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The Richmond climax. (Richmond, Ky.) 1897-1914, June 17, 1914, Section 3, Image 11

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This Sale Will Be Attended By Thousands of People Who Will Economize.
Free Railroad , Fare To
All Out-of-Town
Attend this Sale June 18
to July 4, 1914. We will reim
burse railroad fare to all Out-of-Town
Customers making a pur
chase of $20 or over. Get a
receipt from your station agent
when buying your ticket and Ave
will accept same in trade. Be
sure to get a receipt from the
station agent.
C ' I
nPiT151l flT1PPthey will be waited upon without delav. Evervthiner will be marked in Dlain
Avrvmvw figures, showing the original as well as the sale price, thus assuring each pur
chaser an absolute compliance with this advertisement. And to -forestall and prevent any possible skepticism, we shall
unhesitatingly exchange any unsatisfactory purchase or refund the money, if so desired. : : : :
M l This stock will be so adjusted and arranged that no matter how large the crowds,
I Z' J f VlQTT 'IT 71 11 YQ TITO if imvn tlTlf ViM-lf A 1 .- "X?,m-wn-r4i-nr ttI11 V- nn-1,A i .1..'-
Express Charges Prepaid
On All Mail
Send us your Mail Orders. We
will prepay all the express or
freight charges on them. All
orders will be promptly and care
fully attended to when accom
panied by money or check. When
ordering be particular to state
exact kind, color, size and the
style desired.
It will pay you.
The entire slock has . been turned into one vast bargain center. The greatest array of values you ever saw or will ever have a chance
to see again. Remember the sale begins promptly at 9 a. m.,
:UU ZZAl Z.2 I 1TTTZ pj J
mm figs
Men's Clothing.
This assortment contains the latest and nobbiest of the season's Collegian
styles and represents the products of the most reliable and renowned custom
tailors. A complete assortment of styles and sizes. A selection in which every
man, high or low, stout or slender, big or small, of exacting or conservative taste,
can find his choice. This desirable new stock of clothing to be sold at following
which prrices do not take cost or market value inte consideration. Remember
every garment is this season's merchandise, every price and statement here
made is guaranteed.
Men's splendid suits, pure wool, made
up in smartest fashion, medium weight,
blue serge mixtures, blacks, browns,
greys. A large assortment, all sizes,
conservative styles, positively worth 110
or money refunded. C'l AQ
Suli price "
A fine suit of clothes, all to match,
made up in the best wool materials,
serges, worsted and Scotch mixtures.
This suit is positively worth $12.50. or
your money refunded. t7 A.Pt
Sile price pU
This lot of suits which we place for
disposal is the most phenomenal value
ever offered. Garments that are strictly
pure wool materials, worsted and serges,
also mixtures, in the new stylish pat
terns, liirht and medium weights. We
puaranteo them to be worth
$15. Sale price
Most phenomenal value ever offered.
Garments that are strictly pure wool
materials, worsted and serges, greys,
blacks, brows; also mixtures;
r.al values in the new stylish patterns;
hand-tailored garments. We guarantee
them lo be worth 118.
Hale price
The best materials, serges, browns.
blacks, crevs. hairline stripes, worsted
and Scotch mixtures; all hand-tailored
garments. This suit is prsitivtily worth
$0 00or your money re- ASK
funded. Sale price J.tU
.. $13.78
Highly custom tailored garments that
sell for &i0; select a suit from this lot of
finely finished and elegantltly tailored
suits; garments such as the most fastid
ious dressers could desire. These suits
are made-up from home and foreign fab
rics; faultless fashions, nobby effects
and creations of art, and a full assort
ment of patterns to select from. Re
member, if you are in any way dissatis
fied, your money is refunded. These
garments positively would sell at regu
lar prices of $30.
Sale price
Made of all wool, black, greys and
brown mixtures: here is certainly a
f 22.50 value -thaV must be seen to be
appreciated: makeup your mind tohave
ona of these while you C 1 S HQ
can get it. Sale price.... S00
Suits that are the peer of any Clothing
you see elsewhere; a marvel of goodness.
Serges, mixtures, a full selection, all su
perior tailored; don't fail to ask for this
suit. The price was $25. J J g
This lot of of summer suits of the lat
est styles and materials is a marvel at
127.50, regular price, and must be sold
for less. Remember, all colors and
patterns to select from,
Sale price
Palm Beach Suits
This line of suits is for those who don't
want to be suffering with this summer's
heat; the light, cool, breezy kind. Look
these over. Coat and pants to match.
SC.OO vales in these splendid, thin, cool
suits, natural colors and styl- 2 QO
ishly made. Sale price.... P'0
$7.00 values in these splendid Palm
Beach suits; all sizes and Cf 1 Q
good selection. Sale Price.. PO7
$3.00 values in thin Palm Beach sum
mer suits, some plain, others with thin
hairline stripes; all sizes and large line
to pick lrom.j &H -f Q
Sale price 4 7
$10.00 values in our best Palm Beach
suits; some made in Norfolk styles;
others plain; some with hairline stripe;
all sizes and large lot. All (TO HQ
mi. st go. Sale price $J J
Summer Coats
$3.00 separate summer coats, serge or
alapaca; cool, light coals; blue, black
and grey colors. JM QO
Sale price p.70
$4 00 coats, all sizes; grey, blue black
thin coats. P QO
Sale price
$5.00 coats, very good quality; all sizes
and neat patterns. d2
Sale price $0HO
$0.00 summer coats, all sizes; grey
and.blue colors; thin and cool t AR
Sale price Jrr'xO
Palm Beach Pants
$3.50 Palm Beach Pants; all sizes;
some piain; otners witn nair stripe; a
great bargain. tf QO
Sale price J70
Men's Pants
Men's pants; all patterns and sizes;
a value and a trouser that Cj -f AQ
will wear well. Sala price. r '
Fine worsted "trousers, well tailored
Selections can be made from an enor
mous assortment of patterns. Regular
$2.50 garments. CM QO
Sale price 470
Made of finest materials, excellently
tailored; casimeres, worsted, cheviots,
serges and mixtures; trousees that fit
perfectly. $4 garments. CO QP
Sale price 3?Z,Q
Men's trousers in all wool casimeres,
cheviots, serges, mixtures, etc. Well
fitting garments which sold fr HQ
for $3.50. Sale price
Distinct designs and excellent tailored
trousers, made of inr ported guaranteed
woolens; none worth C0 )Q
less than $3. Sale price....
