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Tell us the news. We appreciate it and
its our pleasure to serve you. Phone
638, 659 or 791, or write us. Sign your
name to all news items. -
The C. & 0. R. R. has begun
running its trains between Louis
ville and Washington on regular
schedule timeThe high waters
had demoralized it
The firm of Oldham Brothers,
of ML Sterling, has been dis
solved, Mr. C. K. Oldham retiring.
Mr. A. B. Oldham will continue
the business with his son as
partner. Mr. C. K. Oldham will
devote his time to the store re
cently bought by Oldham Broth
ers at Carlisle.
Candidates, Take Notice !
The petitions necessary under
the operations of the new State
primary law for candidates seek
ing party nominations may be cir
culated on and after May 3, and
must be filed ..with the County
Clerk not later than July 3. Any
nominating petition circulated by
candidate before May 3 will be
worthless and disqualify him
from getting on the primary bal
lots. Candidates for county offices
are required to have on their peti
tions the signatures of not less
than 3 per cent and not an excess
of 10 per cent of the voters of the
party in which they seek the
Settle In Again
George W. Settle, who was
convicted at a recent term of the
Madison Circuit Court to a ten
years sentence in the state peni
tentiary, but jvhose sentence was
held up by the Court on the
promise that .he would leave the
state and 'not return, was found
by the officials in this county last
week and was promptly arrested
and put in iail. He will proba
bly have to serve his time.
He had been wandering around
over the country practicing den
tistry and it is said that the State
Board of Dentistry has been on
his trail for some time.
Many Afflictions
Mrs. Luther. Short, has been
visited with many afflictions in a
few months. On New Year's
day 1913 her husband died. In
March she lost one of her chil
dren and now she has sustained
a severe blow in the loss of her
infanfchild, Royal who. died on
April 7th, of tuberculosis of the
brain. Mrs. Short lives near
Caleast in this county.
On Wednesday evening at the
home of the bride, in this city,
Miss Iva Douglas was united in
marriage to Mr. Romulus Todd,
of Kirksville. Rev. E. B. Barnes
performed the ceremony and only
the relatives and near friends of
the family were present Mr.
and Mrs. Todd left on Thursday
for Texas which place they will
make their future home.
Some Democrat
Mr. John Helton, of Montgom
ery county, claims to be nearly
ninety years of age and that he
has never scratched a Democratic
tickeL This claim is brought out
by the claim of J. G. Trimble, of
ML Sterling, who is ninety years
old, that he was the oldest Demo
cratic voter in Montgomery county.-.
. :
Madison Fares Well
. Madison countv's tav acsecc.
,ment was not changed by the !
Board . of Equalization.: Jessa-
mine was raised .05 on lands, '
Rockcastle 10: on lands and
lots. -: - ' . ; . v , j
. Dr. Shirley, of Winchester
a member of the State Board of
Health, was at the; Court House
in Richmond on April 12, in
structing the people on the ques
tion of hookworm. He made his
lectures very entertaining and
instructive. . This campaign
against the worm will be waged
unrelentingly in Madison. The
fiscal unirt has interested itself
and the health board is co-operating
in the movement.
The cuts and chotos taken fmm
actual conditions, show how this
scourge rapidly spreads and the
horrible, blighting effects on mind
and body. No false mnHptv
should deter one from taking
treatment The same is so sim
ple that no sensible person should
Many people are afflicted with
this scourge who never suspect
iL It costs nothing to be en-
Another date, April 19th, has
been fixed for Richmond.
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Death of Dr. Walker
Dr. James B. Walker, son of
Wm. Jason Walker and Sallie
Stone Walker, died at his home
in Greenville, Miss., and was
brought to Richmond on Sunday
and laid to rest in the family lot,
the services being conducted by
Rev. Thompson of the Episcopal
church. Dr. Walker belonged to
one of the oldest and most prom
inent families of this county and
was highly esteemed both here
and in the south, where for years
he has made his home. He is
survived by one brother, Mr.
Joel Walker, three sisters, Mes-
dames Mullins, White and Pink-
erton and two daughters, Misses
Tannie Dye and Sarah Stone
Walker, to all of whom much
sympathy is extended.
Madison Ahead
As a freight train was coming
out of Million tunnel about seven
miles west of Richmond, on the
22nd day of March, in the year of
our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and
Thirteen, a young, frisky colt that
was grazing on the hill just above
the mouth of the tunnel, conclud
ed to take a ride, jumped on to
the moving train, landed in a
coal car and was carried on to
the next station, Whitlock, where
he was unloaded by the train of
ficials. ; The animal died shortly
afterwards. The train was No.
