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You have felt tbe thrill of the
chase? Your pulses have leaped like
an arrow at tbe yip. yip of tbe dogs
In close pursuit? You have dashed
madly over fences, taking tbe hurdles
without regard to personal danger as
the prey suddenly sprang from Its
covert and whisked swiftly Into tbe
hnsel brush ahead? You but wait!
Fancy! Did you ever behold ten
pretty, vivacious lithe-limbed young
women chasing a handsome man a
perfect stranger through a dogwood
swamp, their dresses swirling high
above pretty ankles, their baying,
shrieks of hysterical laughter?
"Catch him! Catch him!" shrilled
slender blonde to tbe leading .lady
running ahead with an athletic stride,
her head and shoulders back, her hair
rippling In the wind.
"Get him. Jackie!" panted a rav
enous brunette, close behind. "Darn
these narrow skirts, anyhow. I'd like
to be a man long enough to wear'
"Oh. gee this Is too much for
me!" and a solidly buiirfelonde with
a retrousse nose and a red sweater
toppled onto a bed of moss under a
thornapple treo and gasped for breath
that perflated In cross-circuiting a
chorus of chortles struggling for
"Run, girls, run!"
"Go It!"
"Hot foot!"
"Whoo p!" .
A startled rabbit, aroused from bis
breakfast of alder shoots, sat up In
mazy bewilderment, took one hasty
glance and bounded away Into the
inarch grasses, his funny little tall
bobbing through tbe squashy places
like a meteor of down.
Ahead the man was running freely,
taking an occasional swift glance
over his shoulder at the foremost of
tbe foe. One by one the pursuers
were falling by the way, their laugh
ter becoming more and more distant.
Suddenly the man swerved behind a
great ash along the trail and waited.
Through the brush behind he heard
the leader coming like a wood nymph,
light and airy.
Tbe man crouched. She was upon
Mm now. Agilely he sprang from his
hiding place and opened his arms!
With a gurgle of surprise, ber
cheeks as flaming red as the Oriental
poppy on a sunny morning, she collid
ed with his manly breast Before she
could free herself, the man's lips
were at hers, sipping the bouey with
an ecstasy of delight!
"Ob!' sbe gasped, struggling.
"Were you looking for me?" asked
tbe man, taking toll again and hold
ing her close.
"But" he cried. "But" between
kisses. And then with one free hand
she boxed bim soundly on the ear.
lie let her go Instantly, rubbing his
head regretfully.
She stood staring at him, ber laugh
ter given way to auger.
"Sir!" her eyes blazing. "How
dare you?"
"Never mind," said tbe man hum
bly. "I'll take It back!" coming nearer
and reaching for her slim waist
. Borne lame philosopher has said
that a wonian,wlth a sense of humor
has never been born. In refutation,
tbe girl suddenly broke forth Into
peals of luughter, barking away from
hliu until vbe leaned against a tree
trunk for support.
Tbe man kept bis eyes on her.
"Anyhow," he said finally, "I like
tbe game. Who Invented It?"
Coming closer, he reached forth bis
hand and touched ber lightly on tbe
"Fig!" be cried, and started to run.
TL girl sat down unceremoniously
In a tanglo of grape vines.
"I bad my fingers crossed!" she pro
tested aud the man came back, dis
appointedly, "I'll wait until tbey cramp," he said
determinedly, crouching at a respect
able distance.
"There uln't a gain to be any core!"
podding her golden bead positively
and striving to keep back tbe blushes.
Tbe man seemed saddeued.
"Listen," she sld soberly. "If I
ipected ever to see you again, I'd be
mortified to death. But I don't, and
I'm going to make a clean breast of
It. because," with maidenly modesty,
"It set fed me right!"
He waited patiently, nodding by
way of approbation.
"You're the first man that's come
p to this fore! primeval In Ave
weeks. We were huutlng for mocca
sin Sowers sbo we cacght sight of
you. i
"Gli Is I there's a man!' shouted
Bess Winters and In a spirit of mis
chief we set out after you. It was
only a flash of feminine deviltry, that
would have died out at once but
when you no well. It was so funny
we ran after you. I'm something of a
sprinter and I I got In the lead and
1 didn't expect you would would "
The man grinned.
"'A bird In tbe hand Is worth two
la the bush!'" he quoted. "I thought
you'd beat 'em and I but I hear
voices. Shall we run away 7" entic
ingly. "Hy ail means, no," she replied se
verely. ,
"Very well, then, I surrender to
Tbo girl shook tier head.
