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its our pleasure to serve you. Phone
638, 659 or 791, or write us. Sign your
name to all news items.
Those who have subscribed
since March 5th, and who Have
tied to their choice of pictures, as i
ion 9 tw, lcf m 'rocf se ,
made. They
Don't get left
are going fast.
The Parents of-the Model
School will give a picnic to the
Faculty of both Model and Nor
mal Schools at the Lake, Friday
afternoon at 3:30 June 6th.' This
is only for the Faculty! and no
children are expected, v '
Dr. W. K. Price, of Cottonburg,
was chosen vice president of the i
Eclectic Medical Association
which met in Louisville last week.
Quite an honor worthily bestowed.
Dr. Price is a fine citizen and
is one of the leading physicians of
this county.
jEssr we are maKing out ouri
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Mrs. W. D. Oldham went to
Millersburg on . Saturday after
noon to be present at the Senior
Play that evening in which -Mr.
Harold Oldham had a leading
part He also had the honor of
being chosen to lead in the Flow
er CotillionT Mr. Oldham, Mr.
and Mrs. Ronald Oldham, and
Abner go over to-day to be pres
ent at the graduating exercises, of
which class Mr. Harold is a mem
ber of high standing.
Annual Fish Fry
The annual fish fry of the Clark
County Fish Club was held at
Lower Howards Creek on the
Sam Pursley farm on Friday,
May 30. About fifteen gentlemen
, At.:. : . - i . A. i
ixuiii -ilia city cxiikx guilty oiwiW'k
juage snacKeirora carried i
the following gentlemen in
automobile: Sant Bush, P
Broaddus and W. O. Harker.
.Hon. L. B. Herrington carried
R. B. Terrill, J. W. Maupin, Ar
mer Parrish, Edgar Doty and
John Noland in his v machine,
while Roy C. White, Judge Jno.
C. Chenault, O. P. Jackson, Jno.
E. Baldwin and Jno. F. Wagers
went in buggies.
About three hundred people!
were in attendance. Forty-four
automobiles were lined up at one
time. An abundance of fish were
provided,' as well as buttermilk
and mint M
Church Notes
The Teachers Meeting will be
held with Mrs. George W.a Pick
els, to-night at half after seven.
The C. W. B.M. Society will
meet on Wednesday afternoon
at three o'clock with Mrs. Quis
enberry on Second street. The
Circle with Mrs. S. N.:Moberly
on Thursday at 3. p. m. and the
Mission Band on Thursday at the
same hour with Mrs.
The following ;. composed ;the
choir at the .opening services or
Sunday school at tne new wins-
tian Church on Sunday: r
Dorothy Perry, HennettaLuxon,LUn wnrthv f esnedal mention
Nannie Mae Davidson, gue
Pates, Austin Lilly, Grace Isaacs,
Josephine Chenault, Mrs. M.ob-
erly, Messrs. Grinstead, Gordon,
Barlow, Shepherd and Arnold,
v; Remember when you come to town and
want seed that Covington, Thorpe & Co.
handle the best that can be bought and
will sell, them worth the money, wme
and see us at 232 West Mainrstreet piui
Services at the New Christian
On Sunday mdrning, June; the
first, services were held in the
New Christian Church and it was
indeed a day of inspiration and
hallowed memories. A large con
course of people had gathered
and representatives from all of
the churches were there to m inde
i their voices in song, to rejoice
"with those who rejoice," and to
worship the "One True God"
vMr. John Arnold, the Superin
n?ent' J5 Jedu the meftin
announced the hymn, after which
Dr. E. B. Barnes read from the
16th chapter of Matthew and fol
lowed with -prayer. The follow
ing program was then given:
Chorus by the Primary Class
Address 'The Old and the New
Church," Hon. W. B. Smith
Solo by Mr Jordan
Music by the choir -
Assembling of Classes (and tak
ing offering for Children's Day,
the money to be used, for the
work in foreign lands.)
Address Order and Reverence
in Sunday School," Prof. W. J.
Singing by the choir
Address "Why Are We Here?"
Mr. R. E. Turley.
The following excellent report
was then made, after which the
exercises closed with prayer by
Rev. E. C. McDougle.
Number of persons present, 510;
collections, $85.95. Twenty teach
ers present and 22 visitors.
The usual morning service was
held, at which time Dr. Elarnes
preached, using as his text 'The
Church of the Living God," a ser
mon beautiful and impressive.
A most enjoyable feature of the
service was the . special music,
Mrs. G. W. Pickels presiding at
the organ, and the sweet singing
of the choir, a quartet by Mr.
