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You Cannot Stick
Too Hard
to the proposition that buying from a mail or
der catalog is risky business. You may come
out all right, and you may not. The safest
thing is to come here when you want
Dry Goods & Notions
We can certainly match mail order prices and
we can and do beat mail order qualities out
of their boots
The Richmond Climax.
4. D. Millw, Pre w. G. wkite. Sec. I Treas.
A I) M.lier i
E J iters
W. u. Wane
County Board of Examiners
t'ounty Suit. II. II. I'.rock has ap
pointed as his board of examiners Miss
Louie Paris and Mr. Owen Yates.
The cl aries preferred against tbe
Eastern Kentucky Xrrmal School by In
spector CdoiijKister some niontiisago and
:i.'aln being made a art f the Legisla
tive Invest igatiiig Commir.ee, were an
swered in the Climax on the publication
of Mr. Goodpaster's report during the
summer, hence we know Ir. Crabbe will
amply justify his acts before the inves
tuaiir.g body at Frankfort, Mr. Good
paster to the contrary notwithstanding.
Ti.ose who have been in touch with the
splendid work of the Xormal School of
this city, and are familiar with thechar
t.c.er of men in whose hands the future
of that institution has been intrusted,
have implicit contidence in the integrity
of Dr. Crabbe and every other official
connected with the school, and nothir.gr
that Inspector Coodpaster or any ether
man may say to its detriment will cause
those in a position to kr.ow and appreci
ate a school of this character to lessen
their regard for this, one of the greatest
institution of learning in Kentucky.
I)Et ai l the Secretary of State failed
to advertise the constitutional amend
ment requiring the classifies! ion of prop
erty for purposes of taxation within the
period asprescribed by law. the Court of
Appeals holds that the amendment is in
valid, therefore the will of the people
who voted at the last general election in
favor of the constitutional amendment
has been thwarted as the result of the
dereliction of duty of a State oflicial.
The convict labor amendment, which
was not passed on by the court, w ill also
be invalid for the above stated rea
Tobacco Sales.
The limine Tobac o Warehouse Co
s ilJ during the week ending January IT
:;i':.:;t; i pounds of tobacco at an average
of r.' 11. The sales made on Mondav,
the I'.iih, indicated a stronger range of
prices for the current week.
Examination For Common
School Graduates.
An examination for applicants for
common school diplomas will be held at
the court-house on Friday and Saturday,
Jan. :0 Ml. II. II. Rrock, County Supt.
"The President's Pardon," a jrreat
mil. tary drama featuring Crane Wilbu
and Octavia Ilandworth, in addition to
our regular program G reels Arthur &
M ens singing from Opera to Ragtime
Admission 10 cents.
Monday night Mary Pickfcrd in
Piano Factory For Richmond.
Mr. Albert Walker, of Cincinnati, was
in Richmond last week and closed a deal
with the Richmond Ice Co. for a lease of
the buildirgs occupied by Todd & Tay
lor Lumber Co., near the L. fc X pas
sei ger depot, and will manufacture pi
anos in this city. Mr. Walker I1P4S been
connected with the Steinway Fiano Co ,
of Cincinnati, for a numberof years and
is thoroughly familiar with every detai
of the business. The firm will begin bus
mess on Feb. 1 and will start on a smal
scale, but hope before the end of this
year to have a large force of expert pi
ano makers employed. Mr. J. A. Todd,
one of our best known carpenters, has
been employed by Mr Walker to assist
in the wood work.
A negko paroled convict has been ar
rested in St. Louis and r.o less than sev
enty thefts have been traced to his rest
less activity since his release from the
penitentiary on parole two years ago.
The incide: t shows the danger of the in
discriminate parole. Some years ago a
paroled convict Killed two people in the
city of Louisville. Prison boards lose
nothing by going slow in turoing con
victed criminals loose upon a couimuni
ty Bourbon Xews.