"I don't want you."
"What, after chasing me across
that confounded swamp!" looking
meaningly at her wet and bedraggled
She reddened.
"It Is a woman's privilege to reject
even after sbe has chased a man
to cover." '
"And you stand on your rights?"
earnestly, but with mirth In his eyes.
"I do! " positively.
"Why?" he persisted.
He bowed profoundly."
"Ik fore woman's final and always
conclusive reason I seem to accept
the Inevitable but do not be deceived,
fnlr lady, 'things are not always what
they seem,' " quoting. "I have caught
you fairly on the first lap. I, too,
shall stand on my rights the rules
of the game!"
"Oh, here they are. Come on, girls!"
cried an eager voice.
One by one nine wnrm, giggling
summer girls came Into view, ranging
a galaxy of beauty beneath the green
"Did you catch him, Jackie?" cooed
tbo brunette. "Did you?"
The golden haired one dropped her
"She has er, she- did!" said the
man. speaking for ber. "Is this 'the
"Who are you, sir, that dares call
us dogs?" demanded a red-l!pped
blonde with balr like flax.
"I am the fox!" replied tbe man.
Ho arose to bis. feet and put his
thumbs into the armpits of his vest,
a habit he bad, facing them mock
ingly. "Look!" screamed the short otic.
"be Is an officer!"
Jackie started.
With a deft movement tbe . bru
nette reached forth and laid back the
lapel of his coat, peering at a tiny
gold star, engraved.
"Oh, girls," she cried dramatically,
a ring of mischief in her voice, "look
who's here; HIS HO.VOR, THIS
"The Jury will arise and be sworn!"
"Jackie" Viniug. the Judge, waited
"What's the matter with you, girls?
Mabel. Luclle don't you know you're
jurymen er. on the jury. Stand up!
There!" with satisfaction. "Now raise
your bands no, no; your right bands!
That's better. You solemnly swear,
cross your hearts, bope-to-dlo, you will
carefully welsh the evidence In this
case and render a verdict according
to the statutes er, according to what
you tblnk tt.ia wretch deserves?" ma
liciously. Six pretty heads nodded. In unison.
"Be seated," said the judge sternly.
"His honor, the mayor," sat on a
soap box In the center of the front
veranda, a mere man In the hands of
the enemy, waiting his fate and try
ing to look unhappy.
"What's the charge." demanded
Alice Mason, appointed by tbe court
to defetid the prisoner.
The judge moved uneasily In her
chair. Then, In a low, cutting tone
she said:
"He's a thief!"
The mayor looked up apprehen
sively. "I object," he protested, "to the
The Mayor.
court's statement of tbe case. It ts
irregular In "
"Order In the court! Interrupted
the judge. "Who's ruuulug this
Tbe man lowered bis eyes, accept
ing tbe Inevitable. i
"This defendant. began Jackie, "Is
a thief. He stole a kin from from
from a perfectly proper youug woman
who bad never been kissed except by
by well, by those who bad a per
fect right. I Blight say that be not
only stole one but I believe It mas
several the young lady claims he
stole. He not only Is a thief, but"
"Whom did be slsi? We 4maas
'TllllllA " ' 1
to kno who the victim was?" cried
the culprit's lawyer, vindictively.
"Overruled!" snapped the Jr.dge.
The mayor tithed. Things looked
black enough.
"Your honor," he sold apprehensive
ly, addressing tbe court, "I appeal for
a change of venue. I have reason tr
believe that tbe Judge Is prejudiced
against me. I"
Judge Vlnlng pierced him with a
"Tbe ldea!"she crlod, with asper
ity. "Bit down, sir."
"Well, anyhow, it wns worth It!"
he shot back, resentfully.
The Judge blushei as she opened
the hotel cook book and searched os
tensibly for the criminal act relative
to kissing against woman's will. .
"Call the first witness!" ordered tbe
Pretty Molly McConnell, her raven
crowned bead held at a serious angle,
her dimples set In a solemn back
ground, took the stand.
"It was barely sunup this morn
ing," she said, quietly, "when we set
out across tbe meadows after lady
slippers. Aurora was taking her mat
utinal bath In dew as we trudged
down Simon's hill and came to tbe
bottoms. Just as we were about to
enter, we saw the defendant skulking
in the wood. Somebody said, 'Man!'
and we started In pursuit. Instead of
surrendering, the villain fled at top
speed. We ran after him! Jackie
er, I beg your pardon, your honor, led
the chase. I was second ' until I
cnught my toe In a briar tendril and
collupsed In an alder bush!"