Wm. Arnold, Dr. Perry, 'Mrs.
Perry and Mrs. Ballard, and a
beautiful solo by the latter, "Thy
Will Be Done."
The benediction was pronounc
ed by Dr. Barnes and thus closed
the first day in the New Church,
a day which dawned cloudless,
emblematic of Hope, and full of
promise for the morrow.
Golden Wedding
About one hundred and fifty
guests assembled at the country
home of Mr. and Mrs. John Hisle
last Saturday to help them cele-
- U.fl, - !, - nAnn ,oAAn Mr
, M;i. H. . . . - a,
and Mr Hisle had prepared
dinner that surpassed anything
ever given; hre. ; ;
' borne elegant presents were
received by this venerable couple
given by loving friends.
The wedding cake was unique
being about two feet square, an
was delicious, ihis was a pres
ent from one of her sisters and
had on it "1863-1913."' Mrs. Hisle
wore a silk dress, a f ac simile of
the one she wore on her wedding
day fifty years ago. - Many out of
town guests were in attendance.
A most happy day .was spent
and the departing guests wished
them a long continuation of
health and happiness.
"The Sweet Girl Graduates1
The Senior Play of Caldwel
J High School which was given m
the Chapel on last evening, was
one of the prettiest and most at
tractive that this school has
presented in Richmond. The en
tire cast of characters was unus
ually fine, but Miss Elizabeth
Blanton, 'The Sweet Girl Grad
uafce," and Miss Mary Martin, "the
mother threatened with nervous
prostration," showed very marked
histrionic ability and Caldwell is
r Kr rnntfrafnlafpH nn sending
forth such uiented young ladies
Th st . setting, the work of the
Manual Training Department
showing skill and perfect' taste,
having a' High school where
everything is taught from the use
0f the hammer and saw "to the
j intricate work of the dramsu
This paper stops when your
time is out Look at the address.
nr.vay.T..a vnnr rpnpvual
Will appreciate your renewaL
Personal f
Miss Ludle Walton- has returned from
Stanford. . .
Mr. S. A. Deatherage was in New York
on business.
, Kum an' git yer pic-toor. They is
gw'yhV fast
Miss McKinney is the guest of Miss Anna
Mae Walker.
; Miss Elizabeth Miller is visiting in
Indianapolis. , -
Judge W. H. Lilly, of Irvine, is in the
city on business.
Miss JuRa White is. visiting Miss Martha
Burke, in Illinois. .
Mr. Newton Heacox is the guest of Mrs.
Elmer Deatherage. .-
Mrsjames Burnsides was at Bryantsvi lie
last week on business.
Hon. D. M. Chenault was in , Louisville
Tuesday on business.
Mrs. Robert Burke has returned to her
home at Junction City.
lrs. B. L. Middleton has been the guest
of friends in Shelby ville. .
Mr. Clarence Hook, of Stanton, Vau, is
visiting friends in the city. .
Mrs. James Stuart Early, of Louisville,
was in the city this week. . .
Miss Smith, of Illinois, is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Evans.
Harry and Arnold Hanger have returned
from school for the vacation.
Mr. Guy Dixon, of Barboursville visited
friends here the last of the week.
Miss Elizabeth Eba. of Ashland, is the
guest of Miss Elizabeth Blanton.
Mrs. Mary Smoot,. of Maysville, is the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Smoot
Mrs. Collins, of Crittenden, is the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. Ronald Oldham.
Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Barnes were present
at the C. W. B. M. meeting last week.
Messrs Thompson and Logan Burnam are
expected home Thursday for the vacation.
Mr. Wm. Collins has as his guest Mr.
Hermann Worsham, of Corbin, Kentucky.
Mrs.' Howard Neale will entertain the
D. A. R. on Saturday afternoon at 2. p. m.
Mr. Jonah Wagers attended the Dance
given on Satuaday night by the younger
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Allman spent several
days in Cincinnati last week with their
Miss Addie Logsdan, of Panola, is visit
ing Miss Elsie Deane White, on Second
Miss Marie Louise Kellogg has returned
from a' visit to her grandmother in Lex-
Mr. Merritt Powell has gone to Canada
to accept a position with an electric com
pany. ""
Miss Hattie Coy, of Kirksville, has just
returned from a visit to San Antonio,
Texas. - ;
- Dr. H. Clay Jasper has been in Danville
at the bedside of his sister who has been
quite ilL ,
Miss Elizabeth Farley is at home for a
vacation. She taught school at Columbia
the past year. ,
Ivan McDougle who has been teaching
in Columbia, Kentucky, has returned for
the summer. v, " -
"Miss Margaret Douglas has returned
from Midway where she attended school
the past year.