Senator Chas. D. Aknktt lias intro
duced in the Slate Senate a bill making
it a penitentiary olfense for the convic
tion for carrying concealed deadly
weapons and fixing a fine of 150 to 8200
and a jail sentence of 4J days and dis
franchisement for a term of two years
for the first offense. This is a splendid
bill and should pass both Houses unani
mously. It would be more effective if
made a felony for the first o (Tense.
President Wilson has reason to be
pleased with his first year's work, since
the country is pleased w ith it.
An Unusual Phenomenon.
We have learned from a reliable source
of a most unusual and spectacular phe
nomenon winch occurred near Tates
creek one day last week. We often see
brilliant meteoric displays at night, but
to see a large ball of fire descend from
the heavens in mid-day is something
most extraordinary. Those who wit
nessed the above, stated that the ball of
fire descended and when within a few
feet of the earth bnrsted and flowed out
in all directions, leaving only a dense
cloud of smoke to arise.
Fertilizers especially adapted to land
of Madison and adjoining counties, at
the Richmond Coal & Supply Compa
ny's, rbones 93 and 110. 21-tf
Madison County Institute
At First Christian Church, Jan. 21-23,
Wednesday Xight.
7:'0 Devotional.
l.-l) Address 'The Sunday School To
d:.y, Walter L r razee.
8:::0 Conference.
lUnU Syr.pnsium on "The Fiont Rank
!!:.. c':.'oi Mandard of Efficien
ts. "
11:0 A - v 'The Graded Bible
e 1 i " Walter E. Frazee.
1 ( iitir.M e. -D.
i ir ,!.
I'.-.wi "A M 1 1 Workers'Conference"
.- 'ir .". V ray.ee.
1:0 "A M.s-:.j" Lorn i he Elementary
S :r t -:,H: lie i." Mrs. John 8.
A -
V.'O : K.e. cj f r elementary work-
r - .
7:! 0 1) -wi the Walls.
W. . r li. : .ee.
:00 ''f uG.-aJeJ Lessjns " Mrs. J.
S. Al ..v.
lu:ud Mmi'' " '" "Class Organiua-
' t . ti ! -er ice."
11:K) hit-ir.t: -ary Mrs. Asbury.
:.:; 1 Hi p r s from all schools repre
sented. T,: 0 Symposium on The New Crusade
4:(0 'Missions m the Sunday School "
Walter E Frazee.
7 00 Devotional.
7:0 Address "Modern Tendencies in
Religious Education." W. C.
Bower. -Every
Bible School worker in Madison
County is urged .o attend as many of
atve sessions as possible. Each should
di e with his questions and problems
and prepared to take part in all confer
ences. Bring a" note book and pencil
along. Let us see which school will
have the best percentage of its workers
in attendance.
Big Cut on Men's Shirts and Underwear
consisting of Manhattan Shirts, Wilson Bros.
Shirts, Duofold Underwear and Wilson
Bros. Underwear
92 00 Manhattan Shirts, now $1.45
1.50 Manhattan Shirts, now ; 1.20
1.50 Wrilson Bros. Shirla, now 1.20
1.00 Wilson Bros. Shirts, now .80
3 00 Union and Two Piece Suits, now $2 20
2 , j0 " " ..... 1.93
2 00 ' ' ""I"""" 143
150 " " 1.20
l.bO " ' 80
All two piece winter underwear cut the same. Many other REDUC
TIONS THROUGHOUT THE STORE on winter wears of all
kinds. Many specials on odds and ends
Mr. Paul Hanger spent Monday in
Msss Madge Burnatn is visiting friends
in Lexington.
Miss Sue Wood, of Stanford, is visiting
friends in Riciimond.
Mr. II. X Quisenberry is visiting her
mo her in Boone county.
Mr. Robert Collis, of Versailles, spent
the week-end in Richmond.
Mr. G.T. Grinslead has relumed from
a business trip to Somerset.
Attorney Robert Smith, of Irvine, was
in the city Friday on business.
Mr. R. E. Turley was in Louisville,
Thursday and r riday on business.
Mrs. Al Nance, -of Somerset, is the
guest o, her mother, Mrs. W.E Myers.
