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Jection 1
i - r
!0lh YEAR
P 14
On next Friday and Saturday,
January 16 and 17 in order to
clean up our winter stock, we
Everything in Stock
at a Reduction
We also have a lot of nice rem
nants in silks, wool and dress
goods Comeearly and get
first choice
John R. Gibson & Co
'econd Street
Telephone ?0
! 7
&l vX
il l1 ivlVv nAi '
What would Your WIFE
Have you not known where an individual executor has
smanaged an estate entrusted to him? Trust your busi
es affairs to Our Trust Gompany. Jt is a PERMANENT
ganization, controlled by responsible business men, who will
Dk after your business for you after you are. dead, just as
Irefully and as profitably as you look after it while you are
ring. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE that your wife and child
"n will be secure after you are .dead. We can attend to your
jsiness or help you make safe, profkabla investments while
)u are alive.
I Am In The Market For
urs : of : All : Kinds
Hides, Feathers, Scrap-iron, Etc
Don't sell until you see me. I always pay
the highest market prices
Lagle Killed.
Ilenry Mozart brought to this city last
Friday a large Golden eagle, which he
said he had killed that morning near
Fort Estill. The bird measured seven
feet from tip to tip and was a beautiful
specimen ofThluVpecies. The eagle lis
becoming almost extinct in this section
of the country and will soon disappear,
if not protected by law.
A Wonder.
Wnile the men were at work at the
Chinn Mineral Mine last Saturday, dig
ging about 300 feet under the cliff, in the
bowels of the earth, they struck a won
derfully large cave. It has been explor
ed for quite a distance, but no terminal
has been reached. Col. Chinn has writ
ten for the State geologist to come and
make a thorough examination of the
cavern. It has very beautiful and mar
velous chambers. Harrodsburg Herald.
Hay For Sale.
All kinds - clover, Jimothy and mjsed
in quantity to suit purchasers. Deliv
ered any where. II. C. Pieratt, Phont-
478-C, or S. S. Combs," Phone, 478-4.
Board of Education Elect Of
&3 . ficers. -
At a meeting Wednesday night the
Board of Education elected officers for
ensuing four years as follows: Edgar
Blanton, re-elected president, A. M.
Davidson, secretary-treasurer. Thefol
lowing gentlemen compose the board:
Edgar Blanton, Jno Noland, Jesse Cobb,
A. M. Davidson, Z.T. Rice and Jno. All
man. Miss Mary Martin, daughter of J.
W. Martin, was selected to succeed Miss
Stella Phelps, resigned, as teacher in the
third grade of that school. Miss Gdnev
McCarty was elected substitute teacher
for the year.
Come to Owen McKee, Richmond
Ky. for dry goods and notions. Others
do and why not you. tf
Announcement. ; ET
2 The Kentucky Utilities Company
wish to announce that in accordanct
with their customary broad policy ol
"Customers First" that the usual low
prices on all things electrical will pre
vail during the year Ninetee-tlundred
and Fourteen"!"" For your information
they wish to stale that this include
electric irons, grills, coffee percolators,
toasters, vacurn cleaners, lamps.
(Mazda, and others) fans, motors, etc.
The Company 's District Manager in
vites criticism of service rendered, ali
such complaints receiving careful and
prompt consideration at all times.
Don't be a Growler.
Z. Don't be a growler. Some people con
trive to get hold of the prickly side ol
everything; to run against sharp corners
and disagreeable things. Half of the
strength spent in growling would often
set things right. You may as well maki
up your mind, to begin with, thatnoon
ever found the world quite as he wouli
like it; but you are to take your part of
the trouble and bear it bravely. You
will be sure to have burdens laid upoi
you that belong to other people, unles
you are a shirker yourself; but don't
grumble. If the work needs doing, you
can do it, never mind about that othei
who ought to have done it and didn't.
Those workers who fill up the gaps and
smooth away the rough spots and fiuish
up the jobs that others leave undone,
they are the true peace-makers and are
worth a whole regiment of growlers.
Shelby Record.
a EL V .. -C- r
.. til
I; . . . , ..li
(Mm at rKkliSMS
Coops May Be Moved at Will by
Aid of Runners.
There are robbers In your pastures
and they are stealing your profits. If
your sheep are infested with worms,
you should stop the loss. Worms
make poor wool, few lambs, less"
weight of mutton. They starve your
stock, make them sick and finally kill.
