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' '. '.'
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$1.19 for $1.50 shirts at Sexton's.
If you want to sell corn, see
Zaring. He Is paying a big
price. ,. 5 2-t
The Central Record reports
business on a boom in our neigh
boring county of Garrard. .
' Dr, H. C. Pope, for several years
stationed at Kirksville, has moved
to Shawhan, Bourbon county.
7 Electric Plant Sold
The Middle West Utilities Com
pany, Chicago corporation, con
trolled by tht' Insull ' Interests
purchased the Richmond Electric
and Power Company and Is now
In possession of . the property.
The price .paid and the future
plans of the new owners are not
made public
." It is understood that the pur
chasers are the same people who
recently took over a number of
public service properties in Ceh
c. w. a.
230 p. m.
M. meets today at
with Miss ' Patty
The Circle of the
church meets on Thursday at 3
p. m. with Mrs. D." L Cobb, in
Burnamwood. r ,
Rev. Ellis B. Barnes, of this
city, is to read a paper before the
trial Kentucky, Including , Som- j Ministerial Association at Lexlng
ton next Monday.
- Lancaster Is to have a Loose
Leaf Tobacco Market Mr. A. R.
Denny, well known here, is
of the promoters.
Dr. Chas. E. Smoot's new ma
chine, a Cartercar, has Just arrived
and is one of the handsomest,
most up-to-date cars in the city.
To advance your tobacco plant
bed from two to three weeks, use
the very best tobacco fertilizer.
We have a grade for this purpose.
4-2t . D.B. Shackelford & Co.
Phone 272, Ronald Oldham does
that perfect dry cleaning and dye
ing. Shipping every day to Fault
less Fenton, in Cincinnati. Prompt
service now assured you. 3-4t
A disastrous fire was narrowly
averted on .Saturday night over
Rice & Arnold's shoe store. The
fire began in the room over the
store, but was discovered in time
to prevent any serious damage.
We guarantee the fertilizer sold
by us to be the best that can be
bought at any price for tobacco
beds, tobacco fields, or anything
that requires high grade fertilizer.
Sold and guaranteed by D. E
Shackelford & Co. ' 4-2t
-"""V Joes i
one 272, Ronald Oldham
that perfect dry cleaning and
dyeing. Shipping every day to
faultless Fentonin Cincinnati.
Prompt service novftassured you.
: f.V;'- 34t
Mr. Embry Deatherage has ac
cepted a fine position in Green
ville, S. C, and will in future
make that place his home. No
young man stands higher in the
community, and we regret to have
him leave Richmond, but are glad
of his good fortune.
Rev. Jerome Kates, of Belmont,
N.'Y., has accepted the call as
rector of the Episcopal Church in
this city.ML Sterling Advocate.
We feel justly proud of , the
Sunday school of the Christian
church on account of the offering
last Sunday, $22.80 being given.
"Surely the church is a place
where one day s truce ought to
be allowed to the dissensions and
animosities of mankind."- Burke.
erset, Lawrenceburg, Shelbyville,
Versailles, Winchester and Mt
Sterling; and it is probable that
the Richmond property will be
operated' and controlled by the
Kentucky Utilities Company, a
Kentucky corporation, with its
chief office at Lexington, Ky.
Mr. Harry Ried, of Versailles is
the Vice-President and General
Menagerof the Kentucky Utili
ties Company, and the Richmond
plant is at present under his I
management and direction.
The Middle West Utilities
Company was financed abroad.
It is one of the strongest com
panies in the United States en
gaged in the operation and de
velopment of Public Utilities.
