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volume r.
Claim is Made That They Had Attempted to Es
cape, But Explanation is Not Credited. Offici
als at Washington Regard Incident as Cold
Blooded Murder
Mexico City. Franeloco I. Madero
and Jose Snares are dead. In a mid
night ride under guard from tbe na
tional palace to the penitentiary the
deposed president and vice president
of Mexico were killed.
Tbo circumstance surrounding
their death are unknown, except as
given in official accounts which do not
conform In all cases. The only wlt
nfKSfs were tho' actually concerned
in the killing.
The provisional president, Gen.
Huida, Buys the killing of the two
men was Incidental to a light between
their guard and a party attempting to
liberate them.
ft I v.
V The minister of foreign eIatlons,
' Francisco Do La Barra. adds that the
prisoners attempted .to escape. Neith
er makes a defliilteVstateuieait as to
which side flred the fatal shots. It Is
ot Impossible that .neither knows.
An official invetttigation his been or
. dared to learn the reepomiibility, and
solemn promises hare boon made that
the guilty will be punished.
. Not unnaturally, a great part of the
publio regards the official versions
with doubt, having in mind the use
. for centuries of the notorious "ley
fuga." the unwritten law which la in
voked whet the death of a prisoner Is
desired. ' After Its application there
Is written on the records, "Prisoner
hot trying to escape." -
. . Official Account of Incident.
The tragedy took place shortly
after midnight. Madero and Suare.
"who bad beeu prisoners In the na
tional palace since their arrest, wore
placed In an automobile which was
aenoinpanied by another car and ee-
. corted by U)0 ruralea under tbe orders
of Commandant Francisco Cardeuas
and Cel. Rafael Plmlento. .
With instructions not to outdistance
the escort, the care moved slowly, . No
Incident happened until they had
reached a point near the prUon, where
in an open place the gruarde' attention
was attracted according to the official
' version to a group of cltixens follow
ing. Shots were flred at tbe escort
out of the darkness. Tbe rurales
Dclafleld, Wis. "If better than an
Incurable disease In that terrible pen
itentiary. I would rather have my
brother executed than a prisoner there.
JJo would rather die than be a political
twnvict" This answer, glvea with
bead high and eye undlmmod after the
flrst shock, waa that given by Carlos
Madero, brother of the late president
of Mexico, when Informed of bU broth
er's execution.
"My brother Francisco wss not fit
ted to be a prealdent of a republic
such as Mexico," aaid he. "My broth
r was at heart a student' and not a
soldier or politician."
1 m
f . .,
KautiM ket. William Barnes, one of
the organisers of the Republican party
In New York and for many years ac
tive fi national political affair. dWd
at bia reeldenoe here from pneumonia,
lie was s years old. A widow, two
sods, William Barnes. Jr.. the New
York political leader, . sud Thurlew
' 1 "Wf c . of. New York, survfvs
mm. '
closed in. and ordered .tbe prisoners
out of (he car.
Thirty of the guards surrounded the
prisoners, while the remainder dis
posed themselves to resist an attack.
! About 60 men, some afoot and some
mounted, threw themselves upon the
I detachment buarding the cars, and the
! exchange of shots lasted 50 minutes,
when the attacking party fled. The
bodied of Madero and Snare?, were
thi'n found.
Tb body of Madere shows only one
wound. A bullet entered tbe back of
liU head and emrged at the forehead.
Snnora Madera, widow of the former
president, received the first doHnite
information of his death from the
Spanish minister, Senor Cologan y
Cologan. - She already had heard re
ports that something unusual and se
rious bad happened, but friends bad
endeavored up to thul time to prevent
her from learning the whole truth.
Washington Is Suspicious.
Officials of the Washington admin
istration regard the killing of former
President Mndero and former Vice
President Suarev. as nothing else than
premeditated and cold-blooded mur
der. Despite the protest of Gen. Huerta
that the action was without his fore
knowledge and , in the face of his
promise to make a thorough Investi
gation and punish- the perpetrators
thereof, the administration here had
expressed In an emphatic way Its wih
that Hie . prc,vU'tiiallswikrit..,.
which Huorta is the bead, 'Would treat
Madero leniently and not make him
the object of summary vengeance.
