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Tell us thehews. We appreciate- it and
Its our pleasure to serve you. Phone
638, 659 or 791, or write us. Sign your
name to all news items.
Remember that Laurant, the
great slight of hand performer,
will be here at the Chautauqua.
- The label, "Guaranteed under
the pure food and drug act," is no
assurance that the contents of a
packege is pure, according to Dr.
Carl; L. Alsberg, chief of the
Bureau of Chemistry.
Mr. Wm. Maupin of color died
on-Thursday, aged 59 years.
Burial in the new colored ceme
tery. Maupin was a good citizen
and stood well with both white
and colored. His word was hi
The carriage works of B. M
Lackey deceased, have been sold
by Boian Lackey, his administra
tor, to Authur Todd. Mr. Todd
is well known here and we wish
him abundant success in his new
field of work. .
The Chautauqua this year will
be better than ever. The pro
gram which you can see and ob
tain at most any store, shows
some able speakers. And then
Kryl's band will be here. Every
body should hear this band.
An Echo
Citizens of Estill county have
filed suit vs. the old R. N. I. & B.
R. R. Co. to enjoin the collection
of bonds issued by Estill county
to that railroad company.
As this case has been fought
out in the Kentucky Courts and
in the United States Courts, it
would appear that Estill county
should have been satiated with
litigation. But if Estill 'county
can win that suit it will be justice
long delayed.
Henry White Dead
Henry White, brother of Dr. W.
G. White, of the Climax, died at
hisr home in Chicago. He had
been in bad health for some time
and his death was expected. Dr.
White has the sympathy of The
Madisonian and the community.
Meet the Lexington Boosters
at the train at from 7 to 8 o'clock
Wednesday evening, June 25th.
Give them a cordial welcome.
Famous Single Comb Rhode Island Reds
of the Red Velvet strain. Eggs, $1.50 per
15; also Stock in season. David Deather-
age, 125 7th St, Richmond, Ky. 4-lyr
ViU Leave Lexington Tuesday, June 24 and Return
Wednesday June 25.
ONE HUNDRED of Lexington's Business Men will visit
Eastern Kentucky on a special train, bringing with them the
best of friendship from the Queen of the Blue Grass. t
Souvenirs by the Carload
Will be distributed to all who come to the train ; to meet these
business men. -Prof. Grella and his Famous Italian Band will
give FREE CONCERTS at all stops. . . .
This Booster Train, filled with big, warm hearted men; will stop at
Richmond Wednesday, June 5
f From 7:03 O'clock P. ML to 8:00 6'clock P. M. J.
Come down to the depot Shake hands with the fellows
who are coming to see you. : Get your share of. the souvenirs.
Listen to the band concert.:- ' r
No Meeting Helil J
County chairman. W. A.
ford and the countv committee
did not meet last Saturday for the
purpose of having signed the
agreement among-the candidates
not to use money: whiskev or
other thing of value for the pur
pose of corrupting voters in the
coming primary elections. He
explained that all the candidates
had been notified that the agree
ment had been left with the Sec
retary of the committee. Mr. J.
W. Maupin, at the county clerk's
office and that they could -go
there and sign the same, f
It is to be regretted that a
meeting of the committee; was
not held as the failure to meet
had the effect to make the people,
the candidates and their friends
feel that the matterhad dropped
from public view. However, the
candidates knew that the paper
was in existence and that it was
at a place where it could be found
and signed. Still there was not
that publicity to it that the candi
dates wanted and they stood
aloof from signing a paper singly
when they : did not know just
what would be the outcome of
the same. We understand that
it is still under advisement It
will never get further than "ad
visement" until the peopie de
mand it.
One of the cheap arguments
made against its adoption is that
no one will keep it. NIf this be
true, then the people should arise
en masse and demand that every
man on the track withdraw and
let men run who can be depended
on to keep their solemn - obliga
tions. For ourselves, we do not be
lieve for a minute that gentlemen
would violate their pledges. . We
dn the ffentlempn. whn asnire tn
. 0 , . -
office in this county, the honorMo
believe them. .
In all ages the binding obliga
tions of an oath has been recog
nized. It is the 'test of a true
man that he is willing to obligate
himself personally to all that is
exalted in morals and civil gov
ernment Beware of the man
who is unwilling to so obligate
himself to the people.