A Guaranteed Medicated Salt
IV Kill Worms
Sold under a guarantee to kill and
expel all free stomach and intestinal
worms. Will put sheep, hogs and all
stock in prime condition. Tones up
the system, sharpens the appetite,
helps to put on fat quickly. Different
from all other worm remedies. Safe,
sure and costs little 1-12 cent a day
per hog or sheep. Use Sal-Vet end
your stock will doctor themselves.
For Sale by -
W. D. Buckley & Co
If Floor Space, Six by Six, It Provided
Room May Be Had for Accommo
dation of Fifty Fowls With
out Any Crowding.'
A considerable saving of lumber
can be made by using knock-down
poultry coops and colony houses,
Herewith is an illustration of a knock-
Runner Frame and Side.
down colony house. This may be
made of any convenient size.
In construction two runners with
notches near their ends are laid down
and two cross pieces, also notched,
are screwed or bolted to them, says
the Orange Judd Farmer. The run
ners are provided so the house may
be hauled from place to place. The
cross pieces are to support the side
walls. At the ends are bolts which
run through the side wall, to which
they are fastened by nuts and waBh
ers. The ridgepole is fastened to the
sides by bolts also. The same with
the ends, which are made triangular,
as shown. '
As these houses are intended only
for summer use, they may be built of
comparatively light material, with
clapboarding for the sides and ship
lap or matched stuff for the ends.
It is desirable that not more than
Colony House Complete.
50 chickens be kept in one colony
house and that each flock have a
grass plot of at least 1,000 square feet
unless they can have free range.
These houses are also useful to
shelter brooders in the early part of
the season. If the houses have a floor
space six by six they will each accom
modate 50 chicks without crowding,
and when the chicks are old enough
to do without the brooder they can be
allowed to range from the house it
self, thus becoming accustomed to
their quarters from the very first A
convenient size for the house illus
trated is six by six on the floor and
seven feet to the peak. These allow
a man to stand up inside and to at
tend to the brooder and chicks with
out inconvenience. They can be built
of odds and ends of material, but If
new material, must be bought and if
MK or moNT
Ends and Ridge House.
the house is painted as It should be,
it would cost about $8.. If unbolted
and stored under cover, as they
should he, such houses should last for
many years, so the first cost would be
Insignificant compared with the life of
the houses themselves.
The Poultry Beginner.
By buying a pen of fowls in the fall
you have an opportunity to get some
strictly fresh eggs from your own
hens during the winter months, when
such eggs are difficult to purchase.
To be rewarded with some nice eggs
within a short time of starting to keep
poultry Is encouraging enough to the
average beginner to spur him on In
the work he has undertaken, not to
mention the possibilities of immediate
profits from the little flock. Encour
agement is what a beginner needs
something to show for the work and
time put into the enterprise.
Cleanliness Insures Health. '
Health la a thing essential in the
flock, and to insure health keep the
poultry house clean and use lime free
ly both in the house and all about
the yard and runs. It will pay to be
liberal in the use of lime. It Is also
important to have plenty of sunshine
In the house.
. Fan Hatched Chicks.
Fall hatched chicks - require more
care than summer ones. They are
apt to take cold on frosty mornings
and chilly days. Give them a warm
place to roost and keep in until after
the chill is gone In the morninc
Matt Cohen Arrested For Ship
ping Birds.
The Lexington Herald of Thursday
contained the following notice, which
will be of interest to Climax readers:
Mall 8. Cohen, the well known saddle
horse trainer and live stock claim agent
for the L. & N., was arrested Tuesday
on the charge of breaking the Interstate
bird law in sending birds from Kentucky
to Ohio.
Mr. Cohen gave himself up to Sheriff
Bradley when he heard there was a war
rant out for his arrest.
About five weeks ago Mr. Cohen sent
some birds from Glasgow to Brent Ar
nold, general freight agent of the L. &
X. road at Cincinnati, and the package
was inspected en route by game author
ities and a warrant sworn out for the
arrest of Mr. Cohen, lie was released
on his own recognizance.
Madisonian Arrested.
Friday's Lexington Herald publishes
the following:
Jesse Baker, 22 years old, of Valley
View, was arrested by Detectives Don
Ion and Stewart on complaint of Chas.
Powell, also of Valley View, who charg
es that Baker broke into his home there
and took a gold bracelet. Baker is being
held here as a fugitive from justice.