It waa expected that auch an expres
sion on tbe part of this government
would be respected and that- Madero
would be saved from execution. There
fore 4t was with a shock that the news
was received that Madero and bia de
posed vice prealdent were shot and
killed while supposedly uuder tha pro
tection of Huerta's troops fend while
being transferred from tbe palace to
the penitentiary "for safe keeping." -
The assurance given by Huerta that
the killing would be made the subject
of "judicial investigation" waa receiv
ed with disgust by the highest officials
of ' the administration. Inasmuch as
none oi them believes that the shoot
ing of Madero and Saures was any
thing else than the culmination of a
prearranged plan, of which Huerta
was entirely cognizant. '
However, It is not the purpose of
President Taft to permit the assassi
nation of Madero' and Suares to be
made a casus belli with Mexico or to.
f be used as a pretext for an armed In
vasion of that country. Nevertheless,
the defiant disregard of the adminis
tration's request that Madero be treat
ed In civilized way Is merely an ad
dition to. the long list of grievances
the United States will remember and
which ultimately will have, to be ac
counted for.
. The administration takes the posi
tion that It ia not up to the United
States to protect cUlzens of the over
thrown regime af.aflbit tbo cruel and
semi-civUlKjf venge&re of their con
querors, much as the y"deplor this dis
tatorlal and niedlvval mode of retails
tloiu '-.
Washington. eulogies were deliver
ex in the bouse upon the Uvea and pub
lic services of four representatives and
three senators who died wlthlu the
last few months. Those to lions
memories tributes wit paid were for
mer Representatives WIckHffe. of
Louisiana; Anderson, of Ohio; Smith,
of California, and Legare. of South
Carolina, and Senator Heybura, of
Idaho; Taylor, of Tennexaee, and Da
vis, of Arkansas. Representatives
OoekM, Willis. Hulk ley, Post. Shsrp and
Dathrkk, of Ohio, made speeches eulo
gising their dead colleagues.
Columbus, (la. Approximately II,
MM.OOO in losses are charged againat
(be Are which destroyed tbe plant ot
the Atlantis Cotton Compress Co.. tbe
factory of th Columbus Barrel Co.
and property of lesser value. About
11m) bales (f cotton - were ' burned.
The amborUlfe have begun an Investi
gation to dt't'trinia whotbNr in lire
was of luceod'anr origin. -
taw ciwteStiss
" 3 'J '. .v ..' - ; , Jmr - ' -atawiwji
This la the One harbor of Vera Cr
braska, were sent to protect the lives
Gov. Sulzer Assarts 8tatsment Saying
He Wanted Murderer's Release
Is False. -
Albany. N. Y., Feb: 22.A bribe ot.
$20,000 to release Harry K. Thaw
from the Matteawan State Hospita)
for the Criminal Insane was offoredl
by a lawyer laat Novemoer- h
John H. Russell, the supennteaoeni u
of the Institution, according .to
own testtmonr before the,6ulerw'-f
n.--ti'-ii(Iuijlr. - txhw,v. tXflJj M.cTT'l.BtBjrJL'r he . aJstl
said he refused the money. ' ' '
This -waa the result ot a -.charge
that William F. Clark, a friend of Oov-
ernor Sulzer and secretary of the In
quiry committee, bad tiled to .-Influence
Doctor Russell and Ir. James V.
May. the president of tHo state-hospital
committee, to give, Harry'.; K
Tbaw his ffeedom.
Thaw can be released only upon a
supreme court order or through a
certificate, signed by Doctor Russell
that he has recovered his mental bal
ance. It Is tbjs certlflcste of recov
ery which Doctor Russell said an at
tempt was made to bribe him; to give.
Governor Sulser declared that the
use of his name was unauthorised.
"If "Mr. Clark or . any other mav made
the statement that Thaw's release
would be pleasing to me. It Is abso
lutely untrue," said Oovsrnor; Sulzer.
On February 13. Doctor Kusse.i
said. Doctor May called blra on the
telephone from Albany saying be bad
seen the governor and that Mr. Sulser
would issue no order and "the case
would have to take Its regular
course" - '
"I told Doctor May." continued the
witness, "that If the governor wanted
this thing done he would have to give
me a written order." '
, .
Managers ef Roada Agree to Arbitrate
Fireman's Demands Under the
. Erdman Act.
New York. Feb. JO. The proposed
strike of 30.000 firemen on the east
ern railroads will not occur. The
railroads yielded Tuesday and agreed
to arbitrate under the Erdmaa act the
controversy with the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Knginemen.
The firemen bsd stood' to a man for
this method of srbltrstlon ever sines
the deadlock began. The - railroads
had stood firm for arbitration before
a eommtssloa of six or seven mea.
Three men. acting under the law, will
decide the firemen's claims. Their
decision will be binding.
Widow of Kmperer Kwsngei De
After a Short I lines Cause ef
Dsath Is, Unknown.
Peking. Chins. Feb. J4. Ye Ho Ns
La. empress dowsger of China, died
at I: JO o'clock Saturday moratng.
