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Buy It Because It's a Better Car
MoJel T GCrCi
T..ri. Car J)DDU
Get particulars from
The Madison Garage
Irvine Street ' Phone 694
I V"V i " nne t ''.!io co.. A
If every wish were granted,
If every hope came true,
If every seed we planted
A lovely blossom grew;
If eveiy day were sunny.
And every one were wise,
There'd be no sweet in honey,
There'd be no joys to prize.
If we knew that tomorrow
Would be just like today.
With not one touch of sorrow,
No care to spoil the play;
No doubt and no misgiving.
No heart-aches and no fears,
Then vain were all our living
We'd crave the joy of tears.
We'd sigh for secret sorrow,
We'd long to feel the rain,
And we should yearn to borrow
The blessedness of pain.
For more than all the pleasure
That came and quickly fled
Adown the years we treasure.
The tears that we have shed.
Must Have Been Rich.
t The following card of thanks appear
ed in the Center, Mo.. Herald:
"We wish to thank those who offered
and assisted us in the death of our
ancle." '
Mules Per Pound.
The Lebanon Enterprise says Buckler
Sl Sanders bought Tuesday of John E,
and Tom Thompson 21 head of mules at
18c per pound. The average price per
mule was $175.
Somewhat Mixed.
A justice of the peace, who was about
o perform a marriage ceremony, got his
ituals mixed: "Madam," he said, ad
dressing the bride, "do you agree to take
bis man f'r your lawful and wedded
osband?" After the young lady had
plied in the affirmative, the justice
lrned to the bridegroom and delivered
imself as follows: "Prisoner at the
ir, what have you to say In your own
For dyspepsia, or national ailment,
?e Burdock Blood Bitters. Recom
ended for strengthening digestion, pu
rging the blood. At all drugstores.
.00 a bottle.
There are robbers in your pastures
I and tbpy ere stealing your profits. If
.; your sheep are infested with worms,
yoa should stop the loss. Worms
; make poor wool, few lambs, less
s weight of mutton. They curve your
; stock, make them tick tnd finally kill.
A Guaranteed Medicated Salt
VJlll KUI IVojms
Sold under a guarantee to kill and
expel all free etom&ch and intestinal
wornii Will pat sheep, hojrs and all
stock, in prime condition. Tones np
the Bystam, sharpens the appetite,
helps to put on fat quickly. Different
from all other worm remedies. Safe,
6 ore and costs little 1-12 cent a day
per hog or sheep. Use Sal-Vet and
your stock will doctor themselves.
For Sale by
y. D. Buckley & Co
Looking Ahead.
In little things we must look ahead
and think of the future. Perhaps the
little deed of kindness, the loving word,
smile, or the wrong act, idle word or an
gry frown, may not affect our lives nor
the lives of anyone else today. Let us
not think of the present, but looking in
to the hereafter, see what the influnce
will be there.
It is more subtile and, so to , speak,
higher affairs than these that the wis
dom of looking ahead asserts itself.
When Esau, coming in weary and
spent from the hunting Meld, sold to the
crafty Jacob for a mess of pottage the
birthright which belonged to the elder
biother, he simply did what hosts of
men have been doing ever since. He
did not look ahea , but acted on the im
pulse of the moment. For a temporary
pleasure, an apparent present advantage
he bartered his heaven-bestowed right to
dignity, consideration and manhood.
And yet today, many of us, to gratify
ourselves for the present, indulge in
some pleasure which perhaps may be
our ruin. It is done without thought
for the future.
In Esau was exemplified the fatal
weakness which is the besetting danger
of strength. Not one of us who forgets
to look ahead when accepting some com
promise with conscience or venturing
into some doubtful path is the least no
bler or wiser than Esau.
Let us look even farther, yea, beyond
this transient life to the eternity beyond
and, looking above in thoughtfiilness
and prayer, prepare ourselves for
The beautiful home over there
Where flowers eternal bloom.
And loved ones watch ing a land so fair
For others to join them soon.