Mr. William Collins, of State Univer
sity, was at home for the week end.
Mr. Mike W. Miller, of Jellico, has
been visiting his son, Mr. Eugene Miller
Miss Matiie O. Tribble has returned
from a visit to relatives in Lexington.
Mr. Claud Sandlin is" rapidly improv
ing from a recent severe attack of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dykes ar.d daugh
ter have returned from a recent visit to
Miss Frances Wascr was the guest last
week of Miss Virginia Lear, at Xicho-lasville.
Mr. Uley Harris, Jr., of Vincennes.
Ind , is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Miss Mattie Tribble, of Shelby vilie,
has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. S.
Mr. and Mrs. Kinnaird, of Detroit, are
the guests of Mrs. Kinnaird's father.
Rev. O. J. loung.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Greenleaf
on Monday, a daughter, Ida Jennings
Greenleaf. -
Mrs. Xeale Bennett was hostess of the
French Mission Circle on Monday after
noon Mr. William Carroll, of Covinton. was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kellar,
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Siott have moved
into the beautiful new collage on South
Second street.
Editor John W. Walner, of the Irvine
Sun, was a pleasant caller at the Climax
oflice Saturday.
Elder Joe Grant and wife are visiting
relatives and friends at Richmond.
Jessamine Xews.
Mrs. Watts and daughter, Mrs. Bryant,
of Lexington, were the recent guests of
Mrs. II. M. Biantod.
Mrs. Nancy Edwards is spending the
winter with her aunt, Mrs. Xaunie Ben
ton, in Louisiana.
Miss Katherine Bronaugh, of Lexing
ton, spent Friday ith the family of
Mr. George Bogard.
Mrs. Elmer Tate and daughter, of the
county, were the guests last week of Air.
and Mrs. J. D. Dykes.
Messrs. Leo and Thomas Kellar speut
Sunday here with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Morris Kellar.
Mrs. A. J. Reed, of Bourbon county,
is visiting her mother, Mrs George B.
Tedd, at Speedwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Berry have
moved to Winchester, where they will
reside in the future.
Mrs. Sam Q. Royce, of this county.
has gone to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for
a stay of several weeks.
Mrs Irvine G. Ballard and little daugh
ter, Frances Morton, are visiting in Cin
ciunti and Louisville.
Miss Martha Kavanaugh will leave
shortly to enter the Xormal School in
Richmond Lancaster Record.
Miss Margaret Parrish attended the
opening of the Governor's Mansion and
the Ball, Tuesday evening in Frankfort.
Mr. Charles Soper was called to Shel
bvville last week on account of the seri
ous illness of his sister, Mrs. Mary
Mr. and Mrs. Strother Park, of Rich
mond, are here, having come to attend
the Lisle-Faris wedding. Winchester
Mesdames Hattie Buchanan, James
Bennett, W. C. Bennett and Miss Laura
Clay spent several days last week in
Miss Mattie Wilder, pianist at the Opera
House, has resigned her position and
left yesterday to epend the winter in
Mr. S. R. Griffith, late with the Bijou
Theatre, Chattanooga, Tenn., has ac
cepted the position as pianist at the
Opera House.
Messrs. W. S. Oldham and Ben Daugh
erty attended the Henrietta Crossman
performance in Lexington, Monday ev
ening. Mr. and Mrs. Jake McCord and family
will move to town this week to the cot
tage in BurnSmwood recently erected by
D. A. McCord.
Mr. Roy Newman, of Knoxville, spent
several days with Mrs. Newman, who
continues ill at the home of her mother,
Mrs. Zena Cobb.
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams have re
turned to their home in Paris, after
spending the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. James Neale.
Mr. and Mrs. James Deatherage have
moved in from the country and taken
possession of their new home on Wood
land avenue.
Mrs. T. J. Taylor visited in Lexington
last week.
Mr. Robert R. Burnam spent Friday
in Frankfort.
Mis J the! Reid, of Frankfort, visited
friends aere last week.