Under the splendid manage
ment of Hon. L B. Herrington
ably assisted by Mr. J. Hale
Dean, this plant was ; brought
from a state of inocous deseue-
tued and made a strong, efficient
Hon.Harry Bailey was shotMon-
day on one of the main thorough
fares of Cynthiana by J. Newton , c,etv 01 e Methodist church
Arnold of Bourbon county and wil1 hold their regular ; session
died almost instantly of the with Miss Lucy Adams on Wood
wound. The Killing was the re- land avenue Friday at 230 p. m.
suit of a note held by Bailey for; A ful attendance is desired.
collection . against Arnold, and
Eight persons were received in
to the communion of the First
Presbyterian church last Sunday
on examination, and three the
preceding Sunday.
Of Interest to Farmers.
' The attention of the farmers of
Madison county is again called to
the first of a series of lectures,
Saturday afternoon, F b. 8th, to
be given this winter and spring on
I isubiects of interest to farmer hv
Christian b,e Farmers' Union. . Prof. E. J.
Kinney, of the State Agricultural
College at Lexington, will begin
the series with an instructive talk
on improved corn culture.
I The time has long since past
when the farmer can afford the
old methods of our fathers which
did very well on twenty dollar
land, but in these days when good
farming land is selling around a
hundred and fifty dollars he is
losing money who does not know
the modern methods, One of the
best ways to make the high
priced land pay its just per cent
of interest is to leam how to
make it produce more and better
Prof. Kinney's lecture on better
corn is timely, as the corn plant
ing season is upon us. The gen
eral public as well as the farmers
of the county are invited to attend
the lectures. . .
The Southern Baptists, hold
their first Laymen's Convention
at Chattanooga this week. They
expect about 2,000 laymen to be
in attendance from all parts of
the South. --, i ;
The Woman's Missionary So-
about which he accosted him, I Tne second quarterly confer
when Arnold struck him in the ence tot the ye" will be held at
face,Bailey retaliated by knocking the Methodist church next Sun-
Arnold down, and when he arose day. Rev. W. O. Sadler, of Dan-
inauired if "he had enough." ville, will preach at the morning Ui, W. V. Walton, formerly
Arnold with an oath replied that and eveninghour in the place oiatoLofhisaBr4snj
he had hot, and drew a revolver tfie presiding eider," Rev.' W7E. ,inauguraf re"clptibncom
from his pocket; Bailey grappled Arnold.
with him but Arnold being much1
the stronger man, wrenched loose
Boiled Down For Busy People
An automobile which was
struck by a street car in Louis
ville injured five persons. .
Smallpox is raging in the Green
river district and Federal aid has
been asked by the authorities.
Miss-Martha Bowers, while rid
ing in company with Miss Helen
Taft was thrown from her horse
and badly injured.
The Democrats in the United
States Senate are vigorously
fighting the confirmation of the
late appointees of President Taft
Chairman Adamson, of the
Commerce House Committee,
predicts that one of the first
acts of President Wilson will be
to recommend the repeal of the
free coastwise law for American
ships engaged in the Panama
Canal trade. And thus it appears
that our President is 'Anglish
you know. It will be well
enough for Woodrow to row close
to the shore. But then a man
who can "Look 'Over the New
Jersey corporation laws for a few
hours and then evolve a com
prehensive system of laws of
coporate ridden New Jersey,"
can work wonders in most any
thing he attempts.
Judge Nunn, of the Kentucky
Court of Appeals, fearing a break
down from over work, left for St
Petersburg for a month's rest
Thus again are we impressed
with the fact that instead of hav
ing a commissioner of appeals,
we should have a Judge. The
same salary is paid the commis
sioner as is paid to a judge, but
the commissioner can not take
the place of the judge. The com
missioner is a mere make shift to
avoid the constitutional limitation
of the number of judges. Thus
do we see the constitution, even
in the highest court of the land,
ignored and disregarded.
Two linen dinner napkins on
Lancaster avenue, with the initial
"L" embroidered on same. Finder
will please leave at this office or
telephone 791.
$1.98 for $5 shoes at Sexton's.
An Exchange says:
"We edit this paper because we
think we know how but one
would not think so could they
conceive of the advice that we
receive without solicitation."