To Mrand Mrs. Lemuel Tudor
at Lake Reba, on Friday a little
At the home of Mr. and Mrs
Oscar Laubisch a handsome son
has arrived who has been chris
tened J. G. Crabbe, Jr.
When you are going to have company
and want something good, try our Fern-
dell Peaches, Pears, Apricots, Pine Apples,
Corn, Beans, Tomatoes and everything
else in' this line that your taste calls for.
Covington, Thorpe & Co.
Miss Marianne Collins is In Indiana. ; !
Mrs. Emmett Million is in Louisville.
Mr. Theo. Wilson, of Moberly is very ill
Mrs. Calvin Taylor has returned from
Dr. J. G. Crabbe spent Wednesday in
Lexington. .
Mrs. C S. Holton is the guest of friends
n Louisville. ,
Miss Marie Louise Kellogg has returned
from Cincinnati. , .
. in n n tt t A. J t
iir. ana mrs. o. d. million nuve iciui ueu
from Cincinnati.
' Miss Elizabeth Blanton is in Ashland
for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smith are in Atlanta
visiting their sons. :
Mr. Elmer Dykes is the guest of his aunt
Miss Mary Sullivan.
Miss Stafford, of California is the guest
of Mrs. Jake Shearer. .
Miss Buckanan, of Louisville, is the guest
of Miss Bessie. Miller.
Mrs. Geo. D. Simmons is visiting her
mother in Lexington.
business trip to Irvine.
Mrs. R. E. Turley has returned from a
short trip to Louisville.
Mrs. Harvey Scrivener is visiting her
parents ihEstill county.
Miss Jennie Rankin will spend the week
with Miss Frankie James. - -
Mrs. Riley Spears is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Covington.
Misses Ratliffeand Butler are the guests
of Miss Mary Barrett Smithl
Misses . Eleanor and Elizabeth Hagan
spent the week in Lexington. .
Mr. Hoke - Davis is the guest of Mrs.
Bettie Parish on the Summit t.
J, C. Wagers, of Ashland, is the guest
of his sister, Mrs. H. B. Cosby.
Mrs. L. R. Blanton is. at Crab Orchard
Springs for a several weeks stay. .
Mrs. Thos. Jefferson Smith is the guest
of her mother, Mrs. Jas. Bennett ,,
Mrs. William Crutcher and Miss Nancy
Terry are visiting in Kansas City.
Miss Mattie Berry, of Versailles will be
the guest of Mrs. Lilly this week. .
Misses Sullivan. Alexander, and Berry
are the guests of Miss Austin Lilly.
Miss Elizabeth Dundon, of Paris," has
been the guest of Mrs. John Allman. ft
Miss Mattie Elder is at home from the
Conservatory of Music at Cincinnati..
Miss Bessie Miller and guest Miss Buch
anan have returned from Winchester.
Mrs. S. D. Parrish has as her guest,
Mrs. Davis and son, of Campbellsville.
Mr. Wm. Oldham, of Mt. Sterling has
-been the guest of Mr. Harold Oldham.
Miss Ernestine Perry, of Lexington, has
been the guest of Miss Dorothy Perry.
Miss Anne Bennett Cohen leaves today
for a two weeks visit to New York City.
Mrs. George D. White, of Alabama, is
visiting the family of Mr. J. E. Greenleaf.
Miss Elizabeth Miller has reached home
after a visit of several weeks in Indiana
Hon. Jere A. Sullivan reached home,
Friday and was warmly welcomed' by his
Mrs. Katherine Schafhausen, of Cincin
nati, is visiting her son Mr. Josegh Schaf
Mrs. D.- H. Scanlon continues to imorove
and her many' friends hope for her speedy
recovery. .
Mrs. J. W. Smith went to Louisville to
be with her daughter, Mrs. Van Winkle
who is very sick. x .
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Newsom have return
ed from ML Vernon, where the former had
been on business.
Miss Jessie Ringo spent Saturday and
Sunday in Berea with Misses Mary and
Elizabeth Preston.
Professor M. L. Caneer, the new princi
pal of the Lancaster High School, was in
Lancaster last week. ; y
Mesdames J. R. Quisenberry and Ernest
Bender spent the week-end with, Mrs.
Bettie Tevis, at Waco.
'Misses Marshall and Dabney,who have
been the guest of Miss Jamie Caperton
have returned to Louisville. - ,
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McGinn and little
daughter, Elizabeth, have been the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lilly.