Mr. James Cobb spent several days
last week in Stanford.
Introduciff onr very complete Spring line
of lieautiful wool t;nitiniirt wasii fnliricn.
fancy "waiwlinjrti Filks. lulkfs. pet Mounts,
etc. Up to date S. Y.City pattenj.s. Finest
line on the market lKalinjr direct with
mills you will rind our prices low. If other
can make $10.Xi to $30.00 weekly you can alo.
Samples, full instructions in neat eaniple
case, shipped express prenauh Xo money
required. Exclusive territory. Write for
particulars. Be first to apply.
StawUH Drew. Cowls Cm Mar, 100 1st SL
Biigbaatoa, H. J.
Dr. J. O. Bosley, who is being treated
at the Paitie A. Clay Infirmary, is re
ported much better, much to the grati
fication of his many friends.
Misses Carrie and Rebecca Browning
were in Richmond. Thursday. The lat
ter will enter the Xormal School at thai
place shortly. .-Winchester Sun.
Miss Lucia Burnam, who has been in
Louisville visiting her niece, Mrs. James
Wilson, has gone to Xew Orleans to
spend the remainder of the winter.
Dr. Sibley, of Louisville, preached at
the Presbyterian church, this city, S"n
day. While here Dr. Sibley was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Burnam.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moores. who were
married at Cresceut Hill, Jelferson coun
ty. Wednesday, have been visiting the
former's sister, Mrs. J. A Todd and
Miss Carrie Farley and Miss Elizabeth
Farley are spending several days in
Nashville, Tenn., where Mr. John Wil
liam Farley was a student before his
untimely death.
Misses Elath Buchanan and Elizabeth
Turley were the puelsof Mrs. Cromwell,
at Frankfort, Tuesday evening, and atj
tended the opening of the Governor s
The young people of the Waco neigh,
horhoodgave Miss Lena Taylor a "Storm
Party" on Monday evening. MissTaylor
leaves in the near future to make her
home in Irvine.
Miss Lucile (jiobs, or Kingston, is
spending the week with Mrs. Vardy
Taylor, at Waco, and was the guest of
honor at a lovely party given by Mrs
Taylor on Friday evening.
lion. J. Tevis Cobb, who has been lil
at Ins home near Red House for several
months, is considerably improved and
his friends hope he is now on the road
to recovery.
Prof, and Mrs. II. E. Taylor and six
teen other music lovers came down from
Berea, Friday evening, to hear Mrs.
Fannie Bloom field Zeisler in her concert
at the Normal Chapel.
Jailer Morgan Taylor attended the
Association of Jailers of Kentucky at
Lexingti n, Thursday. Mr. Taylor was
made a member of the Executive Com
mittee of the Association for the ensu
ing year.
Mr. and Mr. H.P. Reid and daughter,
of Mt. Sterling, have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. John Rymel. .Mr. Reid, who
formerly lived in Richmond, is now con
nected with the Mt. Sterling Advocate,
and was given a warm welcome by many
friends during his stay in this city.
Dr. and Mrs. Vardy Taylor entertained
with a beautiful four o'clock dinner
Thursday afternoon, at their home at
Waco, to celebrate their twelfth wed
ding anniversary. A delicious course
dinner was served to fourteen friends,
who were: Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Dean,
Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Vaught, Mr. and
Mrs. C. F. Park, Prof, and Mrs. J. R.
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Higgins,
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Gibbs, and Misses
Lucile and Virginia Gibbs.
Miss Georgia Belle Powell was "At
Home" Tuesday evening, complimen
tary to the Faculty of Caldwell High
School. Tue subject discussed was
James Lane Allen. Interesting papers
were read by Miss Sarah Quisenberry.