We entertain a different opin
ion. We want the best opinion
of the best informed peopie all
the time. Come in and tell us
anything that you think will help
us or the community. You can't
give us too much good advice.
The Library building of the
Presbyterian College at Sherman,
Texas was burned last week by a
fifteen-year-old boy, who had at
tempted a similar feat on the Y.
M. C. A. building but had failed
in the attempt The loss to the
College is about $120,000, with
less than half of same covered by
Don't fail to attend the poul
try institute at the poultry show
at McKee's hall, Feb. 5, 6, 7 and
8. You will hear the best au
thorities in the United States
discuss poultry industry from
every point of view. adv
Opinion is much divided as to
whether or not there will be a
baseball club here the coming
season. It is certain there will
be none without assistance and
cooperation. The game is fine
from an athletic standpoint and
has always been greatly enjoyed
by the people of Richmond.
Mr. W. P, Givens, of near Dan
ville, raised four good crops of
alfalfa on ten acres of land last
year. - Each crop was equal to the
average crop of timothy or clover.
It netted him $162 per acre. He
says the land should be fertilized
with lime and deeply harrowed in
the spring to make the crop a
. ; Basket Ball. -
Friday night Caldwelr won a
game from Winchester by 39 to 9.
The feature of the game was San
dlin's star playing and Frank De-
vore's rooting. The home boys had
the visitors outclassed. The Cald
' well team playee, fine, fast, snap
py ball and they should, receive
belter patronage from the; towa
-- 1 .. I., - i -
h my. . '
you want to sell your corn
see ZARING. He is paying a
and shot him. Excitement ran
so high in Cynthiana over the
killing that sheriff fearing trouble
smuggled the prisoner to Lex
ington where he was placed in
jail. .' .. v. : .,.
Harry Bailey was popular all
over Kentucky, and was a man
of considerable prominence. At
the recent November election he
was defeated for Congress by
Hon. W. J. Fields, Democrat by
only a small majority. Record.
v. , t
The Chicken Show.
The Show opened with a large attend
ance. Some splendid bird are on exhibi
tion. A large crowd is anticipated. Co
and take the family. Its an opportunity
to see on exhibition the representatives of
one of the largest industries of the State.
Some very costly birds and famous prize
winners are here. -
Try Sexton's sale for bargains.
I The Moninger Memorial has a
rightful claim upon the schools in
our state, not only in its conv
memoration of a choice spirits
splendid achievements and 'a
Christian nobleman's x unselfish
life, but in its contribution- to the
equipment of those who are to
minister in the Kingdom asj
preachers and teachers of the
Word. Robt N. Simpson, Har-rodsburg.
jnittee. Quite an honor, and well
Deserved. Leader.
Hon. Jerry Sullivan is progress-
log nicely and has been taken to
Mmisville for treatment We hope
that this popular gentleman may
soon be out again.
mi a
mere is sweet music in every
home where the heart strings are
touched by gentleness and cour
Itesy. The mild word, the gentle
answer, the tender act the patient
considerateness, will touch chords
of kindness and make sweet mel
ody in the family as everywhere.
A desolate, dreary place is a home
devoid of all those little courtesies
which are practical in the best
social life. Harrodsburg Leader.
big price.
5 2t
Prompt Service Now '
Shippiaf Day Every Day
There are in the average church
three classes of people, the Relia
bles, the Unreliables and the Lla
bles. On those who make up the
first class you can depend abso
lutely and always. May their
tribe increase! On those of the
second class you can never de
pend. They have attained a cer
tain sort of reliability in being al
ways unreliable. They may be
crossed entirely out of any book
of expectation of service or use.
It is, perhaps, those Of the third
class that most bring gray hairs
and wrinkles of concern to the
pastor and to those charged with
the administration of affairs. You
never know how to take them
nor where to find them. Zion's
Don't forget that the person
holding the lucky number each
afternoon and night will receive
! a special premium offered by a
breeder or business man of Mad
ison county. Get your coupon
at ticket window. adv
I he first woman messenger to
deliver the vote of a State for
President at Washington, is Mrs.