Miss Ray Streng, daughter of H. J.
Streng has been the guest of Mrs. Fanny
Smith, on Lancaster avenue.
Miss. Marie Louise Kellogg leaves for
Lancaster to-day to be present at a house
party given by Miss Margaret Arnold. :
Messrs McKee, Enright, and , Rice,
attended the Commencement Exercises at
St Mary's where their three daughters are
at school. " ' ';
Mrs. C. H. Vaught and two children,
Charles and Mary Hardin, have returned
from a delightful visit to her sister at
Allensville, Ky. V. . ,
i James Douglas, the.son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Douglas who Wei operated on for
appendicitis . at the Gibson Infirmary is
improving rapidly.- ;
"Mr. R. R; Burnam attended the funeral
of Mr. Wm. Yeoman who was a "Past Grand
Commander" of Kentucky Knight Temp
lars, having served in 1912. i ,
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Denny and Mrs.
Stockton motored to Fayette this , week
and spent a most delightful day at the
beautiful country home of Mr. and MrsJ
Thos; Smith. :. ' ; . ' '
I Miss Lelia Harris has accepted a position
in the High School at Mt Sterling. Miss
Harris is a very efficient teacher and her
departure is deeply regretted. ' ;
Mrs. S. F. Rock, Mrs. J. R. Quisenberry
and little daughter, Tibbs Catherine, and
Misses . Rose and Annie Lee Park were
guests at a house party given by Mrs. John
Wilson, at White Hall, last week.
Mrs. Weisenburg, Mrs. Hume, ' Miss
BessieMiller and Miss Jamie Caperton
attended a reception given by Mrs. James
Winn, of Winchester, Kentucky to Miss
Clay Wornall Croxton who is soon to be
come a bride. :: ;
Mrs. ' Laura Shackelford - Blanton, of
Richmond, ' has been visiting Danville
relatives. JMrs. Jennie Faulkner White
and son, John, of Columbia, Tenn., are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Quisenberry.
Danville Messenger.
Mrs. Mary B. Dean, of the State Normal
School, Richmond, is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Sam Barkley and family.. Miss
Anne Bennett Cohen, of Richmond, has
returned home after a pleasent visit to Miss
Elizabeth Lyne. Jessamine Journal. '
At the recent meeting of the National
Federation of Womens Clubs which met
in Chicago, Mrs. Geo. . W. Pickels was
appointed Vice President for the State of
Kentucky. This is a signal honor and we
know of none better fitted, or who will fill
the office more gracefully than Mrs. Pickels
P. F. Stilling and wife of Clarkston,
Washington, are visiting P. B. Broaddus
and family this Week. Mrs. Thomas Wells,
of Frankfort and Mr. P. W. Hackett of
Butler Mo - "and Mr. Clay Embry also
from Clarkston, Wash, are with him. This
is quite a house party and there is no place
in Kentucky where one could find a more
delightful hospitality than at our Coz
Broaddus' home.
in Society
Mrs. Kellogg entertained informally on
Thursday at cards in honor of Mrs. Mc
Henry, of - Gulf-port Louisiana, who is
visiting Mrs. Weisinburg.
Mr. Overton Evans, Misses Hestor Cov
ington, Madge Burnam, and Mary D.
Pickles joined Mrs. Geo. Phelps house
party from Saturday till Monday.
Mesdames Waller Bennett Leslie Evans,
D. M. Chenault and Miss Lucia Burnam
attended the Reception given by Mrs. R.
G. Stoner in Mt Sterling, Thursday.
Miss Josephine Chenault is attending a
house party at Miss Lucy Clay Woodford's
in Mt Sterling and will return on Thurs
day, bringing with her, Miss Davis, of
Kansas City.
Mrs. W. H. Grider entertained with an
Alhambra Party on Tuesday evening in
honor of Miss Buchanan, who is visiting
Miss BessieMiller. After the performance
a tempting luncheon was served.
The following invitation has been issued
for this evening: -
Miss Austin Lilly
At Home
Tuesday Evening,
June Twenty Fourth ;
Eight to Twelve.
Mrs. Geo. Phelps entertained about forty
young people with a swimming party last
week, which proved one of the warm
summer days. The party was given in
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honor of Miss Barrett Smith and her
visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Phelps are true
Kentuckians in their hospitality;
Mrsv B. L. .Middleton's home was the
scene of two pretty parties the past week,
one given on Tuesday morning in compli
ment to Miss Buchanan,' of Louisville, who
is the guest of Miss Bessie Miller, and the
other on Wednesday which was a Grand
Opera party, given to the musicians of this
city. . . '
C.W. B. M.