8be was tbe widow of Kmperor
Kwangsu. who died November It.
The ewpmae had beea ill only a
few days. Ths aotual cause of her
death la unknown, but It Is said the
eyniptotas of. her ailment reiubled
Tbe former Imperial family.' was
about to remove to tbe Inner porgoc
of tbo orplddoa city la order to make
room for tbe goverament la tbo east
era portico.
ui, Mexico, to which the United States
and Interests of Americans and other
Trip to. New York la President's Last
Before Retiring as Head ef Nation
Chlef; Executive and Wife Re-
e)v, Ha.tdsome Presents,
7i iew York. Feb. President Taf
' impaniedjy Ar Taft and Mi
arrived in Nftw Terk Saturday on bt
lMt trIp bf4re March 4 when he will
leave Washlugton for Augusta, ut.i
After arriving the presidential par
ty breakfaated at tbe Henry W. Taft
aoma. aad the president later proceed
ed on tbe yacht Dolphin to Vort Wads
worth, where bs broke ground for the
National American Indian memorial
Thirty-two full-blooded Indians, rep
resenting sixteen of tbe wealthiest
and most powerful of the tribes on
tbe American continent, took part In
tbe ceremonies. Among the tribes
represented were .the Sioux.- Black
foet. Crows, Cheyenne, Chlppewss and
Apaches. Chief Whlte-Man-Runs-Hlm.
who led Custer's scouts into the vsl
ley of the Little Big Horn from
whence they never returned, was
among the tribal celebrities aud be
was selected to officiate for 'the In
dians la breaking the ground.
. At three o'clock the president at
tended the opening of tbe new light
house of the New York Association
for tbe Blind on West Fifty-ninth
street, and accompanied by Mrs. Taft
attended tbe banquet of tbe Amerlc
can Peace and Arbitration society at
Sherry's at night. Here the president
was presented with a geld medal for
hla work for international peace.
It la estimated that President Taft
baa covered something like 115.000
miles since be waa made chief execu
tive and more than 315.000 since be
was made governor, of the Philippines
In 1901. . .. . C .,. . . y
Before leaving ..Washington Friday
night a magnificent set of pearl studs
for President Taft . and a diamond
necklase of pare white atones for Mrs.
Taft were presented to them at tbe
White House as farewell gifts from a
circle of close friends which ths Tarts
have made during their long residence
in tbe national capital.
Proeidoot Is Sustained by a Vote ef
313 to 114, Five Ballots Less
Than Necessary Two-Thirds.
Wssblngtoa, Feb. II. President
Tart's veto of the Immigration bill
waa sustainsd by ths bouse of rep
resentatives by a vote of 213 to 114,
two-thirds ot tbe bouse falling to vote
to override the 'president. Aa at
tempt by Representative Gardner of
Massachusetts to obtain a reconsid
eration of ths vote was declared out
of order by Speaker Clark, and upon
bis appeal from tbs decision of ths
chair Mr. Gardner was defeated by aa
overwhelming viva voce vote, with
Republicans sad Democrats Joining In
support of the speaker.
Bishop J. J. Hosaa Dies.
Kansas Oty, Mo, Feb. 14. Bishop
John Joseph Hogaa of the diocese of
westers Missouri, ths oldest Catholic
prolate la this country, both la years
sad point of service, died of pneamo
ia, Scd eighty-four years, Friday.
warships Vermont. Ceorsla and Ne
Government Alleges That Concern
Used Unfair Methods to Undermine
Business of Competitors.
Cleveland. O., Feb. 21. In a civil
suit filed here Thursday by order of
Attorney General Wlckerabam, sensa
tional charges of violation of the Sher
man anti-trust law are leveled at the
McCaskey Register company. ,
.' To acquire a monopoly of the later
atsie' and ;forela commerce In jtiie
kult? if account' register, -p-pimucs
and systems of keeping credit' ac
counts, ths company, Its officers and
sgents. It Is charged, wrongfully and
fraudulently have obstructed and sop
pressed the business of competitors,
bribed their employee, employed
agents, to spy upon their business,
have waged an unfair campaign ot
patent suits and threatened suits, and
of other unlawful methoda to stifle
A campaign of "fierce and unfair
competition" has been planned or con
sented to by officers of tbe company,
tbe government alleges. A force of
special men. sometimes called tbe
"flying squadron" or "knockout
men." wss employed. It is declared,
to impart to salesmen and agents In
structions to destroy the business of
competitors, and for tbe purpose of
Interfering with negotiations and in
ducing tbe cancellation by tbe custom
ers of their contracts of sale with
- Paris, Feb. St. A desperate gun
light In the council chamber at
Pledleroce, Corsica, resulted ia the
mayor and two councillors being mor
tally wrunded. Tbe demand of a group
ot citizens to see the list of candi
dates for the forthcoming election
caused the trouble.