22, in charge of J. T. Murphy and
N. R. Gibson. -
This is probably the first time
in the history of the world that
an animal performed such a feaL
Gentry-Lorisch Mill
Martin Gentry and Emil Lo
risch broke the quietude of the
morning early Friday by engag
ing in a fisticuff in front of the
Climax office on First streeL It
was a "hit as you please" bout
and both landed frequently on
the others jaw, nose and head.
No serious wounds were inflicted.
Blood flowed freely. The friends
of these gentlemen interfered as
speedily as possible and pulled
the belligerents apart. The affair
is regretted but no further trouble
is anticipated as both gentlemen
are quiet and peaceably disposed.
Some Record
"Hub" Dawson, first baseman
and catcher, who played with
Richmond in, 1909 and was the
best hitter in the Blue Grass
League, and who played .with
Minneapolis in 1910; Sioux City
in 1911and last year in the Texas
League, has signed with the Lex
ington Club of the Ohio State
League. Shortstop A. Konnick,
of Wilkesbarre, Penn., who
played last year with Frankfort,
was ordered to report at Lexing
ton Saturday. V
. -OO -
We make a specialty of selling nothing
but the best grades of Clover, Timothy,
Clean Blue Grass, Orchard Grass, Red,
Feed and Seed Oats. Give us a. call.
Phone 72 and 144. Covington, Thorpe &
Co. f x - 11-tf
Madison County Boy Mak
ing Good
The March number of the
Michigan Law Review and Cali
fornia Law Review contains
lengthy and ably written articles
by A. N. Whitlock, of Massoula,
, Mr. Whitlock is a son of Tyne
Whitlock, of Baldwin, this coun
ty. He attended the Caldwell
High School in this city and af
terwards graduated from, the
Kentucky State University, then
attended Harvard University Law
School from which he graduated
with the honors of his class. He
is now practicing law in Massou
la, Montana, and he is also an
instructor ancj, lecturer in the Law
Department of the Montana
State University.
This young man is not yet
thirty years old, yet he has at
tained such eminence in his chos
en profession that he has already
been recognized as a writer of
ability on subjects pertaining to
the law. His article in the Cali
fornia Law Review is on the
"Law of Trusts" and the one in
the Michigan Law Review is
"Declaration in the Course of
Lawyers of , our local bar say
that these articles not only pos
sess merit and demonstrate the
abiliy of the writer, but they show
that the young man is climbing
to the top in the legal profession
when he is able to have his writ
ings sought and accepted by such
high-class publications as the
Law Reviews of the States of
Michigan and California. Madi
son county is proud of such a
son and expects to continue to
hear from him.
Church Notes
iSf It is a pleasure to us to publish
church notes but to insure publication we
should have the copy not later than Mon
day, 10 a.m. This rule will not be departed
from to accommodate any one.
The ladies of the Paris Episco
pal church made the sum of
$105.50 on their, court day dinner
which was served in the base
ment of the court house.
The Sunday School of- the
Methodist church at Danville has
placed a beautiful tablet in its
room to the memory of the late
Henry G. Sandifer, who, for sev
enteen years, was the superin
tendent 5 . "
One of the last requests of Mrs.
Harlan was that $500 from her
estate be "given to the Christian
Woman's Board of Missions.
Before her sons knew of her
request they were planning for
this gift in her memory.
The West Lexington Presbyte
ry met m Nicholas on Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday with
about one hundred ministers,
laymen and delegates presenL
Dr. J. W. McClure, the retiring
Moderator, delivered an address.
Dr. J. M. Spencer, of Sayre Col
lege, was elected his successor.
, OO -
Hung Jury
j : y
, In the case of the Common
wealth against Fluty, which has
been on trial in the Clark Circuit
Court, the jury failed to agree
and was discharged. Fluty is
accused of killing Berry man this
last winter at a dance. Eight of
the jury were for conviction and
four for acquittal. After the kill
ing Fluty fled the country. Later
he was apprehended. -The mur
der was unprovoked. ;
Dates For Hookworm 7
Dr. Shirley, a member of the
State Board of Health will be at
Kirksville on the 16th; Newby
17th; Valley View 18th and Rich
mond on the 19th inst, to look
after hookworm prevention and
treat patients. He comes at the
request of the Fiscal Court and
local Health Board. .