Mrs. W. W. Burnsides, and daughter
were visiting Mrs. B. F. Patton at Bryants
ville last week. ' ..
Mr! Edwin Wines will reach home the
end of the week from the School of Phar-.
macy in Cincinnati.
Messrs. David Phelps, Wm. Collins and
Howard Neale Thompson are at home
from State University. v
Mr. Lucien Burnam has returned to
Louisville after a visit to his parents Judge
and Mrs. A. R. Burnam.
Miss S. A. Wilson, of Waco, has had as
her guests Mrs. G. B. Kennedy and daugh
ter and Miss Mary Martin. '
Mrs. Baker, of .Forth Worth, is here on
a visit to her father and mother Mr. and
Mrs. Walker of the East one.
Mrs.' W. J. Newsom reached home last
week, after a ; prolonged visit with her
mother, Mrs. W. P. Looper, at Enid, Okla.
Misses Cathryn . Grinstead ' and Lucy
Tevis, of Waco, are spending the week
with Mrs. J. R. Quisenberry, on Second
street ' ; -.
Hon. C. E. Woods, of Eustis, . Fla., is in
the city. He ( will be here for a few days
pnly... His ' friends are giving him a royal
reception. . j
' Miss Ada Parke who has been visiting
her sister, Mrs, S. E. Combs in Jefferson,
Okla., returned home last week, after an
extended visit of several months;'
Miss Maud Wilson, daughter of Mr. L.
T. Wilson, of this city, sang at the meeting
of the C. W. B. M. in Lancaste r last Wed
nesday night and was highly complimented-
'-::-; ' '' ' " '
Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Vaught had as their
guests the past week, : Miss Lettie Mc
Roberts and Mr. McRoberts,of Lancaster.
Miss McRoberts sails for Europe this
week. V ' : ,
Mrs. J. W. Caperton and Miss Jamie are
visiting in Columbus, Ohio. On their way
home they will stop over at the Bartholo
mew School in Cincinnati, for a short
visit ' v .'. :
. On Thursday artemoon Mrs. D. B.
Shackelford went to Winchester to meet
Miss Elizabeth who was returning home
from Washington where she has attended
school the past year.
Editor E. C Walton had as his guests
last Sunday, Col. W. P. Walton, Mr. Frank
Vaughn and wife, Miss Mar Miller Wal
tou, and Messrs. Andrew Ellett and John
Priddy, of Lexington.
Hon. . Silas Cobb, of San Diego, Cali
fornia has spent a delightful week with his
father and brothers, Hon. J. Tevis and C
W. Cobb at the home place near Red
House. He leaves for his Western home
on Saturdav. ' '' .
Miss Julia Greene, of Lexington, was a
pleasent caller at our office Monday. She
is taking a vacation at 'her sister, Mrs.
Stevenson on Red House pike. She was
formerly a stenographer in the law office of
Mr. Grant E. Lilly. ;
" Hon. W. B. Smith has returned from a
very delightful trip to Washington City.
While there he clasped hands with his old
time friend, Hon W. J. Bryan. Mr. Smith
is proud of the distinction of having voted
for the great Commoner.
E. C. Walton, the popular editor of the
Richmond Climax, couldn't stay from the
bankers' convention, but came over accom
panied by his -attractive daughter, Miss
Lucy Lee Walton, who remained and is the
guest of, Miss Lyle Cooper. Journal.
Mrs. Ed. Turley, Mrs. G. B. Turley, Mrs
S. P. Deatherage and Mrs. B. H. Luxon
were with Mrs. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. E.
B. Barnes and Mrs. E.C Wines were with"
Mrs- R. E. McRoberts and Mrs. G. D,
Simmons was with Mrs. Arnold at the
meeting of the C. W. B. M. at Lancaster.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Powell and Mrs.
Lackey motored to Richmond Sunday and
spent the" day with friends.:. Mrs. Ida
Scott and niece, Miss Mattie Welch Logan,
who have been spending the winter at St
Petersburg, Florida, are at their summer
home in the country, much to the delight
of their friends. Jessamine News.