Margaret Zane Witcher, who de
livered the vote of Utah.
Judge D. B. Redwine, Judge
of the Estill Circuit Court, who
has been sick so long, and who
is now in Florida recuperating
his health is much inproved.
Don't forget that a special
feature of the show is the educa
tional features arranged for your
benefit Come and take advan
tage of the opportunities offered.
Big sale now on at Sexton's.
u is necessary lor one more
state to ratify the income tax
bill amendment to the constitu
tion to make it effective and
President Wilson hopes that
New Jersey will adopt it
The DIx River Power Plant Co.
has been capitalized in New York
at $4,000,000. The plan is to
erect a gigantic dam across Dix
river about eight miles northeast
of Danville, which when com
pleted will cost $1,400,000.
The ' Commerce Commission
declared that the rates of the
Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Company were unreasonable.
This as to the proposed rates af
fecting Southwestern Virginia and
Southeastern Kentucky. The
opinion was written by Commis-
. m a .
woner Mcvora. What about 18-
centcoalln Richmond? Oh for,
a McCord here!
of the Mate are
apprehensive that the cry for
"Retrenchment and Reform" wil
effect the schools of the country.
No one wants the schools injured
and no one is demanding that
such legislation be enacted. There
is no occasion for alarm. This is
probably started by the political
tree booters who see danger to
tnemseives in the agitation of
reform. . Let the good work of
reform go on.
It is "settled again" that Bryan
will be the next Secretary of State
under President Wilson. But
Mr. Wilson who finally settles
things in this department says
he has not made up his mind.
It is high time that he was do
ing so. The country wants due
notice of whats doing in the cab
inet line, so that it can kick its
self in shape before appointments
are really made.
TV J a. rs r .
rresiuew tan nas taken a
firm stand on his policy in ref
erence to the Panama Canal so
far as it relates to the intercoastal
iraue. ne claims tnat ne is sun-
ported by ail international law,
He is a great lawyer and it is to
be hoped that his legal opinions
are on a more substantial basis
than his political opinions.
$5 bootees now $3.89 at Sexton's
$2.98 for $4 boot at Sexton's.
W. R. Nelson, a veteran news
paper man of Kansas City, Mo.,
was sentenced to one day in jail
for an alleged conflempt of court.
The judge, strange to say, had hiT
opinion written out before he
heard the evidence.
No wonder that Mr: Nelson
had a contempt for such a judge.
An appeal was taken.
The Senate has passed the
bill making the term of the
President a term of six years
instead of four. This will ap
ply to Wilson as well as to the
other ex-presidents.
It ought to be made a term of
two years instead of six and
allow him to be elected to a
second term if he makes good.
Don't forget the annual meet
ing of the Ky. Branch of the
American Poultry Association.
Be on hand and vote for your
man as an officer. If you are
not a member join us. adv
A great struggle is going on in
the Iron works of the American
Steel & Wire Company of Pitts
burg, Pa. One man was killed
and several persons were wound
-Mr. Bob."
Mr. Bob," given by talented Richmond.
Ites. was greeted by a large audience and
declared to be the "hit" of the season.
The acting was above criticism, while the
amusing situations and unlooked-for Inci
dents called forth continued applause. May
these gifted performers again come before
the footlights.
79c for $1 shirts at Sexton's. -
Phone 272. Ronald Oldham does
that perfect dry cleaning and dye
ing. Shipping every day to Fault
less Fenton, in Cincinnati Prompt
service now assured you. 3-4t
What are you doing for it' Don't neglect that cold, for neglect
means needless worry and the probable development of serious
conditions that are not so easily overcome. Come and Cet a
box of our
t PRICE 25c-
A complete relief that Is quick and positive is enjoyed after a
few doses of our Rexall Cold Cure have been taken. It is a

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