When you want first-class groceries call
up Covington, Thorpe & Co., 72' and 144.
' Mrs. J. S. Collins has returned from
Winchester. :v "
' Dr. Chas. E. Smoot was in Lexington
Mrs. M. F. Arbuckle has returned from
ML Jackson.
Mr. G. E. Lilly was in Irvine last week
on business. .'
CapL Short US. Marshal, spent Mon
day in Berea.
Mr. C. F. Chenault has gone to Louis
iana for a short stay.
Mrs. Mullins, of St. Louis, is the guest
of Mrs. Mary B. Clay.
Mrs. Elmer Parrish is quite sick at her
home on the Summit
Mrs. Ellis Pettit Cox has returneLto
her home in Owensboro.
Mrs. Eugene Land is still quite sick at
her home on Main street
Miss Mary Louise Reynolds has returned
from a visit to Cynthiana.
Miss Katie Dickerson and Mrs. Stouffer
were in Louisville last week.
Mrs. Prof. Keith is attending the D. A.
R. Congress at Washington.
-Mrs. S. E. Scott, of Lexington, is ' the
guest of Mrs. G. W. Crutchfield.
'Mrs. Prof. I. Hunt is the guest of he
mother, Mrs. Crow on Oak street ' , -
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Williams, of Paris,
were guests in this city last week.
Mr. Heacox, of Lexington, is the guest
of his sister, Mrs. Elmer Deatherage.
Dr. Lewis, of Wildie, was the guest of
the Drs. Gibson the first of the week.
Miss Madge Burnam left for. Cleveland,
Saturday to be the guest of Miss Martin.
Misses Sallie Shackelford and Van
Greenleaf went to Lexington on Tuesday.
Miss Hughes, of Madison Institute, has
returned from a short visit to Mt Sterling.
Miss Edwards, who formerly nursed at
the P. A. C. Infirmary, is visiting in the
Misses Welsh and Estridg of Berea,
spent several days in Richmond the past
Mrs. Joe Harris, of Beattyville, spent a
day or two with relatives In this city this
; Mr. Roy Collis spent Sunday in Lexing
ton with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Mark
Miss Tommie Cole Covington went to
Lexington to see Mrs. Fisk in "The High
Road." '
Mr. Z. T.' Rice is planning to make ex
tensive improvements at his home on the
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Woodard, of Lexing
ton, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jeptha
Mrs. Hamilton has returned to Irvine
after a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Harry
Mrs. T. H. Pickels and Mrs.- W: W. Gri-
der have returned from a short visit to
Mrs. L. N. Miller, of Lancaster, is visit
ing her parents Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wilson
of this city.
Mrs. J. G. Crabbe, who has been quite
sick at her home on Lancaster avenue, is
Mrs. Dan Chenault has returned from
a visit to her sister, Mrs. Geo. Snyder in
Mt Sterling.
Mrs. Kitty Gordon, of Nicholasville, was
the guest last week of her son, Mr. B
Duke Cordon.
Mr. J. A. McDowell, of Lancaster, has
accepted the position of clerk in the L. &
N. freight office.
Miss Eva Lewis, of Kingston, who has
been at Richmond for the past six months,
has returned home. '
Mrs. Bates Shackelford has returned
from a visit to her daughter, Miss Eliza
beth, at Washington. -
Miss Margaret Arnold, of Madison In
stitute, has returned from a visit to her
parents at Lancaster.
Miss Annette Willis has returned to her
home in Lexington after a pleasant visit
to Miss Caroline Farley.
Mrs. Allis, who has been visiting Mrs.
C. C. Wallace, will be the guest of Miss
Bettie Ballard this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Denny went to Lan
caster Wednesday to attend the wedding
of Miss Katie Lee Denny. .
Miss Marie Louise Kellogg has jreturned
to Richmond after a pleasant visit, to her
grandmother in Lexington.
Mr- and Mrs. Whittington and Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Terrill motored to Lexington
Wednesday to see Billie Burke.
Miss Jeannette Pates has the honor of
being chosen to write the class song for
the graduates of Madison Institute.
Mrs. P. M-Pope is in Lexington at the
bedside of her sister, Mrs. J. D. Feeny,
who is suffering from a paralytic stroke.
; Miss Elizabeth Blanton went to Lexing
ton Wednesday night to see Billie Burke.