. Mrs. H. L. White, of Richmond, is visit
ing her granddaughter, Misses Sidney and
Mary Olivia White..Mrs. J. B. Willis,
of Crab Orchard, attended the reception
given by Mrs. Darbishire and the Misses
Shelby..Mr. O. J. Hendren and grand
son, James E. Hagan have returned to
Madison county after a visit to Danville
relatives. Danville Messenger.
Miss May me Dickerson returned Mon
day to her home in Richmond after a visit
to Garrard and Lancaster friends. Miss
Maud Wilson, of Richmond, has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. L. N. Miller.
Mr. James McDowell, of Richmond, was
with Lancaster friends for a visit of a few
days .Mrs. Anderson Chenault, of Rich
mond, is visiting Mrs. J. W. Elmore on
Lexington Avenue Miss Margaret
Arnold a student of the Madison Female
Institute, of Richmond is at home for the
vacation. Record.
Court Day
Quite a good crowd of farmers,
their wives and daughters, were
in our . beautiful city Court day.
Every one wore a contented
smile. Crops are doing well and
the prospect for a bumper crop is
reported excellent.
The disease among horses gave
anxious concern to many but as
yet it has not ravaged this county
to any great extent - ,
Cattle sold well. Horses and
mules sold well.
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Caldwell Commencement
The annual commencement ex
ercises at Caldwell High School
were begun Sunday night when
Dr. Quisenberry of the Baptist
Church, this city, preached the
baccalaureate sermon at the Pres
byterian Church. It was not our
good fortune to . be present, but
those who were so favored, pro
nounced it a gem.- He spoke from
the text "See now- that you do
not fail."
The program for the rest of the
7 - . r
week is as follows: f
Tuesday is to bei exhibition
day. At 10 a. m. exercises will be
held in which several pupils will
describe the process of construc
tion of the various kinds of arti
cles on exhibition. There will.be
displays of work in manual train
ing, basketing, in rug weaving,
paper cutting, etc, as well as a
display of products grown in the
School garden.
Wednesday 8 p. m. some one
hundred and fifty of the classes
under Miss James', direction will
give the Operetta, Little Boy Blue.
Thursday 8 p. m. the High
School entertainment, the Opere
tta, A Nautical Knot, will be pre
sented under the direction of
Miss Rogers.
Friday 8 p. m. the address to
the graduating class will be given
by Mr. T. J. Coates, State Super
visor of Rural Schools, at which
time diplomas will be awarded to
the graduates. The senior class
this year is the largest in the
history of the School, consisting
of twelve young women and five
young men: G. C. Bradley, Hugh
Gibson Culton, Jamie Samuel
Dailey, Edgar Shirley Gum, Reu
ben Pearlman, Elizabeth Miller
Blanton. Josephine Reid Chen
ault, Rosa Dobrowsky, Harry
Wood Huguely, Sarah Julia Jones,
Mary Lewis Martin, Anna Geneva
McCarthy. Jane Vivian Kice,
Stella Burnam Taylor, Mary
Josephine Terrill, Ellen Walker,
and Kuby rowell Willoughby.
We want your logs, or will saw them for
you while you wait Blanton Lumber Co.
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Chicken Feeds and Grits
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:'JleaI I ubber '
We are authorized to announce GREEN
CLAY as a candidate for the office of Rep
resentative of Madison county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce A. D.
MILLER as a candidate for the office of
Representative of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce H. C.
RICE as a candidate for the office of Judge
of the Madison County Court, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce ELMER
DEATHERAGE a candidate for the office
of Sheriff of Madison county, subject' to
the action of the Demodratic party.
We are authorized to announce N. B.
ONES a candidate for the office of Sheriff
of Madison county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
"We are authorized to announce R. B.
TERRILL as a candidate for re-election to
the office of Clerk of the Madison County
Court, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
are authorized to announce P. S.
Whitlock, of Kirksville, a candidate for the
office of Assessor of Madison county,, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. L.
LEEDS as a candidate for Police Judge of
the City of Richmond, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JOHN
NOLAND as a candidate for the office of
Police Judge of the City of Richmond, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. D.
DYKES as a candidate for Police Judge
of the City of Richmond, Ky., subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce DAVID
A. POWERS as a candidate for Chief of
Police of "the City of Richmond, subject to
the action of the Democratic party,
We are authorized to announce JESSE
DYKES as a candidate for Chief of Police
of the City of Richmond, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to- announce W. F.
FERRELL as a candidate for Constable of
Magisterial District No. 1, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce that The
MADISON IAN is a candidate for entry
into each home in Madison county, subject
to the approval of the Family. We stand
for the HOME CIRCLE first, last and al
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