Washington. Feb. 22. Jasper X. Ba
ker ot Indiana was appointed examiner
of tbe mint Mr. Baker, who thus be
comes virtually assistant director of
the mint, has been connected with the
treaaury department for many years.
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 22. Public
dances, moving picture shows and bil
liard and pool on Sunday will be pro
hibited in Minnesota if three bills
covering these points and recommend
ed to passage by the senate commit
tee on general legislation are enacted
Into laws by the Minnesota legisla
ture. The committee also approved a bill
which wonld prohibit automobile rac
ing and another which would put a
ban on all Sunday entertainments to
which admission Is chtrged.
South Bond, lad., Feb. 22. LottU
En gel. one of tbo leading prima don
nas of ths Americas stage, and Wal
ter Shawvaa. salesman for a Chlcagc
automobile company,. eloped to South
Bend and were msrrled hero by Rt
Rev. Joha Hasea White, IV D, bishop
of tbe Fplsoopal dloeeee of northern
ludlaaa. The actress announced bei
Inteatloa of quitting the stage.
Charleston, W. Vs.. Feb. 2t Fed
oral Judge Nathan a Ootr was elected
United Stat os senator from Weat Vir
ginia by the legislature la joint boo
sloa Frttlsy. Jndgs Golf received all
the Republican votes cast.
Lillian Lsnton and Joyce Locke
Threaten Hunger Strike If Sent to
Jail Oil 8osked Pads Are Found
en Them by Police.
tandon, Feb. 21. Suffragettes paid
another havoc wo.'klng visit to the
Kw botaulcal gardens here Thursdsy
aud fired a large refreshment pavllljo.
which burned to the ground. Two
women were arrested. They gave
their names as Lillian Inton and
Joyce Ixicke. each twenty-two years
old. Tlipy were caught while running
from the scene of (he Urn, Each car
ried a bag containing a dark lantern. 1
-otton soaked In oil, a hammer and a
When brought up at the police court,
the magistrate refused to allow them
ball. They were told by the court
that their offense waa not political,
but highly criminal. Miss Locke,
thereupon, hurled st the magistrate a
big law book, which narrowlM missed
his bead. She fought dJIperatety
againn the wardens who were as
signed to remove her to a cell.
A number of suffragettes were sen
tenced for destruction of property on
Friday. Sentences of six months were
imposed upon Jane Short and Clara
Lambert. The latter two had broken
plate glass windows in front of tbe
Hamburg-American office.
Chancellor of the Exchequer David
Lloyd-George's country residence nt
Walton Heath was practically destroy-.
ed Wednesday by a bomb which, po
lice aay. was placed there either by
militant suffragettes or their male
sympathizers. Lloyd-George himself
is on a motor trip in France. Nobody
was injured as the residence has' not ' 1
yet been jccupiad. " y . . .
Tbe jkCernal mafchino jaso .power
ful thafthe thlckrwU Ajiftoe ho?V",
David Lloyd-Gserge.
split In all directions and moat of tbo
rooms were wrecked. Two seven
pound cana of black powder also had
been placed In two separata rooms
among heaps of wood shavings, which
had been saturated with oil and la the
center ot which burning caudles bad
been fixed.
The only cluea obtalaed by the po
lice are two broken bat pins, which
were found among the wreckage. It
la declared by neighbors that aa auto
mobile containing aeveral women
passed through the village la the early
An official ot the Woman's Social
and Political union told tbs polios that
the society bad no knowledge of the
"Gen." Mrs. Flora DrummoniL bow
ever, declared that the explosion was'
"undoubtedly tbe work of women." She
exclaimed enthusiastically: "1 thick
It Is grand! It was a fins act success
fully carried out and shows tbo deter
mination of ths women. I say, 'all
power to all kinds of militancy U tbo
direction of harassing cabinet minis
ters short of taking human life.' "
Noted Aviator Falls 200 Foot With M
ehine Air Crsft Tarns Com
plsts Somersault.
Jacksonville, lis.. Feb. L Charles
K. Hamilton, world noted aviator aad
parhapa tbs moat daring birduaa left,
fell 200 feet at Pablo Beech aad wss
severely Injured Wednesday.
Hamilton bad only bea la tbe air a
short time s hea the machlao was sees
to tilt forward and then lura a eoss
plete somersault and come to tbe
Beelde a badly fractured left thigh,
aad generally brulaed and t-ut, Ham
ilton la thought to hsvo escaped more
serious Injury.

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