Miss Mary Allman, Miss Lee White and
Miss Georgia Balle Powell. Those out
side the Faculty who gave numbers
were: Miss Mary Tray or, Song; Miss
vlluldah Dilling, Song; liss ilary liurst,
A special dispa'ch from Winchester,
Monday, savs: "Mr. T. Dykes, of Paris,
father of Patrolman J. T. Dykes and
Mrs. A. J. Lisle, of this city, will cele
brate his seventy sixth birthday in Paris,
Wednesday. The occasion is also the
birthday of his son, Jesse Dykes, of
Richmond, who will be fifty one years
old. and his crand-daughter, Miss Lena
Dykes, of U inchester. who will be
eighteen. Mr. and -Mrs. J. F. Faris will
also be honor guests for the dining. A
triple birthday dinner is given annually,
the affair being held last year with Mr.
Jesse Dykes. On account of the illness
of Mr. T. Dykes, the father, it was de
cided this year to hold the reunion at
his home in Paris.
Mr. C. S. Jessup attended a conference
of the route agents of the Adams Express
Company at the Seelbach Hotel in Louis
ville, Friday and Saturday, when every
phase of the new express rates which go
into effect February 1, were gone into.
Representatives from Kentucky, Indi
ana and Iiiinois cities were in attend
ance. The- meeting was a most inter
esting alfair. Mr. Jessup has been as
siged the duty of route agent between
Beattyville and Frankfort, and Rich
mond and Corbin. He will be a very
busy man for the next few weeks. He is
one of the best express ageuts in the
State, and his new assignment is a most
signal honor worthily bestowed.
source of delight. "The Doll Girl" has
had a most interesting history. Origi
nally it was a French comedy that won
success on the banks of the Seine. Stein
and Willner conceived the idea of turn
ing it into German, and Leo Fall, the
composer of "The Dollar Princess,"
agreed to furuish the score that would
make of it a musical comedy. Under
the title of "Das Puppenmaedel," the
wor was produced in Berlin, and there
made a most substantial hit.
Card of Thanks.
. I desire to express my sincere thanks
to my relatives and frier.ds for the kind
ness shown me during the recent illness
and death of my beloved mother, and
for the beautiful floral offerings. I also
desire to thank Rev. E. B Barnes for
his kind words of consolation, tbe Choir
for the beautiful hymns rendered, the
Pall Bearers for their; kindly ministra
tions, and Messrs. Oldham and Lackey
for the kind and efficient manner in
which the funeral was conducted.
Miss Eva Roberts. -.
The Doll Girl.
"The Doll Girl," the new three act
musical comedy composed by Leo Fall
with English book by Harry B. Smith,
will be presented by Charles Frohman
nt the Lexington Oneru flousp. WAdnns-
day, January 21. matinee and night.
mi ibitiiaiu vai id anu naitio iv imams
as co-stars The piece is described as
hpin(r n wfirl liv rpnrocAntsitiva mucix.
.J ........ W,
ally, of the .tew Viennese school. It
t . ia
is one long succession or uengniiui
melodies twent v-foiir of them snntrn
dances, marches and concerted pieces,
furnishing a feast of charming music
The work comes here from New York,
wnere for four months it proved to be a
A Hard Duty to Perform.
Constable Jake Tresler, of Fayette
had a disagreable duty to perform when
he was called upon to convey his own
son. Mack Tresler, to the penitentiary
to serve an inderminate sentence of two
to twenty one years for the murder of
Neal Mitchell, at Lexington, several
months ago.
$5,000 For Hospital.
Bourbon county will give So,000 an
nually to the support of the W. W. Mas
sie Memorial Hospital at Paris. At a
meeting of the fiscal court it was order
ed that an appropriation to this amount
be paid in monthly installments -to the
trustees of the institution. The hospi
tal, which was endowed.by the late Mrs
Annie Massie, is supported in part by
the city and county.
Accidentally Killed.
News reached here Sunday evening of
the accidental killing at Valley View
that afternoon of Terry S. Ferkins by
his cousin, Luther Perkins. The young
men were engaged in a scyjlle in front
of the Perkins home, when 'Ferry is re
ported to have said to his cousin: "You
have a pistol and if you will put it away
I am as good a man as you." Luther
tossed the pistol aside and when it struck
the ground it was discharged, the bullet
taking effect in young Terry's head,
death following a few hours later. Both
young men were about the same age,
about 22 years, and sons of well known
residents of that village. Terry Perkins
was a turnkey under Jailer N. B. Jones
during the past year and was popular
with all who 'knew him. No arrests
have been made in connection with the
The Z.eisler Concert
Through the energy of President J.
