri.
'Mir. Sot!
Of a.4 Itrlt,
M. Tnitio. Pre
l-M. Tw. .Din4U 4
mltorl... mm mmM MS 1. t r,ttl ml.l.t Sit41n
treU. rtrmI, d-firtmft.f TrSjt.r.. well q.ipt'd
feM&tw.. Aitomd Tm Wo mb.r S Thtrt Iff. JUMn
n. Fnvna T-na April 1, SuuMtfkMl fvM Jum U,
r.uiofMrn I
J. a. CRAJtK, Prr.lAetit- ,
No. 24 Fountain Syringe
No. 2 size; finest glide rub
ber, smooth finish. 1 Notice
ihe large, full mouth mat per
mits easy and quick! filling.
Full length, extra larre tub
ing and three rapid floJ screw
pipes. A guaranteed! outfit
and only " s
Richmond Drug Co.
Georgetown, Texas. J. A. Kimbro,
says; "For several years past Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound has been my
household remedy for all coughs, colds,
and lung troubles. It has given perma
nent relief in a number of cases of obsti
nate conghs and colds." Contains no
opiates. Refuse substitutes.
Time Will Tell.
A few days ago an Eastern man wrote
a friend in Washington and asked him
whether he thought the Wilson admin
istration a success. The friend replied:
"It is too early to say as yet whether the
administration has succeeded. But Wil
son is a success." ' v
He then explained that President Wil
son is succeeding in donig the thsngs he
promised to do, and added: "Whether
the administration is a success, however,
depends uopn whether the Democratic
phhlosophy is economically correct.
The people took the party at its word.
Wilson is carrying out the pledge con
sistently. The character of Mr.' Wilson
himaelf gives the greatest hope to hi
friends that he will prove to be right.
But time will prove that."
There is no denying that the President
has won the country by his sincerity in
doing what he promised to do and accept
the full responsibility the people placed
on him hence personally he has sue
ceeded. The big questions to come np
during tbe next three years are ques.
tions about which even big men differ.
If the Democ ratio attitude on these
questions proves to be correct by actual
application, the Democratic administra
tion will have been justified. If the
Democrats are proved to be wrong in
their economic policies, then, .of course.
President Wilson's fine character, hon
esty and great ability will, not save the
administration Paducah News-Demo
M M. Hamilton Says
' Something.
Mack Hamilton, the East Main street
.neat and groceryman, wants you to try
his meat market Ha is an old veteran
in the meat business "and knows "what
is what" To avoid delay phone your
orders early. He pays lbs highest pries
for produce, eggs, butter, dressed pout
rj.eto. Phone 611 13 tf
When Animal Does Not Grind Its
Feed Thoroughly Box May Be
Arranged tike Illustration.'
To prevent the greedy animal from
eating so fast that it does net grind
Its grain well, the feed box may be
arranged like the one shown here.
The box Is built on both sides of the
partition with only a narrow opening
Feed Bex for Greedy Horse.
at the bottom. The feed Is put Into
the outside half of the box and runs
through the small opening slowly,
says the Wisconsin Agriculturist
Grain is thus fed more economically
and to greater advantage, as It can
not be bolted quickly by the hungry
or over eager horse. A slide on the
outside can easily be arranged to reg
ulate the size of the opening through
which the grain passes to the Inner
feed box.
When Your Blood is Right,
Your Whole System is Right
If You Have any Blood or Skin Disease
Do Not Delay until it is too late
but Order
Syphilis, Eczema, Erysipelas,
Acne, Malana, Rheumatism
and All Other Forms of Blood and Skin Diseases
Hot Springs Physicians pronounce this the Greatest Blood and Skin
.Remedy ever placed on the market
Full Course TreatmentSix Bottles $ 18.00
Single Bottle $5.00
We Prepare a Remedy for Every Disease
Our Treatment for Female Ills is the Greatest of its Kind Ever Offered
suffering women
Write us your troubles. All correspondence strictly private
803 1-2 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, Ark.
dec 17 exp mar 11
Shoe Shining By Machinery.
The businesss of shoe shining as it is
now conducted win soon oe a ining 01
ihe past if a new invention which has
lately appeared in Europe proves popu
lar. By means of this new device you
are enabled to walk up to a huge slot
machine,, drop in your nickel, insert
your shoe in a groove provided lor me
purpose and get a first-class shine by
electric motor with all the speed and
efficiency whiph such a method suggests.