Shelby Record.
Cottage For Rent
Five room cottage on West Main street
opposite J udge Burnam's residence. Pos
session given January 1, 1914. Apply to
Leslie P. Evans,
State Bank & Trust Co.
Save The Skunk.
The skunk has been added to the list
of natural resources which should be
conserved or protected before extermi
nated. The Department of Agriculture
classifying this animal as of "great
economic importance" in a statement
made public some days ago, asks that it
be given the same protection that the
Federal agents now are compelled to ex
ercise in the prevention of the slaughtei
of game birds.
Geo. A. Johnston, of Enoxville, visit
ed his parents. Dr. tnd Mrs. S. N. John
ston, during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Mobley, of Ilamil
ton, O., visited the latter's pareuts, Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Dalton, several days
last week.
Gray Woolery returned to Kalamazoo,
Mich., Monday, after spending a week
with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J B.
Woolery, and family, of Fairfield, 111.,
are spending a few weeks with Mr. and
Mrs. W. R, Woolery.
Henry Baker, of Berea, died Friday
of tuberculosis. The burial took place
in the Red Hill cemetery on last Satur
Cheer Up, Brother!
So you feel that you are a failure be
cause you do not measure up to your
own standards every day in the week 1
Buck up, brother! That's the way all
good, go-ahead men feel at times.
If they weren't dissatisfied with their
performances as well as their promises,
they'd be trotting around in a circle, and
that means business dry rot, if any one
asks you.
A certain amount of self-dissatisfac
tion is the best tonic in the world for the
genus man.' It keeps him from brood
ing on being a man like David Harum's
flea-bitten dog, you know.
As long as you can find fault with
yourself and your works; you're alive,
my friend.
When you get to the point where you
feel sorry for other men, or managers,
or presidents or porters as for your
self, then is the time for the doctor to
put you on a diet and prescribe perfect
quiet to keep you from going crazy
about yourselL-
Don't get the f looms over self-distrust.
Ambition and dissatisfaction are half
ire halfj
' brothers, anyway.
4 '
Value of Rheuraa From
. The Court.
Judge Barhossl was Relieved ol
Rheumatism Alter Doctors
Had Failed.
If you have tried many other remedies
and doctors' treatments for Rheumatism
and found they failed, do not be skep
tical about tryinglHEUMA. Read the
testimony of Judge John Barhorsi, of
Fort Loramie, Ohio:
"After treatment by three doctors
without result, I have been cured of a
very bad case of Rheumatism by using
two bottles of RHEUM A. It is now two
years since I used the remedy, and I am
still as well as ever. Previously. I was
a cripple, walking with crutches." '
Such testimony should be convincing.
50 cents of 0. L. Middelton, and guaran
teed. Much Needed Law.
One of the "nost important measures
that should be passed by the Kentucky
Legislature is a corrupt practice act. We
have had many evidences in recent years
of the necessity of such a law. Judge
Benton, at Winchester, was handicap
ped in the prosecution of bribery in
elections by our very deficient laws on
this subject. At Bowling Green and at
other places attempts have been made
by the courts to stop bribery in elec
lions. In nearly every contested elec
tion case during the past year, including
those for judicial oflices, corruption was
shown. The use of money in elections
has grown to such an alarming propor
tion that in some sections of the Slate
men of means have been bankrupted in
running for office by the large sums of
money they have been forced to spend to
secure office.
Under the laws of Kentucky a man
can be convicted of murder or house
breaking, or any other felony, on the
testimony of one witness, while for bri
bery it requires two witnesses. If one
witness can convict a man of murJer,
certainly one witness should be suffi
cient to convict of bribery.
The corrupt practice act should make
the punishment for buying votes very
much greater than for selling votes. A
fine of $25 should be the limit for selling,
while the fine for buying should be $500
and a jail sentence.