While in the city she was the guest of her
aunt Mrs. Gilkerson. ' ; ; .
Mrs. Beachain Lackey , spent the. latter
part of the week in Richmond and on her
return to Nicholasville was accompanied
by Mrs. Thos. Collins.: f
Profs. McDougle, Booth," Bridges and
Supt John Noland, Prof. Harvey Brock
and Miss Patridge attended the education
al rally at Frankfort, at which time Prof.-
McDougle was the fourth; time honored
by being chosen President of the Associa
tion of Instructors.
Miss Nettie Hicks spent Saturday ' and
Sunday with her brother, Mr. Miller Hicks
in Lexington. -
Mrs. J. N. Haden, who has been sick for
some time, is able to be out again, much
to the gratification of her friends.
.B. F. Hurst leaves today for Cincinnati
to attend a meeting of the Master Plumb
ers. The Convention will be in session
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. J. W. Caperton, Mrs. Geo. Corzel
ius, Mrs. W. H. Grider and Miss Bessie
Miller motored to Winchester Friday and
while in the city were the guests of Mrs.
James Winn. '
Miss Amy Parrish and mother have
moved into one of the houses belonging
to Mr Fox on the Summit and Mr. and
Mrs. McGaughey have taken the house
i j i i
vdcaiea oy inem. .
Mrs. Geo. Phelps, Mrs. Howard Neale
and Mrs. A. R. Burnam left for Washing
ton City on Thursday to attend the Con
gress of the D. A. R. Mrs. Bui nam will
also visit Dr. Curtis Burnam in Baltimore.
Mrs. Nora Smith and children of Rich
mond, visited with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Fowler, Sunday Miss
Scrivener, of Richmond, visited Miss Pearl
Scrivener, who is here in school. Berea
Dr. and Mrs. Scanlon, Mrs. Pauline
Arnold, Mr. Paul Hanger and Mr. Edwin
Powell, - of Richmond, Kentucky, were
guests Monday of Mr. Walker McChesney,
who entertained theraat dinner. Lex
ington Leader. y
Mr. C. D. Hamilton, of Richmond, was
here on business the past week. Miss
Margaret White came up from Richmond.
where she is attending Madison Institute,
and spent until Tuesday with home folks.
Editor G. E. Lilly, of The Madisonian,
was up from Richmond Thursday. Bro.
Lilly is publishing one of the best papers
that come to us on exchange, and we are
glad to note that Madison county is rally
ing to its support. Estill Tribune.
Clarence Hicks, of Richmond, was the
guest Sunday of Miss Minerva Cox.
Miss Nellie O'Heam left Monday to enter
the Normal school at Richmond...-John
Kennedy, of Richmond, was a visitor in
Lancaster Saturday and Sunday Miss
Margaret Miller, of Richmond, came Wed
nesday to visit Misses Jane and Mary Doty
.Miss Mary Barr, one of Garrard coun
ty's efficient teachers, left Monday to enter
E. K. Normal school at Richmond. Lan
caster Record.
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Your Wearing Apparel
Is your SHOES. To be well clothed
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is the success of our business. Brine
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Furniture and
Telehone 85 Comer Main and B Streets
Ul-lyr . ; ; ' ; ' r:: '. , '
We are authorized to announce GREEN
CLAY as a candidate for the office of Rep
resentative of Madison county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce A. D.
MILLER as a candidate for the office of
Representative of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party. .
We are authorized to announce H. C.
RICE as a candidate for the office of Judge
of the Madison County Court, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce ELMER
DEATHERAGE a candidate for the office
of Sheriff of Madison county, subject to
the action of the Demodratic party.
We are authorized to announce N. B.
JONES a candidate for the office of Sheriff
of Madison county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce P. S.
Whitlock, of Kirksville, a candidate for the
office of Assessor of Madison county, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. L.
LEEDS as a candidate for Police Judge of
the City of Richmond, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JOHN
NOLAND as a candidate for the office of
Police Judge of the City of Richmond, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. D.
DYKES as a candidate for Police Judge
of the City of Richmond, Ky., subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce DAVID
A. POWERS as a candidate for Chief of
Police of the City of Richmond, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce that The
MADISONIAN is a candidate for entry
into each home in Madison county, subject
to the approval of The Family. We stand
for the HOME CIRCLE first last and al
ways. $1.00 per year.
J.F. Robinson & Jesse Hurt
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NIGHT 136 229 I
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