"What happened next?" encouraged
Margaret Farnsworth, the prosecut
ing attorney, brushing a stray curl
from her violet eyes, and fixing the
witness with a steady eye.
"I heard a scream from the wood
ahead and then sounds of oscula
tion!" "I object!" interrupted Attorney Ma
son, striking a legal attitude. "There
Is no evidence that this witness Is an
"How Dare You, Sir?"
affection expert that she knows any
thing about osculatloa at close range,
let alone long-distance kissing. Young
lady, have you ever been kissed?"
"The objection Is sustained." gur
gled the court, mercilessly. f
The witness blushed rosily.
"I refuse to answer," she said,
"On whutv grounds T' demanded the
"On the grounds of self-implication
and coercion," she snapped, ber chin
In the air.
"The court reverses Itself," easily.
"Witness need not Incriminate her
self. Ask the next question, attor
"To the beat of your knowledge and
belief," began the state's attorney,
picking a burr from ber skirt and toss,
ing It carelessly to tbe floor, "were
tbo noises you heard such as to make
you think that somebody was being,
er kissed?"
"Walt!" Interrupted tbe defense, "I
object on tbe grouuds on tbe it's a
hypothetical question and without
proper foundation - in fuct," Impres
Movies Make Target
An Ingenious adaptation of moving
pictures to a shooting gallery has
been made by an Englishman. In this
gallery the marksmen havo tbe satis
faction of shooting at rSpidly moving
deer or other aniinala, and ths suo
cess cf their shots Is automatically re
corded, la tbe rear of the gallery la
a metal screen painted white. The
pictures arc thrown on this screen and
tbe rapidly moving objects serve In
pluce of a target, and afford much
more excitement By means cfr an
electrical device In back of the screen
a shot that strikes a mortal spot on
the deer, or whatever the mark may
be. la Instantly recorded In the front of
tbe gallery. The murks also show on
the white paint, and after these marks
become too numerous tbe screen can
be painted over again.
In Women's Interests.
Miss I.ucy Goods White has been
elected president of tbe California
League tor tbe Protection of Mother
bood. which was organised with 100
charter members. It Is not planned to
make this a permanent organisation,
but U is to exist only long enough to
obtain tbe passage of state law pen
sioning wldowtd mothers with de
pendent children and providing for pe
cuniary assistance during enforced
port themselves and their children. J
Backache Makes Anyone Feel Old
Knthitut sues anyone mors quickly tbtn
Weak kidm-'y.
It is not alone the aching buck, tbe stiff,
painful Joints, but the evd affect of bail,
poinned blood on the aerrta, the vital
erg una and ths digeatinn.
The" condition of tbe kidneys makes good
smith or ill-health.
The kidneys are the filters of the blood.
Active kidneys filter from the blood ev
ery day over one ounce of poironnu waale
and pans it off diaaolvrd in the urine.
If the kidneys are Weak or diarawd. only
part of this filtering, is done and the blood
la heavy with nrie acid and other pomon
oim or waste matter.
Instead of being nourished by tbe
blond, the nerve and vital organ an ir
ritated, and the circulation, digi-tion, ate
are disturbed.
If your bark aches ennatnntlv. if your
Jointa are stiff, lain and painful, auapect
the kidneys.
Kidney sufferers are likely to feel dull,
heavy, reatlem at night, rheumatic, diuy
at time, aubject to headache and an
noyed with sharp, piercing pains that
(nnke work an agnnv and reat imnoaaible.
Doan's Kidney Pills are the beat-recommended
and mot widely ued remedy fur
weak or diaeaned kidney. They art quick
ly; contain no noimnoua nor habit-forming
drug and leave no bad after-alfecta
of any kind juat nwke you feel better all
Stella Lite Do you believe in the
Irvlngton Boothlette No; I never
saw a super natural.
To alky itching and Irritation of the
Scalp, prevent dry, thin and' falling
hair, remove crusts, scales and dan
druff, and promote the growth and
beauty of tbe hair, the following spe
cial treatment is most effective, agree
able and economical On retiring,
comb the hair out straight all around,
then begin at tbe side and make a
parting, gently rubbing Cuticura oint
ment into the parting with a bit of
soft flannel held over the end of the
finger. Anoint additional partings
about half an inch apart until the
whole scalp has been treated, the pur
pose being to get tbe Cuticura Oint
ment on the scalp skin rather than on
the hair. It is well to place a light
covering over the hair to protect the
pillow from possible stain. The next
morning, shampoo with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. Shampoos alone may
be used as often as agreeable, but
once or twice a month is generally
sufficient for this special treatment
for women's hair.
' Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with S2-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. Lv Boston."
Looking After His Bait
Daniel and Harvey, two old, expert
fishermen, were "still" fishing for
.trout In deep water, sitting with their
backs together, when Daniel acci
dentally fell out of the boat and went
down. - Harvey looked back and miss
ed his companion, who at that mo
ment appeared on the surface, pipe
still In bis mouth, shaking his whis
kers profusely.
Harvey Gosh, Dun! I Jest missed
ye! Where ye been?
Dan Oh, I Jes' went down for ter
see if me bait wus all right. Judge.
This IS Unkind.
Tommy Pop, what Is
Pop A freethinker, my son, is any
man who isu't married. Philodelpbla
"Have you a good cook now ?
"I don': know. I haven't been home
since breakfast!" London Opinion.
Ite Materials.
"I am building a lovely castle la
"What of? Gold bricks r
' The sting of defeat outlasts ths
sweets of victory.
ri MHO
"Every fidurt Ttllt m Sttry'
Your Back b Lame Remember the
Sold by all Donten... Price SO cento. Foster Mflbum Cow Buffalo,
Growth of Drug Habit In United States
Alleged to Be Due to Opiates
Ordered In PrescrlptiCT.i.
That 99 per cent of all the cocaine
and morphine manufactured in this
country is used by persons who have
formed the drtg habit through physi
cians' prescriptions Is the startling
statement made by Dr. L. F. Kebler,
Chief of the Division of Drugs, Depart
ment of Agriculture, This statement,
and others, proving that physicians
and not "patett" medicines are re
sponsible for tbe appalling growth of
drug addiction in the United States
was made by Dr. Kebler in an address
at Washington, before the American
Society for the Study of Alcohol and
Dr. Kebler is oaoted by Washington
papers as having declared that drug
using had Increased 100 per cent, in
the last 40 years, and that American
medical men were not discriminating
enough in their use of opiates. Their
overindulgence to their patients, he
said, is creating thousands of drug
users every year.
"It is a very sad thing to say that
our physicians are doing the greatest
work In promoting the use of cocaine
and morphine,' said the doctor. "State
laws are not saving the public from
the grip of the drug hbbit, and the
American public is sinking tighter
and tighter into the black abyss of
the morphine and cocaine fiend. .
"The worst of it is that the impor
tation of opium into the country Is
becoming larger and larger year by
year. I have heard it said on reliable
authority that 99 per cent of the co
caine and morphine manufactured In
this country Is used by persons who
have formed the habit through doc
tors' prescriptions."
Almoet simultaneously with Dr. Keb
ler's address, Dr J. A. Patterson, at
Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a public
statement said that 19 out of every 20
patients 'who come to an institution
with which he is connected for treat
ment for the drug habit owe their
downfall to physicians' prescriptions.
Rather Hot 8het for Doctor.
This Incident is related of a Scotch
doctor, new to the gun, who adven
tured upon a day's rabbit-shooting.
Chased by the ferrets, bunny was a
rather quick-moving target, and tbe
medico waa not meeting with the suc
cess he anticipated.
"Hang it all, man!" he exclaimed.
Impatiently, to the keeper who accom
panied him, "these beasts are too
quick for me."
"Aye, doctor," the pawky keeper re
plied; "but ye surely dldna expect
them tae lie still like yer patients till
ye kill them."
One-half the women In the world
want to get thin; the other half want
to get fat.
Mrs. WlnaloWa Soothinf jrup tor Chlldraa
teething, aoftaoa th (uau, reduce tnfliBm
Uou. ::& pJ a.eure wind col ictscebutilajax
Many a girl who wouldn't make a
good wife for a poor man would make
a poor wife for a rich man.
Try Mrs. Auatin'a Bag Pancake, sure to
plcaae you, all grocer. Adv.
"Health's best way Bat Apples ev
ery day." Coyne.
Mamma Savk
fit Sale for
The following ease la typical ef the eerea
effarted by Dona's Kidneir Pills. Urateial
testimony ia tbe beat evidence.
Chicago Man Tells of Awful Suffering.