Another provision which would aid in
bringing about clean elections would be
a provision which would prevent any
citizen from qualifying for office when
it is shown that he either directly or in
directly used money to secure the of
fice. A stringent corrupt practice act would
be one of the best and most useful laws
that the Kentucky Legislature could
pass when its meets in its regular ses
sion. Elizabethtown News.
Bustles CominA Back, Girls.
They're coming back yes, bustles!
They'll be the "real thing" next spring,
icording to suit and cloak sharps of
New York at a fashion show there, at
which the latest Paris freaks were on
view. Four of the concoctions have
reached America, and to make it worse,
HI four still have the hobble effect about
the feet.
Ahead of The Times.
The funmakers who, two years ago,
jollied Representative Konig, of Balti
more, because he incorporated in his
sketch in the Congressional Directory
that he. was "married "and lived with
his wife," are respectfully referred to
the new income tax feature of the tariff
act, which require a man claiming an
exemption of 1 1,000, because married.
to state whether he is living with his
wife. , If they are living apart, tha ex
emption fails. Mr Konig was merely
two yeass ahead of the country in sup
plying domestic data Boston Globe.
New Parcels Post Rates.
Postmasters have been instructed by
the Third Assistant Postmaster General
as to the changes in parcels post rates
and regulations, effective from Jan. 1st,
by order of Postmaster General Burle
son. The orders provide for a reduc
tion of rates in the third, fourth, fifth
and sixth zones and for an increase in
weight limit to 50 pounds on parcels
mailed for delivery in the first and sec
ond zones.
After March IS next books shall be
embraced in the fourth class of mail,
regular zone rates' being applied to par
cels or books weighing over eight oun
ces. ' Parcels of eight ounces or less will
be required to pay one cent for each two
ounces or fraction thereof.
EETes in Poor Blood, Cough and
Wom-Out Condition.
Grippe, pleurisy, pneumonia are
greatly to be feared at this season.
To prevent grippe from being fol
lowed by either pleurisy or pneumo
nia, it Is , Important to drive the last
traces of it out of the system.
Our advice Is to take Vinol, our
delicious cod liver and iron prepara
tion without, oil - and get your
strength and vitality back quickly.
W. W. Lake of Aberdeen, Miss.,
says: Grippe left me weak, run-down
and with a severe cough from which
I suffered for a long time. I tried
different remedies, but nothing seem
ed to do me any good until I took
Vinol from which I received great
benefit. My cough is almost entirely
gone and I am strong and well again."
Try Vinol with' the; certainty that
if it does not benefit you we will give
back your money.
P. S. For Eczema of Scalp trj;
our Sazo Salve. We guarantee it!
L. Middelton, Richmond, Ky
are eurmble. All kinds
mean ulferinir and
danjrer. Tha CAUSE
is always internal.
Dr. Leonlfardt
tablets produce amazuisr resuts attacking e
INTERNAL CAUSE. The ni" re dried up ana
permanently cured. 24 day8 .treatment, $1.00.
DR. LEONHAKDT CO.. ButUlo. Y. uree doom
Sold by B. L. Middleton and all druggist!.
A check for $.m000 was handed to
Cardinal Gibbons yesterday as a contrl
bution for the Catholic University at
Washington from the Knights of Co
lumbus of the United States. It is pro
posed to found fifty scholarships for
young men stud ing for the priesthood
at the university. The Knights have
been working nearly three years to se
cure the funds. It is the largest contri
bution that has been made to the uni
versity. For Frost Bites and Chapped
For frost bitten ears, fingers and toes;
chapped hands and lips, chilblains, old
sores, red and rough skin,here is noth
ing to equal Hucklen's Arnica Salve.
Stops the pain at once and heals quickly.
In every home there should be a box
handy all the lime. Host remedy for all
skin diseases, itching eczema, tetter,
piles, etc. 25c. All
druggists, or by
mail. II. E. Bucklen & Co.,
phia or St. Louis.