On Thursday evening from seven to ten
the C. W. B. M. of the Christian Church
gave a lawn party at the Parsonage at
which time a silver offering was taken for
foriegn missions. The yard was prettily
decorated with Japanese' lanterns and
delicious punch was served at several
tables. A candy table and also a flower
tables were pleasing features of the enter
tainment A pianola furnished delightful
music and with the genial host and hostess,
Dr. and Mrs. Barnes, who understand the
art of entertaining, the evening was
delightfully spent '
A nice sum was gathered in the mission
ary basket
The many friends of Miss May Powell
of this city, will be pleased to learn of her
wedding which occurred in Lexington last
week, the lucky man. being Mr. Hugh
Campbell, a young merchant of Irvine,
wnere both the bride and groom reside.
She is a daughter of J. L. Powell, who
recently left this city to locate in the
capital of Estill, where he has a fine busi
ness. The bride is a niece of Mr. Dallas
Powell and Mrs. James Boone and a
granddaughter of J. H. Powell. For sev
eal months she was a teacher in the
Winchester City schools and will be remem
bered by many as a most charming young
woman. Winchester Democrat"
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell are well known
here and. the Madisonian wishes them
ton voyage on thematrimonial seas. v
The engagement is announced of Mrs.
Jean Comfort Ragsdale to Rev. Herbert B.
Smith, pastor of the Second Presbyterian
Church. The wedding will take place
early in July in the above church. Rev. J.
Addison Smith, D. D., of Murfreesboro,
the father of the groom-elect will officiate,
assisted by Rev. Josiah Sibley, D. D., pas
tor of the First Presbyterian Church, of
which the bride is a member. Immedi
ately after the ceremony the bride and
groom will leave for Europe, visiting the
British Isles, Holland, Belgium, Germany,
Switzerland and Italy. Mrs. Ragsdale is
the daughter oi Mrs. James Comfort Her
charming personality has won for her
hundreds of friends not only in this city
but throughout the state, and South
wherever she has visited. .
Mr. Smith is one of the most popular
preachers and beloved pastors in the city.
He is a graduate of Washington University
St Louis, Princeton University and Prince
ton Theological Seminary. Knoxviile
Sentinel, June 3.
This is interesting to the people here
where the Smith family is so well known.
Congratulations and best wishes of the
Madisonian and their host of friends
follow, them. - j
lo near fvryi s Band, is
worth the price of the season
IHlllil OO
Hot Water Bottle
Guaranteed Hot Water
We are exclusive agents not only for "Maxirnurn" hot wa
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Real Kulbfoer
We are authorized to announce GREEN
CLAY as a candidate for the office of Rep
resentative of Madison county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce A. D.
MILLER as a candidate for the office of
Representative of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce H. . C.
RICE asa candidate for the office of Judge
of the' Madison County Court subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce ELMER
DEATH ERAGE a candidate for the office
of Sheriff of Madison county, subject to
the action of the Demodratic party.
We are authorized to- announce N. B.
JONES a candidate for the office of Sheriff
of Madison county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
W? are authorized to announce R. B.
TERRILL as a candidate for re-election to
the office of Clerk of the Madison County
Court, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
We are authorized to announce P. S.
Whitlock, of Kirksville, a candidate for the
office of Assessor of Madison county, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. L.
LEEDS as a candidate for Police Judge of
the City of Richmond, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JOHN
NOLAND as a candidate for the office of
Police Judge of the City of Richmond, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. D.
DYKES as a candidate for Police Judge
of the City of Richmond, Ky., subject to
the action of theDemocratic party.
We are authorized to announce DAVID
A: POWERS as a candidate for Chief of
Police of the City of. Richmond, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JESSE"
DYKES as a candidate for Chief of Police
of the City of Richmond, , subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. F.
FERRELL as a candidate for Constable of
Magisterial District No. 1, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce that The
MADISONIAN is a candidate for entry
into each home in Madison county, subject
to the approval of the Family. We stand
for the HOME CIRCLE first last; and al
ways. $1.00 per year.
Have just received a car
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Headstones, etc., in the
most beautiful designs.
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