It appears that after breaking into the
house Baker went to Xicholasville,
where some one had seen him with the
stolen bracelet. Powell was informed of
this fact and followed Baker to this city
and found him in a Vine street saloon.
He informed the police and detectives
placed Baker under arrest. As the pris
oner was being searched Charles Jelly,
of this city, came in and handed Detec
tive Stewart a gold bracelet which, he
said. Baker threw across the street as
the officers came out of the saloon with
him. Powell identified the bracelet as
the one taken from his home.
Several bystanders said they saw Ba
ker throw something away as he left the
saloon with the detectives, but they did
not attach any significance to this until
Jelly had found the bracelet, which
dropped almost under his feet.
Authorize Retail Druggists To Sell New Treatment on Thirty
Days' Trial, Money To Be Refunded If It Does
Not Relieve Colds Overnight. Croup In
Fifteen Minutes.
Applied Over Tbroat and Cnest,
II Is Inhaled AI a Vapor and
Absorbed Through The Skin.
In Real EstaleA
Stock and Crop
Wcpons ol Spe- I
clal Interest : : J
Leading Richmond Druggists
Will Give Away 25-Cent
Packages Free.
The wholesale drug houses of Rich
mond have recently imported from
North Carolina a new treatment for all
forms of cold troulbes-something that is
a little ou.t of the ordinary.
They have authorized the Richmond
druggists to refund the purchase price,
25c, 50c and $1.00 to any user who does
not find this new "external" treaiment
the best thing they have ever tried.
The mothd of taking this treaiment
is novel one. In place of being swal
lowed in the form of a tablet or syrup,
it is in the form of a salve and is ap
plied over the throat and chest in se
vere cases being covered with a warm
flannel cloth.
Tbissalva is so made that the heat
of the body releases vapors of Pine Tar,
ThermoL Eucalyptol, Menthol, etc.,
which arise from the chest-and are in
haled with each breath direct to.the
lungs. At the same time the prepara
tion is absorbed through the skin, tak
ing out the soreness.
Persons who have tried this new treat
ment say that the next morning the
head is clear, phlegm loosened and sore
ness gone. Croup is positively relieved
in fifteen minutes and sufferera from
bronchial troubles, catarrh, asthma,
sore throat, etc., will find this treat
ment irives remarkable relief.
To mothers, especially, this prepara
tion will be a boon, as by its use the
little chaps can be kept free from all
croup and cold troubles without having
to injure their stomachs by dosing with
internal medicines.
No one realizes the value of an "ex
ternal' treatment better than the skilled
druggist, and most of the Richmond
druggists are arranging to give away
free, to their regular customers, a lim
ited supply of 25-cent packages free.
Only a few dealers so far have received
their shipments, but to insure a free
package it is best to present coupon be
low to your druggist at once and have
your package reserved.
Good at Your Druggist, Etc.
Note to Druggist. Hold CoupoD until
our salesmen call. adv
Wm. H. Whaley, Jr., near Paris, sold
to James II. Hutsell, of Montgomery
county, 50 head of cattle, averaging 950
pounds, at 7c.
That hundreds of-farmers are being
swindled by the use of fake hog cholera
serum, is the opinion of Representative
Ilenry Brady, ol Iowa. Other men have
sounded the same warning. Mr. Brady
estimates that $1,000,000 have been spent
this year by Iowa farmers for fake rem
edies. The outbreak of the disease has
given a productive field for swindlers to
work. They take advantage of the al
most desperate situation of a farmer
who is trying to stamp out the plague
from his herds and who will try almost
anything offered. This work by fakers
has had a tendency to weaken farmers'
confidence in the real serum treatment,
which is being carried on by the Gov
ernment, Siate colleges and farm agents.
The Climaxl year $1
ni n 'I I o
Fine Suits and Overcoats, Odd
Pants, Hats, Shoes,
Heavy Rubbers, Heavy Shoes, Boots, Gloves, Sweater Coats,
Shirts, Mufflers and everything in the store at reduced prices
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Shoes Go At Reduced Prices
Come early and get your share of the bargains A Great
Opportunity to purchase a fine Suit or Overcoat at a very
small price Come at once and bring your cash
jr. s.
rrn r t ttt m in . ittt
11 iAlNdiLir li-jlr.
Corner Second and Main Streets RICHMOND, KENTUCKY

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