In China in 1842, after the first 35
years of missionary work, there were
only .16 converts. In 18G0 there were
1)6). In 1S77 there were 13,900; in 1890,
3-7,000: in 18U6, 191,000. This year, after
a little more than a century of mission
ary endeavor, there are between 300,000
and 400.000.
Wonderful Cough Remedy.
Dr. King's New Discovery is known
everywhere as tlia remedy which will
surely stop a cough or cold. 1) P.Luwson
of Edison, Tenn.. writes: ' Dr. King's
New Discovery is the most wonderful
cough, (old, throat and lung medicine 1
ever sold in my store. It can't be beat.
It sells without any trouble at all. It
needs no guarantee." This is true, be
cause Dr. King's New Discovery will re
lieve the most obstinate of coughs and
colds. Lung troubles quickly helped by
its use. You should keep a bottle in the
house at all times for all the members
of the family. 50c and $1. All druggists,
or by mail. II. E. Kucklen & Co., Phil
adelphia or St. Louis.
Annual losses suffered by New York
merchants through commercial frauds
aggregate $$1:5,000,000, according to a
committee of business men.
Worms The Cause of
Child's Pains.
A foul, disagreeable breath, dark cir
cles around the eyes, at times teverish,
with great thirst; cheeks flushed and
thtn pale, abdomen swollen with sharp
cramping pains, are all indications of
worms Don't lat jour child suffer
Kk kai-oo Wokm Kim.kk will give sure
relief. It kills the worms while its lax
ative effect add greatly to the health of
your child by removing the dangerous
and disngreeable effect of worms and
parasites from the system. Kickai'Oo
Worm Killek as a health producer
shold be in every household. Perlectly
safe. Buy a box to-day. Price 25c Ail
druggists or by mail. Kickapoo Indian
Medicine Co., Philadelphia or St. Louis.
Hon George Morgan Thomas, 85 years
old, well known lawyer and prominent
in Kentucky politics, died at his home
in Yanceburg.
Do you begin to cough at night, just
when you hope to sleep? Do you have a
tickling throat that keeps you awake?
Just take Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound. It will check the cough and
stop the tickling sensation at once.
Does not upset the stomach, is best for
children and grown people. For sale by
all druggists. Jan,
Emmett Skinner, a student of the
Louisville Training School, was killed
by an automobile of Dr. J. B. Thompson
in Grand boulevard yesterday afternoon.
An Ideal Woman's Laxative.
Who wants to take salts, or castor oil,
when there is nothing better than Dr.
King's New Life Pills for all bowel trou
bles. They act gently at d naturally on
the stomach and liver, stimulate and
regulate your bowels and tone up the
entire system. Pi ice 25c. At all drug
gists. U. E. Bucklen &, Co., Philadel
phia or St. Louis.
The immediate effect of Wisconsin's
new eugenics marriage law, in the first
week -of its enforcement, has been to
reduce- the number of licenses issued
almost to nothing.
Any skin itching is a temper tester.
The more you scratch the worse it
itches. Doan's Ointment is for piles,
eczema any itching skin. 5uc at all
drug stores.
Charles W. Morse, former "Ice King,"
who served "time" in the Atlanta peni
tentiary, will ask for a congressional
inquiry into the circumstances of his
Goodbye Dandruff
If you have dandruff it is because the
scalp is too dry and flakes off. Freshen
up the scalp lubricate it and dandruff
Surely try a 50c bottle of Parisian Sage.
It cleanses the hair, nourishes it, stops
fahing hair and itching scalp. It is just
what you need to make the scalp healthy
and immediately remove dandruff.
Secretary McAaoo, of the Treasury
Department, has asked Congress for an
appropriation of $47,000 with which to
establish in some Southern city a hos
pital for the study of pellagra.
Stop Look Listen
Thousands Now Using Wonderful
Liver Remedy From Hot
Springs Arkansas.
- There's a better remedy for constipa
tion, liver and stomach trouble than
dangerous calomel. Thousands are prais
ing gentle, sure Hot Springs Liver But
tons. v Make you feel fine quickly clear up
sallow skin and banish malaria and head
ache. They are a fine tonic and quick))-
put an edge on your appetite. 25 cents
at all druggists.