J. J. Wolf, prop. Wber shop, JOfid 0
den Ave.. Chicago, 111., say: "My baoej
ached terribly and I had abarj), atabbing
paina throughout my body. I kept gel
ling worae, mfTering from splitting head
ache and diuy spell, during which I
would nearly lose my balance. My eyee
became ao effected that I nearly went
blind. 1 became dmpaical and waa ao
puffed op at night that whea I took off
my ahoea, there were deep ridge around
m'v ankles. I got so tbin and emoiaU4
that my friend hardly knew me. There
waa aliraya a deire to paaa the kidney
accretion and I had to get so o.ten aS
night. The eecretiona were scanty and
scalding in paseage and contained a large
amount of atringv, white aubatance with
blood. Finally 1 waa laid op, helplcaa.
The doctor did m no good and I gave op
hone. When a friend urged me to take
Doan's Kidney Pills, I did, and I had
taken hut a few doaea when I felt some
thing give away inaide of ma. The pain
was terrible and shortly after, I passed
five gravel stone, each the aire of a bean.
In three days I felt like a different man.
riix boxea of Doan'a Kidney Pills made me
well. The cure has been permuwnt."
Name ?J
ft Y, Proprietor.
is NOW
In the Provlnoe ef
Watrn Canada
Do totj dntre to f ft ft
Frptjllntnesteaduf IttO
A RK nf that ell
lBbMnininT naAra 11 tail Lead
but. Do If vaJriMbin.
bftTe rc-Diljr been open) np for
ettlrtuent, n4 Into thc ratt
roadi ar now being botiu Trxj
dar will kma oum wben Ur
will be no
land irfu m
A HwiftOnmmt, Bowtatofaewan,
farmer writ: "I cam on uij
ho mr stead, Marrb lOUi, with about
II.OUU worth of buraeatsodniarbln
ery, and just K& In catb. Today I
bare MA? acres of wheat, 80Q acrv a
of oata, and 60 acre of flax. tiit
bstd for biz year, but only an In
stance of what may bo done in
Western Canada In ManiLubsa.
Saskatchewan or Alberta.
hend at once for Literature.
Mapa, Kailwaj Uaioa, etc, w
41S Card nor Bldfl Toledo. Ohla
Canadian Government Afent, or
apjuiTOB ouperinienaenc
siuuiiiniuuit, UliaWMi
baajt MrkH
Write for reffnsa
M4I BriftUM,
ft. H4BIL A BOM,
BB bllT IUI, ai.
baMtWra la fmrm. mI4m.
Mla ubiiibH lata.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is
right the stomach and bowels are right.
gently but firmly com'
pel a lazy liver toy IPADTFD'
do its duty.
Cures Con
stipation, In-
and Diatreaa After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
S' yo feel ont of aorta run down,or'fo tbw
hies, "suffer from kidney. bladder,nerToasdiaasea
chronic wesakneHisna, uicsara.kain erupt luos, pi lea, ate.
write for my rKUaf book. It is tbe most Instrauiivv
BMHllral book er written. It tells ail about these
d I a nd t be re ma r k a b 1 en re tree ted b y t be Ne w
Trench atemedy "THKKAPION" No. I. No.t No.!
and yon can decide for yourself If It is the remedy for
yoTir ailment. Ia1 aend ft eent. lis atMulately
FKKK. No,'ffillow-p',cirt'nlaim. r.l norr.wexi.
Ce.. Ha vara Use ft. Kd., UasApatasmii. a.
Relic Feveriehneaa. Comtipa
tioe.Cotds aad correct dlacmter of
tbe stomach and bowela. I'ltd tr
hlolluntt 21 ymt At alt D ma
im Uc. Sample mailed FHKB.
40dm a. Oil me. le ar, M. V.
tfam o a i
t J I Oil I and. Wiuftai to
w , m evte
' !Vcti Valla to SeatoraOraa
'-.-? I Hue to lte Youtwai Oal7
f'J I" " " " I'
Ml Mi-nmua lBxuriaj evweta.
AWt-u .1 U-.-ruii Mift-i'ui. tirunU-l lnre.ttane)
I' l'or,.rof utou I leer. V a.r1coe I' k-or,l
dilinl rU-or.Mrcurialt'l1or.M hltoewolr
Inir.Mllk l.K.r'everh4u-.!LiMMft. arMitMe,
ItaJkiM too J. 1". ALtati, lMokAU.at.raul.aUBa.
r i fry
an rr rrrr v. iTT n J

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