G. Crabbe and an efficient faculty com
mittee, Richmond has from year to year
a lecture course that surpasses those
given in the average cities of like popu
lation. The Normal lecture courses are
established. They have brought talent
that is very much worth while. Now.
by virtue of the energy of the musical
clubs of the city and the financial back
ing of Prof. Hoskinson, Richmond is to
have another rare privilege. We believe
no community in the State will hear
better music this season than that heard
right here at home. Two of the artists
would be big drawing cards in any city
in America or Enrope. The remaining
numbers of the series of concerts are far
above the usual musical attractions.
Friday evening. Fannie Bloomfield
Zeisler gave to a splendid audience in
the Normal chapel what will no doubt
prove to be the most artistic of ihe four
great numbers. Her technique is be
yond adverse criticism. To find a flaw
would be to prove one's judgment un
balanced. The delicacy and clarity of
(he light runs, the bold thundering of
her marvelous fingers as she rendered
the heavier selections, the perfect sense
of rhythm, all will be a memory long to
remain in (he hearts of Covers of the
piano. Tc her techique she added a
temperament as clearly marked as her
technique. Under her matchless power
the simple and over-workeJ selections
took unto themselves poetic beauty. Un
der that same sway brilliant numbers
like the 12th movement of Liszt's Hun
garian Rhapsody, or the Erl-King, were
wrought with marvel ".s ctrect. Such
renderings elevate the standard of music
for any community. World artists are
not e very-day fare. The attention and
response given this splendid performer
are a delight to record.
Music-lovers were present; all of them.
K. g s.
E. C. Million, Pres.
T. J. Curtis, Vice-Pres.
E. Deatherage, Treasurer
Dr. C. II. Vaught, Sec.
I Church Notes J
The second of the series of the Ep
woilh Leagne lecture course will be giv
en Thursday, Jan. 22, at 7 p. m. at the
Methodist church, by Mr. Roscoe Gil
more Stott, subject, "Birds I Would
Like to Shoot And Others."
Rev. E. B. Barnes, at the Christian
church, will take as his subject for next
Sabbath evenings's service "The Menace
of The Streets." The public is cordially
invited to attend.
Commissioner's Sale
E Pla
Madison National Bank
II. B. Hanger
Ed Blanton & Co.
B. F. Hord, &c . Defendants
Under and by virtue of a judgment and
order of sale rendered at the October
Term, 1911, of the Madison Circuit Court
in the above styled action, the under
signed Master Commissioner of said
Court will on
Saturday, Feb. 7, 1914
at 11 o'clock a. m., on the premises, sell
to the highest and best bidder at publie
auction the following described land or
so much thereof as will produce the sum
of 81,171.25, the amount ordered made,
situated on the turnpike road leading
from Richmond to Lancaster, on the
west side thereof in Madison county.Ky.
containing 14 acres and 69-1U0 acres, and
adjoining the land now owned by Adam
R. Green and the lands of White, and
Elizabeth Irvine. Beginning at a stake
in the middle of the pike corner to Ir
vine; with Irvine's line N 65 1-2 W 2112
feet to a hackberry corner to Irvine on
White's line, S 23 1-2 W 296 feet to a
stake corner to the 21 acre piece, with
line of same S 65 1-2 E 2200 feet to a
point in middle of pike, with middle o;
pike W 11 1-2 E 326 feet to the begin
ning. TERMS Said land will be sold on a
credit of six months time. Tbe pur
chaser being required to. execute sale
bond payable to the Commissioner for
the purchase money with approved se
curity, and a lien will be retained on the
land sold to secure the payment of the
purchase money. '