Hot Springs Liver Buttons, Hot Springs
Rheumatism Remedy, and Hot Springs
Blood Remedy are sold in Richmond by
the Richmond Drug Co. Jan
When Your Blood is
Your Whole System is Right
If You
Syphilis, Eczema, Erysipelas,
Acne, Malaria, Rheumatism
and All Other Forms of Blood and Skin Diseases
Hot Springs Physicians pronounce this the Greatest Blood and Skin
Remedy ever placed on the market
Full Course Treatment Six BottlesS 18.00
Single Bottle $5.00
We Prepare a Remedy for Every Disease
Our Treatment for Female Ills is the Greatest of its Kind Ever Offered
Suffering Women
Write us your troubles. All correspondence strictly private
dec 17 exp marll
M. M. Hamilton Says
Mack Hamilton, the East Main street
ineat and groceryman. wants you to try
his meat market. He is an bid veteran
in the meat business and knows "what
is what." To avoid dela'y phone your
orders early. He pays the highest price
Jor produce, eggs, butter, dressed poul-
ry, etc. Phone 614. 13 tf
In Germany the number of persons
without religious profession has increas
ed from 17,000 .in 1907 to nearly 206,000.
William Travers Jerome declined to
appear before a commission at Concord,
X. H., examining into the mental con
dition of Harry K. Thaw.
Mrs. Itedfield Proctor, widow of the
former Vermont Senator, has persist
ently refused a pension of $7,500 voted
her by the Senate in 1908.
An army of unemployed mea at Re-
gina. Saskatchewan, Canada, threatened
to burn the city unless given work, and
martial law will be declared.
Mrs. William A. Cullop, wife of Rep
resentative Cullop, of Indiana, was elect
ed president of the Woman's Xational
Democratic League by acclamation.
The annual report for the Episcopal
Church in America, shows the year's
gifts to the church in this country total
$20,000,000, or $20 for each member.
Complete returns from the annual
conferences of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, South, indicate a decisive de
feat for the proposition to change the
name of the church.
State Chairman J. D. G. Morton, of
Tennessee, in a statement, told Demo
crats they could not hope to win unless
they came but for the enforcement of
prohibition laws.
A little son of Will Vandlingham, who
resides near Maysville, fell into a tub of
hot water and cooked to death before
aid reached him. The mother was pre
paring to wash when the child toppled
in head first. He was 4 years old.
If We Carft
Step. Yew
With Our llevv Itemedij
We will pay back to you iHe
cost of the remedy. On these
terms will you try it for any
skin disorder, itching,( chafing,
eczema humors,eruptionsetc.?
We take all the risk bear all
the expense if Saxo Salve fails.
Com and Jtsk us about it,
Richmond, Ky.
Have any Blood or Skin
Not Delay until it is too
but Order
803 1-2 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, Ark.
ii- fi J rill im BUiiTU1"""""" " "' HdL'.S. W 1 1 ... JV.mg Jlm gjui
Let us show you the Wm. J. Oliver Improv
ed Chilled Plow the best Chilled Plow made
Oldham & Harber
Main Street, Opposite Court House
Hot Water Heating;
We are headquarters for 5team, Hot Water
and Warm Air Heating Plants. They are suit
able for either old or new buildings. Let us
estimate your requirements. Plans and spe
cifications furnished on application free of
charge. A postal will bring our representative
We install complete equipments plumbing
sewerage disposal and lighting plants
Prices reasonable
Richmond Heating & Fh:,;:;,: Co
Long Distance Phones 270 and 658
We control the local sale of
these famous sweets. Whit
mans are so careful for good
service that they will supply
their packages only to their
own selected agents.
Every package must be per
fect or your money back.
Just a taste of FUSSY Chocolates or Whitman's
Super Extra Confections may mate you a
Whitman tulinirer for life.

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