An immense assortment of styles and
pattterns; all sizes. Pants of the well
known brands, made by the most skillful
and reputed tailors. Form- tO QQ
erly sold for $5. Sale price.
Men's custom made trousers, tailored
from exclusive patterns, garments that
possess the master touch of elegance
and refinement that appeal to men who
demand and require something different
from the ordinary factory made; they
are smart and full of distinctive ele
gance; regular $6.00 values. t!A )Q
Sale price 4t.7
Linene Pants
$1 25 linene pants, thin materials; blue
and natural colors; all sizes; full QQ.
$1 50 linene pants; natural and blue
colors; all sizes. ffl OQ
Sale price Y7
This department comprices a com
plete line of Boys' Wearing Appearel of
every description; all this season's new
goods, and will be sacrificed. We will
sell everything in boys' oulfittings, and
must dispose of them. We have the
largest assortment in this city to select
from not marked up and cut down,
but cut at regular prices. Can you pass
this up if you have a boy in need of
wearing apparel?
This line of suits are the ideal suit for
the boy to wear; sold for $5; made of
mixed materials; browns, greys, serges;
all sizes and weights. T'1 QO
Sale price 4Z70
$0.00 Boys' Suits; all sizes and the
latest styles in Norfolks and double
breasted effects; mixed materials; all
patterns and a value. A9K
Sale price
This line of $7.00 Boys' Suits run in
all sizes and patterns; also snappy styles
and different weights. QA QP
Sale price 4t70
$3 00 Boys Suits, all mixtures and
serges, Norfolk and double breasted; all
sizes and patterns to select tCZ AR
from. Sale price
$10.00 Boys' suits that were cheap at
that; all patterns and and large assort
ment; all sizes. TH
Sale price - 4U
Boys' $12.00 suits, sizes from 8 to IS;
serges, mixed wool materials, worsteds
and cheviots; Norfolk or double breasted
coats; peg knickerbockers. Pg ! g
Look these values over. They are in-
Boys Knee Pants Continued
eluded in that Below Cost Sale and
should not go by unheeded.
75c Boys' Knee Pants; all mixtures
and a value at $1; save money and buy
pants here for your boy A.Qn
Sale price
$1 00 lioys' Pants; a one great value at
jl 00, and they are to be a greater value
at this sale; all patterns and styles and
sizes. 7Qf
Sale price w
II 50 Boys' Pants these pants are made
by the best custom tailors and show
workmanship and wearing qualities;
mixtures and serges.
Sale price
This line is very complete and consists
of mixtures and serges: all sizes and a
large selection of patterns to pick from;
sold for $?, and are a double value at
this price. T "f
Sale phece P tt)
f2.50 Boys' Pants the best value in
Richmond; all the latest patterns and
all sizes to select from; they will not
last long.
Sale price .
50c boys' blousess, fancy shirts and
blouses; all sizes and must go 30
Sale price
75c blouses rnd shirts; all patterns
and all must go. Qr
oaig pi iw. ......
$1.00 boys' blouses and shirts; all sizes
and fancy and plain patterns to 03.
pick f.om. Sale price Www
50c Boys Caps, all sizes and mixtures
and styles to select from 7
Sale price w t
7-c Boys' Cap; a hieh grade value; full
assortment to pick from AQ
Sale price
$1 00 Boys Hats; this season's straw
and felt; large lot of JJifferent styles
and sizes to pick from. 7Q
Sale price i s
$150 Boys' straw and felt hats that
were a value at $2; all weights and large
stock. CM AO
Sale price Y,U7
$2 00 Hoys' straw and felt hats; this
season's new goods: all sizes and large
stock. C 1
Sale price 4
25c Union Suits: all sizes; Musen. ath
letic poros knit and balbrigan. i Q
Sale price V
50c Union Suits; Athletic, Torovkntt
and Balbriggan; all sizes. -7r
Sale price
75c Union Suits. Athletic. Poros-knit
Nainsook; all sizes; full stock. Q
Sale price
$1.00 Boys' Union Suits; all sizes; the
best quality Nainsook. Athletic, Poros
knit, Balbriggan and Munsen.
Sale price
Mohair Suits.
Mohair suits of the latest styles in
grey, black, blue, plain, and some with
stripe; all sizes formerly CI 1 QQ
sold for $15. Sale price.. Y' '7
$13 00 values in Mohair Suits, thin
and cool materials; also dressy and snap
py patterns and styles: all tf 1 A AO
sizes. Sale price 4t0
Don't put it off . Be here
promptly when this sale
starts Thursday morning
at 9 o'cclock.
Thursday, June 18,Lasting Until Saturday, July 4.
15 Extra Salesmen
Have been engaged to help
wait on the tremendous
crowds that will attend
this sale.
Sale lakes place at our old location which we have occupied for the past five yearsand we expect to serve the people of this territory with a high grade of Men's and
Boys' Clothing, Men's, Ladies' and Misses Shoes as many more and longer. LOOK FOR THE. RLD AND BLUE. 51GN5 with big hands. It will indicate the place,

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