Il is said that the machine will hand
out a completed hhine or polish in about
half the time usually required at the
old-lime shoe shining parlor.
A healthy man is a king in his own
right; an unhealthy man an unhappy
slave. For impure blood and sluggish
liver, use Burdock Blood Bitters. On
the market 35 years. (1.00 a bottle.
True Love.
The course of true love never did and
never can run smooth. If it did it would
not be true love. The single certain sine
qua non of true love is that it shall not
un smooth. For such is tbe constitu
tion of human nature.
When people set out to be friendly and
congeoial they can succeed only by keep
ing up a gentle hostility. Consider the
average evening call. How tiresome it
is untifsome one starts an argument, or
game of cards is proposed. That ac
counts for the popularity of games. They
furnish a sham and innocuous hostility
ilbout which society with one's fellows
is deadly. Men and women can be happy
together for days at a time U tbey are
contending at golf at tennis, at cards or
around drawing
!airismi Rational anh
has just distributed
tjother games.
Removal of Growth While In Tissues
by Use of Knife Is Considered
Satisfactory Method.
The most satisfactory way of treat
ing lumpy Jaw la to remove the
growth with a knife when In the
tissue only. The animal Is thrown;
the skin Is cut orer the tumor, and
tha swelling removed by cutting
around It In the healthy tissues. If
hemorrhage la large the Teasel may
be tied or taken up with the forceps;
bleeding from smaller vessels may be
eared with a'red hot Iron.
The wound should be washed with
an antlseptlo In one per cent solu
tion after the tumor Is removed, and
then packed with antiseptic gauss or
cotton, and the wound stitched up.
Tha next day remove the stitches
and treat as an open wound.
Segregate Cattle and Horeea.
Cattle and horses should not run
together and be - shut In the same
small corral together. It may be all
right to pasture them together, but
in tha corral, particularly during the
cold weather, one la liable to hurt the
otlrer. Horses will run the cattle and
cattle may hook the horses.
Not Beyond Help At 87.
Sleep-disturbing bladder weakness,
stiffness In joints, weak, inactive kidney
aotion and rheumatic pains, are all evi
dence of kidney trouble. Mrs. Mary A.
Dean, 47 E. Walnut 8U, Taunton, Mass,
writes: "I have passed my 88th birth
day, and thought I was beyond the reach
of medicine, but Foley's Kidney Pills
have proved most beneficial in my case."
We handle a full line of tuple ana
fancy groceries, queensware, feeds, salt,
eto. - D. B. McKinney. 16-tf
e People who can sit
rooms or verandas or clubs for any great
length of time and chat agreeahly are
degenerate, Tbey have lost their spirit
and might as well be dead Lippincott.
" Uncle Sam's Farms.
The opening of the Fort Peck Indian
Reservation recently was called one of
the last great drawings of land Uncle
Sam can bold; he is not nearly at the
end of his spare land, however.
There remains 65)2,000,000 acres of
public lands. More than half these are
in Alaska, but there is in the old United
Slates enough land to make ten States
the size of New York.
Rather more than enough land to
make a Connecticut, Massachusetts and
Rhode Island was patented in the fiscal
year of 1911-12.
The remainioing land if it were all
available, would support a sparse grain
growing population of 15,000,000, not
countihg some millions more in the cit
ies created thereby: or a denser farming
population of 60,000,000.
Of course, it is not all available. Much
of the land will apparently always re
main worthless. Much can be made
useful by drainage, dry-farming, terrac
ing or irrigation. Tbe proportion of
land so reclaimed will depend upon eco
nomic conditions and the pressure of
population. But there is certainly room
for some millions more of farming pop
ulation upon public lands.
Constipation Poisons You.
If y6u are constipated, your entire sys
tem is poisoned by the waste matter kept
in the body serious results often follow
Use Dr. King's New Life Pills and you
will soon get rid of constipation, head
ache and other troubles. 25o at drug
gists or bv mail. U. E. Bucklen & Co.,
Philadelphia and St. Louis.
For Sale,
Residence on Smith-Ballard street.
Eight rooms; lot 60x200; electrio light,
water and gas; stable, buggy-house, eto.
For further information address 3. P.
Rourke, Paris, Ky., or call on J. J. Mo
Carty, Smith-Ballard St., city. ""16-tf
to the members of its Christmas
Savings Club, representing only
six months' savings : : : :
The next Club will start
Monday, Dec. 29tli
Be sure that you become
a member
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