H. C. RICE, M. C M. C. C.
Phone 100
Capital 5tock $33,000
E. C. Million T. J. Curtis Dr. C. II. Vaught T. J. Smith
Marion Coy J. M. Haden M. K. Ross
We have be3n giving each week as near an accurate report of the con
dition of our market as it was possible for us to do this without coloring
simple facts. We believe that we have been here long enough for our
statemets to pass without question, as facts at last is all that enters in the
count. We sold during the week just closed 4:3,000 pound of tobacco;
the entire market up to Saturday had sold 4,2So,390 pounds. The Madison
House sold, 2,20S,5So pounds of ihis, more than both other houses by over
a quarter of a million. We are not boasting, we are simply pleased over
your confidence in u and our methods.
AND POUNDS. While the week's prices were a shade lower than last
week, but compared favorably with it. considering the quality of tobacco
offered and the dry weather. No real fancy tobaccos were offered. We
still believe we have the strongest market in the State. We sold on Mon
day the 19th, over 70,000 founds. The market opened up Monday from
one to two dollars per hundred higher for all grades. We give below some
of the best prices obtained throughout the week: Whittaker & McCreary
Madison county, 2135 pounds, average $17 25; Gulley & Prather, Garrard
county, .1560 los. average $19 15; B. T. Lunsford. Garrard county, 1905 lbs.
average $17.27; Prather and Sons. Garrard county, C305 lbs, average $16 11
Nat Prewitt, Garrard county, 27'0 lbs, average $16 11; Million and Long,
Madison county, IVXlj lbs, average $16.S0; J. Q. Oldfield. Madison county!
2390 lbs, $15 9 ; T. J. Curtis & Son, 6S05 lbs, average $15.85: D. N. Long.
G irrard county, 1950 lbs, average $17.75, one basket of this bringing $20 50.
J. J. Kirby, Madison county, 2575 lbs, average $15 90. The last two crops
were sold on Monday.
We expect the same strong market to obtain throughout the season.
Tobacco is coming in more slowly will give us a better opportunity to give
each and every seller individual attention and to assist him in securing
every cent for his tobacco that can be gotten. Our experience in the mar
ket is your gain.
We thank you once again for your very liberal patronage and hope
that we can be of further service to you in the matter of gelling the top
prices for your tobacco. Call on us day or night, we will be glad to see
you. We are very sincerely and gratefully
M ' , 7 i
v r?
f'; . y . :
' i!:'K' :
- mu
' I1
i "
I .
Sale Now On
We will sell all Ladies' Coat
Suits and Cloaks regardless of
cost. Everything in vinter
wear at greatly reduced prices
goes at any price
59.00 Hats . . $3.98
6.00 Hats . . . 2.98
5.00 and 54.50 Hats 1 .98
3.50 and 52.25 Hats .98
Lot of Hats . : .49
Large Lot of Hats . .25
Phone 768 Cor. E. Main & Collins
j- rij''A' - - -
Model Housekeepers
We bestow as much care on our large stock of fur
niture as does the' most fastidious housewife on hers.
That is because, in addition to a natural desire to pre
sent a clean stock of goods for your inspection, and
the pride we take in the fine articles of furniture we
show, we hope to eventually place them in your homes
in the same perfect condition in which we received
them so that you may take pride in them also.
Bennett & Higgins
Furniture and Undertaking
S. S. Pabkks, President W. N. Bessett, Vicb Pkesidest
Citizens National Bank
- At the Close of Business, January 13, 1914
Loans and Discounts.. $372,223 13 Capital Stock $100,000 00
Overdrafts... 1 3, 195 20 Surplus Fund T 20,000 00
U. S Bonds .... - 75,000 00 Undivided Prcfits 3.590 70
Banking House, etc 9,000 00 V ' lu ia ft1
Casta and Due from Circulation .5,000 w
Banks 104,683 19 Deposits, nSJ510 87
Total $574,101 57 Total $574401 57
We respectfully solicit and invite a share of your patronage, promising in return
f prompt and efficient service and courteous and honorable treatment
J. W. CROOKE. Cashier
The ;.Climfflx ! year $1

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